she caresses them

sappho speaks in fragments
laid out like thread upon the loom
a ragged edge spilling off into oblivion
she speaks of a love too large, too holy
to ever fit in one girl’s heaving breast

her lips ache for a divine caress
so she wraps them around her words
her solace, in verse she calls out to you
pleading, alone, always, for the love
she gives and is not given in return

you consume her, you of foam and blood
darling aphrodite for whom all yearn
and will it ever be enough for her?
fragments of love, scraps of insincere feeling
filling in the soft-edged blanks left in your wake

-26.7.16 [and do you love her too?]

possible connection: classmate, neighbour, client, family friend, stranger at a bar, teacher, literally anything.  (open to f/m/nb) 

You know… My dad thinks I’m the most perfect daughter like… ever. Kala flipped her hair, reaching the other’s leg and slowly caressing them. She’d usually talk of her in third person when she was trying to get noticed.  It would be a shame if someone would try and turn her down. Right?

On the Corner of Eighth and Ninth || Closed


Scarlet was in the middle of her shop, gaping at an entire patch of flowers that were all starting to wilt. Her powers had been acting up lately, causing her plants to be affected. But the sight of her dying flowers broke her heart.

Tears filled her eyes as she approached them, gently caressing their wilted heads. “My poor flowers…” She mumbled. “I’m so sorry… I’m so so sorry…” She leaned forward and kissed one of them. She needed to go try and compose herself. If she was to have customers soon, they couldn’t see her like this. Besides, she needed to get a scented box to lay her friends to rest in.

Clouds started to gather outdoors signaling rain was coming soon.

She took a deep breath and headed into the back room, silently weeping.