she caresses them


Worlds 2017

Post FD hug <3

Solar instinctively going to grab/hold onto Byul’s waist but suddenly remembering who and where the fuck she is and awkwardly moving to grab/hold her arms at the last possible second they make me sad as much as they make me happy whenever I think about it on real shit

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[Chanyeol] It’s a Little Perfect

genre: fluff

word count: 879

edited: yes!

summary: Chanyeol picks his girlfriend up from the airport. Fluff ensues.

Chanyeol shook his hands, then wrung them, then shook them again. His eyes wandered to the clock’s ticking hand and he puffed out his cheeks, exhaling loudly. How long these two weeks had been!

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ingeneralfangirl  asked:

Honestly just poly rangers anything if u r taking prompts. Something abt the family's of each of them? Like Zack and Billy's moms and Trini's fam and Jason's fam and Kim's fam and idk what this is, I just rly like poly rangers


Ok so before I get on with writing this, here are my poly ranger sexual/romantic/platonic pairing headcanons to stave off some questions. Trini is exclusively sexual with Kim. Her relationships with the boys are platonic, but she loves cuddling with anyone, anywhere, anytime. Kim is very occasionally sexual with Jason, but is platonic with Billy and Zach. Sometimes she just likes to kiss whoever is nearby, as does Zach. Jason and Billy are also mostly exclusively sexual with each other. Sometimes, when the mood strikes, Zach joins in with Jason and Billy, but he’s not often bothered with sex. I feel like Zach is a huge cuddle monster and him and Trini can usually be found cuddling somewhere.

I’m not too ready to add Tommy in yet simply because she isn’t developed, but  I love Tommy as a girl, and in my headcanons she’s definitely pan or bi and super flirty with literally everyone. She’ll punch your lights out if you even think her full name (Thomasina). She won’t be in this fic, but if people want to see more of her with the other 5, send me prompts!

Feel free to come yell about your headcanons with me! Ok, here we go…


The first parental unit they tell is Billy’s mom. 

Well, it’s more that Billy blurts it out during one of his babble fests they all adore, and they all hold their breath wand wait.

She’s so happy that Billy is happy and accepted and understood that she doesn’t blink twice before welcoming them all to the family and asking if they like cookies and apple juice. She has an avalanche of questions later, but they know she’s just trying to learn and they all answer her questions happily 

Zach’s mom figures it out by herself. She chatters at Zach for a solid 20 minutes in Chinese while the others stand and wait apprehensively for the yelling to start, for them all to be kicked out, but then Zach hugs her as tightly as he dares and they all let out a sigh of relief and laugh as she tells them about all the polyamorous couples in Chinese mythology. They promise they’ll study them for her, and these lessons become a normal weekly occurrence that just makes Zach even more proud to have her as his mom.

Jason’s father yells. A lot. He doesn’t kick them out but he tells them they’re just kids and how could they be so naiive, how could they think this is okay, how could they think about flaunting this in public, what would people think, how could they not think of their futures, and on and on and on. Their shoulders don’t slump but Billy and Kim both start to shrink as the yelling gets louder and finally, finally, and maybe surprisingly but really not, it’s Trini who speaks up first. She gets right up in his face and tells him to shut up and to stop bullying the people she loves.

It’s quiet for a long time after that, and Billy straightens and Kim just breathes and they lean in to Jason and Zack while Trini stares down Jason’s dad until he turns and leaves the room. She harrumphs and turns back to her partners and coaxes smiles from all of them while she trembles with adrenaline. Later, back at Billy’s house, she snuggles into Kim who’s sandwiched between her and Zach and allows herself to relax and remember that she has them and she has Billy’s mom and Zach’s mom and dreads what her parents are going to say next.

Jason’s dad surprises them all when the next week he invites them all over and tells them he’s been doing a lot of research. That he loves Jason and he doesn’t understand yet, but he’s going to try and to please give him a second chance. He apologizes to Trini and Kim and Billy, and shakes Zach’s hand. Jason tells them the next day that he’d gotten the first hug from his dad he’d had in 5 years. They have hope.

Trini tries to introduce them slowly to her parents. She’d told them all that her mom was overbearing and that her dad was just oblivious and that neither of them had reacted well to her coming out - obviously. First, she brings Zach. Because Zach is a boy and Zach can be polite and winning when he wants to be. Trini’s brothers love him and her parents are suspicious. Next is Kim, who adults absolutely adore. Well. Most adults, because apparently Trini’s mom really doesn’t like Trini hanging around with pretty girls. Trini’s dad gives her an encouraging smile and Trini helps Kim escape before the barrage of questions beats down on her shoulders. 

