she can't protect him from the world like she used to

the moving goalposts.
  • trans woman: I'm a woman.
  • transmisogynist: No you're not, women dress femininely whereas men aren't pressured to wear makeup or maintain a feminine appearance.
  • trans woman: Well, I dress femininely, and I am pressured to wear makeup and maintain a feminine appearance as my failure to do so is punished with harassment and violence. So, do you consider me a woman now?
  • transmisogynist: No, you're not a woman, women experience misogynistic oppression, like catcalling and gendered wage gap.
  • trans woman: I experience both of those things, people see me as a woman and mistreat me accordingly. So, do you consider me a woman now?
  • transmisogynist: No, you're not a woman, woman is a biological class. You're a biological male.
  • trans woman: I'm on HRT, and my hormone levels are within the average range of cisgender women. I've undergone physical changes due to HRT that have made my physical body more similar to the average cis woman. So, do you consider me a woman now?
  • transmisogynist: No, women have vaginas.
  • trans woman: I've undergone vaginoplasty. I have a functioning vagina, labia majora, labia minora, and clitoris. This is very personal, but, i can, in fact, orgasm. Do you consider me a woman now?
  • transmisogynist: No, women have XX chromosomes. That's the REAL factor that determines our social role.
  • trans woman: So, are you seriously claiming that everyone goes around treating other people based on their chromosomes, a quality that can only be factually known by a medical test?
  • transmisogynist: Yes!
  • trans woman: But I've never gotten chromosomally tested. I don't ACTUALLY know what my chromosomes are. Have you ever gotten chromosomally tested?
  • transmisogynist: No, but–
  • trans woman: Then your argument is completely flawed. You know with certainty that you present as a woman, are seen as a woman, and are mistreated as a woman, but you believe that those things are totally disconnected? That, instead, your chromosomes are what people are really seeing when they look at you? That's completely preposterous.
  • transmisogynist: Well, what I really mean is, your birth assignment is what really counts, because that's when male socialization is initiated, which determines your entire mindset and outlook on the world, as well as how you treat other people.
  • trans woman: It is true that socialization influences how we view the world. But let me ask you a question, you are female-socialized, right?
  • transmisogynist: Damn right.
  • trans woman: And female socialization includes subservience to men, right?
  • transmisogynist: Yes, very much so. My parents were extremely traditionalist and imposed very strict gender roles on me as a child.
  • trans woman: But right now you're not subservient to men at all, right?
  • transmisogynist: Hell no. I'm a radical feminist, I'm a lesbian, I do not share the class interests of men and I work towards women's liberation from men as a class and, ultimately, the end of the restrictive system of gender.
  • trans woman: So, logically, this would be an example of how your gendered socialization DIDN'T control your outcome as a person. Sure, you had to actively resist that socialization, but you've moved past that.
  • transmisogynist: Yes, that's true, but the same can't be said about you, you're clearly male-socialized.
  • trans woman: Hell no. I'm a radical feminist, I'm a lesbian, I do not share the class interests of men and I work towards women's liberation from men as a class and, ultimately, the end of the restrictive system of gender.
  • transmisogynist: No, that's wrong! You can't be a lesbian, you're a male!
  • trans woman: Don't say that to my wife, she's gonna be pretty mad if you tell her she's not really a lesbian. She's been a lesbian for years, I seriously don't see how my gender is any different than the gender of her last girlfriend.
  • transmisogynist: You can't be a feminist, either! You're a male, there's no way you can understand the struggles of being a woman!
  • trans woman: Didn't you post one of my essays on gender on your facebook wall?
  • transmisogynist: Er, well, yes, but, that's before I knew that you were trans! See, this is more of your deceptive duplicitous behavior, concrete proof that you cannot overcome your male socialization or produce ideas that deserve consideration as contributions to feminism.
  • trans woman: But didn't you praise that shitty liberal Male Feminist guy's anti-transgender article?
  • transmisogynist: Yeah, but, at least he isn't calling himself a feminist, just a feminist Ally. So he's being honest and knowing his boundaries while helping feminism.
  • trans woman: And didn't you praise that conservative politician's proposed ban on transgender people being able to use the restroom? Why the hell would you ever side with a conservative? You realize that he's the same guy who has previously worked to defund women's healthcare services and repeal gay marriage? Supporting him in any capacity gives him political capital that he'll be able to leverage for future reactionary policies, because he is literally an anti-feminist politician.
  • transmisogynist: But he's one of the few politicians who's willing to stand up for a ban on transgender people in restrooms.
  • trans woman: Yeah, because he's an out-and-out bigot against LGBT people and women. He's literally creating legal contexts for male violence against transgender women, something that you've PREVIOUSLY stated you're opposed to, but now apparently you're for it.
  • transmisogynist: What male violence? It's just a legal protection for vulnerable women and girls in the sanctified space of the public bathroom.
  • trans woman: The male violence of police officers, prison guards, and prison inmates. That's the male violence that you're totally fine with exposing trans women to. If you really gave a shit about reduction of harm, you would support my right to use whatever PUBLIC RESTROOM I wanted, and support gender-neutral restrooms. After all, butch cis women have been harassed and gender-policed in restrooms in states where that law was in effect, and had security guards called on them. Isn't that a fucking travesty? I support butch women's right to use women's restrooms, and if you support trans bathroom bans, you DON'T. Cis and trans women share certain class interests, and often times if you work against trans women's' class interests, you're ultimately going to harm cis women's class interests as well. We suffer a wage gap too, which is why so many of us are FEMINISTS.

Hey so I’m thinking about Kara and M’gann again and I wrote some stuff because goddamn it I am gonna build this city from the ground up if it’s the last thing I do.

strange girls in a strange land

It’s never a secret. For the first time in Kara’s thirteen years on Earth, there’s no great revelation. There isn’t anything to reveal.

This weight that she’s carried with her into every relationship outside the Danvers that she’s ever tried to build since she landed—it suddenly becomes inconsequential, when they’re together. The fact that Kara is Kryptonian, that she is Supergirl. The distinction between Kara Danvers and Kara Zor-El and National City’s resident hero. The deception; the disguise.

There’s no pretense between them, no pretending, no parts to play. They meet in the ring as Supergirl and Miss Martian, and then a few days later Kara Danvers shows up at the alien bar—and M’gann knows. It’s not something she needs to deduce or figure out after they’ve known each other a while. She just looks at Kara and she knows—it’s just a simple unconscious observation, as clear to see as the gold of Kara’s hair or the blue of her eyes.

M’gann slides Kara an Aldebaran rum and Kara doesn’t even realize that she’s still wearing her glasses.

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(A langst fic inspired by @alienslovetea’s “Frost.” Check their blog out!)

Lightening surges beneath his fingertips. His muscles convulse, clench, loosen. His eyelids flutter as he seizes.

Garbled screams come through the intercom, distorted and lost to his electrified ears. Lance wants to answer back, but he’s locked in place, his body contorting against his will.

Blue shuts down completely, overloaded with power. Electricity still runs through her, burns under Lance’s skin and creates tracks of fire up his face.

All at once the electricity stops dead, though a cooling wave of relief cannot crush the way his body tingles, the way his body aches the way it does.

Lance heaves a great breath, head rolling limply in his seat. He is dazed, shocked — literally and figuratively — lost to the pain he feels. Light flashes and pops outside of Blue, faint behind the dead screen. Lance feels himself being carried, but cannot move to try and fly away. He only hopes it is his team.

The world swirls around him, dips in and out of his vision, plays a game of catch with his eyes. Lance can hear himself breathing, a dry, rattling noise he can’t stand, but he is so, so tired and is willing to put up with it if he can sleep.


Just shut your eyes.


It’s so quiet here.

“LANCE!” A voice shrieks in his ear, jolting him awake. The pain that streaks through him wakes him up more than whoever just screamed, though, but the saltiness of his tears shocks him more. His tears burn, sting, somehow reminder this situation is all too real.

Lance can’t move himself to speak. He tries, he really does, but his throat screams when he swallows to say something. Lance settles for humming.

“It's— it’s Shiro. We’re taking you back to the castle. I’ve got you buddy.”

He hums in acknowledgment, and… promptly blacks out.


“Just a few more ticks,” Allura snaps. Keith gets a vague, sickening feeling of deja vu, a mirror of a situation from years past.

“What’s a few more ticks going to do? Let him out!” Keith urges, impatient. He’s waited so long for Lance to leave the pod, and how’s a few more fucking ticks going to affect his recovery? Keith huffs.

“Calm down, Keith. You’re not the only one waiting on a friend,” Shiro murmurs, and Keith briefly wonders if he’s talking about Lance before turning his attention back to the pod.

“It’s been a “few more ticks,” Allura. I’m opening the pod.“

From the corner of his eye, Keith can see Pidge glaring at Lance’s pod. She looks just as tempted to press the button as he is, but Keith wouldn’t be surprised if Pidge actually—

A hissing sound followed by mist leaks from the pod, which was then followed by a body falling forward. Keith steps forward, catches him, whispers “I’ve got you,” and hope no one hears.

Hunk barges forward, and nearly snatchesLance away from his arms, eagerly searching for signs of life on his groggy face. “Heeeeeeey buddy,” Hunk begins, patting and petting his friend’s hair and face. “I know it’s been a while but how do you feel about eating?”

Keith inches forward a little closer. He wants to see Lance’s face.

“How long have I been out?” was the response instead, Lance’s voice thick and quiet much like one waking up from a nap.

“Too long, pal,” Hunk grins, and Pidge says “Like, a month! Do you know how long we waited for you?”

Lance stands, slinging his arm around Hunk’s shoulder. “Maybe a month?”

Pidge immediately looks surprised before laughing, and even Keith has to admit that was pretty clever. He won’t tell anyone he laughed, though.

“Alright Lance, let’s get you to the kitchen. Some food goo will do you good.” Hunk secures his grip on his friend, totters away chatting like nothing ever happened. Pidge trots after, chattering like a bird.

Keith makes to follow, but he feels a heavy hand, albeit warm, on his shoulder. “How are you feeling?” Shiro asks, just as familiar as always. “I know you were pretty anxious to see Lance again.”

“I’m fine, Shiro,” Keith says, even though he knows Shiro is right and he’s already feeling jittery to catch up. “Thanks for asking.” He says, though it’s more of an afterthought than anything.

Shiro blinks, chuckles, pats Keith on the back. “Alrighty tiger.” He nods his head in the direction Hunk and Lance and Pidge went. The second Keith feels Shiro’s hand retract, he’s off, ignoring Shiro’s laughter and Allura’s inquiries.


“Let’s calm down, okay Lance?” Hunk smiles at him, but the way he holds his body screams of defense. Lance knows Hunk is feeling threatened. His body language reflects that, but Lance doesn’t know how to shut this off.

Frost. Frost everywhere.

It sears his fingertips, encompasses nearly the entire kitchen except for the patches Hunk and Pidge stand on. She stares at him with owlish eyes, fascinated and frightened. “I— I am calm,” Lance says, though it sounds more like a question even to his own ears. A burst of ice shoots from his hands seeing his friend’s distress. “I don’t.. I don’t know what’s happening.”

“Maybe it’s.. you…” Pidge starts, before something clicks and she gasps. “When you were electrocuted inside Blue, maybe, maybe she transferred some of her powers to you. Maybe it was through quintessence, in an attempt to help you survive all the electricity— that really was a huge ball of electricity that fleet through at you, there was no way you and apparently Blue alone could take a hit like that and survive, so, so—”


“Right, sorry. I think you have Blue’s powers now.”

Lance winces, and the frost hardens, thickens to what may be ice. “How do I… how do I control this?”

Pidge shrugs like it isn’t a big deal.

Hunk, however, takes a step forward, nearly melts like the ice does around his foot when he makes it safely. “It seems you want to protect us, maybe? I guess we shouldn't— we should keep you calm, huh?” Pidge starts again, taking a tentative step towards Lance as well. Lance feels like a livewire, jittery, stripped raw and nervous. One wrong move, He thinks. One wrong move.

“What’s going on in here?” Keith stops in, crushing the frost beneath his boot. “Keith, wait—” Hunk and Pidge shouts, but it’s too late. Lance starts, jumping, a spout of cool mist covering the floor and freezing all four paladins in the room up to their knees.

