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For her next birthday she’d asked for a telescope. Her mother had been alive then, and had suggested a pony, but her father had laughed and bought her a beautiful telescope, saying: “Of course she should watch the stars! Any girl who cannot identify the constellation of Orion just isn’t paying attention!” And when she started asking him complicated questions, he took her along to lectures at the Royal Society, where it turned out that a nine-year-old girl who had blond hair and knew what the precession of the equinoxes was could ask hugely bearded famous scientists anything she liked. Who’d want a pony when you could have the whole universe?
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A/N: I love this so much, like I’m making my own heart ache a little here, damn. Thankyou so much to @a-smol-badger for the request that I never would have thought up on my own atm. That’s all I got to say honestly. 

Request: Is there a possibility you could write an imagine where y/n is an art student and her latest class assignment is human figure and she wants to draw jug and he gets scared and self conscious that he has to be shirtless but y/n assures him he is perf

Word Count: 1,882

Warnings: boi has body confidence issues for a hot second, that’s it.

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No place i'd rather be

Summary: Tom is famous and goes on millions of trips and talk shows but he always comes home to his Y/N

A/N: I’ve decided to just write for various characters so send in requests and asks and I made the reader famous in this. Also I don’t like this one its too short and its a bit all over the place but another one will maybe be out  tomorrow 

Word count: 941

Tom had another interview but this time it was in New York, a full upscale hotel room had been assigned to him but he could bring Y/N along this time. You had stepped back for the last couple of months or this entire seven months of the year really, you had promised Tom that his limelight would be all on him this year. She could do without having nosy interviewers and paparazzi asking her on his premiere night about her upcoming films and works she had bubbling in the background. She had kept her support to a minimal outside of their own world, posting a few snapchat’s of herself at promoting and a couple of fresh photo’s on Instagram with her and Tessa binge watching all the trailers.

Tom didn’t want to pressure her but he had hoped she would come to the interview and cheer for him at the side lines. She was his anchor at the best of time, something that holds him to the ground during his upscaling of fame. She reminded him of home and he finally believed that his life could begin with her and he could be famous because she would make it happen, his mother tells him their too young but he knows Y/N is a superwomen and would juggle all things without breaking a sweat. He had rung her before escaping onto the stage on Jimmy Kimmel live and she had boasted him up onto cloud nine. He sat with Robert on the comfy blue chairs and gloated about the up coming film until you were brought up and he got all flustered and shy like a child being told to say hello. A video of you was brought up, it was you and Harrison in the airport waiting for Tom to get home to London. They were playing an unknown song on the speakers and you were clearly liking the song because you took to dancing around Harrison whilst he recorded you doing spins and twirls but soon some of your fans had caught onto what you were doing and were dancing with you. Tom noticed how happy and carefree you looked, little did anyone know after that you collapsed asleep in the taxi home because you were so tired, he loved how excited you acted around your fans showing dedication and love towards them.

The interview wrapped up around one in the morning and Tom sent you a message hoping you were awake, he instantly got one back claiming you could engulf some food. He laughs and heads off down to his awaiting car, still in his black suit, he is driven two blocks away from the hotel and lets them drive off. He walks into a shabby looking licence shop and looks for some food for her, a women in a nearly non-existent red tight dress saddles up next to him. She must take note of the posh suit because she bats her eyelashes and purrs out a husky “hi handsome, where are you off too?” He detaches himself from the grip on his bicep and claims “home.” Whilst paying for his items, pushing the door he hears the women groan and soon the exit bell is chiming again, he rolls his eyes but continues on. “Can I come with you?” She questions, he ignores her second attempt and rounds the corner of the first block. He hears the running of clicking kitten heels and she pops up next to him. They both say nothing as he finally arrives to the lobby of the hotel, she seems surprised that he is in such a high end place turning to look at her finally he states “go home and get a good nights sleep, I’ve got a Y/N upstairs.” She looks confused as the elevator door closes.

He punches in the code and peaks into the one bedroomed room. The floor to ceiling windows are closed and covered by cream drapes. The soft glow of the TV eliminates her face, her heavy lids constantly fighting to stay awake under the thick black blanket that is draped over her lower body. He smiles as he sees her upper body is clothed in the fluffy white robe they provide in the hotel room. Out the corner of her eye she sees the suited boy and smiles a tired smile, patting the seat next to her in the large double bed. “I’m watching top 50 funniest animals and so far I haven’t laughed because none of them are Tess.” He chuckles and slips off the dress shoes and flaps his tie off from around his neck, slipping of his jacket and finally into bed. She shifts so that her body is half spread onto his and snuggles into the toned chest he now owns, “how was the interview?”  He hums a response but doesn’t go into too much detail. “Some women tried to come home with me.” He casually throws into the silent atmosphere, it hangs and seeps into their air supply before she mummers “was she pretty?” He plants a small kiss on her forehead “Nothing compared to you my darling and besides I’ve had you for two years and I look forward to coming home to you still every single new day.”  

