she could have been with the love of her life

The I love you coffin isn't meant for Molly

Eurus said someone was going to die, Sherlock deduced it must have been Molly. But after he made her say ‘I love you’ it was revealed she wasn’t in actual danger. So the coffin couldn’t have been for her, she was never going to die, no matter what happened.
Then who is going to die if Sherlock doesn’t make them say the 'code’? John.
John, who is going to die if he fails to revive himself like Sherlock did in HLV, if he fails to realize he’s in love with Sherlock, that he actually has something to live for (a life with Sherlock an Rosie, back in Baker Street).
The only way he could realize this would be for Sherlock to say it 'like he means it’ to him first.

It’s easy to miss with the focus on John’s grief, but he wasn’t the only one who didn’t move on.

For all her emotional strength, cheerfulness and maturity, Mrs. Hudson mourned exceedingly, too. She kept the flat exactly as it was. She didn’t let it out for two years. Just imagine how it must have been for her:

The dreadful silence, the empty, dark rooms where once there had been so much excitement, warmth, love and life.

She really could have looked for new renters after a time. I imagine she would have needed the money. And she is such a sociable, caring and warm-hearted person, I can’t imagine her being alone and not looking after somebody she loves.

But she chose not to. She stayed alone and grieved…


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Requests:  HI! ❤ ur blog! I was hoping you could write a 1 shot where reader and Newt are both hufflepuffs while at hogwarts and he has a crush on reader and they end up together and fluff please? if it’s not too much trouble can it be in his pov? thank you!💛 kind of changed yours, sorry abt that

Hello! Could you please write a scenario during Newt’s time at Hogwarts where he’s comforting the reader, who’s very stressed about finals? (I have college finals in two weeks and I’ve never been more stressed in my life)

Notes: This is quite short but sickeningly sweet, hope you enjoy!

Newt was looking at a bedraggled girl, pages everywhere, hair a messy bun atop her head and glasses perched on hr nose. She was scribbling away, studying, probably getting a few last minute things done. He couldn’t help but stare at his lovely girlfriend, because she truly was lovely. He chuckled softly when he saw her sigh and reach for some white paint to correct a mistake. He started walking towards her, he pulled a chair up behind her and put his arms around her middle. She turned around and Newt felt that same tingly warm feeling he always got when she looked at him. She leaned forward to press a soft kiss to his lips, and pushed his hair out of his face for him.

“You look beautiful, but you also look exhausted, c’mon let’s go to the Common Room.” Newt said softly. The girl shook her head.

“I have to finish these notes, exams start in a week and this is the last of notes I’ve got to do. Please just let me finish.” The girl pleaded sticking out her bottom lip. Newt kissed her but picked her up, much to her dismay and carried her to the dorms. They got a few strange looks and Leta gave the girl a glare which she ignored, but nevertheless arrived in the Hufflepuff Common Room. “You know I love you but really?” Y/N said, smiling.

“Really.” Newt replied, tucking a hair behind her ear. She cuddled right up to his chest and subconsciously listened to his heart beat, it was going quite fast.

“Sweets, your heart beat is going a million miles an hour!” Y/N whispered.

“I have a beautiful, amazing girl lying on me right now, why wouldn’t it be?” He said playfully.

“Well, you are handsome and extraordinary Mr Scamander.” Y/N whispered, placing a delicate kiss to his lips. He smiled, and turned a little bit pink, much to Y/N’s joy. She poked his cheek teasingly and giggled softly.

“Aren’t you a delight?” Newt asked laughing to himself. The sweet girl laughed. Newt wondered how he could get such a perfect girl when he was just, him.

“Don’t you ever say that again.” Y/N said, stern.

“I said that out loud didn’t I?” Newt mumbled. Y/N nodded and kissed him.

“I love you. So much.” Y/N said earnestly. Newt pecked her lips happily.

“And I love you too, with every fiber of my being.” Newt said honestly.

“I’m glad.” Y/N whispered.


“A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.”

R.I.P. Carrie Fisher

Princess Leia was always my favorite; she was the first female character I saw in a film that didn’t need a man to rescue her. She could fight for herself. She may have been a “princess” but she was a lot stronger than any princess before that time. I still love how she pretty much bad mouthed Vader within 5 minutes into A New Hope. I still cry when Han says “I know.” After Leia says “I love you.”