Lance’s heart races, and he feels so terribly stupid for letting go like that. Now his feet are cold and his friends are covered in ice… and he has no idea how to voluntarily melt it.

His fingers twitch. They’re cold.

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why do you like aaron gross

okay w o w this is such a loaded question I’m going to ignore the use of the word gross here unless you literally want to fight me. The short answer to that question is that I started loving Aaron the most when I realized literally no one else did, but there’s a lot more to it than that.

Let’s take a little journey together:

  • Aaron Minyard is the most underappreciated character in the whole of the TFC fandom
    • literally Jean, Jeremy, and Bee get more love than him and all of them just have the briefest scattering of scenes like???
    • the only person ya’ll talk about less is Seth, and he literally died after one book, whereas Aaron is a major player in all three
  • I feel like in general the fandom despises Aaron because Neil despises Aaron, which is natural and all because the book is in Neil’s POV so we’re literally trained to think the way he thinks, but I can’t stand that mentality tbh
  • Also, typically I’ve noticed a lot of people don’t dive in enough to understand that Aaron and Andrew are a lot more similar than everyone seems to think
    • you hear over and over again how Andrew would burn the world for Aaron, that Aaron’s well being is far more important than anyone else’s
    • but how often do we consider the fact that Aaron would burn the world for Andrew, too?
  • We spend a lot of time devoting ourselves to Neil, Andrew, and Kevin (and even Jean, for crying out loud) because they have these uniquely horrible pasts that they have to overcome through the series
    • Okay. Cool. Awesome. I love me so damn character development and redemption and revenge as much as the next reader
    • But are we forgetting Aaron’s past? Aaron’s present even? And how much all that has happened to Aaron and to Andrew has literally ruined Aaron’s life and how hard he’s had to work to come to terms with it?
  • let’s take a trip back in time, to a young Aaron living alone with Tilda

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y'know, I never thought I could hate a character more than I hate Umbridge but then Wanda happened. I just... can't. fucking. stand. her. And then it's Clint... and even Natasha who betrayed Tony and I just need a life and friends and hobbies bc I spend all of my time obsessing over Tony and wanting him to be cared and loved and ok and I just... I HATE THEM!!!

Listen… before I get on to the Wonderfully Infuriating Subject of Wanda Maximoff, I’d like to say that I have 99 problems with Civil War, and the characterisations of my Good Boys Clint and Steve make up a good 95 of them. Just be warned, this rant is long and whiny as fuck.

I honestly really disliked Clint in Civil War, which sucks because he’s my Dumpster Son and he deserved better than just being reduced to The Guy With The Arrows, you know? What were his motives??? He was retired, he was spending time with his family, and then he just upped and left because ..what…Cap batted his eyelashes? Like… he had nothing to do with the accords. Nothing. He probably didn’t even read them; I mean Vision asked him to consider what he was doing and he did this Really Cool Eye Flicker™ before just saying ‘yeah lol okai considered bro’ and I mean?? You have children??? 

And then of course, the scene on the Raft. It’s kind of amusing in an infuriating sort of way, because I mean this is basically Clint summed up in a short piece:

Clint: *Breaks Law* For justice :))

Clint: *Is put in jail for breaking law*

Clint: :0 :0 This is UNJUST!!!!

And I mean, he appears to blame 100% of everything that happened on Tony, which I guess one could do when they’re angry and imprisoned and their other friend is standing on the other side of the bars. I can kind of get that from an objective point of view..? But? No? He’s an adult and he broke the law? That is… that’s what happens? 

Of course, when he makes that remark to Tony about Rhodey, all hope I had for his Civil War character immediately burst into an inferno and propelled itself out of the top story window. That was unnecessary and hurtful and untrue, and it made me want to slap the shit out of him.

Now. For Wanda.

If you like her character, then that is completely okay, but I don’t advise reading this.

Because I despise her. 

It’s not really her character, more as the way she was written. She had so much potential, to do so much good. But her origins are F U C K E D up, her attitude is childish (despite the fact that she is an adult guys!!) and her general character is quite frankly that of a whiny bitch.

We first see her in AoU, when she is working for HYDRA, after voluntarily (Voluntarily!! working for a terror organisation you guys!!!) Signing up for experimentation that had killed everyone else before her.
I mean, that alone tells you something about her character and her thought process.

Next, we discover that a missile with Tony’s last name on it tragically killed her parents. This is sad. This is horrible and no child should ever have to go through that.

But then she decides that Tony Stark Personally Aimed, Launched and Fired it, and decides to go on a ten-year murder plot in order to kill him for it, and that’s where the sympathy stops. Right there.

I know this is a common example, but Imma say it again because it’s important. If my parents were shot and killed by a gun that had the word ‘Beretta’ on it, I ain’t gonna go after the fuckin gun company. Why would anyone??? It makes literally no sense at all and just paints her as a villain who’s also lowkey stupid???

She had years to think these actions through, and yet still she did them. It literally does not matter about whether she helped for like the last hour of the Avengers film because the literal entire fucking world was going to be destroyed, and she didn’t want catastrophe on that scale.

You know,,, she just wanted to murder Tony. And obviously, the Avengers are his buddies, so lets try and kill them too for no reason at all!!!

She… I mean… God, she subjected Bruce to his worst nightmare and had him tear through a populated city,,, for the sake of destruction?? She literally just wanted to cause pain??? And you can’t tell me no-one died because of that because… it’s a fucking hulk? She purposely twisted all the team’s minds, and let Tony take the sceptre because she knew he could hurt people with it because of what she’d planted in his head? It’s… it’s disgusting?

You tell me ‘she’s changed’ and ‘she’s just like Tony, she used to be bad but now she’s good’ or whatever the fuck, but let me tell you this: Tony never, ever wreaked destruction for the sake of destruction. He never went out with the sole intention of killing specific innocents. He built weapons to p r o t e c t, which is why as soon as he sees they’re no longer doing that, he shuts that shit down. 

Wanda never seems to learn that lesson. Even when, For God Knows what fucked up reason, they appear to make her some sort of avenger for helping them stop the world ending (that, you know, she helped cause), she still doesn’t understand that her job is now to protect people? Her motives are still… idk selfish I guess?

“i can’t control their fear. Only my own.”

Well bitch u know what. Maybe if u stopped running off and trying to tell everyone that you, an incredibly powerful individual with a past involving terror organisations, are ‘above the law and don’t need the accords’, they’d… u know… stop being scared of u…

Don’t even get me started on what she said to Tony. I’m done with this shit. But yes anon I’m sorry this was so long but essentially, I very much agree. Good day sir.

Kalagang #10

1x12 I Can’t Leave Her

Already final episode? Oh, wow. Well, here we are. Last Kalagang moments of season one. I had fun rewatching all of their scenes as well as analyzing the development of their beautiful relationship. And I can’t wait to write more about Kalagang moments in season two! Hope you guys enjoy season finale post.

Previously on Sense8, Wolfgang and Kala had their first kiss. But even after Kala admitted her feelings towards Wolfgang, he still went to see kill his uncle.

Original post [x] @willgorsksi

And so far, he’s doing fine…I should say, until he finds out – actually Will tells him – Sergei was wearing a bulletproof vest and more of his men show up to kill Wolfgang. There’s no place to run, he’s out of bullets…he begins to think ‘this is it’. Not surprisingly, Wolfgang thinks of only one person. Kala.

Original post [x] @kalagang

He visits her, instead of letting her visit him. I think Wolfgang didn’t want her to see or be in his violent world…even if nothing would actually hurt her. Wolfgang lets out a heavy sigh. He doesn’t want to say what he’s about to say. He is not sure if he could even look into her eyes when he tells her that he’s about to die.

Kala obviously senses his emotion. Fear also takes over her body.

Original post [x] @sensatesgifs

He’s almost panting when he looks at her and says he’s come to say goodbye. I think in that moment, Wolfgang was more scared of not being with Kala anymore than of dying.

The way Tina delivered that line was so on point. Kala is like ‘really? seriously? you couldn’t come up with less reckless plan than THIS? and you still decided to go to your uncle after what I did to stop you? I even let you kiss me!’

Wolfgang: How was I supposed to know he’d be wearing a bulletproof vest? Who wears a bulletproof vest in real life?

Original post [x] @fyeahmaxriemelt

One of the many things I love about these two is even in the most serious and life-threatening situations, they create this strange mood of romantic comedy. And I’m sure when Wolfgang said that line, most people were thinking ‘dude, you carry a rocket launcher in the back of your car. I mean, who has that in his car in real life?’ Hmm. LOL.

Kala: [What are you doing?] I’m not like Sun, I don’t know how to use my fists, but…that doesn’t mean I don’t know how to fight.

This is the moment when our little innocent Kala shows her badass side. I love that she took the courage to be in that dangerous and violent environment – places where she wouldn’t dare to go – for Wolfgang. To fight for him.

Original post [x] @stilesbanshee

And Wolfie is definitely turned on by badass-Kala. He’s thinking ‘I thought I knew the reasons of loving her, but nope, this woman is full of surprises and I’m starting to love her more.’

There is no doubt, no fear, no hesitation in her voice. Only the determination to save Wolfgang and love towards him.

Original post [x] @stevenrogered


Original post [x] @alyciadebnamcareys

I just wanted to put this GIF because it’s Wolfgang in the fire. The fire – more like an explosion – which was created by Kala. This image sort of made me think that this fire, symbolizing Kala, has protected Wolfgang. However, we soon find out that fire meant something else to Wolfgang in his past.

Original post [x] @reyskywalkker

Wolfgang reveals to Sergei that it was none other than Wolfgang himself who killed his father, Anton. Wolfgang strangled him to death, but what made Anton Bogdanow completely disappear from the world – from Wolfgang’s life was the fire. So, in a way, fire might have been something Wolfgang hated for it recalls the memories of that day. Maybe not. One thing for sure is that fire is the last memory Wolfgang has about his father.

But we all know that fire means something different to him now. It makes him the warmth of the sun he felt with Kala on the rooftop of Ganesha’s temple, a bonfire she walked around in her wedding, and the light inside of Kala that makes her shine and beautiful…but also reminds him that he is the darkness.

Wolfgang: [Oh, God. Why?] You know why. You always knew. And still, you did nothing. […] You said…your blood is in my blood. So is his.

Original post [x] @sense8gif

Here, we really get to see a monstrous side of Wolfgang. The monster that was created by his own father and himself. Feels no remorse. Heart filled with pain and rage. Only the darkness exists in him.

Wolfgang: My father was a monster. And so are you. And so am I.

Original post [x] @fyeahwolfiekala

When Wolfgang says ‘and so am I’ you can see the sadness has consumed him for a moment. It just shows how much he hates himself for who he is – the exhaustion and despair after God knows how many times he tried to redeem himself.

Original post [x] @sense8sgifs

Sadness immediately turns into anger as Wolfgang pulls the trigger. When Wolfgang shoots Sergei, to me it felt like he was thinking of someone. He was shooting as if the person sitting on that chair was Wolfgang himself.

When Wolfgang killed his father, he hoped this monster inside of him would go away. However, it didn’t happen. Instead, when he grew up Wolfgang realized he became just like his father. He is so desperate to get rid of his monster, but still can’t find a way. And I think that’s another reason why Wolfgang looks so furious because he knows no matter how many times he kills off monsters like Anton, Steiner, and Sergei, it won’t get rid of the monster inside of him. It would only make him more like them.

Wolfgang: That’s why you have to marry Rajan.

Wolfgang thinks she deserves happiness – something he cannot give her, at least that’s what he thinks. He believes he will always be that monster. The darkness that she’s afraid of (Kala said she couldn’t sleep with all the lights off in 1x07). He thinks he doesn’t deserve her.

Another reason why he tells her to marry Rajan is – Wolfgang has never experienced this kind of feeling to anyone until Kala. And as much as it makes him feel alive and different, he is also scared. He’s afraid he might get hurt by this unfamiliar emotion. (Max Riemelt also mentioned this in Facebook live session)

Moreover, after showing his monstrous side, Wolfgang knows for certain that Kala will never be able to look at him the same way as before. So Wolfgang decides to push her away first, because he thinks he won’t be able to stand her rejection.

