she brings it out in him

this one will bring it back whole

member: jongin (exo)

genre: fluff

words: 338

Jongin locked the apartment door behind him, stepping out of his sneakers and into his house slippers. He called her name once, twice, three times as he walked through the kitchen and living room. He made it to the bedroom door before he heard any sign of her presence – quiet sniffles gave him pause. His hand lingered around the door knob, but only for a moment.

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Is there a reason Max wants to leave so much ??? He has ever seen the out side world??(posters or photos?)

well in his time at the Day care there was a nurse that would tell him about the outside world and her experiences outside. she would often times would bring him gifts from the places she vists. but once her manager found out about this he had to let her go (because the nurses are forbidden to tell them anything about the outside world) so after she left max as been trying his best to get out 

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43: "Squeeze my hand if you can hear me." Roxlin please?

“It’s alright Merlin it’s going to be alright,I found them, I found Galahad and Lancelot. I’m bringing them back to the Jet now.”

Harry’s  voice cut as quickly as it had rang out.Pulling him out of the dark spiral he had been going down.  He shook himself free of the mental swamp and began to lay out the med kit.

Roxy had been missing since yesterday, Eggsy since this morning.When she hadn’t returned after her surveillance mission Eggsy had gone to look for her.

Both of their feeds had tracked to the same location before mysteriously cutting out. After Eggsy’s feed had suddenly cut,Merlin and Harry were wheels up to Barcelona within the hour.

It had been a car sized sinkhole swallowing Roxy up and causing a natural electromagnetic field which had resulted in the spotty and disappearing feeds. By the time Eggsy and Harry had returned to the jet carrying a barely stable Lancelot, Merlin’s emotions were nearly impossible to keep at bay.Harry got them in the air and Eggsy assisted with Roxy’s wounds.

Later that evening as he sat by her hospital  bed, he ran his fingers over Roxy’s small hand that was grasped protectively in his.

“I know you need your rest lass,” He whispered as he brought the hand to his lips.

”I know you would rather it were Eggsy here ,I’m sorry , I’m rather afraid I’m a bit too concerned about your well being to leave.”  he lets out a sigh knowing that now is not the right time to be alerting Roxy to depths of his affections, but he just can’t help himself. She looks so small and broken right now and all he wants is to make it better to have her telling him off about treating her like a damsel in distress. What he wouldn’t give to hear that voice right now.” But please,” he continued,”if you could humor an old man and his boyish fantasies,Roxanne, please just, just squeeze my hand if you can hear me..”

He rested his head on the mattress by her hand finally letting the tears spill out.He felt the most miniscule flicker of movement against his palm and looked up to see two very tired brown eyes staring back at him.

“Of course I can hear you Merlin, it’s easy when your voice is the only one I was listening for.”

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Mystic Messenger Scenario: The RFA characters (V and unknown) where about to get hit with a car but MC pushes them out of the way, she didn't die but did get a broken leg

Jumin: No amount of money spent on your or any famous doctor being brought in to see you could ever make up for the fact that you were injured in Jumin’s stead. The only time he doesn’t feel guilt eating away at him is when you reassure him that you’ll be perfectly fine once healed.

Jaehee: This time nothing is stopping her from taking time off work to see you (though she does still bring a laptop around). Jaehee feels so guilty that you were hit instead, so she often scolds you into never doing something so reckless ever again.

Zen: The theatrics come out when Zen exclaims that things could have gone exponentially worse for you. He can heal quickly, but you on the other hand… Frightening images of losing you forever go through his mind for the entirety of your healing process.

707: It’s nearly impossible to get Seven to leave your side while you’re at the hospital. Even when he finally does leave, he’s still watching you from the cameras that have been places about. Despite always seeing you, guilt keeps him from actually saying much.

Yoosung: Every day it seems like Yoosung is on the verge of tears. He can’t help but think to himself that it should have been him to get hit and he often confesses this to you through his hiccuping sobs. It takes a while for him to not be scared whenever you’re standing near the road.

V: Blaming himself so much for your injury, V comes to you with apologies on his lips every single day until the day you’re fully healed. Even afterward you find him staring at your leg where scars have become silver, but the memory is still fresh in his mind.

Saeran: For a while, you don’t see Saeran around the hospital you’re staying at. You have the sneaking suspicion that he’s looking for whoever had run you over, but you don’t ask when he finally returns one night. The guilt is written all over his face even though he won’t say it out loud.

GOSH what a weekend

     darcy is doing really well. i gave him a bath today, and he’s doing much better, and he’s flea-free. and he really loves me, which is !! the best !! i’m gonna miss him so much when i bring him to my parents, but i’ll still get to see him, which will be great c: i love him a lot. i’m so, so happy we’ve got him and he’s safe and sound.

     lizzy loves him, too – she keeps sniffing his door, and coming to get me if he’s crying out. and she loves me a lot, too; she keeps crawling into my lap, snuggling up to me. she’s so perfect. i love her so much, she’s so great, i’m so so lucky to have her c:

‘Spellbound’ Chapter 1: Enchanted to Meet You

Sherlock’s a werewolf detective who falls for the enchanting Molly Hooper, a beautiful young witch. She is a pathologist who momentarily brings corpses back to life to find out their cause of death. ♡

               Sherlock had to be careful. There was a full moon tonight and he had to solve this case before the change began. Mike Stamford was leading him and John to the morgue to meet with the new pathologist, Doctor Molly Hooper.

               “She’s a genius!” Mike exclaimed. “I’ve never seen anyone solve causes of death like she can.”

               “Hmf,” Sherlock grunted, insulted that Stamford found this pathologist to be more competent than him. So what if he was jealous? He’d never admit that out loud, though John suspected he was.

               “Hello Molly, this is—“ Mike was interrupted by the baritone voice of the man beside him.

               “Sherlock Holmes, consulting detective,” he spoke with pride.

