she began to relax

Cullen jumped from his chair the moment he heard the scream that resonated from the backyard. A second later, his youngest daughter came scampering through the back door, nearly tripping over her own feet in her haste. Before she could tear past him, Cullen reached down and caught her around the waist, halting in her tracks. He could feel her small frame trembling making his heart ache and filling him with concern.

“Little love, what’s wrong? What happened?”

She tried to squirm from his grasp but Cullen wouldn’t relent. Lowering himself to a knee, he pulled his youngest daughter into a tight embrace. She resisted for a moment before finally throwing two small arms around his neck and sobbing into his shoulder. He held her close, rubbing her back and smoothing her hair while quietly shushing her frightened sobs.

It seemed like an eternity before she began to relax. It felt even longer before she lifted her head of golden curls to gaze at him in wide-eyed terror. “Daddy, I– I made snow with–with my hands…” She hiccuped, pulling her arms from around his neck to gape at her dainty hands. “I'm–I’m a mage!”

Smiling warmly, Cullen pulled his scared little girl into another hug and pressed a tender kiss to her temple.

“Hi, mage. I’m dad.”

High school AU(closed)


Yukami glanced around, thinking she was alone in the theater. She sat down at the piano quietly and thought about what she could play. Since moving here, she hadn’t been able to play her piano keyboard at home because of her parents and they stopped her piano class, thinking it would help her concentrate on school more.

A sigh escaped her lips as she relaxed and began to play a simple melody. Her eyes closed and her fingers danced across the keys.

Honesty Is The Best Policy

“I’m here, pumpkin. Mumma’s here,” you cooed against Darcy’s ear, rocking her gently around the nursery as she cried out in frustration. She’d been in the late stages of her teething, her first birthday around the corner. She had no other choice but to cry out in pain, her face buried in your neck as she babbled.

“I know, I know,” you sighed softly, stroking her hair gently as you paced back and forth slowly. “Mumma’s trying to make it go away, I promise.” You pressed a kiss to the top of her head before making your way down the stairs and into the kitchen, reaching in the fridge to pull out her cold pacifier. You slipped it between her lips before she quickly began sucking, her body relaxing against your chest.

“That’s better, yeah?” You looked over at the time on the stove, a sigh escaping your lips. ‘3:12,” it read. The house was dark, the only light coming from the foyer as you made your way back upstairs to her nursery and settling down on the rocking chair. “Let’s get you back to sleep, baby,” you watched as she looked up at you, her eyes beginning to droop before she finally drifted off to sleep.

You were gentle with settling her back into her crib and kissing the top of her head before making your way out and back into the bedroom down the hall. Harry had been in the same spot you left him an hour ago; his face buried into the pillow as he laid on his stomach, his bare back exposed to you before you climbed in beside him. His arm took its usual place around your waist, pulling you towards him as he stirred.

“She okay?” His voice was raspy and his eyes were still closed, his head buried into your shoulder. You nodded, turning so your back was against his chest as you relaxed into him.

“Yeah,” you yawned, closing your eyes as you pulled the duvet closer to your chest. He pressed his lips to the shell of your ear in a sweet gesture before the light snores began to fall from his lips, ultimately setting you back into slumber.


You woke up the next morning to an empty bed, your hands coming up to rub your face. The sun was just beginning to peek its rays into the bedroom before you found your husband strolling into the room with a grin on his face.

“Good morning,” he climbed back into his spot, his arm wrapping around your shoulders to pull you close.

“Morning,” you pressed your head against his chest. “Why’re you up so early? It’s not even seven.” He cuddled down further, pressing his lips to the top of your head.

“Darce was being fussy so I soothed her back to sleep,” his fingers began to trail up and down your arm softly. “That means we’re good for about another hour,” he leaned down, splaying kisses across your jaw and pecked your lips, a smirk on his face.

It’d been a couple of days since you’d both been intimate; between his work schedule and planning for Darcy’s birthday, you hadn’t been able to find the time. And as much as you wanted to, you’d felt so sleep deprived from being up with Darcy the past few nights.