Original post [x] @ladyofglencairn

But what Wolfgang didn’t know is that Kala’s feelings towards him are stronger and deeper than he imagined. Wolfgang may think she cried because of fear and disappointment; when in fact, Kala was actually crying for him because she felt his pain. If Kala was truly disappointed by Wolfgang’s monstrous side, then she’d have looked away. But Kala never takes her eyes off of him because she still sees something beautiful and good inside of him. She feels his love towards her as well as her love towards him.

Kala: [We have to wake her up] [How?] [I don’t know] I do. Set her down.

(@tidesandtowers​ thanks for pointing out this scene for me!) This is not Kala and Wolfgang’s interaction, but when Will tries to find a way to wake Riley up, Kala appears to help them. Kala seems she was still crying and trying to recover from what happened between Wolfgang and her – more likely the pain she shared with Wolfgang. She talks to Will in a quavering voice. This highlights how much Wolfgang means to her – how much his presence has grown in her heart.

Original post [x] @amanitacaplan

I thought it’d be nice to put the ending scene. Always gives me chills. Besides, even after he pushed her away, Wolfgang appears right next to Kala. What can I say? KALAGANG IS THE ENDGAME!

anonymous asked:

Could you write Neil waking up and finding Piper sleeping between him and Andrew? 🙏🏼😭

my dear, precious, lovely anon. i was in the process of writing something else when you sent this ask, and let me tell you, i dropped EVERYTHING to write this immediately. thank you. i definitely got carried away with it. also on AO3.

send me prompts :)

Andrew wakes with a small start, silent as always. Memories of hands and teeth are thankfully fading away as he takes in his surroundings, dragging himself back to the present. He hears Neil’s soft breathing to his right, feels Sir’s claws slightly digging into the skin of his leg, sees the blob of fur that is King tucked against Neil’s side.

His heart rate has now returned to normal, but there’s no way he’ll make it back to sleep. Not after that particularly unpleasant dream. He navigates to the edge of the bed without waking Neil and managing to annoy Sir, both of which were on his to-do list. Andrew quietly walks to the door and pulls it open, casting one last glance over his shoulder to make sure everyone is still asleep. Silently congratulating himself for a clean getaway, he steps into the hallway, remembering to leave the door cracked on his way out. It was Neil’s idea, not only leaving the door unlocked but cracking it open as well. Andrew still isn’t completely comfortable with it, but he understands the necessity.

He pads through the apartment, aiming for the kitchen and the glorious distraction of hot chocolate. It has been his go-to comfort for years, and it always makes him miss Bee. He resolves to call her tomorrow to check in. It’s been too long.

Halfway there, he hears a small cry coming from the room at the end of the hall. His steps speed up as he makes his way to the door, knocking tentatively once he’s reached it. There is no answer, but he can still hear the barely-there sounds of distress coming from within.

He slowly opens the door and steps inside, eyes landing on the sleeping little girl fiercely clutching a purple rabbit to her chest. Her face is turned into her pillow, like she was unconsciously trying to muffle her cries. She is shaking, her body tense from head to toe.

Andrew keeps his distance, knowing full well how varied her reactions can be. “Piper,” he says. Then again, louder when he gets no response. “Piper.”

She jolts awake, eyes flitting around the room in fear until they land on him. She breathes out a sigh of relief and flops back down onto her pillow, rabbit tossed aside. “Thanks,” she says, bravely smiling up at him like all is right with the world now. Who she’s trying to convince, Andrew isn’t sure.

He doesn’t reply but moves toward her instead. He silently extends a hand, and she studies it for a moment before reaching out and taking it, letting him pull her from the bed and out of the room.

Andrew leads her into the kitchen, turning around to pick her up and place her on the counter. She starts kicking her legs back and forth, hitting the drawers on every downswing. He absently thinks that this should annoy him. It doesn’t.

He has just put the almond milk on the stove to boil when she says, “Did you know that almond milk was really popular during the Middle Ages?”

Andrew stops. Turns around. Stares at her for a moment. “We’ve been letting you spend way too much time around Kevin,” he says dismissively, putting his attention back to the task at hand.

Without even looking at her, Andrew can feel how hard she rolls her eyes. It reminds him of Neil. “At least Kevin watches stuff other than Exy and Jeopardy.”

Andrew swings back around immediately. “Excuse me? Did I or did I not sit through all eight Harry Potter movies last weekend?”

“Well…” she falters for a moment, then lifts her chin in defiance. “You didn’t like it, though,” she points out. “And the whole time, you were just complaining about how Dad and Harry are basically the same person. Something about an ‘idiot hero complex’.” She’s got him there, and she knows it. Dammit.

He inclines his head in acknowledgement and mutters, “Touché.”

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anonymous asked:

Can you do a headcannon with the RFA + minor trio with an MC that's got nearsightedness and she's slowly going blind and it can't really be stopped?

Yes of course~ I actually have nearsightedness..but I’m not going blind. Hopefully I did this justice..! I struggled with Seven and Yoosung surprisingly. But I hope I did okay, enjoy! 


  • “You can still see my beauty from afar though, right?” He chuckled and you rolled your eyes as you adjusted the glasses propped on the bridge of your nose.
  • He knew that your vision was bad, but it wasn’t until later when you asked him why it was so dark in the living room one night when all the lights were on.
  • So he took you to the doctor and was shocked at the news, and saddened all at once.
  • You told them that it was okay, and that you could get through this as long as he was by your side.
  • When you completely lost your vision..his heart would slightly drop whenever he looked at you.
  • You didn’t know how beautiful you looked everyday, so he would be sure to tell you.
  • “Honey, I wish you could see how you look right now. Your skin is so radiant, and your silky brown hair spilling over your shoulders. The earrings I bought you really brings out the angelic shade of your eyes..”
  • “Zen..”
  • Honestly..he wouldn’t be sure of how to handle it. But you can bet he was always describing the scenery wherever you guys went.


  • This little bby, he would always be so aware and cautious of you when he learned that you were nearsighted.
  • “Hold onto my arm MC while we cross the street! Uh..”
  • But when he learned that you were slowly going blind he would probably just lose his shit.
  • “Yoosung, don’t worry. I knew this was coming, my vision has been bad all my life.”
  • “If you knew it was coming..then WHY didn’t you get it treated?!”
  • “I tried, it couldn’t been helped.”
  • Would ultimately just feel terrible about the whole situation.
  • He would help you as much as you could and as often as he could.
  • It would take him awhile to accept it and get used to it..but at the end of the day he was always sure to remind you of how much he loves you, and how he’ll never leave your side.


  • She would automatically go into overprotective mom mode.
  • I know that’s like a cliche for her, but it’s true!!
  • “MC, stay out of the kitchen please..I don’t want you to get hurt. What if your vision fails you while you’re cutting up something? Or if you’re using the stove.. Let me do the cooking from now on.” 
  • I feel like she wouldn’t be that taken back when she learned that you were slowly going blind.
  • Would probably do some research of how to make things easier for you, and help you learn how to read braille. 
  • Always looking out for you..always. And being very attentive towards you whenever you were doing something.
  • “I know..all of this must be very hard for you. But believe me when I say that I’ll be with you until the absolute end.”


  • As soon as he found out you had nearsightedness, he’d schedule an appointment with one of the best eye doctors in the world. 
  • Would do everything in his power to make sure that your vision wouldn’t get any worse and would only improve.
  • He had already dealt with V..he didn’t want to fail again.
  • But your condition was rare, you going blind was inevitable and he just felt so..defeated.
  • The most important people in his life, both have gone blind.
  • I feel like he would take it the worse. 
  • When he took you on business trips, he felt like absolute shit that you couldn’t admire the beautiful scenery to you.
  • Much like Zen (haha), he would take his time describing every possible detail to you, so that hopefully you could vividly envision it in your mind.
  • Since you had lost one of your senses. he would make sure to stimulate the others in the most pleasing way.
  • The penthouse would always have the best scent, he made sure you ate nothing but the most well put together filled with such beautiful harmonies it put you in a trance.
  • “MC, I know that you’re blind..but I hope that doesn’t stop you from seeing how much adoration I have for you, and how much I love you.”


  • Despite doing a background check on you, he didn’t know this. 
  • I feel like he would be the kind of person to hold up his hand in front of you and ask how many fingers he’s holding up.
  • “3, Seven, 3.”
  • “Okay how about now?”
  • “You don’t even have your hand up anymore.”
  • Even though he would make a joke from time to time, deep down inside it worried the shit out of him. 
  • Would probably try to develop some special glasses that would support your vision way better than just regular ones.
  • You know like eSight glasses that allow blind people to see again?
  • If your vision wasn’t curable, at least he could do this.
  • It would take quite a long time though, he’d have to do some much research and testing, it wasn’t a field he was experienced in.
  • But until then, he would just assist you himself and make upgrades to the cat robot to help you as well.
  • Would never let you out of the bunker by yourself.
  • He was actually..just a huge worry wart over you, but only because he loved you and wants nothing more but to protect you always so you can be the safest you could possibly be.


  • He wouldn’t think much of it at first..
  • So what? Not everyone had the best vision.
  • But when he learned that you were going blind and it couldn’t be treated..
  • He just felt so..helpless.
  • It would send him into a brooding state, and he would just stare at you sometimes.
  • “’ll be okay right? You just won’t be able to see? You won’t leave me right..”
  • “I would never leave you Saeran.”
  • “I don’t want you going out anywhere alone. Please, let me be by your side just all the time so I can look at for you.”
  • sighsoftsaeranissoadorable
  • Wouldn’t quite know what to do most of the time tbh.
  • But you were the most precious thing to ever happen to him, the fact that this was happening to you angered him to know end.
  • He never wanted you to experience something like this, he wish he could somehow give you his vision in exchange for your blindness.
  • “Why must terrible things like this happen to good people? It should be me..not you.”
  • “Saeran, please don’t say that. The world has a weird way of working sometimes.”
  • “I want to fight the world then.” saeranpls 
  • “MC, I want nothing more but to protect you. I’ll make sure from now on, whatever danger comes in your way I’ll stop it before it could ever reach you. I love you more than anything..It’s unfair how you’re forced to only see darkness, when you bring so much light.”

Jihyun (V):

  • Suddenly thinks he made a mistake by finally accepting Jumin’s request for him to get eye surgery.
  • It was almost as if..the universe took his condition and gave it to you, as punishment.
  • After all, he did lie to you and the rest of the RFA.
  • Would have so much regret, and just.. so much hatred in himself.
  • “I should’ve never gotten the you have to suffer as I did..” He cried one night as he watched you sleep.
  • “Perhaps..if I blinded myself, you would get your vision back.”
  • no baby please don’t do that please please please no
  • Before you completely lost your sight, he would take you all over the world with him.
  • The most beautiful places on Earth, and he would have you explore the scenery and capture the most breath-taking, purest moments of you.
  • He just felt so terrible about it sometimes, you would have to constantly reassure him that he was not at fault. That you had been struggle with your eyesight all your life.
  • But he couldn’t help it. The only reason why he didn’t harm himself is so he could be able to see for the both of you..
  • (thismademekindofsadwhydididothis)


  • Honestly..I don’t think he would say much at first when he learned that you had nearsightedness.
  • “Oh.” is all he would say, with sentimental eyes and he looked down on you.
  • Your vision may be shit, but you could see the slight uneasiness that rested on his face. 
  • “Well if you ever need anything..let me know.”
  • He would ask you if you were okay a lot, and if you needed help
  • “Do you need something? I can go get it for you.. Just stay there, don’t move.”
  • Suddenly, he didn’t mind cleaning up and taking care of the house if it was for you.
  • He would show small actions of compassion and worry, he wanted to make things easier for you. 
  • Sometimes, when you guys laid on the couch with each other, watching movies he’d make funny, sarcastic comments describing the setting or how the characters looked. 
  • Like once you guys were watching a zombie apocalypse movie..
  • “Okay, wow. Well this place looks like a total shit-hole. So just picture Seven’s bunker..but outside, spread out throughout the city.” 
  • “The dude is really ugly by the way, don’t waste your energy trying to envision it. He’s truly horrific.”
  • He didn’t know exactly how to handle it, but it wouldn’t have any negative connotation towards how he felt for you. 
  • In fact this would probably just make him care about and love you even more. 
  • He admired how strong you were, and questioned how you managed to stay calm even though you were going fucking blind.
  • “I don’t quite know what’s going through your head…and I know this is a struggle for you. Never feel like you have to hold anything in. If you’re frustrated or sad, let me know.”
  • “One more thing..” 
  • “……..Iloveyou….”
  • “Awwww, Vandy. I may be nearly blind, but I can just picture how red you are right now. I love you too.”  
  • His face went even redder.
  • “Shut up.”
  • :)

Phewww! I hope you liked this! Requests are still open y’all! So send in whatever your heart desires!

anonymous asked:

MY IDOL MAYRA , so i was wondering how would you feel about writing a jealous!sonic which leads into feelings being revealed;);) ((so au ! I know but i can't resist)) if you don't mind ofc, have an amazing day ur da coolest 😎😎

ofc? Out of character? I’m quite a stickler for character, but I try and find plausible ways the characters can stay true to themselves and also develop where AU’s can be possible. I think I can make this plausible, leading it into some deep AU (aka shipping crap xD) but I’ll do my best to keep everyone in character until that AU transition is over :) Sound good? lol


“I could, take you home, if you want?”