               “Oh, I’ve heard of you,” she smiled brightly, her deep brown eyes sparkling.

               “Uh, yes, well…” he trailed off, gulping heavily. “I need to see the body, so make it quick.” His tone was clipped. Molly narrowed her eyes at him. He’s lucky I don’t sew his mouth shut.

               “As you wish,” she complied, her tone dripping with a thick sweetness that could have caused cavities. Sherlock felt his teeth ache momentarily and Molly watched with amusement as he furrowed his brows. The pain went away as fast as it came but she was sure that would teach him a lesson.

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Doctors, students, and an angry patient.

This happened several years ago, but it still makes me smile.

Many hospitals here in the US have students that follow the doctors like puppies, taking notes, ignoring the well-being of the patients, and intruding on privacy.  It’s humiliating to us patients. 

I had an appointment for a pap smear and was already in my hospital gown just waiting on the doctor.  When I had arrived I was informed that my regular doctor wasn’t there due to being ill, and I was asked if I’d be okay with a male doctor to do the examination.  I had just ridden the bus for half an hour to get there (no car at the time), and the next bus that would take me home wasn’t due to arrive for at least an hour.  I told the receptionist that so long as a female nurse was in there with me I would be okay, if only just barely.

So I’m sitting on the examination table (they don’t qualify for being called a bed, trust me on this) in my hospital gown, waiting for the doctor.  The nurse is in there with me, frequently checking her watch, and when I voice how annoyed I am she says she was expecting this because he’s an a**hole.  Great.  Wonderful.  My day is just going grand now.

He arrives, opens the door WIDE, and brings in at least half a dozen medical students.  Didn’t ask me for permission regarding having an audience.  The nurse has this horrified look on her face and asks me if I’m okay with having them in there.  F*** no.  I tell the doctor in no uncertain terms that there will be no examination if the students are in there.  Instead of talking to me he looks at the students and tell them “sometimes we have difficult and uncooperative patients”.  All of them look equally uncomfortable now, none of them dare make eye-contact.

I’m near tears.  I have PTSD and this situation is bringing on a panic attack.  I can feel the nurse holding my hand, trying to be reassuring, but it isn’t working because I’m shaking all over.

When I’m especially anxious I curl my toes hard and tight.  This causes all ten of them to pop.  Guess what I do.  Yup, they pop, and due to my high level of anxiety it’s especially loud.  Sounds like a bunch of dry sticks breaking.  The doctor turns an odd shade green, pushes all the students out of the way as he bolts out the door.  All the students leave, but one woman stays behind just long enough to give me nod of respect and a thumbs up.

After they leave the nurse informs me that the sound of popping joints makes that particular doctor vomit.  A lot.  She leaves the room for a minute and returns with a warm a blanket, a clipboard with some paperwork, and a pen.  It’s for filing a formal complaint.  I’m unable to hold the pen because I’m shaking so badly, so she helps me fill it out. 

There was no way I could get an examination now.  I’m in no condition for handling this.  They reschedule with a note stating that it must be my regular doctor, and to call me if there are any changes.  I arrive two weeks later, the nurse is there and she has this shit-eating grin on her face as she brings me to my room.  My regular doctor arrives and has that same smile.  Both inform me that my complaint got that ***hole suspended pending investigation.  I was complaint number nine from just that one day.  Neither one could tell me how many complaints had been filed against him, but they made it clear he will likely be fired.

Oh, and there were no students in the room because my doctor ASKED me before opening the door wide enough to even walk in. 

I never found out if he got fired or not, but I sure hope he did.

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A quick thing on Team Voltron’s rooms (with the exception of Hunk–unfortunately, we only see his in the first episode, so we’re not sure how he’s made himself comfortable):

Allura and Coran both have neat, tidy rooms. Coran’s clearly has a much more personal touch though, what with the photo, his space teddy bear, slippers, and so on. Allura’s isn’t by any means bare, though–it’s a princess’ room, after all. She has her vanity, and later we see the mice playing in a jewelry box. There’s the lovely canopy and unique bedsheets. Allura’s style is very much minimalistic, but it still looks like she’s comfortable there. 

Lance and Pidge’s rooms are more cluttered. To be fair though, Lance’s “clutter” is really just some wires and consoles you could pretty easily pack away. I’d venture to say that he doesn’t really see his room as a second home the way Pidge does though. Yes, she’s a bit of a hoarder–but her room is cute and fun. She has lights strung up while Lance plays video games in the dark. She keeps drawings and pictures posted like this is some kind of college dorm. She brings back “souveneirs” from her missions and starts to build up her own little collection. Yes, Pidge probably had good reason to let Lance keep their game in his room because he actually had the room, but I’d also argue that Pidge let him keep it so he’d have something to do. There’s nothing else he really enjoys that we can see there in that room. It’s nice to think Pidge kinda looks out for him like he did for her back at the garrison. 

And then there’s Keith and Shiro (Kuron)–completely bare rooms. Absolutely nothing, they don’t even look lived in. Neither of them are willing to put down roots, and it really shows. And if Keith was living in his desert shack ever since the garrison, this is the first time he’s even had a proper bed in a year. And of course, the same is true for Shiro–he didn’t even have a room, let alone a home. Shiro, who knew nothing but fighting and survival and torture. Who, upon being given that nice bed after so long–hardly slept and was already decked out in full paladin armor and doing pushups before dawn. And we see Keith has trouble sleeping as well, awakens from fitful nightmares and sinks much of his own time into painstaking isolation and introspection. The intimate bond they share is more of a home than the castle will ever be. 

What I love about Jon Snow and his relationship with Daenerys is how much he’s grown. He’s not a boy anymore.

It baffles me how people want Jon to have no life outside of the North when he already doesn’t. He’s only 22 and has dedicated his entire life to them. Twenty-two. That’s his mid-teens to early adulthood where he’s fought Walkers, his own people, was butchered, resurrected and STILL hasn’t given up on the North.

