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Here Comes Trouble

Summary: During a case with the Winchesters, things take a turn for the worse, and some secrets you’ve been hiding come to light.  

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: mentions of past smut, angst, pregnant reader, witches, injured Winchesters, character death, arguing, language, fluff

A/N: This fic is based on the prompt; “Reader hides her pregnancy so Dean won’t make her stop hunting yet, and when he finds out he is really pissed off” from a list @deanwinchesterxreader​ made a while back. 

As always, feedback is welcomed!

Your mind kept running back to the positive pregnancy test you’d stashed in your bottom drawer of your room the night before. It wasn’t that you were upset by the news, but you knew as soon as you came clean to the boys about the news- they’d stop you from hunting. You knew they’d become protective over you, worry about the future, and you also couldn’t bear the idea of Dean’s reaction to the fact you were carrying his baby. 

 You’d spent one heated night together after a rough hunt, you both needed to blow off some steam after going up against a group of vamps and coming out a little battered and bruised after eventually taking them out.

Usually, you and the Winchesters would blow off steam by heading to a bar and possibly finding random hook ups for the night, but on this particular case, Sam had stayed behind after getting injured in a previous hunt. Which meant it left you and Dean alone. You’d helped patch each other up and had a bottle of whiskey at hand, you weren’t in the mood to go out after the day you’d had, surprisingly Dean offered to stay in with you.

One thing lead to another and soon you were in a haze of  naked bodies kissing, touching, moving against each other in heated passion. The memory of him sent heat straight to your core, his perfect plump lips, his gorgeous body, his insanely talented mouth and not to mention his impressive-

“-Earth to Y/N.” Dean’s gruff voice pulled you from your daze. He furrowed his brows at you through the reflection of the rear view mirror as you sat in the back of the impala. “You alright?” He asked, the concern clear over his face. 

You ran a hand through your hair and nodded, “yeah, yeah I’m good.”.

You could tell by Dean’s face that he didn’t believe you, but he didn’t press any more about it as the three of you exited the car and headed for the victim’s house to talk to his wife. 

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Don’t Say Anything (part 8)

Summary: You finally decide to tell Bucky that you’ve been in love with him since the day you met but what happens when you walk in on him with a girl? And not just any girl; Natasha.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: oh shit.

A/N: I’m thinking about getting my nose pierced. Do and of you have a nose piercing? Does it hurt?

“You weren’t joking. He really is oblivious.” Pietro laughed as the two of you walked into Big Daddy’s.

“I told you.” you laugh with him, finding a booth near the window and sitting down.

“That’s insane.” he shook his head.

Your laughter subsides as Angela, a waitress you’ve come to know, comes around to your table. “Hey Y/N. The usual?”

You smiled and nod. “Yep.” you imagine the cup of the vanilla shake with oreo cookies and your mouth waters.

Angela writes it down and looks over at Pietro before a confused look comes across her face. “Where’s Bucky?”

You bite your bottom lip. “He was busy. This is Pietro, he’s one of my best friends.”

Angela turns to Pietro and shakes his hand. “Well, any friend of Y/N’s is a friend of mine.” the blonde smiles at her. “What can I get ya, hun?”

“Umm..” Pietro scans over the milkshake options before deciding. “I’ll have a strawberry milkshake.”

She writes it down on her little notepad and nods. “Alright, coming right up.” she turns to walk away.

“Angela, wait!” you exclaim, fishing out the coupons Bucky had given you. “Here.” you give her the two coupons and she looks them over before nodding.

“I’ll be right back with your order.” she smiled, waving the coupons around. You watch as she disappeared into the back before turning around.

“She’s nice.” Pietro says and you nod.

“She’s usually working when Buck and I come here. That’s why she knows me.” you explain. Pietro nods.

“So, if things go as planned, I’ll be going home soon. Bucky looks like he’s breaking each second he sees me with you.” he sighed, leaning back with a smile.

You roll your eyes. “You’re so sure of yourself.”

“You just don’t believe in me.”

You scoff. “I’ve liked him for years and I’ve waited for a hint that he may possibly like me back but there isn’t. Sorry if I don’t have enough faith in me to believe that you can give me that hint.”

“I have a few tricks up my sleeve.” he smirked. You roll your eyes at your friend just as Angela comes back with your milkshakes. You thank her and pull out two 20 dollar bills.

“Oh no, no, no, no.” she shakes her head as she backed away.

“Angela.” you say, pulling her back to you by her apron.

“No Y/N, you do this all the time.”

“This job pays shit, Ang.”

“Y/N, no.”

You roll your eyes and stuff the money into her pocket with a smile. “Take care of Nathan and yourself, alright?”

Slowly, a smile spreads across Angela’s face. “Thank you.”

You shrug. “Just call me your sugar momma.”

Angela laughs as she walks away and you look over at Pietro who was smiling at you. “What?”

“What you did was nice.” he says.

You tuck your hair behind your ears. “She needs money to support her and Nathan. I just wanna help.”

“Who’s Nathan?”

“Angela’s son.” you state. “He’s two years old. The dad left her when he found out she was pregnant so she’s been on her own and this job doesn’t pay her enough so I give her money.”

“Well that’s really sweet.” Pietro grinned.

“She’s my friend.” you shrug. “I like helping my friends.”

“If I wasn’t gay, I would so date you.” he says in the most serious tone he could muster up.

“But you’re not gay.”

“Oh, right.” he hummed. “You’re just not my type.”

You playfully glare at him and he laughs. “I’m everyone’s type, excuse you.”

“True.” he nods. “I just can’t seem to keep my hands off you.”

Pietro reaches over the table to touch your arm and you laugh. “That’s because you’re a clingy piece of shit.”

Pietro smiled. “Also true.”

Bucky closes his door after the elevator doors closed. He scoffed and ran his fingers through his hair, moving to sit down on his bed. “Can you believe that ass?”

“Who, Y/N?” Nat questioned. “You better not be calling my best friend-”

“No not Y/N. I would never call her that.” Bucky cut in. “I’m talking about Pietro.”

Natasha rolled her eyes and muttered under her breath as Bucky continued.

“Who the hell does he think he is? I bet he thinks Y/N likes him.” he scoffed. “News flash, she doesn’t. And she never will. I know that for a fact.” he thinks back to how Pietro smirked at him before entering the elevator. “He’s so fucking annoying, flirting with Y/N in front of me, tryna get a rise outta me. Pathetic.” the brunette rolls his eyes. “I could have Y/N under my arm if I really wanted to. Show him not to mess with me.”

Bucky almost forgot that Natasha, his girlfriend was sitting right beside him until she spoke. “Oh my god. You like Y/N.”

He snaps his head towards the beautiful red head and stumbles over his words. What the fuck was he thinking, saying that shit in front of Nat? What the fuck was he thinking, saying that shit period!

“Oh my god.” she repeats, this time with a scoff. “You do. You like her.”

Bucky finally finds some words to say. “No I don’t.”

“It’s obvious that you do.”

“Well I don’t.”

Natasha stands up and folds her arms across her chest. “So how long have you liked my best friend?”

Bucky, frustrated, pulls at his hair. “I don’t like Y/N.”

“Bullshit, James. Tell me the truth!” she raised her voice.

“I am telling the truth, Natalia.” he spat back.

The red head rolls her eyes at the soldier. “You were just having a mini rant about how Pietro was flirting with Y/N in front of you and how you could easily have her under your arm.” she says. When Bucky stayed silent, Natasha scoffed once more, gathering her stuff and opening the door. “Talk to me when you’ve figured out your feelings.”