This boy had been flirting with Amy the whole adventure, and she had tried to be polite and just laugh it off like she didn’t realize it, but over time she began to get shyly embarrassed by it.

What made it worse was Sonic was RIGHT THERE and didn’t DO ANYTHING to stop it!

She was furious that he was so close, and yet, let this creep keep trying!

“Ehem, um… well…” she scooting more towards Sonic, having his arms folded, looking away and up at the sky.

He wasn’t looking at anything in particular, but what Amy didn’t know was that him being so close to keep the guy in line…

He had tried to convince the dude, indirectly, so to speak… that Amy only loved him and him alone, and no one could change her mind.

“Well… that’s probably because she’s never known real love before.”

That pompous statement sent a fire through his veins like he never knew before, and ever since then, he hasn’t let the guy be alone with Amy.

That creep wasn’t going to lay a HAND on her if he had anything to say about it.

However… just like, Amy, Sonic was also misreading her reactions too.

Her shy getaway act and not answering him directly made him nervous… he wondered if Amy really was being wooed by this confident… freak-a-zoid!

He needed him due to him being the only one who knew the exact location of the hidden village with the new mineral ore that Eggman was using to make his latest machines.

Apparently, being the only one who escaped, he was able to find Sonic and the team to tell them his people were being enslaved by Eggman to mine in the ore for him, having his robots supervise them as a threat to not step out of line.

Amy looked up to Sonic, but he interpreted that as her thinking, not so much her indirect, plea in body language to say, “HELP ME.”

He looked away, worried that she might actually go with someone who seemed to like her over himself…

He looked down.

Amy misread that as he was letting her go, and her heart nearly broke at his expression.

His eyes scanned the ground, before he gave a cold look to the boy across from him.

‘…I can’t just let him take her! Can I..?’ His heart was hurting, pretty badly actually, that he was just letting this all happen.

He bore his teeth and looked away again, turning his head slightly back to the ground.

‘It’s Amy’s life… it’s her decision.. I … I shouldn’t interfere.’

He was about to turn completely away, leave Amy to make the decision for herself, as he tightened his selfish fists to try and not make a dash at the dude, knock him out, and whisk Amy away.

‘What is this!? What’s happening to me!? I’m so mad! I could just..!’ he lifted his fists up, about to take a step away, as he faced Amy with his back.

She truly thought he was shunning her away, leaving her to this guy’s awkward flirting.

But why?

‘Sonic would never be this cruel…’ she thought to herself, her arms outstretched to him weakly,… as if not knowing if it was okay to ask for help or even for him to stay…

She felt more comfortable that she wasn’t alone with this guy… but if Sonic left.

‘I’ve never felt so selfish in my life!’ Sonic almost felt his jaw and head ache from the force he was pushing onto his teeth.

‘I want her to not like him. I want her to stay with me. By me. Beside me… Ahhh! I can’t just let her fall for another dude!’

He swiped his head a moment, back and forth, but Amy took that as he was telling her not to resist, or not to come any closer.

In desperation… she leaped.

Sonic’s eyes shot open and widened, leaning his head slowly up as he felt her arms around his waist, gripping his stomach as she trembled, her head ducked down and bent with tears.


He doesn’t really recollect what happened to him after that.

All of a sudden, like instinct, he pulled her close and pushed in front of her, holding her like the most precious possession in the world, and glaring at the dude.

“She’s got a ride.” he scooped her up, not even thinking as he spoke, and walked away. “Always.”

The guy blinked, not sure what all that indirect communication was about.

“Uhh…uhh… okay?”

He seemed to realize that Amy wouldn’t ever go for him, and sighed, letting the two escape.

Amy was so taken aback, not only did he respond quickly and even held her so close that her heart raced at the how protectively he had stated those words…

But it almost felt like…


She was his.

 “Sonic..?” She looked up at him, grateful but concerned as his hands were slightly hurting her.

For some reason… his tight grip was comforting though, but his face was fierce, making her panic a moment that maybe he was mad at her actions.

She stifled a quivering sound from her lips, something like a gasp and to say more, but dared not too.

‘What’s going on? It’s like I physically can feel that I almost lost her something.’ Sonic was so consumed in his confusion inside his thoughts, he failed to notice how worried-stricken Amy looked.

‘All I could think of was if that guy even dared opposed me, I would have knocked his head straight to the ground… I’ve never felt like that before. Amy’s not… she’s not something I… or anyone can possess! So… so why do I care so much that she’s in my arms? Not his?’

He shook his head, it still hurt from how he pressed down on his jaw so hard, before finally seeing Amy’s expression.

He stopped, worry at terrifying her crept into his being.

“Are you alright?” it was unthought of, just impulse again.

He barely hesitated as she nodded, before speaking again.

“I don’t want you speaking with him again.”

Amy had never seen him so… so demanding.

He was usually so calm under pressure, very cocky about everything.

What on earth was going on inside his head?

“Sonic… are you okay?” she lifted a hand up to his face, which he quickly glanced at, growing shy and turning away.

“Why…” she flinched her hand away, hurt by his response, still not understanding.

“Why are you pulling away from me?”


Sonic turned back.

“This whole time… I’ve been pulling towards you.”

When he realized his thought had come out without his conscious knowledge of it, he flickered his eyes in blinks of surprise.

“Crap! You weren’t suppose to hear that..” he turned away, still not having any control over his mouth.

“S…Son..” Amy’s breath was fully taken from her lungs. She was so shocked, but hope filled her heart and had her awing this new side of Sonic she had never seen before.

His feet fidgeted.

A new feeling now rocked his knees… threatening to freeze up.

“Uh oh.” Sonic looked down, seeing the effects and quickly running to try and loosen them.


He gritted his teeth again, this was so awkward, but at the same time…

“Why did you not tell him off?”

It came out a little harsh…

“What?” she looked amazed.

He kept running, bending his head down now in rage, not realizing what she was conveying in her behavior to him…

They both were misinterpreting the other… leading to some confusing actions and responses.

“Sonic…” she arched her eyelids back, realizing what this meant.

Was he… worried about her?

“I… I would never trust anyone but you!” she blurted out, leaning up in his arms and gaining enough courage to wrap her arms around his neck when the wind picked up.

Then she noticed it wasn’t the wind…

Her eyes blinked more open from squinting against the wind to realize he was running faster.

He had to let his anger out somehow.

‘No other!? Then tell him to buzz off! Pfft, I don’t believe that.’ Sonic grew aggressive, before his hands gripped her tighter.

“Ah.” she felt the pain a moment before he looked down and seemed shaken by her cry of slight pain.

He pushed his feet down to a halt, and set her down, but his hands only momentarily hovered at her sides.

“I’m sorry… Amy, I-” he looked away, ashamed he couldn’t control his emotions.

“AUGH!” he finally emoted.

He gripped his hands to his head and walked away, turning from her again as he reeled his head back, “What’s wrong with me!? I can’t think straight. I’m so… so mad!!!”

“He couldn’t take a hint.” Amy tried to calm Sonic down, but was afraid of this new response in him she hadn’t seen before.

She gripped her sides, holding herself, not sure how to address this.

“Hey!” she called out, worried. “Don’t … don’t turn away from me again. It feels like your shutting me off or out of your life!”

He froze then.

Suddenly realization made him move his hands from his head, and straighten out.

Turning… away… made her think he was closing her out from him?

That simple communication made him turn around, a part of his confusion cleared.

“Turn you away..?” he looked tenderly to her, and staggered on his feet, still feeling the weakness in his knees…

“Amy…” he spoke so gently then, so full of something Amy had never heard out of his voice before, and made her full attention turn to him in the fading day.

“…All I’ve been doing is trying to get you to run into my arms… so that I can protect you.” he felt this wasn’t something he would natural say, but something was pumping through his veins, adrenaline?

“All this time, I’ve hated that guy!” He threw a fist up, showing his true feelings, communicating for once in his life against his own better judgement, unable to keep it back any longer…

“The way he looks at you, flirts with you… it’s like he thinks he’s good enough to own you! You aren’t anyone’s to claim, Amy! You’re not!” He shook his head, frustration and desire to keep her all to himself creeping in on his being.

He couldn’t shake it off, he felt embarrassed now, he didn’t want to say anymore as he trembled with pent-up aggression.

“Sonic… I am owned to something…” she stepped forward, putting her hands together, “I… My heart’s always been yours to keep… Sonic.” she thought he knew that by now.

Sonic’s head slowly rose, more surprise hit him than anger.

He looked at her almost dumbfounded.

“…Come again?” he spoke lightly, in disbelief.

“I may not know a lot about… love or affection but-” she looked away, saddened by that fact of inexperience, but placed both hands on his face.

“But with all my heart, Sonic… I know I love you.”

It was the first time those words had graced Sonic’s ears.

It ringed for a moment. A beautiful bell in a drum consumed world.

He felt his whole being relax and almost fall into her touch, being comforted against his will was weird and terrifying, but in that moment, he wasn’t able to think straight.

He just let himself stare at her, and in a new light, see how beautiful having her around him really was.

His heart beat off course, his body felt limp, all the things that should have put him into an awkward panic felt…. natural for him, all of a sudden.

The air stilled uncomfortably, but in the warmth her hands gave, he still felt peace.

‘This isn’t right.’

Sonic moved away, snapping out of his strange entrancement and moving away, looking left and right at the ground.

“I’m…” he looked so vulnerable up to her.

She was going to misinterpret this again.

She scanned each of his eyes, seeing his confusion and fear.

“Sonic… I… Didn’t you know?” She felt confused too.

“It’s not that… it’s…” he waved his hands out, showing her he’s always known about her crush on him… as silly as it was, he never minded it all that much…

It was was he was feeling… his body telling him things he didn’t understand… his reaction that was unconsciously being done was what was spooking him.

“I can’t…” he gripped his chest, where his heart was beating irregularly for him. “I can’t understand what I’m feeling.”

Admitting this almost gave a flood of relief over him.

He had never been able to talk this much about his feelings before, but now, with Amy.. almost having that threat of someone take her away from him had left him unable to fully control himself.

“,,,What do you feel?” Amy was amazed by his response, but wanted to take it a step further.

As she stepped forward, his fear peaked again, and he held a hand out, walking back.

“N-no…wait a second…”

She paused.

‘…I’ve been waiting too long for this!!!’

Amy ran as fast as she could.


His eyes widened for the third time as she tackled into him, causing them to hit the ground before her head never came up.

He still squirmed, out of habit, but when Amy didn’t respond, he stopped and froze a moment, before looking down at her.

“…No more games, Sonic.” she was twitching, her eyes being forced shut and her arms gripping his body to hers.

“Just tell me… say that you love me.”

The words echoed in Sonic’s subconscious, but his thoughts were mostly on how he was ever gonna get out of his awkward fiasco.

Just say it.

Just say you love her.

You’ll keep her with you.

No one will be able to take her away from you.

‘I won’t allow it.’

Sonic narrowed his eyes, for once, understanding what he wanted and what his… no, it had to be.

What his heart had been trying to tell him for years.

He held her back, slowly letting the force be strong enough to show intent but not harmful like he accidentally had let slip before.

He ducked his head down, then back, chest feeling gripped as he couldn’t get the words out right.