For once, he’s taking charge of his own life and it’s starting with a woman. He’s not listening to what anyone says. The entire North despises her and he’s about to bring her back as his lover. At the age of 17, he told Uncle Benjen he didn’t care about fathering children. He swore he’d never touch a woman. He swore to never have sex not only because of the oath, but because he feared of fathering a child out of wedlock. He lost his virginity to Ygritte out of love, but never had the chance to blossom into those feelings because she forced herself on him. Ygritte even said that he was “shaking like a leaf” while having sex. She didn’t make sure he was ready before stripping him of what he held dear to him. And even after Ygritte, he discussed with Sam about the uncertainty on his feelings of breaking his vows.

With Dany, he’s able to breathe a bit.

He’s not kidnapped. He’s at his own will. He’s not under an oath. He’s a King that’s free to do what he wants. He’s attracted to her, but like Jon’s usual nature, he keeps an eye on his mission. But while there he encounters his equal. A woman thats willing to give her all and then some to save her people. A woman who flew in on a fucking dragon to save him and the others. After this he opens up to her and the conversation isn’t about cutting off his cock, how many men she’s murdered and/or having to watch her mercilessly kill innocent people. Dany expresses how she’s willing to help him and the North.

That’s when he falls for her.

A man who starts off timid and is afraid to be around women who interests him is going for one. Jon knocks on her door. Jon makes the first move. Jon takes her to bed, flips her over and takes over in that bedroom because he’s ready. He doubts Dany’s barrenness but still chooses to lie with her because he’s ready. Based on the talk he had in the Dragonpit, doesn’t mind having a child with her because he’s wants her. Like Ygritte said, ”He shouldn’t have to live his life worrying about what others think. Wake up when he wants to wake up, build himself a cabin and find him a woman to lie with in the night”.

If he destroys the Night King, it’s time for Jon to marry, have children and do what’s best for Jon.

Losers Club getting high headcanons: 

(There’s some polyam stuff going on here)
(Tag list: @larrie-or-die@saltofcrows

- They’re out of highschool by the time they all get the chance to actually do this together. Richie and Bev have gotten a little stoned together before, and Richie definitely does it by himself, Bill’s done it with Richie a couple times too, but as far as everyone else goes, it’s just never happened before.

- Bev bought the weed, but since everyone helped pay, there’s a lot. 

- They go to Bill’s apartment. (He worked super hard for it. It’s not very big, but it’s cozy and it’s his and he’s proud.)

- Richie brought his big ass, rainbow, glass pipe and shows everyone how to use it. 

- Eddie’s hands shake really hard when he inhales. 

- Bev shotguns Ben. She also blows smoke rings and teaches Eddie how to do it. 

-Richie thinks that Eddie blowing smoke rings is the hottest thing he’s ever seen.

- Mike is REALLY good at maintaining, and off the bat he’s just so relaxed and serine, just nice, warm, and fuzzy. He can still hold a conversation without any hindrances.

- Ben is definitely that guy who’s like ‘I don’t feel anything,’ so smokes way too much, and when it does kick in, he’s SHOOK.

- With Bill’s permission, he builds a HUGE blanket fort, and everyone piles in. He’s like ‘Beverly, I made this for you, my queen,’ and she almost cries.

-Bev just wants to fucking watch cartoons. She talks to Eddie about superheroes. 

- Ben, Bev, and Mike start talking about conspiracy theories, the meaning of life, cryptids, and, like, every weird thing Ben and Mike have ever read about, and Ben’s SO into it.

- Stan hates the feeling at first. It’s uncomfortable, he’s paranoid, and frustrated.

- Mike helps to relax him, keeping him level and reassuring him that everything’s okay

- Eventually Stan settles and just starts giggling uncontrollably. It’s almost out of nowhere. 

- Bill is SO hungry. He grabs almost everything out of his kitchen and brings it into the fort like a dragon with a food hoard. 

- Richie rests his head in Eddie’s lap and Eddie plays with his hair. Richie is in heaven. 

- Eddie’s gushing over Bill, like ‘you’re so awesome, Bill, you’re so gorgeous, I need you to know how much you mean to me, look at me- seriously, I adore you, Big Bill’

- And Bill, still eating, is like ‘Eddie, I don’t know what I would do without you, you’re so smart, you’re my best friend, I want to carry you around like you’re a baby koala bear literally every moment of the rest of our lives.’ 

- And Richie’s like ‘Get a room. but invite me into it because you’re both so cute i can’t stand it.’ 

- Bill and Eddie both start coddling Richie and lavishing him with praise, and Richie’s just lying there, eating Bill’s chips in silence for once, beaming super wide, like fuck yea 

- Stan turns on music and starts singing. He serenades Beverly, (Rio, Duran Duran) then Eddie, (Come on Eileen, Dexys Midnight Runners) and then gets about half-way through Pour Some Sugar On Me (Def Leppard) before Mike’s like “Hey, Stan, put your shirt back on’ because it didn’t look like he had planned to stop stripping.

- Eddie’s so enamored by Stan’s singing, like, everything is 100x more fascinating to him when he’s high, but he has a LOT of trouble focusing on more than one thing at once and is like “yeah…what?” every five seconds.

- Bill and Richie are Kings of the Munchies. “Bill… You know what would be amazing with this ice cream?”
“Oyster crackers.” 
“I’ll drive.” 
Everyone else: “NO”

- Richie’s mostly quiet and in his own little world, but when he does say something, it’s completely off the wall, and he acts like it’s of the utmost importance that everyone pay attention. 
“…… guys, gUYS, You know what I think? We’re all caterpillars. We’re still like. Baby caterpillars you know? BEN. You’re a caterpillar.”
Stan laughs so hard he almost pisses himself, and just screams something to the effect of “METAMORPHOSIS, MOTHERFUCKER.”
and Richie’s like “… pretty much.”

