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Taste The Sweet (Grayson Smut)

Summary: You’re a Youtuber, hanging around the H&M tent at Coachella. Grayson is your biggest fan.
Word Count: 2,861
Warnings: Fingering.
A/N: Thank you to the anon who sent this idea in! This is all your idea, I’m just writing it out. I didn’t want to post the request because it contains “spoilers” but this imagine is basically what the anon requested. Hope you like this one! (title from Don’t Be So Shy by Imany)

“Turn your head a little to the side…” The photographer gestured with her hand, cocking her head to the left so you smiled and complied. “Perfect. Now smile.”

The flash went off a few times as she snapped her photos, and you tried to stay still and let her do the work but you were feeling too excited. Earlier today you had arrived in Palm Springs, ready to head over to the festival and show off your outfit that you had spent three weeks planning beforehand.

You didn’t know how you had gotten so lucky. One minute you had been uploading your pictures on instagram and it had blown up, gaining over a hundred thousand followers the first few months. By the time you had reached five hundred thousand, you had started up a Youtube channel, and a year later you had gained over two million on your channel and been invited to numerous events. Coachella being one of them.

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I love the way Lili takes the time to comment on things. Like the picture where someone commented that she didn't want his arm around her made sure to say he was pulling on her hair and that's why. And now the Mexico one where she said she was irritated with him. She doesn't have to bother commenting but she does, which I think is so cute.

I know!! She is literally so adorable. I love how she actually interacts with fans!!

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bruh like i love your blog and bts content but not whenever you post lisa from blackpink becuz before she debuted she would follow my bf on insta and comment on his pictures so whenever i see her face i just remember she wanted my man and i feel all territorial and shady lmao

um sorry just blacklist “lisa”?? 


By popular demand! Here is a one shot about Sharna’s new found love for Aspen and what Pierson thinks about that😉 Hope you enjoy! Comment thoughts below!

Sharna was in love. The mountains, the weather, the views, the town, everything was incredible. She felt so at home here in Aspen, she loved everything about this town. She was also so in love with Mr. Bear. She had an amazing picture in her head of a mountain view home, here in Aspen, with a dog like Bear lying by the fire place with snow everywhere outside, and she could see him lying in the couch next to her with his arms around her like he always did. This was the first time she had thought of a future with him, they hadn’t been together long but now that she saw it, she could really imagine it and she wanted it. She wanted to live in this beautiful place with Pierson.

She had just left her friends after dinner and was back in her hotel room, she stilled had that amazing picture in her head and she couldn’t and didn’t want it to go away, if anything she wanted the real thing. She hadn’t talked to him today since she was roaming around with everyone and he had been working. But she really wanted to talk to him and tell him all about this beautiful town, after his comment on her picture she ad been wanting to talk to him. So she picked up her phone and clicked on his number.

“Hey, how’s the mountain adventure?” Sharna laughed and she could hear him chuckle over the line.
“It’s amazing, babe you have no idea how much I love it here. I never want to leave.” Sharna settled against her pillows and looked out her big window, the view from her room was breath taking.
“Never? Well that’s unfortunate for me! If you never leave than I’ll have to come to you.” She heard the smile in his voice and that paired with the words he said, her heart was goons explode.
“Yeah? I think you being here would make it much better. How about you catch a flight and than we could just stay here forever?”
“Sounds good to me, beautiful. You, me, in a house in the mountains? All alone? Maybe with a Bear of our own? Sound like an amazing life.”
Sharna knew he was teasing but knew he was serious. She loved that they where thinking of the same future.
“Sounds amazing.”
“When everything settles down and we don’t need or want to work, we will move to Aspen, together.”
Sharna was smiling bigger than she ever had. She was falling in love with this man and talking like this made her giddy.
“It’s a plan. But we have to get a Saint Bernard and name him Bear, okay?”
“Okay, but only if we have at least two kids.”
Kids, he wanted kids, and he was thinking of having them with her. God help her.
“Kids? Kids works for me. But I think more than two, I think like five.”
“Sweetie, we can have as many as you want. I want a house full, and I’ve seen you with Shai, your gonna be the perfect mom, and hopefully I’ll get to see that first hand.”
“I think you will. And you will be an amazing dad.”
“I hope so, I’ll have to keep up with you, won’t I? So tell me more about your trip and rehearsal?”
Sharna started taking more about how much she loved Aspen and how rehearsals have been going. She was telling him funny stories of everything from the last few days, and he filled her in on his past few days. They talked for hours about before both deciding they needed some sleep. Both went to sleep with smiles on their faces and they both had dreams of the future they had planned together. Both couldn’t wait for it to start.