Bucky flinched when the door slammed shut and he laid back on his bed. He closed his eyes and lets out a deep, long sigh. He was more confused then ever. All this time he’s seen Y/N as his best friend but now seeing her as a love interest confused the hell out of him. Did he like Y/N?

A/N: Fuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuck tell me what you think :))))



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It’s the @omgcpwomenfest day of friendship between women, aka my ultimate jam. Here’s a hc about girls supporting and uplifting each other. 

Mandy and Jenny are the nice drunk girls in the bathroom at every haus party.

Lardo isn’t the first to talk to them, but living there, she sees them the most. When she found out that the girls in the bathroom are the ghosts in the attic, well, she was tempted to burn the haus down, but actually they give the best pep talks she’s ever heard. She escapes to them when the dudes are being… dudes, and it’s nice to have someone to gossip with.

March meets them while sneaking down from the attic with Ransom she detours into the bathroom to stagger their arrival downstairs. She’s glad she did; with the help of the two nice girls already in there, she manages to fix her eye makeup and readjust her dress. One of them even gives her a spritz of cotton candy body spray before sending her out. March spends the rest of the night looking for them, but they must have left.

Caitlin literally stumbles into them after going through almost a full bottle of wine. As she heaves over the toilet, Mandy holds her hair while Jenny rubs soothingly over her back. They keep her company until she feels ready to go back out, and while they wait with her, they yell at anyone who bangs impatiently on the door. “You saved my life,” Caitlin says to them, over and over.

April discovers them after literally running away from a really cute girl who may or may not have been flirting with her. She’s pretty sure she could just stay there forever and die of shame, but Mandy and Jenny boost her confidence, reminding her that she’s gorgeous, that any girl would swoon over her, and they send her out feeling more confident than she has in years.  


These are pictures of Chalo running a race against himself, and I have good news: he’s winning.

colouring book | jimin (finale)

Originally posted by bangtaninspired

pairing: jimin x reader

genre: fluff, angst and smut (in part three) 

word count: 2.1k

warning: contains swearing


You ran around your bedroom pulling open drawers and wardrobe doors before throwing them into a massive pile on the bed. Running your hands through your hair, you took a step back for a second, looking out at the tattoo shop across the street that was illuminated by light. It had been ten minutes and he still hadn’t run out to apologise – but neither had you. You were too stubborn and he was angry for a reason you didn’t fully understand. The sound of heels hitting the pavement caused you to snap out of your daydream, your face pulling in disgust as you saw her, her floor length gown and far too expensive highs heels hitting the ground before she disappeared into the tattoo shop.

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anonymous asked:

Hey! I really loved your fic where Kara came out to Maggie! Do you think you'll write/would you write a follow up of the next morning where Kara says all the things to Alex? You are amazing and I am in awe of your artistic gifts

(The first fic that this wonderful Anon is referring to – )

“Hey, hey, I can walk. Or fly. Should I fly?” Kara’s sleepy words are stumbling almost as much as her feet, and Alex and Maggie both smirk softly.

“Nah, Kid Danvers, best save the flying for later, huh? When you’re a little less – ”

“Groggy,” Alex supplies, and presses a kiss to Kara’s forehead as she and Maggie work to lay Kara down squarely in the center of Maggie’s bed.

They tuck her in from either side, and Kara whines when they start to retreat back into the living room space of the studio.

“Noooo, Alex, you just got home, don’t go! Maggie’s comfy, tiny, so tiny, but she’s comfy, and you’re comfy, and – ”

“Shhh, Kara, I’m gonna eat something, and then I’ll come right to bed, okay?”

“Maggie too?”

“Yeah, Little Danvers, I’ll come too.”



Satisfied, Kara grins sleepily and settles down into the pillows, her breathing starting to even out again.

“She’s been crying,” Alex whispers to Maggie, and Maggie nods as she pours water for Alex and gestures her toward the two slices of pizza they’d left for her.

Alex digs right into it cold, a habit she’d picked up from Maggie; and normally, Maggie would made a snarky comment, but tonight? Tonight, she lets it go with a soft, affectionate smile and a passionate kiss to Alex’s cheek.

“Mmmm,” Alex hums, leaning into Maggie as she chews, and as soon as she swallows she turns her face to put her lips on Maggie’s, and Maggie sighs and sinks into the kiss, and her lips part and Alex wants to take her right here, right now, but Kara, Kara, Kara.

She pulls back and both of their bodies keen at the loss.

“She’s okay, Alex. She just… like I said, she just has some stuff she wants to talk to you about.”

Alex chugs water and pizza and more water and more pizza.

“Okay but what stuff? Is she alright? Did someone hurt her? Why didn’t she come to me? What – ”

“Whoa whoa, okay, Danvers, listen to me. Eat your pizza and come to bed. Okay? I’ll go out in the morning to get you both breakfast, and Kara will talk to you then. She’s fine. I promise. And if you’re not fine when she tells you what she has to tell you, that’s okay. I’ll be here. And so will she. Okay? Nothing’s wrong.”

With anyone else, Alex would fight. With anyone else, Alex would resist and insist and push harder, harder. But with Maggie? Alex stares at Kara’s sleeping form – she’s safe, she’s safe, Maggie’s been taking good care of her, she’s safe – and sighs, and chews, and swallows, and nods.

“Let me brush my teeth. And then you’re going to find out what it’s like to share a bed with a little sister who fidgets in her sleep. And has Kryptonian strength.”

“Well, her sister’s pretty damn strong, and I can handle her in bed just fine,” Maggie lowers her voice an octave or two, and Alex nearly swoons.

“Maggie! Kara’s right there!”

“She’s sleeping – ” Maggie tickles her.

“Maggie!” Alex shrieks a soft laugh and tickles her right back.

“No funny business with Kara around, even when she’s in dream land. Yes ma’am. Come to bed, Danvers.”

And she does, and she stays awake long after Maggie settles on the other side of Kara, long after Maggie’s breathing evens out, long after the soft circles Maggie’s tracing on Alex’s arm – both of their arms thrown over Kara’s stomach – slow and stop because Maggie’s fallen asleep.

She stays awake, and she relishes the heat of her little sister next to her, the way that Kara, even in sleep, feels safe enough to snuggle with both her and Maggie.

She stays awake, and she wonders what Kara could possibly have told Maggie before telling Alex.

She doesn’t remember falling asleep, but she’s woken up by a soft kiss on her lips.

“Morning, beautiful,” Maggie greets, and Alex smiles groggily and reaches for Maggie’s cheek.

“Hey,” she croaks, and Maggie’s smile deepens.

“Hey there. Listen, your sister’s in the bathroom, and I’m gonna hit the gym with James and then bring you both back breakfast. Okay?”


She’s still yawning and stretching when Maggie kisses her one more time – two more times, three more times – and slips out of the apartment.

She jumps when Kara speaks, not having noticed her slipping out of the bathroom. She’s wearing one of Maggie’s college hoodies, and Alex’s heart warms.

“You really love her, don’t you?” Kara asks, and Alex rubs her eyes and sits up.

“What makes you say that?”

“You’re usually out of bed like a shot. But you trust her. She makes you feel safe.”

Kara plops on the bed in front of Alex as her older sister sits up, nodding.

“She makes you feel safe too, apparently. What was so scary you couldn’t come to me first, Kara? I mean, not that I mind you going to Maggie. I like it, I like that you trust her, love it, but I… Kara, what is it?”

