she breathes fire

Unpopular Opinion::

I don’t want Aelin to save herself from Maeve and the Iron Coffin.

Book after book after book, we have seen Aelin pull herself out of some pretty hairy situations and always be her own champion, which is great. She is strong and defiant and that’s what makes her such an incredible character.

However, EoS is largely about her learning to trust others to carry the load, to un-clench her hands from the wheel and let others help or trust them to risk their lives to complete whatever mission.

We’ve SEEN Aelin pull herself out of the jaws of death, with and without Rowan giving a little nudge… I think it’s time we see Aelin’s court come for her and save her. Not a nudge to put her over the edge, a full-on rescue to show they are her equals.

On the one hand, she’s the Fire-Breathing Bitch Queen, Heir of Mala Firebringer and Annoyer of the Goddess Dianna, and I think she will burn that Iron Coffin to silver from the inside out.

But on the other hand, I think it’d be nice if instead of Aelin handling it solo, her inner circle could more directly show her they are just as dangerous as she is and break her out in some daring plan that would make her proud.

Aelin will get her time in the limelight when she burns through Erawan and Maeve, so it’d be nice for her Inner Circle to have the win too and make her proud. It’s time for Aelin to play a role she never has before: damsel in distress.

Just a thought.

Villains with a heart - Maleficent

she was the daughter of the spinner, a simple girl with simple needs that talked to flowers
the woods were her home, the crows her family and she danced in summer meadows, one upon a time
until a prince came along who promised a dance for a kiss, a kingdom for a night
when she woke up to his absence the next morning, he had not only burned her faith to ashes but her body as well and when she rose, she swore to breath fire into the world that had treated her with so much darkness

she breathes fire.
her razor sharp claws give way to a massive frame silhouetted by steel cage wings.
she has a sword for a tongue
daggers for eyes. a hole in her chest.
chain link fence ribs and kevlar for skin.
She guards a princess heart in the highest room of the tallest tower.
It’s been there for years and grown quite comfortable with its accommodations
The mountains around her castle,
they stand noble. proud.
they keep others out. they keep her in
she knows not which is more important,
only that her lonely catches the sunlight and refracts off the snowy peaks.

I wonder if you have figured out who this poem is about yet, you or I.
no? me neither.

—  excerpts from poems I never should have written #37

@witchpieceoftoast - part one-ish? though it’s just a thought at this point. Regina’s not even in this yet! :D (it’s also reminding me v. much of hic sunt’s Mal.

(oh, @oparu - you may like this too?)

(editing to add links to the other parts: 2 / 3 / )

Maleficent was an uncommon dragon in many regards. Oh, in some ways, she was very dragon. A very perfect dragon. She had a wingspan of over 20 metres; her scales were harder than diamond and shinier than any crystal; when she breathed fire, rocks would turn to glass under her feet.

But if you could find the magic that would let you scratch beneath the surface of those scales, you would find a heart and mind unusual even for a dragon.

Like all dragons, Maleficent loved to hoard. It was as instinctive an urge as the one to leap into the air and chase down a running deer, or the one that had her rearing back, crest flaring and ready to fill the air with fire, whenever she spotted a challenger.

She felt the first stirrings of this drive to hoard as a very young dragon. Maleficent had fallen in love with the leaves that fell in autumn. She had gathered great mounds of them, filling her little sleeping cave with piles of reds and yellows and golds, until it looked as though she were sleeping on a bed of flame. She’d curled up among the leaves, and counted them, and sorted them by size and shape and gradation of colour. She’d puffed her cheeks and blown out huffs of powerful breath, and sent leaves fluttering through the air, like pretty little fairies out for a dance. She’d pounced to catch them before they fell back to earth, gathering them back into piles and mounds and finally fallen asleep, buried in leaves, exhausted.

In the morning, her inconsolable howls had brought her mother storming to her sleeping cave.

Her mother found Maleficent sitting, weeping, surrounded by dust and crumbles of faded colour.

Her wonderful hoard of flame was disintegrating around her.

“Hush, bright eyes,” her mother had said, gentle as any human mother. She’d drawn Maleficent to her side, wrapping her close with a powerful wing.

“Ahh, we do bear the loss of that we love very hard. You will learn, bright eyes, to only love things that hold fast. Gold and silver and gemstones. Not this ephemera that lasts no longer than a breath.”

Maleficent heard her mother’s words. But what stayed with her was love things that hold fast.

