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Dude, bro...

Anyone who says they don’t like Craig Cahn are sitting on a throne of liars.
I mean.. bro.. he is eff-in perfect, dude.💦💖
And Amanda? She is my best friend now. Everyone can go home. 💞

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Can I maybe have some kind of Medusa!Flug one-shot/drabble? There's not much content of it.

It was cold. Flug could see his breath condensing in the air in front of him as it became harder and harder for him to concentrate. His head was spinning.

He’d been locked in a freezer for about half an hour now, and he didn’t know how much longer he could go without passing out, or worse, dying.

Why has nobody noticed I’m missing? He thought. The four villains had been invited to some other villains mason, whose name Flug couldn’t recall at the moment. They had been supposed have dinner and then take care of business with Flug’s latest invention, but somewhere along the way, the man had pulled Flug aside. The doctor had been under the impression that the villain wanted to talk, but when he was shoved into room and the door locked behind him, the others intentions were revealed.

“I know what you are,” the man had hissed. “Now I just have to wait until you’re weak enough to use as a weapon.”

Flug had banged on the door for what felt like forever, but no one could hear him. He tried to pace to keep his blood pumping, but there was no way to keep what was most important from freezing slowly.

The doctor pulled his bag off to examine the snakes coming from his head. They were hanging limp, eyes half-lidded and close to giving into unconsciousness. If they did through, then so would Flug, and he could feel a heavy darkness settling in over his mind like a fog.

“No,” he whispered. “Please guys, you can hold for just a little longer. He shrugged off his lab coat and tried to wrap it around his head to conserve head. Now his arms were getting cold through, and honestly, the lab coat wasn’t that thick in the first place.

Flug feel to his knees as his legs gave out beneath him. Then his shoulder slammed into the ground when he tipped onto his side. His head was throbbing now; one of the snakes gave a pitiful hiss.


The door flew off it’s hinges and a mass of black limbs came crawling in through the doorway. Those indiscernible limbs condensed into the form of Blackhat, who then came running to Flug’s side.

“Shit!” Blackhat cursed. Flug was still conscious, but the world was moving in and out of focus. Blackhat slipped his arms under the his scientist and lifted him to carry him out of the room. “Got to get you somewhere warm.”

“Wait!” Flug shouted through the haze in his mind. “Not too fast… can’t… taxing on them…” So Blackhat stopped just before the exit and set the man back down. Then he shrugged his overcoat off and draped it over Flug’s head.

“I’ve got a villain to dispose of, so come find me once you’re functioning again, all right?” Blackhat stated. “Vamir will regret trying to kidnap you and kill the rest of us.” Then he was tearing back down the hall, shifting into a monstrous form as he did.

One….. two…..three…. Four…… his snakes were stirring now…..five…. Six…. he stood up and stepped outside the freezer room after picking his bag back up and putting it back on. The snakes were hissing angrily about the situation they had been put into, and Flug was ready to fight. He heard a vase smash followed by screaming, so he headed towards the source.

He found Vamir wearing some sort of Mecha suit, pinned to the wall by several clawed arms courtesy of Blackhat. Dementia was propped up against the far wall with a nasty but superficial head wound, knocked out cold, and 5.0.5 was next to her, cowering away in fear.

“Blackhat!” Flug yelled. The mass of eyes and teeth that the eldritch’s face had morphed into turned to look at him. “Bring him over here.” The many mouths grinned viciously as Blackhat pulled Vamir away from the wall, and set him down in front of the doctor.

“No no no nO NO NO NO!,” Vamir screeched. “PLEASE! I’LL GIVE YOU COMPENSATION, ANYTHING JUST DON’T!!” Flug motioned for Blackhat to let go of the villain.

“Do you think we care?” Flug said as Blackhat’s arms retracted one by one. “You made  mistake trying to mess with us, now you’ve got to pay for it with something of greater value.” Flug’s hands went to his goggles. “You’re life.” Then he pulled them up and stared directly into Vamir’s’s eyes. There was a brief scream of terror, before the mech suit broke apart under the heavy weight of the statue inside of it.

Flug’s goggles were back in place in an instant, and he breathed a sigh of relief. A grey hand clapped him on the shoulder, and he glanced to his right to find Blackhat grinning approvingly.

“Good work Flug,” he said. Flug’s chest puffed out in pride as Blackhat conjured an extra limb to grab the statue. Then Dementia appeared, helped along by 5.0.5.

“What’d I miss?” she asked.

“Not much,” Flug said. “We can go home now through.” Then Dementia saw the statue of Vamir.

“Damn, I wanted to be the one to take down that guy down.”

“You can break his arm off when we get back to the mansion if you want.”

“Hell yeah!”

When they got back, Blackhat held Flug took Flug around the backside of the house for a moment to talk.