Jason and Billy come as a package, and Billy is sweet and Jason is charming and he’s Jason Scott and her mom seems to give in a little when she sees that these 4 odd kids keep coming around. But one day they’re all studying in Trini’s living room and they’re supposed to be alone so they’re not watching themselves and Trini’s mom walks in on Trini cuddling with Zach and Kim while reading her book for AP Lit and Kim just happens to be stealing a kiss from Jason while her arms are still wrapped around Trini, and Billy’s head is in Jason’s lap and it’s all wrong, all to fast, and Trini thinks she actually witnesses her mom’s head explode with the shout of her name.

“Trinity Maria Alverado! What the hell is going on in my house?!”

Trini’s mom is the first to kick everyone else out. They all tell her behind her mom’s back that they’ll be close, that they’ll come if she needs them, that they love her and all she can do is watch them close the door behind them. 

Her mother calls her father while still screaming at her, demands that he come home early to deal with this

Trini’s count of how many questions her mom asks has reached two hundred and sixteen without enough breath for her to even answer one by the time her father gets home. 

“Trini, your mother says you’re sleeping with 4 other people?!”

Trini closes her eyes and prepares to explain to a brick wall. She really wishes her partners were there, but she has a faint connection to all of them and she caresses them in her mind. 

“No, papí, I -”

“Don’t you dare lie to him, Trinity! I saw what was going on in this room! I saw -”

“You saw Kim kissing Jason. Because Kim likes to kiss people. I like to cuddle, and so does Zach. And Kim is the only one I’m, like, you know. With. So she cuddles with me too. And Jason is with Billy, so he’s really the only one that Billy is ok with touching a lot. And we all love each other, mamí, but it’s not wrong, it’s beautiful.”

“What do you mean, Kim is the only one you’re ‘with’? Are you having sex, Trinity? You are far too young to even be considering sex, and you’re not even married. Are you still pretending to like women? You know your father and I don’t support that, Trinity, I thought we’d come to an agreement! What I saw today…”

It goes on for hours. Trini tries explaining that there’s nothing sexual between her and the boys. Just Kim, even if they don’t ‘believe’ in her being gay. She tries explaining that yes, they’re all in a relationship because no matter how scared she is she’s not going to hide them like some dirty little secret. She’s proud of them and their relationship and maybe it’s stupid of her but she’s not backing down and she’s not moving again. She tries explaining 50 different ways but no matter what she says they don’t change their questions, they don’t change their minds. They send her to her room with a final “We are so disappointed in you, mija.” and the moment her door closes she’s out the window, running. She doesn’t have a destination in mind, but apparently her partners know her better than she knows herself because when she finally finds herself on top of her rock, they’re all sitting there. Waiting. With open arms and soft words and hot chocolate and music. She doesn’t go home for 2 days.

Trini’s parents tell her they’re moving a week later and Trini threatens to apply for emancipation. She’s not taking this shit any more. They don’t move, but for 2 months the only members of Trini’s family that talk to her are her little brothers (who understand much more easily than adults ever will. Who love their cool big sister no matter what. Who still love to cuddle with her if she promises not to tell any of their friend ever. Who don’t understand why their parents are mad at Trini, so she tells them it’s big people stuff and they’re lucky they’re still kids).

Kim’s parents are never around. She’s avoided talking about her family for so long with her partners that they knew something wasn’t right. She tells them over e-mail and doesn’t receive a reply. She stresses and worries and agonizes over what will happen when they’re both home again, but when they finally are it’s the usual false platitudes and nightly shouting match and absolutely nothing about the e-mail. 

One time, they’re all at her place and her father comes home early (parents coming home early seem to be their downfall). He tells her politely that her friends should probably leave for the night. That it’s late, and dinner would be soon, even though it’s not even 5pm. Trini’s the one who spots her tensed shoulders, her quickened breathing, and asks if she needs Trini to stay. Kim shakes her head - she’s dealt with what’s coming before, and this time she has them all there for her after. 

