she confessed to murder for her


14-year-old Kristina Parhomenko of Straseni, Moldova was kind of girl whose face you would remember even if you’ve seen her only once. On 25 November she’d run away from home after an argument with her parents. She was doing that quite often, so her parents started to worry only two days after her disappearance. On 30 November Kristina’s body was found in an abandoned building. She was lying there for 5 days and her face was eaten by rats. She was so unrecognizable that her parents identified their daughter only by her clothing. Kristina was murdered by three teenagers, two of whom already confessed to the murder. No motive was revealed.


“I’m going to die,” whispered 36-year-old Sara Kuszak down the phone to her fiancé. It was February of 2009 and Kuszak, from San Jose, was vacationing in Puerto Rico. She was five months pregnant and preparing to marry the love of her life, Cheshire McIntosh. On that fateful day, she decided she would go for a jog. A few hours after she had left the hotel, her fiancé received the terrifying phone call. She told him that a man had grabbed her as she was jogging and shoved her into the trunk of his car. The fear in her voice was evident - she expressed that she knew she was going to be murdered by the driver.

She gave her fiancé a description of the car and the abductor. A car that matched the description was tracked down just an hour later and the driver, Eliezer Marquez, was wearing a blood-stained shirt and pants. The bloody body of Kuszak was discovered still in the trunk. She had been raped before her throat was savagely stabbed. Marquez confessed that he had seen her jogging alone and pulled up ahead of her and opened the trunk. He waited for her to jog past when he then dragged her into the trunk. He was sentenced to 105 years.

You know what I was SO SURE Helen would notice Ryan’s cologne when he leaned in hella close with a gun to her back, like c'mon. Since Tony wore it I thought next scene would definitely be Helen figuring it out or at least become suspicious of the murderous dirtbag who kinda confessed to being a stalker and having an obsession with “"young”“ women already, instead she bonds with him and keeps reporting everything to him aND I’M JUST SO STRESSED OUT

Me: I’m gonna spend 11 months of my life developing a romance between Gray A, Bisexual Ed and Gay Asexual Os where the two wind up working together and taking over Gotham side by side where Os believes Ed is the love of his life. 

Gotham: Lets confirm Oswald is asexual. 


Gotham: Lets build up a romantic relationship between Ed and Os where the two wind up working together and taking over Gotham side by side. Lets out Oswald as homoromantic and canonize his feelings for Ed as beliving hes the love of his life. 


Gotham: Now lets make a new mary sue that looks just like Kristen Kringle, who is Eds perfect match in every single way epscially because she has a vagina, who loves riddles, is really good at them and knows about Ed’s murders and still loves him anyway shes his one second chance at a truly happy life. 


Gotham:  Lets have Ed fall in love with her before Oswald can confess his feelings and Oswald kill her out of jealousy and heavily imply that not only is this the end of any romantic relationship between Ed and Os but Ed never really felt anything romantic for Os anyway, and a possible end to their friendship as well. 

Art credit to mefirstwiener.

At approximately 6:00AM on 12 September, 1994, police received a hysterical call from 17-year-old Michelle Murphy who exclaimed that she had woken up to discover her 15-week-old son, Travis, brutally stabbed to death on the kitchen floor. Oklahoma law forbid police from questioning minors without a guardian present. Nevertheless, Michelle was interrogated alone for eight hours. Police claim that Michelle confessed to killing her son accidentally, while quarrelling with another woman. The officer interrogating her had a tape recorder, however only managed to record the last 20 minutes of the interrogation. It was soon revealed that a neighbour, 14-year-old William Lee, had called 911 at 3:00AM on the morning of the discovery. He had claimed to witness Michelle and her estranged husband, Harold Wolf, arguing. When police arrived, there appeared to be no disturbance, nobody answered the door and they soon left.

William then told police that approximately one hour later, he saw Michelle carry baby Travis into the kitchen. He decided to get closer to see what she was doing and claimed he then saw Travis on the kitchen floor, covered in blood. Despite apparently seeing this, William said he then went home and didn’t think about calling the police. Instead, he went to bed. He recounted this story at a preliminary hearing but hanged himself just a few months later. During Michelle’s trial, William’s testimony that was recorded at the preliminary trial was used as evidence. The defence team contacted Harold, who testified that he wasn’t at the house that night and several people corroborated his story that he was actually at a friend’s house.

Despite the fact that the murder weapon was not discovered, nor was there any evidence linking Michelle to the murder, she was found guilty and sentenced to life imprisonment. Michelle remained in prison for 20 years, until two lawyers decided to re-investigate the case. They discovered that there was blood discovered at the crime scene that did not match Michelle or Travis. They also uncovered that the detective who claimed that Michelle confessed, had obtained a false confession years prior. In 2014, she was finally declared innocent and released.

