she cannot catch a break


“Apparently even after all of that Act still had to be forcibly taken to the back (Here she is holding onto the ropes) because she still wanted to finish the main event. She could be heard yelling "I’m a pro wrestler!” as she was being carried out.“

"Another shot from a fan on facebook of Act being restrained. This is the woman who took treatments that would render her infertile just to be able to keep wrestling, she went from borderline main eventer to setting up the ring and cleaning up after shows just to stay involved during an injury. To see someone who loves it so much get taken out of action AGAIN is just heart breaking. She just cannot catch a break.”

The shoot Yoshiko pulled on Act was a fucking nightmare and disgusting. I highly doubt shattering parts of her skull is a work like many horrible people are claiming.

Forever After 1/?

Co-written with the amazing @lgtwinkie99

Summary:  Childhood friends, Felicity and Oliver chose different paths in life.  Years later, Oliver returns to his hometown unbeknownst to him, the day before Felicity’s wedding.  Events on the wedding day throw them back together and they embark on a new adventure.

Available to read on AO3


Chapter 1

“Felicity Megan Smoak! Don’t you dare put that cream puff in your mouth!” 

She hears the warning sound from a distance just as she’s about to reach for the delicious pastry on the cake stand. She immediately winces as the high pitched voice moves right past her eardrum and straight to her brain causing a stinging pain.  She closes her eyes and sighs giving a step back from the table, coming head to head with the mother of the bride. 

“Honey, we took your dress in two centimeters yesterday, we cannot undo that.” Donna places her hand on Felicity’s shoulder giving her a little squeeze. 

“I know mom, but I’ve been starving myself for the last couple of months. I’m so hungry!” she whines eyeing the pastries again and thinks of a way she can steal one without her mother knowing. 

“Sweetheart, you’ve worked so hard to make this your perfect day. Don’t mess this up by eating something that might cause you not to fit into that perfect dress.” 

Felicity reluctantly gives in when Donna pulls her away from the forbidden table. She longingly still admires the sweets she didn’t get to taste when she nearly bumps into the caterer with a tray full of more sweets. 

“I just cannot catch a break.” She says under her breath giving Moira a small smile that doesn’t go all the way to her eyes. 

“You look tired Felicity, when was the last time you had a decent night’s sleep?” Moira asks concerned placing the tray on the nearest table. 

“Felicity is tough Moira,” Donna interrupts, “she’ll be fine. It’s nothing that a bit of concealer cannot cure for those little baggies under her eyes.  She’s going to have her perfect day just like she always planned….with the perfect man.” 

Felicity takes a deep breath trying to keep the overwhelming emotions from spilling over the brim of her eyes and silently gives herself a ‘remain calm’ pep talk, when a sudden burst of anger and frustration hits her and she flies toward one of the tables. 

“I said one pink and one white!” she yells at the waiter now standing wide eyed and quite frightened at the petite blond woman shouting at him. 

“I’m sorry ma’am, I didn’t get that memo, I’ll rectify it immediately.” He says almost running toward his manager. 

“How difficult is it to follow simple instructions? One white and one pink rose in the vase, not two of the same colour! What is wrong with these people? I knew I shouldn’t have delegated the arrangements, but NO, ‘you need to take it easy Felicity’, ‘enjoy the feeling of doing nothing for once Felicity’ and now look at me!  I’m an over emotional bridezilla, who is tired and very hungry! AND he called me ma’am! He thinks I’m old! They cannot get the flowers wrong mom!” she cries as she falls into Donna’s arms igniting concern from both ladies watching the bride to be having a meltdown a few hours before the rehearsal dinner. 

Moira cautiously moves closer to Felicity and tries to console her. “Felicity, sweetheart, it’s gonna be okay, I promise.” 

Felicity looks up and stares at the soft glance from the caterer. She takes a deep breath and slowly calms down. 

“Sweetheart, e-mail me the specifications for the décor and everything you want done tonight. I’ll make sure everything is exactly as you want it. Go home and get ready for tonight. We cannot have you being a mess when the guests arrive.” Donna urges gently stroking Felicity’s arm like she always did when she was a little girl, to calm her daughter down. 

Felicity nods and takes out her tablet to send the e-mail.  

Donna and Moira move along the tables looking at the finer details when the distraught waiter returns and warily makes his way past the bride to Moira with a cordless telephone in his hands. 