“Mm, now?” You whispered, your eyes closed as he trailed his kisses down your neck.

“I don’t see why not?” His eyes met yours in eagerness, excitement shining through them. You didn’t have it in you to say no; all you could do was nod before he continued his trail down your neck. He pulled your shirt over your head, tossing it to the side and onto the floor before making his way down your bare chest.

It wasn’t long until the both of you were naked, his lips on yours as his hands caressed every inch of your skin. He didn’t waste anytime before pushing into you, a groan escaping his lips.

“Okay?” He whispered, his forehead pressed against yours before his eyes met yours. You nodded, wrapping your arms around his neck as he continued to push deeper into you. A moan escaped your lips, your eyes closing in pleasure as he began to pick up the pace.

“Babe,” he breathed out, his voice raggedy as your fingers intertwined with his beside your head. You knew he was close; his thrusts growing sloppier, his eyes shutting tight, his hand squeezing yours. He wasn’t going to last much longer and you weren’t going to disappoint him, you weren’t going to ruin it for him.

You shut your eyes tight and arched your back, your hand beginning to squeeze his just as tight, the moans falling from your lips as best as you could before he released into you.

“I love you,” he let out, his head falling to your chest as he stopped his thrusting, his eyes shutting. “Was that okay?”

Your fingers tangled into his messy hair, your eyes looking up at the ceiling. “Yeah, it was great, my love.”

You weren’t going to lie; you’d felt guilty for faking it, for lying to him. But you weren’t going to hurt his ego by saying you did. You pressed a kiss to the top of his head, your fingers running up and down his naked back.

His snores grew louder after a few minutes before he rolled beside you, his arm draping over your torso. You sighed, rubbing your face as you looked over at him. He looked so peaceful, so content, the guilt built even worse in you.

You didn’t know how he’d react if he found out you faked it for his own sake and you definitely didn’t want to find out. You were going to keep it from him and if you weren’t in the mood next time, you’d let him know.

“Mumma,” Darcy voice came through the baby monitor, her soft cries following after. You slid his arm off of you gently, careful not to wake him before throwing his shirt back over your head. You shuffled out of the bedroom and towards the nursery, finding her standing against the railing of her crib.

“Is my pretty girl awake?” You smiled as she reached for you, your arms pulling her out of the crib as she wrapped her arms around you.

“Mumma,” her fingers pointed to her mouth, her eyes growing watery as she scrunched her face in pain. You sighed, making your way down to the kitchen before settling in a chair.

“Your teeth again, huh? Let me see,” you pulled up her lip, noticing the new teeth beginning to make their entrance. “Oh baby,” you pouted, pressing a kiss to her top lip. “I know it hurts, I know. Let’s get you something to eat and get you all better.”

She refused to let go of you as you made your way around the kitchen, pulling out some of her chilled foods to soothe her aching gums. You placed her on your lap, slipping the spoon between her lips as she began to eat. You noticed her relaxing against you as the coolness gave her a sense of relief. “Is that all better?” You pressed a kiss to the top of her head.

It took a while, but she ended up eating most of her breakfast off of the plate. She looked up at you, her arms wrapping around you once more as you lifted her back into your arms.

“Let’s go see sleeping beauty, shall we?” She grinned, her bottom teeth flashing as she giggled. You laughed, making your way up the stairs and towards the bedroom.

“Is that Daddy?” You watched as she peeked around the door, her eyes falling to her snoozing father. “Yeah, I think that’s him,” you laughed softly as you made your way in, climbing into your side as she squirmed out of your arms and on to his chest.

“Da,” she whispered, slapping his chest softly before looking over at you.

“Go on, wake him up,” you smiled, pushing her messy hair out of her eyes. She tried once more, slapping his chest a bit harder before his eyes began to flutter open.

“Da!” She grinned when he looked at her, a smile breaking on to his face.

“Good morning, little miss. Have you been bothering Mumma?” He smiled, glancing up at you before wrapping his arms around his daughter. She giggled, burying her face into his chest as he laughed.

