she could have done it again

Context to the story:

The girl cut her hair once so that she could have bangs. The mother disapproved and decided to cut off 15" of her hair as punishment. The girl later again decided to change her hair style and the above was the result; she shaved her daughters head.

Having a few personal experiences with this kind of invasive behaviour it really hurts to see someone go through these kinds of things, where the parent tries to live vicariously through their childs life, to attempt to shape them and make their decisions for them depending on what THEY would do and give their child NO independence or self expression.

Thankfully, this mother thought her actions were 100% justifiable and posted it to Facebook as a bit of a “haha, teach my kid a lesson” and has been hit with brutal recrimination from her community and has had visits from Child Protective Services.

For so many young (and older) girls their hair is their self expression, and in several months I hope this girl will have hers back.


OH MY GOD ok so dearsheroozle was sick and requested a Sweaty Engineering!Asami and Flustered!Korra drawing and I as usual made this way harder and more complicated than it needed to be and didn’t plan it out very well at all and had to just sort of make it work and anyway here it is 


reasons why the “save josh” dlc would be actually really awesome

Alright hear me out on this actually. We really should get the DLC. Not only because the majority of the fanbase honestly likes Josh and wants to save him from a fate worse than death, but also because Supermassive could actually make good money on a bonus optional ending. Like, I’m serious. It would be good for them, for us, for everyone. There’s no reason to not do this.

Ladies and gentlemen, I humbly introduce the Until Dusk DLC, where:

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A week ago Lexa apologized for the tactics Roan had used to capture her and bring her to Polis. She briefly relayed that those measures were taken because if they weren’t, she’d be captured by the ice queen instead, so she chose the lesser of two evils to save her life. Clarke was furious, threatened her, spat in her face. Lexa puts everything on hold for a week – until she could not longer wait –simply because Clarke did not wish to speak with/see her. Earlier in the day she told Clarke she’d be returned home and explained again that she had her brought to Polis for her protection. Clarke’s life was in grave, imminent danger, and Lexa couldn’t let anything happen to her. She then tried to explain away her decision at MW, compared it to Clarke’s predicament, asked if she would have done the same thing. Eventually she tells her they shouldn’t dwell on what’s happened but focus on what is currently happening and what could happen and the danger everyone was in. She had personal invested interest in Clarke staying, but it was also about Clarke’s saftey and her people’s saftey. She tried to reason with Clarke and got no where. Later on Clarke called for her and she presumably dropped everything to go see her. Clarke put a knife on her throat and Lexa apologized for a second time. She takes full responsibility for the pain she’s caused Clarke and for why Clarke was behaving that way towards her. Lexa realizes that she cannot reason with Clarke, that Clarke does not wanna be there and that Clarke just moments ago, was close to killing her. She realized that the damage is done and that all she can do is let Clarke go. Even though that means Nia will overthrow her at the coup - that she totally saw coming - even though that means she will not be in power anymore. That Skaikru, including Clarke, would probably die, and there would be nothing she could do to protect Clarke. She decided to let Clarke go because that’s what she wants. But Clarke thankfully understands the severity of the situation and decideds to remain in Polis.

What I love about this scene is that for a third time, Lexa is taking full responsibility for what she did. She doesn’t try to explain herself further, or make Clarke understand. She accepts that she did betray her she acknowledges it, apologizes, and vows to never do it again.

Yes… what an abusive, toxic dynamic they had.

anonymous asked:

da2 romances reacting to their relationship with hawke being described in tale of the champion?

Fenris: He regrets reading it as soon as he’s done. After a moment’s pause, he shoves the book somewhere and swears he’ll never look at it again– it was bringing an intense blush to his face. “Glowing phallus” were the two words strung together that broke him. He ends up digging it up the next day and reading it again.

Isabela: She’s cackling the whole time as she reads it with Hawke. “Look at this!” she snorts. “’Could make the whole of the Waking Sea quiver’… oh, Love, we have some work to do to make this book completely accurate.” It becomes her favorite book, and she’s prone to reading the more ridiculous lines when in bed with Hawke.

