she cared about you

  • Lena: Well of it isn't Lucy Lane. Long time no see *wink*
  • Lucy: *smirks* Ditto Luthor.
  • Kara: *Kill bill theme comes on*
  • Maggie: *stuff popcorn in her face* Oooh things just got juicy!
  • Alex: Where'd you get that popcorn?
  • Maggie: Seriously? Lena just greeted Lucy like they have a past together and now Kara looks like she wants to kill Lucy and all you care about is where I got my popcorn?
  • Alex: *mumbles* 'sa valid question.

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She sounds like the kind of person that act all sweet and stuff but if you mess with her or someone she cares about, she would rip off your head and bury you on her backyard

no she’s fast and furious 24/7 she’s a fuckin Machine, ….The Machine….. there are no misunderstandings u meet her and instantly know that if u do her dirty ur Dead ….. But other than that she’s a soft, sweet, angel and im love her with me whole heart :’)

dating jessica jones would include.....

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  • soft only for you
  • seriously she’s like a super strong grumpy cat that turns into a fluff ball for you
  • she hates it
  • jessica hates that you make her feel all warm inside and shit she can’t stand it but loves seeing you smile
  • she loves hearing your laugh, it’s one of the things that calms her
  • you hold her and help her recite all the street names when she’s triggered and has a panic attack
  • you’re always texting her reminding her to be careful
  • she dismisses them but really likes that you worry about her
  • very very protective of you
  • when she hears the purple man is back she tries to get you out of the city
  • “you can’t be here it’s not safe. if he got to you (y/n) i don’t know what’d I would do I can’t risk….I can’t risk you”
  • you met trish by accident 
  • she came by the apartment to check on Jess and found you
  • you and trish got along instantly 
  • she teased jessica about how soft she was around you
  • jessica shooed trish out of the apartment and once she closed the door she walked to you and wrapped her arms around your waist
  • she pulled you close and leaned in
  • “now where were we before we were so rudely interrupted?”
  • Jessica is very gentle with you in bed
  • she doesn’t want to hurt you and doesn’t trust that she knows the full extent of her strength 
  • whenever you’re in a bad mood or are extra sarcastic around her she raises her brow and smiles to herself she loves it when your claws come out

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I just had a thought: What if Mon-El, in the beginning kept telling her exacly what she wanted to hear even though he didn’t mean it, because that is how he was raised? That is how he was thaught to show that you love someone? I mean have you seen his mother? All she cares about is that he does what she wants, so I bet everytime Mon-El got into trouble it didn’t matter wether or not he felt bad about it or why he did it, the only thing that mattered is that he did like she told him / was who she wanted him to be next time. 

So that’s why in the beginning he wants to be a hero so badly, because he sees that that is important to Kara and so he thinks he can make it up/stop fighting by doing what she wants him to do. That also explains why he is so confused that she’s angry at him, even after he does what she wants, because his intensions have never mattered before. 


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White Day  ♡ (˘▽˘>ԅ( ˘⌣˘)

People: Taylor Swift should say something about this

Taylor Swift *speaks up about that topic*

People: No not like that #fake

Thanksgiving Dinner
  • Eliza: I'm thankful that, even though I love my beautiful daughters and their friends, I can finally spend time with someone close to my age on Thanksgivi- What do you mean J'onn isn't coming?
  • James: I'm thankful I can easily betray Kara's trust and she'll not be at all suspicious. Alex... Put down the carving knife...
  • Winn: I'm just thankful to be included, usually.
  • Mon-El: I'm thankful that, as the only current male character not yet rejected by Kara, I'm like her only realistic option.
  • Kara: ...I'm thankful that I have no idea what is going on.
  • Alex: Well I'm thankful that I'm a big ol' lesbi-

I love this teasing tone Peggy uses with Angie sometimes (◡‿◡✿)

no one has ever told mac “i love you”

You’re ten and it’s parent teacher conference day. You wait by the bleachers
and an hour has passed and your mom still hasn’t shown up
and your dad is away at business again but it’s ok because he told you
he’s doing it for you so it’s your fault he’s not here anyway. Kids and their
parents pass you by and you hear whispers of words like “I’m proud of you” and
“i love you”. You go home and find your mom passed out on the couch with a lit
cigarette still in her hand. Later that night you try to smoke for the first time
hoping you’ll understand why she seems to care about nicotine than you.

You’re 13 and you and charlie are getting high off huffing glue and you’re always running and screaming and charlie will beat up anyone who tries to talk shit to you for being too small and you’re throwing rocks at trains and stealing beer and pretending to like the taste and you want to scream i love you but you don’t and he
doesnt either. You just laugh until you’re too tired and now you’re old and laughing comes harder but you know he loves you too

You’re 18 and it’s just you and him and you’re drunk off your minds and he’s leaving
and you can’t breath. The night is hot and you’re laying on grass and he is way too close
and he has put on the kind of music he likes, all songs about love, so you just say it.
“Dennis..?” “Hm?” “I love you”
And he grabs you by the neck and kisses you hard and you’re happy you are but he doesn’t
say it back and you’re forty and he still hasn’t said it back and you’re still begging
and he still kisses you sometimes.