“Show Daddy what’s been hurting, Darce,” you watched as she sat up against his chest, her index finger pointing to her mouth. His brows furrowed as he sat up against the headboard, his thumb lifting her top lip gently.

“Is it your teeth again?” He pouted before he let go of her lip, his thumb tracing over the outline of her face. “I’m sorry, baby. How about some kisses, yeah?” He watched as she giggled, leaning in closer to his face before he assaulted her face with kisses. She squealed, burying her face into his chest as he continued to giggle.

“Da!” He laughed before pulling back, a smile on his face as he brushed her hair back.

“I can’t believe you’re getting so big,” he pouted. “No more growing. You have to stay this tiny forever,” he pulled her to his chest before looking over at you. You smiled, leaning into him as he slid his arm around you.

“Yeah, no more getting big,” you tickled her belly softly before she cuddled further into her father. “I can’t believe she’s about to be one.”

“Me neither,” he sighed, his eyes not leaving Darcy as she pointed to each of his tattoos. “Time’s flying. I want every morning to be like this morning,” he wiggled his eyebrows at you. You bit the inside of your cheek and nodded, the guilt taking over you once more.

“Let’s just savor this moment,” you leaned in to peck his cheek. “I love you.”

“I love you.”


“Gem’s on her way with the party planner so we should be done in a few hours,” you pressed your phone between your shoulder and cheek as you loaded the laundry into the machine.

“So we’re still on to go to the nail salon?” Eleanor’s voice was drowsy, almost like she had just woken up.

“Yeah,” you sighed, tossing the rest of the clothes into the machine.

“What’s going on? And don’t try to tell me nothing because I know you,” she laughed.

You groaned, leaning against the wall of the laundry room before peeking out to make sure Harry wasn’t around. You had to tell someone to get it off your chest, to ease the guilt.

“Well,” you let out a breath. “So this morning Harry and I…you know,” you heard her giggle on the other end. “And well…I sort of had to fake it.”

She must’ve choked on something she was drinking before she answered. “What?! You faked your orgasm?!”

“Shh! Oh my God, Eleanor! You have to swear you won’t tell anyone, especially Harry! I just had to tell someone, it’s been eating me alive all morning.”

“Well, did you talk to him?” Her voice was more hushed now and you sighed.

“No, I couldn’t. He was just so content and I couldn’t ruin it for him,” you peeked out the room once more, relaxing when you heard Darcy’s giggles coming from downstairs. “This is between us, El.”

“I swear,” she promised. You let out a breath of relief, getting the machine running before stepping out of the room.

“Okay, good. I think Gem’s here so I’ll see you later.”

“Alright, see you later,” she hung up, the three beeps coming from the phone before you tucked it into the back pocket of your jeans. You made your way downstairs, smiling when you found Harry holding Darcy by the door with Gemma and her party planner.

“Look at my pretty girl!” She took Darcy into her arms, peppering her face with kisses. “Oh, I missed you!”

“Easy, Gemma,” her brother warned her, his eyes narrowing in on her. “Her teeth are bothering her.”

She pouted, furrowing her brows as she kissed her cheek. “That’s not good, huh? That’s okay, Auntie Gem is going to kiss it all better,” she pushed past Harry to the kitchen with the planner behind her. You rolled your eyes, leaning up on your toes to kiss him softly.

“You might want to put a shirt on,” you pressed a kiss to his bare chest. “I caught the planner ogling my husband a little too long and I can’t say I’m a fan.”

“Jealous, are we?” He smirked, wrapping his arms around your waist. You laughed, slapping his arms off before he playfully slapped your bum.

“Hurry up,” you stalked away from him and into the kitchen.


He grabbed his ringing phone off of the dresser, swiping it open after catching his best mate’s name.

“What is it, Louis? Darcy’s party planner is here and I’m needed downstairs.”

He was laughing, almost uncontrollably before he caught his breath. “Harry,” he started laughing again.