An he wasn’t lying a new day was a new development in their story, each day was a new page of their novel and they wrote for hours trying to correct the mistakes that had been buried in their pages. But at the end of the day he could always close the book and come home to his dearest Y/N

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Hi, how are you? I really love your blog Can i have a scenario where the s/o misses her family and the M and S brothers try to comfort her? Thank you! Ps. sorry for my english


Shu: He would tell his s/o to stop crying because she wouldn’t make anything happen through tears. Nevertheless, Shu would calm her down with music from his earbud and if that didn’t work, he would gather her in his arms and murmur how she doesn’t need to cry anymore because he is at her side. He’ll do his best to persuade her to stay with him because she is his most precious treasure now.

“You already belong to me, you know. I won’t let you go back to your family anymore.”

Reiji: Dismissing her feelings, Reiji would inform her that she should not shed tears for people that she will never see again. But despite his cold exterior though, Reiji is a little fearful that his s/o will leave him one day to go back home. He will sit her down and make tea for her, stating that she isn’t allowed to ever leave him. In other words, he needs her more than her family.

“You are my possession and you will do what I say. Stay with me for an eternity…”

Ayato: How could she miss her family when she has the great Ore-sama at her side? Ayato finds it hard to empathize with her, and he isn’t sure what to say to make her feel better either. Pinning her to the bed, Ayato would express how he will never find sweet blood like hers centuries from now. He refuses to let her leave his side, and he wants her to know that she only needs him.

“I want your blood, Chichinashi. I’ll never quench my thirst without you. Don’t leave me, alright?”

Kanato: Kanato would not want his lover to miss her family. Her new life was with him, and he didn’t want her to misunderstand this fact. Glaring at her crying face, Kanato would say that she is stupid for thinking about her family and he threatens to burn her eyes out if she doesn’t stop. Afterwards, Kanato would caress her face and remark how she only needs him and no one else.

“You only need me. No one else matters to you but me. Isn’t that right, Teddy?”

Laito: Laito would chuckle and gently bring his lover in his arms, holding her tightly as he wiped away her tears with his slender finger. Using sweet words and some lip service, Laito would manipulate his s/o into thinking that her family really wasn’t important and that all she needed to worry about was him. His kisses and promises to keep her happy would be enough to keep her at his side.

“Bitch-chan, I’ll make love to you every day if you remain at my side. We’ll make our own family.”

Subaru: Conflicted by his lover’s sadness, Subaru might feel that his lover would be better off without him. If she misses her family that much, he’d angrily tell her to leave him while she can. Otherwise he might change his mind and kill her. But Subaru only says this to further encourage her to leave. He thinks they were not meant to be in this lifetime under their current circumstances.

“Tch…just leave already. I knew you would leave me one day for something else…”

Kino: He was abandoned before and left to be with the ghouls, so he did not want his one and only lover to leave him for her family. He doesn’t understand what is so important about family and would most likely imprison his s/o if she continues to bug him about seeing her family. Piercing his fangs into her, Kino would remind his s/o that a kiss goodbye will never occur between them.

“You exist for me. We’re match made in hell thanks to that man, don’t you think?”


Ruki: Seeing his lover cry at her desk, Ruki would quietly approach her with a frown and place his hands on her shoulders, massaging them to grab her attention. When she confesses how much she misses her family, Ruki would tell her that it would be best to forget them. After all, she was his lover now, and she wouldn’t be allowed to leave under his watch.

“Forget about them, Livestock. I can give you everything you need, including myself.”

Kou: Kou would sweep his crying s/o off her feet and carry away to their bedroom, where they can privately discuss what has been bothering her. When she reveals her hidden sadness, Kou would just pat her head and tell her that she shouldn’t feel this way. She’s married to a famous idol, what more could she ask for? In essence, Kou guilt trips her enough to make her stay with him in the end.

“M Neko-chan, I’m enough for you, aren’t I? If you love me, you would stay and not complain.”

Yuma: As rough as he appears, Yuma would actually remain calm in this situation and ruffle his s/o’s hair, emphasizing that it’s annoying to see her in this awful state. If he’s feeling generous. Yuma might allow her to go and visit her family once in a blue moon, but he sends out a familiar with her every time. Possessive as always, he wants her home before the sun sets.

“Can’t ya be quicker gettin’ home, Sow? I hate not being around ya for this long.”

Azusa: Azusa isn’t sure how to quite respond to his s/o, but he would comfort her with hugs and reassuring words. He doesn’t like the idea of his s/o leaving him or being miserable, so he will allow her to visit home as often as she likes. His s/o can’t forget him back in the Mukami mansion, and she always finds herself coming back to him. It works out for the both of them in the end.

