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Joyce Byers (Winona Ryder) is one of the best written characters and is a saint.  She is a wonderful mother.  You see that her son has a password for his fort.  She remembered the password and respected his rules, and he trusts her with the password.

You see the pride she has in providing things her kids love despite her low income.  “what kind of a mother can’t afford markers?”  You can tell it’s a struggle and that she wants the best for her kids.  Will is missing a red crayon and not only is she is taking an interest in his art, she cant stand to see him limited.

I love she knew where Jonathan wanted to go to college since he was 6.  My mom cant tell you things like that.

She’s over worked and underpaid but she takes the time to pay attention to her kids.

These scenes just break my heart and anchor her and us as the audience in her search for her missing son.

Day 4- Moments you cried

”For a freeloader you sure eat a lot.”

Robin’s whole story is heartbreaking, but there is this one scene of her, 8 years old, eating and crying while her aunt (or whatever she is) yells at her for “eating too much” when shES JUST HAVING A PIECE OF BREAD FOR DINNER AND i… cry………….

most people in the barrio hear about baby sonny from usnavi before they actually meet him

couple a thoughts about lup.

greg grimauldis. its been seventeen years and she still remembers greg fucking grimauldis. in the moment, she was trying to joke around a bit to lighten the mood, yeah, because she cant stand that much tension for that long - but its more than that, this guy who owes her money is one of the strongest connections she still has to her home. its the last public stunt she pulled before they left, theyve probably been joking about it for years. its something small, something not at all dramatic, something very much personal and - for lack of a better term - human. in a life where she and her found family are constantly hopping between worlds, its one of the few mundanities she has left to cling to.

and then theres the scene with troth and the crystal. taako was fine with murdering robots for parts, he was fine with destroying a whole world if it meant long-run benefits. he focuses on optimal outcome regardless of ethics. shes the opposite, the moral compass of the pair. she refuses to budge an inch on creating a precedent for carelessness. it felt almost like issues like this rarely surface between them - the biggest differences between them are that taako is the caution, and lup is the morality.

and this brings me to a new theory: lup is reckless, combative, loud, expressive, enthusiastic, and tries her best to do good and be good. those qualities are a pretty accurate desciption of someone else in the group, too. and i dont think its a coincidence that after they all got split up and voidfished, taako latched onto magnus so quickly: he filled the void taako could no longer name.


SO! I’m opening commissions to try and collect a little extra money seeing as I can’t work and need to move out as soon as humanly possible.

I’ve lost my tablet pen, so for now it’s just pixel fish! It doesn’t have to be a betta, that’s just what I’m experienced with. I can do any other animal and people as well!!

I’m asking $5 per drawing, $10 if you want a small animation. 

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Reblogs greatly appreciated c:

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ok my sisters asking why ppl ship george and harold anybody wanna answer

her arguments:

  •  theyre kids (g is 9 ¾, h is 10)
  • it doesnt matter if older harolds gay bc see bulletpoint 1
  • its a kiDS BOOK pLs stop i want to cherish my childhood not have it ruined by krupp x ribble or any other ship
  • pLease stop it hurts

she took over the keyboard halfway through this whole thing 
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people are gonna start sending me hate asks im not ready

Why Rhysand will forever be my favorite character.

Okay so one of my favorite scenes in acowar is probably the ending where Feyre was wearing those “lacy underthings” for Rhysand. Why? Because of the color or the nightgown. FEYRE WAS WEARING A RED NIGHT GOWN. RED. NIGHT. GOWN. Back in Acomaf, Tamlin didnt give a crap if she cant look at certain colors and Feyre tells Ianthe she can’t stand the color red. But what does the bitch do? She uses red petals on the aisle on her wedding day causing her to have a panic attack. THE FACT THAT FEYRE WAS WEARING A RED NIGHT GOWN FOR RHYS MADE ME SO EMOTIONAL CAUSE FEYRE WAS SO BROKEN WITH WHAT HAPPENED TO HER BUT RHYS HEALED HER SLOWLY. RHYS MADE FEYRE WANT TO PAINT AGAIN WHEN SHE DOESNT EVEN WANT TO PAINT ANYMORE. HE WAS THE MALE WHO WAS WILLING TO GIVE UP EVERYTHING EVEN HIS OWN HAPPINESS JUST SO HIS MATE COULD BE HAPPY (even without feyre knowing they’re mates). RHYSAND WAS SELFLESS, MARVELOUS, AND JUST PERFECT. This is one of the reason why Rhysand will forever be my favorite character ever. If anyone disagrees, fight me. I’m ready.

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