Every part of him screamed!

He had to say it! Now was the only time he had left TO say it.

If he didn’t … he knew he would never let it get this… this bad or desperate again.

He would never allow himself to say it after today… or night? It was growing strangely dark, how long have they been out here?

He looked back on the falling sun, then up as if his gasps for air pained him, his chest still quivering and something warm in his stomach or bowls.

He crunched slightly, as if trying to stop this sensation.

As all this happened, she remained silent.

“…I.. Gosh darn it, Amy! I-!” he bit down on the words, as if he didn’t want to say them, but he knew he had too.


Her head jerked slightly up, but her eyes were hidden in shadows.

“I’ve always wanted to protect you, ever since I first met you, I’ve felt strangely drawn to wanting to be by your side! In your favor! I’ve always thought it a nuisance, never you! Just the desire to help you! Make you smile! Laugh! It’s all been so.. .so frustrating! After all this time, I don’t want anyone calling you ‘pretty’ or ‘there’s! I can’t stand it! You’re not there’s! You’ve always been my responsibly! Even if I didn’t want it, you were still there! I had to protect you! I had to keep you safe! I had to keep you, Amy… I … I …” he had kicked, squirmed, as if fighting each word coming out… until he finally lost, and slight tears formed so faintly that they dried up in an instant as he closed his eyes.

He gasped in his tantrum, the words he never let fall from his lips before.

“I hate that I love you so much… that I can’t let you go.”

“I can’t let you be free.”

“It’s the most selfish thought I’ve ever had…”

“To ever tell you ….”

“To tell you that I would marry you.”

“Just not now.”

“Not while I’m still running.”

“But you waited for me…”

“You never gave up.”

“I think that’s what I’ve admired the most Amy.”

“You waited till I had everything to give, and not enough strength to hold it back anymore.”

He felt something wet and looked down, seeing Amy’s tears as her eyes shook with unparalleled emotion.

“…Ah, geez.” he threw his head back again, letting the feeling of piercing the cold ground with the impact of his quills distract momentarily from how weak he truly felt, how vulnerable in that moment he was to her.

“I can’t stand that I love you.”


“I can’t even look at you.”

“Sonic, please…”

She reached up for him to look at her, placing her hands to his face.

“Call it destiny… or fate. But Amy. You had me at my name.”

He looked up at her, seeming to have been forced to say it all by his own heart and body tag-teaming it, but also looking like he faced his greatest fear and was so done with fighting it anymore.

He had drooped, almost unfeeling eyes then, as he spoke one last thing to her.

“Are you gonna kiss me now or what?”

Amy was so amazed that she laughed, offending him.

“Hey! What gives?! I pledge my loyalty and love and you laugh!? LAUGH!? Great, I’m hopelessly, and fiercely in love with a cynical woman.”

She shook her head, covering her mouth in her shock.


“Go on. Say it. I told you so.” he turned his head, as if dramatic.

“I know you. You’ll plan the wedding arrangements. No matter how much I’ll protest.”

“No, Soniicc!!”

“You’ll tell the whole world the awful, tantalizing scandal of Miss Amy Rose and the infamous Sonic The Hedgehog.”


“You’ll have four kids and I’ll just tag along for the fun.”

“I’M LAUGHING CAUSE I’M SO HAPPY, YOU-! OH, I LOVE YOU!” she spread her arms out wide and fell right back on top of him, kissing him over and over, all over his sad little face that showed he truly gave in to his feelings, and had to accept that fact.

She kept repeating, “I love you, I love you, I love you.” As if that was a release for her.

He couldn’t help but get a softer face at each amazing wave or gush of warm feeling that spiraled throughout him with each kiss.

Suddenly, touch wasn’t an issue.

Suddenly, his shyness wasn’t even a thing anymore.

He… actually… liked this.

She wore out after a moment as her words became quieter, more muttery, as she realized he wasn’t pushing her away at all.

After seeing her face change, he leaned up and began letting his own declaration slip here and there… across the cheek, over the lips, passed the nose and down and up and over and across till he lost track of what the heck he was doing.

No more needs to be written, right? Self-explanatory, they’re in love, AU is a thing, and I’m going to bed. Nighty nighty!

melissas173  asked:

I can't believe no one has asked for number 4 in the prompts! Can you please write 4?

4. “I’m not drunk, I s-swear.”

Not Drunk (Harry & Suge)

“I’m not drunk, I s-swear,” I mumble into Harry’s shoulder as he steers me towards the rental car after the wedding.

“Of course you’re not, Suge,” Harry humors me, but we both know I had one or more too many Cosmopolitans at the reception. They were just so pink and frothy and chilled. In the hot weather, I had wilted a bit. Early on I had enjoyed white wine spritzers.

“I’m not that drunk. I can still protect you, Harry,” I slur, as he pours me into the passenger side, tucking my sundress around my legs, placing my purse gently on the floor and buckling my seatbelt. At which point, I wrap my arms around his neck and take a deep sniff. “You smell so good, Harry. Let’s fuck.”

The sigh he gives makes it clear that sex is not on the table right now. Prying my hands from around his neck, he reminds me to keep my hands clear as he closes the door. Climbing behind the wheel, he’s quiet, and I can see that he’s clenched his jaw.

“I’m very obser – observ - servant,” I remind him because he seems to have forgotten that I’m really good at my job, “which is how I know you’re mad at me.”

The jaw doesn’t unclench, but the lips move, “Not mad at you. Confused. Frustrated. Disappointed. But not mad.”

I turn in my seat, only to find myself restricted by the seat belt. Trying to find the release for it, I burp. Not a polite burp either. A loud one. Harry covers my hands with the hand not on the wheel, and he glances over at me. “Stop it, Suge. You’re in the car, and I’m driving. Stay in your seat belt.”

“But you’re upset with me, Harry. Why? I wanna know,” and I sniffle a bit. Honestly, I know I’m going to regret this tomorrow. It will be a long time before alcohol passes my lips again. “Did I embarrass you? Did I say something rude?”

He’s shaking his head now, “No. Other than being beyond tipsy, you were a perfect guest.”

I lean my head against the headrest as I watch his hands on the wheel, “Then why’re you upset with me?”

Harry shrugs then, “Never saw you drink like that before, Suge. It’s not you.”

And he should know. We’ve been together for a couple of years now, toured the world twice, attended multiple red carpet events. He’s right. I’ve never had this much to drink before.

“Let me know if you’re going to puke,” he calmly says.

Shaking my head no vigorously until I do start to feel like I’m going to throw up, I watch him. The sun is still out, but it’s going to set soon.

“You were playing with that little girl,” I sigh, looking down and running my fingers nervously over the hem of my dress.

“Yeah. So?” he mutters, “Were you jealous that I wasn’t talking with you and Glenne?”

I start again, “You were playing with that little girl,” and I’m conscious I’ve already said these words, but they are forced past my lips again, “and you were so cute with her. And she followed you around. And you bopped her nose. Her fucking nose, Harry!”

He has no idea why this upsets me, but now I’m pouting and crying all at the same time. “Yes, Suge. That’s true.”

“You want to know if I’m jealous? Fuck yes, I’m jealous! I want that to be OUR child. I want to be pregnant with your baby,” I end on a much quieter note than I started because I didn’t mean to reveal this information to him just yet, and I certainly didn’t intend to tell him anything at his friend’s wedding.

Harry is silent, and I have no idea what he’s thinking until he clears his throat to speak, “So why aren’t we trying, Suge? We could get pregnant.”

My mouth gapes open, and he pulls over to the side of the road so that other cars can pass. Turning to me, he says it again, “We could try if you really want a baby.”

Now I’m whispering because I’m scared to say what has been bothering me all night. We’ve been around other kids before. He’s held babies. But tonight really bothered me. “Harry…..muscular dystrophy is hereditary. We could – I could pass it on to our child.”

He’s the one unbuckling his seatbelt and turning fully to me. “I know that, Suge. But would we love our child any less than we love Ben? Should the chance stop us from trying? There are options, babe. We can adopt. We can get genetic testing and find out. Or we can get pregnant and love our child no matter how she or he is born. I love you, Suge,” he takes my hands in his, kissing them. “Do you want a baby?”

I nod, sniffling, “Yes.”

Turning back to the front, he re-connects his seatbelt, resting one hand on my thigh. “Then let’s get you sober so we can try.”


omg. Just omg. i haven’t watched the most recent episode yet, but i’ve seen .gif sets and i’m so thrilled. I saw this, and I just…omg. here! quick little jotted story. no spell check. 8) it was just to wonderful an idea to pass up.

You wake up with crumbling worlds behind your eyelids. The red dust of Krypton caught in your eyelashes, the dry air clambering like tumbling stones in your lungs. You have no words in this language, or any other, to describe how exactly a planet sounds when it dies. The groan of shifting plates, and brittle atmospheres—how it shivers beneath your feet, how it whines and whimpers. Living in all the same ways as the people who will share its grave; left in the empty of space, forgotten, adrift. You carry an apology in your chest, a silent unspoken I’m sorry that has somehow stitched itself into your spine, into your heart; into the strongest parts of you, because whenever you wonder where you came from, why you’re here, you think of that apology. Of what you had promised a dying world.

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So @xiulayallday (Bree), @kpopandlock (Kara), and I were able to exist within 3ft of six EXO members due to a series of glorious coincidences that allowed us to run into Suho immediately upon entering Times Square. Which then led to this…

What follows is a pretty detailed account of the day and it’s a mess, but it’s all written exactly as I remember it and hopefully will allow you to feel exactly what I was feeling in those moments.

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Been Too LOOOOONG!!.... and my fan account of B.A.P Party Boom LA! *it’s LOOOOOONG*

Hello everyone!!! Hope you’re all doing well. Sorry, it’s been so crazy, that I haven’t really been able to do much if anything at all on Tumblr. Things are starting to slow down & I missed ya’ll…. If you still remember me :) I had to catch ya’ll up on what happened. I’ve changed jobs & moved all for the better, much, much happier with all of that, but it’s had me busy!!!!

Ok, so I HAVE to give my fan account of Party Boom LA, most in the chatrooms for @mjupnet already know. So my bestie Hana & I are checking into our hotel Sat around 3pm, I see a black mercedes sprinter van pull up & I tapped her shoulder thinking, could this be B.A.P? But I noticed that on the side it said tours, so I turned back around & told her never mind, as she was checking in. Less than what felt like a min later, I turned back around for kicks & I noticed the 1st person off the sprinter because of his bucket hat, it was BANG YONGGUK!!!!!! So my heart skips & I try to get my friends attention (without looking crazy) she keeps telling me hold on.  she FINALLY turns around & just nods her head & bugs her eyes a bit, but we’re trying SO hard to stay composed! By this point, now Zelo & Himchan have come in, while Yongguk & Jongup stood outside talking, then their manager & about 3 staff come in and stand right behind us for the check in counter. At this time, we haven’t seen Youngjae or Daehyun, but we’re DYING inside B.A.P IS IN OUR HOTEL!!!!! We’re trying to stay calm & not freak out (until we got to our room) The clerk couldn’t take ANY longer than he did, asking us about all of these upgrades!

Himchan, Zelo & 2 of their staff were headed towards the elevator, at the same point that we had to go up as well, but I was tooooo chicken to take the same elevator, sadly (what a fail) Hana still picks on me for this! I’m pretty sure if it was Yongguk & Jongup, I would’ve no hesitation, but they were still outside talking. We go to our room & SCREAM freaking out that we’re in the same hotel. There was a pool party & we raced to change & go chill, hoping that B.A.P would also be there. In the elevator, some of who we later learner where their staff were in their too & asked where we were going, we spoke of the pool party & they said they wished they could join, we told them they should, but they had to take care of some things for a special event the next day (we knew what it was ^_^) so we REALLY thought B.A.P would be there now. We lounged, the DJ was awesome, tons of ppl were there, but NO B.A.P, but we made an agreement, that since we fly to LA, this isn’t just for B.A.P, but also for us to have a vacation! SO we still enjoyed ourselves, had a yummy cocktail & then decided to go eat after about 2.5hrs. We head out to valet to get our rental car & as we’re sitting there, Youngjae walks right past us, I tapped Hana and then we see a few staff, there all headed to their van parked on the side. Then my eyes were blessed, Jongup walks past, a few times actually! it was pretty funny, he seemed so lost, yet adorable! I think after the 3rd time, I giggled, so he looked over, then smiled & waved. LOL! Hana had to go in & ask how late the pool & office would stay open, when she turned around, Himchan was just sitting in the lobby. So she greeted him in Korean, told him that we’d be at their concert the next night & hope they enjoyed their time & get to relax. He thanked her & was so kind, even when he walked out the door he greeted me & said thank you. Out walked Jongup again yelling HYUNG!! and Himchan happily waited for Jongup to catch up.