Hope you liked it! Comment down below!

Harry Styles - Famous Girlfriend is Pregnant Imagine


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Harry Styles - Firefighter Imagine

[Mmmm, firefighter Harry is nice to think about. Enjoy!]

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Killer Smile (Avengers)

“She’s very unpredictable, do not approach her alone.” Natasha warned Steve and Bucky. “Well, it might help if you showed us a picture of her.” Bucky commented. Natasha rolled her eyes, and a picture of you was displayed on the wall. You had long red hair and you were wearing a black gown. “This was taken five weeks ago when she came to the Gala Stark threw.” She explained. “And you couldn’t get her then?” Bucky asked her. “She was in disguise, but she did talk to Stark.” She told them. “About?” Steve asked. “She wanted to be business partners with him, but he sent her to Pepper before he could get anything else out of her.” Natasha explained.

“Why would she want to be business partners with Stark Industries?” Steve asked her. “She wanted weapons, but he told her that they weren’t in the weapon business anymore.” Natasha answered. “She looks familiar.” Bucky commented, not taking his eyes off the picture of you. “Well, she did work for Hydra a few years back.” Natasha told him. “I know her.” Bucky muttered. “She’s going to be at the opening of the new Stark Industries Science Division in Japan. We just need you to talk to her, try and find out why she wanted the weapons.” Natasha told them.

“And why can’t you go?” Bucky asked her. “Because she’s seen my face, and if she sees it again, she’ll be out of the continent before I get my hands on her.” Natasha explained. “She’s seen Steve’s face too. What’s stopping her from running out?” Bucky asked. “Because I know her; if she sees one of you at the opening, she’ll want to try and manipulate one of you into joining her.” She told him.

“Okay, let me get this straight, you want us to talk to her, not alone , and try to find out what she wanted with Stark’s weapons?” Bucky asked. “Yes.” Natasha nodded. “Great.” Bucky said sarcastically. “Your flight leaves in 3 hours.” Natasha informed them, then walked out of the conference room. “Better get packing.” Steve told Bucky as he walked out. Bucky took one last look at your picture before following Steve out.


“It was a pleasure meeting you.” You said with a smile that could bring a man to his knees. “I’ll, uh, call you for a meeting.” Isaac said as he stumbled back. You let out a laugh and he smiled nervously. “Miss Y/L/N, there’s two men here who want to speak with you.” Your assistant said. You turned around, “Let’s not keep them waiting.” You told her. “Where are they?” You asked. “Over by the bar.” She pointed. “Thank you, Carrie. Take the night off, have some fun.” You said and she smiled. “Thank you.” She said and walked away.

You made your way towards the bar, eyes following your every move. When you reached the bar, Terry came up to you. “Ma'am.” He said. “Terry, I gave you the night off. I don’t a body guard.” You told him. “Your father sent me back.” He told you. “Well, have a drink. You’re scaring off my prey.” You said. He chuckled, “I’m not like these idiots.” He said and you smiled. “No, that’s why I love you, and why my dad loves you. Now, please.” You said and he let out a sigh.

“One.” He said, ordering two drinks. “You must be Y/N.” You heard a familiar voice say. You turned around and saw Captain America himself. “Well, what is Captain America doing in Japan?” You asked him. “Business trip.” He told you. You smiled, “I’ve always wanted to meet the man who saved my grandfather.” You said. “Excuse me?” He asked, a bit confused.

“Yes, my grandfather was in the 107th. He would tell me stories about you, man idolized you.” You said. “So, what’s this business trip?” You asked him. Terry came back with the drinks and handled you a glass of bourbon. “Thank you, Terry.” You said.