“What? What’s so funny?” He sighed, pulling a shirt over his head before pressing the phone to his ear.

“When…when was the last time you and your missus got it on?” He laughed again, trying to catch his breath.

Harry could feel himself begin to blush before he looked towards the doorway, lowering his voice.

“This morning…why?”

“Dude, she faked it,” he started laughing again, this time louder before Eleanor yelled.

“Louis! What the hell is wrong with you?! You were eavesdropping!” It was the last thing he heard before the line went dead and he suddenly felt sick, staring over at the made bed.

You faked it? But he could’ve sworn he felt you tense beneath him, he watched as you came down from your high. Did you really fake it? Why didn’t you tell him or better yet, why didn’t you stop him?

He shoved his phone in his pocket, trudging out of the bedroom and down the stairs to find you sitting at the kitchen counter with Gemma and the party planner.

“You faked it?” He watched as you turned to him, your face paling at his words. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Harry, I…” You looked back at the planner and his flushed sister, your hands beginning to sweat. “Can we talk about this later?”

He was quiet, uncomfortably quiet as he took a seat on the stool across from you. He avoided your gaze as he tried to listen to the planner, agreeing to whatever she was saying.

“All we have left to do is get the cake ordered and we should have a hit party on our hands,” she smiled awkwardly, looking between the two of you as Gemma paid attention to the babbling toddler on her lap.

“Thank you,” he mumbled quietly, getting up from the stool, his eyes continuing to avoid your own.

“We uh, just need the rest of the money day of the party. Is that alright?”

“That’s fine,” you walked to the door with her, Harry behind you as you led her out. “Thank you again.”

“Not a problem,” she awkwardly smiled before walking to her car. You shut the door, closing your eyes for a second before turning to face him. “Harry.”

He was already making his way up the stairs and you began to go after him, shooting Gemma a pleading look, earning a nod from her. You followed behind him, the bedroom door slamming as you reached it. You took a breath, turning the knob and stepping into the room to find him pacing the room with his hand running through his hair.

“Harry,” your voice was quiet, keeping your distance as you watched him pace. “Can we please talk about this?”

He stopped in his tracks, glaring at you as you wiped your hands on your jeans. “Go on, tell me. Tell me how you faked your orgasm, tell me how you LIED,” his voice grew louder. “About how great it was! Tell me how you decided to tell Eleanor all about it! Go ahead, tell me!” He was yelling at this point and you felt your eyes began to prick with tears.

“Stop yelling at me,” you looked back over at him, watching as he tugged at his hair. “You don’t understand!”

“I don’t understand?! Make me understand then!”

“I didn’t want to upset you! I didn’t want to ruin the moment for you! You weren’t supposed to find out!” The tears had already made their way down your cheeks, the anger beginning to seethe through you.

“Don’t you dare cry, don’t you dare make yourself the victim here! How could you hide something like this?! How could you be so selfish?!”

“Selfish?! I’m selfish?! I’m selfish because I wanted you to feel good?! The only selfish one is you! All you ever want to do is have sex! You just throw yourself on me! I never have a say in it!” You watched as his face fell and he stayed quiet, the only sound between the two of you were the sobs coming from you.

“Harry,” you sniffled, wiping the tears from your face before you heard Darcy’s cries from downstairs. He shook his head, brushing past you and heading downstairs. You stayed behind, sitting on the edge of the bed and crying softly into your hands.


“Her teeth hurt again,” his sister was quiet as she handed the fussy toddler to him. He was quiet, rubbing her back as she buried her face into his neck.

“Thanks, Gem,” he watched as she grabbed her stuff before turning to him.

“Hey,” her voice was soft. “You know she wouldn’t do anything to hurt you, especially something like that. You were kind of harsh up there.”

“I don’t want to talk about it, Gemma,” he kept his gaze away from hers as he walked her to the door.

“Suit yourself,” she walked out the door and he watched her drive away before shutting the door. He kissed the top of Darcy’s head, rocking her softly in his arms.