Anders: “This is almost as bad in terms of accuracy as the Chantry’s slander of mages…” That said, he does crack a smile at the more ridiculous parts, and frowns as he remembers the moment or two of accurate pain that they felt. “I suppose it’s not all bad. It’ll leave people guessing, I suppose.” he wryly mentions to Hawke.

Merrill: She’s delighted that Varric wrote about them. “Oh, look, Vhenan! Isn’t it romantic? Well, it’s a bit… exaggerated, but it’s still lovely!” She enjoys reading it with Hawke in bed, who’s either cringing or laughing. Even years later, sometimes she and Hawke drag the book back up and read it together, remembering how it all started– according to Varric, anyways.

Who is Mary Morstan - A Theory

First of all: I don’t think Mary is a baddie, I just think she did something bad. This is a more detailed version of this post since people have been asking.

Clue number one:

Sherlock’s deduction that she’s a liar

Clue number two:

They texted Mary NOT Sherlock.

Sherlock was later adressed in the messages as well but the initial contact was with Mary.

Some said Sherlock didn’t seem to have a phone in this episode but he did right here so they easily could have contacted him instead.

Clue number three: 

Mary knew how to decipher the code on her phone and had already done it when she showed it to Sherlock.

Clue number four: 

Right at the end when Magnussen is watching Sherlock at the screen the only thing we hear is Mary screaming over and over again. Magnussen is looking at the right side of the screen, where Mary is. After a while he adverts his eyes to the left and starts looking at Sherlock instead. So was he really watching Sherlock from the beginning or is he starting to take an interest in him now as well?

Clue number five:

Amanda said in this interview that she couldn’t tell anything about Mary’s background hinting that there’s more to the her than “just” being John’s girlfriend.

Clue number six: 

John and Sherlock discussed the whole “did they put me in the bonfire to get to you, Sherlock?” and Sherlock is like “I don’t know and I don’t like not knowing”. 
If you’ve seen alot of movies/tv shows you start to notice things and the fact that they had this conversation when Mary wasn’t around is something worth noticing. 

Something Mary did or did not do in the past has come back to haunt her and hopefully it doesn’t break John Watson’s heart or gets anyone killed.

(As always these are all just theories, don’t hold it against me :-) )

I will never be over Charlie Bradbury’s death. Not because she was a she. Not because she was a queer character. But because of how her death came about. It served no real purpose other than to push Dean over the edge (which could’ve been done without her dying). It was an off screen death. Charlie had defended herself from the Stynes before, and you mean to tell me she couldn’t fight them off again? Especially one that only had one hand? Charlie Bradbury deserved so much better. Tossing her in a motel bathtub was just atrocious honestly. If she had to die, it should’ve been done on screen and should have been handled so much better. 

After their first date, she had always been cautious about what she did in public situations. It wasn’t something she was over, she didn’t feel like she could ever forget what she had done. It wasn’t like her to bait in other men and even though she knew she would never do it again, she wasn’t taking chances. She wasn’t doing anything that would have her husband and family ripped away from her.

And this date was no different.

When they had finished eating, she had let him pull out her chair and lead her out. However, her heel had been caught on the carpet and she tripped, landing with her palms down against the nearest table. It took her a second to regain composure, but when she felt a hand against her backside, she jumped up.

Her eyes were wide as she turned to Joseph, too scared to look at his expression. “I..I..” She stammered, hurrying past him. She was sure he’d think she had done it on purpose.



can we talk about this moment?

about how peggy goes to brooklyn for the first time on the show to say goodbye to steve?

not captain america - no, this is steve’s blood.

she looks over the water, the very same kind which still unknowingly houses the valkyrie, and returns to brooklyn what is brooklyn’s. the city has seen his blood in dark alleys before when bucky would find him in them still standing - and it will have it again in the end.

this is how she says goodbye.

this is how she lets him go.


MERRY EARLY SWIFTMAS!!❤️🎅🏼🎄 confessionsofaswiftie aka Courtney aka my BFF who I met in line for Cleveland and I are going to the Columbus show on 9/17 and we couldn’t be more excited!!