Star Wars formed my childhood. I don’t what my life would be without Princess Leia as a role model. Prayers to her family, the fandom, and the casts of any of these incredible films in the franchise.


favorite comic character meme: 2 romantic relationships: [½] batcat (earth 2)

“She’s been gone, now, for many months, but it still seems impossible to me. Her death was pointless, tragic… but I have long since given up trying to find meaning in death. The meaning is in life, not death. And Selina’s life was as full of meaning as it was of love, and spirit, and courage. And when my time comes to join her, I would only hope the same could be said for me.”

The Brave and the Bold #197

can i just say how much the revival has made me grateful for season 7. like, asp was going to have rory get pregnant at 22, which would have honestly been the most heartbreaking ending i could think of for rory- a major part of her characterization is that she didn’t want to end up like lorelai, yes she loves lorelai, yes she respects lorelai and appreciated all the sacrifices lorelai made for her, but she didn’t want the life lorelai had. lorelai is exactly where she’s supposed to be- in stars hollow, with the inn, with luke- but rory wanted more. rory wanted to be christiane amanpour, she wanted to travel, see the world, do things, which was a major part of her turning down logan’s proposal because she wanted a ‘wide open future’. how the hell would she have gotten that with a baby? that’s the  worst thing- like, you will become your parents whether you like it or not. and logan, too- he becomes mitchum, lives out his huntzberger preordained life, the life he desperately didn’t want, without even being told he has a child. at least in the revival rory is 32, she’s done stuff, she’s lived, but geez, that’s still a crappy ending for the girl who wanted to be christiane amanpour.

wlw: there is hope!

between compulsory heterosexuality, oppressive religious ideologies, your own fears, insecurities, and doubts, intracommunity invalidation, and all the other slings and arrows faced due to your attraction, it can be so hard to remain hopeful that you, too, will find a woman to love and who will love you wholly in return.

but i got to chat with an amazing woman today. her confusion about herself and her orientation, and the hopelessness that came with the realization that she preferred ladies, had left her feeling so isolated, she figured she’d be alone for the rest of her life. then, at the age of 27, she started dating a woman.

now, she has lived a big part of that “rest of her life” (the one she thought would be so lonesome) with a woman who makes her smile, a woman who appreciates being taken care of as much as she loves taking care of her girlfriend, a woman she could not stop talking about.

they have been together now for 47 years. forty. seven. years. they found each other just as the lgbt liberation movement was beginning, and they have held fast through nearly 50 years of the trials and tribulations this life throws at us.

one anecdote doesn’t mean much, but i swear, if you could have seen the smile on her face as she was telling their story, you would be hard-pressed to let any doubt creep into your mind.

so please know this: you are not a lost cause. you are not alone. you are beautiful inside and out, and you absolutely do deserve the love you want and need. you might not find it tomorrow, or next year, or ten years from now, but there are absolutely women out there who think and feel as you do, who want to love and be loved the way you do, who are looking for someone just like you to adore in every way.

your fears are real, and undoubtedly founded in things you’ve personally experienced, but all i want to say is: don’t give up hope.

Okay, can I just talk about Jack for a moment? Because honestly, she means so so much to me. I know there are flaws in her writing, but there’s so much about it that’s important to me.

Jack is obviously an abuse survivor. She’s been through things very few people could understand. And it’s been a full, life long thing. This is The Way The Universe Works, as far as she knows. These people have had her wince she was an infant. She doesn’t know anything different.

She’s been through so much. And she’s angry. She’s unbelievably angry. And she’s allowed to be. She’s allowed to be loud and angry and dysfunctional. And you’re actually able to acknowledge that, and be kind to her through it. You’re allowed to give her space, to let her know you’ll respect her boundaries, to be understanding and help her deal in whatever way she asks for.

And yeah, some of the characters make negative comments about her being angry, but it’s ultimately respected. And she gets a recovery arc. She gets to learn to trust a little bit, gets to make decisions to do good things with her life.

She gets to work with kids. She gets to work with kids that are like her. She gets to protect them from people who would use them or push them too hard. She gets to teach them the best ways to protect themselves, how to work as a team and care for each other. She gets to do good, do things she really cares about.

And in all that, she still gets to be herself. She still gets to be angry and aggressive, and standoffish. It’s not some “oh! She’s all better now!” recovery arc. She gets to still be angry and very much Not Normal, and it’s okay. She learns how to cope, learns how to channel her rage towards things, learns how to let people in. She learns how to cope and function in this world, while not just suddenly being no longer mentally ill, or suddenly showing no symptoms.