- Richie and Bill fight over the last snack-cake. Eddie takes it, splits it in half, and then hands a piece to each of them. Bill’s like “EDDIE, YOU’RE A GENIUS,”
Richie’s like “Eddie, you’re the love of my life,”
And Eddie’s like “Thanks, can I have a bite?” and they both, like shove each half into his mouth. 

- Richie drags Eddie into the kitchen to get more food, but after ten minutes, Bill’s decides that he has to go check on them. When he doesn’t come back, Stan gets really fidgety and runs in after them. 

- Stan does not come back. 

- Bev: “Should we see if they’re okay?”
Mike: “I got it.” He gets up and peeks into the kitchen for half a second before returning to his position in the floor, completely silent, but not at all shocked or disturbed. 
Ben: “Um…?”
Mike: “They’re making out.” 
Bev: “Who?”
Mike: “Yes.” 

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could you maybe do homeless Richie??

oh boi i cri,

  • richie ‘got kicked out’ of his house at 14, he had been living in an abandoned shed on the edge of town - somewhere out of sight, he hadn’t the risk of anyone finding out
  • when he hung out with the losers, he always made sure to travel most of the way toward his parents house before turning in the other direction and heading back the way they came
  • he never told them that he got kicked out, because he didn’t want to worry them.
  • all he had with him was hid bike, his cassette player, several articles of clothing, a worn down toothbrush and a bar of soap that he stole from the chemist (which he does regularly)
  • he tried to go down to the quarry every other day to ‘wash’ himself as best he could. It didn’t matter too much to richie but he didn’t want to gross eddie out more then he already did
  • he mainly lived off whatever food the losers would give him at lunch time because they already knew he gets neglected in his ‘house’ so they always bring him extra food but sometimes he’d rock up at this small diner that belonged too a nice little family and they’d let him clean the restaurant after closing in favor for giving him whatever food was left over from the day
  • he stole cigarettes from bev, even though she knee he was doing it. he didn’t do it often, only every now and then. bev was okay with it
  • it was obvious to all the losers that richie barely slept, the poor boy had dark circles under his eyes that looked never ending. they also noticed he was stick thin and always servely dehydrated but his personality had never flattered he was doing pretty well, hiding it from the losers
  • but when it came the day of richie’s sixteenth birthday (if he was being honest he had completely forgotten about it) the losers had rocked up at richies parents house to surprise richie, and it didn’t take long after Maggie had answered the door and told the crew that she hadn’t seen her son in two years for them to panic
  • they had all felt extremely guilty for noticing but when they had all sat and thought over the past years it had all made sense to them
  • richie was suppose to meet the losers at the quarry later that day do when he rocked up, smile wide on his face making up some joke about eddie’s mother was when the losers couldn’t take it. they all saw how happy he pretended to be and now that they paid attention, behind richie’s thick glasses all they saw in his eyes was pain.
  • bev had started crying, and that’s when richie jumped into action. which made her cry even more, seeing as how much he much he cared for his friends and yet they didn’t even care enough to see that he was literally homeless.
  •  none of the losers parents would let richie stay in their houses but he bounced back and forth from each of them, stay at their houses each and every week so he wasn’t living out in the wild.
  • bev had snuck him in past her dad;
  • mike let him stay in the shed and brought him more food than he could ever eat;
  • bill gave him clothes and he slept on a mattress on his floor;
  • eddie supplied him with a large amount of hygenie products and allowed richie to sneak in through his bedroom window when his mother fell asleep;
  • ben lived with his aunt so he would in the same position as richie if she hadn’t taken him in so he tried to get richie as much food as possible while allowing him to sleep on the couch in their living room whenever he needed;
  • stan’s family never got in the way of allowing richie to stay over because his parents willingly let richie come and go as he needed
  • richie was glad he had such great friends and was just happy everything was finally looking up

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Out with the old and in with the… Equally old

Aka, Haggar is gonna be the final boss and y’all gonna regret sleeping on her


Just look at the difference in how she’s presented between s1 and s4

Seasons 1 and 2 are hands down Zarkon’s bigges seasons (thus far)

He’s presented in an eye-catching red against the purple and silver of the rest of the empire.

Haggar? Notice how she’s framed behind him, and made small by comparison. She’s notable enough to have a distinct design, but she’s pretty much only ever seen in proximity to Zarkon in some way.

With Zarkon at the forefront of course

Looking at season 4 though, we get a rather dramatic shift in how they’re BOTH presented


Our very first scene on the Galra side opens up with this

Not once has Haggar had such a long scene to herself (the closest we’ve gotten is when she first registers the awakened castleship, but even then it quickly cuts to Zarkon)

Heck, this really brings attention to the fact that while we’ve never had Zarkon without Haggar, we’re starting to drift into the territory of seeing Haggar without Zarkon.

Cause idk about you, but we’ve never had an isolated scene like this with the guy, he’s always been talking to Haggar or beating the crap out of Voltron.

Similar shot to our first screencap, and notice how different everything is framed.

Now, Haggar is in the forefront, and the way Zarkon is framed makes him look small in comparison to her (which I admit never thought was possible, yet here we are)

Even his colors have changed, washing out from his wine red to something only a few shades away from Haggar’s telltale purple, giving credence to the thought Haggar’s theme/character/arc/whatever is becoming much more prominent.


Just look at that, nearly a 180 from before, she’s still in the forefront, and even the color scheme has cooled more to her tones

I’d keep an eye on our babe here if I were you

Trust Issues

A/N: this is angsty (i think???) anyways, hope you enjoy it!

Requested: @dunkkirkk-ish

Feedback is always greatly appreciated :) x

2793 words.


Funny word, don’t you think? The firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strengths of someone or something.