“I just want to make sure you know that if anyone tries to hurts you like that again, I won’t wait to let you get back at them.” he muttered. “I will tear them to shreds.”

“That what you’ve said everytime a hero has broken in or a villain has come after us, sir,” Flug smirked beneath his bag.

“Well, I mean it this time!”

“I’m sure you do.” Flug nodded as Blackhat set Vamir’s now armless statue amongst the others littering the backyard. “I’m sure you do.”

**SLAMS HANDS DOWN ON THE TABLE** Why didn’t I know about this head canon before!!I love this head canon, and even though it’s not mine, I will cherish it forever as one of my favorites.  my anon, I hope you this is what your looking for, and that you enjoy his little thing I made. Also, Art:

This is Blackhat’s form in that one scene

The Aquarium {Jared Kleinman x Reader}

request: anonymous asked:Coughs bruh….. Jared and Reader…. at an aquarium okay…. l ist e n…. u know those cool like wall/ceiling water hallways where the sea creatures swim around? Bam first kiss in there and that s where they tell their love to each other bUT U DIDN T JEAR THIS FROM ME

My entire heart and soul belongs to Jared Kleinman. 

warnings: smut mention (not nsfw), anxiety mention, angst, swearing, but a shit ton of fluff??

word count: 2k

You and Jared had been going out for a while, a few months at least. It was a strange relationship, with all the laughter and adventure of him being your best friend, and all the sex and passion of him being your boyfriend. You still had trouble remembering that you were allowed to kiss him when you wanted to, and if you wanted to make out in the library during study hall, it was sort of expected and accepted. Poor Evan, the number of times he’d walked up to you when Jared had his tongue down your throat and you had your hands down his pants – it was just something no one should be subjected to.

Of course, you went to his house after school some days, when your parents allowed it. Mrs. Kleinman loved having you around (you were a good influence on Jared and a good friend), and you actually listened to Mr. Kleinman babble on and on about anything and everything (it’s been boats the last few times, and you now knew the different parts of a sailboat, inside and out). Jared tried his best to pry you from his parents, but you teased him by staying put and forcing him to spend time with them too. It was a vicious cycle. If he wanted you, he had to sit and endure his parents. It was cute.

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Sunny Days in Camelot

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Request: HI! can i please request a ArthurxReader (bbc Merlin) fic canon Era. Where Arthur is in denial about liking her and goes out of his way to annoy her at any chance he gets. Arthur comes up with a plan of some sort along with Merlin to trick her but the plan all goes wrong and she gets hurt, so the truth is revealed of how Arthur and reader feels about each other. Pleeasse and thankk you.

Authors Note: Hey, so here is the requested ArthurxReader one, for @imtakingthemikkieoutofyou 😊 I hope you like it, and please tell me honestly if it’s good or bad and if it’s what you expected and wanted ^^

Living in Camelot wasn’t always sunny. Honestly no day was very sunny for you, having to deal with Arthur annoying you the whole day. It was just nice and relaxing, when he was out and about with his servant Merlin, doing god knows what.

But when he wasn’t, he took any chance he got to play tricks on you, embarrass you in front of the knights and would just not leave you alone when you were near each other. But somehow, even after everything he has done to you, you kind of like him. He is smart, he is handsome and very brave after all. And his smile… But a prat none the less. Which is funny cause Merlin and you have the same point of view concerning that.

By now you spend most of the time in your dorms or outside of Camelot. Sometimes even with Uther. Uther was always very fond of you, so taking you in after your parents kingdom was run and taken over, with your parents dying in the process, was the least he could have done. Uther was very close with your parents and immediately took you in when you were brought to Camelot.

But somehow your day was always ruined when you met Arthur during the day. Today was not different.

“Hey (Y/N)!” he screamed down the hall. You rolled your eyes and just ignored him, knowing very well what was about to happen. He was with the knights so whatever he would do, it would embarrass you.

You heard him running up to you and prepared yourself for the worst.

“Didn’t you hear me? I called you, (Y/N).”

“I’m sorry sire, I must have overheard it.” You said as respectfully as you could, with be best smile you could master.

“Have you had a good day so far, my lady ?” he asked and thats when you knew, he was up to something.

“Yes I had, sire. Thank you for asking. How has your day been so far?”

“Well so far so good. Nothing entertaining yet though.” He said and while saying that, he made the maid, which was on the way to the great hall with a jar of wine, trip causing the wine to be spilled all over you. Arthur and the knights bellowed out into laughter, while the maid apologized over and over again and you just standing there completely shocked. You were dripping red wine, your favorite white dress being ruined and being the entertainment for 10 men. Tears stung in your eyes as you tried to keep your composure. You mumbled a “It’s fine, it wasn’t your fault.” to the maid and glared at Arthur. You turned around without saying another word and made your way towards your dorm.

