she brings it out in him

Confident || Jughead Jones Imagine

Everyone knew Y/N and that was the way she liked it. She was the new girl in town, successfully taking that title from Veronica. The H/C English girl was a mystery to the people living in Riverdale.

She had moved to Riverdale around three weeks after Clifford Blossom had killed himself and she had gladly taken the limelight from the Blossom family. Cheryl had quickly taken the new girl under her wing and had tried to make her one of her ‘minions’. This didn’t work for a multitude of reasons. The two had become fast friends and Cheryl was finally happy again. A few weeks passed and a certain dark haired boy had caught Y/N’s interest.

“Y/N,” Cheryl taps the E/C eyed girl on the shoulder.

“Yes?” The girl replies crossing her arms over her chest.

Cheryl smiles sweetly at the girl, “You need to try out and become a River Vixen with me.” Y/N’s eyes widen and fear overruns her normally calm persona.

“Uh,” She stutters, “Why do I need to become a cheerleader exactly?” Y/N calms herself and brings her confidence level back up.

“Because,” Cheryl says as if that’s a good enough answer.

“I don’t know, Cher,” The girl's eyes move over the cafeteria and they land on Jughead Jones the Third.

“Is this about the Hobo?” She asks, Y/N’s eyes snap back to her a certain flame in them making Cheryl regret her choice of words, “I mean, if you like him, he’ll find you extra hot if you’re a Vixen.”

The girls face pales, “I can’t be a cheerleader Cheryl.” The girl spins and walks away from a stunned Cheryl.

A few days pass and the girls still haven’t spoken. Y/N had taken up residence sitting by herself, although still looking confident. Cheryl had tried to talk to the H/C girl but Y/N wouldn’t give her the time of day.

“Hello, Sad Breakfast Club,” Cheryl greets Archie, Veronica, Betty, Kevin and Jughead.

“What do you want Cheryl?” Veronica is quick to ask, Cheryl face softens.

“As much as this pains me to say,” She sucks in a breath, “I need your help.”

A gasp falls from Kevin’s lips. “You want our help?” Betty asks confusion laced through her voice. Cheryl closes her eyes and nods her head.

“Why?” Jughead asks.

“As you all know, Y/N and I are best friends,” Cheryl’s eyes rake over the group, “I made an insensitive comment and now she won’t talk to me.”

“What does this have to do with us?” Ronnie questions.

“She likes Jughead,” Cheryl says softly, “And the comment I made was about him.”

“What?” Jughead asks, eyes wide.

“Oh no,” Cheryl gasps, “Please don’t tell her I told you.”

The group exchange glances and stand up, “We’ll help you Cheryl,” Betty says placing her hand on the gingers shoulder, “But you have to trust us.”

Cheryl nods her head rapidly, “I just want my best friend to talk to me again.”

Meanwhile, Y/N had been sitting by herself reading a book. The group approached her, all but Cheryl and Jughead.

“Hey Y/N/N,” Ronnie greeted sitting next to the girl. Y/N’s eyebrows furrow as she looks around the group.

“Uh-h,” The girl stutters confused. “I mean, not to be rude, but can I help you guys?”

Betty smiles and laughs. “Well because you asked, we know something happened between you and Cheryl and we want to help.”

The E/C eyes that belonged to Y/N widen and fear courses through them, “Nothing happened between me and Cheryl,” The girl mutters and without saying another word she stands up and walks away.

A few days pass in the same fashion, the group continue to approach the girl. Cheryl and Jughead begin to work together to create a plan.

“Why are you ignoring me?” Jughead asks Y/N. He slams his hand down on the table she’s sat at drawing attention towards them. She doesn’t answer. “You know Cheryl told us everything. Everything of your past, your time with her, she told us all of it.” She looks up at him fire burning in her E/C eyes.

“She told me about how you like me and about how you’re actually unconfident and afraid.”

Her eyes water.

“Cheryl told me about what happened before you moved here, about your ex-boyfriend and what he did,”

Gasps echo around the student lounge.

“Why are you doing this?” The girl hisses. Her hands ball up under the table.

“Because, as long as you’ve been here, Cheryl has cared about you, and when things got hard for you, you left her.” His eyes challenge hers.

“Why do you care? You hate Cheryl, you despise her. Why do you care about the fact that I left her,” She stands up, kicking her chair back, in an attempt to match his height.

“Because I care about you,” He says simply.

“Why?” She challenges.

“I remember the same things you do,” The eyes of their peers can be felt but neither of them back down, “I remember the moment under the tree.”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” Y/N adverts her gaze.

“Yes you do,” He challenges, moving around the table so that he’s standing within arms reach of her. He lifts he face to meet his gaze. Their eyes meet.

“Whats your point Jughead?” The girl says stepping back from him.

“Let people in,” he shrugs.

The girl shakes her head, “If you know of my past so well you’ll understand why i won’t do that.”

“I don’t expect you to,” He says simply, “But let Cheryl in. Let me in.”

Tears gather in Y/N’s eyes and she collapses, before she hits the ground Jughead’s arms are around her hushing her. He cradles her.

“There’s nothing to see here!” Cheryl shouts. All of the people that were watching Jughead and Y/N scurry away leaving Jughead, Y/N, Cheryl, And the rest of the group in the student lounge. Jughead lifts her chin he runs his fingers under her eyes drying her tears.

“Thank you,” She whispers burying her face in his chest again.

