she called me a pansy!

  • you, a p*nsmione fic writer: "the first time hermione worked with pansy she found her insufferable uwu"
  • me, an intellectual: pansy called her a mudblood which is a literal racial slur, if you read the metaphor correctly. thats not 'insufferable', thats oppressive. on top of which you're writing a black hermione, and in fact pansy canonically made antiblack comments for example when she said angelina's braid looked like worms, something that happens in real life every day to black women by racist white women. thats not 'insufferable' thats racist. please don't ship racists with people of color i cannot believe i have to tell you this. what the fuck the fuck
Between The Bars (3)

Pairing: Draco Malfoy x Slytherin!Reader

Warnings: none really besides fighting/arguing

A/N: I proofread this, which I normally never do, because I’m pretty good at not making mistakes. Anyways, enjoy!

Who knew how quickly things could turn so shitty? We’d only been back at Hogwarts a week and the fighting with Draco began.

Everything was good despite having to deal Professor Umbitch, as I liked to call her. Until Blaise told me how she pulled him, Draco, Pansy, and about three other Slytherins aside. She wanted them to be her moles.

I was pissed that Draco agreed and that I found out the real reason he ditched me during study hall. He was hanging with Pansy, doing whatever they do.

I didn’t trust him around her. Not because I was jealous or intimidated, but because she was in love with him. And he knew I wouldn’t want them alone together.

After running into Blaise on my way to study alone in the library, I was pretty pissed. I slammed my stuff down on the table and sighed.

“Rough day?” Hermione asked me.

I chuckled, “Yeah just got some bad news is all.”

She nodded, “Trust me, I get it.”

We both laughed as she continued past me to probably sit with Ron and Harry.

After a few minutes of me flipping through my potions book, I was getting bored. Studying was always better with someone here. I was interrupted from my thoughts as someone took a seat across from me: Harry.

I arched an eyebrow at him, “What brings you to my table, Harry? You know you’ll probably start all sorts of rumors.”

He laughed, “I know we’re not friends. Barely acquaintances, but I just wanted to ask if you understood the potions homework.”

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Hermione crossed her arms over her chest with a sigh, watching an awfully slow queue in front of her. She stole another glance at a big watch on the wall. Half an hour until her first lecture. Fuck. This was so not the morning she wished. Why so many people? Did all coffeeshops in a mile close? 

When she only had three people before her (two middle aged men and a girl in a green dress with a very sharp profile), Hermione wanted to kill. No matter who, just kill. She started to doubt that coffee was worth such torture, but she couldn’t function properly without her morning dose of caffeine. Maybe Ginny was right when she banned caffeine from her life. Maybe it wasn’t because of her obsess with health, but because of the queues.

Hermione sighed exasperatedly. The girl in the green dress standing right before Hermione was rummaging in her bag and already nudged Hermione twice, not bothering to apologize. She finally pulled out a phone with a victorious smirk on her face and another poke in Hermione’s arm. Hermione clenched her teeth tightly. She was too annoyed and this girl only added fuel to the fire.

“Problems?” the girl scoffed, examining Hermione’s tight expression. She didn’t wait for the answer and turned around, her short black hair almost touching Hermione’s face. Damn, she was gorgeous. But gorgeous is not enough to forget her rudeness.

And apparently she had the cutest lock screen Hermione had seen in months? A cute pug with a bow tie looked weird in the phone of someone so brash and totally didn’t match its “Fuck off” case. Hermione giggled quietly.

“Anything funny?” the girl snapped at her immediately. If possible,  Hermione couldn’t help but laugh at her indignant expression.

“Okay,” she rolled her eyes, “I get it. It was my friend’s idea and I’m too lazy to change it.”

“Looks cute,” Hermione smiled. She was actually quite excited now. The picture took away her irritation and she enjoyed her sudden acquaintance’s low voice. “But seriously, would you mind sending it to me?”

The girl looked at her suspiciously. “Fine,” she finally gave in and grinned. “You’re lucky I like your face, otherwise I’d think it was creepy.”

“Aren’t I glad to know,” Hermione scoffed.