“Let’s get you down for a nap, yeah?” She whined against his chest, indicating it was time for a snooze. He carried her up to the nursery, swaying softly as she began to doze off on his shoulder. “I love you, Darcy,” he set her down in her crib, leaning down to kiss the top of her head before shuffling out and into the hall.

He sighed to himself, rubbing his face as he leaned back against the wall. His sister was right; he had been too harsh on you. Yes, he was upset, but he missed the big picture. You’d only done it for him, to make him feel good. And although he didn’t feel good right now, he knew he was in the wrong. He made you cry for goodness sakes.

He peeked into the bedroom to find it empty and he made his way down the stairs to find you in the kitchen, leaning against the counter with your back faced to him. He watched as you reached up to wipe at your face, his heart sinking.

You felt his arms wrap around your waist, his chin resting on your shoulder as you sniffled.

“Baby, please don’t cry,” his voice was soft, his grip tightening around you. “You know I hate seeing you cry.” You didn’t answer, keeping your eyes on the pattern of the counter.

“I’m sorry,” he breathed out. “I was way out of line, I should’ve never yelled at you. You’re right, I was selfish.”

“I should’ve told you,” you turned to face him, his heart aching when he looked into your red and puffy eyes.

“Why didn’t you?” He ran his thumb under your eyes, pulling you to his chest as he leaned back against the kitchen island. “I don’t ever want you to feel you have to do something you don’t want to.”

“I was just so tired from staying up with Darcy all night and I didn’t want to disappoint you,” you sighed, shaking your head.

“Hey, you never disappoint me,” he tucked your hair behind your ear. “Am I…am I not fulfilling? Is that it?” You watched as he held his breath, his eyes saddening in front of you.

“No! God, no! Of course not,” you pressed your palm to his cheek, stroking gently. “I would’ve told you a long time ago,” you cracked a smile. “You’re incredible, I promise you are. I was just so tired, that’s all.”

“You swear?” His eyes met yours and you nodded, leaning in to kiss him softly.

“I swear,” you leaned in to whisper in his hear. “And you could take me upstairs right now to prove it to you.”

He smirked before he quickly tossed you over his shoulder, running up the stairs and towards the bedroom. You laughed, holding on to the hem of his shirt before he set you down on the bed.

“I love you,” he pecked your lips, pushing your hair out of your eyes as he gazed down at you.

“I love you,” you wrapped your arms around his neck, your lips brushing against his.

“No more hiding things from each other, yeah?” You nodded, holding him close to you so your chests were pressed against each other.

“No more. Now hurry, we don’t have much time until Darcy’s up from her nap.”

There you have it, lovelies! Thank you to the anon who requested this, I hope you as well as everyone else enjoys! Drop by my ask for some feedback or anything else on your mind. Love you, darlings.

Anna x

Rin was thrashing and crying then she looked at him, her eyes wild. She began to relax. “Okita-san?”

Soji held the other close. “It’s okay.” He said softly as he stroked her hair. “We’re you having a nightmare?”

Closed RP// Ophelia and Dean

Plumes of smoke wrapped around the room as the young girl exhaled her hit of what she called her poison. She watched her best friend raise yet another bottle of beer to his lips and couldn’t help but fantasize replacing the rim with her own lips. Blinking herself back to reality, the woman set down her pipe and lighter, her head buzzing.

“Would you like to play strip poker?” The words poured out of her before she could stop them, though she was too relaxed to even blush. Her hands began to fumble through the sketches and ballet magazines on her glass table, trying to find a deck of cards.

She looked at her best friend. “Or we could do something else if you have any ideas?”


For @imindhowwelayinjune and @zedille, based on this comment thread. 

“Seleb,” Elrond said decisively. The kitten blinked green-gold eyes at him with a solemnity that Elrond took for agreement, and then attempted to walk off the edge of the table. Elrond snatched her up and was rewarded for his protectiveness with tiny claws sinking into his arms. He ignored the pain and hugged her close until her claws relaxed and she began to purr. He knew, knew, Maglor had only given her to him in another attempt to win his affections but Elrond could not help but love her anyway.

