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I have no idea where this came out of.

WARNINGS: Its just pure… filth

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4 | Tomorrow


WORD COUNT: 4,664 boii


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The smell of steaming freshly brewed coffee filled your senses as you poured it into the white porcelain mug, you and Jungkook were sat at a large oak table in a private room inside the hotel, attending the third business meeting of the day.

It was day two of four, and all you’d done was sit in a makeshift office and listen to facts and figures, you were starting to get agitated.

“I have to say Jungkook, I never thought you’d settle down.” The elderly man at the table chuckled darkly, he was the oversees CEO of the Jeon Law firm, a very important man, and he knew it.

“Pardon?” Jungkook half smiled as his slender fingers tapped rhythmically on the table.

“Y/N. She’s good for you, I can tell you two are very happy together.” The older CEO smirked, his eyes hungrily wandering over your figure hugging office dress as you handed him a coffee, earning you to feel even more uncomfortable than you already were.

“Oh, we’re not together. She’s just my assistant.” Jungkook nodded slowly as he raised his eyebrows in surprise.

“All of the best lawyers sleep with their assistants Jungkook-”

“Hey Y/N, didn’t you say you left something in your room? I can finish up this meeting myself don’t worry about it, take the afternoon off.” Jungkook shot you a guilty gaze, he must’ve sensed your discomfort.

“Are you sure?” You asked, your eyes flitting between Jungkook and the older man at the table.

“Yes, I’ll see you later.” Jungkook saw you to the door and swiftly closed it after your exit.

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10 Things I Hate About You - Two

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“Hello, (Y/N).” You nodded to acknowledge your father. “Make anyone cry today?” You let out a breathy laugh, shaking your head as you turned the page to the book you were reading.

“Sadly, no. But, it’s only 4:30.” You looked up to look at your dad, wiggling your eyebrows at him, gaining a short laugh but a wide smile.

“Hi daddy!” Your moment was ruined – Laura bouncing her way toward you and your dad, leaning up to kiss him on the cheek.

“Why are you here so late?” You raised an eyebrow at your younger sister, giving her a questioning look, though you knew exactly why she was home later. Considering you both left school around the same time, you both should have walked through the front door at the same time, too. But, alas, your little sister took a ride from Jason, the man you cared for least in this entire world. She had no idea who he was, really, but you thought his egotistic persona was enough o chase her away.

“I, uh, had to stop by Mitchy’s house for some notes I let her borrow.” She gave you a pointed look, as if to silently say, ‘shut the hell up’. You shrugged her off, rolling your eyes before going back to your book.

“Hm? What’s this? It’s from Pepperdine.” Your eyes went wide as you shot up from your seat and tossed your book onto the seat you previously occupied, snatching the envelope to your future out of your dad’s hands.

“Oh, my GOD!” You shrieked, jumping slightly, “I got in! I got in, what the heck.” You plopped yourself back onto the chair, digging the book from behind you while still gazing at the acceptance letter in front of you. You scanned the rest of the words, only registering “CONGRATULATIONS” written in bold at the very top, followed by your name. You had been pining for this college since you were fourteen. Your parents fought a lot after your fourteenth birthday, and you had wished to be as far away from home as possible. You researched schools in California, you, your sister and your parents had visited once and it was your favorite memory. You wanted to go where you only ever felt happy – California was that place.

“Pepperdine? What about NYU? Isn’t Pepperdine all the way across the country?”

“That’s the base of its appeal!”

“Well, I mean, good riddance.” You rolled your eyes at your sister’s attitude, turning to see her smirking at you, causing a smirk to grace your face as well.
“Why don’t you tell dad who drove you home?” You patted yourself on your back in your head, seeing your sister’s eyes grow wide.

“What? Who drove you home?” You sighed in relief as the attention switched views.

“It’s this boy-.”

“Who’s the biggest idiot in school,”

“Please,” your dad signaled for you to stop.

“I think he might actually like me and want to ask me out-,” she was again cut off.

“I think I know the answer, no! The answer is always no! That’s the only rule I have. No dating until you graduated, is that so hard? Your sister doesn’t date!”

“And I don’t intend to.”

“And why’s that?” You gave a disgusted look.

“Have you seen the piggish men that go to my school?” Your sister rolled her eyes and fired back, saying something along the lines of you just being a loser – mad because no one liked you. This sparked a short argument as your father watched until he grew annoyed.

“Okay! Enough, I have a new rule.” You both quieted down, looking up at him from your seats on the small couch. “Laura – you can date,” you gave your dad a surprised look, your jaw hanging slightly. “But, only when your sister does.” This caused you to glance at your sister, seeing as she wore the same expression you wore just a few seconds ago, a smug look on yours.

“But, that’s not fair! What if she never dates?!” This caused you to laugh loudly, earning a glare from her.

“Then you’ll never date! Oh, I like that… and I won’t have to worry about any teen pregnancies.”

“Dad!” A loud beeping noise interrupted Laura, causing your dad to sigh at his phone, saying he needed to go back to work. He grabbed his coat and walked out the door, shutting the door. As you were making your way up the stairs you heard your sister groan. “Can’t you find some equal-to-you loser to take you to the movies so I can experience ONE date?” You rolled your eyes at her theatrics.

“I’m sorry, looks like you’ll just have to miss out on going on a date with Dickhead Bomming.”

“Ugh,” she groaned, turning on her heels, “you suck!”

You suck!” You mocked, rolling your eyes once again before making your way up the rest of the stairs.

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My faves on the cover of RS 🙌❤️

Told You So

For an anon who wanted a sick/ sneezy Keith! I did it in a college au, and I hope you like it! Words: 1.8k

Keith sniffed, running his finger underneath his nose. His bleary eyes blinked at his computer screen, the typed words of his essay doubling.

“Keith, you okay?” Lance asked, glancing up from his work. “Don’t you always get sick around this time of year?”

