she could easily be a comedian


Summary: Chaos, besides its own natures, has a little order on it. Chaos, without order, leads to destruction itself. When the object holding the chaos of the world is damaged, maybe a little more than order is going to be needed to fix it. Abomination! AU


Chapter 2

Every single cell of his body seemed to be on fire.

Adrien’s pulse was erratic and his mind was overwhelmed by the sensations that pierced his brain. Muscles were tense for the agonizing pain that was consuming his senses and breathing was almost unbearable.  He could feel the magic pulsating, playing with his mind, trying to leave his body, but with every pull of it, it was like his skin was being ripped off of his aching form with a sonorous ‘crack’. The burning sensation of his chest along with the hard throbbing of his heart against his ribcage were suffocating him. The blood inside his veins was hot and cold at the same time and he could taste the iron in his mouth.

It was like he was being torn apart from the inside.

And the only thing he could do was scream.

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After The Super Happy Ending

Day 2

I decided to write some headcanons about what I think their lives would be like after the ending. Sorry if they don’t seem like they match the theme. Their kids are my OCs.


      He snuck a glance at her out of the corner of his eye. Her face was composed as she read over the cursive writing. The crown sat nobly atop her head, commanding respect and shining in the light. She fulfilled the role of queen of the country in every way. Smiling to himself, he turned his attention back to his own work.

      “Ren?” Her feminine voice was music to his ears.

      “Yes, my queen?” He smiled.

      “I told you that nickname’s embarrassing” She blushed ever so lightly. Ren chuckled at her cuteness. She proceeded to ask a question about the country. Ren knew he had work to accomplish, but it was a struggle to keep his eyes off of his queen. Anytime someone called her “My Queen” or “Queen ______” made him happy, knowing the people had accepted her. Anytime she spoke to someone with confidence in her voice made him proud that she had assumed her role of authority.

      “Mommy! Daddy!” Came a tiny voice. The royal pair raised their heads to see their daughter skipping up to them.

      “Hi Melody” _____ placed her paper on her seat and picked up the little one. Ren stood and smiled at his daughter.

      “Are you done with your school lessons?” He asked.

      “Yep! Teacher said I’m doing really well!” She said.

      “Good job!” _____ praised. The blond man smiled, very pleased with and grateful for this happy life he’d be blessed with.


      He practically ran the whole way home. After hearing from his wife that their child had written a joke, he couldn’t wait until he was able to go home and hear it.

      “I’m home!” He managed to say despite his breathlessness.

      “Yuta! Did you run all the way here?” _____ asked.

      “Yeah. I couldn’t wait to hear Hana’s joke” He smiled. Said little girl called from the living room.

      “Daddy! Come see it!” Her voice seemed to reinvigorate him. Yuta walked into the room to see the little brunette sitting at the table, leaning over a page of paper. Her slightly wavy hair was tucked behind one ear.

      “What did you write?” He asked.

      “A knock knock joke!” She exclaimed, shoving the paper into his hands. Yuta read the joke and laughed, exaggerating it a bit to make his daughter happy.

      “You like it?” She asked with hopeful eyes.

      “Yeah. You could even be a comedian like Daddy” He replied, ruffling her hair with his hand. She gigged at the funny, yet familiar sensation. Oh, how Yuta adored this little girl.


      The baseball flew through the air, making an arch, and landing into Raiden’s glove. “Nice catch!” Yamato called to his son. _______ sat in a folding chair off to the side watching. The little boy called a heads-up to his dad then tossed the ball back. ‘Daddy’ caught it in his brown glove easily.

      “You’ve got the same skill for sports as I do” He bragged.

      “Don’t teach him to be arrogant like you!” His wife teased.

      “I’m not arrogant. I just know I’m good” He smirked. Raiden picked up the bat and took his stance. “Ready?” Yamato asked, taking his own stance.

      “Yep!” Replied the young boy.