One would still think that after months of being in a relationship with a respected and loving other, trust would’ve been conquered by now.

Unfortunately, not for them. Not for Harry.

Harry’s been in a relationship with Y/N for 9 months and a half now and to say they had grown pretty close to each other was really something else.

He adored spending his time with her, going out for dinner, waking up to her sleepy figure every day he was home, going out for a walk, or even just sitting or lying in comfortable silence with her. He absolutely loved sleeping cuddled up to her body when she’d stay the night and wake up to delicate kisses on his nose, and being greeted with a big and happy smile once he opened his eyes.

He was wholeheartedly and undoubtedly smitten with Y/N. He tells himself everyday that he has never met anyone like her — and he’s so sure of it. Harry has never admired anyone more than he does her. He’s never felt such intense feeling of respect and sincerity. So why can’t he trust her? He knows that from his past experiences in relationships or with his “friends” in general, the word ‘trust’ was empty to its meaning, for the people he actually trusted and put faith in, broke every promise made and took back every word once given to him. Of course not all of them were like that, but they were just the right amount to make him change his point of view on certain aspects of life.

After so many years of mistrust and back-stabbing from those who were supposed to love him and be there for him through every step of the way, Harry has unintentionally grown suspicious and doubtful to every situation and person he met. He didn’t mean to but who could blame him? He had gotten hurt so many times, he felt as though he had to do something about it, and, (un)fortunately — he really doesn’t know — he had. He’s changed. No, not to the degree no one would recognize him anymore. No. But his brain and his heart chose to keep a safe distant from the people that came into his life, so if they were to hurt him, it wouldn’t hurt as bad. Or at least, that’s what he thought.

To Harry’s dismay, Y/N wasn’t oblivious to any of it. She was catching up onto how Harry would always shut her out when he was upset, or how there were times he’d spend days off the radar without telling her anything that’d explain his absence.

Although Harry’s a smart kid, and rationally speaking he knows Y/N is too kind for the world to purposely harm him or anyone else, he just can’t bring his heart around it. His brain knows he can trust her. After all, she’s been nothing but reliable, good and kind to him. She never gave him any reasons to doubt her. However, his heart had been broken and deceived one too many times. He couldn’t possibly force himself to trust somebody. That’s not how things work and he knows it.

Y/N was becoming aware that Harry did not, by any means, trust her. At all. And it hurt a whole damn lot to know that the person you trust most doesn’t trust you back.

And she really did. Trusting him was as easy as the blink of an eye for her. Harry has always been kind and considerate towards her feelings, always respecting them. He never invalidated any of her emotions. Y/N was so delicate and precious to his eyes, he feared breaking her trust with every fiber in his body. He was well aware of the importance trust has and he also knew how much it meant to give someone else your trust.

Although she adores him dearly, she absolutely and utterly hates how he never shares his true self with her. Not that she thinks he’s fake, not at all. She knows he’s one of the most genuine person to ever set foot on earth. Metaphorically speaking, to her, he’s a big, vast ocean, in which both of them are floating in the surface of the water, instead of diving in and submerging in his true colors and seeing all the beautiful and the not-so-beautiful things too. And the best part? She wants to get to know exactly who he is deep inside. Harry has always fascinated and intrigued her in such way that not even she can explain it. She wants to get to know exactly how his heart looks like and know who hurt him this bad he refused to let you see him; through him. But Harry neglects her of every sort of emotional contact that goes deeper than his liking towards her, any form of contact with anything that’s within his heart deep down, whether they’re his insecurities, fears or even his sadness. Hell, she knows he’s not perfect —nobody is— and not for a second that’s what she expects from him.

Truth be told, not even Harry himself liked those deep and dark parts of himself, so why should he let anyone see it? It just didn’t make any sense to him. specially when so many people in his past have took advantage of his vulnerability and most fragile parts.

Sure he prophecies words of adoration to her, embraces her in loving hugs, kisses her oh so tenderly, to all which both of them enjoy very much. But that’s pretty much it. As much as he wish he did, Harry doesn’t trust her. He can’t. He really wishes he could because he knows she’s it for him, but he just can’t. He doesn’t wanna be let down and hurt again due to giving people his trust way too easily. And at this point, it’s not even something he voluntarily does, it’s just his new reality. He doesn’t mean to shut her out but he does. On the other hand, he knows Y/N would never even dream of doing anything like that on purpose to him. Frustration doesn’t even begin to describe how he feels about this whole situation, so he rather simply avoid facing it at all.

Only if he knew beforehand that this was definitely not the way to deal with this.


Y/N has caught up on to the fact that Harry has been in one of ‘those days’ again. Sometimes he’d stay at his flat the whole time, or even leave, heading somewhere else and be radio silent for a while, until he returned home.

It’s safe to say she was never one up for confrontation. Those types of things scared her to the point she’d feel the need to throw up or even open a hole on the ground and hide in there forever. But she knew she couldn’t do that. At least not when the matter of the subject was Harry and all of his ‘shutting her out’ behavior. Y/N wanted things to change but how? Could she even do it? She’s well aware she can’t go around changing people and their demeanor, but that’s not what she wanted to do either. She just wants Harry to open up to her and let her in, just like she had let him.

Y/N also knew she couldn’t just shoot questions at him either, since they’d only make him more anxious and possibly more closed off, if that was even possible. So she chose the best way—her best way, at least. She’d try to do it slowly and on his pace too, trying to coax small bits and bits out of him every chance she got, with the intention of showing him he could, in fact, trust her.

She didn’t want him to feel pressured or uncomfortable. But, she wonders what went wrong.


Y/N had driven to his house a couple hours ago and got herself in with the spare key Harry gave her a couple months ago.

Thinking about it now, she thinks it’s funny how he trusts her with his home, but not with her with her home — his heart. She’d rather Harry trust her with something as big and important as his feelings and emotions than with his spare key. Of course she’s also thankful for the key. She likes how it makes her feel closer to him; however, just not as close as she wished to be.

