she breathes fire

is your best friend a reincarnated dragon? it’s more likely than you think!

since @honeybunchesofjokes​ decided call out posts were in again, here’s mine for her:



okay, she’s not a literal five headed dragon, but she IS a dragon, likely one who’s sass pissed off a wizard, which is why she’s been cursed to into a tiny, frail mortal form

“but shana!” you’re saying, “that’s a serious accusation! you can’t accuse people of being dragons without any evidence! this is america! we’re human until proven a giant fire breathing lizard in a court of law!”

BITCH you think I don’t got EVIDENCE???

please consider:

runs hot. runs so hot. call the police and the fireman (make a draGON WANNA RETIRE MAN!!!!)

  • she’s so warm everyone in the friend group has used her as a space heater at various points
  • has put her hot hot hands on various people and there’s just this slow outrage of realization that small bunsen burners have been placed on them
  • she laid next to me in bed and was literally giving off such a large amount of heat from her tiny body that i had to TURN ON THE AIR CONDITIONING

she likes Things not in the way people like things, but in the ways of museum curators and DRAGONS have HOARDS of Things!

  • collects postcards, curates postcards and Small Art, and sometimes puts them up but most of the time they are just There and she Has Them because they are part of her Things
  • things that are blue are Good and things that are teal are Very Good!! she has so many things in teal!!! she hoards teal!! is a small art or postcard teal? EVEN BETTER!
  • ‘but shana’ you say ‘those aren’t very traditional dragon hoards. that just sounds like things she likes’

she made herself a cave to live in

  • i’m not fucking joking she made a CAVE!!!
  • she bought a queen canopy bed and got some dark BLUE sheets and THREE (3!) BLUE blankets and dark BLUE curtains to surround herself in!! it’s all blue and dark!
  • bitch missed her native environment and just!! built a motherfucking cave!!

her fashion aesthetic is Adventurer and Hero

  • how is this relevant, you ask?
  • i can only assume she dresses like all the mortals who tried to slay her in her past life and FAILED

consumes things that are TOO HOT!!

  • normal people should not be consuming things that are that hot!
  • drinks soup and other liquids that are boiling!!! yells at ME for not drinking boiling liquids! ‘it’s too hot!’ i tell her, and she scoffs and says 'it’s lukewarm!’
  • you???? are consuming??? a boiling liquid???? YOU DON’T GET TO TELL ME ANYTHING ON TEMPERATURE
  • 'microwave this for me’ she says. i do it. 'this is cold!’ she complains. honey. honey bunch. honey bunches of oats. its FUCKING STEAMING.

grew up in the icy tundra of minnesota and hates the warm mild so cal!

  • it is because she runs so hot!
  • loves snow! loves cold! who loves being cold?? NO ONE LOVES BEING COLD
  • therefore she is Not As Cold as everyone else because she’s a MOTHERFUCKING DRAGON
  • NO WONDER she doesn’t like living in a desert! dragons don’t live in deserts! they live on the tops of icy snowy mountains!
  • 'it’s too hot’ she says, for once in her goddamn life. 'IT’S A PLEASANT FUCKING DAY’ i say. 'we should move. someplace north.’ she says, because she yearns to RETURN FROM WHENCE SHE CAME

every time she comes out of the shower she looks like she just got fucking murdered by gordon ramsay

  • let me explain
  • she scratches herself in the shower and BIG RED WELTS APPEAR.
  • 'oh,’ you say, 'she has sensitive skin!’
  • DOES SHE???? or are her NAILS much like her UNNATURAL BODY HEAT remnants of her former dragon body, and therefore so much stronger than a normal human’s??

she’s always ready to Fight

  • her new years resolution last year was to get in a bar fight. this year it was to be pettiest person she knows.
  • she is a FIRM believer that violence solves ALL YOUR PROBLEMS if you do it right
  • why is so much vigilante justice rage contained inside of her? why is she so Ready To Go, Mate?
  • what else do you expect!! when you curse a big fearsome dragon!! to reside in a mortal form!! this is what you get!!!

in conclusion:

My Roommate Is A Giant Fire-breathing Lizard

thank you and goodnight

Hold on Hun, We’re Gonna Bunny-Hug (pt1)

“I’m not cruisin’ for a love connection,” she warns him with pursed lips. He still has her pinned to the door, one leg thrown around his waist as they grind into each other ever so often.

James doesn’t miss a step, just drags his teeth over her pulse and says, “Good. Me either.”

or, ‘I slept with you the other day and I didn’t know we had a mutual friend and now we’re sitting across each other for brunch and it’s awkward' 

wc: 3.7k
rating: M

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The pub is raucous tonight. It seems like everyone and their mum decided to hit up the Three Broomsticks, and Rosmerta only had time to sling their drinks across the counter before hustling off to deal with another round of patrons. It just errs on the side of uncomfortable; the close packed bodies, the almost deafening levels of chatter, the slowly building humidity that leaves his skin damp, even after he rolled up the sleeves of his flannel in an attempt to cool down.

It’s a bit chaotic, but then again, he thrives off of chaos. At least, that’s what he says after watching some bloke spill his drink on a girl in an attempt to feel her up, only to receive a punch to the jaw. It results in a minor scuffle and he just sits off to the side observing it. It reminds him of an Andy Warhol painting for some reason; just a blur of colour and movement.

James Potter is not good at flip cup.

Or, more accurately, he’s not good at this blaspheme of flip cup that Sirius came up with. He’s making them chug a bitter stout instead of beer, and James grimaces the whole way through, costing him and Remus significant time.

He gives up after the third round of losing- he doesn’t hate himself that much, plus he’s sure that if he doesn’t wash down the taste with something else, his tastebuds would never forgive him- and Sirius pats him on the back.