In Cleveland on June 3, Courtney and I were in line but we didn’t know each other at all! After several hours of talking and waiting for doors to open we became BFF’s!! So in late June she messaged me on snapchat and told me that she was trying to convince her mom to let her go… After a while of begging, her mom said yes!! Courtney and I can’t wait to meet up again, we have texted nonstop everyday and we can’t wait to meet each other in person again!!

After throwing a bunch of ideas what we could wear, we decided to do something original that nobody else had done but still everyone knew about so we decided on SWIFTMASSSSS!! We were so excited with this theme because we hadn’t seen much of it! We decided that she was going to be a Christmas/snow angel and I would be a Christmas tree! But somehow we had to incorporate our personalities into it so she is wearing a crown because she is a winner of several pageants and I am decorating everything with glitter… And I put pics of Taylor in the ornaments!! We also decided to make microphones so we could jam out to
Vance (we also made a Vance poster because he’s amazing as well) and Taylor so we made them gold with red sparkles and green glitter glue that say our initials and the year we were born!

We are going to have several small signs that will be around our necks like necklaces as we are in the pit and cannot obstruct anybody’s view!! I am a little worried that the top of my tree will get in people’s way so I have a backup plan, I made a star that won’t interfere with anyone’s view of seeing the queen!! We also have a sign that has a bunch of blank spaces if anybody wants to sign!!


Courtney and I are just so happy to be able to have the opportunity to meet up again and also see the queen performing live because who wouldn’t want to see it!! We also don’t live in the same states so it’s hard to meet up.. thank god for texting! My mom will also be in the RIGHT PIT with us because she’s amazing and also one of my bestest friends!! Please don’t be shy if you see us walking around Columbus or the arena… We are extremely friendly and can’t wait to meet you and take pics :)))) and you guys can write your name on our sign!

And also a HUGE thank you to taylorswift because if it weren’t for you we would have never met because we are so different and live so far!
Merry Early Swiftmas!!
Xoxo Courtney and Abbey

Starter for chat-noir-knight


In hindsight, Marinette should have known not to agree to get the groceries after she was done at the fabric store. Her arms were now weighted down with several bags, some even piled on top of each other. She could barely see over the top.

Maybe she should have called Alya for help. Though she was just a block away from home, she could make it. She just needed to ignore the burning pain that had been shooting through her arms for the past two blocks.

She froze tensing as a passing car splashed water all over her.

did she forget to mention it had just finished down pouring and the skies were threatening to do so again?

listen im not saying that lexa put clarke over her position as commander but……that is sort of what i’m saying.

if lexa hadn’t done this, hadn’t agreed to stop the army, clarke would have walked out of that tent and never walked back in. lexa’s not only saving clarke’s people, but for once saving the thing she wants. she can’t do something and turn her back to clarke again. it happened once and it was agony. and now, they’re taking steps forward together.

and this could have disastrous consequences if it’s not handled the right way. lexa has to find a new way to assert her power. otherwise, another vote of no confidence might arise and this time there’s no clarke to stop the vote from being unanimous. 

Dropped In- Closed AU RP with strayxbullet

This was probably the stupidest idea she would ever have. But honestly, this had to be done. No longer could she bring herself to stay there, to listen to his constant screaming, to force herself to pretend she was happy. She couldn’t do it anymore. Tonight had pushed her over the edge; maybe that was why she left the way she did. Obviously he wanted her to stay, but this was doing downhill and he knew it. And if he hadn’t thrown a glass at the wall, maybe she would have reconsidered. Than again, she’d been planing to do this for months. It was for the best, really.

Her backpack was stuffed and was starting to weigh her down. Of course most of the contents weren’t for her. Nancy clutched the infant close to her, making she her head was covered from the bright lights of downtown. This was her last hope, and if he wouldn’t take them in, she didn’t know what would happen.It took her hours, but she finally found his apartment.

After what seemed like an eternity, trying to think of the words to say once that door was opened, she rang the bell. It was on first impulse really; she didn’t mean to just yet. Too late, she could already hear the footsteps coming towards the door. This was it, no turning back. Nancy shut her eyes for a second, and opened when once she felt the door swing open.