After what felt like hours, she finally heard his car being pulled up to the driveway and immediately paused the episode of The 100 she was currently watching.

Harry entered his house as quiet as ever, looking down and with slumped shoulders. Y/N’s heart immediately squeezed at the sight before her: her sweet love was upset, sad or even hurt and she couldn’t do a single thing about it.

She let out a “hi, H,” followed by quick strides in order to reach him. Once she was just a few inches away from him, Y/N embraces him in a tight hug and, to which he gladly complied to. He might not trust her with his feelings yet, but knowing she was there for him made him feel a whole lot better; even if she couldn’t see it. Her company, overall, was just very pleasing to him.

Harry often finds himself distracted from his own feelings whenever she was around. It’s not like it was her fault, just as it wasn’t his either. He thinks that’s the mechanism his brain has created so he doesn’t have to deal with his painful reality when times get hard for him. He knows that’s not the healthiest option nor that’s what he should and must do. Harry knows he should at least try to bring himself out of his distracted state and face his real feelings, his real demons. The only way he’ll get through this is by coming face to face with them—all of them. One can only run from their own selves for so long. He’s been bottling up his feelings all to himself, and only he knows how bad that is for him. Harry thinks that the perfect metaphor to explain himself is a balloon, in which each blow of air symbolized one of his darkest feelings he did not want to face. They’d keep filling the balloon until it exploded. And trust me, it got bad, really bad when he exploded like that.

“So, how was your day, handsome?”, Y/N asked sweetly, hoping he’d give her more of an answer then a simple “good” or “the usual”. Of course that’s exactly what she got. Usually, she would’ve stopped right there, but not today. Not when she knows fully and damn well he’s hurting and all she wants to do is help him and show him he can trust her with every fiber of his body. So she pressed, hesitantly, “H,” she waited for his attention to fully turn to her. “Can we talk?”

“Sure, love. What about?”, he asked sweetly.

“Um… It’s just- I’ve just been thinking that- um… well-“, she let out a nervous chuckle. She really did not know how to phrase it to him. “You don’t seem fine these past few days, and I just really wanted to help you, but I don’t really know how I’d do that…”, Y/N’s hands were sweaty and her arms were laying limply down her sides. “So I was wondering, maybe we could talk about whatever has been on your mind?? You’ve been quite upset lately, I can tell”.

Harry immediately tensed at her words. She wanted to talk to him. About his feelings. Nope. No. That just couldn’t be happening. Not now, not when he was doing a pretty good job at avoiding it.

“Love,” he started with a deep sigh, “there’s nothing to talk about. Promise”, he finished, hoping this conversation would drop there. And it surprisingly did. She didn’t push it any farther. Instead, Y/N took his hand with a slight nod of her head and lead Harry to their bedroom together, so they could call it a night.

She didn’t want to drop it but she was afraid of how he’d react if she pushed it. She wanted to give him time but she couldn’t bare to see him upset like that. She just couldn’t.


Harry was still upset and Y/N insisted on asking him every night if he wanted to talk to her, as well as wondering if he was okay, in hopes that he’d eventually say yes to her. At first, he was very appreciative and kind with her effort. He said thank you, soon following with a tight hug, showing her how much he treasured her endeavor. But as it became more frequent, he was getting quite annoyed, to say the least.

Why couldn’t she just stop asking him all of that? It was clear he didn’t want to talk about it, so why did she press on it? Why couldn’t she pretend he wasn’t upset just like he did? Harry wanted to appreciate her efforts again, but in all honesty, he was sick of it; sick of saying he was fine when he clearly wasn’t, sick of shutting her out. He wanted his feelings to be left alone, although he didn’t want to be alone.

Since the day she first asked him, whenever he came home to his place or hers, she’d always repeat those words and he really didn’t mean to but he was getting quite angry about it. He even began to act a bit colder and more distant from her, but not to the point it was that obvious.

It was just a day like any other, except he was upset again. Y/N’s heart slightly crushed again at the fact he might’ve been hurt or harmed and there was nothing she could do. It was a feeling that was growing quite frequent to her, but she didn’t want to get used to it. She really wanted to be there for him, but it almost felt like he didn’t want her there. She tried to ignore those thoughts, for they’d only bring her down and perhaps make her stop her efforts.

Y/N felt such tenderness and endearment for Harry. She really did. She just wanted to see him happy, smiling that big, gorgeous smile of his and she knew that wasn’t really their reality at the moment.

By this point, Y/N really didn’t know if she was doing it the right way. Was she pressuring him? Did she make him feel like she was trying to force it out of him? She really hoped the answer to both of these were no. But she couldn’t know; she was desperate by now. Desperate to help him; to have his trust.

“Hi, Harry,” she greeted him with a smile once he entered her small apartment. “How was your day?”, she asked him placing a kiss on his lips.

“Okay, I guess,” he dryly replied with a shrug and walked past her, heading for the kitchen.

“So,” she starts, trying to ignore the bitter tone to his words. “You sure you’re okay?”, she asked, leaning her body against the door frame, intently watching Harry gulp down a glass of water.

Harry put his cup down and shot her a glare, “I said I’m okay”, he answered harshly, not giving her a second look as he left the kitchen and sat on the couch.

Tonight was Friday, meaning that it was their movie night. Usually, they’d watch movies all cuddled up to each other, eating take out for dinner and just enjoying each other’s company. Not today though. He sat on the far end of the couch and when she came to sit next to him, he immediately lied down, stretching out his body, so that the space she once thought of occupying was now unavailable. She sighed at his behavior and sat as close to him as possible, right where his feet met her thighs, only to have him shrunk a little, enough to make his touch leave her skin.