“Oh don’t be sad, Prongs,” he says, pinching his cheeks.

James bats his hands away. “You’re a sadistic bastard.”

“Funny, that’s what my mum used to call me growing up.”

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TV Guide listed the top TV couples and “Richonne” made the list along with Randall and Beth from This Is Us, Vincent and Abby from The Deuce, and Jon and Daenerys from Game Of Thrones. Honorable mentions included Riverdale‘s Archie and Veronica, How To Get Away With Murder‘s Connor and Oliver, Rob and Sharon from Amazon’s Catastrophe, and The Americans‘ Philip and Elizabeth.

Actor Andrew Lincoln explained what makes them work so well together in the zombie apocalypse. He said that Rick and Michonne see hope for the future when they are together. In a world of extreme brutality, they manage to hold each other up.

The Walking Dead actor added that Michonne is responsible for bringing back Rick Grimes from a place of darkness. He was in the worst place possible since the death of Lori Grimes (Sarah Wayne Callies.) She “breathed fire” and instilled the fight back into Rick. In a sense, he got his life back because of Michonne


Melisandre, The Red Woman.

anonymous asked:

do you think they have made allura a bit mary sue ish?

Anon, I have to confess that I find it very funny when these accusations are made mostly because like…

The thing that “Mary Sue” is often used to describe is specialness.

Allura is one of the core protagonists. She is going to be special.

I think that sometimes, well-meaning people in writing get very scared of making a character special exactly because they’re scared of making a “Mary Sue”. It comes out to “But Clockie, we can’t have a magical space princess with some kind of ambiguous divine destiny and the traumatic loss of her entire people making her one of the only survivors of an ancient race! That’s Too Many Checkboxes!”

and, yeah- if you’re treating it as a list of checkboxes, and not a backstory.

You can, in fact, take a massive number of cool things and compile them together into one character with it flowing smoothly.

The difference is, did you just toss all this in there with little rhyme or reason, because it was cool?

Allow me to introduce you to someone near and dear to my heart:

This is Doom.

Specifically she is one of the oldest characters I ever created. Like- back in middle school, I had Doom.

Dear old Doom was the child of a dragon and a Japanese yokai whose M.O. and capabilities I never actually researched (nekomata) and her dragon dad was Evil and she looked human for some reason. She could breathe fire and fly and was always chirpy and excitable and so funny and charming and really how could anyone not like her unless they were Evil and Close-Minded and thus there to be beaten down and humiliated comically?

Now here’s the thing about Doom. My point is not that Doom is a bad character, or to say “this, this is a Sue. Allura’s fine.”

My point is actually, Doom is a good character. She’s also just kind of a starting character- I was new to this whole writing game. I was also pretty insecure, and wanted to fantasize about being good at everything, having every cool thing, and being liked. I thought dragons and Japanese culture were really cool, but put basically no thought into them besides that. I thought being full of energy and spontaneous were good likable personality traits and put no further thought into it.

And I fell into cliches, racism, and various other issues.

But Doom is not fundamentally a bad character. With a better understanding of what I’m doing, I could take that exact list of characters- humanoid dragon/cat creature that is overenthusiastic, has a negative relationship with one of her parents, mixed race with Japanese heritage and able to take a human form.

The “problem” with Doom of old is lack of cohesion. Because her traits really are just a list of checkboxes with very little thought on how they fit together. Like how a dragon and a magical cat reproduced in the first place, both biologically and why they’d have a child together if they had such staunchly opposed moral viewpoints.

That’s not something I think you can really accuse Allura of. Because? All of Allura’s points have been given a lot of thought and fit together smoothly and fluidly. They did not just take a stereotypical tolkienesque elf and throw her into deep space. A lot of thought is given to the Alteans and how they work. Allura does not have unforeshadowed powers or solve problems effortlessly without consequence.

The Alteans, like many of the other species we see, have a beneficial quirk (shapeshifting). Magic is not their trick, since we see multiple species have that.

I’ve mentioned this before but I think “Mary Sue” is a really ineffective piece of criticism because it tries to cast a net for a broad variety of writing problems- some of which are not even actually writing problems as much as sometimes, the term is used specifically to criticize a female character being too important to the plot. And while it’s not always used that way, I think “Mary Sue” has kind of outlived its potential usefulness as a criticism. It’s at a point where the vague specter of the Sue has become a character in and of itself, when, I think if we’re being honest with ourselves- all of us live our fantasies through our characters to a degree. And our early characters were usually the more blatant fantasies.

But that’s kinda the point. Writing and creating characters should not be a joyless puritan exercise. Like, let’s just be dead honest here, the reason why we are into Voltron as a show is because someone looked us dead in the eye and said “Do you want to see a combining mecha made of lions fight a guy in space” and that is not a pitch you can say no to.

As a child I had a keen sense of what was really cool and wanted to cut straight to that. This person is going to be able to shoot lasers. Because, of course they can.

That was frankly a gift that I threw away, and I’m currently trying a lot as a writer to get it back. To actually cut loose and let my characters be special and exciting- because there’s a reason they’re a major character! There’s a reason I want people to care about them! I feel like, compared to my past self, I’ve improved technically quite a bit, but honestly some of the wild imagination I had when I was younger, I’ve lost. It’s important to balance what’s logical and makes sense with sometimes taking your audience by the shoulders and going “Lightning wizards.” because honestly, most of the time, most people will reply with “…continue.”

