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Every Other Weekend pt. 3

Prompt: After five years of marriage and two kids, you and Bucky decide you can’t make it work anymore.

Pairings: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 1,462

Warnings: divorce, angst, cheating

A/N: well here we go! the next part is here. enjoy (:

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“Every other weekend.” You nodded, looking over the plethora of paperwork on the kitchen island. “That sounds fair to me.”

“Okay. What about holidays?” Bucky stood across from you, his arms crossed over his chest.

“Would it be possible to have joint holidays? Can you stomach me long enough to do that for them?” You looked up hoping to meet Bucky’s gaze, but he looked away from you immediately. “James?”

“That’s fine.” Bucky sighed, standing up straight. “Just get the papers signed okay?”

“Yeah, I’ll get right on it.” You rolled your eyes, burying them underneath a stack of mail.

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Top 5 favorite: YA Fantasy series

Halloween has never been my thing, perhaps because where I come from (especially when I was a kid), it isn’t celebrated. I do find it the perfect excuse to talk about my favorite fantasy books. These books might not be spooky in general, but they have their moments!

1. Mara Dyer 

I took the first Mara Dyer-book home with me from the library without having any expectations. Once I started reading these books, it was impossible to put them down. The story’s about Mara, a high school student who’s been noticing strange accidents around her. Accidents she’s afraid she caused. Noah Shaw is Mara’s love interest and he’s so hot and brooding but also sweet and caring. They really are M.A.D.N.E.S.S. (sorry, inside joke). Mara also has a great best friend and a cool relationship with her brothers. 

2. The Grishaverse

If there’s one author everyone should give a shot it’s Leigh Bardugo. She can create a mystery and let her kick-ass characters solve it with a lot of action and a little bit of humor. I deliberately wrote Grishaverse, instead of trilogy because Leigh’s Six Of Crows-duology is set in the same universe. The setting of Six Of Crows is very different from the Grisha-books but just as good. Maybe even better…

3. Vampire Academy (and the Bloodlines spin-off)

About three years ago I read Richelle Mead’s VA-series, which is narrated by the witty Rose Hathaway. She’s a dhampir, a half human-half vampire, who’s in training to become her best friend Lissa’s, a royal vampire, guardian. When I first heard of this series I wasn’t entirely convinced, but once I started reading the first book, I couldn’t put it down! I read the entire VA-series in one week. Luckily after I was finished there was the spin-off, which is about Sydney Sage. She gets introduced in the fourth VA-book. Bloodlines isn’t better or worse, it is only different.

4. Shatter Me

Writing, or even thinking, about Tahereh Mafi’s Shatter Me-series always hurts a little bit. I’ve read this series twice. When I finished Ignite Me, I started all over again the next day. Tahereh’s writing is beautiful. She writes about the journey of Juliette, a girl with fatal powers, who’s captured and eventually used as a weapon. In Unravel Me there’s this really intense scene and every time I read it, something scares the shit out of me, like the doorbell. My heart hurt so badly from being startled that it still hurts when I think about it.

5. Precious Stone

If you’re looking for an adventure with mystery and great humor, Kerstin Gier’s books are for you. In this trilogy, she writes about time traveling and her character’s are hilarious! Once you’ve finished this book you’ll want to read more of her. Luckily her Silver-trilogy is also published in multiple languages.

anonymous asked:

blupjeans is trans representation tho i dont get why people are kicking off about it. barry and lup could also be bi/pan calling it bad bc its het is just not the right way to go about it

im putting this under a readmore because this is more than them being a m/f couple

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Not ready.

♡ ♡ ♡ 

From the moment she entered high school all everyone ever talked about was sex. Riley could clearly remember the first time she ever heard it be so casually discussed. She was sitting in the girl’s locker room, lacing up her gym shoes when two other 9th graders walk in. They were not so subtly discussing what they did over the weekend and the smaller of the two, a red head she recognized from her English class, was ecstatic that she had finally “lost hers.”

Once the two girls are out of sight she looks over to Maya and raises her eyebrows, “what did she lose?”

“I’m guessing her virginity.” Maya answers with a nonchalant shrug.

Nothing else was said about it. No further explanations or clarifications. Still, Riley had a hard time believing girls in her grade were already having sex. She was still getting over the fact that her boobs had come in and suddenly she was thrown into this new world where her classmates were having sex and drinking alcohol and she couldn’t help but wonder if her own circle of friends were worrying about the same things too. Better yet, if they were engaging in those activities and just keeping her out of the loop.

That night she couldn’t stop thinking about the overheard conversation from the locker room. So while her mother was stirring the pot of whatever stu she was making, Riley got up the courage to finally ask the question that had been burning a hole in her mind.