On your way there you met Merlin who gave you a look of concern.

“What happened?” he asked, trying to stop you from walking away.

“Not now, Merlin. And you shouldn’t ask what happened, but who.” You said, still trying to control yourself and swallowing the lump in your throat. You just walked past him and nearly ran the rest of the way to your dorm.

Arriving there you stormed in and threw the door shut, startling Guinevere.

“My lady, what happened?” she asked full of worry. You looked at her, lip trembling.

“I don’t want to talk about it. Can you prepare a bath for me and try to safe my dress?” you asked, loosening your voice, the tears threatening to fall.

“Yes of course. I will prepare everything immediately.” She said hurrying around already.

You nodded already stepping behind the folding-screen undressing yourself. Soon enough Guinevere was ready and you took the bath, washing off the, by now, dried up wine. Soon you realized that the tears were freely rolling down your cheeks and your breathing turned into sobs. What did you do to deserve all this ? And be not liked by him ?

“My lady, the King had delivered a message, that he would like you to join him for dinner.” Guinevere said, interrupting your thoughts. You weren’t in the mood for it but you couldn’t deny the Kings wishes. So you nodded and got out of the bathtub to prepare yourself. Besides you knew very well, that Arthur would be there, too and you wouldn’t want to give him this satisfaction.

You got ready and put on your most beautiful dress you had and Guinevere helped you with the dress. Soon you were ready and took a last glance in your mirror.

“You look stunning, my lady.” She said smiling at you. You turned around to her and gave her a small smile back, hugging her.

“Thank you, Guinevere.”

She hugged you back and smiled.

“You can go home now, if you want to. I can take care of myself for the rest of the evening.” You said.

She smiled and bowed and left the room with you. You made your way towards the great hall, where dinner would take place. Arriving there you saw Uther standing up coming to you to escort you to your seat. Arthur wasn’t there yet, so you had a few minutes with Uther for yourself.

“How was your day, dear? I heard about an accident in the hall?” he said concerned.

“Yes, Sire. A maid fell and unfortunately the wine she had been carrying spilled all over me and my favorite white dress.”

“That’s horrible, I will have the maid punished. Can your dress be saved?” he asks.

“No, Sire. It’s fine it really wasn’t the Maids fault, she tripped because of someone… And Guinevere is trying her best.”

“But who did it ?”

“I-…” you started, but the doors opened and Arthur came in, accompanied by Merlin.

“I’m sorry for the delay Father. (Y/N), nice to see you.” he said, surprised to see you.

“Nice to see you, too my majesty.” You bowed your head to him as he took his seat opposite of you.

“Arthur I want you to find the person, who made the Maid trip, causing the wine to be dumped all over Lady (Y/N).” Uther instructed. Arthur stifled a laugh but nodded, not wanting to admit, that it was him.

The dinner was spent with you talking to Uther and ignoring Arthur as much as you could. But you couldn’t help but notice him starring at you the whole time.

You left after dinner, excusing yourself and retreated back to you dorms. You got into bed and prayed that Arthur will leave you alone the next day.

Meanwhile Arthur arrived back in his dorm and go ready for bed himself, talking to Merlin.

“I think that I have the most brilliant idea to mess with (Y/N).” he exclaimed.

“You and a brilliant idea? I don’t think so. “ Merlin murmured.

“What did you say, Merlin?” he asked.

“And what kind of a brilliant idea do you have sire?” he asked all innocently.

“You will see tomorrow, but I need you to get me some stuff.” He answered and wrote some things down.

The next day you made your way down the hall to get out of the Castle, when Arthur caught up with you near the steps.

“Lady (Y/N)? May I have a second of your time.” He asked.

“Sure Sire.” You answered fearing the worst.

“I wanted to talk to you about something for some time now.”

“Is that so, your majesty ? And what would that be.”

“I would like you to accompany me for some political tasks, that I have to do soon.”

“Oh, what kind of tasks?” you asked.

“Nothing big, but I need a jester by my side and you will do marvelous.” he said laughing out loud.

You were fuming and turned around and wanting to walk down the stairs but slipped, because you haven’t notice, that Merlin spread some oil on the floor while Arthur distracted you. You stumbled and in the next moment you were falling down the stairs, hitting your head and blacking out.

Arthur and Merlin watched in horror and carefully went down the stairs as you landed there unconscious.

“Merlin check her.” Arthur yelled, his heartbeat ringing in his head and panic taking over.

“Her head is severely bleeding. We need to get her to Gaius.” Merlin said, his voice full of panic, too.

Arthur didn’t hesitate a second and picked you up bridal style and run towards the chambers of the court physician.

Arriving there he gently placed you on the bed as Gaius headed over towards you.