“Eve…be safe…on your trip home…see you…soon.”

 -Admin Yuuzuki

Prompto always thought he was just nothing more than replaceable trash until Luna entrusted him to become friends with the person she loved the most and that was her way of saying “I don’t care how you were born and where you come from, but I know you are worthy enough to support someone really precious to me and become his friend. It has to be you and no one else”. Can you believe how much that must have meant to him? Out of all the many, many people the famous Oracle could have chosen, she chose him over anyone else. Her letter saved him and made him realize he is not replaceable trash and that the circumstances of his birth didn’t matter. He is unique and precious, and no one else could ever replace him. Luna was the push he needed to be brave enough to become friends with Noctis. She saved him from his misery and I really wish they would have met each other because they would have become great friends.

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heeeey,first of all,i love your writing is amazing!! could u do a connor x reader where headcanon she's a famous singer and connor have a celeb crush on her and they tease him about it and one day he goes to her meet & greet e she's like "shit he's cute" and they start talking??{im sorry it is too long lol)

oooohhh! that’s an interesting one. sorry I didn’t post a lot lately, I got distracted. I added Connor’s death in this because I’m in that kind of mood, so suicide and funeral warning but I split that part of, so you can choose a happy ending if ya want. There’s also a Tyler Joseph (twenty one pilots’ singer) song reference, it belongs entirely to him.

•You were a well known singer, yet you were still in high school, so you decided to calm down your career for a minute and keep it all in your hometown. You just wanted to be normal for a second.

•But once you stepped into his school, Connor was already very aware of you, his ultimate celebrity crush. Yet, he was too paranoid to go talk to you. Maybe you would think he was a freak? Or a stalker? Or a pervert? Nah, that’s not happening, he wouldn’t be able to bare with it.

•You went through the bombarding and the fake friends because you’re famous, while Connor got teased by his friends (Evan, Jared, Zoe, and Alana) for staring at you so much. It’s just you’re his favorite singer, he has been listening to you for so long, then you just show up? Not acceptable.

•You decided to do a meet and greet to try to stay a little bit relevant, you kept it close to home, and threw one at a local restaurant you had learned to love. When Connor heard of this, of course he was going to fucking go. He just had to summon a little courage, that’s all. Nope, never mind, he had to summon A LOT of courage.

•You had did a small song, then you were going to talk to fans that were in line, simple as that, but then you saw a surprisingly familiar face, and damn, that was face was cute.

•You waited till you got to talk to the person you saw, you weren’t going to be flirty or anything because it’s a fan but who knows what would happen?

•That’s when Connor finally got a chance to talk to you, and he was going to take it. You had asked him a few questions like how old was he and if he went to high school, and that’s when you learned you went to the same school. So, why not ask for his number? It didn’t have to be considered a flirty interaction, maybe just friendly.

•You had texted him when you got home, despite how exhausted you felt. Still not romantic, just checking it was the right number. Then, you ended up talking for awhile after, dEFINITELY NOT ROMANTIC.

•You started to hang out with him more, in school or out. A lot of people at school found it weird, since he was the ‘freak’ of the school and you were this known, beautiful singer. It wasn’t a match that any saw coming, but he sure showed up his friend’s teasing.

•Everything stayed okay, and despite your feelings which you tried to deny, you were just friends. Then, Connor kissed you, and everything changed, because you kissed back. The day after you showed up to school together, holding hands

•Well, the press got a whiff of this from some random people at your school and ta-da, your relationship is exposed to everyone now. Yes, fans attacked Connor, saying mean things, you know, the usual, but you did your best to protect him.

•His parents knew about you before Connor even brought it up. They were happy for Connor in all the wrong ways. The “ooh, she has money,” and “ooh, she’s famous,” way. Well, that’s what he thought but truthfully they were just happy he found someone who makes him happy.

•Your parents were very wary about Connor because what if he was using you? That would break their child’s heart. It took them a while for them to calm down but their kid is happy, and why wouldn’t they allow that?

•Just so many “stay-at-home,” dates because you’re trying to keep your relationship authentic and private from everyone else. And you just say sorry a ton because he can’t have a normal relationship with you. He just loves that he can hang out with you.

•Just so many private smooches, you can’t do it a lot in public but once you get home he just lets you kiss him. And honestly, he couldn’t be happier when you kiss him with your arms wrapped around your back, because it’s just so safe and warm.

•He loves to watch and listen to you trying to rap to some of his songs that he listens to. Surprisingly, you aren’t so bad at it, and he’ll show you songs that he just wants to listen to you play around with. You had rapped slower songs like “Taken By Sleep,” and little bit faster songs like “Sweatpants,” and so many other songs.

•He likes to go to events with you but he won’t ask to go, because he doesn’t want to seem like that’s the only thing he care about. He’ll definitely go if you ask him to and you pretty much always ask him to.