So I guess my rebuttal is: Characters are allowed to be special, and I think we should retire Mary Sue as a criticism. If you have a further problem that we should bring up, let’s use other words to explore that.

anonymous asked:

*whispers* did you see the parallel in the sneak peak for episode 705 where Varys tells Tyrion he needs to get D@ny to listen and when Tyrion tells Cersei she needs to control Joffrey (in episode 307 I believe) or was that just me?? I love your blog btw and you seem very nice☺️

Oh my god!!! 

Thank you for pointing that out to me. That’s such a good parallel, and honestly, now that you mentioned it, you might be onto something about comparing Joffrey with Danielle. 

Remember this scene in 7x01 between Jon and Sansa? 

“So I can’t question your decisions anymore?” 

“Of course you can.”

“But Joffrey never let anyone question his authority. You think he was a good king?” 

Sansa is telling Jon that a good king is someone who listens to others’ counsels unlike Joffrey, who only did as he pleased and caused death and chaos with his decisions. And the audience knows this. Joffrey may be one of the most hated characters on Game of Thrones. He is undoubtedly a villain. For the audience, there’s no grey area about it. Joffrey was pure spoiled, entitled evil. 

Now, you fast forward to 7x02 where Olenna is talking to Danielle: 

“He’s a clever man, your Hand. I’ve known a great many clever men. I’ve outlived them all. You know why? I ignored them. The lords of Westeros are sheep. Are you a sheep? No. You’re a dragon. Be a dragon.”

She’s urging her to ignore Tyrion’s counsel and act as her ancestors would, who were conquerors and ruled the Seven Kingdoms with an iron fist. If Joffrey was bad, they were worse. Olenna even says so before that: 

“Peace? Do you think that’s what we had under your father? Or his father? Or his? Peace never lasts, my dear.”

Joffrey’s reign as king could be said as the starting point of the war. There was no peace under his rule, just as there was none under the Targaryens. And Olenna is urging Danielle to be exactly like that because she doesn’t care about peace. She knows she’ll die; she wants bloody, fiery revenge. And the smirk Danielle gives at the end of the scene suggests she likes that idea very much. After all, Danielle hates being told what to do and she has a history already of ignoring the counsel of her advisors and doing what she wants. 

This couldn’t be more poignant than 7x04 when she does ignore Tyrion’s counsel entirely and flies her dragons to rain fire and blood on the Lannister army. The destruction she caused was complemented with a swell of tragic music as the Lannister army scream and burn to death. You have Tyrion overlooking the scene, shame and regret on his face, and Jaime looking on with such horror. 

Yes, Tyrion’s counsel has led her to allies being taken, but his point remains the same. If she attacks with a foreign army and dragons, she will only instill fear in the people of Westeros. And if she takes the Iron Throne, she will not be met with the love and worship she has come to know. She is not freeing anyone from slavery, from oppression; to them, she is stealing their lands and their freedom. When the people think Cersei is a better alternative, you know you’ve done fucked up, right? And I think after 7x04, they would rather have Cersei than Danielle on the throne. 

But Danielle doesn’t care. It’s not even revenge because she doesn’t show one bit of remorse for the deaths of Olenna, the Sands and the capture of Elaria and Yara Greyjoy. She cares that she’s lost allies who were supposed to help her win the Iron Throne. She cares only that she’s losing and when she rides her dragons, breathing fire on carts of food and soldiers, she’s not doing it to turn the tides of war. If so, she could’ve just shown up and let the Dothrakis take charge. That gleeful smile on her face, the mania in her eyes? Danielle’s doing it because they’re her enemies, and how dare they try to thwart her plans? How dare they defy her right to rule? 

If Joffrey had dragons, would he not do the same thing? He’d probably do a hell of a lot worse, but that’s not exactly painting Danielle as a hero, is it? 

Again, similar to Joffrey, she feels entitled to her crown. She will not tolerate anyone who disrespects that right, just as he did. You can see/hear the indignation in her in this scene when Jon refuses to bend the knee in 7x03: 

“In the time since he’s met me, he’s refused to call me queen, he’s refused to bow, and now he’s calling me a child.” 

Joffrey is definitely more unstable than Danielle is, more childish and more petty, but the indignation here is similar in his conversation with Tyrion in 2x06: 

“Traitors! I’ll have their heads!”
“You can’t insult me!”

In most of his dialogue, he’s constantly reiterating that he’s king, just as Danielle constantly reiterates that she’s queen and the rightful ruler of the Seven Kingdoms. 

And this speech while powerful, it was only there to cement her rigid, unfaltering belief that she is entitled to the Iron Throne (as Joffrey once believed himself entitled to it):

“Do you know what kept me standing through all those years in exile? Faith. Not in any gods, not in myths and legends. In myself. In Daenerys Targaryen. The world hadn’t seen a dragon in centuries until my children were born. The Dothraki hadn’t crossed the sea, any sea. They did for me. I was born to rule the Seven Kingdoms, and I will.”

In contrast, let’s go back to 7x01 with Jon and Sansa. You have this exchange right after the dialogue I quoted above:

“Do you think I’m Joffrey?” 

“You’re as far from Joffrey as anyone I’ve ever met.”

And we know this. We know Jon is different. That’s like saying the sky is blue and the grass is green, so why have this piece of dialogue at all? On the one hand, shipping goggles on and all, I do believe it’s to set up this comparison between Sansa’s first love interest and her last. Hint hint wink wink and all that, but I’m going to ignore that for now. 

The second reason, which I am now starting to believe is to demonstrate the differences in Jon’s rule with Danielle. So much of Season 7 has been to establish their different methods, viewpoints, morality, goals and the way in which they view their subjects. Danielle sees them as her ‘children’, who she can pass judgement on. Like I said in a previous meta, they worship and fear as if she’s a god. On the other hand, Jon inspires loyalty in the men and women who follow him, but he is also being held accountable to them. If he fails to act in the best interest of the North, they will reject him as their king. 