Kim’s dad shouts too. It’s worse than Jason’s dad, because his words are shaped to cut on purpose, not out of ignorance. She shrinks as she always does, trying to give the words less of her to injure. He tells her that she’ll never bring them over again, that they’ll never mention the subject within a mile of their home ever again, that it will be forgotten. The next day her parents leave on another trip and she hugs Zach’s mom and Billy’s mom and Jason’s dad so hard because sometimes, she just really wants a parent who cares.

Angel grove whispers about them, they know it. It’s a small town, where everyone knows everyone, and where gossip spreads faster than wildfire. But they have each other, and they have 4 parental figures who love them and accept them. They have Zordon and Alpha 5 and their purpose. They have music and adventures and really, what else would they ever need.

dunno what this turned into, but hope you liked it!

Kay Loses Her V-Card

We had had sleepovers in the past, 3 years worth of them. She was so open about her body, the natural sway of her hips when she walked, and the amazing perkiness of her breasts (which I had seen countless times)… Every time I looked at her, electricity flowed through my body. Now, us both 18 and ready to leave out into the world, we had wanted one last night of fun together. We didn’t know how fun it was going to be though…
We were in her basement, which had been converted into a game room. She had been telling me earlier about how she had given a drunken lap dance at a party, and in the darkness, I whispered “Can you show me… How you did that lap dance?”
“Of course,” she said back, slipping out of her sleeping bag. She climbed on top of me, and began swirling her hips over mine. Every so often, I could feel her clit bump mine through her thin sweatpants and my thin shorts. It sent shivers down my spine…
She leaned in close to me, her lips brushing my ear, and she released the gentlest of moans. I turned my face toward her. My hands left my sides, traveling up to her chin, slightly angling it toward my face. Our eyes met for what felt like hours, but was only seconds… And then I felt the amazing softness of her lips as I leaned in. She kissed me softly back, her body coming down to rest over mine. I kissed gently down her neck, my hands drifting down to her shoulders. Another one of her sweet moans escaped her…
We were both virgins, suddenly unlocking our fantasies of girl-on-girl with each other. I took charge, rolling up from underneath her and laying her on her back. I slipped her pink cotton tshirt over her head, running my fingers lightly over her stunning breasts. My mouth left her neck, and kissed down to her nipples. I gently nibbled on them, causing her to gasp. I kissed all around her stomach, and then went back up to her for another amazing kiss on the lips. That’s when she pulled my white tank top off of me, releasing my 34B breasts. She caressed them, then took them in her mouth. The flicking of her tongue over my nipple felt divine, so much so that I let out a moan…
I pulled away from her, and started to slide her sweatpants away. She was nervous, but the wet patch on her baby pink panties gave her away.
I first ran my finger over her clit, feeling it swell and become sensitive. Then I traveled over her puffy pussy lips, which I had a craving to dive into… I slipped her panties off, and slowly began to rub her clit with my thumb. She moaned deeply, as though every pleasure nerve on her body was being hit. I removed my thumb and inserted one finger into her sopping pussy, then did one lick over her clit. She tasted so sweetly amazing, I wanted more immediately!! I kept pleasuring her clit though, pumping my finger in and out of her sweet pussy. Soon, she began to arch her back and moan continually. “Oh… Oh yes Kay, oh my god, yes please!” And I wasn’t going to let her down…
I retreated my fingers, but quickly did a lick over her entire pussy, from the end to her clit. Her hand shot to my hair, pulling on my ponytail and directing it to her dripping snatch. I eagerly licked it, flicking my tongue between her beautiful, full folds. Her moans were so high pitched, so full of pleasure, my own pussy was sopping wet too!
“Kay, Kay, I’m going to cum! I’m gonna fucking cum! You’re making my pussy cum!” She almost yelled! I licked and sucked even faster and harder then, feeling her tremble and suddenly a new taste hit my tongue. It was amazingly tangy, and I knew I had made her cum! Her hand relaxed in my hair, but still pulled me up from her leaking pussy. She drew me over her, kissing me, and for the first time, darting her tongue into my mouth. She pulled away, her eyes shining. “Well, you’ve tasted mine… I get to taste yours now!” She said!
She pushed off my shorts, revealing my pale peach satin thong. She kept pulling me up her body until I was directly over her face. “I’ve always wanted to know what pussy looked like… Now I have it up close and personal,” she whispered. I was on my knees over her, and she pulled away my thong, spreading my pussy lips and exploring my clit. It was the most amazing experience ever. I let out a moan, prompting her to plunge a finger deep inside me, along with flicking my clit with her tongue. Suddenly, she ripped off my thong and plunged her tongue deep into me! I had to grab a pillow to keep from screaming! “Oh yes, oh yes, please tongue fuck me Lil, please!” I begged and begged, feeling my orgasm grow!
“Tell me you’re a good little slut, and I might just let you cum all over my face,” Lil told me. The command made me even hotter, and I loved being told what to do.
“I am a bad, pussy loving, fucking slut!” I moan out, knowing that if she didn’t let me cum soon, I was going to explode anyways!
“Good little kitten, now cum for me!” I had to grab a pillow and scream into it, my orgasm was so hard! Her tongue kept darting in and out of me and swirling around my clit, and her hands dug into my ass in a delicious way!! Everything was just how I had imagined it, my climax being amazing!
I climbed off of her, and she smiled at me. We kissed deeply once again, and then she began to collect her clothing and put it on. “Come on, we don’t want my brother to find us naked in the morning…” She smiled, slipping again into her sleeping bag.