Alex might be more relaxed in the morning, being with Maggie, but she certainly hasn’t lost any of her directness. Kara sighs and adjusts her glasses before staring at her sister and taking them off completely.

Alex’s stomach twists. That means they’re in for a really intense conversation. She puts her hands on her sister’s, careful not to interfere with the way her fingers fidget with themselves, with Maggie’s sweatshirt, with the comforter.

“Kara, I love you. Whatever it is, you can – ”

“I like girls. Women. I like men, too. I’m bisexual, Alex. Or, pan. I – I don’t know. I’m not sure what word feels right yet. Maggie says it’s okay that I don’t know yet. She says I don’t have to be sure. But the thing I am sure of is… is that I like girls, too. Not just guys.”

She looks more terrified than she did when facing off with Reactron, and Alex blinks once. Blinks twice. Blinks again.

“So, you’re queer.”

She stands and she paces and her brow stays furrowed and Kara’s lip trembles.

“I’m sorry, Alex – ”

“Sorry?” Alex drops to her knees and gathers Kara’s hands back into her own and smooths the hair out of her face and shakes her head. “Sorry? Kara, why would you apologize?”

“I knew you’d be angry – ”

“Angry? Kara, no, I’m not angry! I’m just… I’m just trying to figure out why you’d tell my girlfriend before you’d tell me. And like I said, I love that you’re comfortable with Maggie, I really do, I just don’t understand – ”

“Because you just came out, Alex! You just came out, and you’re just figuring yourself out, and the whole reason you didn’t figure yourself out earlier was me and how selfish I was and now I’m doing it again, I’m taking up that space from you again, and I don’t want to, I don’t want to take anything away from you, I just like her so much and I can’t keep it to myself anymore, but I don’t want to take space from you, not again – ”

“Kara. Kara. Kara. Stop. Stop it. Please, Kara, listen to me. You… you didn’t… Eliza gave me responsibility over you, you didn’t ask for it. You’d just lost your entire planet, Kara, you didn’t ask for me to… to give up my whole life for you. You just wanted a family, and that’s… that’s what you are, Kara, and nothing – nothing, you understand me? – is ever going to change that. You’re not taking anything away from me, Kara. You can be bi, or pan, or queer, or whatever label you like, but you are my sister before you are anything else, Kara. And you deserve to figure yourself out with me at your side, not with… with tears on my girlfriend’s shoulder in the middle of the night when I’m not home. Okay? It’s okay, I just… I want what we’ve always wanted – to share our lives. And if that’s queer lives, all the better. Kara, I love you, always, I – wait. Wait, Kara, did you say – who do you like so much? Who’s her?”

Kara’s wet, smiling eyes suddenly go wide, and Alex’s hand that had been so busy stroking Kara’s hair, wiping her tears, stills.


“Yeah, this um… this is the other part I was scared you wouldn’t like.”

“Kara. It isn’t Livewire?”

Kara busts out a laugh that nearly causes Alex to overbalance. “What? No! No, it’s not – it’s Lena, Alex. Lena Luthor.”

Alex is quiet.

Alex is quiet for a long, long moment, and she bites the inside of her cheek, and Kara tries desperately to keep breathing.

“Well, she definitely likes you back. And you, Kara, not just Supergirl. So, you know, when Maggie gets back, we can strategize. If you want.”

“Strategize?” Kara’s voice is small, strained, because Alex says Lena likes her back, Alex says Lena likes her back, Alex isn’t mad, Alex isn’t mad, Alex loves her always, always, always.

“Well, come on, Kara. You have about as much game outside of that suit as… as Winn has.”

Kara reaches to adjust her glasses and fumbles when she remembers that they’re not on her face. Alex arches an eyebrow and leans back, her case in point.

“It – I – that’… I – I have plenty of game – ”

“As Supergirl, maybe. We’ve gotta figure out a way to channel that SuperSuave into Kara Danvers.”

“I… you love me, Alex?”

“Always, Kara. Always.”

Does She Have To Stay?

Summary: Could you do a one shot where the reader is Jace’s younger sister and she is like super flirty and outgoing, but when they all meet Clary she doesn’t like her at all?

Characters: Reader, Jace Wayland, Lightwood Duo, Clary Fairchild, Simon Lewis, Raphael and the Vamp Squad

Fandom: Shadowhunters

Word Count: 1004

Request: Anon

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Shape of You

Jasmine Cephas Jones x fem!reader

Note: This was inspired by Shape of You by Ed Sheeran, mostly because Jasmine’s body is A+ and I kept thinking of her when I was listening to it in the car the other day so here we go. 

Warnings: sex, oral sex, swearing 

Word Count: 1900 

Tagged: @hamiltonsquills @iamgrayfox @rottwat @beckett-faye @mehrmonga @tallish-hobbit @haletotheking24 @hardrock-lafayette @phillipabroadway

It was your decision to come into this bar tonight. Your friends all said they wanted to go out to a club but you never really had fun in clubs, besides you wanted to try your chances at meeting someone tonight.

Your love life had been stuck in a dry spell for longer than you cared to admit, after your last girlfriend you’d stayed far away from any potential heartbreak. But now, now you just wanted some fun.

“Okay who want’s shots?” Emma asks as you shed off your coat. You all agree and she makes her way over to the bar. 

“Just don’t drink them all before you bring them back over to the table,” you all after her with a grin. 

She rolls her eyes at you before turning away, a hint of a smile on her face. 

It wasn’t long after you and your three friends got there when she walked in. She was with her own friends, and from the minute your eyes landed on her she took your breath away.

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Sanvers College AU: Finals Week

This goes out to all of yall going through finals: you are amazing and I promise, you will get through it! Remember that your grades are not a reflection of your self-worth, and you have so much to be proud of. You’re almost there and you can do it!!!! <3 <3 <3 

The only advantage of finals week is that she almost never has to change out of her pajamas.

Maggie says they’re cute.

She only hears Eliza’s voice in her head, laughing softly and asking her why exams prevent her from proper hygiene.

Because of you, Mom, she wants to say, but she only says it in her head.

Because Eliza also texts her every day, wishing her luck while telling her she doesn’t need luck, because she is brilliant, and she is proud of her, and she can do this.

It warms her heart, but it makes her feel the pressure more acutely, somehow all at the same time.

She lets Maggie read the texts over her shoulder.

Maggie never says anything.

There’s been radio silence from her mother for going on five years now.

So they don’t talk about it. Eliza. Because Alex wonders if it’s better to have a mother who showers her with both love and with pressure than to have a mother who doesn’t even know her daughter’s in college, let alone going through finals week.

They don’t talk about it, but Maggie squeezes her thigh and kisses the back of her neck and Alex does the same for her.

It’s just as well.

They have studying to do.

Sometimes Alex needs to down anti-anxiety meds and coffee – it makes her shake terribly, but it keeps her awake and it keeps her from panicking so hard she can’t breathe – and lock herself in a study room in the library, alone.

Maggie smuggles in food at three am, and she makes sure Alex eats and drinks before she retreats back out of Alex’s frenetic study space.

Sometimes Alex needs to lay on the floor of Maggie’s dorm room, flat on her back, her feet up on Maggie’s couch, in Maggie’s lap, while Maggie and Lena quiz her, rapid fire – the only way she likes it, under pressure – on quantum entanglement and polyatomic anions and seventeenth century French politics.

Lena has to help them both with that last bit: boarding school prepared her for those history tests better than anything Maggie or Alex had experienced. 

Alex still nearly fails.

Maggie has to hold her all night to remind her that she is not her test grades.