And I can honestly painstakingly go through each episode to emphasise their differences, but I feel like this one piece of dialogue says it all (from Jon in 7x04): 

“I never thought that dragons would exist again. No one did. The people who follow you know that you made something impossible happen. Maybe that helps them believe that you can make other impossible things happen. Build a world that’s different from the shit one they’ve always known. But if you use them to melt castles and burn cities, you’re not different. You’re just more of the same.”

Jon understands war. He is one of the best military tacticians in Westeros right now, right? At least that’s what the show is painting him as. That’s why he inspires loyalty. He’s saved the brothers and the wildlings and kept them alive. He’s made hard decisions and he is a great swordsman who has been in the battlefield right alongside his men, ready to die for them. Danielle’s speech about ‘what kind of ruler would she be if she doesn’t risk her life?’ is moot when Jon, the very man who has actually died for his men, says that her decision to go fight the Lannister army with her dragons is wrong. It’s not about her risking her life; it’s about her being more, being better than those that went before her, and she spectacularly failed that this episode. 

Why? Because she refuses to listen. Her entitlement, her indignation and her inability to see someone else’s perspectives (people who have a far better grasp of Westerosi politics than her) is eerily similar to Joffrey. 

Now like you said, Anonny, that 7x05 preview? Varys telling Tyrion to find way to get Danielle to listen does seem to be a direct parallel to Tyrion telling Cersei to make Joffrey listen to reason, especially when you consider everything else that’s been shown thus far this season. And it’s no coincidence that Tyrion is at the heart of it all. Perhaps he is beginning to realise that he has become exactly what he hated. Blind to the faults of a dictator, on the wrong side of the war.

Also, thank you!!! I love you for loving my blog ^_^ and double thank you for thinking I’m a nice person. You should tell my brother that. He thinks I have a black soul ;D haha. 

Villains with a heart - Maleficent

she was the daughter of the spinner, a simple girl with simple needs that talked to flowers
the woods were her home, the crows her family and she danced in summer meadows, one upon a time
until a prince came along who promised a dance for a kiss, a kingdom for a night
when she woke up to his absence the next morning, he had not only burned her faith to ashes but her body as well and when she rose, she swore to breath fire into the world that had treated her with so much darkness

Not Three But Four

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Reader x Danny / Young!Reader x Danny

“Your grace…” Missandei muttered as she hovered in the doorway.

“Yes?” Daenerys asked gently, having been sat enjoying a moment’s peace, leant against the cool marble of her quarters walls.

“I am sorry your Grace… one of your… the women who… your handmaiden she.” Missandi stuttered and Daenerys stood, concern flooding her at the clear distress on her face. “During the attack she…”

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Requests: “Hello!! Can I have 99 with Klaus?? ❤️❤️❤️” Prompt List (Credits to gif owners!)

She got in her car, she had to see him. To apologize for turning him down, for making him feel terrible about himself. Because the truth was that she was in love with him. And being in love with someone who’s so evil, who was evil, who does so many bad things…that’s not like her. She wasn’t raised this way.

Everything inside of her was a red flag. From the moment she met him. But she was a curious young woman. He sparked her somehow, everything telling her to run the other way because her parents taught her that people like him could hurt her. So she turned him down. Because he’s a vampire. Because he’s different. But her parents told her that being different was good. Everything she believed in, was caving in on her. She was conflicted.

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Wings Are Always Pretty (Draco Malfoy x Reader)

This was a request and it’s an X-men kind of crossover, so pls enjoy.

“They’re not even wizards! What is the old man even thinking inviting them here?” Draco complained over breakfast to the whole Slytherin table, making sure that his voice carried as far as possible. 

He directed a glare at the new table set right up at the front where five of the students from Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters currently sat eating peacefully. He intensified his glare, willing one of them to turn back to acknowledge him but none of them did.

“That may be so, but they definitely aren’t muggles.” Pansy reasoned, pouring milk into her tea with a neat flourish.

“Pansy, this is the Triwizard Tournament. Not the Trimutant Tournament.” Draco raised his voice again and this time one of the mutants did turn around making Draco recoil involuntarily.

Six eyes. He’s got six eyes.

The six-eyed mutant boy gave him a scathing look before turning back to his breakfast and Draco barely managed not to flinch.

“They’re freaks I tell you, freaks!” He whisper-shouted vehemently.

“I think they’re kinda hot.” Blaise cut in, absentmindedly chewing on a pork rib. Draco choked on his food and goggled at him, lost for words.

“Really, Blaise.” Said Pansy flatly. “You think that’s hot?” She pointed her chin in the direction of a girl with abnormally fiery red hair who was currently using her very long tongue to lick her plate clean without even having to pick it up.

Blaise stared in disgusted fascination for a short moment then shrugged. “Well okay, not all of them.” He relented. “But look at that one at the end.” He gestured with his fork.

Draco’s eyes followed the utensil and came to rest on a girl.

Well he’s not wrong, he thought.

The longer he looked at her, the harder it was for him to look away. There was just something so aesthetically pleasing about her and Draco kept staring until Pansy jabbed him in the ribs, hard.

He stifled a yelp and rubbed the sore spot gingerly. “That was not necessary, Pans.” He grumbled.

Pansy grinned cheekily. “I rather think it was.”

Draco threw a croissant at her.

“Hey, you know what?” Blaise chimed in. 

“No, what.” Draco and Pansy said simultaneously.

Blaise gestured to the girl again. “Apart from being insanely attractive; don’t you guys think she looks a little- I don’t know- normal? For a mutant, I mean.”