( PROMPT: We’re making out on the couch when a member of your family - who doesn’t know we’re friends with benefits - walks in and what do you mean I have to be your pretend girlfriend? )

A/N: Ahahahaha, guess who’s back? The sin is not so strong in this chapter, but I’ll try to sin more in chapter 3. Things are really starting to heat up with the reader and fuckboi Peter!! If anyone has more prompts for me to do (fuckboi Peter or no), drop me an ask, and I’ll try to post it! Comments and reblogs are appreciated!

WARNINGS: Sin. But slight sin this time. 

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BTS | You Being Pregnant

Anonymous said:

BTS reactions to their wife telling them she’s pregnant

When you had talked to Jin about the possibility of starting a family together he was more than happy. He would probably get a little bit on the side of baby feverish as well.

“What in the world did you buy?” you questioned.

“Just some stuff we might need,” he said, setting down the bags from the baby store.

“I’m not even pregnant yet!” you said.

So when you found out you would have no issues what so ever bringing yourself to tell him. “Jin, Jin, Jin!” you said jogging up to him just before he entered the practice room at BigHit.

“Oh hey, Y/N,” he said smiling, “You look happy…what’s up.”

“I’m pregnant,” you said, not caring that probably a dozen people just heard you.

“That’s amazing Y/N!” he said hugging you, “Look I have practice, but we’ll celebrate later.”

That night when you heard the door open and close you called Jin to the kitchen. “Oh good I’m not late…oh I bought something…you think the baby will like it?” 

You turned around and saw him with a foam flower circling his face. “Yes…yes I’m sure the baby will like it.”

Originally posted by bwiseoks

You and Yoongi had decided that you wanted to start a family not long after you got married; only problem was you were having some problems actually conceiving. You had talked about adoption cause it was an option that you were both open to but you both wanted to try just a bit longer.

It worked…

You were ecstatic when that pregnancy test finally came back positive and at first you had it in mind just to run to the studio and tell him. But then you had a better idea…you wanted to tell him in a big way. So you got the guys involved and decided that at the next awards show you would reveal the news to him. He had talked about your struggles to start a family publicly so sharing the news with the fans wouldn’t be a problem,

So when the awards show came around and BTS was called to the stage, Namjoon gave an acceptance speech and then moved on to the big surprise…”I would also like to say one more thing, and this is for Suga if we could get a spotlight over in that area,” he said pointing into the crowd where you were.

You were standing there along with a staff member who handed you a mic. “Congratulations on the award guys…and Yoongi a big congratulations on becoming a father…”

The crowd started to scream and cheer and Yoongi started to clap until it hit him what you had said and the flood of emotions hit him and he started to cry tears of happiness.

Originally posted by miniminibi

You were trying to start a family, but at the same time you weren’t. Meaning for you and Hoseok you wanted a small sunshine in your lives and you weren’t necessarily going to try but you were going to stop your birth control and well he wouldn’t use condoms for the time being. So if it happened it happened.

So when you became pregnant, though it wasn’t much of a surprise, you were surprised that it happened so soon. “Note to self, be careful in the future or will end up with football team.”

The thing was with Hoseok’s playful nature you didn’t want to just tell him the good news you wanted to have some fun with it so you started leaving subtle hints around the apartment and even when you visited him at work…although when the small hints didn’t work you had to push forward a bit more.

“Is one of your friend’s having a baby shower?” he questioned, looking at the plastic bag from the baby store.

“Hmm? Why do you ask?” you questioned.

“Because of the bag…” he said pointing.

“Oh this…I just thought we should start getting prepared…” you replied.

“Prepared…why…oh my god…are you?” he started getting even more excited as he saw a smile cross your face,” OH MY GOD YOU’RE PREGNANT!!!!” He jumped up and started dance around the practice room.

Originally posted by kimthwriter

Rap Monster/Namjoon:
He knew something was up when you started acting strange around him. You had never been secretive around him or avoided him for any reason so when you said you had a doctors appointment and then you began to act funny around him he started to get worried.

“Y/N are you okay?” he questioned.

“Um…yea why?” you asked.

“Well…” he started, looking at the worried looking on your face, “Ever since your doctors appointment you’ve been acting very strangely.”

He had noticed; you knew he would…he was far from stupid and how in the world were you supposed to hide the fact that you were pregnant from him. When you two had gotten married you hadn’t really gotten a chance to talk about whether or not you wanted to take that next step. You did…but would he?

“Well…I am…” you started.

“Then why have you been avoiding me?” he asked.

“I’m pregnant,” you replied, receiving nothing but silence from him before a smile appeared on his face.

“Are you really???” he questioned, “This is amazing, jagi. I can’t wait to tell everyone.”

Originally posted by rapnamu

Smol bean did indeed want a smol bean of his own. That being said you had talked about starting a family of your own and you had both agreed that that’s what you wanted.

However finding the time with his busy schedule to actually work on that goal was beginning to become difficult so it was taking longer than either of you had really anticipated hoped. However, you did get your moments together and one of those moments worked.

But how to tell him? Easiest route would be to just run to him as soon as he got home and tell him. But that would be no fun…

“What’s with the fancy dinner?” Jimin asked, walking into the apartment to see dinner neatly laid out on the table instead of just waiting in the kitchen for him.

“Well…I have something exciting to tell you, but first food,” you replied.