“Mrs. Queen, it’s the police, they couldn’t get a hold of you on your cell.” 

Moira takes the phone and answers while the whole world comes to a sudden stand still listening to the conversation that takes place. 

“Thank you.” Moira ends the call and give the phone back to the waiter. 

“There was an attempted break in at my house. They apprehended the burglar, but they’re waiting for me to get home.” 

“That’s terrible Moira! Do you want me to send one of the waiters to go with you?” 

“No, thank you Donna, that’s really sweet of you, but I’ll be alright. I’ll see you ladies a bit later then.” 

Moira hugs Donna and stops in front Felicity still typing on her tablet. “Go home dear, you need to get a bit of rest before tonight. Your mom has everything under control here.” She kisses Felicity on the cheek as she takes note of the older women’s instruction. 

“Please be careful.” Felicity answers when Moira takes off in a rush to get home. 


Moira stops in the driveway of her house, now filled with red and blue lights and armed men walking up and down in the street.  She warily gets out of the car and is approached by what she can only imagine to be the Police Officer in charge. 

“Hello Mrs. Queen. I’m Captain Lance, we spoke on the phone?” 

“Yes, hello Captain.” Moira gently nods as she shakes the Police Captain’s outstretched hand. 

“The perpetrator is in the back of the Police vehicle, but he keeps on insisting that he knows you and that he didn’t try to break into your house.” 

Moira’s brow furrows as she turns her attention to the vehicle where the alleged burglar is being held and gets a very big surprise when she realises it’s her son in handcuffs. 

“Oh my word Captain! That’s my son! Release him immediately please!” Moira shouts hastily making her way to her son sitting in the Police vehicle. 

“Are you sure ma’am?” 

“Yes, yes! That’s my son! He’s no burglar!” 

Captain Lance makes his way to the vehicle and gives orders for the man in cuffs to be released. 

“Oh thank God mom!” the young man moves towards Moira embracing her. 

“My beautiful boy! What happened?” 

“I wanted to surprise you and saw your car wasn’t in the driveway, so I figured I’d just let myself in and then the usual hiding place for the key was apparently not so usual anymore. I moved around the house and saw one that one of the windows was not completely shut and when I opened it the alarm went off…..when did you get an alarm? And before I knew it these goons were on me throwing me on the ground, cuffing me and reading me my rights…..not exactly the welcoming I was expecting.” 

“Oh Oliver, I’m so sorry, you should have called. Secondly, you didn’t expect me to stay in this big house all by myself without any form of security did you? You have been gone for more than 2 years Oliver.” 

Oliver nodded and gave his mom another relieved hug. 

“I’m so happy you’re home. I’ve missed you so much.” 

“I guess we’re done here?” Captain Lance interrupted the reunion. 

“Yes, thank you Captain.” Moira smiled ignoring the clear annoyance on her son’s bearded face. 

The Police vehicles start to move out when another vehicle with screeching tires comes to a complete stop behind Moira’s car revealing a tall man moving in Moira’s direction at the speed of light. He embraces Moira with so much force it has Oliver on high alert. 

“I’m alright Walter, you can relax.” 

Moira shyly smiles at the man that doesn’t release her until she gently pushes him away. 

“Oliver, you remember Walter? He was a friend of your father’s.” 

“No, mom, I can’t say that I do.” Oliver answers quick, giving the man still holding his mother’s hand a warning look. 

“Hi Oliver, it’s good to see you again.” Oliver reluctantly shakes Walter’s outstretched hand and Moira can feel the tension building. 

“Let’s take this inside? I have to deliver the rest of the pastries in a few minutes and I really don’t want to get reacquainted with my son in the driveway.” 

The three of them move inside the kitchen and Oliver makes himself comfortable on one of the bar stools leaning over the kitchen nook as he used to do when he was still living with his mother. 

“Looks like you didn’t really have access to a razor where you were. You look like a bushman with that thick beard of yours.” Moira starts the conversation as she pours them something to drink. 

“My last assignment was for a documentary on an island in the North China Sea mom, so yes you are right, no razors there.” 

He takes a sip of the cool tangy lemonade and silently observes the small looks between his mother and Walter.  It’s like he’s staring at a pair of lovesick teenagers. 

“So mom, who are the pastries for?” 