“What happened?” he asked already examining your wound.

“She fell down the stairs.” Merlin said.

“Why?” Gaius asked, already having a dreading feeling about this whole situation.

“It was an accident, we just saw that she fell and hurried her here.” Merlin said, trying to cover Arthur. He was surprised when Arthur answered instead.

“No it wasn’t.. Well kind of was… How bad is it?”

“What do you mean? Was it an Accident or not?” Gaius urged.

“It was a trick I wanted to play. She wasn’t supposed to fall down the stairs. We spread oil on the floor. She was supposed to stumble and land on her butt not fall down the stairs.” Arthur said as Uther entered the room, having been noticed of the terrible accident.

“YOU DID WHAT?” Uther bellowed, making Arthur jump and turn around.

“Father, I-..” he started

“No, so it was you yesterday with the wine, too? And all those other times ?”

Arthur nodded, not being able to look at anything or anyone but the floor.

“Get out!” Uther said you gritted teeth.

“I will deal with you later.”

Arthur nodded and got out of the room.

“How is she Gaius?” Uther asked.

“It’s pretty bad, the head wound is deep and she doesn’t respond to anything. I have to stop the bleeding. I will keep you informed, Sire.” Gaius said, making it noticeable that he need time and space. Uther nodded and left hesitantly. Gaius started to work and stopped the bleeding.

A few hours later, you were brought to your dorm and Guinevere and Merlin looked after you. Later in the evening Arthur was called to the throne room by his father. He was sitting on the throne with an angry face, immediately glaring at his son.

Arthur came to a stop a few feet away from his father, staring at the ground, knowing very well what was about to happen.

“Do you even understand what you did?” Uther said.

Arthur just nodded not being able to talk, knowing that anything he will say, won’t make it better.

“She is in a very bad shape, Arthur. She can die!” Uther yelled making Arthur flinch.

“Father, I never..” he started.

“No, you will not speak now. You will not apologize to me! Pray that she will wake up, so that you will be able to apologize. I thought you would be more responsible and grown up than play a trick on her. Not even one but many. Leave now.” Uther said, turning around and leaving. Arthur stood there blinking, trying to stop the tears and breathing heavily.

Instead of going to his room, he went to yours. He held your hand the whole night and the next day and the day after that. Praying every hour that you will finally wake up.

After 3 days your hand finally twitched. Arthur immediately sat up straight and put a strand of hair behind your ear.

“(Y/N)?” he asked carefully, his voice raw from crying. Yours eyes fluttered open and you blinked a few times to get adjusted to the light in your room.

“(Y/N/N)?” he asked again, caressing your cheek.

You looked at him and what you saw, shocked you. The red eyes and nose, his worried look, his messed up hair. He definitely have been at your side for a while.

“Arthur.” You said, barely a whisper because of your horse voice.

“Thank god, you’re okay. I am so sorry, that was not supposed to happen, and I will make it up to you as long as I live. I am so sorry.” He started to ramble.

“Arthur-“ you tried, but he kept apologizing and rambling on.

“Arthur” you said a little louder making him look at you. You put your hand on his cheek and wiped a leftover tear away.

He touched your hand and closed his eyes, leaning into your touch. He kissed your hand and mumbled a last “I’m so sorry”.

“Arthur, it’s fine, I know you would never want something like this to happen. But tell me, what did I ever do to you, that you always act like that around me?” you said, all serious, taking your hand away and looked at him with a mixed expression of sadness and disappointment.

“I… You… Well…” he started.

“Spit it out, Arthur.” You said.

“You didn’t do anything. I just.. well.. We’ve known each other for so long and I somehow got this idea, that by making fun of you, I’ll be getting your attention. You know I… I like you.” He stuttered.

“You like me ? That’s a weird way of showing it.” You answered.

“I know, but I was in too deep to get out. It ‘s more than just liking you…” he said and started to caress your cheek again.

“I love you and I have been for a while.” He said and you couldn’t believe it. He said those three words, you longed to hear for so long.

“I love you, too. “ you said smiling at him.

“You do ?” he asked, a smile appearing on your face. He leaned in a gave you a mesmerizing kiss, that you would never forget.

You heard someone clear their throat and you two broke apart, turning to the cause of the noise. But it was just Merlin.

“Your majesty the king would like to know about Lady (Y/N)’s wellbeing.” He said, trying to hide his smile.

“Tell him, she is fine and tell him, that she forgave me.” Arthur replied, smiling at you.

You smiled back, knowing that now everything will change and the days in Camelot will be sunny from now on.

Years Gone By

This was inspired by the book/movie Something Borrowed. It’s kind of problematic so I put a moral spin on it.

Things to know: Graduation kiss never happened. Camilla and Jack never dated in college but instead, Camilla and Bitty are really close friends. Bitty is 25 and everyone came back to Samwell for the youngest of their friends’ graduations.