“WhatsApp?” the girl asked, raising her eyebrows and ignoring Hermione’s comment.

This is creepy. But okay, I should hope you’re not a serial killer.”

“I am not, thank you very much,” she murmured as she typed in Hermione’s number and chose the picture to send. The man standing in front of her walked away and the girl quickly turned to the barista, giving Hermione a playful wink, “Not gonna stalk you, don’t worry. Unless you’d prefer I do.”

Hermione felt her cheeks burning. Was she flirting or what? When her brain turned back on, the girl already was walking away. Hermione stuttered on her order.

She tried not to think of it in the evening. She really did. She just wanted to relax from her crazy day in college and Harry and Ron’s attempt to drag her to the club. Hermione didn’t actually know how she found herself texting the number she got the pug’s picture from.

“Will you at least tell me your name? Or I’ll call you The Pug Lover.”

She got the answer almost instantly.

“Pansy Parkinson. You can call me The Queen of the World. What about you, princess?”

“That was awful. Hermione Granger, and I’m free on Friday in case if you might want to learn to flirt better.”

“My flirting is very advanced and elegant, just so you know. But I really want to hear your suggestions on improving it, maybe we can practice ;) Friday sounds perfect.”

Hermione smiled. Mysterious Pansy Parkinson was an enough reason to look forward to Friday.

“And this, kids, is the story of how I met your mother,” Pansy finished with a wink, carelessly throwing her arm around Hermione’s shoulders.

“First of all,” Draco rolled his eyes, “I would really appreciate if you stopped calling me and my boyfriend kids,” Harry nodded in agreement beside him.

“Aww, you wound me,” Pansy interrupted with a sad face.

“And secondly,” Draco continued, ignoring her, “Our story is better.”

“Lies,” Pansy snorted. “Your story is shit.”

“At least we didn’t start dating because of a pug,” Harry chimed in.

Hermione let out a quiet laugh, blushing slightly when Pansy kissed her knuckles with a big grin.

“Yeah, you started dating because of the poor lighting in cinema. That’s much better, right.”

Pansy laughed at the sight of her friends’ pouting faces and let her fingers tangle in Hermione’s hair. That pug did her a good favor.

remuslupyn  asked:

daphne greengrass x oliver wood for the hogwarts challenge bc i am t r a s h

this is for the @slytherdornet and @hprarepairnet hogwarts challenge!