Draco studied the girl for a moment and found that Blaise was right. While the other four mutants had obvious tells that they weren’t humans (spikes, tails, multiple eyes etc.), the girl all three of them were currently scrutinizing had a fairly human appearance.

“I bet she breathes fire.’ Blaise mused.

“Or ice.” Draco countered. 

“Maybe her power is really mild, like making plants grow.” Pansy suggested sarcastically.

“Or maybe it’s- oh shit. Abort abort abort! She’s looking our way.!” Blaise hissed as he grabbed a newspaper, shaking it open and disappearing behind it.

Draco hastily made a show of stirring his porridge while Pansy merely rolled her eyes.

“You two are really pathetic.” She told them.

Draco couldn’t agree with her more.

Draco can’t sleep. No matter what he does or what position he changes to, sleep just refuses to come. For some strange reason, he can’t stop thinking about the mutant girl. Granted she did give him and his friends a rather withering glare for all their staring that morning. There was just something about her that had managed to catch his eye. He doesn’t know what it is, but there’s just something

Yep, he can’t sleep.

Quietly, so as to not wake up his dorm mates, Draco slides out of bed and puts on his slippers (yes, he wears slippers, shut up). He grabs his wand from his bedside table, stowing it carefully away in his pyjama pocket. He figures a quiet stroll around would be what he needs to get his thoughts together, so with determination, he sets out to do just that.

Who knew the castle could be so quiet? Draco was used to seeing the corridors filled and buzzing with life, but right now, just after midnight, everything was still. He likes it.

He walks around aimlessly, not exactly sure where he’s headed. That question is answered soon enough when he finds himself walking out the doors and making his way towards the quidditch pitch.

This is more like it. The breeze in his hair and clothes, the smell of grass, the moonlight glinting off of the hoops, the weirdly shaped thing sitting on the stands and the- wait

Draco backtracks. What the heck is that on the stands? He squints hard at it but he’s too far away to see what it is. For one horrible moment, he thinks it’s a Dementor but immediately let’s go of that idea. Dementor’s don’t just casually sit on stands in the middle of the night and besides, Dumbledore sent those things away ages ago.

So what is it?

Cautiously, he takes several steps in it’s direction and when it still doesn’t move he takes another. Maybe it’s sleeping, he reasons. He takes another step and a twig snaps noisily causing the creature to jump up in surprise giving Draco a clear view of it’s figure in the moonlight.

His mouth drops open.

“You have wings???”

The mutant girl eyes him up and down. “Ah, you’re one of the starers from this morning.” She recounts bluntly. “Stalking is also not cool, you know.”

“I’m not stalking you.” Draco says hotly. “I was out for a midnight stroll.”

The girl raised her eyebrow sardonically, not saying anything. She shifts her stance a little and Draco gets a good view of her wings.

They were huge. Twice the size of her body and pure white, made up of layers upon layers of soft feathers. Magnificent, really.

“See something that interests you?” The girl teases, smiling slightly.

Draco snaps out of his daze. “N-not particularly, no.”

“Well, you’re the first person to see them since I’ve come to this school, so you should feel honored.” She tells him conspiratorially, giving him an over-exaggerated wink.

Draco is horrified when he feels his cheeks heat up and quickly coughs to hide it. “W-where do they go? When we can’t see them, I mean. Do they just disappear or something?”

“Not exactly, no. How do I explain this?” She taps her chin thoughtfully, her hair falling into her eyes a little.

She has nice eyes.

 “They kind of contract back into my body, I guess. Then when I want to unfurl them they just… pop back out.”

“Does it hurt?”

“Not really.”

“Can you fly with them?”

“Of course I can.”

“Are they soft?”

“… why don’t you feel them?”

“What, really?” He asks, surprised.

The girl narrows her eyes contemplatively but then extends one of her wings out towards him. “Go ahead.”

Draco immediately reaches out before she changes her mind. He gasps slightly when his fingers come into contact with the feathers.

“They’re really soft.” He breathes, stroking his hand over them gently.

The girl shrugs. “They’re just feathers. Feathers are supposed to be soft. You know, there’s a girl back at the academy called Trinity, and she has these awesome pitch black butterfly wings. Next to those mine aren’t even half as impressive.” She sighed, moving her wings away. Draco mourned the loss.

“I think I prefer your wings.” He stated.

The girl gives him a curious look. “Really?” She asked quizzically.

“Yeah, they make you look like an angel.” He answered. 

It takes a moment for Draco’s brain to process the words that had just left his mouth.

“Wait, no.” He backtracks. “No-not that I think you look like an angel because you don’t by the way. I’m saying you-you have angel like wings and they just…you know…” He trails off pathetically looking anywhere but at the girl. Why oh why did he have to say that out loud?

“No ones ever… called me… an angel… before…” The girl says, her voice unsteady and Draco chances a glance at her. She’s looking him with wide eyes and her cheeks are dusted with a little pink.

That’s a nice color on her.

“Wait, what. No one? No one at all?” He feels the need to clarify.

She shakes her head as if to clear it. “Everyone back at the academy calls them cockatoo wings. Have you ever met a cockatoo? I’ll tell you right now if those assholes are gonna be angels of anything, then they’re Satan’s angels from hell.” Her words are nonchalant but her tone is slightly bitter. Draco wonders if he’s hit a sore spot and decides to change the subject.

“You do know it’s past curfew, right? You’re lucky there aren’t any teachers about.” Draco fought the urge to kick himself. Curfew? Out of all the things out there to talk about, he mentions curfew?

The girl brandishes a small scroll of parchment. “I have a permission slip.” Then a sly expression crosses her features. “Do you?”

“I don’t.” Draco admits. “But I’m Draco Malfoy, I don’t need a permission slip to be out on a midnight stroll.”