And like that they stayed until half-way through the movie. At this point, the movie playing on the screen was long forgotten as she couldn’t stop thinking about how he was acting and this whole ‘trust’ situation. Before she could stop herself, Y/N felt the urge to ask him again, hoping he’d open up. Again. After all, hope is the last to die, right?

thanks for reading it! let me know if anyone wants a part 2 to this x

Part 2


36 Reasons why Phantom Planet is most definitely only Danny’s dream

1) the whole thing starts in space???

2) WHILE in space a FIRE starts in the outside part…. no offense but uh,,, theres no oxygen in outta space? how would it burn? No logic

3)Tucker ended up mayor??????????

4) Danny gave up his powers and was totally stupid? but also how he gave up his powers is totally illogical? I mean the machine half killed him to begin with, so why didn’t it full kill him this time? 

5) I refuse to acknowledge it as canon

6) i mean seriously? fire in space

7) Danny got statues all over the world for being a hero? da fuc

8) Why the skunk hair?

9) Danny knew about Vlad’s robot maddie from an earlier episode so it’s plausable that they’d appear

10) Why would a computer argue with itself???

11) How’d Vlad even get the map? and out in space?

12) When Danny went out int space to fight Vlad (in the very first minutes) why’d they need to open the cabin door thing for him to get out? He’s a ghost?

13)Also? He’s a ghost? He doesn’t need to breath? I’m pretty sure theres and episode where he’s underwater and can breath (or something i could be wrong) but still??? He’s dead?

14) Disastoroid? Really?

15) A blast would have to be freaking MASSIVE to send the ‘disasteroid’ out of orbit from the rings and across the solar system and into earth???

16) with what minimum wage workers deal with a ghost is probably not that big a deal…

17) Why would vlad hire teenagers to do the ghost hunting??? Surely theres more capable adults? Why would Vlad want to deal more with teenagers?

18) Master’s Blasters??????????????

19) I still refuse to acknowledge this as canon

20) Sam’s reaction was kinda really super dumb and not like her at all?

21) Every time Danny tried to best the Masters Blasters he ended up in only his underwhere? That nightmare 101 my friend

22) It is NOT that easy to take down that grass dude ghost man, fuck that

23) The ghost that the Master’s Blasters all took on were ones Danny had extreme trouble, yet the Blasters took them down super easy, which is also nightmare 101, making his self worth crumble

24) Didn’t we just fight that void/dream realm dude Nocturne?? He even appears in Phantom Planet? He’s probably just screwing with Danny

25) Tbh, Sam would’ve been more understanding, same with Jazz, cause like, have you meet those two? Danny was only fourteen, and he was fighting ghosts, not because he overly wanted to, but because he had to as no-one else could, and finally theres someone there who can do it really well, and Danny doesn’t need to anymore? Why shouldn’t he have taken that opportunity to give up his powers?

26) The portal almost didn’t work in the first place? Why the hell would the Fenton’s risk changing it in case it didn’t work again?

27) Seriously? what is up with the skunk hair man?

28) What was with Vlad going ghost like that? He wouldn’t do that? Da fuc

29) Also his plan was shit? Why was his plan so shit? ugh

30) What is a space nomad?

31) How is it that computer Maddie never got around to telling Vlad what the asteroid was made of?

32) What was up with Danny getting his powers back through the many ghostly plasma blasts? It don’t work like that?

33) Why didn’t Danny go to Clock work?

34) Did the guys in white kill Freakshow???


36) If Halfa’s turn human when they go unconcious being a free roaming space nomad isn’t probably the best escape

IT kids as things that happened at my school

Eddie: A kid in my english class gave the teacher his water bottled and she took a sip and then THREw IT ACROSS THE ROOM because she was scared about getting mono

Richie: Went up during a senior assembly and asked if he could bring multiple prom dates, proceeded to describe how he couldn’t pick one chick before being kicked out

Beverly: gym teacher yelled at a student, student does picture perfect Pirouette turn, yells ‘Suck a dick!’, and storms out of the gym

Mike: history teacher got in trouble for bringing up a student to duel with him using real swords

Stan: Jew Club has pizza on fridays. all jews are revered on this day in the hopes of being invited and getting pizza.

Ben: White van parked fully on the sidewalk, when student was asked why, he said there weren’t any spots and he was going to be late to class

Bill: a bike was suspended at least six feet in the air on flag pole. people still debate how it was achieved to this day.

Bonus!- Pennywise: Just a chicken??? loose in the boys bathroom??? this literally happened.

inspired by @therealpennywise

anonymous asked:

sorry if you've already answered this question somewhere, but do you have any thoughts maybe on why black accepted kuron at the beginning of s4? I'm a diehard clone theory supporter, but that one bit still leaves me... stumped.

A few reasons. I know you probably mean the in-universe reason though, so to go over that first: it happens for mostly the same reason the lion swap happens. The new pilots aren’t the lions’ first choice, but you have to form Voltron somehow, so they’ll still try to make it work as best they can. Would Black prefer Shiro? Undoubtably. But in Shiro’s absence, she must have known the person Shiro was closest to, the person he trusted most and wanted to lead in his absence, the person he believed in–was Keith

She didn’t choose Keith because it was Keith. Not really. She chose him because of his love for Shiro. Keith’s desire to protect Shiro is what convinced her to let him pilot in the first place. Keith coming to her again in season 3 and trying to “talk to Shiro” through her is what prompted her to turn on again. When asked why the Lion chose him, Joaquim said, “[Keith] and Shiro have the closest relationship, so there is that kinship there.” And Lauren added, “And I think the Black Lion probably got from Shiro what Shiro saw in Keith.”  (source)

Keith’s motivation for piloting Black has always been for Shiro’s sake. He found some measure of comfort in Black Lion’s seat because it let him feel closer to Shiro. He speaks to himself in the Black Lion as if Shiro is right there beside him. The closest thing we ever see to something like this is Allura saying, “What would Lance do?” But even then, she makes a distinction between Lance and her Lion. She doesn’t directly talk to Lance as if he is Blue. “This one’s for you, Shiro.” For Keith, this is a coping mechanism. Another way his grief manifests. He’s still mourning. So as soon as “Shiro” comes back? He pulls away. Immediately gives up the Lion without a second though. “Keith, are you sure?” “I’m sure.” It was never about leading. It was about carrying on for Shiro and the team. 