Throughout dinner he kept trying to get out of you what you had to tell him but you wouldn’t relent, he had to wait. When dessert came around you turned on your phone camera and walked over to him.

“If you could ask for anything special…what would it be?” you questioned.

“For us to be together always,” he replied, smiling.

“Besides that cause that’s already gonna happen,” you said.

“Hmm well there is one thing,” he said, “Oh gosh this is embarrassing since I know you’re recording it.”

“Just tell me…” you urged.

“Well…we’ve been trying to start a family,” he said, “I would love for that to happen.”

“Well guess what Park Jimin…you’re gonna be a father,” you said.

“What? Really? Are you serious?” he said, “Oh my god jagi that’s…that’s amazing.”

Originally posted by itschiminie

You know the term “one time won’t do any harm”? You knew you should’ve known better than to even listen to him when he said that. Yeah, yeah “safe sex” and all that but you did kinda want him to go without a condom too…it didn’t just feel good to one partner.

Now…you and Taehyung had talked about starting a family and it didn’t really seem like the right time what with another tour starting up so you figured you would return to the subject at a later time.

Yeah, that’s not happening. You missed your period and that was the first oh shit and then the second was the fact that you were feeling sick and then strike three on the ‘oh shit list’ was the positive pregnancy test….

Dinner that night felt very different to you. Although he was going on like the atmosphere in the room wasn’t even different; then again, maybe it was just you. 

“So then after practice we got lunch, but we were waiting almost an hour for it so we just canceled our order and went and got some fast food because we were hungry and at that point didn’t care what we were eating and-”

“I’m pregnant,” you spit out.

“What?” he asked, popping his head up.

“I’m pregnant,” you said again.

He was silent for quite a while trying to process this information but eventually managed to get out how happy he was.

You had both had a long and extensive talk about starting a family. You both wanted kids, but being young were you both ready for that. You weren’t quite sure about that…

So you had decided that even though, yes you did want to start a family together, you would wait a little while and make sure you were completely and absolutely sure you were ready.

“ha ha”

That laughter…yeah that was life laughing in the face of your plans. “Well this is um…” you started as you stared down at the positive pregnancy test. You really didn’t know how you were supposed to react at that point, because you had to many emotions going at once. And on top of it all…how where you going to tell Kookie.

After a long walk from your apartment to BigHit, you had decided you just needed to tell him. Straight forward, no beating around the bush.

“Oh hey, Y/N…did we have lunch plans?” Jungkook asked when you walked into the practice room.

“No…No…” you said, “Do you have a minute?” 

“Sure, we were just taking a break…you okay?” he questioned.

“Can I talk to you in private?” you asked.

He nodded and led you to the empty recording studio and shut the door behind you two. “What’s up?”

“I’m pregnant,” you replied and he was silent, “You okay?”

“I’m just…wow that’s a lot to take in,” he said, “I’m happy but wow.”

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Don't you think what Sana just did is highly problematic? How can we root for her now? I would have rooted for her had she asked Isak,convinced him to help her. But like this? Playing Isak's good heart and trust? Making a fool out of him? It's so... Sana isn't this kind of person, even if she's hurt and lonely and angry. And even if Isak or Even did something wrong to Elias (which isn't the case, probably, but still). It's too much. People are flawed, but they don't change personality A to Z.

hi love! yes, I do think that it was wrong of Sana to go snoop around on Isak’s laptop and read his private messages. Sana herself is not a fan of her own actions, you can see how conflicted she was when Isak told her she’s a good person. what she did was not right, but she didn’t do it to hurt Isak, she did it out of desperation. she did a mistake, but I don’t think you should stop rooting for her because of it. Isak made a big mistake in season 1, he broke his friend’s trust and for a pettier reason, yet we still root for him. we don’t know whether Sana will use the photos she took. Jamilla’s name has been popping up a lot lately, and we know that Sana leaking her private messages is what ultimately destroyed their friendship. I don’t think a straightforward revenge plotline is in store.

I know a lot of people would have wanted to see Sana confide in Isak and for them to take down Sara together, but personally I feel like they’re not quite there yet. I adore their friendship, but sometimes the fandom plays it up a little bit, I feel like. they aren’t that close, if you know what I mean? they talk about their issues without explicitly mentioning their issue. Isak was struggling with his sexuality and his relationship with his mum, and Sana did end up giving him the exact words he needed to reach out to his mum, but he never did say hey Sana so just so u know I’m gay and my mum’s super religious so can you maybe like I dunno write me a coming out speech where you explain this thing to her. it’s probably not easy for Sana to talk about this. she has been bullied before, and it’s such a difficult subject to bring up in a conversation, you carry so much shame and guilt. you feel like you have to survive on your own. hopefully she will soon realise that it doesn’t have to be that way.

Alana Finds Out: Amnesia

Another instalment of AFO in honour of Ladies of Hannibal week…  in which Hannibal has amnesia (but still adores mongooses… mongeese? Anyway…), Will worries a little too much and Alana has a realisation.

Also on AO3.

Hannibal Lecter has an eidetic memory, of such power it requires a stringently-mapped mental space – a palace – to wrangle it.

Hannibal Lecter speaks numerous languages, all of them fluently. He may be incapable of poor grammar.

Hannibal Lecter possesses thousands of books, housed in the office of his psychiatric practice and throughout his home. He knows precisely where to find any book required from these, on demand.