“I think I outgrew that,” Keith responded, giving another small sniff.

“That’s what you said last year but a week into the semester you had a hundred and two degree fever and I was forced to take care of you.”

“Well, I’m serious this year,” Keith insisted, hiding a cough in his hand. “Besides, I don’t have time to be sick. We’ve got a project due in two days, and I need a good grade on it to get a head start.”

“Well, get some rest soon,” Lance sighed, shutting his laptop and plugging it in. “It’s eleven thirty and if you get behind on sleep this early in the year you’re going to be exhausted for the rest of the semester.”

“Yeah, yeah, I know,” Keith muttered. “I’ll go to bed soon.” As soon as Lance shut the door to his room Keith turned back to his project, determined to give it all he had.

Keith woke up coughing. He launched out of his stiff bed, throwing his arm over his face in an effort to muffle the sound. The walls of his and Lance’s dorm was thin, and he didn’t want to wake Lance up. He crawled out of bed, feeling like a zombie that had just crawled out of its grave. He slipped on a sweatshirt, the room significantly colder than it had been before he went to bed. Shuffling out of his room he was met with the sight of Lance, stirring a lump of sugar into his cup of coffee.

“I made you some coffee,” he said, nodding at a plain blue mug sitting atop the counter. “Black, just how you like it.”
“Thanks,” Keith said, taking a sip. The scalding liquid ran down his throat, making him choke.

“Are you sick yet?” Lance smirked, eyes trained on Keith’s face.

“Fine,” Keith grunted, glancing away. “The coffee was just hot.”

“If you insist, tough guy,” Lance said. “Let me know how you’re feeling at the end of the day.”

“Remember, everyone, your projects are due tomorrow. Denise, Benjamin, Laura and Keith, you will be presenting, so have your best work ready for me.” Keith groaned, his head dropping onto the desk. He had been feeling progressively worse throughout the course of the day and now he wasn’t sure if he could talk, much less present. He stifled a sneeze in his arm, the pressure building up in his head. He could feel a headache coming on, pounding against his skull. “Class dismissed. Denise, Benjamin, Laura and Keith, I look forward to your presentations.” Keith groaned, grabbing his books and slipping them into his backpack, slinging it over his shoulder.

“Professor Tran, can I talk to you?” Keith asked, wincing at his scratchy, quiet voice.

“Sure, Keith, what is it?” she asked, wiping down the board for the next lecture.

“Is there any chance someone else could present?’ Keith croaked. “It’s just that my voice is almost gone and I’m not feeling that great.” Professor Tran scrutinized him, hands on her hips.

“I’m sorry, but I’ve already chosen the presenters,” she finally said. “Go to sleep early tonight, take some medicine, and you’ll be fine tomorrow morning. If it wasn’t a small cold it might be different.”
“That’s fine,” Keith muttered. He hauled himself out of the room. He understood Professor Tran’s logic, but wouldn’t hurt to cut him a little slack, considering it was the first project of the semester. At least his classes were over for the day, and he could go back to his dorm.

“You look awful,” Lance commented as soon as Keith walked in. “You should really take some time off.”

“I can’t,” Keith responded, the last word barely out of his mouth before a coughing fit began. Frowning, Lance sat up from their battered couch.

“You really sound bad.”

“I know that,” Keith snapped. He grabbed his computer and his textbook from his bag.

“Where are you going?”

“My room,” Keith huffed. “I have to finish this project.”

“I’ll be out here if you need me,” Lance called, but Keith was already gone.

Keith could just admit that he was sick. At this point it was clear to his that he had not outgrown his beginning of the year illness streak, but he couldn’t afford to be sick. Not to mention that Lance had been so sure he’d be sick by the end of the week, Keith would hate to give him the satisfaction. He rubbed his temples, taking a second to sneeze into the crook of his arm.

“Lance?” he called, his voice cracking on the n. “Can you turn the heat up? I’m freezing.”

“It’s already seventy in here, how much warmer do you need it?” Was Lance’s response. Keith’s door opened, Lance standing smugly in the doorway, wearing pajamas and looking smug. “Unless, of course, you want to admit that you’re sick and take a day off.”

“Whatever,” Keith said, tugging the sleeves of his hoodie over his hands. “I’m fine. Just go back to whatever you’re doing.” He felt a sneeze tickling his nostrils but he ignored it, rubbing at his nose in an effort to shove the sneeze back inside of him. Lance looked so smug the idea of admitting he was sick after this much insisting that he was fine would be unbearable.

Lance rolled his eyes, clearly fed up with his roommate. Without a word he shut the door, going back to whatever he had been doing before. As soon as Lance was out of sight Keith let out three explosive sneezes, muffling them in his sleeve. There wasn’t a tissue in sight so Keith wiped his nose on his hoodie, slightly disgusted with himself. His throat was burning now and, paired with a pounding headache and harsh cough, he felt like his body was trying to kill him. He turned back to his research, the words on the page swimming as he tried to focus.

“Dammit!” he hissed, pounding the thick book with his fist. Great. Now, along with everything else in his body, his hand hurt, too.

It was one thirty when Keith was finished with his project, positive that it was in no way his best work. He was only seventy five percent sure that his information was correct, but he was too exhausted to care. He dragged himself out of his room, seeing Lance passed out on the couch, Netflix still on autoplay. He searched the bare cupboards until he came across a single, nearly empty bottle of Ibuprofen. He popped two into his mouth, forcing them down his throat without a single drop of water, making him double over in a coughing fit. Lance stirred, murmuring something, but his eyes stayed shut. Keith let out a sigh of relief.

He slid his thick sweatshirt on, engulfing his small frame. Paired with his baggy black sweatpants he looked somewhat like a burnt marshmallow, heat included. A shiver passed through his body and Keith squeezed his eyes shut, wrapping his arms around his body. Crawling into bed he dragged his covers up to his chin, the extra warmth doing nothing to stop the constant coldness replacing the blood in his veins. To Keith it was a miracle that he managed to fall asleep but finally he did, drifting into a fitful slumber.