Batman’s daughter - Part 3

Word count - 1444

Warnings - Smut

Requests are open.

Part 1       Part 2

Summary -  Imagine being batmans daughter and you’re dating harley. And one day he catches you together. Anonymous

GIF NOT mine, credits to whoever made it.

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You looked in to the mirror, you were supposed to be happy but, it was so hard when you felt that emptiness in your heart. It had been almost a week since you were with your dad, you stayed at Harley’s place, but even though you missed your father.

“Are you okay puddin’?” Harley asked, her hands slipping around your waist and she kissed your neck, making you smile a little bit. “Kind of.” You said, she kissed your cheek, you felt protected with her, you loved her but even though you still wanted to see your dad. “Do you want me to make you feel better?” She asked and looked at you through the mirror, resting her chin on your shoulder. You smiled and she winked, smirking. She started to give you kisses on the neck, started to bite and you bit your lip, knowing that that would turn her on.

You went towards the bed and she started to kiss from your lips to your jawline, when she got there she pulled her shirt over her head and you did the same thing, connecting your lips and then you felt Harley’s hand flickering against your clit, you whimpered and she smiled, her hands were taking off her pants and she did the same to you, she separated her lips from yours, and started to kiss her was down to your breasts, she caressed them and started to lick them, making you moan and you started to grind your hips against hers, she kissed your lips and her hands went down, taking off your panties making you moan at the contact of her hand with your clit. She took off her black lace panties and started to kiss you again. You started to grind a little bit harder making her moan and it was music to your ears, you stopped and grabbed her hips. “Ride my face.” You mumbled in to the kiss, she smiled and got up, you tightened your grip with your arms against her thighs, you started slow, teasing her, you started to kiss her, tasting her sweetened, making her wimper a few times, thes you started to lick long, bold strokes, making her moan and grind against your mouth, then you felt her hands on your breasts, massaging them and giving them attention. You tasted her and moaned, she started to moan a little bit louder, as you moved her hips against your mouth, exploring her completely. You dipped your tongue inside her and enjoyed at how she squirmed under your touch. “Fuck Y/N, keep on going.” She said and started to grind harder and moaned as she came on your mouth. You licked her clean as she got down.

“Wow, you have mad skills.” She said, her chest hovering up and down, you got on top of her and kissed her lips, enjoying the moment. “I know.” You smiled and kissed her again, she got back up and started to kiss your neck, you got a hickie and she smiled. “Now it’s your turn.” She said as her Hand traveled to your clit, you whimpered as she started to rub you slowly. “You’re so wet pumpkin.” She whispered in your ear, making you shiver, you moaned and she smiled. “Do you like it when I talk like this to you?” She asked and you nodded, she shoved one finger inside of you making you arc your back in pleasure. “You are such a good girl, you deserve something.” She whispered and started to pump her fingers harder hitting your g-spot perfectly. “So wet.” She whispered and started to bite your ear, then moving to your mouth, she placed a kiss on your lips and started to bite your lip. You screamed as you reached your high and she smirked.

“I love you.” You said before hugging her and kissing her again. “I love you too puddin’.” She answered and got out of bed. “So, what do you want to do?” She asked, getting dressed in a short white dress. “Mm maybe go walk a little bit.” You said, putting on a pair of pants and a random shirt. “Sure, anything that you want puddin’.” She said wrapping her hands around your neck and giving you a passionate kiss. Your lips moved in sync with hers as you grabbed her waist.