Unfortunately, Hannibal Lecter does not currently know his own name. Or where he lives. Or that he’s a cannibalistic serial killer, but fewer than five other people on the planet know that and only one of them is currently on the same continent, so it’s not likely anyone’s going to ask.

He also cannot remember the identity of the woman sitting next to his bed, though Alana has told him, several times, her name and that they are friends and colleagues. She has not yet told him that they’re dating, as the relationship is only new and she doesn’t want to overload him with information. He’s probably guessed at it already as Hannibal, even with what is hopefully temporary amnesia, is nothing if not intelligent and she has been by his side for hours now, clasping his hand whenever there aren’t other doctors in the way.

She suspects even if she told him right now, he wouldn’t take it in, given the effects of the painkillers he’s on to counteract the injuries – extensive but not life-threatening – he had sustained in the car crash. Currently he is too engaged in humming softly and gazing, apparently enraptured, at something on the ceiling.

“I can see the stars,” Hannibal says, with a kind of hazy childlike glee.

“Through the ceiling, Hannibal?” Alana asks, amused.

“Mmm. They go twinkle, twinkle. All the pretty lights. I could reach out and crush them all and bake them into cakes.”

“That’s nice, sweetie.” Even high, with no memories, it’s still all food and poetry.

She pats his hand indulgently and looks up as the doors swing open, expecting a doctor with another round of tests. Instead, she sees Will Graham burst in, wincing as he notes the bruises and wounds littering Hannibal’s body and looking inexplicably out of breath and panicked. He continues to stare at Hannibal with a look pitched somewhere between pain and relief, then unsubtly attempts to rein it back in to friendly concern when he notices Alana.

“Jesus,” he blurts out and waves a hand towards Hannibal, trying to breathe evenly, “he looks rough. Is he gonna be ok?” He takes a step towards the bed, watching Hannibal watch the ceiling and fails miserably to look casual. “Sorry, I just… Jack only just told me about the crash and I…”

“Ran all the way here, by the looks of you,” Alana supplies, confused but amused by his reaction.

“Well, drove, most of the way,” Will gives her a sheepish grin. “But, yeah, those stairs out there are steep. And numerous.”

“They have elevators.”

“Yeah, I… I think maybe I hit my head too. Is it true, about the memory loss?” He doesn’t even try to mask the look of concern now.

“Just temporary, most likely.”

“His memory palace just needs putting back together.”

“Did you say memory palace?” Hannibal’s attention has finally come down from the ceiling, settling instead on Will, at whom Hannibal is gazing as if he were the brightest star in his imaginary sky.

“Sure did, Doctor,” Will steps around to stand at Hannibal’s bedside. “Recognise the phrase?”

“No,” Hannibal replies with a grin, “but it sounds wonderful.” He cups Will’s face with his hand and strokes a thumb down his cheek. Will looks discomfited but does nothing to dislodge him, though his eyes dart to Alana in embarrassment.

“I was worried you were dead,” Will mutters.

Hannibal looks delighted. “How kind of you to worry. You’re beautiful. Are you taken?”

Will blushes and now does pull away from Hannibal’s touch. “N-no. Not really.”

Not really? That’s interesting.

Will looks over at her and asks, “Just how high is he?”

Alana points to the ceiling and says, “I think he cleared the atmosphere a little while ago.” They smile, with shared fondness for the man between them and for a moment it is like nothing has changed. Then Alana remembers that Will is not supposed to have any fondness left for Hannibal. “Why are you here?” she asks, eyes narrowing. “Hoping the truck did what your little admirer couldn’t?”

Will looks guilty for the briefest of moments, then simply looks sad. “I found myself compelled,” he mutters, as if it hurts to admit, “to check he wasn’t gone. Even when I want him gone, I still don’t feel right until I know he isn’t.”

Will loves him. It hits Alana with the pure simplicity of truth. Will may hate Hannibal, may believe him capable of evil deeds, but he could not survive separation from him. He’s totally, utterly, irrevocably, mad-dash-to-your-partner’s-hospital-bedside in love with Hannibal Lecter.

And judging by Hannibal’s instinctive reaction to Will, the feeling is not one-sided.

And that’s really awkward, because Alana’s dating him. And while she’s fond of Hannibal, and an enthusiastic fan of sex with Hannibal, she is not and never has been, in love with Hannibal. Which means she needs to gracefully extricate herself from this room and let the two men – emotionally repressed idiots – sort out whatever strange courtship they’ve wandered into. Not before she has a quick chat with Will about boundaries and the ill-advised nature of trying to kill your prospective partner, though.

“Ok, look,” she tells Will, wanting this over quickly, “he’s due for another dose in ten minutes and that should knock him out for a while. Go get us some coffees while I wait until he’s sleeping and bring them back here. I think we need to talk about some things.”

Will shoots her a vaguely hunted look but sighs with relief when he sees her small smile. “Back soon,” he tells the room in general and gives Hannibal what he probably thinks is a perfunctory glance but might as well come with a giant neon sign reading Will Graham hearts Hannibal Lecter and is very glad that he’s still alive.

“Alana,” Hannibal says when Will is gone, “I think I may remember something about that man.”

“Oh?” Alana is exhausted but this might be progress. Hannibal is still her friend, even if he won’t be her partner for much longer.

“Is his name William?”

“It is, that’s great Hannibal. Your memory’s coming back.” Of course he remembers Will before anything else.

“I remember, we were in an office. Lots of books. I remember kissing him. I think I love him, is he my boyfriend?”