•You are very proud and happy to have Connor as a boyfriend. So, when he has self-doubt, you
are right there to reassure him that you love him to the moon and back, and that you wouldn’t trade him for anything or anyone. He just feels so lucky to have you?

•You finish high school with Connor by your side when you have to ramp up your music career again, you still stay with Connor. You let him go to college but if you have time, you always visit him and keep your home base near him. If he has time, you take him to events you are going to as your plus one.

•His friends stopped teasing him by now, he fucking has bragging rights.

Connor dies

•You had gotten way too busy for your own good and hadn’t really talked to Connor in a long time. He had been bad for a while but it seemed like you never noticed and he never told, then it just happened. And he was gone, he commuted suicide.

•It wasn’t just about you, because he doesnt depend on you. It was his depression and paranoia building up, along with family, friends, and school problems, and he just felt so alone. And you weren’t there anymore, he felt like he had no one, he was just alone.

•You had got the news that Connor had passed away before performing a concert and you had bawled your eyes out, grabbing for anyone you could get by your side, someone who could make it better for you. No one could. You had barely gotten through that concert, keeping quiet about what happened, you wanted to be by yourself for a while.

•You were the one that went through his stuff very slowly, it was just too much for you. Your boyfriend, your love, is just gone. You let Cynthia take it over eventually, you took what remind you what you loved about him the most, his books, a few pictures, his hoodie.

•You started to stay with the Murphy’s so that you could comfort them and they could comfort you.

•You told the public after two months of silence and no concerts, no contact, that Connor had passed away. You did get backlash for not saying so sooner but most were supporters who understood why you didn’t.

•You spent nights with Zoe, cuddled up to each other crying. You spent nights where you couldn’t get out a tear. You spent nights where you thought you could hear Connor. You spent nights with Evan and Jared sitting in silence. You spent nights with Cynthia going through Connor’s stuff. And then you spent nights by yourself, wishing Connor could hold you again.

•Connor did leave his own suicide note, he told you he loved you and that it wasn’t his fault. If you were another person, you would’ve thought it was cliche but you were you, and those were the last words from the person you loved.

•You were asked to sing at his funeral since they wanted you to say something since you were the closest to him, you sang “Taken By Sleep.” Some people would say it was inappropriate, which you would agree with, but others thought it was beautiful. It meant something to you, and you knew it would’ve meant something to him.

•You went back to school for a year or two, becoming irrelevant for a while before you came back to a public. The music is what got Connor to come to you and maybe you could help someone else. But Jesus, it was so hard to sing with knowing that he wasn’t going to be right off the stage waiting for you anymore.

Who Do You Love?

An early birthday gift for @megatraven whose birthday is tomorrow (y’all should all go and wish her a happy birthday!). Here’s some Alyabug for you, my dear Meggibee! Thanks for being your absolutely sweet and precious self, you delightful ray of sunshine.

Ladybug made the decision without ever really thinking about it. In fact, up until she landed on Alya’s balcony, part of her hardly even realized what she was doing. Sure, she’d taken the long way home after a short patrol, and sure, that was the way that took her past Alya’s home, but somehow denial had kept her from connecting the dots.

Ladybug chewed at her lower lip, indecision building in her chest as she looked inside. The lights were low in Alya’s room, but that could just mean she was pretending to be asleep so her younger siblings wouldn’t interrupt her. Besides, knowing Alya, even if she was asleep, she wouldn’t mind being woken up by Ladybug.

Before she could change her mind, Ladybug tapped on the window and stepped back, fingering her yo-yo and wondering if she should take the chance to fly away while she could.

A soft thump from inside made the decision for her. Seconds later, Alya was opening the door and peeking outside. “Ladybug?” she asked.

Ladybug nodded. “I, ummm… I missed you earlier today.”

Alya sighed and leaned against the doorframe. “Yeah…” She motioned down to the cast on her leg. “My mom threatened to ground me if I went akuma-chasing.”

“That’s probably smart.” Ladybug stepped closer, kneeling to examine the cast. “What happened?”

“I tripped, believe it or not.” Alya chuckled. “I was chasing after Ella in the park, and I totally missed the tree root in front of me.”

“Oh, no!” Ladybug frowned.

“It’s fine. I have a friend who can catch me up on akuma news.” Alya flashed her a hopeful smile. “But, I wouldn’t mind an interview to make up for it.”

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the art of falling (2)

“Don’t tell me you don’t know who he is?” 

“Song Minho? Rapper? Winner?”

Summary: Having stumbled across an art exhibition, she came to admire pieces of art work by Minho. Although she was not aware of this as he had been using a pen name. On a late night during one of her visits, Minho happens to be there too.

Part 1 | Part 3

“Is something wrong?” He quizzed the blank look scribbled on her face.

