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Were Mila and Danny a thing??? I mean I had ~a feeling~ that they may have been at some point but...what's the tea 👀

They weren’t, as said by them plenty of times and the facts one can add.

I’m not much of a RPF fan, so I’m going to try and make this response as clear and informative as I can. But,

  • She was underage for most part of the show. He being 7 years older than her would had been a little bit crazy and honest to god disgusting if they were a thing. Which I don’t believe they were because
  • Both were on relationships by the time the rumor of them being a thing was spread. He has always present as a very monogamous man, liking and having serious and long relationships, which he had during the show and after, before marrying Bijou Philips. While Mila was also in a long term serious relationship with actor Macaulay Culkin.
  • Another thing to add is the fact that both had refer to the other as their brother/sister, which makes sense since he seemed to have bonded with her pretty early during filming.
  • After the show ended, and their relationships too, they didn’t had a reason to hide if they had been together, but to this day they keep saying the same: they never dated, they see each other as brother/sister, it was only a rumor.

Rumors started because a tabloid published they were together after Mila went with Danny to the premiere of one of Ashton’s movies, ‘Just Married’. They were holding hands on some of the press pictures:

And while I understand some people take this as OH THEY ARE DATING, well– No. We sexualize every human touch so much we take some people holding hands as being intimate in a romantic way. But Danny was dating someone and so was she, and even with all his crap, he has always show certain respect for his couple. So I don’t believe this means anything.

I understand some people don’t hold their loved ones’ hands if they aren’t sexually together, but not everyone is like that. I do hold hands with my friends, male and female, and my brother, and my mom, and my nices and nephews. So honestly? Some respect to the actors that gave us such an amazing fictional couple to care about, would be great

Not just that, but Danny Masterson is a very touchy and handsy man. So really, don’t take it so serious.

Now, another thing I understand is that people may think something happened. But as long as they say no, I believe them and I respect them enough to not gossip about it, especially so many years after these things happened and she’s married to one of Danny’s best friends if not his best friend.

To finish, some cute facts about their friendship:

  • It is said he took her to her prom,
  • But other people say this information is flase, that in fact because of filming, she couldn’t make it to her prom, so the cast took her to a club instead and he was her ‘date’.
  • He was the one who told Ashton to kiss Mila, who had never kissed anyone at that point. Danny told him he would pay him 20 bucks if he did it. He did. EDIT: I’ve been told Danny told him to give her tongue in one of their early kisses in the show, and he would pay him. But Ashton didn’t do it.
  • She participated in plenty of his Scienciology acting events, there’s plenty of pictures of that, that are honest to god kind of cute.
  • During season 8 filming, she would still sit on his lap between takes and be with him most times.
  • They were very comfortable around the other, which make their on-screen relationship incredible. Their chemistry is something I feel added a lot to Jackie and Hyde’s relationship.
  • She said she felt Jackie became less shallow because of Steven.
  • He called her a ‘small russian fairy’ because she pretty as hell and well, she’s ukranian.
  • There’s lots of interviews with Danny happily saying Hyde became better around Jackie, because he is like the captain of the ship.
  • This picture:

If there was ever something more than friendship between them, which I don’t believe, they have decided to mantain it with themselves and we, as fans, must respect that and their personal lifes. So, better not gossip about it.

Thank you for your question! :)

Cassandra is caught completely off-guard when she finds the Inquisitor sobbing. After a bit of coaxing, she finds out why they’re upset, and isn’t sure how to comfort them. Nevertheless, feeling pity for them, she tries to soothe them, and when they’re done crying, she asks them if they need anything or if they want to do anything to make them feel better. (If Romanced: “What is wrong!? Are you alright?” She hugs them, listening to their somewhat embarrassed mumbling, getting a little emotional herself.)

Blackwall doesn’t know what to do at all, faced with an embarrassed, crying Herald. He simply takes a seat and sits with them awhile, letting them cry, patting their backs gently. When they’re done, he takes them off to the tavern, offering to buy them a drink. (If Romanced: “My Lady! What’s wrong? Are you hurt?” He stays close to his love, trying to soothe them desperately– he didn’t like seeing them so sad. “I’m here. It’s okay, I’m here…”)

Iron Bull isn’t fazed in the least by the Herald being upset. He asks if they want someone to talk to, and lets them pour their heart out. He says very little, just nodding and listening. When they’re done, he helps them up and offers to take them to the tavern for a stiff drink. (If Romanced: “Shh, I’m here, Kadan,” he whispers soothingly, rubbing their back as they cry on his shoulder, “I’m here. I’m always here…”)

is surprised when she sees the Herald in such a state. “Oi! What’s wrong?!” she presses, leaning over them, trying to see their face. When they tell her what’s wrong, she sits with them and lets them cry all they want. When they’re done, she drags them to the kitchens to get them some sort of pastry, and encourages them to prank people with her– “It’ll cheer you right up!” (If Romanced: “Inky! Are you okay? Someone giving you shite?” She hugs her, holding her tight as they cry. “I know it hurts, Love. Let it out. I know…”)

Varric gently taps their shoulder and asks what’s wrong. He sits with them and talks it out– he knows a thing or two about being homesick. When they’re done crying, he asks them if they need anything, or if they’d like to hear a story.