Oh god. This would be sweet in any other situation. “Yeah, Hannibal,” she sighs, resigned, “I think he is.”

season 4 headcanons because im about to murder someone THAT WRITING IS FUCKING DISGUSTING

  • opening monologue is wally saying his respectful and iconic line: ‘my name is wally west and i’m the fastest man alive’ and then when barry comes back they can mix it up and have them both talking and doing the voice over [imagine them talking together and a shot of them hugging coming up i die]
  • linda coming back cc after getting a ‘save the date’ card and realizing what happened and being by iris’ side
  • her working with wally + cisco sometimes because he’s mostly busy, while it started as a temporary thing because iris wasn’t doing so good at the beginning, iris saw how good they worked together so she let it slide and watched them go~
  • they don’t get along though, iris just loves the banter and the ‘wallace really ohmyfucking god rudolph like the red nose reindeer- wait hold up robbery, oh shut up im not your flower, no i know my middle name is jasmine bu-’
  • speaking of cisco? trains with cynthia through different dimensions, trying to figure out how the whole connection thing works
  • iris actually working like, us seeing her WORK, WRITE, TYPE, her trying to keep the flash’s legacy alive with wally and occasionally mentioning the missing flash
  • seeing! iris! actually! grieve! even if it’s for like 10 minutes [because yes barry’s probably coming out of that speedster whole at the end of 4.01]
  • wally and hartley meeting, hartley being a polite asshole and being done with wallace’s bullshit
  • caitlin being an antih(oe)ero and not being in every episode or having a redemption arc, distancing herself from the ‘team’ knowing she hurt them because bitch she did.
  • iris getting barry out of the speedforce with her literal voice not with any technology bullshit, but with her fucking voice,,,the team tried everything and eventually gave up, but she stayed, and that’s how she brings him back,by herself
  • barry seeing all of the good wally’s done and hugging him for 3 hours straight, letting him stay the flash ‘two flashes? sounds amazing’
  • barry dealing with being back after all this ‘time’ (@ writers don’t fuck this up)
  • iris and barry finally having their fucking wedding, (that does not take place in the fucking crossover)

iris getting 98% of the screentime in that episode

them forgetting the legends/arrow teams exists and only inviting kara/alex /j’onn and james (maybe winn idk)

  • no more crossovers, im done their stupid and not even fun or happy [@ me yall dragged barry last time, not this year not on my fucking watch]
  • kadabra is confirmed for season 4,,so this mf is gonna annoy the fuck out of wally and linda ‘ah see barry’s not as annoying and cocky as you, and well iris now that she’s alive i guess- [that gets him linda’s hand print on his cheek] ‘feisty? yeah iris isn’t as well.. like you, you’re maybe as special as iris but something about you mhhhmakes you so dear to wallace miss parkw-’

lbr a storyline with kadabra and not having wally and linda be at center of it? unrealistic/

  • barry and iris being happy and smiley, cisco and cynthia being dorks, shy shy dorks in love, and then you have wally and linda, biting each other’s heads off.
  • bart coming up/out in some way and blessing them with his cuteness
  • jesse and jay coming in regularly to check up on their flashfam
  • wally having screentime,,, lots of it
  • iris, linda and cynthia having a wildt girls night out
  • barry, wally and cisco [joe: im too old for the love drama, i have cecile waiting bye] having a guys night in drinking speed beer or whatever talking about their ‘girls’

‘linda isn’t my girl, she’s barely a good friend, she always pokes me like i just can’t, i mean yeah she’s helped me through loads of flash stuff but, yeah she has pretty hair tho, and eyes, and lips-’

  • dinner nights @ joe’s; with everybody, from jesse to jay, to cynthia, cisco, linda, iris, barry,  wally, cecile and her daughter.
  • the christmas episode being the lightest cutest fluffiest episode
  • in fact season 4 being lighter and happier
  • the finale being not a shitty cliffhanger
Sanvers Wedding Scenes

Scenes that will be a crime if Supergirl Season 3 doesn’t have for the Sanvers Wedding:

–Alex bringing up that Kara will be her Maid of Honor really casually and Kara being completely shocked and Alex is like “duh, who else would I ask?” and Kara crying with happiness

–After bonding in battle during the invasion, James and Maggie become super tight and she asks him to be her Man of Honor

–Alex and Maggie having to sit Kara down and asking her to cool it a bit with the wedding planning because she is going totally overboard with the ideas

–The Bachelorette Party!!!!! Alex and Maggie would have a joint party and they would rent out the alien bar for a night and everyone from the DEO would be there and all their alien friends and some of Maggie’s cop friends and her aunt.

–J’onn walking Alex down the aisle (I’d be a blubbering mess if this happens)

–The wedding officiate doesn’t show up for some reason so Kara has to fill in and marry Alex and Maggie because she is their number one supporter

–Kara’s Maid of Honor toast includes a traditional Kryptonian blessing for newlyweds

–Clark and Lois attend the wedding

–Winn getting drunk and tearing up the dance floor with horrible white boy dance moves

–Alex and Kara having a Sister Dance, like a mother/father-daughter dance. Maybe to the song “Army” by Ellie Gulding

–Maggie having her parent-daughter dance with her aunt


Who else thinks that the creature Feyre sees in the ouroboros is her beast form, just like all the other high lords. The creature she saw was supposed to represent all bad in her that scared her, just like how Rhysand describes his beast. He doesn’t like to bring out that side of himself because it scares him…. ? Anyone agree ?