      “Okay. Here we go” He said and threw the ball. His song swung the bat and made contact. The ball went flying!

      “I did it!” He shouted. Raiden ran over to his mom with a huge smile. “Mommy! Did you see that? Look how far it went!” He exclaimed, pointing in the direction the ball went.

      “I saw it” She replied, holding up her hand for a high-five. Yamato smiled at the pair. He loved his life with these two.


      He adored watching his little angel play and giggle. Leila was lying on the floor, Cocona having tackled her, licking her face, causing multiple laughs to escape from her mouth. “Cocona!” Saeki said, pulling the puppy off of her. He picked up the black-haired girl. “Want to help Daddy with his writing?” He asked.

      “Yeah!” She replied. Little Leila didn’t understand what a script was yet, so she called them Daddy’s 'writing’. Saeki entered his study. After sitting in his spinning chair, he placed her on his lap. Saeki told her what words to type and which letters to press. Eventually, she fell asleep, leaning against his chest.

      “Haha. Did she tire herself out?” _____ quietly asked, seeing the napping girl.

      “Yeah, she did” Saeki replied to his wife. She placed his cup of coffee on the desk.

      “Want me to put her in her bed?” She offered.

      “No, leave her here” He said.

      “Okay” He smiled at his wife leaving the small room. Saeki gazed at the tiny sleeping girl resting against him trustingly. He made a silent promise to never let any harm come to her; his angel.


      Ichiro, his son, was searching the home for his pillow. He wanted to take a nap, but couldn’t find his favorite pillow which had a picture of a dog.

      “Still can’t find it?” Takao asked him.

      “No” The boy replied sadly. Takao and _____ were sitting on the couch, waiting for a movie to come on.

      “Do you want to sleep on our bed? You can use one of our pillows” His wife offered. “I don’t want to be all alone” He said. Takao came up with an idea.

      “Come here. Wanna snuggle with me and Mommy?” He said. The small, brunette perked up and excitedly ran over to the pair. He laid down across his parents’ laps, using his mother’s as a pillow. He quickly drifted off in dreamland. Takao wrapped an arm around his wife. The two smiled at their son sound asleep. Such a little ball of energy, but now he laid on their legs, fast asleep, eyes closed and body curled up. The lawyer said a prayer of thanks in his head for having such a wonderful wife and adorable son.

Whenever there’s something talking about how women in magic need more representation, there’s always douchebags saying “well you’re just being sexist, you shouldn’t put somebody on commentary just because they’re a woman!” and it’s the most absurdly stupid thing. But okay. You want somebody qualified?

Melissa DeTora. Former pro magic player. Currently interning at wotc. Hire her to run deck techs, commentary, or floor coverage. She’s an amazing player. Why hasn’t she done commentary?

Kathleen De Vere. Comedian and member of loading ready run. Great magic player, awesome comedic personality, has lots of stage and coverage experience through loading ready run. Graham Stark has done coverage for MOCS finals, why couldn’t she?

Feline Longmore. One of the best high tide players of all times. An overall expert in the legacy format. She could easily take the place of somebody with a quarter of her experience on the format on a US coverage team.

It took me a second to come up with three great examples of three totally deserving women who could do commentary. There are other women who have top8 finishes at GPs. What if we got one of them on commentary? Would you call that sexist? Examine yourself, examine why you think that any of these people are underqualified.
Supergirl EP Talks Alex's Discovery, Previews Mon-El's Future as 'Mike'
By Andy Swift

Monday’s Supergirl saw the rise of a new hero, the reveal of a dangerous connection, and the first steps to happiness for a member of Kara’s inner circle.

Here’s a quick rundown of the week’s events: Mon-El enjoyed his first (and last) day as CatCo intern Mike Matthews, which he mostly spent eating Twizzlers and banging Cat’s assistant; James, tired of feeling useless behind Cat’s old desk, made a hush-hush arrangement with Winn to protect the city under a new alias; the audience learned that Lena’s mother is the head of Cadmus; and Alex admitted that Maggie might not have been totally wrong when she assumed that Alex was into girls.

