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Book Aesthetics (27/??) | Dreadnought by April Daniels

They want me to cooperate in my own destruction. They want me to tell them it’s not true. The want me to help them believe the lie. NEVER AGAIN.


BOOKS I READ IN 2016: Not Your Sidekick by C.B. Lee

What makes you think I want to keep doing that? I want to be my own person, be liked for who I am, not just for copying you!

I see your anime club and raise you, Comic book club

Vriska: President of the club. Has a whole closet full of spiderman shirts but only because venom and carnage shirts are harder to find. WILL fight you if you try to argue over her opinions on comics. Likes Venom, Carnage, Punisher, and Deadpool like a damn fool. Also reads Johnny the Homicidal Maniac because its the only thing she and Rose can agree on

John: Brings in all the superhero movies. All of them. Gets made fun of for not just pirating them but he insists that having a physical collection is more impressive. Likes the basics, Deadpool, Avengers (Favorite is probably like, Cap), Spiderman, Batman.

Rose: Reads Sandman repeatedly. Is very gay for Death. Also reads a lot of indie shit and JtHM and no one is entirely sure if its a ruse or if she really is that Hot Topic. Read V for Vendetta and is very bitter that the person behind the mask was not the lesbian from the letter.

Dave: Also reads JtHM and Invader Zim but thinks its fucking hilarious how much Rose and Vriska can talk about it seriously. Makes SBaHJ on the chaperone’s computer and gives it a virus everytime he goes to upload the new page to his own website.

Jade: Spends more time in anime club, but likes indie comics because they tend to be more colorful and less jarring style. Reads SU and Adventure Time comics and stuff like that. Supports at least five different furry comics on Patreon.

Dirk: Is in a constant ongoing feud with Vriska’s club even though theres like a 90% overlap between who goes to what club. Anytime there’s a school event with the clubs they will inevitably try to turn it into an anime vs. comics war. Says Batman is “alright” tho.

Jake: Terrible. Canonically likes Spider woman, Hulk, and the Punisher. Also probably is the one who reads Star Wars comics for the alien girls. Vriska is consistently ready to fight him any time he offers his opinion. This finally settled itself when they had Secret Santa and he bought her the Bishoujo Spider Woman figure and she threw his backpack out the 2nd story window.

Jane: The only one in the club who likes Superman and is constantly defending him. Thinks Christopher Reeve was handsome and likes to watch those Superman movies with her dad.

Roxy: Also more into anime, shows up at both clubs in order to convince her friends to join her Retro Gaming Club. She brings snacks. Likes Spidergwen, Gwenpool, Supergirl, Wonderwoman, and all of the Robins.

Aradia: hardly shows up at meetings but is also gay for Death.

Tavros: is team Anime Club, mostly because Vriska won’t let him in the club room anymore after he said something about not thinking Punisher is cool. Likes to watch whatever superhero movies come out but is casual about it.

Sollux: Is just trying to use the charger in the back of the classroom while he waits for his dads to pick him up. His brother is into comics so sometimes he’ll correct someones lore.

Karkat: Is in a constant death battle debate over which superheroes would beat each other. Never wins because it always inevitably leads to a teacher breaking up Karkat and Vriska because they’re screaming so loud that you can hear it from across the school. Just watches the movies but joined the club because he got kicked out of debate club under similar circumstances.

Nepeta: Is also team Anime Club but comes over to hang out with Jade or eat the cookies Roxy brought in. Likes cat animes, would appreciate Catwoman more if she were cuter instead of sexy.

Kanaya: Supports her girlfriend. Has read a single Wonder Woman comic in her life. Owns the Twilight graphic novels and tried to bring them in once but was to embarrassed to show them to anyone.

Terezi: Has The Hookup because Latula works at a comics store. Brings everyones subscriptions in in a huge box on Wednesday. Most of her wardrobe is free shirts Latula’s brought home from work. Likes Daredevil, Two-face, Punisher, and She-Hulk. Was conflicted when it it was decided that She-Hulk is a better lawyer than Daredevil.

Equius: Is banned from both clubs.