“You totally like him,” Camilla smiled mischievously at Bitty. He glanced around the bar nervously before turning back to her.

“I don’t. He was my captain. We’re friends,” He said softly, stirring the straw in his vodka cran.

“Oh come on, don’t give me that,” She sighed, crouching down to his ear. “Buy him a drink. Act casual. He’s right there, Bits. This is the last day everyone is in town now that the Frogs are graduating,” She urged. Bitty swallowed, looking down and shaking his head.

“I can’t, Cam,” He sighed. She watched him for a long moment before sighing.

“Then I will,” She said, standing up straight and throwing back the rest of her drink. Bitty stilled, looking up at her sharply. “Do you like him?” She asked one final time.

He looked up at her, eyes wide and throat tightening. She was beautiful. She was athletic and smart and amazing and she deserved everything in life. Just not Jack. Anything but Jack. Please.

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this ain’t no dream


She wakes with something heavy on top of her. 

Quite honestly, Jyn panics for about half a second. So used to being the sole occupant of her bed, it throws her completely to have someone else in it. But then she remembers, and she glances over to see Cassian still sound asleep next to her on his stomach, his arm stretched out across her waist. 

She smiles. 

Her arm on the pillow above her curls down and she runs her fingers lightly through his hair. As far as first times go… it was bloody good. Enthusiastic, passionate and satisfying, they just fit. She can’t explain it. She stares hard at his closed eyes, at the scruff that adorns his face, the bare shoulders and parted lips, knowing that she’s always been nothing if not pragmatic. She thinks too much, holds back because it’s safer, but sometimes you just know about a person. Her and Cassian … they click. There’s a spark she’s not even sure she’s truly felt before and for the first time ever, she’s thinking to hell with being cautious. 

Whatever the hell this is… it’s making her want to be brave.

She doesn’t mean to wake him, but he stirs and Jyn snatches her hand back. She quickly ducks further under the duvet, turning onto her side away from him. She hears Cassian grumble slightly at waking, rubbing his eyes. Then he pauses. 


“Hey,” she says, quietly. 

He leans over slowly, lips pressing firmly into her hair. She hides her smile into her pillow. He wraps his arm back around her as he says, “For the record, I swear I don’t usually sleep with people on the first date.” 

It cracks through the awkward morning-after-nerves. Jyn lets out a snort, turning over and facing him. “It’s fine, no judgement here,” she says good-naturedly. 

“Really -” 

“Honestly, Cassian. I don’t usually, either.” 

There’s just something about you, are the words that go unsaid. They don’t really need to be spoken anyway, both of them seem to get it. She leans forward and kisses him. Heat engulfs them both rather quickly, only it’s about half a second later that naturally, someone starts banging on her front door. “Jesus Christ, it’s not even nine!” Jyn whines, pulling back. However, her senses somewhere are telling her that it’s probably Bodhi and experience also tells her that unless she gets up and answers, he’ll just come bursting in himself. It’s hard to drag herself away from Cassian (especially when he’s still kissing her shoulders), but eventually she manages to leave him by stealing his shirt to wear. 

“FINALLY!” Bodhi yells when she opens the door exasperatedly. Then he takes in her dishevelled appearance and adds, “WELL. I was going to ask how the date went last night, but I guess now I’ve already got my answer…” 

“Bodhi, I’ll tell you everything later,” she promises. “but for now, can you PLEASE just go home?” 

“Holy shit, is he still there?” Bodhi asks in amazement, trying to peer past her now. 

“Honestly, who’s shirt did you think I was wearing?” 

“HI, CASSIAN!” he yells into the flat. 

Jyn hastily shoves him further out into the hallway. “Goodbye.” 

As she slams the door shut, Cassian emerges. He sticks his head around her bedroom door and clearly tries to not look too amused at her groaning. “Guess I should get dressed, then?” he asks. “I’ll need my shirt back.” 

Jyn looks up at him. 

“Come and get it.” 

He does. 

CLF: Pas du Tout F

A/N: This chapter is PACKED. I was worried about how long this was, but after today, I don’t care, I want a nice long chapter to cancel out all the other crap. So here you are. 

WARNINGS: Jesus. ANGST. ANGST. ANGST. ANGST. Swearing. We’re moving toward a resolution. Things do change here, but be aware, I have all of it worked out, so don’t freak out!