“Aren’t you cold?” You asked as you walked down the park, your hand intertwined with hers. She shook her head and just squeezed your hand. “Nope, I’ve been through worse.” She chuckled nervously as you saw a bunch of kids running around giggling. “I want to have a family.” She whispered in your ear, making you smile, you looked at her and placed a quick chaste kiss on her lips. “Maybe one day we will have one.” You said and she smiled, you hugged her and then continued to walk. “How would we name her?” You asked her and she winked at you “Harley jr.” She said and you laughed, she looked at you serious, and then let go of your hand. “Hey! I’m serious!” Harley said and started to go at aa faster pace. You catched up with her and quickly kissed her, she started to push you away until you caressed her cheek, feeling her soft skin and making her feel loved, you looked in her eyes, starting to lean in and you kissed her, your lips moving in sync with hers. You separated from the kiss, feeling the ghost of her lips on yours from previous seconds and your eyes stayed looking at her rosy lips, before smiling, looking up to her eyes again. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it to come out of that way.” You apologized and she laughed, pulling you back in to a passionate kiss.

You started to walk and then saw your dad, doing the same thing with the same woman from before. Harley saw them come over and put her arm on your waist, pulling you closer protectively. Harley kissed you again and you smiled as the kiss deepened.

“Y/N!” Your dad said, and you separated from Harley, she wiped her lips with her sleeve as you licked yours, you tasted Harley’s lipstick and you smiled. “Hey.” You said smiling, the woman looked at your dad, and Harley went to her original position, next to you and her arm wrapped you by your waist, you smiled at the warmth that her body emitted towards you. “Um I was wondering if you guys knew what happened.” He said rather nervously, his hand went towards his mouth and started to breath in them, it was a sign that something was terribly wrong, you knew your dad, he wouldn’t be so nervous unless it involved someone who mattered. “No sir, what happened?” Harley said, anxious for the answer, of course she was like this, she always needed to know what happened. Her hand clutched you harder and you turned around to look at her she was really curious. “Joker escaped the asylum.” Your dad said and Harley let out a heart breaking sob, she fell to the ground and put her hand over her mouth, trying to control herself, but you could hear the multiple ‘no’s’ escaping from her mouth. You kneeled down towards her and saw that your dad looked worried but managed to hide it without an expression. You cupped her cheek and started to caress her legs. “Don’t worry it’ll be okay, I’m here.” You said but she shook her head as tears fell from her beautiful, pale, face. You hugged her and started to ppass your hands through her hair. “I’ll protect you Harley, I’d do anything for you.” You said in her ear and she sobbed in to your shoulder. She got up with your help and you grabbed her hand. You went towards your dad. “Thank you for telling us.” You said and kissed his cheek, then gave him a quick hug and you were about to go but he grabbed your wrist. You turned around to see him with a concerned look on his face. “Can we go get some coffee sometime, maybe?” He asked and you smiled and nodded, he smiled back but soon enough went back to his serious glare. “I’ll call you some other time.” You said and grabbed Harley’s hand, she was hugging you and trembling, you kissed her head and continued to walk towards your house.

But, Bruce kept watching you, making sure that his little girl was safe, to make sure that Joker wouldn’t harm you, he kept taking care of his city but especially you, his little girl.

More Kanan Please! - Day 7: with Dia

“Here, try some! Matcha is your favorite flavor, isn’t it?”
“…very well, if you insist.”

[To protest Kanan’s lack of screentime, I’m going to doodle one pic of Kanan with each girl every day until the next episode] ((╬●∀●)

Outfits are from that beautiful magazine scan you all know which one *_* I’m just so gay for them in that illustration Dia is so beautiful I can’t

sappho speaks in fragments
laid out like thread upon the loom
a ragged edge spilling off into oblivion
she speaks of a love too large, too holy
to ever fit in one girl’s heaving breast

her lips ache for a divine caress
so she wraps them around her words
her solace, in verse she calls out to you
pleading, alone, always, for the love
she gives and is not given in return

you consume her, you of foam and blood
darling aphrodite for whom all yearn
and will it ever be enough for her?
fragments of love, scraps of insincere feeling
filling in the soft-edged blanks left in your wake

-26.7.16 [and do you love her too?]

Stay with me - Part 6

Word count - 2565

Warnings - Smut, cutting, violence.

Request are open

GIF NOT mine, credits to whoever made it.