She gets to be a “bad” survivor, and it’s not demonized by the narrative. Honestly, she changed me. She helped me. She’s so so important and good, and she means so much to me.

I could ramble for hours, but I just love Jack so much.

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why isn't TAB feminism? i'm 100% tjlc but i always thought it was tjlc masked as feminism. was it never supposed to be interpreted as feminism at all?

Oh it was definitely supposed to be interpreted as feminism, they just have no idea what feminism is when they write female characters like that. Kill mary for man pain, “being mary watson was the only life worth living”, she could have been a villain but i guess all she wanted to be was a good wife to her husband? Force molly to say i love you to sherlock for no fucking reason other than to “break her”. Eurus makes no sense at all but I guess all she needed was some love from her brother and then she’s all fine? It’s all about men in the end, isn’t it. Like how can they write this when they were “we should treat women better” in tab. They just wanted to be considered as feminists while doing nothing to earn that

You could be a random stranger from a different country, but that made no difference: you didn’t have to know them to know they were in love. It was written in her smile when she laid her eyes on him; it was almost as if she had been blind her whole life and was finally able to see for the first time. It was written in his smile when he heard her speak; it was almost as if he had been deaf his whole life and was finally able to hear for the first time. He loved her, she loved him, and at that point in time, it was enough.
—  excerpt from a book i’ll never write #2

So. I was rereading (for Elriel reasons, TBA 😘) and it occurred to me that I’d just assumed that Mor was done with the Night Court after The Sex when Azriel found her in the Autumn Court (they just never brought her back). But it’s occurred to me that those could function as two separate events. Because this reads like a plan/scheme… and I’d fucking love it if Rhys’s mom had been in on it.

Take a journey with me: It would essentially be a premeditated “3-Step Plan to Saving Mor” from the Night Court.

I realize that we know canonically that Mor had a plan to at least have sex once before she was sentenced to a life of state-sanctioned raped. (We don’t know for how long she had that plan. Was it premeditated? Spur of the moment?) So it’s not far fetched to say that her plan all along could have been to get out of the Night Court…

But what if (after The Sex happened) they had to make a plan to get her out cuz they were like “fuck this patriarchal system” and made a plan to get her out that involved her going back to the NC… and it just so happened that NO ONE realized just how badly they’d assaulted her….?

(OR the getting her out of the night court could have taken place After they found her in the Autumn Court. But this option isn’t as interesting as four 17-year-old kids hatching a plan to save Mor post The Sex.)

And because I’m a sucker for all things angst, I’m reminded of a post by @sparkleywonderful where she talked about how Rhys’s mom could have been the one who originally said “You’re free. You got out” to Mor and Az (that’s why Mor says that to Feyre when she saves her). And I just think it would be REALLY FUCKIN COOL and HEARTBREAKING if Rhys’s mom helped hatch a plan (either with all of them or secretly with Mor) to get her out of the Night Court.

We lost one of our own today. Louise McLellan, affectionately known to us Lizzington shippers as “Lou Lou”, lost a long, courageous battle with cancer. Even after everything that she had been through, I never met anyone who remained as positive and hopeful about the future as she was. She always had a goal, a destination, that she’d set her sights on, any time she had to go through another round of chemo. She taught me the importance of having the right attitude in life and to never be ashamed of who you are or what you love. And for Lou Lou, she LOVED James Spader!  She was what some called a “fierce protector” of James, and this was true in every sense of the word. If I could have had one wish for Lou Lou, I wish she could’ve met James. I know she would’ve been the happiest woman on earth.

Besides her ardent love for James Spader, she loved her shipmates so much. She made it a point to always keep in touch, no matter what. For me, she always commented on pictures I’d post of my son. How big he was getting, how cute he was. It amazed me so much how someone that I met just by watching a stupid TV show could care so much about my life. But that’s who Lou Lou was. She truly enjoyed being a part of all of our lives, even outside The Blacklist. There are no words to express how brokenhearted we are all feeling in our fandom tonight. We truly lost a great one and she is going to be missed. 

As a tribute to Lou Lou, we’re trying to come up with a couple things to remember her by. I am finishing a video I abandoned long ago that I know she would’ve loved, and will dedicate it to her.

My friend @irish-buzzsaw had a fantastic idea of using Lou Lou’s love for red lipstick and post one of her patent red lipstick selfies on instagram or Twitter with the tag #RedLipsForLouLou

And I had one more idea that would be AMAZING if we could make it happen, and that was to reach out to the Blacklist writers and see if they would be willing to name a character after Lou Lou. Like one of Red’s associates or something. It would be so awesome. We need to think of some hashtags for twitter for this though. 