The girl perks up for some reason. “Draco Malfoy? That’s your name? Huh, it’s really cool.” She looked oddly happy at this and Draco felt a weird fluttery feeling in his stomach. He’d never gotten that kind of reaction before. Whenever people learned that he was a Malfoy they either grovelled to get on his good side or shied away in fear. The girl’s reaction was… nice, in a way.

“So, what’s your name?” He inquired tentatively.

“[f/n] [l/n]” She replied almost immediately, eyebrow quirking slightly. 



Now what? Draco thought. What on earth do you say after introductions? Do you shake hands? Should he shake hands?

He was interrupted from his little dilemma when [f/n] began flapping her wings experimentally. She caught his eye and in one swift movement they disappeared back into her body leaving no trace that they had ever been there.

“I guess I’ve stretched my wings enough for now so I think I’m gonna head back inside.”  She held out her hand. “It was nice meeting you, Dragon.”

Draco could practically feel his insides melting into a pool of mush. She called him Dragon. His own mother calls him that so it shouldn’t be endearing. What is wrong with him? For fucks sake, he needs to get his act together.

 “N-nice meeting you too.” He took her hand and then all of a sudden all he can think about is how soft they were, just like her wings……

“Yule Ball!” He blurts out before he could stop himself.

There’s a still silence as [f/n} blinks a few times, her grip still loosely on his hand. “What?”

Draco swallows. Well, he took a step, he’ll keep walking. “The Triwizard Tournament usually comes with a Yule Ball which requires you take a-a date.”

She continues to stare.

“So basically I’m asking if maybe you’d like to- you know, if maybe you’d like to…”

She’s still staring. Draco gives up.

“Forget i-”


Draco hears. He processes. “…huh?”

“You’re asking me to the ball, right? I said ‘okay’.” Oh god she’s got that weird happy expression on her face again and Draco just knows he’s done for. He takes a deep breath, gathering up whats left of his dignity.

“I’ll pick you at seven, don’t be late.” He goes for a bow but then remembers that he is clad only in pyjamas and a pair of slippers therefore probably looking like an idiot. He settles for quick nod of the head, ignoring the amused twinkle in [f/n]’s eyes, before walking away back the way he had come.

He’s already halfway across the pitch when [f/n] calls out to him. He turns too quickly for it to look casual and makes a mental note to chastise himself for it later. Malfoy’s need to be cool and suave, Draco. Cool and suave.   

“I just remembered that I’ve already picked out a dress and it’s green so please don’t pick something that would clash!” She shouts into cupped hands.

Draco can’t help the surprised smile that etches itself onto his face and because Malfoy’s don’t shout, he signals to her that he understands.

“I don’t think green will be a problem.” He says to himself.

We Hunt The Hunters Part III (Finale)

Hello everyone! Welcome to another one of the stories, bringing back some characters, Sasha and Breka. This story was inspiried by user @quiksilvear and their requested prompt of human persistence hunting. I know the last one was kinda slow, but I took my time with this and truly put my love for story in it. Without further ado, lets continue!


Sasha lay on her stomach, watching as a football field away there sat another corpse of one of the grazing creatures they had killed. Breka laid by her side, though instead of her usual drowsiness, the beast’s eyes were alert and her hackles raised. Sasha laid her hand on Breka’s flank and shushed her softly. “Easy Girl … I hear him too … The hunt was the creatures, but now the real hunt starts,” she cooed warmly, turning her attention back to the clearing before them. 

Hours passed, and finally it started again. Amid the humming of extra-terrestrial insects and other fauna, a loud growl could be heard throughout the woods. An echoing howl that came from some unopposed titan of this planet. Stepping from the clearing it stood proud on it’s six legs, a vicious looking abomination covered in barbs, six blood red eyes, and a coat of ashen gray fur touched with splotches of black and dark red. Even on all fours, this monstrosity stood almost 12 feet tall. It stopped a few feet from the corpse, smelling the air, gazing around hungrily, and whipped up it’s three tails. Each was barbed and dripping some kind of white and green liquid. The beast’s hackles rose up, and it hissed before moving to began it’s feast on the corpse. 

“He took the bait … Step one,” she pulled out her her gun, “Test the hide,” she took a deep breathe and aimed. However, the beast was not her target, but the vines above it. A single shot caused the monster to look up in the air, and the bullet cut through a few of the vines, only to release a horde of carved pikes barreling towards the beast. They broke against it’s hide, causing it to snarl and bare it’s teeth. “Spears are no good… Four shots left, let’s see how it handles blasters,” Sasha took aim again, and fired. The Bolt from her gun pierced the monster’s hide, and caused it to yelp before snarling and slashing it’s tail all over. 

It’s tail destroyed the nearby trees, and finally it bolted off into the woods, trailing behind it was a thin stream of thick dark purple blood. “Now we follow,” Sasha nodded as she and Breka began to slowly trail the monstrosity of this forest. 

It was several hours of tracking, finding the beast on two more occasions and putting another blaster bolt through it’s body. The monster still ran strong. “How much blood can this thing lose?” Sasha shook her head in disbelief as they continued to tail the beast. Finally they reached a cave, where the blood trickled inward. “Now we corner the beast, and kill. Breka,” she turned to her companion, who titled her head curiously as Sasha. “Hunt,” she nodded. 

Breka licked her lips and growled, together they crept forward bit by bit until they reached the mouth of the cave. Sasha knew she had one shot, and wasn’t ready to test her bionic limbs on the beast. They moved in together, keeping close and following the trail carefully. But they stopped, Breka whining in confusion as Sasha raised her brow. The blood stopped there and, “Circles … Back, shit,” she turned around, “It doubled back?!” She gasped as the creature leaped down from cave entrance. It growled, dripping acidic saliva and glaring at Sasha and Breka. It’s scales were paler, but it still looked able to kill. 