That her worth is far greater, always, than the sum of her scores.

Maggie doesn’t talk much about her own stress.

About the way she studies long after even Alex falls asleep.

Because Lena’s mother is paying for everything, and Alex’s mother is paying for everything, but Maggie doesn’t even know her mother anymore, and even if she did, paying for college would be a waste because she could just stay on the family farm.

She scoffs to herself.

She could have, if they let her.

But they didn’t, so she’s on scholarship. She’s on scholarship that she worked silently, steadily, desperately to get. 

She’s on scholarship and she cannot lose it.

Because if she loses it, she will have no education, no housing, no job, no income, no Alex. No anything.

If she loses it, she’ll be fourteen again.

So Alex sets her alarm for four am, because they don’t talk about it, but Alex still knows. She sets her alarm and she bundles herself in her biggest hoodie and she stumbles out to the only all night cafeteria across campus, and she comes back to feed Maggie, just like Maggie feeds her. 

She holds her and she tells her she’s incredible and she’s tough and she’s smart and she’s going to kick this exam in the face.

Lena, sleeping on her and Maggie’s couch with an astrophysics book still in her hands, mutters something about blackbody radiation, and Alex and Maggie have to stifle each other’s giggles.

None of them wake up in time for their biology exam.

Lucy Lane has to burst into Maggie and Lena’s dorm, hollering about Alex needing to text when she’s not going to come home, to text when she’s planning to sleep away that perfect grade they all know she’s going to get, and “hey, Sawyer, anyone tell you you look adorable in Danvers’s sweaters?” and “Danvers, I know we have to get going, but damn, do you maybe wanna put on some pants first?”

Her jovial spirit doesn’t fool any of them: they know she’s been up all night, same as them, pacing, panicking, but they know James and Winn kept her sane, kept her safe, kept her stable.

Alex smiles down at the text she gets from Kara, from Eliza, a selfie of the two of them together, holding a sign that Kara clearly made, telling her that her semi-permeable membranes are only letting in the best of luck.

Maggie reminds Alex to eat something to go with her anti-anxiety pill, and Lena takes hers when she thinks no one’s watching. Lucy touches her arm and gives her a small grin.

“The boys are saving us seats,” she tells them all. “I don’t think Schott wanted to risk getting decapitated by any of you if he walked in and you weren’t decent or something.”

“He knows we’re all queer, right?”

“He also knows you’re all dangerous.”

Alex, Lena, and Maggie grin, shrug, and nod. “Fair point.”

They walk in together, and Maggie hugs James, hugs Winn. Lena and Alex sort of grin at them faintly.

Maggie kisses Alex’s hand.

“You’re amazing, Danvers,” she whispers as they settle into their lecture hall seats. “And when we’re done, you can make like DNA helicase and unzip – “

“Oh my god, Sawyer, we’re about to take a final, could you not?”

“Hey, I’m just trying to comfort my girlfriend, you don’t have to get all snappy because you don’t have one.”

She, Lucy, and Alex all stare at each other for a long moment, and then lean into each other, bursting into hysterical laughter.

Maybe this – this friendship, this love, this community – maybe this was more important than the letter they earned, after all.

Alex still nearly throws up when the exam is placed in front of her, and Maggie closes her eyes for a long moment, doing what she always does with exams: wiping her mind completely blank – thank god for yoga – so when she opens her eyes, her knowledge will be fresh, her approach will be fresh, her spirit will be fresh. She focuses on writing her name, clean and neat and confident.

She’ll dive into the rest of the exam with that confidence.

The confidence – the drive – that the burden of her name gives her.

To her other side, Lena is doing the same. 

Alex and Lena are the first to finish and the last to leave.

Maggie, James, Lucy, and Winn all finish at different paces, but they all wait, idly going over their tests, doodling on their scrap paper, breathing, fantasizing, wishing, waiting – until Alex and Lena are done meticulously going over their answers, meticulously making sure that not a mark is out of place.

They don’t leave before their friends do because they know it’ll send them into a panic. That they did something wrong. That they’re stupid for taking too long. That they’re alone, alone, alone.

And they’re not alone. So they wait. 

And they all leave together, Alex with her phone bursting with congratulatory texts from Kara, taking selfies in her high school bathroom with thumbs up and kisses and congratulations on finishing captions.

They all leave together, pushing out the doors of the lecture hall, out of the maze of the science building, and into the dazzling daylight of their campus.

None of them have slept, and none of them have treated their bodies particularly well, beyond what the people who love them forced them to eat, to drink.

But now? Now they get to lay on the quad – James spreading his jacket down for Lena, Maggie pulling Alex into her arms, Lucy adjusting Winn like he’s a pillow – and they get to laugh, and they get to sleep, and they get to dare to dream that they’re worth it, that they did it, that are, indeed, more than the sum of their scores.


I love Valentina true enough, but y'all have to realize SHE 👏🏼 CAUSED 👏🏼 THIS 👏🏼 ON 👏🏼 HERSELF👏🏼 PLEASE Stop comparing her to Peppermint and Alexis of what they did in THEIR past, they got the consequence to lip sync for their lives and STAYED. YES, she made ONE mistake, like all the other girls who have ended up in the bottom before. I know she is a favorite to all, but at the end of the day she COULD HAVE STAYED IF 👏🏼 SHE 👏🏼 KNEW 👏🏼THE 👏🏼 WORDS 👏🏼and WORKED THAT LIP SYNC! And lets be honest y'all , she was going home anyway because Nina was dancing her ass off to that song. Ru wasn’t going to keep her because she was being sexy.

anonymous asked:

Swan queen prompt: Regina finally found a way to reverse the potion that didn't let her have children and is thinking of getting pregnant, then emma finds out and gets jealous because "YOU'RE ONLY SUPPOSED TO HAVE CHILDREN WITH ME"

(Well then, this came out a lot different than I expected. But here we go!)

Down in her vault, Regina flipped constantly through pages of various spellbooks. Her potions sprawled out over the place. Books thrown around the floor around her. Candles lit up to keep the light. Some almost completely burnt out as the wax trickled down onto the cobblestone it sat on. Regina herself sitting on the ground looking exasperated. Her face flushed, bags under her eyes from the lack of sleep.

“Useless… why did I do this to myself…” she muttered under her breath. “For what? To spite my own mother?”

She shook her head as it dropped down. “I can’t keep doing this…” her voice lowered exhaustively. Lids finally closing tightly over her eyes. Regina slunk down to her right side in a deep sleep. Finally, all her research and lack of sleep had caught up to her.

“Mom?” a teenage voice called out as Henry entered the vault. Stepping further inside he saw his mother collapsed on the ground. Quick to her side he checked to see if she was alright. A sigh of relief to find that she was just sleeping.

Shaking his head he looked around seeing all the books surrounding her. “Oh geez, mom….” Henry sighed as he sat down beside her. Stroking his hand over her head, through her hair. “What have you been doing down here?” he asked quietly.

Fingers brushing over the pages of the opened books. Brows furrowed as he picked up one of the books setting it on his lap. “What’s…this?” his eyes scrolled over the words, fingers tracing with as he mumbled under his breath. “Mom…” he sat down the book in front of him. Shaking Regina slightly, “Mom, we need to go home so you can sleep.”

Groaning Regina’s eyes fluttered open. “Henry it’s late…”

Laughing at her he rested his hands on his knees. “Not really, it’s actually only after seven in the morning.”