“M for Minho?” She voiced a whisper, staring at him like he might just disappear.

“What—” His thick eyebrows loosened from a frown when he realized what she meant. “Oh. No, no!”

His laughter bubbled through the empty hallway blissfully yet she was unsure if it was genuine. Dismissing her suspecting thoughts, she settled on the fact that it just didn’t make sense if he were to reveal himself this way. Besides whoever the artist was, were they not known for their anonymous work?  

His name was just a coincidence.

“I can barely colour inside the lines,” He added. “Can’t draw to save my life.”

Minho can’t seem to wipe the giddy smile off his face, leaving her to eye him by the side as he continued to observe the painting. There was something about him, as if she had seen him before. But then again, the past few months had been a handful and she may had been seeing things for all she knew.

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This Strange World

My first ever Newtina fic with some Jakweenie family interspersed! It’s probably one of my longest pieces, too, so enjoy. I also may be convinced to write follow-ups to this ;)

Newt and Tina Scamander had the ideal marriage to a stranger’s eye. They were both young, healthy, and shared the kind of love that some could only dream of. He was a famous author, she a high ranking Auror. They weren’t rich but they had enough. A nice apartment in London, space for their relatives to visit and for their weird and wonderful host of beasts. 

“Look at my sister, living the high life in the Old Smoke with her handsome husband.” Queenie would often say to her friends.

But, as the years rolled on, it became apparent they were missing a piece.

A family of their own.

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I’m Not That Bad (Young!James Potter x Female!Reader)

A/N: I’ve really got into soulmate AUs recently. idk

Warnings: Nah

Requested: Nope

AU: when you reach 18 you stop aging until you meet your soulmate.

Word Count: 380

Blurb: The story of when they first met to when they found their soulmate.

“I’m going to kill whoever did this!” she screamed.

It was second year and already everyone knew the famous Marauders. It was definitely them. She could tell by the way they ran away laughing.

Well… It was kind of funny. She giggled to herself as she walked to her dorm to get cleaned up.

It was fifth year and she was friends with the four boys that had dyed her hair neon green three years ago.

“But what about just moving in together?” she asked.

“Yeah, we should do that. All of us just move in together.” James said excitedly.

“It’s ok” she whispered rubbing James’ back. “She’ll say yes when she realizes how deeply in love with you, she actually is.” 

That’s how seventh year went.

“Umm… Could we move in together?” he asked shyly. “Lily wasn’t the one”

“Yes. Of course” she smiled at him.

Finally. Moving out. And who better to be moving in with than her best friend, James Potter.

While her friends were in search of their soulmates she wanted to take things slow and get settled down first.

He moved in with her because she couldn’t cope by herself. He knew that. Dammit, probably the whole world knew that. Plus she could help him find the one.

“Oh my god. We’ve only been living together a week and you’ve already found him? Would you look at that? Who’s the lucky fella?”

She looked confused. She wasn’t dating anyone right now.

“I don’t know but you’re one to talk with your…”

He was staring at her. The shock evident on his face.

“Well shit” he mumbled, running his hand through his hair.

“I guess…Um…” she didn’t know what to say.

“You're the one!”

She nodded slowly, letting that sink in.

She always thought it was a possibility.

He was there for her when she needed him. He knew how to make her feel better. He looked after her when she was sick. And put up with her craziness on a daily basis.

“Hey, hey! Come on now!I’m not that bad,” he mumbled into her hair, holding her close to his chest as a tear ran down her cheek.

“I’m just glad it’s you.” she confessed.

Pulling away she looked into his eyes. 

“I love you”

Since it’s Valentine’s Day next Tuesday, Fifi thought she could sort Nick’s love life out by then. She found a dating app for famous people so he could find his ‘fellow famos’ on there. And she’s done some searching and found a couple of guys who she though Nick could get into. Here they are presented by Fiona (with Nick’s reactions):

Candidate no. 1 - they like dogs (I love dogs), they like travelling (I love travelling), they’re Swedish, 27 years old, Virgo (I do like a Virgo! Everyone I’m friends with is either a Leo or a Virgo), 5′9″ tall (Oh, no no. What do they do for work?), a producer and a DJ (That could work). | It was Avicii (Do you know how much money has he got?) He’s worth $54 million (Well, that’s a Yes from me! I mean I’d rather go out with Avicii and have a boat, than not go out with Avicii and not have a boat. Not saying that money makes you happy but it’d be alright for like 5 or 10 years)

Candidate no. 2 - they’re American, blue eyes (Looove blue eyes), their favourite food is curry (*gasp*), brown hair, a DJ (Perfect), 5′10″ tall (OK, that’s an inch bigger than Avicii), How tall are you by the way? (6′1″1/4. That ¼ is important!), Scorpio (I do like a Scorpio, bit argumentative though), shoe size 8 (That seems out of balance! They gonna fall over). | It was Diplo (OMG YES! I wanna go out with Diplo! We’re a perfect match and we’re gonna get married.)