Feyre is a sly cat-like beast (that’s at least how I pictured it)


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Okay. So a\n\is are "Otabek doesn't take Yuri to the club, he flees" and someone replied "That's why I don't understand the fandom, Otabek knows that Yuri is a minor" and I'm. .. If Yuri had replied 16, Otabek would have taken Yura with him lmao, that's why he asked his age. Oh and now, if a\n\is tell me "big age gap" I will show Yuri and his "You're only 18 yourself!!".

YES keep a cap of that “you’re ONLY 18 yourself!!” panel for receipts. That reply right there shows that Yurio doesn’t view Otabek as that much older than him. 

I saw an ant// argue that because Yurio called Mila a “hag” once, that must mean he thinks all 18 year olds gross old Adults lmao, it was the dumbest argument ever. 

And they act like “oh Otabek didn’t want to bring Yurio because he’s a minor and Otabek as an Adult knows better!” Uhhh maybe there were other reasons he didn’t bring him along? 

Maybe Otabek didn’t take him to the club because he didn’t want to get either of them in trouble. (Rules are rules, I wouldn’t let my 20 year old friend drink in public because, while there’s no problem with her drinking alcohol, she would be breaking the law and I wouldn’t want her to get a ticket). Maybe Otabek wouldn’t be allowed to DJ there anymore if he brought an underage friend along. Maybe Otabek is scared to death of Yakov and was worried Yakov would kill him for bringing Yurio to a club when he should be resting or practicing for his EX. Maybe Otabek knows Yurio has a social media obsession and doesn’t want to risk Yurio impulsively posting photos on Insta of them at the club cause Otabek would get in trouble with his coach for being out late. Who knows Otabek’s reasons? There are multiple possibilities 

No Superhero

Pairing(s): Captain Canary, with minor background Westallen, Olicity, Karamel, Snowells.

Rating: Teen


Leonard gets an invitation to Barry and Iris’s wedding.

Obviously, he should invite Sara.

Read it HERE.


Clearly, the speedster wanted to get Leonard the invite before he died, rather than using his death as an excuse to get out of it. Cute.

As for the plus one, it’s obvious who he should bring. A perverse part of him wants to show up with Mick anyway. His partner wouldn’t actually burn down anything at the wedding anymore.

Probably. Mick has certainly mellowed, at minimum. Not that Leonard hasn’t, but he’s not thinking about that right this moment.

He’s thinking about the fact that he should ask Sara to go with him, seeing as how she’s half the reason he made the comment about the singles’ table in the first place. Leonard looks up at her, and she raises an eyebrow, waiting patiently for either explanation or avoidance.

He hands her the invitation, slipping the note back into the envelope. “Barry and Iris have requested my sparkling presence when they tie the knot.”

“You going?” she asks, scanning the information on the thick piece of paper.

He shrugs a shoulder. “I figure they need at least one person in attendance who knows how to play it cool.

She pins him with a look for the bad pun, and he smirks.

Have you ever seen Coppélia?

Dr. Coppélius makes a lifelike, life-sized doll, Coppélia. Think Dr. Frankenstein but different. (Creepy or what?

As is strangely the case in every ballet, the young idiot boy is named Franz. A Franz also busts the Nutcracker, you may recall. Anyway, this idiot Franz discards his badass real-life love, who is, unfortunately, named Swanhilda, in favor of this doll.

There’s a brawl. Dr. Coppélius loses his keys. Swanhilda picks them up, because she’s bright like that.

Swanhilda and her girl squad (seriously check out these besties: sneak in to Dr. Coppélius’s house to investigate, because wtf. They discover this perfect Coppélia chick is a doll. DOLL.

Franz, clearly an idiot, is still smitten and gets himself in a sad situation. Scary Dr. Coppélius wants to sacrifice him to bring Coppélia to life. Swanhilda, having done her research, knows what to do and pretends to be the doll and saves Franz’s sad ass. Then they set the dolls free. Dr. Coppélius shows up like at the moment of their vows during their wedding to sue them for the money he lost on the escaped dolls (seriously wtf France in the 19th century), and the mayor buys him off. Finale. Clap clap clap!

Anyway, I started dancing right about the time my studio put on Coppélia. The wooden style of Coppélia’s dancing delighted my eleven-year-old self - when everything was grace and fluidity and pointed toes, here is Coppélia jerking around with flexed feet! Also Swanhilda is a badass, and rescues her prince. True to her character, a Swanhilda variation made me bleed through a pair of pointe shoes and made one of our strongest dancers fall down and cry because the head of her femur was rubbing away at the cartilage of her acetabulum. Ouch. Swanhilda doesn’t fuck around. 

Anyway, I’m totally fascinated by dollhood right now. What makes a person “real?” Why are we simultaneously drawn to (Franz) and disgusted by (Swanhilda) dollish perfection? Soon, I’ll probably start my rewatch of Dollhouse, the Joss Whedon nobody but me likes. When I was last a lawyer, I watched it nonstop, feeling like the world expected me to be a doll, playing a perfect game while requiring no human comforts, that I would “put in my time,” and sacrifice myself for a while to make up for past wrongs and hopefully work towards a future worth living.

And so, here we go again?


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Lennox reached out holding for face between his hands so she couldn’t turn away again. “Liar” he growled “he tried to force himself on you didn’t he?” Reading his answer in her eyes “I’m going to kill him.”

