she can't sit with us

You know though—poor Mom Kageyama

Woman just wanted to raise a loving family like all her friends and instead got loving family + Weird, Ultra-Powerful, Inexplicable Psychic Phenomena from her baby. I don’t think she has any real strong opinions of psychic powers other than she’s tired of them making homemaking 1000x harder.

And now Mob’s really coming into his own with his powers and he’s probably growing out the phase of weird, unintentional outbursts (save for the occasional bent spoon) and finally Mom Kageyama is living like a 95% normal mom-of-teenage-boys life.

Then, THEN, poor woman—you get the dinner scene in episode 12 with Ritsu unbending Mob’s spoon. Not by turning it back into position. No. God no. By using telekinesis to unwind it. And Mom Kageyama is watching this just Oh no not another one.

Mom Kageyama flies out of bed at 4 in the morning to the sound of literally every vacuum cleaner in the house turning on. (Dad Kageyama remains fast asleep). She goes down the hall, pounds on Mob’s door, “Shigeo, the vacuum cleaners again! I thought you outgrew the vacuum cleaner thing!” Mob answers the door half-asleep, looking around. “I’m not doing it, Mom.” Filled with dread, she knocks on Ritsu’s door. “Ritsu…are you the one controlling the vacuum cleaners?” There’s a stuttered snore from the other side, all the vacuum cleaners turn off, Ritsu answers the door rubbing his eyes “Am I doing what?”

Every single esper-in-training thing that affected Mob, that Mob has since outgrown, now resurfaces in Ritsu. Cleaning supplies inexplicably stuck to the ceiling? Check. Every door in the house locking itself spontaneously? Check. Tiny, self-contained earthquakes knocking everything off the shelves. Double check. (Everything but the accidentally bending the spoons thing—because if Ritsu bends a spoon the boy’s gonna goddamn know.)

Mom Kageyama is reminded of her friend who, just after happily getting their kid past the terrible two’s, accidentally got pregnant again and had to do it all over. Mom Kageyama is on a ladder, trying to pull the dish soap down, which has been bobbing against the ceiling for the last half hour, and she thinks she might prefer another accidental pregnancy to this.


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PLL: A Summary
  • Person: *Is nice*
  • The Fandom: They shady as FUCK.
  • The Liars: I trust u, nice person.
  • The Fandom: No, wyd? They obv on the A team jfc.
  • Person: *Kisses one of the Liars*
  • Fandom: what are YOU DOING?! GET OFF HER!
  • Mona: I don't trust this person.
  • Liars: You can't sit with us ! !
  • Mona: *looks into camera like shes on the office* see u in ten episodes.
  • Fandom: *looks into camera like they on the office*
  • The Liars: *Trust person with a major secret*
  • Person: *Betrays their trust, proving us right.*
  • Fandom: I always knew u were fake u binch.
  • Jenna: *Is some how involved with person*
  • Ali: *Dated person years ago or is related.. or both*
  • Byron: *Begged person to keep his secret*
  • Melissa: *Person is scared of her*
  • The Liars: *Ten episodes later* Omg, nice person is evil!
  • Mona: I'm just here to say I fuckin told u so.
  • Liars: Shut up Mona.
  • Mona: *looks into camera like she's on the office*
  • Person: *Turns out to have nothing to do with the story*
  • Fandom: Why do I still watch this show?