We were hoping our car would take longer, as Yongguk & Daehyun hadn’t come out. But NOPE, our car came & we didn’t want to just sit there, as we had to get food, etc… So as we drove off we waved & they waved back. We finished up what we were doing, came back changed again to go out at night, the lobby turns into a cool lounge w/ an awesome dj! So we chilled there, but my friend loves AOMG, and was like Bound LA is lit, we need to try that out & we can always come back. As we finished up our drink we were walking out, I see this guy sitting on the lounge chair & I said to Hana, wow, now HE’S beautiful, he looks up & smiles & it’s JUNG DAEHYUN, I wanted to die, but just smiled, but my heald down & walk faster to Bound LA (popular Korean club) But was annoyed, thinking he was going to chill in the lounge & possibly w/ other members… ie Yongguk & Jongup. But Hana was like I REALLY want to go & we can always come back. Well, thanks to coachella, what usually is LIT was not at all, there were probably 10ppl ttl inside. But we were like, more dance floor for us, met some cool ppl, had a drink & then decided after more dancing we’d leave & head back. We decided on another drink, as the bartender was really good & were just chilling there enjoying the music, Hana was facing the door & my back was towards it, but I saw her face & I knew….. we weren’t alone. Himchan, Jongup, Daehyun & Yongguk walk in & immediately go to a booth, they were probably as shocked as we were w/ how empty it was! But we knew then, WE WERE NOT LEAVING!!!!!! So we went back on the dance floor, now with about 5 other ppl & just had fun, not caring who was watching, (it’s was so empty, it was hard not to notice, but we ust had fun) But soon we once again got hungry, haha & after a few hours left & headed to BCD tofu house. We changed into comfy clothes, were chilling there & in walks Daehyun & their manager. A few min later Jongup and another staff member, no Yongguk or Himchan. And they were seated 1 table away, behind us on the right. because of a couple guys near us getting a little annoying, their Manager positioned himself to see & watch us (so nice) and made eyes w/ Hana (she was facing them) to make sure we were ok. They also alerted the waiters as well that were helping us all. The night calmed down & soon they left and us about 30 min later. 

By this point, if you’ve even read to this point, you’re wondering why we haven’t approached them more. Well, there were girls that stayed at our hotel ALL DAY for a glimpse of them. We didn’t want to be clumped into that group as those type of fans, in fact if we got stopped by some to ask if we saw them, we’d give opposite directions! Some of the staff (we didn’t know at the time) we’re in the elevator & some young girls asked if we’ve seen B.A.P… We told them, no (even thought we had JUST saw Himchan walk in) Soon we heard thank you, turned around & it was their staff, appreciative of how we handled it, we explained while we’re fans, we want them to enjoy & relax, they seemed shocked! 

Ok, so on to Sunday, still reading? almost done…. We assumed the boys were doing soundcheck in the am, blah blah blah & decided to just do our thing per usual, I was craving neng myun & we went to our fav place, as we waited for the car Himchan & one of the photographers walked up from getting juice (nope, not coffee) At this pt, we’ve bumped into him the most, Jongup 2nd, Daehyun 3rd Yongguk 4th, And only 1 time saw Youngjae and Zelo when we 1st checked in. Zelo had posted the brunch at our hotel & we assumed after that they left. We came back to the hotel after eating, changed & decided to chill by the pool. Hana wanted to in the sun & I wanted to chill in the shade, so I laid on the chairs. The music was really chill, had a nice summer vibe going (pineapple vodka in my hand) I was grooving & then an old school song came on & ppl starting reacting. In particular, me & a guy next to me, so we looked at each other & smiled, I kept my cool, but that guy was ZELO!!! I smiled back and laid back down, then texted my friend saying Zelo was 2 chairs away from me, so she made her way over! LOL but we still left him alone, he had 1 staff member with him, it was their translator for the US leg of the tour. We just wanted him to enjoy, so we left him alone.Even at one pt, his staff left & Zelo was just by himself about ½ hr, we almost felt protective of him, HE IS A PRECIOUS GUMDROP and sooo adorable, tall 7 very pale, ppl they are NOT whitewashing him…. the others, YES!!!. We did get to meet Yongguk, Himchan & Jongup last year, we even got to talk a bit more to them then honestly.    While we didn’t get a photo w/them, this meant the world to both of us, we saw them & saw them A LOT, but as THEMSELVES, not B.A.P! Let me tell you, They’re beyond beautiful w/out makeup & beyond nice, they also were very appreciative with how we let them be & even shielded them from some fans. But I think they thought we really weren’t fans, since we didn’t “act” like normal ones….. so when High touch came & we were in the last 10ppl to do high touch, the look on their faces… O_O…  & their reactions PRICELESS… We knew, they knew then we were fans & it all clicked! They wen’t to another spot for dinner after the concert & left in the afternoon the next day (Mon, we left Tues)they actually did late check out, due to the amount of fans waiting in the lobby :(.. and just probably tired. 

This was a trip we’ll NEVER forget & I hope they’ll remember it as fondly was we do & that we get to see them again next year!!!

IF you read this, you deserve a medal!!!! <3

  • I think everyone has a right to like and dislike characters, as a writer I sympathize with like everyone so it's hard for me to dislike a character so passionately.
  • I've just seen so much Scalia/Malia hate, more Malia hate than anything, and I'm trying to figure out why that is.
  • When Malia was introduced I was impartial, when Stalia happened I was like hell no, and I didn't like Malia for the simple fact that she was barely given screen time before heading into a romance with a main character in the most delusional/unhealthy (from a writer's standpoint aka mine). I saw the #AntiMalia posts and all I could think was I don't like her but that's way too far. They really don't have anything better to do with their time?
  • When season 5 came along and Malia actually got real serious development instead of being a comic relief I took notice. I appreciated what she was going through, I connected with her character. After her Tracey and Theo car ride moment I knew that I really liked this character and that there was no reason to hold the writer's piss poor job of her entry and relationship with Stiles against her.
  • I may be one of the only people on this world that didn't ship Scallison and Scira. Scallison was wayyyyyy too rushed. The first episode? Come on dude. I didn't get a choice if I wanted to see those two together the show said these two are going to be together, here you go, figure it out along the way. Scira was better for me because they had time to develop a friendship before but I have so many issues with Scira.
  • So I've never really successfully shipped anyone with Scott, which made me kinda sad over the seasons, it was always Stiles I was shipping people with. I DO NOT SHIP MALEO.
  • Once I realized how much I loved Scott and Malia as characters on their own without being romantically linked to anybody else I was more okay with the idea of them getting together. At first, like a lot of people I was weirded out because of Stiles BUT STILES DID THE SAME THING WITH LYDIA SO THERE SHOULDN'T BE A DOUBLE STANDARD.
  • By the rules of the show, which I don't recommend going off of lol, Scott and Malia can totally get together because we've seen it happen without any drama with Stydia. HONESTLY WHY PEOPLE ARE SHOCKED BY THIS IS A MYSTERY TO ME LIKE HAVE YOU NOT SEEN A SINGLE EPISODE OF ANY TEEN DRAMA WHERE THEY ALL DATE EACH OTHER MULTIPLE TIMES?!
  • I digress, my point is that most you only hate the idea of Scalia because of three reasons. You hate Malia for reasons people don't like to share. Saying you hate because there's something about her is a BULLSHIT argument. If you can't give episodes or specific details why look at yourself and ask why are you being malicious. Or you ship Scira. I get it. I would be salty too. BUT WE ALL KNOW KIRA ISN'T COMING BACK. STOP USING KIRA AS AN EXCUSE FOR YOUR HATE FOR THE SHIP. ARDEN MADE THE GOODBYE VIDEO LAST SEASON, LAST YEAR, YOU HAVE NO REASON TO BELIEVE SCIRA WILL BE TOGETHER OR GET MORE SCREEN TIME. IF THEY DIDN'T BREAK UP ON AIR HOPEFULLY THE WRITERS WILL EXPLAIN IT. KIRA WILL BE GONE FOR WHO KNOWS HOW LONG YOU CAN'T EXPECT SCOTT TO WAIT FOR SOMEONE THAT MAY NEVER COME HOME IN HIS LIFETIME. Or you have the mindset that Scott and Malia are the only two left single so they shouldn't be together just because that/boys and girls can be friends and nothing more.
  • GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE WITH THAT. If you think Scalia is happening soley because there the only ones left you haven't been paying attention or reading context clues. Posey and Shelley are really great friends which is why Scalia works and has a standing ground. Scalia is developed in much the same way. They have a BASIS OF FRIENDSHIP FIRST. They're both loyal to each other, protect each other, and kick ass together. They're iconic. And I still don't understand why people hate the friends into something more trope. That's a great trope. Just falling into a romance without being friends with a person is the trope I hate. BUILD THAT FRIENDSHIP YALL! MAJOR KEY ALERT.
  • https: //
  • I MEAN, LIKE YOU CAN SEE THAT THEY'VE HAD THAT TUNNEL SCENE AND THE ONE IN DEATON'S OFFICE, AND THE PORCH SCENE, AND ALL OF 6A!!! I suggest watching the Pennig vids first(Home, Soldier, and the This or That vids and the cutest upbeat scalia vid is And Your Smile Shining Bright)
  • PLEASE JUST GIVE THE VIDEOS A CHANCE, GIVE THE IDEA OF THEM BEING HAPPY A CHANCE BEFORE YOU WRITE THEM OFF. This vids at the beginning are a little AUey and are more manipued that the older ones because I made the playlist and they came out before 6a was released, the further you go down the list the more actual scalia scenes are used. I doubt any of us would be happy that Scott got a random new love interest for the last ten episodes that we know nothing about or care about and that wouldn't be in all ten episodes.
  • And lastly, Scott turned Malia human again. We all know that. If there hadn't been Scira or residual Scallison do you think you would've shipped Scalia then? I was blind to it until after 5b. He changed her back, she protected him from the Berserkers, from Enis at the hospital, he took care of her when she was drunk, helped with the Desert Wolf/Belasko talons, he told her he was still there for her after the Stalia breakup, if Peter hadn't bitten Scott none of this would've happened and obviously Peter's her dad. Like can yall see the lines here? And all this doesn't mean they have to be together, but if you really look at them and watch Shelley and Tyler together and Scott and Malia then hopefully you'll see what the rest of us see. Two amazing people that have come so far that care for each other they just so happen to figure out how much at the same time. : D
  • I LIED. LASTLY, PENNIG BITCHES!!!!! OHHH MY GOOOOOOD! THEY ARE LIKE LITERALLY SO IN LOVE WITH EACH OTHER, TYLER MORE SO PROBABLY BUT IT'S SO OBVIOUS. THEY'RE SOCIAL MEDIA GIVES ME HEART PALPITATIONS. SHELLEY IS SO BEAUTIFUL AND SO FUNNY! LIKE PENNIG HAS PHOTOSETS OF THEM POOPING, EATING PIZZA, AND JUST BEING WEIRD AF. "I could eat you" Come on, if Shelley didn't have a boyfriend I think Posey would be on that like white on rice. To be fair, I think he already is kinda. It's so obvious he's head over heels for Shelley.
  • BITCH I LIED AGAIN. Lastly, at the very least, the idea of them is adorable. Take out Stiles for a second. If it was just Scott had turned her back and she eventually found her way to the pack but Scira still happened and ended, the idea of them wouldn't be so yuck to some of yall I would think. He's good to her. She needs that after her first relationship that wasn't great in my opinion, but also wasn't as bad as some stydias like to say. I say stalia is all wrong from a writing standpoint not a shipping standpoint. He "tames" her in some ways when she was still learning and she could bring out a wilder side in him. Hu Anita's King and Lionheart Scalia vid on that playlist showcased them perfectly. Like Scott's the King and Malia is his Lionheart. Iconic Duo.

themaddykinz  asked:

Yknow I feel like when Jongdae wasn't with Drops and Baek wasn't visiting Blossom during their stay in the human world, ChenBaekXi probably got into some pretty dumb shit... I think that'd be smthg fun to write about but it's ok if you can't think of anything idk >~<" ily congrats on 500 ♥️♥️

THIS IS SO LATE BUT HERE I GO!! So, this sort of turned into just a drabble from Minseok’s perspective from the Struck timeline when the boys first go to stay in the Parks’ apartment! I ended up doing this more as like ‘what was Minseok doing the whole time’ rather than a ChenBaekXi scenario - but I feel like you won’t mind that too much!! 



