she best be going to wawa

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¥,^ ,🌸,🌸for stephanie brown

¥ - Money headcanon

Stephanie is really good with her own money. She doesn’t really spend it and only buys things she really wants (aside from the weekly Wawa or McDonald’s) but if it is someone else’s money then she is all over it and has no problem spending it.

^ - Appearance headcanon

Steph spends a lot of time on her appearance because she wants to look her best always. She complains to Bruce about breaking a nail while she was fighting Two-Face and she won’t go out without makeup even if she is wearing a mask.

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Okay… Here goes nothing.

My name is Chris. I’m 13 years old. And I like to explore the woods.

My mom and I move around a lot and I usually find a park nearby every time we move. Parks with woods. I mean deep woods. Not those silly little forests that have paved trailers that you can walk in and out of in 30 minutes. I like woods I can get lost in. Sometimes I wish I could just go into the woods for days and fend for myself and then reemerge and come home and find my mother crying and worried, with an amber alert out on my head. Not that my mom would ever worry that much. She probably wouldn’t notice if I were to suddenly dissapeared. She works a lot and doesn’t really have time for me. It’s just as at home to. I never knew my dad and my sister… Well… We don’t talk about that.

Sorry, I don’t mean to give you my life story, it’s not really that interesting anyways. What I want to tell you about is these things I’ve been seeing. It started a few months ago. I was walking trough the woods and I found ths path that was lined with thick brush that reached over the trail making a sort of tunnel. I found this really cool so I just sortve took my time walking through. When I got about half way through this “tunnel” I heard some rustling in the leaves. At first I thought it was an animal but then I heard this sort of laughing sound that almost sounded like growling. That kinda freaked me out but then it got worse. I turned to leave the tunnel and further down the path… Standing just behind a tree there was this thing staring at me. It was about 6 and half feet tall and I it’s body was almost seethrough, like it was a shadow or something.

But that’s not what scared me most about it. It’s face… Was definitely not human. It almost wasn’t living. Okay do you know how pandas and killer whales have those black and white patterns on their faces that make it difficult to tell where there eyes are? That’s what this thing looked like. Almost like that guy Rorshach from watchmen. It had a white face and black splotches for its eyes and and mouth.

I tried drawing it, but I’m not the best artist. This is what I could come up with.

And now ever since I’ve been seeing weird things like that everywhere I go. Some times they’re abastraxt, like that thing with the white blotchy face. But other times they look like regular people. Like the other day I was in Wawa and there was this woman staring at the ice teas. In tried to sneak in and grab a peach iced tea and she turned and walked away and I swear it was like that scene in sixth sense where the kid turns around and the back of his head has a giant hole in it. Same deal with this woman. I found out later that that exact Wawa was actually held at gun point a few years ago, and a woman was shot to death.

So what am I seeing? Ghosts? What about the things that don’t look human?

This is my girlfriend Shantina(left) and me(right). We haven’t even been dating for a month but yet, it feels like we have been together for years. We started off as coworkers, never really speaking a word to eachother. On 2.1.14, she sent me a Facebook request out of the blue and honestly, I had no idea who she was since I didn’t know her full name prior to this. Then on 2.2.14, I sent her a Facebook message trying to bother her since I knew she was asleep at the time. We began talking as just friends and very soon after we became best friends like we had known eachother since birth. The weird part about all this is that the first time I had laid eyes on her was at our place of work, but comes to find out she literally lived around the corner from me for 2 years. We live in a small town, so how we never crossed paths is beyond me especially since we both use to visit the 7-11 down the street that my sister use to work at. Well, one fateful night, I was feeling adventurous and wanted to go walk to Wawa in the freezing cold snow. I texted her to sneak out and join me and she agreed since we always snuck out together and hung out. I left my house around 12:30am and didn’t return until 4:30am. The walk from my house to Wawa is about a hour long trip there and back. We laughed, played around, talked and just traveled the town in this snow storm. I walked her home and then walked back to my house. We began texting once I got into my house and soon she confessed that she had a crush on me. From that day until 3.2.14 I knew everything was going to be different but better than ever since we were best friends and we had talked about dating and everything. We began dating on 3.3.14 and I swear, my life has never been this joyful, happy, spontaneous, wild and adventurous before. Yes, we have gone through a few rough patches with exs and parents but it only makes us stronger. I feel like I can conquer the world with her by my side. She makes me so happy and I truly do want to spend the rest of my life with her. I can honestly say that I fell in love with my best friend and I don’t have and will never have any regrets about this. She is my light in a dark space, the pop to my tart, and the beat to my heart. I’ve never found a real reason to smile randomly at thoughts, but she makes me smile uncontrollably when I think about her, all the fun things we have done and all the fun things still waiting to come. I can’t imagine where I would be now if I wasn’t with her. I truly do love you Shantina Rodriguez and no one can ever change my feelings for you.