WORD COUNT: 5397 (yup)

SONG TRACKS: I’m So Sorry by Imagine Dragons

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oh my love / part two

part one

word count: 811

summary: she usually leaves him speechless, but not like this.

before you read: reader uses female pronouns. i write in third because second is too personal for me to be comfortable with, but “she” is “you” essentially! if you enjoy this please let me know / if you want a part three let me know!! i love feedback it makes me so happy

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Hi guys! I hope you enjoy! Thanks for the prompt Anon! xD

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Rinn are 20/21    

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anonymous asked:

what was the first time you found out you couldnt trust school nurses?

in kindergarten i fell off a balance beam and broke my arm at recess sometime in the morning and no one believed me so i wasnt taken to the hospital until the night time when my dad got home and he saw my arm just kinda hanging there because id lost the ability to move it anymore


A police au inspired by b99 with James and Lily because they are my favorites. this does have mentions of death and blood, so be warned :) enjoy

Lily stepped back as the police officers barged into the Riddle Manor, hands in the air. She had been expecting it of course, and dropped to the ground as bullets filled the air. A man, wearing a bulletproof vest, aimed his gun at her. Some of the men panicked and tried to run, but a perimeter of officers around the building trapped them in, and they got on their knees. One man she recognized as Dolohov, pulled out a gun while running up the stairs, shooting at the officer who raced after him. The officer went down, cursing as his leg gave out. Another officer jumped forward, shooting a round of shots up the stairs. Dolohov went down, falling down the stairs to rest, dead.

Lily looked away, although used to the blood and gore, was unwilling to look at it anymore. As an undercover agent from New York for the past six months, she had seen all sorts of messed up things. She had been assigned to infiltrate the Riddle crime family, in Chicago, a family long known to the government as dangerous and powerful, but had been unable to pin them to any crimes. So they sent Lily Evans, a fiery girl with the best shooting marks and one of the department’s top recruits, in to gather evidence against them.

She was handcuffed, led away and put into the back of a police car, waiting for almost half an hour while the medics and police rushed in and out of the manor. After watching for a minute, she laid her head on the seat in front of her, eyes closed, trying to calm herself. I can go home now. I can go home now. She repeated to herself, over and over, trying to calm herself down.

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seleneremusravenclaw  asked:

Can we have the GoM being taken care of by their SO when they're sick? Thankies! I really love your writing!

Uwaaaah~ Thank youuu dear! (●´□`)♡

Thank you for requesting! 💋


“Akashi-san, do you want us to call your doctor?” one of his maids asked, stepping up. Akashi waved his hand.

“No thanks.” he replied, coughing. The maid hesitated for a while, then nodded and closed his door.

It was quite surprising, that Akashi actually got sick. Not for the first time, but still. He was overworking himself. He should’ve listened to (Name).

Usually, his fever would go away for about 2 hours, but this time, it’s been going on for 5? 8? He didn’t know. He slept to make it go away.

A knock was heard from the other side of the door. Before he even got to reply, (Name) stepped in, a worried look plastered on her face.

She clumsily made her over to him. “Oh my god, Sei, are you okay?” she asked, placing a hand on his forehead. “Do you need something?”

Akashi smiled. Yep. This was definitely better than calling his doctor. (Name) blushed furiously when realising Akashi was staring at her the whole time she panicked on what to do.

She pulled out her phone from her bag. “I don’t know what to do! I never took care of someone ill before. Should I call Midorima? Uh.. yes. I should call him.”

Akashi chuckled softly at her exclamations and placed a hand on her arm. “(Name), you don’t have to.”

“But I really don’t know what to do!” she frowned, not wanting Akashi to tell her what to do while she follows his orders. That was just rude!

“Have you drank your medicine?” she asked, as her mind started to work on it’s own. Of course, he had to drink his medicine first, right?

Akashi shook his head. “For the day, I haven’t. I just woke up.”

“Well then..” she looked around his large room, then stood up, crazily waving her hands. “Alright, alright. Stay there. Wait, of course you’ll stay there! Let me ask the maids for your medicine..” she laughed awkwardly.

She kept looking over her shoulder and smiling so adorably at Akashi, he couldn’t help but smile, too.

(Name) bumped her back on the door, making her chuckle softly and pull the door open.

“Uhm..” she started, locking eyes with one of the maids that happened to pass by. “Would you mind.. giving Sei’s medicine? Or.. Akashi-san?”

The maid smiled at her clumsiness and excused herself. Then she came back with a small bottle and a spoon. (Name) muttered and thanks and made her way back inside Akashi’s room.

“Akashi-san?” the red head cocked an eyebrow, making (Name)’s cheeks heat up as she placed the items on his bedside table.

“I panicked..” she reasoned, pouring the medicine on the spoon.

Akashi sighed but smiled up at her as she served him the liquid. Without any hesitation, he swallowed it.

“Does it taste bad?” she asked curiously, moving her head closer. Akashi nodded.

“It does.” he admitted, earning a scoff from his girlfriend.

“So.. what now?” she asked, hoping she didn’t sound too awkward, which she doubted. Akashi grinned.