Please feel free to reblog with suggestions for hashtags, or to leave condolences or any other ideas you may have to remember Lou Lou by.


GET TO KNOW ME MEME[1/15] relationships
↳ Barney Stinson & Robin Scherbatsky (How I Met Your Mother)
I love her. I love everything about her. And I’m not a guy who says that lightly. I am a guy who has faked love his entire life. I thought love was just something idiots thought they felt. But this woman has a hold on my heart that I could not break if I wanted to. And there have been times that I’ve wanted to. It has been overwhelming, and humbling, and even painful, at times. But I could not stop loving her any more than I could stop breathing. I am hopelessly, irretrievably, in love with her. More than she knows.

love will have its sacrifices

when you think about it, Carmilla ultimately gave up everything she knew for Laura. her sister. her immortality- which, while it came from and bound her to an abusive parental figure, was really the only way she could clearly remember being

Laura gave up her chance for a normal life (because they may get domestic but I don’t believe those two can ever achieve “normal” with what they know and what they’ve been through). she kept her ideals but lost a lot of her innocence about the world and the evil that exists in it

I love the web series on its own, but I also love the idea of it as an origin story for the movie. two girls, traveling the world on the back of a motorcycle, fighting evil. one sunny and kind but so stubborn she’d fight a god; the other dry and sarcastic, her eyes hinting at an age far beyond twentysomething. lovers bound as much by what they lost as what they gained

who, to quote the book, died together so that they may live together

  • Barney: [to Nick about Robin] I love everything about her, and I'm not a guy who says that lightly, I'm a guy who has faked love his entire life, I'm a guy who thought love was just something idiots felt, but this woman has a hold on my heart that I could not break if I wanted to. And there have been times when I wanted to. It has been overwhelming and humbling, and even painful at times, but I could not stop loving her any more than I could stop breathing. I'm hopelessly, irretrievably in love with her. More than she knows.

one thing that bugs me on jtv? the complete lack of acknowledgement of what petra’s been through. petra is an abuse survivor. the one constant presence in her life is a mother who amongst other things has threatened her, belittled her, constantly gaslights her, all for her own selfish gains. struggles through post-partum depression. discovers she has a twin- who could have become the family petra so desperately needs who drugs her, assumes her identity and tries to screw her over. watches her husband who she really does love fall in love with another woman whilst said woman is carrying the child she wanted so much. not to mention being kidnapped, suffering a late term miscarriage and feeling inferior to jane. and like? there is barely any mention of petra’s past. the only thing they bring up are her mistakes- which yes are a lot, and yes she has done some terrible things, but geez. please let petra go to therapy!!!!! please let petra be happy!!!!!!

I know I’ve said this before but I’m gonna say it again… I cannot freaking wait for Caryl to go canon!! Ya know why?? 

Because neither Carol nor Daryl have ever had a relationship with someone who loves them unconditionally. 

From what I understand, Carol had decent parents or at least a good upbringing. So at least for her, she knew familial love. But of course she had an asshole of an ex husband, so she’s never had a healthy intimate love. And the closest thing Daryl had to love was his brother, and he’s wasn’t the best example for a good familial relationship anyway. 

So if you could imagine, seeing Caryl’s first time together, both of them will be so overwhelmed by the love they feel between them, especially Daryl. Carol’s going to finally have the man who loves her as her equal, a man that would never hurt her and would protect her for the rest of their lives. And Daryl will finally feel the love that he has been so desperate to feel all his life. 

We’re going to see Daryl’s tough exterior crumble as he gives her all of him, hugging her as close to his body as humanly possible, and Carol will tear up with joy as she’s overcome with his love for her. 

I’m just so excited to see this because those two deserve more happiness than anyone else on that damn show! 

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New update

Can we talk about how happy and content Isak is? How he could have so easily confronted Emma about outing him, which he would have every right to do because what she did was so shitty and wrong.

But he’s in a happy place now. The people he loves, his family and friends, all accept him and support him. He’s reunited with the man of his life, and they are taking things slow. Minute by minute. His second family, the one he made for himself, the kolllektiv, are all so supportive and helpful and they care so much for him and Even.

So yeah, Isak could have easily confronted Emma and been angry at her, but he’s happy so he doesn’t care about that.