In October 1994, Susan Smith called the police and claimed that her car, containing her two children, had been carjacked by a black man. For over a week, she made dramatic pleas on live television for the safe return of her two boys, three-year-old Michael and one-year-old Alexander. However, after a massive investigation and a nationwide search, on November 3, 1994, she confessed to letting her car roll into nearby John D. Long Lake with her two children still inside. Smith purposefully murdered her two children, in an unimaginably selfish act. Her reason behind such a heinous crime? She was in love with a wealthy man who didn’t like her children. 

Peggy Knobloch (9) became known as the “German Madeleine McCann”, even though she disappeared six years earlier than the famous british girl. She was last seen on May 7th, 2001, on her way home from school.

In 2004, a man called Ulvi Kulac was sentenced to life in prison for her murder, even though at that point there was no body. He was mentally disabled and even though he had an alibi, he gave a confusing confession to the murder that he later withdrew. He was eventually freed ten years after, his conviction was overturned.

In July of 2016, Peggy’s remains were found in the woods, just 10 miles away from her home in Bavaria. And that has led to her murder being hopefully solved soon. DNA found in her was linked to a notorious gangster and neo nazi called Uwe Bönhardt, who committed suicide in 2011 after a botched bank robbery. Bönhardt was part of a Nazi cell that’s accused of murdering at least 10 immigrants. His girlfriend Beate Zschäepe, who is currently on trial for those crimes, has said she wants to talk about what she knows, but if she’s revealed anything it hasn’t been made public yet.

Dagmar Overbye was a Danish serial killer, operating for a 7 year period between 1913-1920. Overybye, who was born in Denmark on April 23, 1887, was a professional child caretaker. According to reports, Overbye ran an unofficial adoption agency, ‘fostering’ children born out of wedlock. That couldn’t be farther from the truth.

On March 3, 1921, Overbye was sentenced to death in one of the most talked about trials in Danish history for the murders of up to 25 children—one of which was her own. Because of Dagmar, the legislation on childcare was changed forever. Later, her sentence was changed to life in prison.

Overbye confessed to twenty muderers, but there was only evidence of nine. She killed children by strangled, drowned, or burned them to death with her masonry heater. The bodies of the children were either cremated, buried or hidden in her loft. Overbye’s lawyer tried to say that she committed the murders because she was abused as baby, but this didn’t impress the judge. There were only three women, besides herself, that were sentenced to death in Denmark in the 20th century, but like Overbye, they were reprieved.

She died in prison on May 6, 1929, aged only 42.  At the Politihistorisk Museum (Museum of Police History) in Nørrebro, Copenhagen, there are the notes regarding her case. The Danish author Karen Søndergaard Koldste wrote a fictional novel based of Dagmar called Englemagersken (The Angel Maker). Teatret ved Sorte Hest in Copenhagen performed a play called Historien om en Mo®der (Morder meaning “murderer” and moder meaning “mother”) based on her life.


Chilling interview with Zachary Davis, who, at 15-years-old brutally bludgeoned his mother to death with a sledgehammer. On 10 August, 2012, Zachary entered the bedroom of his 46-year-old mother, Melanie, while she slept and bludgeoned her with a sledgehammer 12 times. He then set fire to the house with his older brother, Josh, sleeping inside. He then fled the scene. His older brother managed to escape the blaze, much to Zachary’s dismay - he later said “I would probably kill Josh with a sledgehammer too.” Zachary hastily confessed to the brutal murder -  “I killed Melanie and left Josh alone to suffer… I didn’t feel anything… I didn’t feel remorse… My only true regret was that I didn’t give her a faster death. I didn’t want her to suffer.” He reported  that his brother Josh had raped him but and investigation found no evidence to support this claim and he was sentenced to life imprisonment. 


In the early morning hours of 8 September, 2005, 18-year-old Jennifer Teague disappeared in Ontario, Canada. She had finished a late night shift at Wendy’s and had went to meet a couple of friends at a nearby convenience store. It was on the way home from this rendezvous that she disappeared. On 18 September, her body was discovered by an off-duty police officer, dumped near a secluded parking lot. On 9 June, 2006, authorities were called by a concerned citizen who had seen a naked man running down Fallowfield Road, shouting: “I killed Jennifer Teague!” The man was 24-year-old Kevin Davis, a local pizza worker, who had taken magic mushrooms before the bizarre confession. David plead guilty to the crime and confessed that he had been searching for a number of weeks for a woman to rape and murder. He explained that he wanted to find a young victim that he could control easily and came across Teague by chance as she was walking home alone, late at night. It was described during trial that the main motivation behind the murder was his general hatred of women. He was sentenced to life imprisonment with no parole hearing for at least 25 years. The trial was a very unique one: it is extremely rare for a suspect to plead guilty to first degree murder.