Below, TVLine discusses three of the episode’s key story lines with executive producer Andrew Kreisberg: The life and times of “Mike Matthews,” Lena’s apparent connection to Cadmus, and — of course — Alex’s big confession:

TVLINE | So, I love Mike. I know Mon-El is done at CatCo, but please tell me he keeps that persona.
He gets to be Mike a few more times this season. Chris Wood is so unbelievably charming and funny, and there’s a real danger when you write comedy in a show like this; it could fall flat very easily. But Chris is such a gifted comedian, and he has such an incredible sparring partner in Melissa [Benoist], that we just knew he was going to hit this out of the park. We were genuinely laughing out loud watching this episode, which is exciting for us, to think that this show could travel in different waters like that.

TVLINE | Well, she’s a sparring partner, but also — am I crazy for thinking there could be a romantic thing going on there?
Yeah, it could be. [Laughs] I mean, she’s not dating anyone right now. There’s definitely a little bit of Sam and Diane from Cheers in their relationship, her being the more mature, put-together one, and him being a lovable cad. Whether or not they’re going to get there is part of the fun of watching this season.

TVLINE | The chemistry is even stronger between Alex and Maggie, which is a relationship I’m really enjoying. Will her growth continue to happen organically in baby steps?
We take our responsibility as storytellers very seriously, and we wanted to make sure we were telling a story that was true and real and emotional and entertaining, being respectful of the journey that Alex is making. We didn’t want it all to happen in one episode, so it’s been happening at this pace very deliberately. Hopefully people are on board for Alex’s journey.

TVLINE | I have to imagine that Chyler Leigh was very much on board.
As an actress, she thought, ‘Great,’ because it’s more for her to do. She was fantastic about it, and she’s been turning in these heartbreakingly devastating performances week in and week out. I’m not sure we would have even tried it if we didn’t have someone as talented as Chyler playing the part. It’s those little moments, the way she looks at Maggie or doesn’t look at Maggie, when you can see everything that’s inside of her. We’re so proud that a show like Supergirl can be telling this kind of journey.

TVLINE | Are any of those “little moments” coming up in the near future?
Yeah, Episode 6 is a really big episode for Alex, and for that storyline. We’re so proud of that episode, which is called “Changing.”

TVLINE | Lastly, Lena and Cadmus! How much should we assume Lena knows? Anything?
We don’t want to give too much away. Part of the ongoing fun of the show is wondering just how in it Lena is. Where do her true allegiances lie? And will she resort to being a Luthor, like so many people expect from her? Or does she have a higher calling and a higher duty? Now that we know the connection between Lena and Cadmas, that’s going to be the fun of it.

anonymous asked:

i have a question. what is your opinion on fallon fox, the trans woman boxer in the MMA? i'm not sure if she's on hormone therapy or not but doctors have examined her and say that she has an unfair advantage in women's fighting. she knocks the crap out of women. there's a lot of controversy on her fighting even though she might have an unfair advantage. some say that she just wanted to beat women so became trans. (i find that offensive and dont agree) but yeah there's a lot of drama about that

fallon fox is my height and weighs less than me.  she’s a featherweight mma fighter.  she’s also a licensed fighter, which means that you do know her hormone and surgery status - she most likely has less testosterone in her system than any of the cis women she fights.  she has been licensed, which means that the professionals who’s job it is to examine these things have determined that she does not have an unfair advantage.  stand up comedians and talk show hosts have stated that she has an unfair advantage.

yes, she knocks the crap out of other women.  have you ever watched mma before?  she knocks the crap out of other mma fighters in her weight class.  these women are also mma fighters and they could easily obliterate the men who are rushing to characterize them as helpless girls rather than powerful martial artists who decide to engage in brutal combat for sport.