Candidate no. 3 - they were in the navy for 2 years (Now that’s good, cause that’s good stories, they’ve seen the world, they’ve lived life on the sea, they’ve got homemade tattoos probably), they were a landscaper at one point (Perfect. They can do my garden), vegan (It might be slightly annoying when you go out for dinner, because they’ll be like ‘I can’t go there. I’m a vegan, but they’re also healthy), Leo (I’m a Leo! This could work), their favourite ice cream is banana peanut butter and chocolate (That sound delicious. This one sounds like the dream man. Likes ice cream, he’s a Leo, a vegan, a landscape gardener, was in the navy. I don’t think we need to go any further. Out of those three, that’s the one that I’ll say Yes, I’ll go on a date with). | It was Fred Durst from Limp Bizkit (LMAO! OK then, Valentine’s Day sorted!)

*Then he downloaded the app, and got annoyed within like five seconds cause it wouldn’t work

my problem with Kylie Jenner is not that she got lip injections or butt injections or boob injections or botox or whatever if it makes her feel better about her appearance

my problem is that she’s not even 20 yet and she’s decided to go through that because she wanted to fit in with the sexy celeb look. she’s become a sexual object. no one knows anything about her other than that she’s a spoiled kid who’s very sexualized (even if she is more than that, because she only sells on her sexuality and has never really said anything that sounded remotely important lmao). 

and women embracing their sexuality is one thing, but girls becoming sexual objects when they are literally teenagers is a problem. Tyga is 8 years older than Kylie. They’ve been dating since before she was 18 (she was underage). But it’s seen as completely normal because she’s a celeb? Not that it’s creepy af?

also, the fact that, again, she’s only 19 and somehow she’s become some sort of icon for the perfect body and the perfect lips and for some reason she’s setting an example for girls her age to look that way, when she legit looks more mature (body wise) than a 25 year old woman. I know a lot of young girls do look develop bigger breasts and a bigger butt etc at young ages, but Kylie’s was obviously not natural.

which leads onto the fact that she’s making so much money for that, when they aren’t even real. like, okay, do them to feel better. but if she does them and makes her entire living off it, it’s like?? ok. see my points above about why her being so sexualized is an issue.

so my problem with Kylie isn’t so much Kylie herself, but the whole idea of how she was shaped to become nothing but a sexualized object at such a young age. 

Also, I’d love to talk to her one day just to see if she ever wishes it were different or if she feels pressured etc. I’m rooting for her. Like what if she blows our minds one day and decides to study law. or becomes a famous painter. or smth. I just wish she could use her fame for something other than using her body to play on the patriarchy to become more famous and make money for no reason.

re: dongho - stop with the rudeness

i really freaking hope the accusations against dongho are false. but some people have been so inconsiderate i’m just ??? 

  • “why did it take her 8 years to come out with this esp when nuest was super popular when they debuted?”
    • think about how much YOU changed since 8 years ago. for some people it might actually take 8 years to build the strength to face their trauma. 
    • also maybe b/c of rude people that go out of their way to rule victim testimonies false when they don’t have any solid proof themselves. ahem. 
  • “uh wasn’t dongho only 13 when this happened?”
    • did you know dongho personally when he was 13? 
    • “boys will be boys” doesn’t excuse crimes
  • “even if it’s true, why does she have to be so rude to try and ruin his career when he finally got famous?” 
    • so it would be rude to make someone pay for a crime they committed? 
    • so it would be okay for someone to suffer in silence for 8+ years b/c their attacker is famous? 
  • “how could she have even let it happen? and on a bus?” 
    • i know of people that have given sexual favors on buses/trains/beaches. it is very possible. 
    • maybe you would have stood up for yourself but some people simply don’t have the resolve too. and it isn’t their fault. (this one actually took me a long time to get b/c i’m very confrontational.)

ofc it’s entirely possible that the accusation is false but PLEASE be more considerate for the sake of actual sexual assault victims. let’s wait for some more official responses and hope for the best for nu’est. 

naomi-campbell13  asked:

hiii, i was wondering if you could write about Y/n being famous too and she meets harry for the first time and he asks her out

I had a few requests for something where the girl is famous too, so here’s what I wrote. I decided to write it in first person and gave her a name.

Meeting Harry Styles

My sister had taken me to a One Direction concert. Neither of us were particularly huge fans, but I’ll admit I’d been known to sing along to a few of their songs on the radio. When she originally told me about the tickets I raised a brow, but ended up agreeing to join her, thinking it would be a fun night out with my sis. I’d recently wrapped up filming for my latest movie, and between that and press and promo for my previous film that was opening in a few weeks, we rarely got to spend time with each other anymore.