On the evening of October 20, 1989, Edward Baldock was on his way home when he was propositioned by 4 women who approached him in a car. These women were Tracey Wigginton, her girlfriend Lisa Ptachinski, and their friends Tracey Waugh, and Kim Jervis. 

They lured Baldock into their car by promising sexual favors. They then continued the night by driving to Brisbane River where Baldock and Wigginton exited the car. Instead of the sex he was promised Wigginton attacked Baldock with a knife leaving him with 27 stab wounds and virtually decapitated. She subsequently opened a hole in Baldock’s throat to drink his blood. Wigginton and her girlfriend believed that they were vampires and this was their first human killing.

During the trial, Tracey Wigginton reported that she had lived on the blood of animals and her girlfriend for months before the murder of Baldock. She also confessed that she watched Baldock bleed out after draining him of his blood.

Tracey Wigginton and her lover Lisa Ptachinski both were sentenced to life imprisonment. Ptachinski was released parole after 17 years. Wigginton was released in 2012 after serving 21 years.

Jervis served 12 years for manslaughter while Waugh was acquitted.

“The more I rewatch the first season, the more I realize how violent it is. Star kills a unicorn to destroy her wand. It’s obvious her family and the guards who raised her normalized murder and tyranny (the football ep where Star turned it into a real battlefield like np let’s kill us some peeps–also Mewni peasants live in squalor despite magic). Monster Massacre. Sure, Star could kill us all in a baby bish fit, but hey let’s act like she’s cool and nothing is wrong. It’s all messed up.”

- Anonymous

Serial killer Nannie Doss laughing as she is interviewed by Captain Harry Stege at the police station November 29th, 1954, after allegedly confessing the poisoning of four of her five husbands. She was arraigned November 29th. Although she giggled confessing to the four arsenic murders, she is said to have become glum when questioned on the deaths of seven other relatives.

In 1968, Tatiana Tarasoff met a University of California-Berkeley student called Prosenjit Poddar. The two of them had a couple of dates but Tarasoff called it off as she felt as though it wasn’t working out for them. This enraged Poddar and he developed an unhealthy obsession with Tarasoff and began stalking her. In 1969, Tarasoff took a trip to Brazil and during this trip Poddar went to Dr. Lawrence Moore, a psychologist at the university. During one therapy session, Poddar explained that he intended to kill Tatiana. The psychologist went to university police, who questioned Poddar about what he had confessed. He promised he would stay away from Tarasoff and the police let him go, believing he was no harm. Tarasoff returned from Brazil and was never informed of the threats Poddar had made. Maybe if she had of been, she would still be alive today. On 27 October, Poddar went to Tarasoff’s home and stabbed her 14 times before handing himself in to the police. He was convicted of second-degree murder. His conviction was overturned due to a fault in the training of the jury. He served just five years before being deported back to India to live a life of anonymity. 

On 11th April 2008, the raped and strangled body of Italian artist Pippa Bacca was discovered near some bushes in a Turkish town just under 300km south of Instanbul. She was left naked and found to be decomposing.

In March 2008, two female Italian artists referring to themselves as “Brides on Tour” began a hitchhiking expedition from Italy to Israel dressed only in wedding dresses for the majority of the journey. The aim of their efforts was to promote world peace and harmony, simultaneously seeking to show that women could be exposed to others from all walks of life and remain safe. Bacca and her companion passed unscathed through Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Bulgaria before arriving in Turkey. Once there, they decided to part ways and planned to reunite once again in Beirut. However, Pippa soon after disappeared without a trace until she was discovered in early April. 

A man named Murat Karatas was traced by police after he had used his SIM card in Pippa’s phone- he subsequently confessed to perpetrating her murder and led authorities to his victim’s remains. He had offered Bacca a ride in his car to help her reach the next destination in her travels, which she gratefully accepted. Despite Karatas claiming he had single-handedly carried out the killing, DNA profiling confirmed that the rape had been committed by multiple other men. In response to this, Karatas claimed he had been heavily under the influence of alcohol and therefore could not remember. Despite this finding, no other individuals could be pursued and arrested. Murat received a a life sentence for his involvement in the murder, as well as 7 years and 6 months for rape, 5 years for restricting a person’s freedom and 1 year and 8 months for theft.

In the wake of the media coverage surrounding Pippa Bacca’s death, with newspapers in Turkey publishing front-page headlines which read “We are ashamed”, Turkish president Abdullah Gul directly contacted the Italian president Giorgio Napolitano to express his condolences. It is very sad and perhaps ironic that somebody publicly seeking to promote international unity by proving that solo travel is safe for women was deceived and betrayed by a citizen she was working to represent.

When serial killer Ted Bundy became a law student he reappeared in the life of an old love interest who had previously rejected him - Stephanie Brooks. This time he demonstrated the maturity that Brooks felt was previously nonexistent, and, following his intense courtship, she accepted his proposal of marriage. Two weeks after her acceptance of his marriage proposal, and shortly after the 1974 New Year, Bundy began refusing to take Brooks’s calls and broke off the relationship, in a fashion similar to her earlier rejection of him, in an act of revenge.