Shooting up from the ground Regina looked around. “Did I fall asleep here?” he clenched her teeth tightly. Another failed night of research…

“Yeah you did and I got really worried about you. Wasn’t sure where you were so I asked mom and grandma if they knew. Since they didn’t know I assumed you were either here or at your office…” Henry said as calmly as he could, a hint of worry lingering in the back of his tone. “Mom, what’s going on anyways? What have you been doing down here? I thought you stopped with magic…”

Sighing Regina rubbed her head as an oncoming migraine was beginning to form. Biting down on her bottom lip she looked at Henry. Large sad brown eyes as she took a deep breath. “I was trying to find a way to reverse a potion I took long ago… So far I’ve been coming up empty…”

“What potion was it?” he asked her curiously.

“To spite my mother… I took a potion that would leave me infertile… so I may never have children…” she said quietly.

“Oh…” Henry reached back down to the book in front of him. Handing it to his mother. “Is this what you were looking for then?”

Regina quick to take the book skimmed over the spell. Tears building in the corners of her eyes causing them to swell up she sat down the book. Reaching to wrap her arms around Henry. “Yes.. how did you….?” she choked out the words.

Returning the much-needed embrace Henry smiled teary eyed himself. “It was opened next to you… you probably didn’t notice it when you fell asleep.”

Pulling away Regina wiped her tears. Picking up the book she collected herself as she stood up tall. Walking over to the cauldron and potions she began to mix the ingredients it called for. “Thank you.” she said looking over her shoulder as Henry approached beside her.

“Welcome, mom.” he smiled as he watched her make the hopeful reverse potion.

As it finished mixing together Regina poured it into a vile. Looking at Henry who’d been by her side waiting for her. “Well, here it goes…” she smiled faintly. Anxiously she pressed her hand against her stomach while drinking the vile in her other hand.

“Did it work?” he asked as they left the vault.

Shoving a hand into her coat pocket, the other wrapped around Henry. “I don’t know…”

“Well do you feel different?”

She smiled at him and kissed the top of his head. “Yes… actually, I do.”


Brushing her hands nervously over her black dress Regina took in a deep breath. “I can do this… I’m… excited to do this….” she whispered to herself before opening the door to Granny’s. The Charming family sitting at their usual booth Regina walked over taking a seat next to Henry.

“So what did you want to talk about? You seemed so excited when you stopped by the station.” Emma said looking over at her with a smile. A hint of curiosity hidden behind it. She hadn’t been able to figure out what Regina was so excited about since she stopped by to see her. Her heart fluttering when they exchanged a long tight embrace.

Crossing her leg over the other, fingers entwined as they rested on her knee. “Well, I have exciting news…” She took in a deep breath before looking at all the curious faces.

“It’s okay mom, just tell them.” Henry said reassuringly.

Emma nudging him, “Kid you know what this is about?”

“Yeah, I helped her out today with it all.”

“With what all?” Emma’s smile soon faded into concern as she looked to Regina.

“Well…. Emma.. everyone… I found a potion to reverse the one I took ages ago… I can now have children… I had stopped off at the hospital afterward to make sure it worked… and… it did!” Regina grinned from ear to ear. “So I was looking into having treatments of some sort since… let’s face it I’m never going to find my true love.” she said bitterly. “So this is the next best thing.”

Snow and David’s smiles stretched widely from ear to ear in the excitement of the news. “Regina! That’s wonderful news! We’re so happy for you! If you need anything, anything at all just let us know.”

Snow extended out her hand to rest upon Regina’s.

“Thank you, Snow, David.” Regina grinned nodding at them. Her heart pounding against her chest soon to halt at the sight of Emma’s expression. “Emma?” she asked worriedly. “Is everything alright?”

Biting down tightly on her bottom lip Emma nodded. Her voice low as she gestured for Henry to move from the booth to let her out. “Yeah, everything’s great. I’m happy for you. I just… remembered something is all.” She swallowed back after giving a quick faint smile. “I’m sorry, I have to go. Good luck. Regina.” she said with a final smile. This one sadder than the others before. Emma gripped tightly onto her red leather jacket as she stepped back turning around facing the door.

Regina puzzled at Emma’s reaction. Feeling her heart as if it was ripped from her chest.

Snow’s brows furrowed as she watched her daughter. Passing baby Neal to David she slid out from the booth. “Just give me one moment please.” she said excusing herself.

Her footing quickened as she headed out the door. Stopping and crossing her arms as she saw Emma standing at the edge of the sidewalk. Hearing her sobs. “Emma?” Snow stepped a little closer towards her daughter. Seeing the tears flooding down her cheeks as she turned to her. “Emma, what’s wrong?”

“It’s not that…I’m not happy for her.” She replied wiping her tears. Stiffening her posture. “I really am… I’m just….”

“Just what? Emma, I’m not unde—”

“Of course you don’t understand.” Emma spat out shaking her head. “I’m thrilled for her. How can I not be? I LOVE HER. I’m just wishing that I could have known and been beside her when she was staying up late looking for a way to reverse this. To be the person that was beside her looking into treatments. TO BE HER TRUE LOVE. IT SHOULD BE MY CHILD SHE IS HAVING. I mean, why not? We have Henry together…”


Emma’s eyes shot back over from behind her mother. Seeing Regina pacing elegantly toward her. A blushing smile shining brightly as she approached her. “Do you really feel that way?”

“Yes of course I do,” Emma said staring into brown eyes.

One final step, tears building the corners of her eyes. Cupping her hands over Emma’s cheeks she smiled even wider. “Then let’s start a family together.” She said before pressing her red lips against Emma’s.
'Once Upon a Time' Stars on Snow and Charming Twist
Warning: This story contains major spoilers from Sunday’s episode of Once Upon a Time. Read at your own risk! There’s some good news and bad news for the Charming family after Sunday&#8…

Warning: This story contains major spoilers from Sunday’s episode of Once Upon a Time. Read at your own risk!

There’s some good news and bad news for the Charming family after Sunday’s episode of Once Upon a Time.

First, the good news: After weeks of being in a sleeping curse in which only one of them was awake at any given moment, Snow (Ginnifer Goodwin) and Charming (Josh Dallas) broke free of the curse thanks to the residents of Storybrooke all drinking a bit of the potion and diluting its magic.

The bad news: Their heartbreaking backstory is, well, even more heartbreaking than we already knew. During the first Dark Curse, Mary Margaret unwittingly delivered a flower with magical pixie dust that woke John Doe. That means Snow and Charming were actually together, but unable to reunite with their daughter, who was prophesied to return after 28 years to break the curse. Hence, they took a potion to once again wipe their memories and let fate take its course.

On the plus side, the Charmings have something to celebrate with the return of Hook (Colin O’Donoghue), who promptly and properly proposed to Emma (Jennifer Morrison) at the close of Sunday’s episode. Twist: Their wedding is the musical episode! (Get more details here.) Below, Goodwin and Dallas talk about the surprise twist in the Charmings’ past when EW hit the set ahead of the musical episode.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: How did you react when you learned Snow and Charming did wake up during the curse?
JOSH DALLAS: It’s totally heartbreaking, and I think that goes back to that idea that they blame themselves, and he does a lot. He blames himself, “Maybe he could have done something different. Maybe she could have had a different life. Maybe she could have stayed in the Enchanted Forest. Maybe it would have been fine. She would have been that princess, and she would have had that life.” Yeah, I think that’s something he wrestles with a lot; it’s definitely something that impacts him deeply.
GINNIFER GOODWIN: It was hard for me to relate in real life because, especially now that I have children, I wholeheartedly, selfishly would have just taken care of myself and my immediate family, gross as that may be. So it was hard to find a more generous place in my spirit, but I found what Snow did to be of the utmost integrity and very Snow White-esque; very in keeping with her character.

