she cannot catch a break

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I like to imagine Kevin gets a call from Suzy in the middle of the night and he picks up to hear that tone parents get when their two year old has kept them up for a week straight: "Kev.... they've fused. Arin Barry Dan and Ross have fused. and the result. just. doesn't. stop. talking. EVER. you have to help me i'm loosing my mind." there's a long silence before Kevin hangs up without saying a word and goes back to sleep.

suzy: kevin.. please get over here so we can fuse and kick their asses

kev: *hangs up:

suzy: I swear to god im going to crack someone’s gem

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We've been friends for a very long time, we were talking a few years back but I got into a more serious relationship and we recently got into talking again, we speak every day. A phone call when she finishes work and what have you, but for some reason I cannot catch a break when asking to do something. She's always busy, which I can't complain about because no one can help being busy. She hasn't told me she likes me yet, (1/??)

but she does tell me she enjoys speaking to me a lot because she’s comfortable with me and can open up with me (she’s never done that before with any other guy, so that’s good, right?) She always tells me she wants me to cuddle her and tickle her back and how she’s waiting for my love and when she’s tired, speaking to me wakes her up more and I make her feel really upbeat and just happy and laughing. Everytime we’re on the phone, she laughs at everything (2/??)

I say and if I’ve learned anything from American films, that’s a good thing, right? The other night I did Magic Truffles (basically magic mushrooms) and opened up a lot more than what I should have… Basically telling her I want a serious thing with her and she never replied, but the next morning I apologised and she said that she didn’t reply because she didn’t want me to wake up normal the next day and say I don’t mean it so she didn’t look like a knob (3/??)

Does she has something to hide there or something she’s not telling me? I’m sorry for sending so many asks, I just don’t know what to do…

I don’t thing she has anything to hide but maybe she’s very cautious about her feelings and relationships in general. At first I thought she just liked you as a friend tbh but reading the last part maybe she does actually like you more than just a friend. Because she probably said she didn’t want to look like a knob because if she said she liked you too and then the next day you said you didn’t mean it she would be embarrassed. At least I don’t think her telling you she doesn’t want anything serious would make her feel like a knob. So I say tell her your feelings again when you’re completely sober and see what her answer will be then.

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I saw your post about you getting annoyed with people telling you to eat but they are just worried for you, don't take it hard. 💕💕

Sorry, I just saw this message and ok, I’m not starving myself literally. Sometimes I fast, sometimes I have small portions of food so I’m doing fine. But when she just gets upset and thinks I’m starving myself and she starts asking, all the time if I’ve eaten and what I ate and I have to literally lie all the time now but sometimes she just knows I’m chatting shit so she’ll just have a go at me and i cannot catch a break. Literally less than an hour ago she was asking if I ate and when I refused to eat she just got pissed off. It doesn’t make me feel bad when she is, just annoys me.