Eridan: Gets put on monthly suspensions because Vriska knows if she bans him entirely he’ll complain to the principal and might get the club disbanded. So instead she bans him for a month at a time in hopes that eventually he’ll just give up and go home. Likes the grizzlier Aquaman with a hook for a hand and a beard, and constantly tries to argue that the girl characters should date the supervillians instead of ending up with the heroes. He’s very obviously projecting and it makes everyone uncomfortable.

Feferi: Doesnt interact much with either club because shes got a lot of other after school activities. Thinks Supergirl and Wonder Woman are neat tho!!!!


John is located in a new school, at the same time he discovers more superheroes besides himself, and one of them is captured by dark forces, he is going to unite with all possible heroes whom he can find in order to repel evil and restore peace and tranquility to usual people…

===>Rose in grimdark. After the death of her mother she fell into despair and was looking for any ways of her resurrection, but in spite of all her strength she could not do it. Then she had to turn to the dark forces in order to find the one who killed her mother and take revenge on him, but contrary to her expectations, she could not hold the darkness. Darkness swallowed her.
Jade was aware of everything, but she could not harm Rose, because her own feelings interfered with her.
Unification in the Windman was her chance to save her…

Story of Jade

Even in her childhood she liked to play with the laboratory dogs of her grandfather, but what a surprise when she could merge with one of them. So in it settled two entities: an interdimensional dog and an ordinary girl. Knowing that such forces are not given so simply  she devoted herself to the protection of peace and order.

Story of Rose

Rose is a hereditary seer (though the forces are transmitted through a generation), the first time they showed up at her age of thirteen, she predicted the course of the game in the Flarp table game, it at first scared her, but over time she realized that this gift is a sign that she can Prevent accidents before they happen.


oneill_center The first performance of Tom Kitt & John Logan’s new musical SUPERHERO is tonight in the Barn! Jason Moore directs and Kelli O'Hara and James Snyder lead the cast. #oneillsummer

Endless List of Favorite Characters: Wonder Woman (DC Comics)

I came here to parley. But do not mistake a desire to avoid violence for the inability to deal it”

mangareader88  asked:

Hey ^-^ what are some Trimberly headcanons you have?

- Trini and Kim fight over whose house they’re gonna go over for dinner because they love each other’s ethnic foods. 

- Kim managed to convince Trini’s brother that the pink ranger is the best one. Trini has brawls with them over who loves her the most. They don’t understand why she’s so obsessed with a random superhero she never met…

- When she can’t stand her mom, Trini will often sneak out and stay over with Kim’s family. They might love her more than they love their own daughter, honestly.

- Kim is a brilliant artist. Trini thinks she is as well, though she isn’t… The Harts have Trini’s scribbly stick figure people hung up all over their fridge. 

- As cool and unaffected as she tries to act, Trini is the total sap in the relationship. She knows the exact date and time they started dating, and posts “Happy _ week anniversary” snaps on her story every week. Almost all her instagram posts are of Kim. Her followers are getting annoyed. She doesn’t care.

- “Are you okay?” “Yeah, duh.” “Trini, last night you texted me a video of you crying because you saw a dog on tv.”

- Trini likes to embarrass Kim by dancing in public to literally any song that plays. Kim changed her ringtone from a beep to a song because she secretly loves it.

- Kim loves photography. She’s been hoarding polaroids of them in a drawer for ages, and gives them to Trini as a birthday gift. “To decorate the wall you finished.” Trini is less scared of being alone in her room now that the damage from Rita’s attack has been replaced with hundreds of pictures of happy moments with her favorite person. 

- They take so many naps together.

- Will Trini ever go one night without sending a really long, sappy goodnight text? no.

- Kim’s family brings Trini on family vacations a lot. Trini thanks them every five seconds for it.

- Kim takes spanish classes, and always tries to impress Trini by speaking her language. This is always followed by a lecture about Kim’s failure to understand how to pronounce “ll”s and “goddamnit Kimmy, it’s not called a ‘squiggly thingy’ it’s a fuckin’ tilde”

- Kim meets Trini’s extended family, and it takes everything in her to not throw a fit when Trini introduces her to her Lita as “my friend.” 