Talk about Snow and David’s reunion after waking from the sleeping curse.
GOODWIN: It is like many Once Upon a Time reunions. It is dramatic and brief in elation in our realizing immediately that something else is going on.

Isn’t that how it always is in Storybrooke?
GOODWINGOODWIN: It is how it always is.
DALLAS:DALLAS: Well it’s always good to see Snow White’s eyes, and to hold her, and she’s awake, and coherent. Yeah. It was nice to get out of it for sure.

How do Charming and Snow feel about their daughter getting married in the midst of the Black Fairy drama?
GOODWIN: What is the word for the bridezilla mom? Well, we’re going to invent one. She’s like Mother of the Bridezilla. No, she’s like Motherzilla of the Bride. She’s all things wedding all the time.

Does David agree with her?
GOODWIN: He’s going to have to if he wants peace at home.

Will this cause a divide between them?
GOODWIN: Yeah. It might cause some comedy.
DALLAS: Snow is pushing through, and she wants to have it, like, the public, the people, need this in order to keep hope alive. To see something good happening amongst all this badness; that is a great point, and there is something to it, but I feel David feels that, yeah, getting married to Snow was the best day of his life, but then what happened right after was the worst day of his life. It’s a very similar situation that’s happening here with the Final Battle, and then what’s going to happen? He doesn’t want that for her, and he wants her just to be able to get married, and be happy, and not have all this other stuff that’s going on like Snow and Charming had. He’s definitely reserved. He’s focused on getting all of that done and over with, so she can be free, and free to marry, and just live her life as opposed to going into this Final Battle.

What can you tease about the musical?
DALLAS: I’ve just been screeching away in my trailer trying to learn the stuff. The singing comes out of something. It’s not just arbitrary, like we’re just singing, so it’s part of something — could be a curse or could be a spell, it could be something that translates itself into song.
GOODWIN: I am singing, maybe much to everyone’s detriment I am singing. I asked them to put me in the background, and they did not, so we’ll just see what happens. I can’t karaoke. I’ve only pulled off singing when I’ve been animated, so this is going to be a very vulnerable experience for me.

Once Upon a Time airs Sundays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

Problem Child Pt 1 Winchesters X Daughter! Reader

A/N: This is the first part of a Winchester X Daughter! Reader I’m making. It might eventually contain some Cas x reader in future chapters. This first chapter is mostly a set up for the story. Next chapter will have more of the back story of the reader. Stick with it, I promise it will get more interesting. 

Word Count: 2994 sorry

Warnings: Language

Problem Child Pt 1

Dean stumbled into the bunker kitchen.

The world around him was a blur as he struggled to regain his balance. Feeling the result of last nights binge drinking, he swore that he would never drink again. Which was a lie. The pounding in his head intensified as he reached for the steaming pot of coffee. The bitter smell of the coffee beans seemed to clear his mind a tiny bit. Dean silently thanked his baby brother for making the coffee extra strong. Running a hand through his messy bed head, he turned and nearly bumped into Sam’s hulking figure. Dean jerked backwards. His coffee was now dripping down his bare chest. He let out a hiss as he hot black liquid hit his skin. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Sam failing to hide a smile.

“Find something funny, Sammy?” He asked his gruff morning voice.

“No nothing at all,” Sam chuckled, “Get cleaned off. I found us a case and it’s a 12 hour drive from here.”

“You found us a case? Dude, it’s like six in the morning!” Dean threw his hands up.

Sam rolled his eyes and pursed his lips together,“ Dean it’s three in the afternoon.”

Dean rubbed his eyes,“ Well, shit!”

Sam grabbed a towel off of the table and tossed it to Dean, who used it to wipe the rest of the coffee off himself.

“Now come on, Dean. This case isn’t going to solve itself.” Sam’s voice faded as he disappeared from the kitchen.

With a sigh and an unintelligible grumble, Dean started after his brother.  

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Chapter 128 Mini Mystery: Why Was Grell on the Roof?

In chapter 128, we see Grell reviewing Agni’s records, but there’s one thing that puzzles me.

Why was Grell on the roof rather than inside the townhouse?

At one point, Grell would have had to go inside in order to stab Agni (thank goodness we didn’t see that) to get the records to come out. She could have easily just stayed inside where it was dry and where Sebastian was sure to come. Instead, she would have had to go inside, stab Agni, and then go back up to the roof. After all, we’ve seen Grell standing right over bodies while looking at records, so there wasn’t a need to move farther away.

Plus, Grell even said how she would be meeting Sebastian soon but is keeping her distance. She’s not playfully flirting or tossing out innuendos. In fact, she almost seems to purposely distancing herself.


It may have something to do with Knife Dude, or Grell had some other reason she was not interacting with Sebastian as usual.


Beautiful Goodbye

Author’s Note: So I’ve heard from a few people on Twitter who wished the goodbye scene was longer/explained more about why Abby chose to take off the necklace with Jake’s ring. Since I agreed, I decided to write a short (well okay, close to 4,000-word) thing about it from Marcus’ perspective. So basically, this is my interpretation of how the goodbye scene could have gone down if the writers hadn’t chosen to cut away after the kiss.

Rating: M-ish? I’m TRASH and hyped up on The Scene, so of course there’s sexytimes.

It was dark in the tower, save for the flickering of a few candles aligned at the sides of the hallways: hardly enough to fend off the blackness of night. Striding through the empty corridors, Marcus mused on the iciness of the streets below. The danger that lurked in every shadow, the hatred hidden in glares and deciphered through threats. His chest ached, remembering the ambassador’s hatred of Skaikru, his refusal to choose diplomacy over violence. A stab of pain so intense that it might have been he, not the Ice King, who’d been shot.

How deftly Marcus had tried.

How decisively he’d failed.

There has to be another way, he’d thought, urging Roan to delay his battle in favor of negotiations. And he’d been so sure he could do it – so confident they would see his side, cherish life over bloodshed – that the ambassador’s refusal had knocked the breath from his lungs like a punch to the gut. Diplomacy, he knew, was far from an exact science. There were no guarantees. But to have failed now, at such a crucial time…he could hardly offer himself forgiveness when regret was the only emotion available.

Octavia had barely looked at him after that; instead of remaining with him, she’d chosen to seek out Indra. Since midday, he hadn’t so much as glimpsed her. Marcus thought he’d seen something pitying in her gaze – something that spoke more than her words ever could, something that implied she blamed grounder politics and not him for his shortcomings – and as small a gesture as it was, he appreciated it. If nothing else, at least she’d been willing to give peace a chance.

A soft breeze blew through an open door, and Marcus breathed out a soft sigh as the coolness of the night wind washed over him. As loath as he was to admit it, there was nothing more to be done. He would have to accept whatever came in the morning, swallow the bitterness of self-loathing that had burbled again inside him when the boy mentioned what the chip had forced him to do. Focusing on what came next was easy when hope was abundant, but in its absence his mind turned back to territory it had explored a thousand times before, terrain he and his people had mapped out so well.

It was a land of remorse.

Dwelling on the past did him little good, but in times like these it became harder to construct a dam strong enough to hold back their tide. A few more seconds, and he could have taken Bellamy’s life. Had ALIE’s hold over him not been broken in time, had his hands not relaxed and his composure returned, his story might have been an echo of the young grounder’s. Their hatred for Skaikru might have been pronounced, but the boy had no inclination of how alike they really were. The shame they shared.