While there is suspicion that Bundy may have began his crime spree earlier than 1974, there were no previous confessions or convictions prior to this year - and before his rejection of Brooks. Many of Bundy’s victims were very similar in their appearance to Brooks, and some people consider the murders as acts of continuing revenge on young women. In support of his theory is the brutal beating and sexual assault of an 18 year old student called Joni Lenz, on the 4th of January, 1974,. Bundy brutally beat Lenz with part of her dormitory bed frame, leaving her in a coma with brain damage.


On 20 February, 2016, Morgan Lawrence called 911 after returning home to discover that her husband, Ryan Lawrence, and their 21-month-old daughter, Maddox, were missing. She discovered an ominous note from her husband, confessing that he had kidnapped Maddox and indicated that he was going to harm her. The little girl’s body was discovered 36 hours later - she had been bludgeoned to death with a baseball bat before being set on fire. Ryan alarmingly confessed that he had killed the toddler because “he was jealous of the attention she got” after she recently survived a rare form of eye cancer. Ryan pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 25 years in prison.

headcanon fic: luke kryze, prince of mandelore pt 3

[part one] [part two]

- Luke is distraught after the events of the Death Star. Obi-Wan does not think Luke has cried this much since he was a baby. It’s to be expected, Obi-Wan thinks. Satine raised him to be kind.

- “Do you think Mom will ever forgive me?” Luke asks, and Obi-Wan knows that if anyone else had done what Luke did, there would be no forgiveness from Satine: but Luke is her baby, her son, and for that Satine can forgive anything, even the murder of 200,000.

- (she, too, was a solider once. Obi-Wan remembers, even if Satine would rather forget)

- “When I was flying, Dad, I could have sworn,” Luke bites his lip, like he’s not sure he wants to confess or not. “I could have sworn I could hear you, Dad. You told me to shoot.”

And Obi-Wan knows now that he can’t pretend his past doesn’t exist. Not anymore. “That was the Force, Luke. You can feel it. Leia can too. It’s–it’s something I should have told years ago. Forgive me: I wanted to allow you both a childhood for as long as I could.”

- so he sets the twins down, and he tells the truth. About the Jedi and the Force and their mother and father. He tells them everything, except what happened to Anakin, in the end.

(How could he? They are just children. Better for them to think their father died a hero than know the truth. Besides, who but Obi-Wan would ever tell them?)

- he trains them as Jedi, or at least, he tries to. After the Death Star, Luke refuses to even touch a lightsaber. Oh, he’s interested in philosophy, and learning how to use the Force and meditating, but he doesn’t want a weapon, no matter how much Obi-Wan tries to convince him that he needs something to defend himself with. Never Again, Luke promises, like he can still see blood on his hands that was never there in the first place.

- Leia, however, takes her father’s lightsaber.  “Teach me,” she asks, and does not forget Alderaan.

- Meanwhile, Darth Vader hunts for Luke Kryze and the rebel alliance. Because the boy is a Jedi, and Vader has sworn to eliminate the Jedi, no matter what.

- so there is no grand trap to capture Luke Skywalker on Bespin, because there is no Luke Skywalker, at least to Vader’s knowledge. The trap instead intends to kill: Vader has Boba Fett capture Solo on Bespin, and uses Solo’s pain through the Force to lead the Jedi to him.

- He expects Luke; he does not expect the Princess, armed with Anakin Skywalker’s lightsaber and an anger that is painstakingly familiar.

- He fights them both. He cuts off Luke’s hand holding a stun blaster with barely a thought towards the now-unarmed boy, too distracted by the girl and the lightsaber she wields. He knows that blade: its twin is in his own arms, a violent red. By why would she have it–? Obi-Wan, of course, but why would Obi-Wan give her this blade and who is this boy she calls her brother, and–

- the girl is screaming her fury at him; perhaps he should listen. She trades blow by blow with him with barely any training, relying mostly on her rage to keep her going. She screams how he’s made her an orphan twice, now: once for Alderaan, and for when he killed her birth parents, Anakin Skywalker and Padme Am–

- his world stops and crashes around him. No. It can’t be true. The baby died with his wife, or so they told him. But here stands a girl (a girl he knew it was a girl he knew) who looks like Padme but wields his lightsaber and–

- Vader falls to his knees. Let her kill me, he thinks, his breathing harsh and heavy and broken inside let her kill me before you tell me I’ve hurt my children. He looks at the boy, and then the girl, and my children, there were twins all along and I never knew, and–

- Leia lifts the lightsaber over her head, ready to kill him, but Luke pushes out of the way with the Force, and down Cloud City Vader falls.