“Breka!” Sasha shouted as she jumped up on her back, “Run!” Breka turned tail and ran deeper into the cave. The monster behind them was not about to give up the fight, and gave chase. Sasha turned to look back and saw the the creature was panting heavily, but still making considerable headway. “Come on girl, faster, faster!” Sasha held on tightly as Breka barreled onward through the cave. 

As the monster drew closer and closer, Sasha turned and took aim. It was difficult, but her cybernetics made up for the unstable terrain that was her mount. Taking a deep breathe, she fired a single bolt at the creatures skull, and a loud crack bounced off the cave walls as the creature fell forward, flipping and landing on its side. “Breka, kill!” Sasha shouted as Breka turned around immediately, sprinting towards the monster. Sasha jumped off of Breka, and Breka pounced onto the monster. She began to viciously tear into the beasts neck, the sound of flesh ripping filled their ears, and finally after much struggle the beast lay dead. 

They remained there quietly, Breka spitting and hacking up the acidic blood. “Thank goodness your kind can take the acid Breka, now if only it didn’t taste terrible.” Sasha chuckled softly. She looked down at the beast and sighed, “Sorry old fella … Need the area to be safe for hunting, and you’ll boost the morale of the crew.” She knelt by the the creature and pet it’s lifeless head. She began to pry off the scales, eventually gathering enough to show to the crew. 

After some time resting, they finally returned, stocked up with plenty of meat. “We’re home girl … Let’s try to get out of here nice and fast,” Sasha pet Breka’s side again. They entered the camp, and were welcomed with immense enthusiasm. The scales proved worthy of raising spirits, the meat and vegetation that had been scanned gave the crew hope for surviving, and the source of fresh water for the crew made them share their reserves of pure water with Sasha. It was a good thing to return to, though Sasha looked up at the sky, for she knew her real hunt continued among the stars. The hunt for her true prey. “I’m coming Lil Sis … You ain’t gonna be trapped forever,” she muttered. 



Hey everyone! As always feel free to submit plots, character archetypes, and other junk! We always accept questions or general interaction! It’s 3am and I still can’t sleep, so I’m already thinking up the next story that will come from this universe. Next story will either be more from our favorite Citadel detectives Quinn and Vec, or maybe our dynamic duo Derrick and Emma on another quest for glory and riches through their shenanigans. Maybe we’ll even meet our final character duo … Viceroy and Banshee, the most wanted human criminals in the galaxy! Who will appear? Find out next time! 

Until then, fly safe, fly far, explore everything, and always tune in here to the blog for your stories from the cosmos. Be safe out there fellow explorers. 

Watching Her Move || Peter Parker NSFW

Prompt - Y/N is Tony’s daughter and she’s a dancer, and Peter has a huge crush on her. Tony tells him to go pick her up from dance practice, he’s sees her dancing and gets all flustered and then well…SMUT.

Warning - there is sin. It’s filthy sin. NSFW, teasing, swearing, biting, unprotected sex (wrap it before you tap it), oral (reader receiving), Peter getting super confident when he’s horny, rough peter???

A/N: this is sin and I love it. got the idea while listening to Britney Spears so you already know this is about to be filthy af.

Originally posted by knfie-edge

Peter sat on his bed in the Avengers Tower, he was working on homework for school. He had a big test on Monday and he wanted to pass, the room was silent except for the sound of Peter’s pencil sliding across his paper when suddenly the door opens and Tony barges in. 

“Hey Parker, can you go pick up Y/N from dance practice? I need her for training.” Peter looks up from his paper and a noticeable blush was evident on the boy’s cheeks at the mention of Tony Stark’s daughter. 

“Umm, w-why me?” He asks nervously, stuttering his words. Tony rolls his eyes at the kid. 

“Because you two are friends, and I know you have a huge crush on her. Thanks to my genes,” Tony says, the blush on Peter’s cheeks intensifies. 

“Look, I can’t watch you staring at her with those lovey-dovey eyes any longer. Either do something about it, or I’ll do it for you,” he threatens, Peter’s eyes widen at the thought of Tony potentially telling the girl he had a crush on embarrassing details about him. 

“No! No! I’ll-I’ll ask her out! Just please don’t tell her anything!” He pleads, Tony smiles manipulatively. 

“Good. Oh and, seriously go pick her up, she needs to train.”

Peter sighs and puts his books and papers away, he leaves the tower and walks to the dance studio that was only a few blocks away. His face was still warm from the conversation he had just had with Tony, he’ll admit…he had a huge crush on Y/N.

The both of them had started hanging out ever since Spiderman began associating with the Avengers, Y/N was an Avenger herself. The two of them were close, they did almost everything together. But it was only months after their friendship began that Peter started to have feelings for her, she had been dancing in the training room. She was practicing for a competition, and Peter walked in on her. 

Her skin was sweaty and she was panting, the way her body moved enthralled him to the point of a tent forming in his pants. He had to go home to relieve himself of the tension in his boxers, he had never seen her dance but he loved it nonetheless. 

Peter was finally outside of the dance studio, he outstretched his arm and opened the glass door. He stepped inside and followed the music, the song felt familiar to him. After a few more seconds he recognized it as ‘Change Your Mind (No Seas Cortes)’ by Britney Spears, Y/N has been humming and singing it for the past week or so. 

He awkwardly stepped into the dance room where the music was the loudest, Y/N stood at the front watching herself and the rest of the dancers in the mirror. Her eyes flicked to Peter but she paid no attention to him, she wouldn’t let him distract her from the choreography. 