“Mom?” She hesitates, staring down at her homework. “Can I ask you something…personal?”

“Sure honey.” Topanga replies, not really giving it much thought. “Feel free to ask me anything you want.”

There’s a bit of silence between them until Riley decides its best to just get it over with. Rip it off like a band aid. “When did you lose your virginity?”

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Finding Lucille

This is for “Ash’s Negan Writing Challenge.” My prompt was “Negan x OC x Lucille.”

Negan x Reader (y/n)

Warnings ~ Negan language

2000 words

I am tagging my usuals. If you want on or off my list, please let me know!

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Only 6 Months (CEO!Jungkook x Barista!OC) Part 3

Originally posted by theking-or-thekid

I’m back with the next part! I was surprised with how many notes it got in such a short amount of time, so I’m excited to post this!
I’m going to try and post one part a day, and hopefully I’ll be finished with the story as I post it!

Summary: Who knew that pretending to be in love could create such chaos?

Words: 4,400+
Genre: Flufff + a lil drama

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 4

> Masterlist <

“What the h***, Jungkook?” Namjoon had rushed to find him after Chaerin practically ran away from him, “You somehow score a date with that woman and then just leave her alone the whole night??? You’ll be lucky if you ever see her again!”

Jungkook looked over to Namjoon with a slightly confused look, “Mwoh??? You’ve seen Chaerin??”

“Yes, and she’s been all alone all night. I haven’t seen you with her once.” Namjoon gave him an unamused look, “she ran away from me and went to the bathroom when I was talking to her about you.”

“S***…” Jungkook said under his breath as he moved away from Namjoon. He couldn’t help but be a little annoyed that she told Namjoon who she was, but it wasn’t really her fault… he didn’t exactly give the best directions in the world. He should had prepared her a lot more than he had.

He made his way to the bathroom area and stood there for a few minutes. He was waiting for her to come out, and he eventually started thinking she was never going to. He was about to give up and walk away when she finally opened the door to the bathroom. It didn’t take long for her to spot Jungkook as he rushed to her.

“I am so sorry…” he started, but she seemed a little more annoyed at him for an ‘I’m sorry’ to fix it all.

“No, it’s totally fine,” she said in a tone that was heavily sarcastic, “I had fun standing and talking to old people. I enjoyed finding only one single girl in this entire place, only to find out she’s the psycho who put you in this position. I loved not being able to talk to you or really about you, only to be called out by one of your friends. Great night. You explained how to deal with this night very well.”

Jungkook took a deep breath and ran his fingers through his hair, “I know, I’m sorry. I’m just as new to this as you… I don’t know how to… wait.” Jungkook paused his little ramble of apologies as some of her words registered in his brain,  “Who’s the psycho girl?”

Chaerin felt a little annoyed that he was worried about that the most, “I don’t know, but she told me she proposed to you and you said no.”

“Oh God, of course you talked to her…” he rubbed his face, “Okay, I need you to just stick with me for the rest of the night. This original plan is not going to work with that girl here.”

Chaerin wanted to protest, but she was too tired to argue. She didn’t feel like fighting about this right now, so she would just talk have to talk to him about it later. “Who is she?”

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My Good Boy (Part.1)

Artist : Jay Park

Debut as a solo singer in this ‘idol group singer trend’ is hard. Lucky I got full support from my agency. All I have is only good and unique voice to be called a singer. I produce my own song but I’m still far from professional producer. I don’t get any surgery on my face or body. It’s not because I’m confidence enough with my appearance but I don’t have any courage to do surgery. So I still life with my petite and curve less body. Maybe that’s one of the reason I never obsess with guy that has nice body. I prefer the skinny one just like me. I find a guy with muscles and abs a little bit gross. They usually love to show off their body or take pictures of their clothes less upper body.

Tonight is my first all-kill celebration party. Partying is really not my style. I don’t drink and can’t dance. I hate how they bump into each other with clothes less body. The smoke from cigarette always fill the club’s air, I can barely breath there. But tonight my agency threw me a party and I can’t say no. They already work hard to support me and I should thank them. Of course we didn’t rent the entry club. We just reserve some table for our staff so many other people there.

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Boss (2) (I.M)

Originally posted by lim-changkyun

Plot: part two of Boss / You wanted to see what they were all about, right? So Changkyun sends you on a mission to test your willingness.

Length: 2,510 words

Genre: Angst!/Mafia!AU

*A/N: I was a little worried this chapter might be a little far fetched but I gave it a shot anyway. Hope you guys like it!

Part one

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“Sooo, who’s she?”