Cole finds them because he knows they’re upset, and he knows why they’re upset. They’re initially embarrassed to be seen in such a state, but Cole manages to soothe them. “Hot tears free, lungs and throat tight, I want to go home, this isn’t home, this is too much, overbearing, overwhelming, not home. It’s okay, you don’t need to be embarrassed. They miss you, too. I want to help.” The Inquisitor says that him being there is enough, so that’s what he does.

Vivienne is surprisingly understanding, and doesn’t judge the Inquisitor. In fact, she praises them for finding a mostly private place to weep, sounding almost nostalgic, as if she has had to do so over her years. When they’re done, she offers them a handkerchief and sends them back out, no one ever the wiser.

Solas is patient, and encourages them to speak their mind. When he learns they are homesick, he offers to take them through the Fade that night, to the home they miss so much. It’s not quite the same, but it’s enough to garner a nod from the Herald. Later in the Fade, Solas introduces them to a spirit, who reassures them that they will go home, one day. (If Romanced: “Vhenan, take my hand. Come with me.” He urges, and they go to take a nap on his couch. They walk through the Fade, hand-in-hand, as they walk through the aravels of Clan Lavellan.)

Dorian is nothing but sympathetic. He lets them cry, encouraging them to get it all out. He, like Varric, knows a thing or two about being homesick. He quietly sticks by their side, letting them bawl. Soon enough, they calm down, and he wipes their eyes with a handkerchief. “If it’s any consolation,” he murmurs, “your eyes are particularly vibrant after you cry.” The Inquisitor can’t help but laugh, and they head to the tavern to drown their sorrows. (If Romanced: “Amatus, I…” Dorian swallows, hard, and holds him tight, refusing to let go. “I’m here, Amatus. I’m here…”)

Leliana knew where they were, of course, being the spymaster. She doesn’t intervene directly, instead helpfully informing one of those closest to the Herald as to their whereabouts and why. Meanwhile, she sends a few runners to Josephine, stating that she knew some rifts were nearby wherever the Herald is from, and begins arranging travel plans. The Inquisitor asks her later about it, when Josephine mentions off-hand that Leliana suggested going that way, and Leliana merely smiles and shrugs.

Cullen doesn’t know what to do at all when he sees the Inquisitor so upset, but he does ask what’s wrong. Awkwardly, he tries to reassure them that all will be fine, that they will go home, when all is said and done. He suggests playing with the mabari hounds in the Inquisition army to cheer them up– dogs make everything better. (If Romanced: Cullen is far less awkward, and hugs his love tight. He stays with them until he knows they’re okay-ish, and takes them for a walk on the battlements that eventually turns into kissing.)

Josephine finds them crying when she seeks them out to look over some papers, but forgets all about it when she sees how upset they are. She immediately approaches, asking in a panic what’s wrong. When she hears how homesick they are, she understands– she misses home, too, and she asks them to tell her about their home. “Leliana says that there are rifts nearby there,” she says, “and we’re going to arrange travel to there so you can close them. You’ll be able to visit your family as well.” The look of utter joy on her face makes all the work necessary to plan the travel worth it. (If Romanced: “I’m here, my love,” she whispers soothingly, “tell me about your home. I want to picture it perfectly in my head, when I go there one day soon with you.”)

in light of that one interview i just want this scene
  • corrupted jasper writhing on the ground or s/t: we all get what we deserve, I deserved for this to happen
  • garnet, sitting placidly cross-legged on her shoulder: the hilarious thing is that's completely true but not for any of the reasons you think

I thought I’d do a John and Cynthia Lennon appreciation post since I don’t see alot of them and everyone seems to think he only loved yoko, which is not true at all:

“We used to take the mickey out of her, but John always said he fancied her. He called her Miss Prim. He was certainly always attracted to her from the first time he saw her in the canteen.“ -Thelma Pickles (John’s ex)

"I hate the word, but posh best describes John’s first impressions of Cynthia. He was clearly attracted to her but hid that behind a regular barrage of bad jokes about her. She was the most important person to him for a long time but John did not want to look weak to his peers, to be soppy over a girl." -Pauline Sutcliffe (Stuart Sutcliffe’s sister)

One day, not long after we had first met Cyn, I was at Mendips with John and he told me that Cyn was coming from town on the bus. I was twelve then and I was looking forward to seeing her again, wondering what arty, studenty clothes she would be wearing. Mendips is right on the main road, which meant that you could see the bus stop if you looked through the upstairs windows, which is why John ran up and down the stairs to his bedroom whenever he thought he heard a bus engine. You could hear whether or not the bus stopped to let passengers on or off. When the bus did indeed deposit Cynthia on the pavement, John shouted ‘Yes!’ and then flung himself downstairs to watch for her coming through the gate. Then he sauntered through the kitchen, as if he didn’t even know she was coming and he was bumping into her in his own garden by sheer good luck! I couldn’t believe his cool. I loved it! Cynthia was dressed in black from head to toe, just like John. A couple of art students, in love and like art students…in love. It was tangible.” -Julia Baird (John’s sister)