“Sleep.” he replied.

She nodded. “Well yeah, of course. I guess.. I’m done for the day, then?” she forced a laugh and stood up.

“No..” he responds. She furrows her eyebrows. “You look tired.”

“Me? Well.. I guess I do. Do I look that bad?!” she started combing her hair.

He smiled. “No. Not at all. You look beautiful. (Name), come here.”

She gulped, but stepped closer. Akashi placed a hand on her nape and pulled her closer to his ear. “Rest beside me. You need it.”

“I ned rest? Yeah! Of course I do.. like, why wouldn’t I need rest? Or you.. or rest?” she made her way to the other side of the bed, then kicked off her shoes.

“You’re adorable, (Name).”

“Of course. Yeah. She’s adorable..” she replied, laying beside him and gluing her eyes on the ceiling.

“Love, you don’t look too comfortable in your position.” Akashi frowned.

She laughed awkwardly. “Yeah. I’m totally comfortable. I can totally not hear my own heartbeat. Oh my god.” she covered her face with her hands.

“I’m so embarrassing, Sei! I’m sorry.” she apologised, turning to him, her face red.

Akashi chuckled and planted a kiss on her forehead. “You’re not embarrassing. You’re cute when you get nervous.”

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Flower (another drabble request from the Tumblr message system)


Danny wandered into the kitchen, dropped into a chair, and slumped his head and arms across the kitchen table with his best ‘I’m half dead’ groan.

His mother, who was studying an ugly-looking, dried-up bouquet of flowers, glanced at him. “Rough day?”

Danny just groaned again. He was certain that the course load Lancer had talked him into for his senior year was going to kill him the rest of the way. It might have been doable, if it weren’t for the ghosts. “It wasn’t bad,” he finally hedged.

“But it wasn’t good?”

He buried his head in his arms. “The Box Ghost needs to get shipped to Russia,” he muttered. “In a circular container.”

His mother chuckled under her breath. “You don’t really mean that, Danny.” He felt her hand rub a gentle circle on his back.

He turned his head just enough to send her a one-eyed look. “Every time I get a little closer,” he said, feeling the tension in his shoulders slip away. “What are you doing, anyways?” He peered a little closer at the dead flowers.

“I’m finally getting a chance to study them.” She picked up her pad of paper, showing him pages and pages of notes before launching into an explanation with an excited grin. “It’s the Mohavea confertiflora. When I wrote my master’s thesis on ectobiology, I had found some notes about this flower and some of its unique properties when it’s dried. I’ve always meant to come back to studying it, but with the portal-”

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Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: ~1450

Summary: Bucky’s POV; It’s been nearly thirty years since you were separated from the man you called Зима, Zima, Winter. He was made to forget you, and he never knew why. What had the two of you done wrong? Now that he’s found you again… well…

Warnings: Angst and… fluff?

A/N: So it’s just the epilogue left. I’m actually kind of sad to see this series come to a close. The response to it really brought a lot confidence back to me in terms of my writing, and I can’t wait to see what happens when inspiration hits again. Thank you all for your love and support throughout this literary journey. It means the world.

The lights struggle to flicker on as we walk into the room. Metal, broken and bent, shattered glass and cracked stone litter the floor; we’re surrounded by the remnants of a battle once fought between friends.

Steve and I share a glance. Natasha stands just a step ahead of us, her eyes on (Y/N)’s back as she walks further into the room. We all watch her in silence, either too afraid to speak or simply unsure of what to say.

(Y/N)’s footsteps come to a halt as she turns to look at something to her right. I can only see the side of her face, but I can see the pain and anger that contorts her features.

“How does one piece of machinery ruin so many lives?”

I approach her slowly, putting my hand to the small of her back as I follow her gaze with my own. Somehow, through all the chaos and destruction, that chair is still standing.

“You can’t blame the machine.” I mutter, “It was people who built it.”

She hums in response, “I have that serum in my blood.”

“We’ve never tested it, but does that mean I’m as strong as you?”

“Maybe not as strong but at the very least, stronger than your average human. Why?”

She doesn’t respond. Instead, she steps off the small platform and moves to stand at the side of the chair. She takes one side of the head piece in her hand, bending the metal down until it snaps off; frayed wires spill from the end of it. She smiles down at it for a moment before throwing across the room. The sound of it hitting a wall and then the floor widens her smile.

“Why did that feel so good?”

There’s amusement in Natasha’s voice when she speaks, “You got to destroy a piece of the very thing that tore the two of you apart.”

When (Y/N) goes for the other side, I stop her. I take the other half on the head piece in my metal hand and easily tear it free from the rest of the chair. Instead of throwing it like she did, I crush it in my palm, the remnants of it falling to the floor. She smiles over at me before turning to step back up onto the main floor and continuing her exploration.