- Every time someone thinks Kim is gay, Trini gets really defensive about how she’s actually bi. Kim doesn’t even mind it, though.

(I could go on forever but I’m tired)

Okay, but can we take a minute to talk about a Superfamily AU where Steve and Tony adopted Peter as an infant and for the first years of his life, he thinks Pepper is a superhero?  

Hear me out.  So, an offhand comment by Steve or Tony about Pepper being the real superhero for getting one of them to do…something and Peter overhears it and spends many of his formative years trying to figure out what Pepper’s powers are and to catch her in the act of using them.  Everyone thinks it’s adorable that Peter’s started following Pepper around because, “aw, kid’s got a crush,” and that is not what he’s spying on Pepper; he wants to see her fly - and if he’s good, maybe she’ll take him flying, too, since Tony is clearly “the Worst Dad In The World” and won’t take him flying in the suit.  (Sweet spiderling, how you hurt your father.  Steve spends the better part of an hour convincing Tony that he’s an awesome dad and also, their kid is so Extra, like his little four year-old ass actually stormed out of the room.  Like flung his head and stormed out because is so Tony’s kid.)

Anyway, so Peter doesn’t have a crush (he totally has a little boy crush on Pepper; it’s adorable); he’s doing recon.  He just knows Aunt Pepper is gonna pick up her car when her she drops her fancy pen and it rolls under the car.  She doesn’t.  Peter starts to think maybe she can sense when other people are near.  Maybe that’s he super power.  Maybe she can read minds.  

So, little Peter spent a lot of time thinking Pepper (and also trying to figure out her secret super hero identity because surely she had to have one.  You don’t just have powers and not use them to help people.) was a cape-wearing, car-lifting, mind-reading superhero who just happened to fly way below the radar.

Ofc, when he’s older, he gets what his dads were talking about, but he stills thinks she’s a superhero anyway when she can bully Tony out of the lab and to the dinner table when even Steve can’t manage it.  

Enter Civil War.  (I have given this A LOT of thought.)  Basically, Peter’s dads are off in another country getting a divorce and Peter is Just. Not. Having It.  He convinces Happy that he needs to go to Romania because my dads, Happy and Happy can’t help it.  He sort of agrees with the kid.  Plus, he’s always had a soft spot for Pete.  (Happy is at home with Peter because there is no one Tony trusts more to protect his kid than Happy Hogan.)  So Happy smuggles them to Romania somehow and Peter gets there just in time to see the mayhem Steve and co. unleash on Romanian rush hour.  

Happy had sort of explained what was going on, done his best not make anyone a bad guy.  Just explain that there these superhero accords and his dads were totally on different sides of the fence, and yeah, they’re fighting pretty bad this time, kiddo.  I won’t lie to you.  

So Peter shows up to all of this and his dad is arrested and so is Uncle Sam and huh, that’s this Bucky guy his dad keeps telling him about.  He doesn’t look that impress - holy shit, he’s got a metal arm!  He is totally going to be the cool uncle!  He’s not telling Uncle Sam or Uncle Rhodey that, though.  Yeah.  But that’s not the important thing right now.  The important thing is his dad is kind of a dumbass right now and he needs to got and Talk To Him.

So, he sneaks in to where Steve is (he got really got at sneaking when he was tailing Pepper all those years) and is that the weird cat guy?  That guy is so weird.  Who dresses up like a cat?  Who does that?  Peter kind of gives him a side eye and a wide berth because really.  (*Also, fuck you, too, Peter, I would totally dress up as a cat.  T’Challa and I could be cat superhero friends and it would be awesome.)  But there’s Uncle Sam, complaining about his “bird costume” (ha, a bird costume.  Peter is never letting that one go.) and there’s his dad looking stubborn and like he’s about to do something stupid.  Again.  Peter’s gotten good at reading those looks on his dad’s face because Steve does a lot of stupid shit like jumping out of planes without a parachute and jumping out of glass elevators without parachutes and also eating the whole breakfast Peter made him and Tony for Father’s Day when he was four.  Tony had eyed it skeptically and promptly distracted Peter while Steve his dumb face and ate all of it.  (Tony tried really hard to feel bad for him, but “you ate it! i can’t believe you ate it!  and also “i thought super soldiers couldn’t get food poisoning.”)