So I don’t think Black wanted Kuron per say. She would have preferred Keith, which would have been honoring Shiro’s wishes. And at least, through Shiro’s memories and feelings, she knew without a doubt she could trust Keith. Because Shiro always did. Implicitly. But Keith was gone. She has very limited options here, and no, this isn’t Shiro. But he’s someone who still cares, who is genuinely a good person and wants to fight the good fight. Who’s learning to open up and trust Black even when he believes she sent him back to the galra’s hands in the first place. 

That’s incredibly brave and noble and trusting on his part. He’s not here saying, “I’m the rightful paladin! I have to lead!” or “Why did you betray me?” He says, “Please, people’s lives are at stake. You trusted me once. Trust me again.” And isn’t that what Shiro said about his bond with Black before? That it’s all about trust? And doing what’s right? When Shiro says “It’s about earning each other’s trust,” in the astral plane, Black’s eyes light up. When Kuron says, “Trust me again,” she powers on. That’s not a coincidence. 

Kuron might not be Shiro. But in that moment, she saw that same spark in him. Those same qualities of a black paladin. Of someone who was ready to open up and trust her wholeheartedly and wanted nothing more than to save lives and defend others. Yes, it does take more time. It’s something she has to consider. It’s something that feels off, and we can see that when she has trouble powering on. But Kuron’s heart and pleas are genuine, and right now, he’s the best she’s got. 

And you know what else? Visually speaking, the way those monitors flicker for a bit and go out and on again. It looks like a glitch. And given that the Lions tend to mirror the quintessence and mindset of their pilot, I can’t help but feel that’s their way of showing there’s also something wrong with Kuron. We’ve already seen his weird headaches, and this definitely brings that to mind. The galra have done something to him, that much is obvious. Whether you believe he’s a clone or they’ve tampered with his brain and this is some form of mind control, it’s clear this isn’t the same Shiro. The fact that Operation Kuron even exists proves it.

From a writing standpoint, if you’re going to explore Keith’s role as a leader without Shiro there as his support, it makes sense to show “Shiro” takeover without his right hand man. Makes for an interesting contrast. I think it’s also the first time Voltron’s ever played around with this idea of Allura and “Shiro”/Sven both piloting at the same time, which is kinda neat. Could also be about Shiro being a popular character and toy companies especially wanting to capitalize on that by putting “Shiro” back in the action quickly. 

Of course, I strongly believe that Kuron is still Baby Clone as well, and that Shiro is the true Black paladin. This is something that Keith has been saying all along, and it’s a part of why he eventually leaves–thinking the Black Lion will be restored to the hands of its rightful paladin. “Shiro’s the head.” “Stop talking like that. You’re gonna make it.”Didn’t you see how he sole the Black Lion right out from under Shiro? Or how he could do all that cool stuff with his bayard? Shiro’s bayard?” “Why are we even talking about this? Nothing is gonna happen to you.” “You mean your bayard.” “Shiro’s the Black Lion.” “I know this is what you wanted for me, Shiro. But I’m not you. I can’t lead them like you.” “You had a connection with the Black Lion and I know it’s still there.” “It was always meant to be yours.”

If there’s one person who never doubted Shiro’s ability to lead and his bond with his lion, it’s Keith. And even though things between him and Kuron have been getting tense, Keith ultimately believes leaving Voltron in his hands is for the best. Because that’s Shiro, right? And as soon as Keith finds out about Operation Kuron, I’m pretty sure we’ll see him try to take back the Black Lion and use her to find the real Shiro. But Baby Clone certainly doesn’t have any malicious intentions here (that he’s consciously aware of), and he’s trying to keep the team together and do what’s right. Right now, that will just have to be enough. But it’s very much temporary–and it’s clear Black herself is very aware something’s off. It’s why she tried to shut him out in the first place. 

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Can you do a hc where Richie has like two (2) younger siblings and since his parents are assholes, he has to take care of them. But Eddie goes over to Richards because Richie has been missing school a lot lately since he's taking care of two (2) kids and Edward feels the need to help and it's really cute and nice

- richie has a younger brother who’s about 10 and a little sister the same age as georgie, so about 7

- they’re both the sweetest kids but because their parents neglect them they have untreated ADHD like their older brother and it really affects their learning and day to day life

- richie took his little sister to get her glasses because her parents ignored her teachers saying she kept writing stuff down wrong at school

- because richie and bev are so close they call her auntie beverly and she loves it

- bev always brings them chocolate when she vists

- richie cooks them dinner, and actually tries to make their meals healthy because he doesn’t want them getting sick 

- wentworth tozier is always working so he’s never in the house and the kids only father figure is richie

- their mother is usually around but she ignores them so richie’s little sister goes to bev for advice about girl issues and the boy talks to mike or ben because they’re the most sensible out of the boys

- when richie and eddie started dating richie’s siblings were so happy because eddie was their favourite

- “are you gonna marry him, rich?”

- “uh, what, uhh, go to your room!”

- once richie’s parents went on a holiday by themselves for a week and left the kids barely any money to get food for themselves so eddie used his savings and stayed with them for the whole week to help cook, clean, get the kids ready for school, and to make sure richie didn’t get too stressed

- richie would fall asleep on the couch all the time because hes so tired and eddie would have to drag him upstairs

- “they deserve a better life than this”

- “they have you, richie, trust me, they’ll be okay”