  • daphne was convinced that she needed to return to hogwarts for her eighth year by her sister.
  • now that they were both disowned, they didn’t have much of a choice unless they wanted to live on the streets.
  • they had to finish their education.
  • and daphne wanted to make-up for all those years she was mean to her by being there for astoria in-person.
  • but not only did daphne want to be there to repair her relationship, she also wanted to be there to pursue her true dream.
  • she wanted to be a chaser on the slytherin quidditch team.
  • she wasn’t allowed to try out all the years prior, because her parents claimed that quidditch was not a woman’s sport.
  • now that they were gone and their influence didn’t matter, daphne wanted to prove them wrong.
  • so here she was at try-outs as an eighth year with no previous quidditch experience.
  • but to everyone’s surprise, she made the team, and she was good.
  • it was natural to her. 
  • about a month into school, daphne was walking out to the quidditch pitch when pansy caught up to her and linked their arms together.
  • “what’s up, pans?” she asked.
  • pansy was catching her breath from running down the hill, but she finally spoke.
  • “i heard some great news about your practice today,” she told her, “i had to come and see him for myself.”
  • daphne perked her left brow in confusion.
  • “what are you talking about?”
  • pansy smirked.
  • “apparently, oliver wood is taking time from his busy schedule to try and recruit graduating students for professional league teams next year. tracey told me that he has gotten hot. naturally, i’m curious.”
  • daphne rolled her eyes.
  • “please don’t distract him with that push-up bra you’re wearing. i truly want to make one of the league teams.”
  • “don’t worry, daph. i’m here to help.”
  • they reached the stands and pansy winked as she made it to the bleachers.
  • daphne approached blaise on the field and asked, “so where is he?”
  • blaise jutted his head to the left.
  • oliver wood was leaning against one of the stands with a clipboard in hand.
  • he was nothing like he used to be. hell, now he was hot.
  • he was muscular, and he had a five o’clock shadow that made him look rugged.
  • daphne gulped.
  • “please try to not be distracted today, greengrass,” blaise drawled, “i would like to potentially get an offer to play on a team next year, even if i don’t take it.”
  • daphne rolled her eyes again as she mounted her broom.
  • she would be lying to herself if she said that practice didn’t go exceptionally well. 
  • it was probably because she was purposely trying to show off, but as she landed, everyone on her team praised her, including blaise.
  • “great job today, greengrass,” he told her, “play like that this weekend when we are up against gryffindor.”
  • daphne smiled and was about to respond, but oliver walked up and interrupted her.
  • “she better not,” oliver teased, “gryffindor still needs to win.”
  • blaise rolled his eyes and walked off the field with the rest of their team, but daphne stayed put.
  • “you did very well today, ms. greengrass. i’ll have to inform my captain that you appear to have a very promising talent.”
  • “well, thank you, mr. wood,” she teased, “i will have to inform my parents that they were wrong about me then. i suppose i will be hearing from you?”
  • unexpectedly, oliver turned beet red and started sputtering.
  • “i mean-, uh, yeah, if you want me to. i uh-, wasn’t expecting that.
  • daphne furrowed her brows from confusion, but then it clicked. 
  • he thought she was hitting on him.
  • a grin spread out across her face, “i meant i would be hearing from you about joining a league next year. but i’m not opposed of hearing from you in other fashions.”
  • before he could respond, she started to walk back towards pansy and winked back at him.
  • “owl me!” she called back. 
  • once she reached pansy, she turned around to see oliver still standing there looking shocked and confused.
  • pansy linked there arms together again as they started to walk away, “what the hell did you say to him?” pansy whispered, “it looks like he saw a ghost, and i don’t mean the blood baron.”
  • daphne smirked, “oh nothing,” she said innocently, “he just saw his future.” 

ff-sunset-oasis  asked:

hi! (not sure if it's okay to send more than one, if not please ignore this) option #5. Pansmione + "She took a sip of wine and set the glass down delicately, her eyes focused on the other woman the whole time." Thank you <3

(Definitely okay! I’m having so much fun with these! I totally failed to keep this one to my loose definition of 5 lines though haha, hopefully it’s worth the cheating!)

She took a sip of wine, and set the glass down delicately, her eyes focused on the other woman the whole time.

“I think I misheard you,” she said, unable to stop herself from looking Parkinson over.

“You heard me just fine,” Parkinson said, leaning back, watching her with an intense expression. “I think we should turn this business dinner into a personal one. In the last forty minutes, we’ve talked no business at all. And don’t think I haven’t noticed the number of times your eyes have wandered. This isn’t even the first time.”

Heat flooded Hermione’s cheeks, and she cleared her throat and looked around the crowded restaurant. “Look, Parkinson—” 

“Pansy, darling,” Parkinson said, her voice low, as she leaned closer, reaching across the table and turning over the hand Hermione had rested there. She lightly trailed her fingertips over her palm. “Call me Pansy. Three months of business dinners, three months of ignoring those looks you give me. I’ve had enough. Just say yes, and I’ll Apparate us back to mine, lay you down on my bed, and have you moaning the name with ease by the time the night is through.”

Hermione’s breath caught in her throat, and her heart seemed to be pounding in her ears. Her face only felt warmer, and it was like her whole world narrowed down to the heated expression on Parkinson’s face, and the gentle caress of her fingertips.

“Yes,” she breathed.