Frost Pixie Minseok 
Other World Chronicles AU
Words: 2.5k

Originally posted by fuckyeahxiumin

Minseok hesitated as he opened the door of the apartment building, coming to a stop in the entry way. The words of the Keeper who had assigned this project to them was ringing in his head. Just observe, try to keep a low profile.

Minseok chewed slightly on his lip. Baekhyun and Jongdae had already headed out to explore, their powers more easily contained, but, as Minseok looked down at the palms of his hands, that wasn’t the case for him.

The Frost Pixie sighed, rolling slightly on his heels as he looked out on the street the doorway opened out into. He winced slightly as he saw the soft sunlight trickling through early morning clouds, hinting at the hot weather to come. His eyes flicked back down to his hands, and he winced as he saw the soft vapour curling off them.

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anonymous asked:

What do you do when your sister is abusive, your mom protects her pedophile ex boyfriend who hid cameras in your bedroom when you were 12-15 to get naked photos/videos of you and you find out years later and she admits she's known the whole time, your dad is a homophobic racist piece of shit who constantly makes fun of you and tells you you can't do anything with your life and he's turning your little brother exactly like him??? I'm honestly at a loss here I don't know what to do

You find somewhere else to live and you call the police and/or CPS (child protective services). The boyfriend needs to be in jail and registered as a sex offender. And so does anyone who knew about it and didn’t report it. At the very least anyone who knew and didn’t do anything need to be scared shitless by the cops and CPS.

And you need to start going to see a good therapist. Because having to deal with this kind of thing is not normal, and you wouldn’t (and I wouldn’t!) want to wake up one day and realize that the abuse you learned to live with (that was normalized in your environment) has effected other parts of your life or your ability to be a “whole” person later on in life. This is some heavy shit and there will be ramifications. Maybe not today or five years from now, but at some point they’re going to surface. It would be better to start going to see someone now because they can help you deal with what’s happening, with that’s happened, and they will help you identify things about your family members and about yourself that you need to be able to look at and understand within context of how it relates and effects you and how you’ve been raised to see the world. I hope that makes sense.

Girls will become their mother and marry person like their father. That works in the inverse for boys. And you don’t want to wake up one day and realize that you’ve chosen to spend your life with someone who is just like your father (only maybe it’s not homophobic it’s another outlet for that kind of anger or thinking). Same as you don’t want to wake up one day and realize that you’ve become your mother and created an unsafe environment for your kids or that you’ve become complacent and don’t care about people’s actions the way you should.

And we can’t prevent ourselves from becoming our parents on our own. The best we can do is to realize that we don’t want to be like our parents, or that we see where they are not living healthy lives and then to accept that we need outside assistance to help us relearn and reprogram ourselves so that we can change. And that’s a hard thing. And that’s not to say that there is not good in your parents or your siblings. We can love and see love in those who hurt us. And sometimes the people who abuse us are not all bad. They just don’t see their behavior for what it is. But you can. And you can get help to make sure that you’re able to reprogram yourself so that you don’t become the way they are. So that you can look at things in the family and be able to see how your father thinks the way he thinks and how you can’t change him, but you can change yourself and know that you have worth and you are not what he thinks you care and that you are worthy of love and all the stuff that goes with that.

I’m sorry if this seems so randomly put together. I’m on my phone and trying to formulate thoughts in an organized way is harder than when I’m on a computer and can jump around.

But PM me if you need help.

You should find someone you trust to tell such as a teacher or school official. They usually have training on how to go about helping students who are living in unsafe environments. I’m not sure how old you are either or if you have friends or family that would let you live with them. There are programs for underage people who’ve been emancipated to help them pay for the cost of living and stuff if they have no one else to live with.

That’s whole ask is just infuriating. And sadly, racist/homophobic parents is not usually something you could be legally removed from a house for (although I’ve read about cases where it was necessary). But the camera thing is definitely something you could use to legally be removed from the house. And regardless the boyfriend needs to be reported to the police so that the same thing doesn’t happen to other people.

Actually, now that I’m thinking about it, I’ve communicated with some producers for a popular psychologist’s talk show, if I had more details on this situation, I could help you write it up and pitch it to them. They might pick it up and want your family to come be on their show. Then you can not only shame them on national TV, but you could get the right kind of help. But yeah. Please PM me if you need help.

hannigrameme  asked:

May I ask if you know of a fanfic where Will is pregnant and there's a serial killer who targets pregnant omegas? He used the omegas' blood to draw his paintings. I read it ages ago and it was so very good, but I can't find it again.

Hi there @hannigrameme

This definitely rings a bell but when we were looking for it we realised it might be one of several options? We think the first two are probably the most likely, but have included the rest just in case. Hope it’s one of these! If not, let us know and we will throw it out there to see if any other knot-lovers know 😬

Break Into Blossom by FleetingSparks
Explicit // M/M // Will Graham/Hannibal Lecter // Tags: Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Rape/Non-Con, Alpha Hannibal, Omega Will, Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, Alternate Universe - Pre-Canon, Suicide Attempt, Murder, Rape, Cannibalism, Rape/Non-con Elements, Dubious Consent, Suicide, Implied Mpreg, References to Knotting, Knotting, Violence, Sexual Harassment, Creation Myth, Porn With Plot, Non-Traditional Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics
Summary: At 26, Will is an up and coming Minnesota State Police homicide detective with a solid reputation as a profiler. When a serial killer who targets young professional Omegas starts dumping bodies around the state, the FBI comes to town and asks Will to work the case. Good thing his new acquaintance Hannibal is there to help him figure everything out.
Or: How Will lost his job as a cop.
Words: 37,177 Chapters: 10/?

Omega Case Fic - The abortionist by shoebox_tomboy
Mature // M/M // Will Graham/Hannibal Lecter // Tags: Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Omega Will Graham, Alpha Hannibal, Murder Husbands, Murder, Mpreg, Pregnant Will Graham, Hannibal is a Cannibal, Case Fic, Dark Will Graham
Summary: Will Graham had hoped to be able to go on maternity leave by the end of the year nice and quiet like but he should have known that when it comes to serial killers nothing is ever that easy - he was married to one after all.
So when someone starts killing and mutilating couples in the Washington metropolitan area the call from Crawford should have been expected.
Disclaimer: This work does not feature abortions or talk about abortions, it’s just Freddie giving the serial killer a click-baity name on
Words: 1,235 Chapters: 1/?

The Devil Within by cloudsarefluffy
Explicit // M/M // Will Graham/Hannibal Lecter // Tags: Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, Alpha Hannibal, Omega Will, Will is a Mess, Issues with Mate Bond, Protective Hannibal, Possessive Hannibal, Hannibal is Not What He Seems, Mpreg, Mpreg with Some Issues, No Baby Death, Canon-Typical Violence, Flashbacks, Hannibal is the Chesapeake Ripper, Hannibal is in Jail, Freddie Lounds Makes Things Worse, Uninjured Alana Bloom, Omega Alana Bloom, Alpha Margot Verger, Canonical Character Death, Dark, Additional Information in the Author’s Note, Cannibalism, but that’s a given, May contain triggers
Summary: A few months ago, Hannibal was found to be the Chesapeake Ripper right after he bonded with Will. Of course, Will was destroyed, and it’s taken him a bit to even partially bounce back. However, there’s another serial killer trying to play a game Will is overtly done with, and Jack is insistent that Will talk to his incarcerated mate he’s been writing to so they can learn more about their Tooth Fairy. Despite his avoidance and protest, Will is forced to see familiar demons for the greater good.
Words: 15,077 Chapters: 1/1

and oh, but they’re screaming by Della19
Explicit // M/M // Will Graham/Hannibal Lecter // Tags: Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, Will Graham Doesn’t Need Help, Alpha!hannibal, Omega!will, but also kickass Will, Cannibalism, Cannibalism Puns, Hannibal is Hannibal, Will the Morally Grey, They Have Kids, Mpreg, Wage Your War Sequel
Summary: “Buffalo Bill,” Hannibal says, reading the headline off his Ipad with an air of faint distain, hands steady in packing the twins their lunch. “Honestly, from what terrible reservoir of journalism do they produce these names?”
“This one started with local cops,” Will says, shooting a quick look to Han, finding him still dozing lightly on the couch, catching up on lost sleep, “one of them rather regrettably said to the media that “this one likes to skin his humps”
There is a moment of strange, almost tense, silence in the kitchen, and then…
“Jack has asked you to consult on the case,” Hannibal says, voice oh so casual his hands tightening slightly, crunching a leaf of freshly washed lettuce.
This is not a story about lambs. This is a story about wolves.
Or, The Silence of the Lambs, Wage Your War style. Will/Hannibal, A/B/O. Wage Your War Sequel.
Words: 2,404 Chapters: 1/?

Remember (that you are) to die by 13empress
Explicit // M/M // Will Graham/Hannibal Lecter // Tags: Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Alternate Universe - Different First Meeting, Amnesia, Established Relationship, Implied Mpreg, Alpha Hannibal, Betas rule the world, Dark Will, Gaslighting, Domesticity, Murder Husbands, Attempted Murder, Grey Will, Omega Will Graham, Non-Traditional Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics, Serial Killer Will, Post Mpreg, Slow Build, Vulnerable Will Graham, Manipulative Will, Established Will Graham/Hannibal Lecter, Hannibal is Hannibal, Secret Identity, False Identity, Fluff, Plot, Cannibalism Puns, Sassy Will Graham, Happy Ending, Mystery, Murder Mystery, oh my gosh so many cannibalism puns
Summary: “How long have I been here?” Will asked, but immediately waved off her answer, realizing it didn’t matter either way. “Look, my name is Will Graham – I don’t know what happened but you have to give my partner a call.”
“I’ll get the doctor,” she told him, her voice trained to the mellow murmur just about all medical professionals used on omegas.
Will opened his mouth to tell her that there was no need, that he felt fine, and if she would just listen, he could discharge himself and be out of her hair in thirty minutes flat. He grabbed the safety rails and forced himself to stand, though the motion made him a little dizzy. Something on his peripheral vision grabbed at him. The whiteboard strip above the hospital bed – W GRAHAM-LECTER, omega, male, B positive – struck him like a physical blow.
Words: 200,744 Chapters: 24/?

Can't live without you- Happy Lowman

Requested By  @homicidalteenagedream . Hope you like it!!
Song- Can’t live without You by Pretty Ricky

Verse 1 Pleasure]
It’s 4 O'clock in the morning.
And she ain’t feeling right.
I’m on a first class trip.
Through this place called life.
I don’t know what to do.
Cause my body’s still shaking.
I know it’s time to man up.
And start my education.
I need someone to call on.
So I called on my best friend.
I said “Bro, I can’t take it”.
He said “Boy, stop tripping”.
So I hung up the phone.
Packed my shit and got right.
I know what I gotta do now.
Be a man and face life.

You were on the bed watching Happy pace the floor. You just told him that your pregnant. You’ve only been going out for a few months it was shock.
“Are you sure, it could be just a miss up”? He said with panic in his voice.
“Hap I went to the doctors and they said I was about two months along”.
“I just dont know how this fucking happened, we use protection every time”.
“Things happen we cant explain, if you dont want it you dont have to be in its life”. You got up and walked to the door.
“But I’m going to keep this child, it was put here for us”. “I cant just give that up”. You wipped a tear away.
You walked out of the dorm. He reached in his pocket and pulled out his phone dialing Chibs number.
“Hap, whats up”?
“Y/Ns pregnant, I dont know what I’m going to do”
“You are going to fucking man up Lowman, that girl loves you”. With that the line went dead.
“Fuck, I do need to man up”. You said to yourself.