As she grew, so did her hoard. And while Maleficent did collect gold and silver and gemstones (for she loved bright and beautiful things as much as anyone), she also hoarded other things, things that no dragon would ever think of as treasure.

Her library was a thing of wonder, spanning centuries of knowledge and thought. Her walls and halls were lined with art of all forms. Magical devices filled the air with music whenever she walked into a room.

Whatever was deemed worthy of being part of her hoard, Maleficent kept protected and safe. Because a dragon bears the loss of that she loves very hard.

There was one more thing that Maleficent loved. And that was love itself - the most ethereal of things that hold fast.

She had tried to find a way to hoard ‘love itself’, but all her attempts ended in misery. Her strongest magic could not find a way to pinpoint and extract and embody the spark of ‘love’.

Then she tried protecting love in others, but that had failed too. Even the most ardent of lovers would flee as soon as they realised a dragon was taking an interest in their coupling.

Finally she had decided that she would find those wayward souls who, through no fault of their own, were doomed to a destiny that denied them any chance of love. She would find them and save them.

It just so happened that the inspiration for this decision was a young woman Maleficent overheard weeping on a hillside, lamenting the fate that was forcing her to be married off to a man she did not love. Perhaps a little part of Maleficent recalled her own childhood despair in the woman’s sobs.

By the time Maleficent had worked through her own thoughts and emotions, the young woman was gone, delivered to the rich landowner who would claim her as his bride.

Tall walls and barred windows were no deterrent to a dragon whose flame could melt rocks.

Maleficent had gone crashing into the fort, scattering terrified guards before her, and carried the young woman off into the night.

This became the incident from which her legend grew. Mothers and fathers would tell terrified daughters this story on the eve of their marriage: Be grateful we are giving you to a powerful man. He will keep you safe from the dragon!

And sometimes those parents would wake to gaping holes in their walls, and a missing daughter.

Oh look, another fusion (or at least a redesign)!

This is Dragon’s Breath Fire Opal, nicknamed Brea (because her gem name is incredibly long). She’s a fusion between Beni and Coral. Brea 12 feet tall and is actually pretty level headed and calm, but is a tad controlling; mainly because she cares so much about the well-being of others. 

one thing we’ve seen a lot this season is a bunch of background techs/agents, which clearly couldn’t be a thing in season one (for obvious reasons) but it raises a lot of interesting questions. namely: 

do you think they’ve built up any of the original team to be legends of sorts? more specifically, do you think they’ve built up jemma to be a legend?

because she’s barely been there, but here’s just some of what they DO know:

  • one part of the legendary ‘fitzsimmons’
  • was at the hub for the fall of shield, survived
  • dragged fitz up from the bottom of the ocean with a single breath
  • director nick fury came out of hiding to save her, brought her to the playground, spoke to her with familiarity
  • went and infiltrated hydra, scientist untrained in espionage that she is, and was successfully extracted

she’s this mysterious figure who’s barely even there but has all these stories follow her nonetheless, and then she rolls back in one day, this tiny person with a leather(ish) jacket and a badass haircut and she just assumes control of the lab like she never left and stares down ward and just

do you think they hear rumours of what she’s done (jumping out of planes, onto grenades) and make up exaggerated stories about her?

do you think she’s the new shield’s equivalent of the cavalry?

She’s got horns like the devil
                                             pointed at me, and
                                             there’s nowhere to run
                                             from the fire she breathes

                                                     ( written by jaz !! )

throne of glass crackpot theory where the stags that aelin keeps seeing are ghosts of her ancestry (however recent) that want to make sure she’s guarded even when she thinks she’s alone.

actually no marisha did it too the episode before last with shapechange. when she said bronze dragon. even tho you have to have encountered the creature and VM hasnt ever met a bronze dragon. and then she mentioned breathing fire, even tho bronze dragons are lightning (i believed) based, unlike brass dragons, which she has met one of and which are fire based

thank u for listening

Tonight for dinner was stir-fry. Terezigrub insisted on hers being 3XTR4 SP1CY so that she could learn to breathe fire like a R34L DR4GON >:D

Pictured: A hungry grub about to strike her prey.

So incredibly D3L1C1OUS and spicy. And now that she’s done, time to try out that fire-breathing!

R4WR!!!! >:0~~~~~

Kanayagrub Remains Fortunately Not Incinerated

However She Does Have A Suggestion For Her Friend