“You’ll do no such thing” she cried “I wanted it the same as he did.”

Lennox dropped his hands staring at her “don’t lie to me to spare my feelings. Blake and I haven’t been friends for a while now. Besides you don’t act like someone who was in agreement with the situation.”

“I was” she asserted “at first.” She glanced away cheeks turning red. She could feel her brother’s eyes boring into her as if he could read her mind.

“But you said no” his voice scary calm.

She nodded “it just felt wrong.” Crossing her arms she hugged herself “I don’t know really. One minute we were kissing. I wanted it to happen. I wanted him then he…he…”

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Lesson n°1 : How to keep up a straight image while having never actually been with a boy or been interested in one by Camila Cabello

So I rewatched the Power 106 FM interview and there’s a few moments that are very revealing on how Camila manage to go along the “straight image” game while at the same time never lying about her actual personal life and the fact that its boy free and actually full of Lauren (theory, don’t get all up my ass please).

Okay the first time boys are brought up in the interview is when they talk about whether or not Sinu is meddling in her love life. Of course the interviewer jump straight into the heteronormative ship (no pun intended) and brings up “friend’s sons” and whatnot. Camila’s response is pretty clear, Mama is out the door, when the person she has a crush on is in the room.

Next stop, the other interviewer, a girl, brings up her own experience at being set up with boys by her mom. Camila comments on it and when she talks about the situation she has a certain gesture :

She points to the girl when she says “with him”, like bitch let’s be clear I’m talking about your story, not mine.

Camila keeps the game up by saying that the “boy situation” is the sahara desert at the moment, no lies there. (p.s : I think that desert is gonna stay empty her whole life)

Also what’s up with that little tilting of the head Camila? Is there something funny? Do you know something they don’t by any chance?

Back to Sinu and how she would discover everything about Camila’s relationship with a boy through her album :

And of course the now iconic Gaymila response :

Another interesting fact is that Camila says right after that Sinu “knew” that she was going through a hard time - might the reason be because Sinu has been on tour with Camila and Lauren for the past 4 years, and that she had a front row seat to witness their relationship? Just a theory.

More boy talk follows (how boring) and the interviewer is still using “him” and “boy” in every sentence - they talk about crushes, and again Camila never specify the gender of these crushes.


The only time she directly mentions liking boys is when she’s talking about her childhood, and obviously most kids think they’re straight before anything else.

Again after that the interviewer asks what she’s looking for in a “boy” - Camila never once use a masculine pronoun in her answer, it’s always gender neutral.

She never once used the words “boy” or “guy” directly or use a masculine pronoun - it’s always the interviewer who brings out those words and all Camila does is go along with it, and just like that she fits into the straight box that people put her in (it apparently never occurred to him that she could possibly like girls - fucking heteronormativity) without having to lie or reveal personal detail about her relationship and who that relationship was with. Smart girl Camila, smart girl.

Trans Lance Headcanons

•He figured out he was trans when he was like 12
•He told his family and they were a bit on the fence at first bc they didn’t really understand it but eventually they were all really accepting
•He picked the name Lance bc Lance was the name of an older boy who always looked out for him and Lance really looked up to him
•The boy killed himself, so Lance also took the name to honor him
•For his 13th birthday his parents got him a binder and he cried
•He hasn’t started transitioning yet, but his parents are saving up the money
•Lance’s family had to fight tooth and nail to get the Garrison to let Lance room with a boy and recognize Lance as a boy, but they managed
•Some teachers would call him Lana bc they were assholes and it messed with him more than he let on
•Some kids at the Garrison made fun of Lance for being trans but Hunk found out and he went into Mom Friend Mode™️ and kicked their asses
•Speaking of Hunk, when he found out Lance was trans he didn’t care at all!!
•Lance was changing and Hunk saw him in his binder and Lance kinda freaked out
•Hunk promised him that he really didn’t care, Lance was still his best friend
•Lance cried
•Lance used to have a really warped sense of masculinity and thought he had to be tough and all those things society expects of men to be seen as a boy
•He still kinda does, and he deals with it by flirting with girls a lot
•He didn’t want to recognize his bisexuality at first either, but then he saw a cute boy (probably Keith) and was like “oh damn”
•Lance at age 14: makeup and skirts are for girls tho
Lance now: *winging his eyeliner and looking in the mirror* this dress really makes my eyes pop tbh
•Pidge finds out when they’re in space and she almost cries bc she’s trans too!!!
•They have talks about it all the time tbh
•Lance at the space mall: PIDGE THERE’S CUTE BRAS, LET’S GET YOU SOME
Pidge: holy shit
•Pidge: hey don’t forget to take your binder off, it’s been like 7 hours
Lance: oh shit you’re right
•Keith finds out during a training session when Lance takes his shirt off and he’s wearing his binder
•Shiro: Keith you’re staring
Keith: nO I’M NOT
Shiro: that’s literally your pining face
Keith: i don’t have a pining face-
Shiro: Keith I’ve known you for ten years yes you do
•Shiro finds out bc Lance tells him one day
•Lance: hey Shiro I’m trans
Shiro, not even looking up from his book: cool
•Allura and Coran are confused at first bc it wasn’t called transgender on Altea but when they explain it they’re like “ohhhh alright that’s cool”
•Whenever an alien accidentally misgenders Lance he gets really uncomfortable but corrects them
•They usually apologize but if they’re a jerk then literally the entire team just. Casually starts bringing out their weapons.
•Shiro: *holding Keith back* Keith you can’t just assault someone-
Keith: he called Lance she and won’t stop!
Shiro: *letting him go* nvm go wild