Keith blinked open his eyes at seven the next morning after multiple times waking up the previous night. He groaned, wanting nothing more than to fall back asleep. But his presentation was in two hours, and he needed to be prepared.

“Lance, why did you turn the air conditioner on?” Keith muttered, coming out of his room to find Lance making scrambled eggs, a brown bird’s nest on top of his head.

“It’s sixty five degrees in here, Keith,” Lance said, real worry lacing his tone. He darted to Keith before he could move, Lance slapping a hand to Keith’s forehead. “You’re burning up. Go back to bed and I’ll bring you some breakfast when it’s ready. I think this is more than a cold at this point.”

“I’m fine, just a little warm,” Keith said. “Besides, you know I have to present today.”

“Talk to your professor,” Lance advised.

“I did, yesterday. She wouldn’t change her mind. I’ll just go, I’ll be fine.”

“You’re overworking yourself,” Lance sighed, spooning eggs onto a plate and handing it to Keith. Keith only shrugged, accepting the eggs. Deep in his heart Keith knew Lance was right, but he wasn’t quite ready to admit it.

Keith stood in front of the class, holding his essay with shaking hands, his slideshow behind him. Strong flashbacks from middle and high school were coming to him, nervous feelings he hadn’t felt for years seeping into his mind. Since college started he hadn’t had to give many presentations but when he did he was fine, until now. His voice was wrecked and he could feel a sneeze coming on, muffling it in his sleeve. He could barely get through a minute without coughing or sneezing; how was he supposed to get through an entire presentation?

“The ancient Egyptians were full of culture,” he began, his voice barely present.

“Can you talk louder?” Came a voice from the back of the room. Keith winced at the loud voice directed at him, his head pounding even worse.

“The ancient Egyptians-” he got halfway through the first sentence before doubling over in a coughing fit, the coughs wracking his body, Tears sprung to his eyes, and a hand fell on his back.

“Keith, you should go home.” Keith could barely hear Professor Tran’s voice over the sound of his own coughing. “I’m so sorry I made you try to present today. I had no idea you were this sick.” Keith straightened up to see a look of pity on her face. “You look exhausted. Go back to your dorm, get some sleep and if you’re feeling better, come to class tomorrow. If you’re not feeling up to it stay home.”

“Thank you,” Keith gasped, grabbing his bag. He could feel eyes on him as he left the room, ducking his head down. He had seen so many pity glances in the past few days he didn’t think he could stomach any more.

“Shouldn’t you be in class?” Keith asked when he spotted Lance lounging on the couch, catching up on homework.

“It’s Friday,” Lance responded. “I only had two classes scheduled and they were both cancelled. Anyway, what are you doing home so early? How’d your presentation go?”

“I didn’t even get to the second sentence before Professor Tran sent me home,” Keith groaned. “I feel terrible.” He flopped down next to Lance, burying his head in his shoulder.

“Are you ready to admit you’re sick?” Lance grinned.

“I guess I didn’t outgrow it,” Keith groaned. “You’ll look after me, right?”

“Do I get to boast about being right all along?”

“Yeah, yeah,” Keith muttered. They were both busy, sure but there was a small chance that taking a small break wouldn’t be so bad after all.

First Time

word count: 3 014
warnings: smut

summary: Y/N is a virgin and has her first time with her best friend, Kai.
note: I feel like at some points it’s a bit too cheesy, but anyway I hope you like it :)

*gif by me

(requested by @mrsobrien888)

Nervously she walked up to his door, still asking herself if she should really do it. What if it would destroy their friendship? What if they wouldn’t even be able to look the other in the eye anymore? Not in the world did she want to lose him. 

Taking a deep breath, she knocked on the door, waiting for Kai to open up. She ran her hands through her hair and tugged on her clothes hoping it had been the right decision. 

It only took seconds until a smiling Kai opened the door, pulling Y/N in for a hug before she could say anything. He held her tightly as she breathed in his familiar scent, giving her a feeling of security. Being this near to him calmed her down a bit and assured her she was doing the right thing. Out of all her friends, he would be the one who wouldn’t be going to judge her and who was the only one she trusted enough to do it. 

She broke away from the hug and walked past her best friend, directly heading towards the couch where she lay herself down. Kai followed not soon after, taking a seat on the armrest, watching Y/N with a curious expression. He could definitely see something was bothering her and it annoyed him he didn’t know what it was. It was just that he didn’t want to ask; she would probably tell him soon enough. 

But she didn’t.

She kept quiet, her eyes literally glued to the TV nervously tapping on the fabric with her fingers and trying to avoid Kai’s gaze. When he couldn’t stand the silence between them anymore, Kai reached out to grab the remote and turn off the TV. Though she just kept staring at the black screen. 

“Come on, Y/N, I can see something’s up. Tell me what it is.” Kai said, pleading. When she didn’t answer him, he got a devilish look on his face as he slowly started to make his way towards her. “If you don’t talk I have ways to make you do.”

With that, he started tickling her making her laugh and squirm underneath him. It was a wonder they both didn’t fall off the couch since they were moving so much. 

“Stop! Please, stop. I’ll tell you what’s going on.” She trailed off, still laughing. Kai stopped tickling her and took place on his former seat again while Y/N got up to face her best friend. He had slightly tilted his face to one side, an encouraging expression in his blue eyes.  

Absently she kneaded her hands and sighed as she started to talk. “Well… umm… god, it’s so embarrassing.” Hiding her face with her hands, she tried to conceal her nervousness. But Kai moved closer towards her and grabbed her wrists, gently pulling them away. He gave her a supporting smile, motioning for her to continue. 

“I kinda need your help.” She explained, biting her lower lip. Kai still held her wrists, starting to stroke her hands with his thumb. 