“Neither Pepper or Tony couldn’t make it, and he sent me.” Steve told you. “But you know nothing of business.” You said. “Just making an appearance.” He told you. “Terry, tell my father that I won’t be able to make it back in time.” You told Terry. “Yes, ma'am.” Terry told you and walked off to call your father.

“Care to dance?” You asked him, finishing your drink and setting the glass on the table. “I, uh, don’t know how.” He told you and you gave him a smile. “It’s not very difficult. I’ll show you.” You said, taking his hand before he could argue. He was very nervous, not only because you could have everyone in the building killed, but because he had no clue how to dance, and you being beautiful wasn’t helping.

He placed his left hand on your waist and you placed you hands on his shoulders. “Let the music move you.” You said, and began to sway. You looked up at him and he wouldn’t dare to look down. “Are you here to kill me, Mr. Rogers?” You asked him. He looked down and looked into your beautiful E/C eyes. “No.” He answered honestly. “How did you do that?” He asked you. “Do what?” You asked innocently.

“Never mind.” Steve said. The two of you continued to dance until it was the last two of you on the dance floor. Everyone else was either watching in jealously, or trying to make a deal with other businessmen and woman. “Nervous?” You asked him with a smirk. “Everyone’s watching.” Steve whispered and you giggled, which caused Steve’s heart to skip a beat.

“Don’t be so dramatic. They’re just jealous.” You told him. “Doesn’t help that your bodyguard is giving me the stink eye.” Steve commented. “Don’t be such a baby. Now, tell me, why are you here?” You asked. He stared into your eyes again in awe, “Natasha wanted us to find out why you wanted Stark’s weapons.” He answered, and felt very confused to why he answered your question.

We?” You asked. “Yes, Bucky and I.” He answered again, with complete honesty. You looked around the room in panic, and then saw a very angry Bucky walking towards you and Steve. 

Quickly, you got on your tippy toes and pulled Steve into a passionate kiss. People around you clapped, cheered and began to take pictures

The paparazzi swarmed the two of you, giving Bucky no space to reach Steve.

What made matters worse, was that Steve didn’t back away. He didn’t want to. You tried to pull away, but Steve pulled you back and you smirked.

Steve finally let go, and was very confused to why he would kiss back, why he would answer all you questions with complete honesty, and then he realized that Natasha let out a huge part in the briefing. He wasn’t thinking straight, and all that was on his mind was you. He wanted you, needed you.

The cameras snapping pictures snapped him out of his thoughts and realized that you had left. The paparazzi began to walk away and Bucky looked beyond pissed. “Where is she?” Steve asked. Bucky slapped him, “Get your head in the game! She’s getting inside your head.” Bucky told him. “Where is she?” Steve repeated.

“What did she do to you?” Bucky asked. Steve walked away, trying to find you.

“Yeah, they’re here.” You said into the comm. “How many?” Regina asked. “Two. Bucky Barnes and Steve Rogers.” You told her. “Why?” She asked you. “Romanova wanted info on me. Everything’s going as planned.” You smiled. “Good. Distract the two of them. Jenny’s got Tony. Javier is with Bruce right now and Ken is feeding Romanova fake information.” Regina told you. “Okay.” You nodded, disconnecting the call and walking back into the main room.

You bumped into someone on your way to the dance hall. “I was, uh, wondering where you went off to.” Steve said. “I had to use the restroom.” You lied. Bucky was right behind him, and he was ready to attack you. “Bucky. So nice to see again.” You told him. “Glad to know you escaped Hydra.” You said. “You worked for them, you could have saved me.” Bucky said.

“I wanted to, but I couldn’t. I know you remember our time together.” You said, in a seductive tone. “That won’t on me.” He told you. “I know your tricks.” He said, not looking into your eyes. “Remember the first time you said you loved me?” You asked him, trying to break him. “It was after the third time we slept together.” You told him. “And before you gave me to them.” He told you.

“They would have killed you if I didn’t feed you to them.” You stated. “You’re lying.” He said. “Bucky, I loved you too.” You said, which took him and Steve by surprise. Bucky then looked into your eyes and it was like falling in love with you again. “I know that I never got the chance to tell you that, but I did. After Hydra took you back, I tried to expose them. I finally got a chance and gave Fury a lead and that sent him on the boat.” You explained.