“…I need help.”


Troian friend started on pll last season. She kind of came in out of nowhere I didn’t expect to see her again. I figured she was doing a guest appearance.But she stayed in Rosewood all this time.

In British legend, Sabrina was the illegitimate daughter of the King of Britain and was drowned in the river by her father’s ex-wife.

We don’t know whose Bethany’s parents are. We only know what she looks like as a child. Also look at Sabrina’s shirt, not an exact but still creepy ass horns.

She hasn’t been in that many episodes, but they have done this before. Could be nothing but I thought this was still interesting. I feel like that she also kind of looks like little Bethany. Maybe she is her twin?

So guys I know this is probably crazy but it’s pll why not?


No seriously, so many props to Uzo Aduba for some of the best acting this show (this channel!!!!) has ever seen.

Bismuth’s charisma and passion, her torment, her compelling nature, her tragic arc and entire character were so beautifully delivered… I’m starstruck. I felt so much for her during this episode. That range of emotions. Only the pro-est of pros could have done this character justice, and we lucky kids got the top gunner. What a voice!!!

Bismuth’s two-parter was such an emotion-driven and riveting story to cap off Steven Universe’s first 100 episodes, and I’m glad we got to meet her. I hope we see her again soon, and I hope she finds peace. Only 22 minutes and I love her already.

Thank you, Uzo Aduba!!!!

Hello everyone,

This is iraincloud’s boyfriend. I unfortunately have to make this post. On October 20, 2015, iraincloud passed away suddenly. She passed out on the college campus and was rushed to ER, once they arrived at the ER her heart stopped and they could not get it going again. She was only 23.

She was loved by many and will be missed by everyone. She loved working on her art and working on her numerous blogs. Every step of progress she made on a piece gave her joy in life and she always showed me what she had done. She also cherished all of her followers, every new follower she got made her work even harder on her content. She has come along way in her art and I am proud to say that I knew her and her artistic abilities, I just wish I could have seen what her art would have looked like 5 years from now.

Please keep her and her family in your thoughts and prayers.

home alone


Alyssa didn’t set up the alarm thinking that she didn’t really have anything to do and if Daena wasnted, she could wake her up. When she did wake up, she went looking for her friend but she wasn’t in her room or at any other part of the appartment s she picked up her phone. The blonde had abandoned her last night aand apparently she had done it again. “Hello?”

“Hey. Uhm, where are you exactly? I just woke up and there’s no one here.” Alyssa said trying to sound calm and not let her irritation show. “Oh, I’m at the airport.”

“Wait, what?” That made no sense. Their flight back home was tomorrow so why was her friend at the airport now? “Why are you at the airport?”

“Ed and I are heading off for a small trip. Isn’t it amazing? We just cae to the airport and picked a flight. To the Bahamas!” Alyssa couldn’t believe her ears. She was fucking leaving her in New York with a guy she knew for less than a week! “Are you fucking serious?” She asked her voice higher this time, “We’re leaving tomorrow. when are you going to get back?”

“Aly, I have to go we’re about to take off and the stewardess is giving me nasty looks. Don’t worry I’ll change our tickets to Tuesday probably.” She said before hanging up.

Alyssa balled her fists and tried really hard not to throw her phone at the wall. “Unbelievable! What the fuck is wrong with you? What am I? Fucking luggage?” Alyssa yelled at her phone even though her friend had hung up already. “Jesus f-” She stopped when she saw Galahad emerge from the hall.

She Misses You

Yet again, another one-shot that I have done late. SORRY! I really am about this haha. At least it’s only been a day since I said it should be out. I’m getting better!! (ish)

Prompt: Could you do a Carl x Reader where he’s insecure about his eye and gets all sad so the reader comforts him? They’re dating btw.

Requested By: @giveitupforfandomimagines

Characters: Carl Grimes x Reader

“Be careful!” You warned. You had your hand on Carls’ shoulder, attempting to guide him through the door. He still bumped into the doorframe harshly.

“Ow, dammit!” He cursed. You pulled him closer to you, giving the shoulder a gentle rub.