“Whatever it is, just tell me, and I’ll do it. By now you should know I’d do anything for you.“ He said seriously, nothing than truth in his words. Lately, he had realized a strange feeling inside his stomach whenever Y/N was around. His heart began to beat faster, and he was feeling all warm and fuzzy. Especially when he was touching her, feeling her soft skin under his touch. 

“You know… I’m still umm… I’m still a virgin, and I wanted to ask if-” Before she could even finish her sentence she was interrupted by a happy Kai. 

“I’ll do it.”

“You don’t have to it, it’s-” She started, but again was cut off by her counterpart.

“I told you, I’d do anything for you. You’re my best friend, Y/N. And to be honest, it’s nothing to be embarrassed about.” He ensured her smilingly, pulling her closer towards him and wrapping his arms around her. She lay her head on his chest, to which he responded with a kiss on her forehead. While he was tracing invisible patterns on her arm, she closed her eyes, sensing how her heartbeat slowly calmed down again. 

She should’ve known he wouldn’t hate her for it. She should’ve known that his reaction would be positive - maybe with a little laughter but still; he wouldn’t deny her wishes no matter how odd they were.

Kai turned the TV back on, and they continued watching all cuddled up on the couch. Y/N could hear his heartbeat which seemed to be slightly different than before. 

“But are you really sure you want me to be your first?” He broached the subject again after a while of silence. As an answer, he just got a nod as Y/N was slowly drifting off into the land of dreams. 

The next morning Y/N found herself laying in bed on soft pillows, covered with a cozy blanket. It took her a moment to realize that Kai must’ve brought her there after she fell asleep on the couch. So now she turned around, hoping she’d find him next to her. But he was gone.

Quickly she got up, still wearing the same clothes she had yesterday. She changed into one of Kai’s shirts - he wouldn’t have anything against it, would he? Only then she walked out of the bedroom, directly heading towards the kitchen where he’d most likely be.

The nearer she got, the stronger the smell of bacon and pancakes became. A smile spread across her face; Kai was preparing breakfast. Trying to be as quiet as possible she sneaked up to him and hugged him from behind. The realization that he’d be the one taking her virginity had bonded them even closer than before.

"No, you’re destroying my whole plan. I wanted to surprise you with breakfast in bed.” Kai pouted as he turned around. Nevertheless, there still was this mischievous spark in his eyes she loved so much. “By the way, nice shirt.”

Shyly she tugged on its hem. It was barely hiding anything, reaching only to the middle of her thighs. She sat down as Kai placed different plates filled with pancakes, bacon, scrambled eggs and other things in front of her, taking the seat across from her. They talked and laughed while eating, enjoying it to the fullest. 

Thus far it definitely was one of the best days of Y/N’s life. Kai hadn’t just made a plan to make her breakfast; he had planned the whole day with a visit to a beautiful lake, dinner in her favorite restaurant and little surprises now and then. He wanted to make it unforgettable, maybe even prepare her a bit for what was about to come. He had revealed to her that he had planned to do it today - of course, again asking if that’s what she really wanted - and now, as the sun was slowly setting both became more nervous.

Currently, they were snuggled up on a bench in the garden of Y/N’s house. Kai had put an arm around her, caressing her arm in slow motions while Y/N had placed her head on his shoulder, tracing invisible patterns on his thigh. When the sun reached its lowest point, and the sky was shining in different shades of red and orange hues, Y/N raised her head. Kai brushed his hand against her cheeks, turning towards her so that his blue eyes were piercing into hers. 

“Are you still sure that this is what you want?” He asked warily. 

Getting a nod as an answer, he gave her a small smile, his eyes now darting between hers and her lips. Y/N’s heart was beating fast as he leaned in towards her, their lips nearly touching. Feeling his hot breath on her skin, she hooked her arms around his neck before he finally, felt his lips on hers. Closing her eyes, she deepened the kiss, butterflies endlessly flying around in her stomach. Never would she have thought it would feel this good to kiss him, but it did. It seemed like their lips were made for each other, a perfect fit. 

Kai began to rub one hand up and down her back, going lower each time until he slipped under her shirt, stroking her bare skin. He pulled her even closer not breaking the kiss. Only when they needed to breathe air, they pulled away, longingly staring at each other. A mischievous grin on his face he scooped her up and walked towards her bedroom. 

On their way, he placed a gentle kiss on her forehead before he carefully let her down on her bed. He lay on top of her as they continued where they left off. The kisses were getting more lust-filled and demanding with each passing second in which Kai’s hands slowly trailed down her body, touching every square inch of her body.

As his fingers reached the waistband of her jeans, he began sucking on her neck, leaving little hickeys. Agonizingly slow he pushed his hand inside her panties, looking up to examine her expression. He put his index finger on her clit, starting to draw small circles. This caused her to bit her lower lip, trying to muffle any sounds she could possibly make. Kai realized it and stopped for a second to give her a quick kiss.

“You don’t have to hold back.” 

Quiet, soft moans were escaping her mouth as both felt the wetness building between her legs. A little smile spread across Kai’s lips, and he started to collect her arousal before he brought his finger closer to her entrance, slowly pushing it in. When it was completely inside, he stopped his movements, giving her the time to get used to the new feeling. 

His face hovered only inches from hers; their eyes were locked. He leaned down towards her, placing his lips on hers again. Carefully he began to move his finger, adding another and curling them around, pushing them in and out. Y/N opened her lips in another moan, giving Kai the perfect opportunity to use his tongue. 

What felt strange at first became more and more enjoyable with every passing second. Y/N never thought it would feel this good to be intimate with her best friend, but it did. She liked what he was doing to her, making her writhe underneath him, bringing her closer to her release. Feeling a knot building in her stomach, she knew she was about to come…

…when Kai suddenly stopped. A growl left her as he pulled his finger out of her and brought it to his mouth to lick it clean. He chuckled a bit at her puzzled and unsatisfied expression.