But right.  Dad’s about to do a Dumb Thing.  So Peter marches in all business, all serious and gives Steve his best Dad Face.  Or more accurately, Steve’s best I Am So Disappointed In You Dad Face.  He even crosses his arms and shakes his head a little.  Then he opens his mouth and what he says is:

“I’m calling Pepper.”

And thus, Civil War was averted because Pepper shut that shit the fuck down while she and Peter both gave everyone Very Disappointed In All Of You faces.  

I feel like this could be a 5 Times fic.  Five Times Peter Thought Pepper Had Secret Superpowers and One Time She Really Did.  

Other things to consider:

- Spider-Man was an embarrassing nickname his dads gave him when he was a baby because he crawled all over everything.  Steve used to joke that he was waiting for the door when Peter learned how to crawl onto the walls.  Oops.  Careful what you wish for.  That’s the first thing that gives his whole Friendly Neighborhood Spider-man gig away because really, Pete?  It’s like you took out a billboard ad in Times Square.  

- Tony takes Peter to his first day of school in the suit because he’s weak to those eyes.

- Steve is weirdly obsessed with his health and is always ready to take him to the doctor at a moment’s notice and “it’s just a cold, Dad.  I’m fine, oh my god.”  (Steve always sits up with him when he’s sick, though, no matter how old he is and 15 year-old Peter still secretly loves that his dad will make him soup and bring him a warm washcloth for “just a cold.”)

- Steve and Tony are absolutely those embarrassing dads who show up to every school event ever with Peter Parker Fan Club t-shirts and cheer obnoxiously loudly and yell out “that’s my son!”  They are the worst.

Basically, Superfamily and Pepper.  I have so many thoughts about superfamily.

You know what I want in season 2? I want dynamics between the team members that are completely different to their real life selves. I want a Queen B who can’t stand Chat Noir. She thinks he’s so annoying and how can a superhero be so immature? and This isn’t the time to make puns! and Ladybug, although she loves Chat and is his best friend, completely agrees and is so glad someone on the team gets it. Give me a Queen B who is so happy that Ladybug is giving her the time of day. Give me a Queen B that learns to love more easily through Ladybug and their hero work and learns patience and fondness with Chat Noir and his antics. Give me a Queen B who learns to build honest to god friendships with all her teammates while she also tries to do better in her real life. Give me a Chloe who learns from Ladybug what it’s like to have your idol genuinely care for you. Give me a Chloe who tries to pass it forward to Sabrina and tries to do just a little more good for others.

Give me a Carapace who tries to distance himself from Chat because Adrien is his best bud! No way Chat Noir can take his place (not matter how good his jokes are.) He makes sure to talk to his other teammates more (even though he seems to talk to Chat just a little bit more for some reason? They just seem to click) And somehow Carapace becomes the “cool” friend, the one that just gets along with everyone? Not that the others don’t, but Carapace is just so loyal and so kind, and he genuinely cares even though he hasn’t known them that long. Ladybug is convinced that Carapace could talk an armed robber into dropping the gun and getting a coffee if he were so inclined. He has a real way of getting people out of their shell! Chat once said, with a lot of eye rolling from everyone else. Of course Carapace keeps talking to Chat, and he can’t help but keep comparing him to Adrien and slowly seeing their similarities. With having to take on his new duties and the stress that comes with it, Nino finds solace in Adrien’s steadfast warmth and level-headedness, but alternatively relies on Chat’s wit and spontaneity when fighting akuma. But give me a Carapace who gradual finds that Chat is warmer than he originally thought, and more considerate than he initially lets on. Give me a strong consistent friendship between Adrien and Nino, and a hesitant one between Chat and Carapace.

