she can be a gr8 mum

what the hell. did i. just. watch.

  • amara wanted nothing but to destroy the universe for an entire season.

she hated EVERYTHING. i can safely say she hated everything more than i hate everything, and that’s saying something. and now she loves everything. she lervs life and birds and fish. she even loves trump. all it took was a 3 minute talk with dean and probably listening to a Michael Bolton record and she saw thE LIGHT.

  • amara and dean had a creepy non-con relationship for an entire season.

now amara is the patron saint who brought back mary winchester and went off to have a creepy relationship with her brother in narnia (the book narnia, not the movies one). now dean must be thankful to his stalker for bringing his mum back. yolo (but not rly).

  • castiel and god spent the entirety of 42 minutes within 10-feet of each other.

they didn’t even say “yo can ya pass me the salt m8”.

  • dean thinks cas did a gr8 job letting lucifer in.

tells cas he’s his brother. i mean obvs not the brother he would ever allow to say ‘yes’ to lucifer but that’s just semantics. at least his shirt was purple, blue and pink *wink wink*

  • apparently the sun is the only star in the universe.