“My feelings for John were very different from those I’d had for any other boy: more powerful, more exciting and totally unshakeable. And I sensed in John the same strong feelings. Perhaps each of us recognised and was drawn to a deep need in the other. But at the time I didn’t analyse it. I simply felt certain that this was no passing fling. It was real love.”- Cynthia

“I do remember John being told you don’t have to marry her John; you don’t have to do this. I know that Mrs Powell, that’s Cynthia’s mother, also told Cynthia, you don’t have to get married. So they didn’t get married because it was a shotgun wedding. They got married because they wanted to, because I remember John saying: ‘I want to marry her, what’s the matter with you all?’" -Julia Baird

"He used to tell me how he and Cyn planned to settle down and raise a family as soon as the Beatles began to pay off, and how much he missed being without her." -Pete Best

"Well, she’s beautiful, you know, and what people don’t know is how smart she is. No matter what’s happening, you know, she’s always there for me" -John

"After rehearsals or a gig, we would go to a bar in the West End. We would drink and talk. It would be late at night, but Cynthia was always waiting for him, always there to embrace him. She was sweetly sensitive, and I do believe most people have no idea what a central figure she was in terms of keeping him somewhat stable during that hard phase when no one knew if the boys were a passing fad or the real thing. I mean, John was the leader, but he was also scared all the time. People forget what a rock she was for him." -Tony Barrow

"I like to keep my work and my private life separate, which is why I keep Cynthia out of the picture. I took her to America, because a trip like that comes once in a lifetime, and she deserved it." -John

"A few days later John is in a taxi, passing a store that has a red night-shirt in the window. He tells the cab to stop, goes inside, and asks how much the night-shirt costs. ‘Six pounds,’ he is told. ‘That’s a lot,’ he says, ‘but I think Cyn would like it.’" -Michael Braun

"Lennon seemed to have a very traditional love for Cynthia and would call her nightly to check in and talk, in baby talk, to his son Julian. It was exciting to watch. Here was a Beatle, the idol of millions, savoring a few minutes on the phone with his wife." -Art Schreiber (Radio Broadcaster)

"During my first travels with the Beatles in 1964, John was eager to talk about his family of three. When the subject turned to Cynthia, his eyes, always mysterious and rarely revealing of his mood, would sparkle and dance.” -Larry Kane (Journalist)

"At Kenwood, Cyn kept herself busy looking after the cooking and the baby, and gave the Lennon household a sensibly, orderly, and almost bourgeois character that John, the non-conformist, the rebel, secretly found comforting”-Pete Shotton

“My wife married me not because I’m a Beatle, but because she loves me." -John

"I fell in love with Cynthia. It’s as simple as that." -John

"It was said I never loved Cyn. That’s far from the truth. We were young, bigheaded, and got into a physical relationship too soon. Perhaps if we took things slow, we would have made it. I know we would have made it.” -John (1974)

“The man I love the most died a tragic death.”- Cynthia

“Of course I love him. I love John as I loved him, you don’t change love. There’s no reason on earth why I should hate him.”- Cynthia


- Are you hurt?
- Yeah, a little.
- A little?


I saw people calling Charlotte shallow and greedy so naturally I had to draw her getting married to someone she loves and is gonna treat her right (◡‿◡✿)

I like to imagine that they became good friends and going out for tea became a semi regular thing [[as regular as it could be considering how busy they are…]]

And the thought of Sergei taking Alisha to the cute new cafe that all the young folk are talking about because he’d think she’d enjoy it [[and not thinking how strange he’d look there]] gives me life.

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Sticking With the Schuylers (15)

Honestly, as much as I hate snow bless New England and bless snow days. Because while I’m not excited to clean the 16 inches of snow from my car at 6 tomorrow morning, I was blessed with this snow day.

So because I ignored course work again, here’s another chapter because I can’t get my life together outside of this AU anymore and I’m still trash.

In this part, there’s another game night. Which means Alex will be there. Which means Eliza can’t avoid conversation as long as she’d hoped.

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Alex isn’t there when the sisters show up at the downtown apartment.

Lafayette opens the door with an immediate teasing insult thrown Angelica’s way. He’s holding an eraser, which he’s taken to carrying around from the day she’d surpassed him on their scoreboard. Now he waves it in her face, handing her a drink before escorting her inside.

“Today’s the day, mon ami. Take a good look at that scoreboard before I destroy you.” Angelica scoffs and accepts her drink, rolling her eyes as they follow their French friend into the living room. Herc waves from his position on the couch, only getting up to take the tray of treats from Eliza’s arms and thank her.

               And then there’s John; he pokes his head out from the kitchen upon hearing their voices and coasts to Eliza’s side, giving her a hug with one arm wrapped around her shoulders. She squeezes him back-just light enough for him to feel-before stepping out of it. She smiles, cheeks upturned and lets her eyes wander.

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I didn’t teach you how to love. Of course you did.