Moira and Walter freeze at the question and give each other a look that makes Oliver feel out of the loop, but he won’t let that sway him, this sounds like something he should know. 

“It’s for a rehearsal dinner tonight.” Walter answers laying his hand on Moira’s shoulder. The slight touch seems to ground Moira and Oliver can see that his mom relaxes instantly. 

When Oliver doesn’t push the conversation further Moira takes a deep breath and says: “Felicity.” 

Oliver can feel his body almost going limp as the words punches him in the gut. 

“Felicity? Is she the one getting married?” He asks casually trying to keep his inner emotions from spilling out onto his facial expression. 

“Yes, she’s getting married tomorrow morning. The rehearsal dinner is tonight.” 

Oliver tries to still himself with the news and it feels that no matter how many times he hears it, it’s like the bullet train driving over him, again and again and his heart feels so heavy. 

“Who?” is all he manages to get out. 

“Ray Palmer.”  


“Come with….tonight I mean, why don’t you join us tonight for the party?” 

“Mom, I don’t know.” 

“I would feel better if you would join your mother tonight Oliver.” With all the information running around in his mind he completely forgot about the stranger still standing in his mother’s kitchen. “I have to work tonight and I would feel better to know your mother isn’t driving around in Starling alone during all hours of the night.” 

“Fine, I’ll go.” 

“Oh wonderful!” his mother cooed. “I’m sure everyone will be happy to see you.” 

Oliver gives a breathy laugh, “yes mom, I’m sure they will be absolutely thrilled.” 


After her long hot shower, Felicity looks into the steamed over mirror in her bathroom and sees a blurred vision of herself. She takes a deep breath and wipes the mirror with her hand making the vision clear as she stares into her own tired blue eyes. 

“Just a few more hours then you will be Mrs. Ray Palmer. You can do this.” 

She finishes her hair and make-up and puts on her white and soft pink outfit specially designed for her for the event tonight. She rounds it off with her soft pink pumps and big gold loop earrings. She gives a twirl in front of the floor length mirror in her bedroom to approve her look. When she’s happy with what she sees, she takes her purse and her car keys and makes her way over to the little corner book store close to the venue for the rehearsal dinner. 

She parks in front of the store and feels nostalgic as she takes a moment to admire the sign: ‘Magic Wand Book Store’.  

A knock on her car window brings her out of her own thoughts and she gets out of the car to meet Mrs. Freeman and her adorable six year old twin daughters. 

“Hello dear Felicity, you look so beautiful.” Mrs. Freeman greets her with a huge smile on her face. 

Felicity blushes at the compliment and bends down to give each of the girls a little squeeze. 

“I took a chance to come by here to pick up the girls’ books you ordered. I’m so happy I caught you.” Mrs. Freeman continued. 

“Yes, sure Mrs. Freeman.  I just had to pick up a few favours for the rehearsal dinner tonight, but while you’re here I can quickly help you with that. I’m sure these cuties can’t wait to start reading them.” Felicity smiled as she unlocks the door to her store. 

Felicity makes her way inside the store with the Freemans trailing behind her. She takes out two brown packages marking them for collection in her book on the counter. 

“What’s going to happen to the store when you leave Felicity?” little Rachel asks concerned. 

“Oh honey, unfortunately it’s closing down. They haven’t found another tenant yet, but I’m sure they won’t have to look too far to fill this space.” 

“It’s such a shame, though.” Mrs. Freeman responds walking around the store admiring the detail of the décor in the store and the little imprints that screamed Felicity Smoak. 

“What are you going to do in New York?” Mrs. Freeman continues the conversation. 

“I haven’t found anything yet. I guess I will get us settled first. Ray’s job is going to be very demanding. I’ll have enough to keep me busy with. I’ll start looking around for something to do when I’m bored playing house wife.” 

Mrs. Freeman smiles as she hands a package to each of her giggling excited girls. 

“Thank you Felicity.” she starts, “have an amazing life, you definitely deserve to be happy.”Felicity smiled softly at the older woman, “thank you Mrs. Freeman.” and waved goodbye as the mother and daughters leave her store. 

She makes her way to the storeroom, lining up all the handmade favours in a neat row and load the boxes in her car. 

One last time she locks the door of her store and takes a glimpse of the dream she built so hard on before she drives off to meet her future. 

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