(Send me one line, I’ll write the next 5, one of the options for my 1k milestone)

  • Me : I wish a hot guy liked me...
  • Jace: Why thankyo-
  • Peeta: Pretty sure she was talking about me
  • Tobias: She loves me not a bunch of pansies like you guys
  • Percy: Erm she loves me , and who you calling a Pansy? Im the son of Poseidon!
  • Augustus: She loves meeeeeeeeeeee
  • *Everyone Arguing*
  • Jace: Tell them you love me y/n , Oh shoot did she pass out?
Arguments - Fred Weasley Imagine


Can I have a one where (y/n) is friends with Pansy and picks on everyone but Fred takes it like a champ and fires back at her and it makes her swoon and they spend the rest of the day insult/complimenting each other?

A/n: I’m sorry if this sucked! I’ve never been in a heated argument and never have I insulted someone. Well I have once or twice but I hardly do it to anyone and I’m not very good at burning someone wth words.

~Fred’s POV~

Walking down the corridor towards the Great Hall for lunch, an awfully familiar voice catches my attention. This annoying high pitched voice belonged to the one and only Miss. Pansy Parkinson. Then as I walk forward a few more steps, I hear another voice that belongs to Pansy’s friend. (Y/n) (Y/l/n). They think they could rule the entire school with the snap of their fingers and have everyone under their command which makes me laugh at the thought of having them as headmistresses here at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. They pick on anyone and everyone they lay their eyes on, I suppose it’s just to show everyone how powerful they are when really they’re the weak ones.

Whenever I see (Y/n) and Pansy bullying someone, I lose my temper quite quickly. Who do they think they are? Hogwarts is supposed to be a place of learning where kids can learn and have fun with the magical gifts that they are given to since birth. Not a place where a kid shall feel insecure about themselves and dread coming out of their room to face a bully. In the muggle world, Harry told me there are lots of bad people out there. Bullies being one of them. I stand up for what I think is right. I turn the corner and see a first year Hufflepuff girl cowering in her spot looking down, too afraid to look up at the two Slytherins who were making fun of her. (Y/n) is the first one to look up and make contact with me.

“What are you looking at Weasel?” She spat making Pansy cackle for calling me a Weasel. I’m so sick and tired of these two picking on everyone including me. They might get away with it with the other people but it won’t be so easy to pass me.

“Obviously nothing interesting.” I say plainly walking up to the two Slytherins and stepping in front of the shaking first year Hufflepuff. (Y/n)’s smile turns into a smirk, what is she up too? “Why do you pick on everyone? Do you not get tired of acting like a bitch all the time?”

She laughs coldly at my last question. “Well, Weasley. If you must know, I don’t settle for little things like you and you’re poor family do. I’m out for bigger and better things unlike you I’m rich.” She seems to be indulging in every single word she says. I stay quiet and cross my arms over my chest as she spits hateful words at me that are supposed to effect me in some way. “You and you’re family are just blood traitors! Hanging out with Mudbloods and idiots who act just like you! My father is right. The Weasleys are a disgrace to the name of wizardry!”

“Are you done?” (Y/n)’s smirk turns into a smile at my words. I can see the excitement in her eyes, I guess she likes it when someone turns out to be just as snarky as she is. When she opens her mouth to say something, I cut her off.

“I’m tired of hearing you talk all the time. Do you not get that you’re annoying? You should stop acting like a little witch so maybe you could get friends. Pansy doesn’t count because I know you paid her just to be near you.” I smirked. I go on and on about how she should stop acting like a bitch after a while of back and forth bickering between me and (Y/n). Pansy seemed to have enough of all the yelling while (Y/n) seemed to like this kind of talking. Pansy grabbed her by the arm and dragged (Y/n) away from me.

~(Y/n)’s POV~

“Why don’t you just kiss Weasley already?” Pansy tells me as she drags me towards the Great Hall where lunch was being served.

“What do you mean?” I ask just thinking about me and Fred’s little chat. I like a boy who doesn’t take crap from anyone, someone who fights back.

“It’s obvious that you two fancy each other!” I rolled my eyes at her but I can’t help but blush at the thought of Fred fancying me.

“See! You do fancy him!”

“Maybe. Maybe not. Why does it care?”

“Because I’m tired of hearing you two shout at each other!” We enter the Great Hall and sit down at Slytherin table with the rest of the students from our house. “Do you think Fred fancies me?” She give me a look and I hit her on the arm. “It’s just a question!”