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The long and winding road

Title: The long and winding road
Paring: Chris Beck/Beth Johanssen
Word count: 3705
Rating: Explicit. Like for real, explicit.
Warnings: Explicit sexual content, multiple sex positions, cock warming.
Sinopsis: Beth is on his lap and oh, if he has dreaming of this moment.
N/A: Yooo ~ I haven’t wrote heterosexual smut for long three years by now, so be patient with me. I just love this couple so much, we need more fanfics. So… here, have some smut. Title from the Beatles song since Beth is a big fan of the Beatles like myself :)

(On AO3)

The long and winding road

“So, ummm…” 

Johanssen looked up to him, her tiny fingers stopping their furious tapping on the computer and her pretty eyes staring right into his. Beck sighed, taking a sit at her side and hoping no one would come into the room now because he could never handle the embarrassed if somebody could witness this scene, right now, right… here. Beth winked a couple of times; she probably noticed how his hands were white fists and that he was nervous as hell, like a teenager about to tell his parents he got a bad note and a call from the director’s office. But this was worse, this was one of the worse scenarios to do this too but hey, it’s not like if they have better options. 

“Doctor?” She says softly. 

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Hurricane Amelia

Amelia Shepherd was never that girl. That girl who got hung up over boys. That girl who got jealous when a guy she liked was with another girl. In Med school, they made fun of those kinds of girls, the ones who failed midterms because they couldn’t get their head out of the clouds to even think efficiently.
Who knew she’d be making fun of herself one day.
Knock knock.
“Amelia what are you doing here?” Owen questioned as he opened the door, only wearing red, plaid boxers. Amelia’s eyes dangerously travelled down his body, stopping below his belt. “Are you okay?” he asked.
“Do you know why they called me Hurricane Amelia?” she asked as she stepped into his apartment.
His brows furrowed, “Uh…”
“I know everyone thinks it because I’m a mess and that I screw everyone else’s lives up when I come into town,” she began as she looked directly into his eyes, “but that’s not the real reason why.” She slowly raised her hands to touch his shoulders, caressing them. She then slid her hands through his hair, pulling on it lightly, a way that had made him groan in the past and did no different now.
“Owen who’s at the door?” a female voiced asked from inside the apartment. Amelia took her eyes off Owen, briefly, to look at the direction the voice was coming from; his bedroom. She looked back at him, letting go of his neck and grabbing his hands, bravely slipping them into the back of her jeans, where her ass lay bare, uncovered by underwear. “Your eyes are dilated, Owen,” she whispered. She knew what she was doing to him and she delighted in continuing. Stepping closer to him, she pushed his hands in deeper, allowing him to cup the entire of both the cheeks of her ass, minimising the distance between their two bodies. It was then she felt the bulge in his underwear slowly begin to protrude, pressing up against her stomach. His posture hardened as she tiptoed to whisper in his ear. “They called me Hurricane Amelia because I left guys like you destroyed, like cities after a storm, just by touching them.” She lightly licked his ear as Owen grasped onto her ass for dear life, trying to pull her closer while involuntarily grinding up against her a little. “They called me Hurricane Amelia because of the town destroying S-E-X,” she spelled out as she wrote it on his chest with her finger. And with that, she pulled his hands out as the woman called for Owen again. “Enjoy your tropical wave,” she said, referring to the woman in his bedroom. She made sure he saw the exaggerated bounce of her butt with every step as she left his apartment. Owen, remaining in the same spot with his hands still stuck where Amelia had once been, didn’t notice when his name was being called for the third time. “Owen, who was at the door?” the nurse from the hospital, whom he’d taken home earlier that night, asked. He needed something to take his mind off of work, and evidently Amelia, so when she asked to go for drinks with him, he said yes. It had done quite the opposite. Everything she did as they drank at Joe’s reminded him of how Amelia would’ve done it differently. Even as he took her home, his house a few blocks down from the bar, and the hospital, he was constantly comparing everything the nurse did to what Amelia would’ve done. The way she kissed him, how she grabbed his hair too tightly; it was all different. But he knew how Amelia would’ve done it. It was a few seconds before he turned around, as he was trying to control the blood profusely flowing into his member. “Oh, just someone from the hospital,” he responded.
“Oh, okay,” she replied, slightly noticing the bulge in his boxers.
“Uh actually, it was an emergency, and I uh,” he stuttered, “I need to go.” He briskly walked into his bedroom, slapping on a jeans and t-shirt, barely making eye contact with the nurse whose name he’d already forgotten. “But I thought-,” she began but he didn’t let her finish.
“Help yourself to anything,” he said as he exited his own apartment, praying to catch up to Amelia. Even after all this time, she still had this effect on him. To his surprise however, he found Amelia leaning against her car, waiting, as if she knew he would come running, that he couldn’t resist. And boy, she was right. His bulge from earlier returned quickly as he pressed his body to her, sandwiching her between him and the car. “I want the hurricane,” he answered desperately as he crashed his lips against hers, returning his hands to where they were before, warranting a muffled moan from Amelia.
Amelia Shepherd may not have wanted to be this girl, the one who made out with a guy in the parking lot of their apartment, while the nurse, from the window of his house, watched in horror. She definitely didn’t want to be the girl who received hand jobs there either. But in this moment, with Owen’s hands inside her pants, and her hands returning the favour, she couldn’t imagine how she’d ever made fun of the girls.
The girls who were in love.