Halfway through the show, and a few beers later, Nora let the cat out of the bag. I wasn’t sure if it was the alcohol or the sheer excitement from the crowd, but with her arm looped through mine she informed me she’d always had a crush on Niall. I giggled at her as I leaned my head on her shoulder, watching the four boys on stage. My eyes, however, were not focused on the Irish one, but rather the tall, long-haired one in jeans so tight you could practically see-

“Mia!” Nora shouted in my ear, interrupting my dirty thoughts. “Did you see that? Oh my God, he’s so cute! That smile!”

“Yeah,” I grinned. I knew she was referring to Niall, but I wasn’t.

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Magic Maggie

aka Hot Cop remembers meeting Major Salt

Read it here or on AO3


Everyone makes bad decisions in college. They usually don’t come back to haunt you quite so literally. 

Prompt: Uh, a completely unrelated happy prompt from @onefootone, @misguidedghost800 asking if anything else was on tap for this, and a nap that sparked the final line in my brain.

Magic Maggie

    They didn’t talk about the thing. They definitely did not talk about the thing that happened at game night. That’s not to say that Maggie and Alex did not enjoy the aftereffects of the thing that happened, they enjoyed that immensely in the car, in the elevator, against Alex’s door, on that altar of lesbianism that Alex calls a bed… They enjoyed the after of the thing but they damn sure never talked about it.

    Maggie wasn’t sure that was a good thing. Detective Maggie Sawyer was not a jealous person, not really. She knew she didn’t deserve Alex Danvers, the agent who got hit in the face with The Gay™ and dove in headfirst. She didn’t deserve her, but she wanted her, wanted this, as long as she could have it. When Maggie met the famous Major Lane, Alex’s best friend, James’ ex, Maggie had not anticipated the jealousy. Clearly, Danvers had a type, even if she hadn’t realized it at the time. Dark hair, dimples, a smart ass, and vertically challenged… Why Maggie? Why Maggie when there was this woman in military blues, crisp and obviously put together, so much more accomplished and so obviously head over heels for Alex?

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momentum - 7

chapter 7

[ch 1][ch 2][ch 3][ch 4][ch 5][ch 6]

“You two aren’t dating?” Itachi stopped stirring the chicken and onions. He had just asked about their relationship when Sasuke broke the news that they weren’t together.

Sasuke kept chopping carrots and replied nonchalantly. “No.”

The sizzle of stagnant food filled the kitchen and he had to remind his older brother not to burn their dinner. They were having curry tonight.

Resuming his task, Itachi narrowly avoided ruining the chicken.

“You certainly appeared to be in a relationship,” he commented while adding spices, then broth.

Sasuke moved on to cutting peeled potatoes and didn’t respond immediately.

“We’re not.” There was a marked stiffness to his tone.

He had touched a nerve and decided to push. “Did you tell her?”

“Tell her what?”

Itachi scoffed lightly. “That you like her.”

“Of course I like her,” he said as if it were the most obvious thing in the world. “She doesn’t need me to tell her that.”

“Romantically,” Itachi emphasized his point with a wave of his spoon - it was like pulling teeth to get Sasuke to talk about his feelings. He noted that he had an easier time interrogating hardened criminals than his closed off brother.

Unable to deny the accusation, he became tight-lipped instead; head down and bangs obscuring his features as he paid a suspicious amount of attention to the potatoes. Though, if he didn’t stop his assault with the knife, the diced chunks would become minced very soon.

If it was this difficult for Sasuke to talk about his feelings with his own brother, then Itachi concluded that he hadn’t told her yet. It was likely he hadn’t even hinted at it.

“Oh, little brother,” Itachi lamented. “Nothing but heartache will come out of pining.”

Sasuke gave him the cut-up vegetables as well as a look of mild annoyance. “As if you know anything about it.”

He was being testy but Itachi took the jab well, chuckling. “Yes, but you underestimate what I’ve learned from observation.”

Even if Itachi was married to his career, with its odd and long hours, he still possessed knowledge of romance from indirect life experiences. Meaning he soaked up bits and pieces from his friends, literature, and people-watching. While he did not consider himself an expert by any means, he knew enough to give decent advice.

The younger Uchiha tried to move past his stubbornness, knowing his brother was right. And if he was going to talk about this with anyone, it would be with Itachi. So, he sighed and conceded. “I don’t want to ruin our friendship.”

Itachi stirred in the potatoes and carrots, then placed a lid on the pot to let the stew simmer. Setting down his spoon and facing the young man, he sighed as well. Onyx eyes met a similar pair and he stated, “You risk failure with every action you take. Although,” the corners of his mouth turned up wistfully, “father would have argued that Uchihas never fail.”

A slight smirk appeared at the mention of his father’s familial pride, which bordered on arrogance.