“I know something that will feel even better.” He breathed in a seductive voice, biting her earlobe and sliding his hands under her top, roaming her upper body. Cupping her breasts, he massaged them through the bra, brushing his thumbs over her nipples which were getting harder under his touch. Again she began to let out soft moans, so quickly he pulled her shirt over her head and unhooked her bra, giving him a full view of her bare front. 

“Beautiful.” He mumbled, inaudible for her ears. Leaving sloppy, wet kisses all over he trailed down towards her bottom, taking off her jeans alongside her panties in one swift motion. 

A little bit embarrassed Y/N put her hands down, trying to cover up her most intimate part. She felt the heat rising in her cheeks like she had just realized who was there in front of her.  

“You have still doubts about it, don’t you?” Kai asked, a sad expression on his face. Nevertheless, he stopped at everything he was doing and gave her the time to think about an answer.  

“I do.” She replied as she hooked her arms around his neck, locking eyes with him. “But I want to do it. Right here, right now. With you.” At the last words, she pulled him down to her, kissing him as passionately and deeply as possible. 

Breaking the kiss, he crawled down, so his head was between her legs. Parting them, he licked a bold stripe across her middle making her shiver. 

“You taste amazing.” He let her know, as she intertwined his fingers with his hair, pulling him closer towards her core. He chuckled at her reaction, sending vibrations through her body which were only adding to the sensation he was making her feel. 

Kai enveloped her clit with his lips, sucking and nibbling at it. Looking up from time to time he saw she had closed her eyes, her mouth hung open, and she let out moans which were getting louder and louder.

“Fuck, Kai. Don’t stop!” She groaned, gripping his hair tighter and trying to press him even closer towards her. Grinning, he pushed two fingers back inside her wet heat, thrusting in and out at a faster getting pace. He felt her walls clench around him, knowing he was bringing her nearer to her desiderated release. Indeed, with one last deep thrust, he brought her over the edge, making her arch her back and letting out a little scream. 

Only when she had calmed down a bit, a pulled his fingers out and licked them clean again. She was still breathing heavily, and her heart was beating uneven. 

“Told you I know something that will feel ever better.” He had laughed before he pressed her lips on his. Meanwhile, her hands were working on the zipper of his jeans, innocently brushing against his already semi-hard erection. 

Kai pulled his shirt over his head, revealing his toned torso. Not soon after, his jeans followed together with his briefs. Y/N gulped at the sight of his length, asking herself how it was supposed to fit inside of her. He was giving her a questioning look, but she just nodded in approval. She was ready now. 

Stroking himself a few times, Y/N watched how he seemed to get even bigger and fear mixed with excitement was taking over her. He then aligned himself at her entrance, rubbing her clit shortly with just the tip of his member. 


“Do it.” She begged, partly because she finally wanted to get over with it and partly because she finally wanted to know how it would feel.

And with one quick thrust, he moved all the way in, stretching her out to the fullest.

“Fuck are you tight.” Kai growled while Y/N let out a pained sound as by now it was only pain she felt because of the strange feeling. Kai gave her time to adjust to him and his size, gently wiping away a tear that was rolling down her cheek. 

“Are you ok?” He asked, honest-meant concern in his voice. One hand stayed on her cheek, slowly caressing it with his thumb, as the other trailed down between their bodies, beginning to draw figure eights on her clit. 

Instead of answering his question, she told him to move, and so he did. Gradually at first, he pushed in hard and profound. Quickly Y/N’s pain was replaced by pleasure, soft moans escaping her lips as she dug her nails into Kai’s biceps. 

His thrusts became faster, and he let out low growls too now. Their breathing got shallow since he was bringing them both closer towards their release. Y/N clenched her walls around him, making it seem even tighter than it already was. By now she was glad she had asked Kai to do it and not anyone else since to him her pleasure was his priority. 

“Kai, I’m coming.” She moaned, the knot in her stomach was hardening, and she felt the wave of her second orgasm of the day wash over her. This brought Kai over the edge, too, and he came in hot spurts inside of her. 

Collapsing on top of her they both took a moment to recover before he pulled out of her and lay down next to her. He wrapped his arms around her, pulling her towards him so her head could rest on his chest which was moving up and down. She listened to his uneven heartbeat and closed her eyes. 

“Thank you.” She said out of the blue while he rubbed one hand across her back. “Though in retrospection it was kinda awkward it was also great. I’m glad I asked you.” 

Kai chuckled, and his breath got stuck in his throat as she looked up to him, a different spark in her eyes than every other time before. A small smile was spread across her lips, confirming him in what he had already known before. But now it had become even clearer to him.

“There may be something I should’ve told you before we hooked up.” He began, trying to find the right words. Before he continued, he took a deep breath, regaining his courage. “I love you, Y/N. I think I was already in love with you from the moment I first saw you at Whitmore. And I know this will probably destroy our friendship, but I don’t care, I just want you to know it.” 

Y/N’s heart started to beat faster, realizing something that truly should’ve come clear before. 

“I guess our friendship was destroyed since the moment I asked you to take my virginity.” She let out a little laugh at Kai’s shocked expression and propped herself up so she could see his face. Placing both hands on his cheeks, she continued, “But the reason I actually asked you was because deep down I knew that I am in love with you. I love you, too, Kai.”

She pressed his lips on his again like they had done so many times today. Though it felt different this time. It wasn’t filled with lust, but with love and felt like the first proper kiss they exchanged. They both didn’t want to let go of the other as they had finally found out their missing half had been right by their side for a long time now. 


Sure beats the heck outta the name I’ve been using for her ( ’-_-)


Saturday Seis

Uno: Today we volunteered from around 7:00 AM till after 5:00 PM. Nick brought me egg bites and decaf iced coffee from Starbucks. We made lots of money from the snack bar and tournament ticket sales, which will mean we can do more for the girls on the basketball team. One of the girls brought in spam musubi she made with her dad, and we sold out quickly. The Bruce Lee t-shirt was given out in lieu of another useless trophy at one of the local “Asian ball” tournaments, and my wrist band assistant wore hers proudly today.