Feel free to add your own headcanons, I love hearing them!

you’re telling me we’re not gonna see sana’s worried text to isak asking him if he is okay? or isak replying with a picture of his bloody nose saying ‘i look fucking badass’ and then few minutes later a message saying ‘i’m okay, don’t worry sanasol’ ? or sana finally letting out a sigh of relief and she wants to say something, anything, say sorry for bringing her brother and his friends, sorry that he and even got hurt physically and emotionally, but she can’t find the right words to type, and isak after 5 minutes of watching her struggle to type something, says ‘it’s not your fault sanasol’, just like that, because he knows, he knows her and he knows all the guilt she’s carrying in her heart and sana smiles at her phone, her heart clenching in her chest, because she loves her biology partner?? their friendship is so precious and after all that had happened with the girls she feels like he’s the only one she can trust,  and so she answers back with ‘did you cry isabell?’ because that’s how they are, always teasing each other to make the other smile ? and isak is like ‘me? i’m the master of not crying while getting punched in the face??? hallo? even might have cried though when he saw all that blood haha’ ? and then sana is laughing and promising isak to visit him tomorrow morning, and to bring the shebakia her mother made for even with her!!! so like this is so pure and you’re telling me we’re not gonna see it???

We’re taking questions about social media & mental health

As researchers and advocacy groups examine the impact of social media usage on mental health, they are discovering both positives and negatives. While social media fosters community and allows people to connect in ways that are possible only because of the Internet, social media can also come with risks– bullying, harassment, and language of hate. This Tumblr Issue Time discussion brings together panelists from media, advocacy, and healthcare to discuss the relationship between social media and mental health, explore the positive effects it has on community, and examine solutions for how you might mitigate or address some of the negative risks. 

Our panelists will answer your questions in an Issue Time right here on @postitforward on Tuesday, May 30th. Ask anything you’d like. 

The Ask box is open now!

You can read more about our panelists after the jump,

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Villainous Headcanons

Yeah that’s right ya boi back on that bullshit also you guys should check out my Dr. Flug RP BLOG @oh-flug-me maybe drop a question…please

Anyway, let’s get started

•It’s a house rule not to attempt to remove Flug’s bag

•Dementia will pick at the edges to mess with him, but she’d never actually try to take it off
•5.0.5. learned his lesson when Flug almost had a panic attack when he started to lift it up
•Black Hat had completely removed it once, snatched it off his head in a fit of rage, and was actually surprised to see Flug curled up tightly on the floor, covering his head with his arms so no one could see any part of it at all.
•He was shuddering and crying, mumbling and pleading for Black Hat to give it back
•Black Hat, either out of the kindness of his bleak little black heart or maybe just because he was sick of Flug’s whimpering, he gave it back and even turned around, allowing him to put it back on without Black Hat seeing his face
•They eat at the table, all of them

•Black Hat’s rule
•"We’re evil, not slobs! It’s so I won’t find any plates in people’s rooms, Dementia. How would we look in our advertisments if this place was a mess?“
•Dementia eats more like an animal than 5.0.5. does
•Flug either waits for everyone to finish so he can participate in the conversation then eat alone at the table or he simply asks to eat in his room if his social battery isn’t too high, for obvious reasons
•"I better not find that plate in there or it’s your soul.”

•One day, Flug sat down at the table and seemed to worry about something
•Nobody was paying his fidgeting any heed until Dementia glanced over at him and her mouth dropped, prompting the other two to look where she was looking. Their reactions to the phenomenon were the same.
•Flug had pushed up his bag juuuuust enough to allow him to take bites of his dinner, revealing a small part of his mouth and chin
•His hands were shaking and he was trying to ignore their gawking
•"I-I-I-p-please lo-look away. Yo-you’re staring is m-making me uncomfortable,“ he squeaked, etching the bag back down.
•In an instant, the conversation went back to being just about it was before, but glances were stolen at his mouth
•Black Hat likes cats

•As in: If they wander in because the door is open on a hot day, he doesn’t immediately shoo it out and lets it wonder around til it leaves
•If it bumps his leg wanting affection, he’ll nudge it away a bit, but he won’t kick it
•If it brings him dead things, then it gets a pet
•Black Hat made the mistake of letting a cat fall asleep on him
•"You sneaky devil! How’d you even get in my lap?”
•He wants to move, but something compels him to stay put until it wakes up
•Dememtia is jealous as all hell when she found Black Hat asleep with the little fuzzball in his lap
•5.0.5. can be found sleeping anywhere at any point of the day.
•Flug: “I’ve been awake for a week with nothing but coffee and Ritz crackers to keep me alive.”
•Black Hat: “For once, that isn’t my fault.”
•Flug and Dementia sing together some times

•One of the few times you’ll ever see them getting along
•Dementia handles the more…provocative dance moves of the songs they sing together
•Flug can rap pretty damn well
•Though she may tease and sometimes bully him, Dementia likes seeing Flug so happy when he’s singing
•They usually sing until either Black Hat yells at them to turn it down/off or if 5.0.5. tells them that their music is ruining his cleaning time
•They usually high five before going about their day.