Give me a Rena Rouge who is downright euphoric to be able to work with Ladybug and Chat Noir. Give me a Rena Rouge who is still curious about who Ladybug is. Give me a Rena Rouge who tries to distance herself from Ladybug since she doesn’t want her idol to know that she runs the ladyblog and has maybe, probably, absolutely tried to figure out her secret ID. Oops. But she can’t just drop the ladyblog all of a sudden! It was her life, people would question it. So Alya halfheartedly runs the ladyblog just for appearances, and has to record a quick video at the beginning of akuma fights before she transforms. Rena Rouge builds a reputation for running late, much to Ladybug’s annoyance. Chat Noir of course, always has a quip to say. There she is, our lazy fox! and Carapace is faster than you! and Sly? More like slow. But it just makes Rena push herself harder to save the day. And of course she can’t let Chat have the last word, so she quips back. Sorry, would have been a cheetah miraculous but cats are overrated and I prefer a dynamic solo entrance and I rather be sly and slow than unlucky and unamusing. They quickly bond over their quick witted banter, while the others keep tabs on who outwitted the other that day.

But most importantly, give me a Chat and Ladybug who know who the new recruits are in real life, but not vice versa. Give me a Ladybug who is conflicted about knowing who Queen B, Carapace, and Rena Rouge are but not let them know that she knows. Give me Chat and Ladybug working together to help their new teammates on and off the battlefield, as heroes and as classmates. Give me a Ladybug who is learning her new role and responsibilities as the team leader. Give me an unconditionally supportive and loving Chat. Give me a Chat and Ladybug who just enjoy each other’s company, enjoy being a team, and enjoy spending time together. Give me a Chat who wants desperately to know who Ladybug is, and a Ladybug who is warming up to the idea. Give me a Ladybug and Chat who at the end of the day are the protectors of Paris. But mostly, give me a Chat and Ladybug who are unquestionably best friends.

i don't want to be a superhero (1/?)

summary: you’re a new enhanced individual in new york that has the ability of pyrokinesis and telekinesis who gets on tony starks’ radar after you saved his car from crashing. meanwhile peter becomes intrigued with your abilities.

a/n: y/b/n = your brother’s name

part 2

part 3

part 4

you felt your phone vibrate in your pocket and picked it up.
“what?” you said. it was your brother and you prayed to god he wasn’t calling to remind you of something you had to buy from the store you just left.
“i forgot to tell you! we need eggs.”
“i’m going to throw myself into traffic.”
as soon as you said that you heard a huge truck honking it’s horn while another car’s tires shrieked against the road. you dropped your phone and your bags as everything turned slow and could see every detail of the car crash that was about to happen right in front of you. you had never lifted something so heavy with your mind but before you knew it you stopped the truck cars and pushed the car back back before breaking concentration. you felt hot liquid come down your nose and saw you were bleeding and everyone at the cross walk was looking at you.
“are you okay?”
“did you just do that?”
“did you see that?”
“is she a superhero?”
everything was happening too fast and you were too light headed to assess what you just did.

“hey you! nosebleed! did you just do that?”
the man in the black audi stepped out his car and before you could see who it was, you were told anyway.

“oh my god it’s tony stark!!”
he started walking away from his car and you could hear the camera sounds from everyone’s phone.
you finally caught the attention of the public and iron man. the ONE thing you never wanted.
you picked up your phone and bag quickly before sprinting in the other direction.
“hey! get back here!” tony yelled.
you were afraid he was going to follow you in his car or someone was going to run after you but you made it home in 5 minutes when it usually took you 15.