“The lovely lass who’s been stopping by to see you for the past few weeks.”

“My friend Glen– and she just likes the bakery, she’s not coming especially to see me. Why do you ask?”

“Suuure she isn’t. And I’m just curious. Why don’t you invite your friend over more? Like maybe for dinner?”

“… Aunt Nia what are you implying?”

“Nothing, nothing. I just would love to get better acquainted with your friend, and I’m sure May would as well.”

“I mean… Nia it isn’t like– I’m–”

“I could always introduce myself next time she walks in and invite her! She does seem really sweet~”

“Nia for the love of God please.”

“Didn’t hear a no~”


Lucky in Love! Inside Julianne Hough & Brooks Laich's Sweet Relationship

Julianne Hough, Brooks Laich Wedding, Photos


Back in November 2013, Julianne Hough and her family attended a six-day seminar on creating one’s own destiny — a trip that would eventually lead the star to meeting Brooks Laich. “I was not into it at first, but I learned so much about myself and why my relationships didn’t work that by the end I was on a high,” the Dancing with the Stars alum told Redbook in 2014, adding that she ended things with a few people she had been casually dating immediately following the seminar. “The next day, my Curve costar introduced [Brooks and me],” she revealed of Laich, who plays hockey for the Washington Capitals. “It couldn’t have been a better time. We’ve been open and honest from day one.”

Source: People

Source: People


One quick scan of the couple’s respective Instagram accounts shows an undeniable bond, which the lifestyle blogger previously told Entertainment Tonight has been on full-blast since their initial meeting. “I mean, I’ve never really been the person to think about ‘When you know you know,’ but it was just kind of like that,” Hough told ET in 2016. “When we first met each other we were like, 'And we’re done.’ ”

Source: People


The normally private Laich confirmed he and Hough were dating in February 2014. “She’s a cool, cool gal. She’s just a sweetheart, very loving, very giving,” the athlete shared during an interview with 106.7 The Fan. “She puts so much great out into the world. I’m a pretty lucky guy.”

Source: People


When describing what makes her relationship with Laich so different from previous ones, Hough simply revealed she could be her true self around the athlete. “Every relationship, there was nothing wrong or bad, but there was nothing right. I had one foot out because I didn’t want to get hurt,” Hough explained to Redbook in June 2014. “And I didn’t say what was on my mind because I didn’t want to ruffle any feathers. I needed to be perfect. Now I’m not holding anything back because I’d rather get my heart broken than never know what it is to be completely, madly in love.”

Source: People


Hough posted a snapshot of herself, Laich and her dogs, Lexi and Harley, going on “a little nature walk” back in December 2014. She referred to the trio as “the loves of my life!”

Source: People


Although Hough and Laich embarked on a long-distance relationship due to work obligations, the couple still kept things, err, intimate, turning to phone sex sessions whenever apart. “I’m really bad at it … I’ll get halfway through and start laughing,” Hough revealed. “It’s an art. I applaud people who are good at it. They need to come and help me keep a straight face!”

Source: People


Jumping for joy! On Aug. 18, 2015, Hough and Laich announced their engagement on Instagram. “We are overwhelmed with joy and excitement to share with you our recent engagement!” Hough captioned a photo of the pair. Just one month after getting engaged, Hough told PEOPLE: “I’m just feeling so happy and blessed every moment of every day. My favorite thing about being engaged is just a sense of warmth and just joy.”

Source: People


Hough’s brother, Derek, is also a big fan of his sister’s beau. “I knew that it was happening within the first month they were dating,” Derek told PEOPLE of Julianne and Brooks’ engagement in 2015. “It was one of those things where it was instant and that smile and glow she’s had hasn’t dimmed ever since she met [him]. That’s a special thing.”

Source: People


There’s no shortage of SDA (Social Displays of Affection) on the couple’s Instagram accounts. “I am completely and utterly madly in love with you!” Hough captioned a smiling (and silly!) photo of the couple donning sunglasses in June 2017. “My best friend, my hero, my everything!”

Source: People


“It’s cool because we’re in two different professions,” Hough explained to ET of how the duo supports one another. “It’s fun to be able to learn about the other’s profession. I think that’s how we support, like, going to each other’s games or performances, and talking about it afterward. 'What was going on? What was that? What was that move? How come that person didn’t score the goal?’ He’ll teach me about it. I don’t know much about his sport but I’m able to learn … It’s fun. It’s really fun.”

Source: People


Ahead of the couple’s wedding, the hockey player posted an ode to his little family: Hough and their dogs. “I’m a lucky man to be surrounded by love like this!!” he wrote on Instagram in July 2017.