The song had stopped, and was set to play again. 

“Okay, let’s take it from the top!” She called out to her dancers. 

They started over but as the song’s pace quickened so did they. Y/N’s hips moved sensually as if to tease him more than she already had, her skin was damp with sweat but he didn’t care as he watched her skin glisten under the lights. Her legs were only covered by a thin pair of yoga shorts, leaving her legs almost completely bare. Her chest supported by a sports bra and loose fitting shirt, all Peter could think of was kissing her all over and making her squirm before him. 

He watched as she moved, the song almost over but the tension in his pants far from going away. He took his bottom lip in between his teeth as Y/N and her dancers finished the song with a teasing ass shake. The music stopped and the room was filled with the sound of Y/N complementing the dancers and bidding them goodbye. 

Y/N strutted over to Peter, wiping the sweat off of her skin with her shirt. She gave him a warm smile. 

“Hey, Pete. Ready to go?” He wasn’t focused, he couldn’t concentrate on her words. 

All he wanted to do was spread her soft legs in front of him, bury his head in between her thighs, and watch as she squirmed beneath him. His filthy thoughts were interrupted by Y/N waving her hand in front of Peter’s face. 

“Hello? Earth to Spider?” He snapped out of his thoughts and looked at her. 

“S-sorry, I got distracted,” he said feeling flustered and hoping that she wouldn’t notice the more than obvious boner that he was sporting. 

“What was so distracting?” She asked, Tony’s words echoed through his head. 

Do something about it.

“You. You were distracting.”

Now it was Y/N that was blushing, her eyes flickered down to his friend and saw the huge boner that she caused. 

“I, um, I did that?” 

He nodded and slowly inched closer to her, with every passing breath her arousal grew. She had always thought Peter as attractive but wanted to keep their relationship as a friendship when she began thinking that he’d never like her. 

She placed her hands on his face and connected her soft lips to his in a rough passion, his hands wandered down and gripped her ass firmly in his hands. Her arms wrapped themselves around his neck, he looped his fingers in the waistband of her shorts but she stopped him breathlessly. 

“Wait, Wait, not here. Susan usually comes in to mop the floor right after we leave,” she breathes out, still fired up from the kiss. 

She grabs his arm and leads him out of the room, swaying her hips more than usual. She leads him down a hallway and into an immaculate office. 

“This is the owner’s office, she’s never in here so we’re safe,” she says and sits on the desk. 

He bares a grin and kisses her again, this time a bit slower but with just as much passion. 

He stood in between her separate legs, he grabs the hem of her loose shirt and pulls it over her head. She pulls off the tight sports bra and her breasts bounce out, finally being freed. His cold hands run over her sensitive warm skin, she shivered when his cold fingertips brushed her hard nipples. She bites her lip at the feeling and arches her back into his sensual touch.

Soft moans leave her lips as his fingers roll her pink nipples, he leans down and takes one in his hot mouth. He lathers it with his rough tongue and continues to kneed the other breast with his free hand. 

He trails his hands down her body leaving a trail of heat in his wake, her core ached for him. He looped his fingers into her shorts and pulls them off in one swift yank, he spreads her legs apart and mustering up enough sexual confidence to kneel down in front of her before taking her heat into his mouth. 

She moaned out, “Fuck Peter!” Her fingers entangle themselves in Peter’s brown locks. 

He’s been waiting for this moment for such a long time, he had imagined this moment going down in so many ways, he was bound to be a little rough. 

He gripped her thighs tightly in his hands, surely to leave bruises that he’d feel guilty about later. His tongue was merciless on her sensitive pink clit, he licked her juices and reveled in the sexy noises that she made. 

“Shit, Peter! I’m gonna cum!” She moaned out, he stops his tongue and lets go of her thighs. 

“No you’re not.”

She watches him with wild eyes as he takes off his shirt and pants, she’s seen him shirtless before but it had never made her feel so naughty. Now they were both nude and her eyes flickered to his member, it was bigger than she’d imagined. 

He takes himself in his hand and groans, finally being able to do something about his boner. He presses the tip to her entrance, a small whimper leaves the back of her throat. She runs her fingers over his abs as he slowly starts to push himself into her, both of them grunting in pleasure. 

He starts out slow but once he’s set a pace he’s slamming into her tight core. She’s biting into his shoulder to muffle her deafening sounds of immense pleasure, their skin covered in a thin layer of sweat adding more friction. 

Peter moaned as he felt himself getting closer, he’s grunting as his thrusts begin to get messy. Y/N is clenching her walls around Peter as she gets closer to her orgasm as well, a stream of swears leave both of their mouths.

“Peter…” she whimpered. 

“Cum with me, Y/N.” 

A few more messy thrusts of Peter’s hips and they both orgasm, their breathing heavy and uneven, their skin hot. Y/N lifts her head up and catches Peter’s eyes looking at her, they say nothing as he slips out of her. Peter softly touches Y/N’s bottom lip with his thumb before leaning in and sharing one last kiss with the girl of his dreams. 

They both slowly get dressed and meandered out of the building, just enjoying each other’s company. 

When they got back to the Tower Tony took one look at them and glared at the boy holding his daughter’s hand. 

“I meant ask her out, not screw her! You better run, Spiderboy!” Tony yelled, Peter’s eyes widened as Tony’s hand stretched out to call his suit. 

“Shit!” Peter swore before bolting out of the room, Tony ran after him in his suit. Y/N stood there shaking her head. 

“My boys…”

A/N: forgive me father for I have sinned, this was trash but like I wrote it in four hours. I’m always a slut for Tom Holland!Peter Parker, just know that. I hope you liked this.