“She’s lying!” Natasha said through their comms, finally being able to contact them. You took Bucky’s comm. “Miss me?” You asked her. “Why are you doing this?” She asked you. “Lot’s of reasons. Why did you leave us?” You asked her. “I’m sorry.” She said. “You should be, because now I have two of your little soldiers.” You told her, looking at Steve and Bucky with a smirk. “Men are very easy to manipulate.” You commented.

“Don’t do this, Y/N.” She said. “We can help you.” She told you. “It’s too late for that. I’m going to burn your world to ashes, and then I’m coming after you.” You told her, dropping the comm on the ground and stepping on it. Steve took his comm and did the same. “Good, now…Let’s get to work.” You said with a smile.

It All Starts With a Like (1/1)

@once-upon-a-captain-swan I am your very belated and very apologetic SPN Secret Santa. I’m so sorry this is so late but I hope you like this!

Summary: What happens when two well known cosplayers finally collaborate for San Diego Comic Con? / AO3

Emma waited impatiently in the hall of the convention center, her bright red ball gown surely sticking out like a sore thumb even with many other costumed folks walking around the convention floor. She tugged on the edge of her sleeve, this was by far the hardest cosplay she’d ever worked on, she even brought in her friend Ruby to help. Her kitchen had been taken over by the red monstrosity for weeks as she tried to finish in time, her envy palpable for her cosplay partner. She had become connected to British cosplayer Killian Jones through instagram and tumblr, both of them had a pretty sizable following and after seeing people mention him in the comments on her instagram posts she got curious. She scrolled through his pictures and discovered two things. 1) He was a very talented cosplayer and 2) he was ridiculously attractive.

His followers had apparently directed him to her and he sent her a message on tumblr and from there they became as close as two people who live an ocean away from each other can. Daily snapchats and messages quickly transitioned into weekly video chats and soon he was on his way to San Diego Comic Con and they were planning a joint cosplay, one that their followers would love. Prince Charles, the pirate turned prince, and Princess Leia, the spunky and fiery princess, from their favorite show Heroes and Villains were perfect choices.

“Emma?” a voice with a lilting accent said and she felt someone tap on her shoulder. She turned to see Killian wearing a quilted tan leather jacket, black leather pants, black vest, and a white button down shirt with enough buttons undone to reveal dark chest hair.

“Killian?” she asked, her eyes sweeping over him and taking him in.

“At your service my lady,” he bowed slightly and Emma couldn’t help but smile. He offered her his arm and they began to wander the floor, only able to go a few steps before someone asked for a picture. Emma’s cheeks were starting to hurt after what had to be the 50th photo op in an hour.

“And I thought the corset for Leia’s bar wench disguise was bad, I can barely breath in this thing,” she said to Killian as they walked away from a couple cosplaying as Bandit Regina and Robin Hood.

“You might not be able to move Swan, but you cut quite the figure in that dress,” he said and Emma felt his gaze sweep over her.

She blushed and tucked a lock of hair behind her ear, “Let’s just find somewhere to sit down so I can catch my breath.”

They walked over to the side of the hall and leaned against it, Killian rummaged in the satchel he brought and pulled out a water bottle and some granola bars, “I figured now would probably be a good time to hydrate,” he shrugged holding the water bottle out to her.

“Good idea,” she nodded and took a swig of water, “Do you know when the Heroes and Villains panel starts?”

“Three hours, which means we should probably get in line for it,” he chuckled and pushed himself off the wall and held out his arm to her, “Shall we?”

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OQ week, day 4! I was pretty excited about this prompt, so I hope it turned out okay. It was actually inspired by the song “Fireworks” from Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Enjoy!

The very first thing Robin heard upon entering the Mills’ apartment was his boss’ voice. He paused in the entryway, taking note of how soft it was. It didn’t happen often, and he liked to savor it when he could.

“I’m so sorry, Henry,” she was saying. Robin furrowed his eyebrows and inched closer.

“It’s okay, mom,” five-year-old Henry replied. “I understand.” Robin could picture Henry’s face: Bravely putting on a smile that wouldn’t fool anyone.

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