“Yes! Can’t you see that?” I look over at Gryffindor table and my cheeks turn a crimson red as I see Fred staring at me. He’s not looking at me with a snarl, he’s looking at me with a small smile on his face. I quickly look down at my plate, not feeling hungry any more. We leave the great hall and make our way towards next period unfortunately I have Fred for that class. All the students gather up in the back of the classroom awaiting the teacher’s instructions.

“Today, we will be brewing Draught of Living Death. I daresay that one drop would kill us all! Now, I will choose partners so you don’t mess around with your friends.” Professor Slughorn said. “Mr. Malfoy with Miss. Parkinson, Mr. Weasley with Miss. (Y/l/n)-” The rest of Slughorn’s words don’t enter my ears as I look at Fred with dislike and possibly with a hint of admiration. We take our seat and begin to work on our potion. I was about to add powdered root of asphodel but Fred grabbed my hand making me feel a bit flustered.

“You should read the instructions first, beautiful.” Fred says making a shiver run down my spine. He shows me the book and it says that I should add infusion of Wormwood first. I grab the bottle filled with infusion of Wormwood and tip it over the cauldron, my hand shaking excessively making me realize just how nervous Fred was making me. He grabs my hand and helps me pour the liquid into the boiling cauldron.

“I got it, Weasley.” I say trying to show him that I can handle this myself.

“Are you sure?” He taunted

“I’m sure… Asshat” I whisper the last word.

“What was that?” He asked

“Nothing” I smile innocently at him. I soon find out that he doesn’t understand the words ‘I got it’. He starts to get mad whenever I tell him to back off. Obviously I got this whole potion under control! I have top grades in potions! As I get ahold of the sloth brain, Fred grabs it to. We both tug on it.

“Let go of it, Fred”

“Why don’t you let go?”

“Because I want to do it!”

“What if I want to do it!” We both tug on the brain roughly making it break in half. We both look at the brain for a moment in silence then I start yelling at Fred. He gets angry and starts yelling at me. “My fault! This is all your fault!” Slughorn looks absolutely lost and doesn’t know what to do to solve this problem of two screaming teenagers. I grab my bag and stormed out of the room hiding out at the large oak tree near Black Lake. Sunset has passed and there is still some bright color in the sky. I press my back against the cool bark of the tree and close my eyes. I feel great excitement whenever I argue with Fred but I do feel a little ashamed at myself for even being mean to him.

“Hey” I hear a voice say softly, I look to the side to see Fred peaking from behind the tree. He sits next to me and looks at the glimmering lake.

“That sloth is not going to forgive you for what you did.” I laugh.

“I think I should be the one saying that.” He chuckled. There’s a moment’s pause before I say anything. “I’m sorry”

“For?” He asks making me scoff in disbelief.

“You should be grateful I’m even apologizing for anything, Weasley.”

“True, I’m sorry too”

“For?” I mimic him making us both laugh.

“Friends?” He asks me. I hum in uncertainty before standing up.

“Friends? I don’t know, Weasley. But I’ll see you tomorrow” I say giving him a wink making him smirk. This is definitely not the end.



Dramione AU: In their seventh year, a verdict goes out that the Head Prefects are to be elected, instead of chosen. The standard campaign rules apply. 

“You’re looking pretty sharp, Granger,” Draco Malfoy drawls, standing lankily beside her as she stares at her campaign materials. There is an almost derisive tilt to his voice, but when has there been never? When was he never the heretic in his revolution against her peace of mind? If this is paranoia, she accepts it as such. She can’t handle anything else, on top of all that’s on her plate. 

“Sod off, Malfoy,” she mutters. To be honest, she’s quite nervous. And while being Head Girl is the end point of all her thought processes, it’s not what is bothering her most. It’s this pretty boy, with his charming campaign, and his sure gait. She has to share a bloody common room with him, for Merlin’s sake. Good lord. 

“Oh, sweetheart, is that the proper way to start our working relationship?” There is a smirk in his voice, if that’s even possible. Git. “I’d see you later, love.” And then he is gone.