she brushes and flosses

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hi! do you think you could maybe possible perhaps write a soulmate!au? pretty pretty please?? (if you do - thanks, and if you don't - thanks for all of your other fics)

i heard you were looking like the moon

a/n: i decided to go with the ‘you don’t see colour until your soulmate touches you’ au. thank you so much for this anon, and i hope you enjoy it

She’s seven when she decides that the colour she’s most excited to see is purple. She’s watching a documentary with Petunia, sprawled on the carpet in their mediocre, three-bedroom house, watching the TV, enthralled. There are a pair of pretty people, holding hands, gravitational, lovely, and utterly in love. They are describing colour with a glistening film swept across their eyes, tainted by disdain, this supercilious disposition that colour is some kind of buried treasure, open only to those who are a part of some exclusive club where partners and couples clutch at each others’ hands like an anchor dropped in a bed of sand. The delight of love in someone else. It makes her heart race. But it is not this that upsets her. It is Ethel, the near 70-year-old lady on the screen, who lost her husband. She had spent 50 years with colour. And then it was lost.

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personal hygiene headcanon

a/n: ya girl is back and ready to roll! happy easter xooxxoxoxo


  • brushes her teeth in the shower
  • always freaks out the day before the dentist bc she knows that she doesn’t floss enough
  • showers before school and again after she goes to the gym/practice
  • uses her phone on the toilet
  • shaves like, once a month
    • unless… u know… she’s going out with… alex ;;;;))))
  • takes her makeup off with a hand towel
    • leaves mascara stains on it
      • peggy freaks whenever she goes to wash her hands and see the black marks
  • sings extra loud in the shower


  • takes huge ass dumps
  • farts in elevators
  • won’t let anyone know, but he flosses every day
  • can clean up hella nice
    • shave, shower, de-o for the b-o
  • showers in the morning because he is the first one up
  • and sometimes more than once because he’ll shower after the gym
  • hasn’t changed his sheets in a year
    • “wait, you’re supposed to do that?”
  • keeps his nails cut short
  • keeps his beard trimmed but noticeable


  • sniffs his boxers from off the ground
  • puts them on even if they smell
  • doesn’t wash his jeans for a month
  • still looks stupid preppy
  • puts on extra deodorant if he doesn’t want to shower
  • brushes his teeth after he eats breakfast
    • because he doesn’t want the mint to ruin the flavor
      • usually forgets to brush them after breakfast because he’s always running late to school
  • takes super long showers when he does
    • alex is usually banging on the door to tell him to hurry up
    • he doesn’t
      • “you used all the hot water!!”


  • probably the most put together at of all of them
  • showers every night
  • great flosser
  • always feels super proud of herself when she goes to the dentist and they tell her how nice her teeth are
  • daily shaver
    • even though she wears pants most days
  • wears minimal makeup but when she wears mascara, she uses wear makeup eraser sleeves
  • always well rested???
    • she’ll sleep 8 hours and is the first one up
    • she’ll sleep 4 hours and she’ll be just as okay
  • cleans her sheets once a week
  • specific face routine
    • wash, rinse, exfoliate, cool, moisturize


  • showers at night because he barely pulls himself out of bed
  • because he’s up all night writing!?!
  • raps to himself in the shower
  • quick shower because there is no hot water!!
  • always smells good though
    • uses like, really good aftershave or something but damn.. everyone wants to sit next to him
  • still, he usually pulls on the closest clothing to him
  • smells his shirts, but clean boxers
  • makes sure to clean up for when he’s going out.. with eliza


  • such a hygiene freak (so good. the word should all be.)
  • showers every day
  • brushes his teeth in the school bathroom after lunch
  • girls notice tho
    • not the teeth brushing, but how clean and trimmed and good he is
      • love a-a-ron
  • hums in the shower
  • never had a cavity
  • HATES gym because he hates getting sweaty
  • takes baths when he has a really hard day to unwind


  • honestly as long as he’s not noticeably smelly he’s okay with it
  • doesn’t brush his hair and has a billion cowlicks (is that even what they’re called)
  • brushes his teeth at night
    • the coffee he drinks masks his morning breath
  • goes hard in gym to try and one up alex
    • regrets getting sweaty


  • always smells goo
  • picks at her nail polish the second one nail chips
  • carries mints at all times for when she sees john in the hallways
    • ;;))) bc they do the kiss kiss
  • can’t brush her hair bc of the curls
  • lets it run wild
  • actually terrified of the dentist
  • has a panic attack before because she doesn’t want to get a cavity
    • even tho she brushes her teeth twice a day and flosses (sometimes)
  • usually takes a shower but is absolutely obsessed with bath bombs
    • she’ll take a bath and then wash her hair in the shower

Popsicle by SBK

The protests could be heard throughout the office. Rick was beyond embarrassed and had no idea Judith would react this way with her first dental visit.  He makes a mental note to strangle Carl when he gets home for planting these stories in his little sister’s head.  An attractive woman waltzes into the room and smiles at him as she zeroes in on Judith.

“Hey there.  What’s your name and why are you so upset?”  She asks.

“I’m Judith and my big brother said the dentist is going to take all of my teeth out and throw them away so I can’t get any money from the tooth fairy,” Judith relays and then firmly presses her lips together.

The woman drops her head to hide the obvious humor she is experiencing then looks back to the little girl.  “Well, you tell your big brother he is all wrong.  I’m not going to take all of your teeth out and throw them away.  You’re just here to get them all nice and clean and to make sure they’re all ok.”

“You’re the dentist?” Judith sits up in the patient’s chair and gets a really good look at the woman standing next to her.

“I am,” the woman relays.

“Carl said you’d be old and fat and wrinkly with bad breath and…

“Judith….” Her dad interjects.  “That’s enough.”

‘But….” She notes her dad’s expression and turns back to the dentist.  “Well, you’re pretty and not old and not fat and….”


The dentist smiles at the dad then looks to Judith and says, “Thank you.  How about you let Ms. Denise here clean your teeth and if it’s ok with your dad, we’ll have a Popsicle afterwards.”

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*picture of Taylor brushing her teeth* caption: She flosses too


*picture of Taylor knocked tf out in bed* caption: She sleeps too