(y/b/n) opened the door shocked to see you back so early but also confused about what he just heard on the phone.
“what the hell just happened?!” he said locking the door and closing the blinds.
“one second i’m talking and next i hear the phone drops and someones talking about ‘are you okay?’ and ‘is she a superhero?’”
you told him what happened and he didn’t even bat an eye.
“you shouldn’t have saved him. you never use your… abilities out in public.” your brother said to you.
“i shouldn’t have saved him??? it was tony fucking stark! i mean i didn’t know it when i stopped the car coming at him but hey! i wasn’t just gonna stand there and watch a car accident happen!” you said practically screaming at him even though he was right in front of you.
“yeah but i mean now everyone has some kind of footage of you on their phone! it’s probably on twitter by now.” he pulled out his phone to check and you felt as if you were going to have a melt down.
“i don’t want to be a superhero.”

a week went by and you were all over the news.
“new superhero arrives? will tony stark take her under his wing? or will she use her powers for evil? tune in at 7pm to find out.” (y/b/n) turned off the tv and sat down on the couch next to you.
“are you going to use your powers for evil? i have to go to work so i can’t watch at 7.”
you rolled your eyes and pushed him. they had only seen you once! for like 3 minutes! how do they possibly know the answers to all those questions?
“i hate how the one time i go out without doing my eyebrows this shit happens.”
“oh yeah i saw one tweet and some girls were going off on you.”
you hadn’t gone outside since the incident and you decided since no one has come to collect you that it was safe.
“maybe if i beat my face with makeup people won’t recognize me?”
“i mean yeah but you’ll still be ugly.”
you were about to throw your mug at him when there was a knock at the door.
you instantly stood up and felt heat at the top of your head which only happened when you were very afraid.
“fire won’t help the situation. chill out, literally, and i’ll get the door. go to your room.” (y/b/n) whispered. you did as he said.
you closed the room to your door and put your ear to it to hear. you closed your eyes to concentrate. your hearing sense dialed up and you listened for your brother’s voice.
“uh hi can i help you?” he said. you could tell he was just faking being calm and hoped he didn’t give you away. you heard the sound of shoes walk in and they stopped before the hallway towards your room.
“yes i’m looking for your sister? (y/n)? you probably already know, she saved me from a car accident a week ago and i found out who she was the next day but i decided to give her some time. is she here?”
you felt defeated but before you could open your door, your brother spoke up.
“no she’s not here. she left after it happened. listen, she’s only 17 and all she really wants is to be normal. but she’s not. we don’t know why she can do the things that she can do but i know one thing, she doesn’t want to be a superhero and she doesn’t want this attention. so please don’t look for her. just be grateful she exposed herself to save you.”
it was silent for a moment until you heard stark sigh.
“f.r.i.d.a.y is detecting a female life force coming from that room over there. i don’t mean to force myself into your lives, i just want to help. teenage girls aren’t my favorite but the last time i found some enhanced individuals, well, they ended up hating me because they got help from the wrong person.”
you opened the door to see a regular tony, just like the day from the almost-accident in a tom ford suit next to your brother.
“help in what way?” you asked, slowly stepping forward.
“i don’t want to engage in combat like you probably thought i would. i just want you explore what your powers can do and help you in any way, because it didn’t seem like you knew you could take on a 20 ton truck but you did it anyway.”
you thought about all the effort you put in to seem normal and not show anyone what you could do. you thought about all the times you accidentally burned someone when you got excited. you thought about how maybe acting normal was so much effort because you just weren’t and maybe this was best for you.
“listen kid, i have a 6o'clock that i have to leave for soon so?”
you looked at your brother who just gave you a little nod and you made up your mind.
“fine. but i’m not fighting crimes with you or whatever.” you said crossing your arms.
“oh no that’s spider-man’s job.” tony said patting his pockets for his cell.
“spider-man?!” (y/b/n) yelled.
“calm down, your fanboy is showing.” you said, elbowing him.
“ok i’m going to call happy, my assistant. and he’ll pick you up tomorrow and maybe spider-man will tag along. the kid needs some kind of excitement other than crime fighting. a girl his age is perfect. i got to go. talk later, bye!” he opened the door and he left.
you looked to see your brother wasn’t so happy anymore.
“if spider-boy decides to put the moves on you i’ll burn him myself.” he said dead serious.
“if i get excited enough with him around , i’ll handle it.” you said joking. but honestly was the spider-man/boy cute?
“that’s not funny!”

i been thinking of a girl with these kinds of powers for a few days and i think i wanna do a lil story about it. i didn’t proof read and i don’t know exactly where it’s going but i do know that peter x reader is alive. ALSO IT’S ALMOST 4 AM SOMEONE COLLECT ME

Being a superhero and dating Harley Quinn would include...