Dos: We had a little bit of excitement when the fire alarm went off in strident shrieks and white flashes of light. Somehow a fire had started in a random bathroom in a building that wasn’t being used. The firefighters made short work of it.

Tres: It’s so good to see Phia smiling with her team mates. She saw the psychiatrist this week at her therapist’s recommendation, and she started on Prozac Wednesday. Today she told me that her whole life has changed for the better, that she didn’t feel anxious once yesterday, and that her brain “doesn’t feel so cluttered.” I am so relieved.

Quatro: She also started SAT prep this week. Her brother and sister went to the same prep place. The guy who runs it is Korean, but he was born and raised in South America, so Spanish is is first language. His Korean only got good when he moved to the U.S. and fell in love with a girl at church who had just moved here from Korea. Now she’s his wife, and he’s fluent in three languages and good at a couple more. He has a soft spot for the Hispanic kids, and is already pushing Phia to learn more Spanish. He tells the kids that his course isn’t just about SAT scores, but even more about discovering themselves and their own strengths. My older two still quote him occasionally. I’m sure he is going to be a good influence on Phia.

Cinco: Today is the day I stopped my beta blocker and antiarrhythmic medication in preparation for my electrophysiology study on Thursday. I made it through this long day, but my pulse was 130 doing nothing, and by the end I was walking like an old lady. When we got home, Nick put me to bed and told me to do nothing but rest. Five more days! I am so optimistic that they are going to find an accessory pathway and ablate it, and I can get back to “normal”.

Seis: I’m going to a music festival in Del Mar this September with two of my sisters, and it looks like our free lodging option may have disappeared. San Diego hotels are so expensive, I may not be able to go. Keep your fingers crossed that we can pull off a miracle and find a cheap place to stay nearby.

I owe some of you some serious love, but I need to get some sleep. I love you, friends!

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So the same boss who said we couldn't wear casual clothes/tennis shoes for inventory, was the same boss who freaking wore tennis shoes for inventory. She apparently changed her mind about letting us go casual yesterday morning, but didn't bother to let everyone know. I am not exactly happy with her.

So Much Younger Yesterday

So Much Younger Yesterda ; Edmund Pevensie x Reader

Setting : Modern AU

****Requested: nupe

****Warnig: Um, very ummm… borderline smutty. Also Peter lets out a very loud curse at the end. Oops? AND DRUNK EDMUUUUNNNDDD!!! (Also this is too long, i APOLOGIZE.)

Edmund removed his helmet and lowered his sword, smiling broadly at his brother.
“Good fight.” He smirked.
“That’s cause you won.” Peter huffed. “That was also because you caught me off guard.”
Edmund laughed and mocked his brother, the two of them walking to the locker rooms.
When they reached the locker rooms, Edmund swung his locker open and grinned as his phone rang loudly.
Edmund picked the phone up happily.
“Hey, Y/N.” Edmund greeted. “What up?”
“I-Where are you?” Y/N’s voice replied weakly.
At this, Edmund straightened up. “I just finished sword-fighting with Peter. What’s wrong?”
“I-Group work. I can’t—“
“Where are you?”
“Football field. Bleachers.” Y/N replied, shakily.
“Stay there, on my way.”
“Please take a bath first.“ Y/N replied, joking through her tears.
Edmund smiled weakly. “No promises.”

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Living With You

read on and ao3

one / two / three / four / five / six / seven / eight

tags: @beaxnalu, @ftfanfics

rating: t+ for sexual joking, swear words, and mild smut later on

pairings: nalu, gajevy, gruvia

characters: natsu, lucy, gajeel, levy, gray, juvia

summary: Finding herself thrown out and drunk after a party wasn’t the way Lucy expected her night to go. After blacking out and waking up in a room with three men, she has a decision to make: will she stay or will she go? Loosely based on New Girl. Roommates!AU

When Lucy awoke, she was being carried by Natsu into his truck where he would take her home. She wasn’t sure if she had been passed out for minutes or hours, but by the looks on the faces of the rest of the women in the room, Lucy had been out for a while.  Thankfully she had sobered up by the time Natsu got there to the point that she remembered that she had realized her feelings for him.

It seemed like things really could get worse than she thought they could.

“Luce,” he said, and she looked up. “We’re getting you insurance tomorrow so you can go see a psychiatrist.”

His eyes were firm but his tone was gentle, and she noticed that his red hoodie pressed against his muscles quite nicely. Lucy’s pulse quickened, and she fought a flush. Wow, he really had her hooked.

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I snapped a few photos while I was checking on her. I made her food right after this and I was putting the food down she started eating the bit off my hand. Just happily eating. Now she is just looking at me offended that she has to eat out of a bowl.

Look, this animal doesn’t give a fuck. She went through so much change yesterday but boi, she is so chill. This animal is so chill. I love her.


Sanne Wevers at Euro trials yesterday. She changed her routine around and scored 14.466 (6.1)

The Walk

Well, I have a few reasons for this.

One is that I submitted it to rouge and she never posted.

Two is that it’s already been up in my Wattpad account.

So I’m posting this here now.

Gonna skip The Dream Part 2. It’s not really related to our plot.

But soon. I promise. The Dream Part 2 will come.



Snazzy rubbed his eyes and stretched. Does Xahji’s family do this often?

It’s too early for a morning walk.

He yawned as he left the bed. Xahji already went to the bathroom a few minutes ago.

“Hope she comes out soon.” He said to himself.

Just then, Snazzy heard a knock from the bathroom.

“Huh?” He wondered.

“Snazzy, do me a favor please?” She called out.

“What is it, Xahji?”

“Can you…. Um….” She fiddled with her fingers in the bathroom, blushing a bit. How will she tell him anyways?

“Can I what?” He asks her.

“Ne-nevermind.” Xahji shouted. What ever favor she was gonna say, she didn’t continue.