[Chorus Pleasure]
Maybe we could work it out.
Cause you know I can’t live without you.
And everytime I think about it.
I know a ***** can’t live without you.
Ain’t no need to cry about it.
Cause you know I can’t live without you.
I even wrote a song about it.
Cause you know I can’t live without you.

You drove to Y/N house watching her threw the window. Crying. You knocked on the door.
“What are you doing here Happy”?
“I dont want to lose you or the baby”. You said walking in, siting down on the couch.
“Hap you cant just come in and leave anytime you want”. “If you are in this, then its forever especially for the baby”.
“It will be, I dont want my kid to go threw what my mom and I did”. He took your hand, holding it.
“I cant live with out you, you dont look at me like I’m some greasy scumbag biker”. “You love me for who I am”.
“Hap, I love you even if you dont I do”. You said kissing his cheek
“I love you too Y/N”

[Verse 2 Spectacular]
At the beginning you was gone.
I was staying wit my momma.
I stayed getting in trouble, man.
Straight damn drama.
I started dancing so I stayed out of trouble.
Cause I stayed in school, selling candy so my money doubled.
But then you told me man, dancing was for punks.
Then you told me come and stay.
And you ain’t care what I want.
You told me come and dance and rap wit my brothers.
You taught me how to love and how to care for my brothers.
And then you taught me all yo hustlin’ skills.
Just in case I get alone I know how to pay bills.
You told me I was straight regardless of a deal.
And I love you man for that cause you always kept it real.

“So I see you and Y/N made up” Chibs said taking a sip of his beer.
“Yeah forever”.
“Good she is good for you, she keeps you out of trouble”.
“Yeah I remember before I met her, I was balls deep in every croweater here”. “But I met her and havent even thought about another girl”.
“Good, your straight and she will keep it that way”.
“Yeah she will, I dont want to lose her”. He looked Y/N way as you laughed with Gemma, your baby bump sticking out of your sundress.
“She’s glowing, shes happy”. You smiled

Chorus Pleasure]
Maybe we could work it out.
Cause you know I can’t live without you.
And everytime I think about it.
I know a ***** can’t live without you.
Ain’t no need to cry about it.
Cause you know I can’t live without you.
I even wrote a song about it.
Cause you know I can’t live without you

Getting back from the party you both were tired and sunburned.
“Oh Hap, I feel like I could sleep for days” You laughed
“You better get some sleep, ours will be here soon”. He rubbed your belly.
“Have I told you that you look beautiful today”?
“You might have mentioned it once or twice”.
“Well you are, I’m so lucky to have you”. He leaned over and kissed you softly.
“I’m the one that is lucky, you gave me a blessing”. You put your head over his and smiled

[Verse 3 Slick'Em]
Now that I made it, it feel real good.
Take you out the hood.
Put you on B and the block in the middle of the woods.
And as hard as it seems, you was there for me.
One bedroom apartment.
On 6-0 and 14 number efficiency down in Coverly.
Told you I had a dream.
And even though I like to cheat.
I’m going along my Georgia peach and that’s a promise I’m gonna keep.
To the end, never gone blend.
And I can hear you tell yo friends.
And I can see you wanna buss and fuss with yo brand new Benz.
To the world, baby it’s yours.
I’d give you the world cause you not no ordinary girl.
I’m yo son, you my ol’ girl.
My momma, we shared for 19 years.
And from the bottom of my foundation I’m telling you how I feel, and I love ya.

You were packing to move in the new house. This one was big enough for Happy, the baby, you and Happys mom.
“You sure this is ok”. He asked taking the box away from you
“Happy if you ask me that one more time, I’m going to smack you”. “Yes its great, I love your mom and I’m going to need help”. “She knows what she’s doing, she raised a great man standing right here”. You stood on your tippy toes to kiss him
“Alright, thank you for being wonderful”. He kissed you again
You arrived at the new house. It was so big and homie. A big back yard with a pool. A huge garage for Happy and a big kitchen for you.
“Hap I love it so much”. “I love you”
“I love you too, this is a new start for us all”. He placed his hand on your back and the other on your belly.

[Chorus Pleasure]
Maybe we could work it out.
Cause you know I can’t live without you.
And everytime I think about it.
I know a nigga can’t live without you.
Ain’t no need to cry about it.
Cause you know I can’t live without you.
I even wrote a song about it.
Cause you know I can’t live without you

“The house looks so good guys”. Gemma squealed hugging you both
“Thanks Gemma, I love how everything turn out”. “Its great cause Happy and Ii have the same taste in somethings”. You laughed
“I can see that”. You laughed rubbing your belly.
“Funny Gemma so funny”. You both walked out side.
Happy watched you light up about the new house and the baby. You both were so excited to bring this baby into a very loving home.
Verse 4 Baby Blue]
See, I fell in love wit ya.
Wanna raise my kids wit ya.
But you left me all alone wit tears dripping down the picture.
I remember the day like yesterday.
May 9th, to be exact.
I’d do anything to get you back.
Even though I know you ain’t coming back.
I’m serious as a heart attack.
Could we get it back the way it was?
Cause I know you had some outside influences that pulled a plug.
The reality, Junebug, girl I know we’ll always be together.
I got you locked away deep in my heart, always here forever

“Happy”! You screamed from the top of the stairs.
“What, whats wrong”. He ran up the stairs
“Its time daddy”. You smiled threw a contraction
“Shit, ok”. He helped you down the stairs and in the car.
“I’ll be right back I have to get the bag”. He ran back inside.
“Momma, we going to the hospital to have this baby”. You heard Happy yelling.
The car ride was horrible. Contractions were taking over your body.
“Fuck, Hap it hurts”. You screamed
“I know baby, your doing great”. He said carrying you into the hospital room
Four hours of pushing and screaming. Yelling at Happy to never touch you again. You heard little crys.
“Its a boy”. The nurse said
“Wow a boy, mommas going to kill me”. Happy said kissing your sweaty forehead.
“No, she will be so happy to have another son”. You looked at your son with amazement. He looked just like Happy.
“He has your eyes, so soft and pure”. Happy said as his son took his finger in his little hand.
“Y/N thank you for giving me another chance to live this with you”.
“You are the one that gave yourself a chance, you are the man your dad couldnt be”. You grabbed his shirt and kissed him.
“I love you Happy, I always will”.
“I love you and my son, I always will”. He said as he picked up his little boy.
Chorus Pleasure]
Maybe we could work it out.
Cause you know I can’t live without you.
And everytime I think about it.
I know a ***** can’t live without you.
Ain’t no need to cry about it.
Cause you know I can’t live without you.
I even wrote a song about it.
Cause you know I can’t live without you.

“Do you Happy Lowman, take Y/N Y/L/N to be your wife in life, death and the after life”. The preacher spoke.
“I do, I always will”.
“Do you Y/N Y/L/N, take Happy Lowman to be your husband in life, death and after life”.
“I do, I always will”.
“I now pronounce you husband and wife, you may kiss the bride”. Just as you about to kiss.
“Wait a minute, what else Brother”? Chibs blurted out.
“I promise to treat you as good as my leather and ride you as much as my Harley”. Happy gushed. You blushed.
“Ok now can I kiss my smoken ass wife”? He asked Chibs
“Go get it Brother” He said clapping his hands.
Happy kissed you long and hard. It was like the first time over again, you were weak in the knees and you felt his semi-hard on. Everything was in slow motion until you son came over a pulled at your dress.
“Hey little man, Daddies kissing Mommy you gotta wait your turn” Happy laughed picking him up.
The preacher got everyones attention. “Please welcome Mr. and Mrs. Happy Lowman”.
Life was bumpy at the beginning but it turned out better than ever.

A Missing Piece

“Don’t hate me.” Simon says through the tears that run down his face.

“Mi amor, I could never hate you.” Raphael says sincerely as he walks closer, kneeling down in front of him.

His hand gently cups Simon’s cheek, wiping the tears away as best as he can.

“I went and saw my mom. And Becca.” Simon says bluntly. “I can’t just forget about them, Raph. They’re my family. I love them, I miss them so much. And I- I want them to know that I’m happy. That I found someone.” His hand comes up, placed on top of Raphael’s. “That I found you.”

“I’m not your keeper.” Raphael says, his voice hard. “I only want what’s best for you. That you don’t have to go through anymore unnecessary pain.”

“I love you.” Simon says, more tears falling. “And no matter what pain I- I feel when they- when they are gone and I’m not, the moments and time I spend with them now will be worth it. Maybe- Maybe it wasn’t for you and maybe I’m wrong, but I have to try. I…”

“You don’t have to explain, mi sol. I am sorry I pushed you so hard on this.”

“No.” Simon shakes his head. “You were just trying to protect me.”

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The signs as heirs
  • Aries: The king has trained them to protect their kingdom's people since they were very young. They were taught extensively in the arts of physical combat, military tactics, offensive magic, and falconry. The training suited the young warrior very well. However, if they take the throne too soon, the impulsive child may misuse their skills.
  • Taurus: Though not strictly royalty, they might as well be. As the only child of the leader of a massive fleet of seafaring raiders, their presence demands respect. In the kingdom of the sea, might makes right. Thus, the child was taught to be strong and unwavering in mind, body, and spirit. Despite this, underneath the battleaxes, war cries, and gluttonous hedonism lies a sensitive, delicate soul who craves companionship and stability above all else.
  • Gemini: Born in the wrong place at the wrong time, this child seems destined to rule over a kingdom divided. As two factions within their kingdom continue to clash, the new heir must find a way to appeal to both sides and bring them back together. All they want is peace, but that goal seems to creep further and further from their grasp. Perhaps the only solution is escape. Perhaps they must enlist outside assistance.
  • Cancer: Beneath the sea lies a queendom of mermaids, its princess passionate, kind, and curious. Not about the surface world, though. She already knows how it works and she's not impressed. No, her curiosity lies with what is beneath her queendom. What's beneath the sea they live in? Her mother, who is also the queen, urges her to stay out of the deep water and focus on the land that she will soon rule, but hot damn if it isn't fascinating down there.
  • Leo: If there's one thing this heir loves, it's the limelight. They can't get enough. They live for the applause. They're chomping at the bit to finally take the throne and live in the limelight forever, but the whole "ruling the kingdom" thing might take some getting used to.
  • Virgo: Deep within the woods lies a society of tree people. They're a society instead of a kingdom because they don't need to be a kingdom. They don't need to produce food, the sun's always there. They don't need a military, they're all already pretty strong and tough. They're just a bunch of tree people who are friends. This one particular tree person is an heir among them because everyone likes them and trusts their judgement. They're just a nice, calm, and organized tree person.
  • Libra: There exist many tribes of lizardfolk, all of which hate each other for reasons forgotten to time. Tired of all the bloodshed, the heir of one small tribe tirelessly trains themself in physical combat and military tactics. They must unite the tribes by any means necessary. By their hand, there will finally be peace.
  • Scorpio: No matter where you live, one organized guild of thieves, extorters, smugglers, and assassins has its grip on it, however tight it may be. The leader of this guild is cold, cruel, and efficient... to everyone but her darling child. However, leadership of the Fantasy Mafia is a highly sought after position, so the leader's child must be just as cruel and intimidating as their mother if they want to take over the family business. Can they measure up to the job?
  • Sagittarius: The Garbage Prince. Long may he rot in his throne of filth. What a tool. I hate him.
  • Capricorn: You know how ruling a kingdom is like an enormous responsibility? Well, this one takes it REALLY seriously. Like, SUPER DUPER SERIOUSLY. Like, that's good and all, but this heir hasn't smiled since they were 3. Honestly, this child needs to treat themself. They're like 15, what harm could a little down time do?
  • Aquarius: This one's pretty much the opposite of the capricorn one. They follow their passion. Like, that's good too, but their kingdom needs ruling. The king and queen will only be around for so long, how's pyromancy gonna help with that? like, I know it's their passion, but still.
  • Pisces: You know the deep water that the cancer princess was so jazzed about? That's right, there's DEEP SEA MERMAIDS. The heiress of this queendom is much more eager to learn to rule her slice of the sea, but a Mysterious Bad Thing is happening, so they might need to move to shallower waters. However, they'll soon discover that the shallower waters are kinda taken...