You tried to the lighten the mood by saying, “Told you to be careful.” He just glared at you in response. Hm, the opposite of what you wanted to do.

You felt bad for Carl. You really did. You’d been there through the whole ordeal, sat beside him and held his hand while he unconscious in the bed, and you definitely slept by his side. You remembered the moment when he woke up, halfway through the night. Happy tears were in your eyes and he croaked out, “Stay,” to you. And you did. You definitely didn’t need to be told twice.

And here you two were, trying to help him through the infirmary. Denise finally said that he was well enough to leave, but he would need help moving. Depth perception being fucked up. You suspected as much, and you were more than willing to help. And, since he could finally move, you were thinking that a stroll to the house and visiting Judith would be great for him. He was less than excited about the trip.

“C'mon. I’m thinking we can by the plants before nightfall. Maggie’s been setting them up.” You tried conversation while you guided him down the infirmary hall. A hand was kept on his shoulder. You know Carl didn’t like to be, “babied,” but you couldn’t help it. You knew he needed a hand, whether he said it or not. “I’ve been helping her out every now and then, when I get a free chance to.”

Carl reached for the wall to his right, his hand slowly streaking along it as you two walked. He didn’t say anything in response to you, so you continued on. You wanted to make this trip as normal as possible. “Judith’s missing you. Last night I helped feed her with Rick and she was lookin’ around for ya. It’s always been you and Rick feeding. It’s almost like I was a stranger.”

“Yeah?” Carl said. He sounded… almost nervous.

“Definitely. She’s gonna be happy that you’re back.” You went in front of him and stood on your tiptoes, giving him a quick peck on the lips. “I know I was.”

He licked his lips before looking downward. “I’m not so sure about that.”

You raised your eyebrows. “What do you mean?”

He didn’t look up, nor did he give an answer. You brought a hand to his chin, pulling his face up to look at you. Your eyes met his one and you noticed the dejected look in it.

“Hey,” you whispered to him, “what’s wrong?”

He shook away from you, instead moving to the bathroom (somehow able to walk through the door without too bad a bump.) His hands grasped the edge of the sink as he looked into the mirror. He grimaced. “I don’t look the same. Do you think she’ll even recognize me?”

You rested against the doorframe, looking at how utterly miserable he seemed. You felt it roll off him, as if in waves of pain.

You thought a moment before speaking. “Yes, she will. Just like all of us. Just because you’re different doesn’t mean you’re not you. She’ll see your smile, notice how you love her. She’ll look at your face and see the great big brother you are. Just because you’re missing an eye doesn’t mean that the other one stopped shinning too.”

He looked over at you and you stepped towards him. “It just means that this one,” your hand went up to his face, resting on his left cheek, “shines twice as bright.”

You noticed his lips forming a small smile, and you grinned. There it is. That smile that you missed so dearly.

“You think so?” He asked, his hand reaching up to yours and holding it tight.

“I know so.”

You two stood there, letting your words sink in. He closed his eyes and whispered, “Thank you.”

You pressed your lips to his, giving a slow and sweet kiss. “I’m just saying the truth. No need to thank me.” You gently pulled your intertwined hands from his face and tugged him through the door. This time he made it without a bump. “Now c'mon, let’s go see the peanut.”

Questions for A&E which will never be answered

1. How the heck is “taste my forbidden fruit" NOT a sexual innuendo?!

2. Emma made magic through Regina. WHY?? Why couldn’t she just touch that hat and see she has magic. Of course Regina realised now that she, too, had residues of that magic in her and SHE GOT EFFING ADDICTED AGAIN. So you mean to tell me that Emma touching Regina got her addicted and I’m not supposed to think that they are endgame??

3. And don’t get me started on opening that portal! There was no magic which is why Regina couldn’t open it and if you wanted to tell me that Emma could open it because she was the product of true love then you have GOT TO BE KIDDING ME because she could have done that without Regina. But they opened that portal together. TOGETHER. And you do know that only very few things like true love can open portals to transcend realms right? I mean you have to, you wrote the show, goddammit!

