she commented on his picture

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tbh i dont think they are together, i cant imagine their personalities matching?? idk, but you're right people really need to mind their own buisness lmao and maybe not jump to conclusions in 2 seconds like jesus let them live their own life

yeah cause it’s like they took one picture together, she sometimes likes and/or comments on his pictures, he sometimes likes hers and that means they’re dating ?? nah. they could be but like let’s not jump to extremes.

also my personal opinion is that they seem like they’re both way too busy for a relationship. but again, who knows. if they are: cool, if they’re not: cool. it doesn’t affect me either way so I don’t really care *shrugs*

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Lisa's crimes according to different people: loving James, living in America, not being Anne Marie, dating a man who is divorcing but not officially divorced, not being AnneMarie, looking "trashy" and "manly." My favorite has always been she seeks attention because of the replies he puts on her pictures. In conclusion: He's with a nonFamous, age appropriate, normal seeming girl, who isn't rushing into anything and they still make up reasons to dislike her. Fassbender's doesn't have a chance

Lol she gets the blame for James using his own hand to comment on her pictures? Geez haha. Yeah the contrast between James/Lisa and Vikassy is funny isn’t it. They must be new to famewhoring =/

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Two things: 1. Are we just assuming Sebastian's mom has an IG, like it's legit her? And 2., if she really does have one, let's hope she doesn't read comments left on Sebastian's pictures or looks through his tags. Yikes!

1. I don’t really have an opinion on it. If she does, she’s very well hidden and will hopefully stay that way. 2. Good lord, I hope not. That poor woman. Whatever he means by his mom is online a lot, let’s all hope it’s not on social media. Maybe she just went to Buzzfeed once and is still there, taking quizzes on whether she’s an introvert or extrovert based on her chosen sandwich toppings or whatever.