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Hey, I'm really interested in the demon Hamilton thing you did! Do you think you could explain some more?

OH you mean these ones?:

(original post) (there are 2 more imgs there)

It’s a friend’s AU :0, She’s not here on tumblr so i can’t really ask her to make a post about it;; She gave me a basic explanation of it tho!:

It’s set in a fantasy world, that’s set up to seem like a colonial and medieval mixture time period-wise. There are these creatures called “judges” that take it upon themselves to judge humanity, and will kill people that have committed atrocities of varying degrees. They cannot eat anything besides meat, and they are fully capable of eating humans.

Obviously, people are afraid of them, as they appear to be monstrous and demonic, and some can go overboard on their judgements.

So some cities will offer sacrifices to ones that live nearby, and some judges accept this and take the sacrifices. Others are more like vigilantes, and refuse these offerings.

There are also two other groups of people besides humans and Judges, Wizards and Witches. Wizards study magic, with the purposes of healing the sick, helping in their communities, and giving knowledge and wisdom to others. Witches are wizards gone wrong… Whenever they use magic to purposefully hurt or even kill someone. While a wizard can become a witch, a witch can never revert back to being a wizard

Well, there is one judge in a certain town that the people sacrifice to. They will bring in young, virgin women or young lambs to sacrifice to him. One day, Eliza is brought in to be the next sacrifice, and is taken to where the judge lives, and is left there.

When the judge comes out from his “home” and goes towards her, the first thing she does is throw her arms around him, and start sobbing. The judge hadn’t been embraced in centuries, and instead of attacking her, he stops, and hugs her back. He then lets her stay in his house for a while, confused as to why he would even let her live like that.

After a long time passes, Eliza becomes lonely, and wants to see her family again, and the judge lets her go. A few days later, she returns, wanting to stay with him. He lets her stay too.

Eventually, time passes, and they end up falling in love. They have a private wedding all by themselves, and then Philip is born even later, followed by Angie, and then John Church.

The two of them were completely enamored with each other, and neither one dreamed of betraying the other.

It was a time of bliss.


In short: Hamilton is a demon like creature (judges), which people need to appease by bringing a pure human sacrifice (Eliza) which they eat. The more humans they eat the more distorted they look. They are sort of like judges in this universe where in they condemned wrong doers and devour them.

Eliza is a maiden that was unfortunately picked as a sacrifice. She didn’t hesitate when she was taken to Ham’s chamber/cave. But something different happened and Ham didn’t end up devouring her.

Other Characters like Jefferson, Madison, and Lafayette are witches and wizards.

I hope this satisfies you!

Reign 2x19 – Lola and Narcisse Analysis

Before I begin I’d just like to take a moment to squeal a bit…

Ok done… :)

Back again with a more in depth review on Lola and Narcisse. Originally this was going to be a part of my initial thoughts recaps but it just got so long that it warranted its own post.

It’s been weeks since the last enticing Lorcisse scene so I know that by now Lorcisse fans are hungry for any table scraps that the writers dish out. But even though it was a mere 2 minute scene I find this is a prime example of a scene that shows us A LOT about their relationship using very little.

Their exchange wasn’t leaps and bounds ahead of actually propelling them to the status of official couple (yet) but it did show a lot of in depth character development between the two in terms of their own feelings with one another from where they first started.

The Scene:

Narcisse catches Lola leaving Greer’s brothel establishment and instantly in true Narcisse fashion, he starts with his usual playful tease at her.

“What reason would a court lady have visiting a known whorehouse? The mind vibrates with the possibilities.”

And as if on cue, Lola gives her eye roll at him, always with her matter of fact statement.

“I don’t have to explain my comings and goings to you. But if you must know I was delivering some cloth to a friend.”

And right here, this has become their usual repertoire with each other. They’ve established a comfort level of being snippy with each other but never in a way that offends or mislead.

Then the exchange turns serious and Narcisse expresses his concern over Lola being potentially seen near a brothel putting her reputation on the line.

“They also need to be careful. Even making friendly deliveries. Tongues less discrete then my own will wag. Even for the mother of the king’s only child.”

And this seemed like a genuine honest statement from Narcisse. No ruse, no political scheming, nothing that he can use to gain from. It was just pure selfless concern for another. Seeing Narcisse with this attitude is usually an eye opening 180 degree flip from his cold calculating side.

Lola continues with her blunt matter of fact statements. This time pointing at herself.

“You mean especially for a woman known as the Kings “mistress”?”

And after hearing Lola sarcastically labeling herself as the infamous mistress of the king. Narcisse just dives right in listing everything about her that makes her above all that.

“Word of your loyalty to Mary has spread. You have risen above any negative speculation there was about you. Your son is esteemed. Do not let anything diminish this position that you have earned.”

And we see Lola being taken aback by his comments. Because again Narcisse does a complete 180 from his usual self and gives encouraging words to her. Words that prop her up on her good qualities without any tone of sarcasm, making Lola spill out:

“Why do you care?”