4. Why did Regina sit on that desk the way she did in the sheriff’s station? Write that with a man coming in and you have a sexual power play. Which is what happened here, too. Or do you disagree? We all know Emma’s nipples didn’t!

5. Uhm, excuse me? But: *harsh voice* "You wanted to be the leader?” *taking time to soften her voice and be supportive* “Lead” and “You want to run the show? Run it!”. Didn’t you write how heavily they rely on each other and trust each other by now on purpose? Did you just think haha those are neat lines, let’s put them in even though they are sworn enemies? You are aware of what the other writers write for your show, right? RIGHT?

6. And jealous!Regina? “You think it’s the best plan because your boyfriend came up with it?” Come on guys, that’s not even subtext anymore. So why can’t you just admit that she is a valid option for Emma? (I hope it’s because you want it to be a big surprise at the end and not because of something that is outside of the show)

7. Why are Hood and Hook basically just Emma and Regina - the hetero version? I mean I know why you’re doing it, with society being what it is and all, but don’t you personally think that’s bullshit?

8. If you don’t write SwanQueen then:

9. And if you do write SwanQueen how will you apologize to all those fans who have been getting hate for three years because no one wanted to acknowledge the ship’s existence? (I understand that it’s vital to the perception of the story if you really write it, but it still seems a bit unfair!)

Poor Pup

“Don’t speak to us ever again.” 


“No, we don’t want to hear it.  You have betrayed us.” 


“You’re dead to both of us.  How could you?”


“Have you no shame?” 

“Dammit Jack.  It had to be done.  I’m sorry.”

“You are not.  You’re a monster.  Isn’t that right my poor sweet little thing?  Daddy didn’t have to be so mean.” 

“Jack, please stop turning my dog against me.” 

“I hope she shits in your shoes.  I would.” 

Mark let out a long sigh and rolled his eyes.  He propped his hands onto his hips and tried to glare down at the spectacle on the floor of his bedroom, but he couldn’t help the slight twitch in his lips. 

They were just so adorable. 

Jack was sprawled out on the floor on his back with Chica curled into his chest and stomach.  It was so cute that his heart threatened to melt. 

The only problem?  Chica needed to sleep in her bed and Jack needed to sleep in their bed because it was nearing one o’clock in the morning and Mark was tired. 

“Come on, Jack.  Don’t you want her to be comfortable and sleep comfortably? She needs to be in her bed.” 

“But she is in pain, you ass.  She needs me.” 

“She needs you to let her sleep and get her strength back.” 

Jack sighed and looked down at the large dog on his torso.  Mark watched as his face scrunched into worry, then he sighed heavily and let his head fall back onto the floor. 

“Fine.  Take her to her bed.  Just make sure she’s comfortable.” 

Mark slowly crouched down and scooped the dog into his arms, being careful not to jostle her around too much.  He carried her over to her bed and gently laid her back down in a way he thought was as comfortable as possible. 

He truly did feel like a bit of a monster when she just allowed herself to be moved and looked up at him with pain in her little puppy face.  He sat beside her and began to stroke her soft fur in an attempt to comfort her.  He kind of felt like crying, his dog was going to hate him. 

Resigning himself to sitting with her until she fell asleep, he propped his back against the wall and got as comfortable as he could. 

He felt tremendously better when she rested her head on his left thigh. 

He sat there for a few moments, watching as her eyes slowly drooped.  Suddenly, he felt a warm body press into his right side.  

He lifted his arm enough for Jack to rest his head on Mark’s chest.  He slipped the hand that wasn’t petting Chica through soft green hair. 

Jack joined Mark in running his hands through Chica’s fur. “You’re not a bad person, man.  I was just kidding.  We both love you.” 

Mark’s heart squeezed the breath from his lungs.  He pressed Jack’s head closer into his chest and placed a small kiss on his forehead.  “My little family.” 

He felt Jack relax fully against him and smile.  Chica snored softly and Mark knew he should probably get up and head for bed, but he couldn’t bring himself to move. 

He was sore as all hell the next morning, but he slept happily and peacefully with everything he loved practically in his lap.