“Ok. Call me again if you need me.” Snazzy shouted back.

Xahji went back to the shower. She doesn’t want to ask him that anyways. It’s too embarrassing. If he knew…. He might leave her.

The thought alone scares her.

Snazzy sighed in impatience because Xahji has been in the bath for 5 minutes since she called. He sighed again.

“What’s taking her so long?” He murmured to no one in particular.

And just on time, Xahji opened the bathroom door.

Still in robes.

“It’s your turn, Zee.” Xahji looked at the side.

“S-sure.” Snazzy answered back and walked past her to the bathroom.

A few minutes later, Xahji has already finished putting on her clothes.

“Xahji?” Goth knocked on the door. He’s holding clothes of some sort.

“Y-yeah?” Xahji immediately answered. She opened the door to reveal her brother with a scowl on his face.

“Give this to him.” He handed out the clothes which Xahji took.

“Your old track suit?” She asked.



“He would need clothes to use in running.” He told her.

“Oh. I’ll go give it to him.” Xahji was gonna close the door but Goth’s hand stopped her from doing so.

“G-goth?” She asked, looking up at him. “Anything else?”

“Nothing just…. Hurry up, ok?” Goth told her, his voice back to it’s soft tone.

“Ok.” Xahji nodded and closed the doors. But when she turned around, she saw Snazzy out already but with no clothes on. Only the towel wrapped around his waist.

“You’re done?” She asked him.

Snazzy blushed a bit. He’s not so used to showing his bare ribs to a girl.

“Zee?” Xahji tilted her head a bit to the side.

“Um…  Y-yeah. I’m done.” He answered quickly.

“Good. Here you go.” She handed him the clothes that Goth gave her.

“T-thanks. Who gave this?” Snazzy took the clothes from Xahji.

“Goth did. He wanted me to give this to you so you have something to wear.” Xahji smiled.

“This is the second time he let me wear his clothes.” Snazzy stated.

“Yeah. He must trust you a lot.” Xahji looked at the side.

Xahji just don’t get it. It’s impossible for someone to trust a person they hate before that easily. Maybe because Snazzy saved her?

“Xahji?” She snapped back ro reality, Snazzy shaking her a little.

“I’m fine. Now go get changed.” Xahji told him. Snazzy nodded. He headed to the bathroom again to change.

She looked around noticed that the clothes he had on yesterday were nowhere in the room. Except for his jacket that is on the bed.

‘His jacket is still here atleast.’ Xahji thought.

She took the jacket. She sat on the bed and buried her face on his jacket.

She can still smell the scent of Snazzy here.

The smell was addicting. Almost like a drug to Xahji. She inhaled it again to smell more. But she had to refrain. She has to stop before Snazzy sees-



Snazzy was at the bathroom doorway, fully clothed. Xahji blushed brightly as the atmosphere had gone very awkwardly silent.

“Sna-snazzy I-” she started but he cut her off.

“No, no. I understand. You love my jacket and you wanted to smell it so sure. If it comforts you, go ahead.” Snazzy said, looking at Xahji, blushing a bit.

“N-no, that wasn’t my intention! I-I just…” Xahji stood up, still holding the jacket in her left hand. “I’m sorry you had to see that.” She looked down in shame.

The room became silent again. Snazzy sighed and walked over to Xahji.

“I’m not judging you, Xahji.” He held her cheek with his left hand while his right hand slowly slided down her arm.

“Y-you’re not?” She assured. He must be joking, right?

He gripped the jacket in her hand. She noticed of course so she let go. She’s still blushing from the closeness.

He gulped and slowly, he was closing the gap between them.

Not until Geno bursted through the door.

“Hey, kids! Ready for our morning…. Walk?” His enthusiasm faded a bit on the last part.

“Dad!” Xahji pushed Snazzy away by the face.

“Were we interrupting something?” Palette peeked from behind Geno.

“Palette?! What are you doing here?” Xahji wondered.

“Goth invited me. It’s not like this is the first time I walked with you.” He told her.

“Y-yeah but still.” She said.

“You didn’t have to push me, y'know.” Snazzy rubbed his face.

“S-sorry, Zee.” Xahji apologized.

“What is he doing here?” Palette asked Reaper.

“Oh! He’s Xahji’s boyfriend!” Reaper said, smiling.

“But didn’t he ma-” whatever Palette was gonna say, Goth stopped him.

“He what?” Geno asked.

“Oh, nothing dad. Palette thought he was someone else.” Goth reasoned. Palette looked at him. Goth let go of him.

“I see. So, you two ready?” Geno asked.

“Yep! Totally ready.” Snazzy nodded.

“Let’s go, then.” Goth led everyone out, holding Palette’s hand, of course.

On the way out, Xahji held onto Snazzy with the same bear grip she had last night but this time, he holds onto her as well. Both of them are still anxious about what happened.

Everything was going well until Xahji saw a familiar alley.

Her face suddenly turned pale at the sight of it.

“Xahji?” Snazzy questioned when she stopped.

Her parents, Goth and Palette also looked at them.

“Something wrong, sweety?” Reaper talked and approached them.

Xahji felt flashbacks of that horrible feeling. She felt helpless and scared. She hated it.

Tears started running down her face. Snazzy noticed and recognized the alley immediately.

Snazzy quickly hugged Xahji and patted her back to calm her down.

“What’s wrong, Xahji?” Geno asked.

He just recieved silence as an answer.

“What’s wrong with her?” Geno asked Snazzy instead.

“This is the place where…. Last night…. Happened….” Snazzy looked at Xahji with worried eyes.

“Oh… I see… We gotta change our normal route next time, Hon.” Reaper told Geno.

“I agree.” Goth told them. “If it’s for Xahji.”

Snazzy nodded.

“Let’s continue then.” Palette informed everyone. “We don’t want to stay here, do we?”

“Sure.” Geno told him.