If he’d told him what he’d been forced to do, a member of Skaikru equally torn by his actions under the influence, would it have helped? Could it have saved whatever fractured bond they might have with the grounders? More importantly, could he even trust his own voice to recite so sensitive a memory?

He could still feel it; the sickening agony of looking down and seeing the eldest Blake sibling on the dusty throne room floor, gasping for air, his face bruised and bloody. The look in Bellamy’s eyes shone forgiveness mixed with fatigue while his own blurred with tears, appalled with himself for what he’d been forced to do. What his hands and legs and arms had done without his consent, all because of a woman in a red dress and a computer chip.

He remembered something else then, drifting back to him through the listless fog of misery. A gun pointed to Abby’s head. She’s still here, he reminded himself. Bellamy’s still here, Clarke’s still here, Octavia’s still here. There is still hope.

And hope, as he’d come to know from the woman who held his heart in her hands, her smile, her sigh, was everything.

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The Sun and The Stars {2}

Previous parts: Part 1

Word Count: 3158

Warnings: some light nsfw content

Originally posted by rohgers

You have to leave. That man knew you and if anyone knew you, then it was time to leave, but you were thrown off by what he’d called you. My star. What a strange thing to call someone.

You couldn’t recall a single thing about this man but the way he looked at you, with a certain tenderness in his clear blue eyes…it unnerved you. He knew you and something deep inside you told you that he cared for you, which was unthinkable. No one cared for you.

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Love is Love

Beca’s flight was delayed by a storm.

Even though she sent Chloe a text alerting her of her late departure and the promise that she’d be home as soon as she could, it was still nearly four in the morning by the time she creepy into their flat, placing her keys quietly on the hook. She left her suitcase by the door and moved further into the room, catching sight of the blue glow of the television and the figure on the couch that it illuminated. Beca ruefully shook her head and made her way to the sofa.

“Chloe. Chlo.”

The redhead grumbled. Beca grinned.

“C'mon, Chlo, let’s get you to bed.”


“Hi, nerd. C'mon, bed.”

“But–” Chloe yawned and snuggled deeper into her blanket. “Gotta talk.”

“Not tonight. Tomorrow, okay?”

“In the morning?”

Beca hesitated. “If you want to. But sleep first.”

“Mmkay.” Beca managed to coax Chloe into her bedroom, but before she could leave, Chloe caught her arm. “Stay.”

“I don’t have to go anywhere again for a while,” Beca said, frowning.

“No. Here. With me.”

Beca hesitated again. “Let me get a shower.”

Chloe nodded sleepily and let Beca’s arm slip through her fingers. Beca rolled her eyes, but smiled softly as she went to collect her suitcase.

One notoriously hot shower later (seriously, Satan himself should envy showers taken by Beca Mitchell), Beca found herself standing in Chloe’s doorway, uncertain whether she should continue. It seemed, however, that even half asleep, Chloe had the mind capability of a telepath, and a mumbled “C'mere,” had Beca obediently climbing into the queen bed with her best friend. Chloe mumbled something incoherently and snuggled into Beca’s side, wrapping one amr around her waist. Surprised, Beca hesitantly wrapped an arm around Chloe’s shoulders and slowly settled in for the night.

It was a few minutes before Chloe spoke again. “Bec?”


“I love you too, y'know. Always have.” She yawned. “Was scared.”

Beca chuckled softly. “Well, I guess I’m an idiot, then.”

Chloe snickered. “You can be, sometimes.”

Beca rolled her eyes, but a smiled graced her features. “Go to sleep, you nerd.”


Anyways, have the last bit of what I have dubbed the “Love Is” mini trilogy (can I call it that?) Send your thoughts my way! Later, pitches!

‘What kind of guy am I?’ - Derek Hale x Reader

The argument was inspired by the fight in ‘What’s Your Number?’

Their limbs shook as anger overtook them, they spat words at each whilst storming around her small apartment. They couldn’t cope with the lack of time they had for each other anymore. It was too painful. They hurtled insults at one another while simultaneously trying to hide the devastation and hurt from their faces. It had all started with one misworded comment and now she feared it was going to end with heartbreak.

“You’re not the kind of guy I’m meant to end up with” The words escaped her mouth before her mind could catch up to stop them. Guilt flooded her chest but she stubbornly kept her face expressionless. She watched hurt temporarily flicker over Derek’s face as she threw his biggest insecurity in his face. He always thought that she was too good for him despite her constantly trying to reassure him that he was more than good enough for her.

“What kind of guy am I?” His voice was void of emotion as he glared at her, she would have been fooled if she couldn’t see the way his fists were shaking where they hung loosely by his sides or the hint of blue flickering across his eyes. She let out a huff of air, desperately trying to stop the tears prickling at her eyes. She turned away from him, fiddling with the mess they’d left in the kitchen. Derek repeated his question, his words demanding as he spat them out. It took everything in him to ignore the way his heart was tearing itself apart at the mere idea that maybe they’d pushed too far this time, that maybe there was no coming back from this.

“You’re the kind of guy you date before you meet the guy you’re meant to end up with” Her voice was scarcely above a whisper but she knew that he could hear her as she repeated the words Allison had said to her the day before. They had flooded her mind with doubts, she’d never been happier than when she was with Derek, how could he be the wrong guy?

She couldn’t breathe as she waited for him to fight back, to prove her wrong. But he didn’t. Instead, the loud slam of her front door was all she heard. She let out a shaky breath, steadying herself against the kitchen counter. As the events that had just occurred settled in she couldn’t hold back the sobs that racked her body. The worst part of it was that she knew it was her fault, she pushed him too far and now she had to deal with the consequences.

Derek’s already fractured heart broke as he listened to her loud sobs through the door. He hated himself in that moment. He never wanted to be the cause of her tears. His hand itched to reach for the handle of her front door so he could go back in and hold her, reassuring her that they’d be okay and that he was going to stay. He ignored the urge, knowing that she was right-she deserved someone better than him. He turned away from her apartment, solemnly making his way down the stairs.    

He trudged into the loft, collapsing into one of his few chairs as he rested his head heavily in his heads. He needed a distraction, anything to stop himself from thinking about her. He reached for the book he’d been reading only to get two pages in and realise he had no idea what he’d just read. He got up, pacing around the empty expanse of his home. His mind was gradually falling into the depths of self-hatred when Stiles and Scott came bursting in. They were out of breath as they stared at him excitedly. Their faces fell when they registered Derek’s crestfallen expression.

“What happened? Is everyone okay?” Scott’s words were rushed as he cautiously approached him, wondering what supernatural force had invaded Beacon Hills this time. Derek slowly raised his head, simply nodding before turning away from them.

“Dude, what happened to you?” Stiles’ words were dripping with snark as he tried to get something out of him. Scott glared at him disapprovingly before turning back to Derek.

“You reek of guilt, will you just tell us what happened?”

“I think (y/n) and I just broke up” His voice was quiet as he forced the words out, still desperately trying to believe that it wasn’t true.

“What? What did she say?” Scott couldn’t hide his surprise, he’d never seen Derek so happy as when he was with (y/n).