Little By Little / Part 4

I hate you all! Because I want to spend all my Saturday doing nothing and then, I think about fanfictions and I write an episode in like two or three hours. I was planning on watching the full series again but no. The fic was telling me to keep writing… So there you have. You will love this episode. I didn’t really know how to focus it, but I did a good job with it. I’m happy with what I’ve done today! :D

Thanks for all those likes, reblogs, comments and messages. I specially wanted to say my thanks to mirandasmadeofstone for those messages talking about my excellent Enlighs (I’m improving it quite well, ain’t I?)



Finn heard the postman was on his door. He opened it and told him to give Finn the letters. As soon as he had them, he checked if there was something for him. It was weird to receive something, but Rae and him had this little joke to send each other stupid letters to have some fun. Letters from bank accounts, the gym, some advertisement… And then, a letter with no return adress and it hadn’t any name. Rae had done it again. It wasn’t the first time she didn’t write her name just… Because. He closed the dolor, saying his goodbyes to the postman and left his father’s letters over the kitchen’s table. He went up to his room, closing the door in the process. He broke the paper, grabbing what was the content of it and sat on his bed.

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Just For Tonight.

SO I’m trying to write to get my muse back in place to write the next chapter of my other fic. AND the fabulous mel-loves-all asked me for a Oliver suspenders and sexy times. I didn’t think I could do it but I didn’t want to let Mel down… SO I am NOT a smut writer, this is only the second time I’ve ever wrote smut. BUT I hope you enjoy it :)…

THOUGH I do need apologise that it has angst because my muse really can not do angst free right now (it’s how I’m coping so sorry). SO if you haven’t seen season 3 DO NOT READ THIS… It also contains slight spoilers for 3x17 so again do not read…

Word count: 2,160
Rating: M (Seriously 18 and overs, contains sexy times)
Summary: When one thing leads to another at the Diggles wedding reception, Oliver and Felicity don’t expect things to turn out the way they do.

Also Story under the cut again because of sexy times :P.

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A Year To Prove You Wrong CH15

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A Year To Prove You Wrong

Chapter 15

Stefan’s alarm going off woke him up, he reached his arm over to quickly shut it off before it could wake the slumbering Caroline on his chest. He looked down at her beautiful sleeping face, raising his hand to run through her silken strands to end up caressing her cheek. He smiled as she leant into his hand releasing a contented sigh. He had woken up early for a specific reason.

Today was her birthday.

He had the perfect way to wake her up on her special day, so that she would start her day off just right. He gently rolled her onto her back, admiring her lovely features from above her. Her long lashes that kissed her cheeks when closed, her cute little nose that twitched adorably in her sleep, her cheeks that had a hint of rose colouring them which he ached to touch, and finally those pink lips he loved to taste with his own.

She was perfect.

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On the Corner of Eighth and Ninth || Closed


Scarlet was in the middle of her shop, gaping at an entire patch of flowers that were all starting to wilt. Her powers had been acting up lately, causing her plants to be affected. But the sight of her dying flowers broke her heart.

Tears filled her eyes as she approached them, gently caressing their wilted heads. “My poor flowers…” She mumbled. “I’m so sorry… I’m so so sorry…” She leaned forward and kissed one of them. She needed to go try and compose herself. If she was to have customers soon, they couldn’t see her like this. Besides, she needed to get a scented box to lay her friends to rest in.

Clouds started to gather outdoors signaling rain was coming soon.

She took a deep breath and headed into the back room, silently weeping.