Source: People

It's a Simple Sign

“Do we really need to do this?” Yang harshly whispered to Neo.

Neo kicked Yang sharply in the shin under the table. Yang had agreed to introduce her to Ruby, granted the circumstances where uncompromising. Yang and Neo had been together for nearly a year and Neo hasn’t met Yang’s friends let alone family. That was on purpose, Yang wasn’t sure what relationship she had with Neo. One day all she wanted to do was cuddle and do mushy couple stuff, the next she would be treated little better than a fuck buddy, and every time Yang asked what their relationship was she would skate around the question.

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She will hate me

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Requested by anonymous: Could you right a Dylan o'brien one where she invites him to be her date at her sisters wedding but they aren’t dating they are just best friends and her grandfather gives him a talk about how he looks at her is like he is looking at the rest of his life and he needs to tell her how much she really means to him.

WORDS: 280


A/N: it’s short, sorry

Dylan’s P.O.V.

“Thank you for coming with me.” She smiles at me

“No problem. Your sister is really nice. And didn’t have anything better to do anyways.”

“Yeah. She looked really beautiful in that dress.”

“I agree.”

“Dylan! I’m so happy that you came with Y/N!” Her sister walks at us.

“I’m happy to be here. Congratulations. You look really pretty.”

“Thank you. Y/N can you come with me? I want to introduce you to some people.”

“Is that ok for you?” She asks me.

“Sure. Go ahead. I’ll stay here.”


Y/N kisses my cheek and leave with her sister. I sit next to Y/N’s grandfather and he smiles at me.

“How are you, Dylan? It’s been a long time that I don’t see you.”

“Yeah. I’m fine. I’ve been working a lot.”

I look at Y/N, she looked so happy.

“I noticed that you look at my granddaughter like she’s the rest of your life.”


“It’s obvious that you love her. You need to tell her how much she means to you.”

“I don’t have the courage to do it. She will hate me.”

“No. She will never hate you; Y/N likes you very much.”

“I just… we have a nice relationship and I don’t want to ruin it.”

“I’m sure that’s not going to happen to your relationship. It will just make it better.”

I smile at him and I get up.


She looks at me.

I hold her waist, pulling her closer to me and I kiss her. She gets surprised but kissed me back, I always wanted to do this. It felt so good.


“I love you, Y/N.”

She smiles and kisses me again.


This is my youngest cat, Daphne. My mom found her on the side of the road almost 5 years ago. She was only a few months old and had worms, fleas, and an eye infection, so she was quarantined in my room till she got better and was properly introduced to the other cats. I happened to be home from college at the time, so I spent more time with her than anyone. She would try to sleep on my face, which was very uncomfortable, so I tried to get her to sleep next to me. Somehow it turned into this hugging pose, and this is still how she prefers to sleep. I like this picture because it looks like she’s hugging the koala on my shirt.

You scare me.
—  This is the last thing my ex-girlfriend said to me. We were only together for a year, but throughout that year, all I did was hurt her - mentally, emotionally, and even physically. In February of last year, I ran into her in the lobby of her apartment building while she was coming downstairs with her brother. I kissed her and ended it right there. I told her that I needed to leave and the quote was what she said to me in response. She went back upstairs, and her brother cursed me out on the spot. No one knew about how toxic our whole relationship was besides her, her brother, and I. Today, my mom and I were going through memories because I’m turning 18 next week and we landed on the topic of her. Thinking back over everything, I wish I could see her one more time and tell how sorry I am. I know she would never want to see me, and if her brother saw me he would end my life. I remember that I introduced her to my mom as my fleur. I could never forgive myself for the pain that I put her through. I hope that if she’s with anyone that he is treating her so much better than I ever did and ever could. I’m missing her.

                       520+ FOLLOWERS. THANK YOU!!!

So.. I basically reached the 500 followers mark, and I’m??? I don’t even understand why y’all are even following me?? Like, I’m barely here because I’m a busy as fuck mun?? Ahhh T_T I wish I could roleplay with all of you.. Like any other person, I have my mood swings and just sometimes don’t want to come online to roleplay. It’s just a hobby, right? I feel like Caleb’s developing more and more thanks to all of you! I feel really comfortable roleplaying him, even though there are times in which I could just slap the fuck outta this boy- but don’t we all wanna do it sometimes? I’m sure as hell I ain’t the only one feeling this urge. I wanna thank you guys for giving me an amazing roleplay experience. I hope my writing doesn’t confuse you, though- I’m an ESL mun, obviously still learning English, and I wish to improve my writing skills! I hope you guys help me with my wish~ ANYWAYS, below are people that have made my stay amazing and/or are close to Caleb!

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