She makes her way around the rubble, toward a door off to the left. I recognize that door. It leads to a hallway with several more doors lining it. One of them is the training room where I trained her, the room where she first told me she loved me.

She stands in the open doorway, staring down at the threshold.


“Everything went wrong right here.” She whispers. “I told you I loved you right here, and it ruined everything.”

“What are you talking about?”

She turns to face me, her expression solemn, “I never told you what happened after they pulled me away from you that day.”

“We don’t have to talk about this right now.”

“It’s important.”

I nod my head, taking her hands in an attempt to give her some kind of comfort. “Go ahead.”

“Karpov took me to another room. He told me that love was not an option; I was not allowed to show you love. He said that your ability to return my feelings meant that you were a failed experiment. Then he said I needed to be taught a lesson, punished for compromising his weapon.”

“What did he do to you?”

She chews her bottom lip, shifting on her feet as she looks into my eyes, “Electroshock.” She casts her gaze down again, “Maybe if I had done what he asked and kept my feelings to myself after that, we might have been okay, but I only pushed harder.”

I hook my finger beneath her chin, raising her gaze back to mine, “There is nothing in this world that will make me regret anything that happened between us. Yes, we were pulled apart. Yes, I was made to forget you. You have to remember, Kitten, without all of that, we wouldn’t be here right now, together and free.”

She smiles, reaching her arms up and wrapping them around my neck. I hold her tight to me, burying my face in her neck and gently breathing her in. We stand there like that, surrounded by the dark memories of a place that was meant to break us.

“I think I’m ready to leave this place.” She mumbles, loosening her embrace.

“Then let’s get out of here.”

She begins to completely release me but pauses, stepping up on her toes to kiss me. The touch of her lips against mine only lasts for a brief moment, but it’s not a feeling I’m liable to forget.

She takes my hand, guiding me back to where Natasha and Steve wait for us.

“Ready?” Natasha asks, her back straightening upon our approach; she smiles, “We’ve got one more stop to make.”

This is where they kept her. This is where they hid her from me while she slept. This is where, a little over six months ago, I found her again.

“Is she alive?” Steve shouts, his shield flying through the air and back to his hand.

“I think so!” I reply, frantically searching for a way to open the chamber she’s trapped in. “I don’t know how to open this thing.”

“Move!” Natasha commands, “Go help Rogers. I’ll get her out.”

I try to keep my focus on the battle at hand, but my mind keeps drifting back to her face. Two final shots into a HYDRA agent, and it’s over. They’re all either dead or captured. I run back to Natasha, back to (Y/N).

“It’s starting to heating process now. It should only take a few minutes.

The chamber slowly open, a warm, white fog billowing out from around her body.

Her body is stiff for only a moment longer. Then her head lolls to the side. Her eyes are still closed, her chest barely moving as her lungs try to take in air. I reach out to touch her, to free her from her binds, but Steve stops me.

“Buck, wait.”

“I’ll explain everything later. For now, just help me.”

“I’m not going to leave her up there. So you can either help me or get the hell out of my way.”

He sighs in defeat, nodding and moving to stand at her other side. I pull the restraint around her legs free first. He gets the one across her waist. Finally, I release the one at her shoulders and her body falls into his arms. I take her from him as gently as I can, her head resting against my shoulder.

“I thought she was dead.” I mutter, looking down at her sleeping face.

“We should get out of here.” Natasha says, her eyes still focused on the computer screen, “She needs a hospital.”

Back on the jet, I sit at her side, watching her and hoping her eyes will open soon. Eventually, Bruce sits at my side, a tablet in his hands.

“I don’t understand.” I whisper. “It never took me this long to wake up.”

“She’s been asleep since ’91. Her body is weak and currently doing its best to recover. Once we get her to a hospital, get some proper testing done, we’ll know more. For now, just be happy that she’s alive.”

A gentle touch. “Bucky?” The sweetest voice. “Are you okay?” The brightest eyes. The kindest smile.

“Yeah,” I nod, covering her hand where it still rests on my shoulder with my own, “just thinking.”

“About what?”

I look at the chamber that once held her body, now covered in dust and barely functioning, “The day we found you.” I look back at her, “I was so afraid you were never going to wake up.”

“There’s nothing to be afraid of now. This place, Siberia, they don’t matter anymore.”

“How is it that you’re the brave one now?”

“Maybe I was never really afraid of facing all of this.” She half smiles, shrugging, “Maybe I was afraid of being afraid. I was afraid of what that fear would mean for me. I couldn’t let Dr. Kennedy be right. I needed to prove to him, to myself, to everyone, that I was above the fears he tried to keep me prisoner to.” She turns her hand under mine and laces her fingers with mine, “It’s over now.” She smiles, “We can go home.”

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