Then it fell when he remembered the subject at hand, crossing his arms at the vulnerability that came with the mere thought of confessing. He didn’t want to think about opening up and getting hurt as a result.

Sensing his hesitation, Itachi spoke again. “What’s the worst thing that could happen? She’s disgusted and rejects you completely, cutting off your friendship and refusing to speak with you.”

He scowled. “Hinata wouldn’t, she’s nicer than that.”

“I’m sure she is,” Itachi assured him. From his impression of her, she seemed sweet; the type that picked up stray animals from the street. “Now what’s the best outcome? She’s madly in love with you too and you sweep her off her feet and ride into the sunset, happily ever after.”

Something in Sasuke’s chest fluttered at the idea of her acceptance, but he was stopped short by the worry that she didn’t reciprocate his feelings. He was confident that if he hadn’t pursued their friendship, she wouldn’t have given him a second glance. Sure, he might have been considered a heart-throb (to his contempt), but she wasn’t swayed by shallow qualities like looks or money.

The irony; to be adored by many, but to fall for the one person that wouldn’t have paid him any mind.

“But what’s likely to happen? If she doesn’t like you in that way, then she turns you down gently because she cares about you. And because she values your friendship, she won’t break it off.”

It would sting, yet it was better than being flat out rejected and subsequently ignored.

“If she does like you, then all is well and you two will officially make a cute couple.”

Itachi’s words held sound logic that he couldn’t refute. “Sometimes I forget you have a degree in psychology.”

“And criminology,” his brother quipped. “I dual majored.”

“Right. Watch the curry,” Sasuke gestured to the pot that was steaming profusely.

“Ah,” the chef quickly grabbed the wooden spoon and set to mixing.

Gathering the knife and cutting board, he placed them in the sink and rolled up his sleeves. He contemplated while he washed the utensils. As he thought about the potential outcomes of confessing, a strange combination of anxiety and hope churned in his stomach.

Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad…

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Inspiration for Cooperations

(All names based on a tweet by @ibis5)

  • Sakura Sojiro (佐倉惣治郎) -> Sakura Sogoro (佐倉惣五郎) 
  • Mifune Chihaya (御船千早) -> Mifune Chizuko (御船千鶴子) 
  • Iwai Munehisa (岩井宗久) -> Imai Sokyu (今井宗久) 
  • Takemi Tae (武見妙) -> Takemi Taro (武見太郎) 
  • Kawakami Sadayo ( 川上貞代 ) -> Sada Yacco aka Kawakami Sayako (川上貞奴) 
  • Oya Ichiko (大宅一子) -> Oya Soichi (大宅壮一)
  • Togo Hifumi (東郷一二三) -> Kato Hifumi (加藤一二三) 
  • Oda Shinya (織田信也) -> Oda Nobunaga (織田信長) 
  • Mishima Yuki (三島由輝) -> Mishima Yukio (三島由紀夫) 
  • Yoshida Toranosuke (吉田寅之助) -> Yoshida Shoin (吉田松陰)

My analysis and thoughts under the cut (it’s a long one again):

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Lorde is lucky to have Taylor Swift

Lorde feels lucky to have her celebrity friends because fame can be “scary” at times.

The ‘Green Light’ hitmaker is blessed to have the likes of Taylor Swift, the Haim sisters and Blake Lively by her side as it is good to have a mentor who “knows” about the showbiz world.

She said: “It’s an element of wanting to stick together. Because it can be so scary to do this.

"These friendships, they’re about having a hand put on your shoulder by someone who knows. They’re about hearing, 'I’ve done it, too.’”

And the 20-year-old singer - whose real name is Ella Yelich-O'Connor - felt the pressure being lifted when she talked to some of her well-established celebrity friends about how to cope with how fans receive her second musical offering, given the first one was such a success.

She added to The Guardian newspaper: “I’ve talked to other artist friends about a moment in their careers when they’ve felt themselves stop getting better.

"So it was almost nice, in a way, to come to this second record and realise, 'Ooooh, I can still be crap at this.’ It meant there was still so much to learn.”

Meanwhile, Lorde previously admitted she “sucks” at being famous.

She explained: “When it was happening, I was quite overwhelmed by it. But that was a long time ago. If anything, I’ve slowly been getting less famous since 'Royals’ was really big. Which is totally cool for me … I suck at being famous. And that’s fine …

"It rocked my foundations and could have f***ed me, you know [when she first became famous]? I remember being made aware of my looks and my body in a way that I had never been.

"I remember all these kids online, I think I beat their favourite people to Number One, and they were like, 'F**k her, she’s got really far-apart eyes’. I remember being like, 'Whoa! How did I get all this way without knowing I had far-apart eyes?’ Just weird s**t like that. But I was able to return to my family and shelter against that and get to where I am now. I feel so comfortable in myself.”