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  • trying to keep her out of trouble and failing
  • you don’t agree with what she does, you being a superhero and all
  • so it’s a pretty rocky relationship
  • you can’t just stand by while harley commits crimes
  • but you love her and can’t fight her
  • when you ask her to stop she replies that it’s who she is and you’re either okay with that or it’s over
  • so you go to your friends and they all tell you to break up with her
  • you can’t do it though
  • you’re too smitten with her
  • harley tells you constantly that you can’t change her that it’s pointless to try
  • when you’re out fighting crime and another villain almost kills you harley makes it her life’s mission to track them down and kill them
  • a part of you thinks it’s sweet and shows how much she cares about you but the superhero part of you tells her to not hurt anyone
  • “(y/n) that asshole dared hurt you and they aren’t gettin away with it. you’re mine and they should’ve known better”
  • harley does find them and just as she had the knife on their throat your face and words pop into her head
  • she can’t do it
  • she can’t kill them
  • so she knocks them out and chains them to the nearest pole 
  • then she calls batman and leaves
  • they end up behind bars 
  • when you hear about it you can’t stop smiling
  • then harley comes home to you
  • and you run to her, kissing her fiercely because she did the right thing proving that she can change
  • “listen this doesn’t mean i’m suddenly a superhero okay i just thought death was too good and wanted them to suffer and rot in a dark prison cell okay?”
  • harley slowly turns more into an anti-hero 
  • which makes you dating her easier
  • your friends even start to accept her
  • they don’t like harley or trust her but they see she isn’t the same and respect you two
  • when you ask harley why she changed she sighs and kisses you
  • “you deserve so much more than me (y/n). you’re out there every night riskin your life to save people. i want to be someone who deserves you. I can’t promise you I’ve changed for good but i’m trying puddin.”
  • you kiss her again and hold her in your arms until you both fall asleep

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Breathe ~ An Avenger’s Story  (2/15)

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AU: Fury tries to recruit Y/N for the Avengers without knowing about her deep secret with HYDRA. She refuses to join in fear that they’ll discover her abilities. But that doesn’t stop the Avengers.

Part1 | Part 2 | Part 3 


Y/N breathed in and out slowly as she waited for the elevator. That meeting with Fury opened up her eyes.

They knew everything about her and it was only a matter of time that they find out the truth about Sarajevo. They’re SHIELD. It’s what they do.

She has no choice but to move out again. She’ll call her old Sergeant, the only person she think of as family and a close friend. Y/N will stay low for a while. She won’t let SHIELD know about her anymore.


Y/N stepped in the elevator and sighed. She has to start packing again.

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Dating Wonder Woman Would Include:

I have discovered that I don’t have ANY imagines with Diana on this blog yet and that is totally unacceptable so over the next few weeks I’ll be working on rectifying that :P

  • Before the two of you start dating she like…low-key flirts with you constantly but is really surprised when you finally flirt back.
  • Diana’s not super into PDA per say, but whenever the two of you are together she’ll be holding your hand or have her arm looped through yours. 
  • On a related note, she’s a little (a lot) possessive and will menacingly loom over anyone trying to hit on you, especially if they’re creepy. If they don’t get the hint, she sort of wraps herself around you and physically moves you away.
  • If you aren’t the superheroing type, she makes sure you can defend yourself anyway and use your natural strengths to your best advantage. Ideally, of course, she’s always with you, but she knows that being part of the Justice League means she’ll be called away now and again and she wants to make sure nothing happens to you.
  • Diana gives you a bunch of presents of jewelry, weapons, whatever that are probably worth a fortune for most of the world but are just nice little trinkets on Themyscira. You have a collection of Amazonian weapons in the kitchen.
  • She loves going out to eat and trying new foods, especially desserts, but anything that they didn’t have on Themyscira is a good option. (You end up in a Waffle House at two in the morning because she came back from a mission and it was the only place open. She loved it.)