“I’m not the guy she’s meant to end up with” The boys shared a knowing look as Derek repeated the words they’d heard Allison comment bitterly the day before, she still hadn’t forgiven Derek for his involvement in her mother’s death and used any opportunity to retaliate. They were about to explain when (y/n) stormed through the door. She’d clearly been crying, her eyes were rimmed red as her hair stuck to her damp face. She barely spared the boys a glance, walking straight to Derek. She stopped in front of him, their eyes reflected their love for each other, despite how damaged it might have been. They fell into each other, Derek’s arms snaked around her waist whilst she wrapped her arms around his neck. The boys slowly left the loft, knowing that the couple would need time.

She murmured apologies against Derek’s neck as her tears gradually formed a damp patch on his t-shirt. All he could do was pull her impossibly closer to his chest whilst whispering his own apologies. He buried his nose in her hair, comforting himself with her familiar scent. She tipped her head up, brushing their lips together. It was desperate as they tried to physically communicate their love for each other. Slowly, they pulled apart. She threaded their fingers together, offering him a watery smile.

“You’re perfect for me, Derek. I let my doubts control me and I’ll never forgive myself for that. You’re the only one I want” Her words were heavy with emotion as she gazed lovingly at him. She gently swept her fingers across his cheek, catching his tears as he leaned into her touch, his eyes fluttering closed.

“I need you to believe me” He turned his head, pressing a kiss to the palm of her hand before offering her a shy smile. Derek scooped her into his arms, revelling in the way her smaller frame moulded perfectly against his.

“I’m sorry too” Her head shot up in surprise, she opened her mouth to argue with him but he beat her to it. “I shouldn’t have left-I should have stayed so we could talk through it” She closed her mouth, nodding her head before pressing a kiss to his shoulder. He walked them over to his bed. He set her down gently before melding his chest against her back, pulling her as close as possible. They fell asleep wrapped in each other’s embrace, content that they’d managed to make it through their hardship together.  

Never Letting Go

Hey, everyone! I wrote a little Nalu fan fiction. It’s my first time writing Fairy Tail fan fiction. So, tell me what you think! If you have any suggestions, feel free to tell me! :)

Tagging: @fallenyetstillup , @arandomgirliam because they said the might be interested in reading it

I do not own Fairy Tail or the characters, Hiro Mashima does.

Rating: t I guess?? 

Pairings: nalu

Characters: natsu, lucy, levy

“Levy, please. Please just leave me alone.” Lucy stared at her friend with tears lining her eyes.

“Lucy, you might feel better if you talk about it.”

Lucy knew she would feel better if she talked but she couldn’t. She couldn’t tell Levy she was leaving. She couldn’t tell her she was dying inside knowing that Natsu would never love her. She just couldn’t. She knew if she told, Levy would try to make her stay. Lucy had already made up her mind. She was leaving. No goodbyes, no pleads to stay, nothing. Lucy had convinced herself it was better this way. She thought it was better for everyone to not have her in their lives.

“Levy, I’m begging you. Please leave.” Lucy mumbled through quiet sobs.

Lucy was hiding her face but Levy knew she was crying.

“Okay, Lucy. I’ll go. But, if you need to talk, I’ll just be at Fairy Tail.

Fairy Tail was everyone’s favorite restaurant. All of their friends loved to hang out there. It was their home away from home.

 When Lucy didn’t answer, Levy left quietly. As she walked to Fairy Tail she tried to come up with every reason why her friend was so sad. Levy thought that maybe she had writers block, or maybe she had another bad date, or maybe her father had said something rude to her again. But then Levy thought about the look Lucy gave her when she asked her to leave. Levy knew Lucy was more than sad. She was distraught. She was battling something. Levy knew she had to get Natsu. If anyone could cheer Lucy up, it was Natsu. Levy rushed inside Fairy Tail spotting Natsu’s pink hair quite easily.


He looked around to see where the noise had come from.

“Levy?” he looked at her a little concerned for the panting mess that stood before him. “Levy, what’s wrong?”

“Natsu, it’s Lucy.”

That was all Natsu heard before racing outside to get to his best friend’s house. He didn’t know what was wrong but it had to do with Lucy and that was enough reason for him.

Once Levy had left, Lucy started packing up all of her essentials. It didn’t take long. She didn’t want anything that held memories so she only had a couple of thing she could take. When she was done packing, she called a cab. She had sold her car a couple of days ago, not wanting the memories it had. She thought she was in the clear to leave when she was putting her belongings in the cab until she saw a certain pink haired boy racing towards her.

“No. Oh please no.” she sighed aloud.

 "Luce, what are you doing?“ Natsu yelled when he saw her put a suit case into a cab.

Lucy didn’t acknowledge him. She couldn’t. She would break down if she did.

Natsu ran up to Lucy standing in front of her forcing her to look at him.

"Lucy, what’s wrong?” Natsu yelled a little too loudly after seeing the tears in her eyes.

“Get out of my way, Natsu.” Lucy’s voice was cold. She didn’t want to hurt him, but the only thing she could do to not fall apart was to pretend she didn’t care.

“Lucy, a.. are you okay?” Natsu looked stunned.

Lucy hated seeing him this way but she couldn’t let herself care right not. She stepped around him not making eye contact. She was about to step into the cab when she felt something grip her arm. She felt the warmth that only Natsu had. That was it. That was the last straw. She couldn’t hide the pain that she felt anymore. She broke down on her knees, sobbing.

“Lucy? Lucy what’s wrong?”

“I.. I can’t do this anymore.” Lucy said through sobs.

“Do what?”

 "This! Everything! You.. You just don’t understand!“

"Help me understand.” Natsu said calmly but she could hear the panic in his voice.

“Natsu, I really like you.”

“I like you too Luce.”

“No! Natsu you don’t understand. I can’t keep living like this! Natsu, I love you. I know you will never return my feelings and I used to be okay with that. But now.. I.. I can’t be okay with it anymore. I want to but I can’t. Please understand Natsu. I love you. I will always love you but I can’t do this anymore. So, I have to leave. I’m sorry, Natsu. I will always remember you. Goodbye.”

“Wait, Lucy.” Natsu gently grabbed her arm.

“Natsu, please don’t make this any harder than it has to be.”

“Lucy, listen to me! Please… Lucy, I love you too. I.. I always have. I wish I knew you felt the same way.. I probably would have taken you out on a date or something.” Natsu said with a nervous laugh.

“Wait… What?” Lucy looked at him stunned.

“Umm… You’re not going to make me say that again are you? I mean, I will but, that was just kind of embarrassing.” Natsu looked down with a blush.

“No.. But wait, you… you like me too?”

“Luce, I don’t just like you.. I love you. So much.”

Lucy looked at him dumfounded. The love of her life just told her he loved her. What was she supposed to do?


“Oh. I’m.. I’m sorry. I don’t know what to say. I’m honestly kind of speechless. I never would have imagined you would like me, let alone love me.” Lucy had tears stains on her cheeks from earlier and new tears forming.  

When Natsu noticed Lucy’s new tears he knew he had to do something. He slowly leaned in making sure she didn’t show any signs of pulling away and captured her lips in a soft kiss. Natsu pulled away after a few seconds.

“Lucy, you don’t have to say anything. I have you now and I will never let you go.”

Lucy smiled for the first time all day. Natsu loved her. He really loved her. He always had, and now she knew. She didn’t have to hide her feelings anymore. She didn’t have to live in pain anymore. She didn’t have to leave. She could stay with her friends. Natsu and Lucy finally had each other and they were never going to let go. Lucy leaped into his arms. Wrapping her legs around him, she hugged him as tight as she could.

“Thank you, Natsu.”

“For what?” Natsu struggled to talk. Lucy was stronger than she looked.

“For not letting me go.” She said into his shoulder.