It’s an honest question. Because she still doesn’t know what he’s all about when he’s with her. She’s still a bit of a skeptic on whether his words are really genuine. Perhaps she wanted him to say it a loud and confirm her thoughts.

Narcisse simply says, “I don’t know.” And I notice there may be a sad look in his eyes.

Again, it’s a surprising turn. Because he really doesn’t know why he should care. Hes never really formed any attachment to a person without any strings attached. His previous marriages were all arranged. His stint with Claude was purely political as he puts it. His affair with Catherine was all talk of politics and maneuvering whenever they were together. Lola by all extension has nothing to offer him. Lola even points Narcisse’s trait out to Kenna in 2x13. He could’ve made up a snippy remark or have an explanation up his sleeve to her. But he just gave a blunt honest answer. He doesn’t know.

He continues “But I do. And reaches out to stroke her cheek. This time Lola doesn’t flinch away, she stands completely still and LETS him reach out to her. 

And I know that this may not look like much but I find this is massive development from where they were in the beginning of the season in 2x08. 

Catisse vs Lorcisse

I will say Catisse pairing is intriguing, but we all know by now that the better match is Lola and Narcisse. They each bring something different to the table when they’re together. Their scenes are more sincere. They put their emotions out in the open with each other more than any other character they’re around (or Narcisse does at least).

There are a lot of differences in the way both pairings are portrayed. But it starts out the same because Narcisse uses the same tactic on women. He starts out by politely suggesting things or helping both women. Lola’s dowery and Catherine’s poisoning situation, trying to be their knight in shining amour. Then he gently makes sexual suggestions to entice them, like the bath tub scene with Lola and the whispers in the ear to Catherine. Then he goes in and kisses them when he thinks they’re enticed enough by his sexual prowess.



The only difference is Lola does not take the bait.

And I’m not saying that Catherine is gullible because she’s certainly not. She put up with many of Narcisse’s tactics up until Francis collapsed and became ill. And even after Francis became well again, she still casted some suspicion on him. But I think having someone that was on the same wave length as her in political scheming and getting to have some fun sexual escapades at the same time was the reason she kept Narcisse around. He was her favorite boy toy and Narcisses used that to his advantage. 

The one line that told me that Catisse was not going to make it:
Naricsse: “Is this how it’s going to be from now on? Both of us constantly wondering what the other is up to?”

And that by definition is how the pairing is defined. Distrust. They both have brilliant minds when scheming together but that’s all it will ever amount to. They don’t bring out the best in each other. In fact they influence the worst aspects of their personalities. Manipulation, lying, distrust, duplicity… Perhaps it’s because Narcisse and Catherine are just too ALIKE for their own good, that they don’t challenge or questions their acts.

They Complement Each Other

Besides giving him that huge slap across the face we’ve also seen Lola out maneuver him with the bath tub scene. She doesn’t give in too easily. And he doesn’t get angry, in fact it intrigues him even more. She’s not one that would run away from him either. She stands her ground. Calls him out on his shit time and time again. But she does it in a way that doesn’t lay blame on anyone, she simply states the facts that makes Narcisse rethink twice. And little by little I find Narcisse grows to respect her as an equal and not someone he would manipulate.

Even when we the audience were skeptics early on in the season on Narcisse’s intentions, Narcisse stated in 2x07 he wants to have trust between two people. He wanted to seek something beyond games. Lola’s honesty combine with her fierce headstrong nature seems to be the perfect combination for him. 

And what Catisse lacks is the subtle care and consideration for EACH OTHER. Whenever they’re together the relationship seems to benefit themselves. There is never talk about each others personal wellbeing. 

Lola instantly recognizes what was missing from Narcisse. The moment she had her first talk with him. “You’ve never been in love.” And maybe that was what propelled him to seek her out in the first place. 

I do recall from my earlier post on 2x08 that the early version of Narcisse is not the type of man I want Lola to be around. But I think Narcisse has evolved (in his own way) from his beginnings of being a prat riding up her skirt…

….To one that actually gives two shits about another person even when it doesn’t benefit him at all.

This is a major development because instead of actively trying to seduce her all the time, little by little Narcisse backs off, giving her space and seems to only be concern about her welfare.

And in turn Lola can be free when around him. He doesn’t look at her with eyebrows raised and make her feel like an alien with four legs, when she makes her blunt statements. Looking at the track record of men she’s interacted with, Conde, Julian, the Banker, they all initially just balk at her forward thinking. 

But Narcisse basically just acts like it’s the most normal thing in the world. Notice that he never makes a mention of how unlady like it is or how she’s so forward. He even gets why she wanted her dowery back and doesn’t feel threaten by that, in fact he commends her. She finally found one person who seems to REALLY understand the situation she is in and understanding why it was so important to Lola to use that money to gain some independence in case things go awry. Not to mention he gives a bit of excitement for her, instead of tiptoeing around Mary and Francis all the time.

That’s is why I’m so in love with the Lorcisse pairing. Watching their fights, watching their funny and heartwarming moments, watching their relationship evolve and develop. Its complex, sometimes a struggle, sometimes infuriating, but whatever happens:

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