They continue their walk. With small chats and conversations. Nobody actually expected 'them’ to suddenly fall down the sky.

“So, are there any routes that we can use to avoid that alley?” Goth asked his Mom.

“Yeah. We can go through B street and turn left at Point X then turn another left on Shawn intersection. Then we will be back to our original route.” Reaper pointed at the map he is holding.

“Great. The walk may be shorter but at least we can be home sooner.” Geno told them.

All of them agreed.

“What do we do with Snazzy though? I’m pretty sure Xahji won’t let him out of her sight.” Palette looked back at Xahji and Snazzy who were talking to each other.

“You have a point.” Goth nodded.

“Hm…. What about-” Palette started.

Geno stopped him. “Wait.” Everyone stopped walking, even Xahji and Snazzy.

“D-dad?” Xahji asked.

“Do you hear that?” Geno asked everyone.

“Hear what?” Snazzy started to take a defensive stance.

There was a moment of silence until they heard someone screaming?

“M….. A…. Mo…. A…ay…. Move away!” They all looked up to the sky and saw someone in white falling. It looked like a white monsters of some sort.

“The heck?” Snazzy raisee his eye brow. Soon enough, the white is starting to become more clearer.

“G-gothy..? What’s that?” Palette asked, pointing at them.

“I… Dunno…” Goth answered back.

The person kept screaming. It was becoming clear that it was a skeleton.

They were too weirded out so they all stepped aside.

The unidentified falling person closed his eyes and prepared for impact.

Gladly, he floated, his just about less than an inch above the ground.

He let out a sigh of relief but…. Someone else fell on top of him.

“Pal, get off me!” The one with the white coat and red scarf said.

“Ok, ok. Just wait!” The other one said, wearing a hat and scarf with a paint stain said.

“Oh my gosh! Are you ok?” Geno asked, approaching the two people who just fell from the sky. He gasped though when he saw their faces.

“Y-yeah, we’re fine….” He rubbed his skull and looked up to see the shocked faces of everyone.

The two were also shocked to see them.

“Ummm…. Geno…. I-is that….” Reaper pulled on his husband’s sleeve.

“B-but… That’s impossible… Right?”

“Um…. I didn’t want first impressions to be like this, Goth.” One of the boys said to his partner.

“What…. A-are those two….” Goth stepped back as he looked at their children counterparts. “Us????”

“Technically… Yeah.” The younger looking Goth shrugged.

“I’m too weirded out by this.” Xahji murmured, hugging Snazzy.

“I think all of us are.” Snazzy replied.

It took a full minute of staring at each other before someone finally screamed of shock and horror.


I just noticed how ooc i made these characters from their orig counterparts.

Whatever. It ain’t canon anyways.

But hey! Look who arrived!

Two dopplegangers of a cheerleader and a librarian! Yay!

I’m kinda excited to finishing the next part now.

Ehehe~ Ehehehehe~ EHEHEHEHEHE >:3

Characters belong to
Palette - @angexci
Goth - @nekophy
Geno - @loverofpiggies
Reaper - @renlink
Xahji - @azzyloraaandkanto
Snazzy - @anrez-op-skele
Cc!palette, l!goth, naj!reaper, naj!geno and naj in general - @blogthegreatrouge

Fic: Room in Your Heart for More Ch. 8

Sorry it took so long for this update. I had a sinus infection all week and could only sit down and write a little here and there. Any typos are due to cold medicine. ;) As promised, this is so fluffy and sweet you may get a toothache. Read it on Ao3 or below. 

Is it someday yet? 

Felicity gasped when she fell through the air off the ladder, bracing herself for impact, but she was surprised when it never came. She landed softly in Oliver’s arms. It was just as well, he was the reason she fell in the first place.

“I’ve got you honey,” the man in question said as he placed her feet gently on the floor, but kept his arms around her.

Felicity stood there for a moment, with her nose buried in his chest. She had wanted this moment to come, and she wanted to make sure she was ready to enjoy it. She pulled back to look up into his eyes.

“You love me?”

She grinned when Oliver nodded.

“Like, LOVE love me or hey pal, I love ya,” Felicity teased. Oliver tilted his head at her, considering his options before responding.

“The first on, I think. If that one means I’m hopelessly in love with you,” he said, leaning in to give her a quick kiss.

But Felicity was not into quick kisses after romantic declarations, so she grabbed the back of his neck and pulled him in for a longer, deeper kiss to show him how she really felt. When the kiss ended, their foreheads remained together while they worked to calm their breathing.

“I love you too, Oliver.”

He cupped her cheeks. “You love me?”

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I think that Ali having this baby is a terrible idea.

Let’s put aside for the moment, that I’m skeptical of the actual pregnancy to begin with. Let’s say I believe this entire story.

There are zero good reasons for Ali to keep this baby. Let’s keep in mind that I’m pro choice AF, so if any of your arguments are from a pro life stance, please remember that Ali was already prepared to have an abortion. So she has already cleared that hurdle.

1. The baby is the product of rape.

2. Ali was literally already prepared to get rid of it, so it’s not out of moral obligation.

3. Unfortunately, as awful as this entire situation is for Emily… as she has been violated as well… she isn’t the one who will have to carry that baby to term. I appreciate that she made it clear that it was Ali’s choice, but…

4. Ali really seems to not want this baby. As far as we know, the only reason that she’s keeping it is because Emily asked her to. And that’s just about one of the worst reasons you can have to raise a child.

I know that the suspicion is that Emily and Ali will raise it together. But, the only one who’s had any interest in raising this kid so far is Emily. So unless Ali plans to carry the baby and Emily will raise it…

What changed for Ali? Knowing the baby is Emily’s? Or knowing that the baby isn’t Rollins? Just because it’s not his doesn’t make it less violating. If anything, it is more so.

I can’t think of one good thing in this for Ali. She didn’t want the baby yesterday, and I don’t think she had a change of heart overnight.