“You shouldn’t,” Elros told him as Seleb squirmed up to sit upon his shoulder and press her damp nose to his cheek. “They’ll only take her from you in the end. Maedhros will probably eat her.”

“He wouldn’t.” Not because Elrond didn’t think him capable of it, but because it seemed like more effort than he was likely to go to.

“He’ll drown her then. He’ll tell you it’s to teach you some lesson but it won’t be. He just likes to hurt us.” Elros brushed his hand over the kitten’s soft fur and sighed. He’d love her too, Elrond knew, if he weren’t afraid to let himself.

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Yet another short drabble inspired by the amazing Mete-g’s comics. Absolutely great and cute. Check it out here! Enjoy! I’ll be working through the rest of my requests soon hopefully.


Jaune groaned, untying his tie for the third time.”Uggg, I just can’t get it right!” He complained, staring at the mirror. Sure, he knew how to tie a tie, his sisters had taught him after all. He just never could get it just right. He frowned again, annoyed that he was going to be late.

“Oh, do you want some help then?” Pyrrha asked with a friendly smile.

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Sheathing her beloved sword, Lydia stood at the edge of camp, glancing around at the familiar scene while she tried to regain her breath. As she began to walk closer, excitement filled her as she began to relax. It had been five months since she’d been back to camp, having gone home to spend time with family. Now, it was time she returned, permanently this time. Having had a rough trip back from West Virginia, Lydia looked worse for wear with blood and mud splattered over her, but she did not mind one bit. In that moment, Lydia Grayson did not have a care in the world as she navigated her way back towards her cabin. “It’s good to be home,” she said to herself quietly, unaware that she was being watched.

Pairing: Izaya/Namie
Theme: kisses

Kissing Izaya was like licking a knife.

As long as she was careful, it was fine. It was exhilarating, felt wrong, but set her nerves on fire.

She kissed him in a calculated manner. Her lips didn’t part too much, her tongue didn’t move too much; it was a textbook perfect kiss, just two pairs of lips brushing against each other. There would sometimes be a bit of tongue but it was brief, certainly not a disgusting slobbery kiss. Namie hadn’t kissed many people and only two men, including Izaya, but she could still recognize Izaya to be rather talented.

He’d walk over and kiss her without warning. One hand would press to the wall and he’d bend down; Namie’s eyes would remain open, glaring at him until after their lips met. She’d then close them and kiss him back slowly, almost reluctantly.

When she began relaxing, Izaya would slowly guide her body to the same wall his palm was against, her back meeting the surface. His own frame would then be used to press her firmly to it, his knee between hers, the free hand cupping her face.

The kiss still carefully calculated.

At some point, Izaya would pull back. Namie didn’t know whether his eyes opened or not because hers remained closed. Their foreheads would press together and there would be a few very fragile, very tense seconds of silence that Namie could easily ruin by saying something.

But she never did because before she could think of something, Izaya would be kissing her again.

Kissing Izaya was like licking a knife.

If she wasn’t careful, there’d be blood and it would hurt.

His mouth crashed down on hers and she almost gasped. Teeth clicked and tugged at lips; Namie could feel her mouth bruising, taste metal. But she didn’t just take it; she returned the kiss, pulled at his shorter locks the way he did hers, almost intent on pulling strands out. She wanted to make it so he wasn’t able to smirk, she wanted to make it so Izaya’s perfect appearance was tarnished.

The kiss was savage. She’d be lifted, her slight frame kept where it was because of his hips pressing to hers. His hands would slip under her skirt and cup her ass as her own would reach under his shirt, scratch her perfectly manicured nails against his body as she kissed him, bit at his lip, wondered if the blood was his or hers–or maybe both?

Kissing Izaya was like licking a knife and Namie didn’t mind the taste of blood.

Hayley finally began to relax and she closes her eyes in contempt before the knocking of her bathroom door broke the silence. She sighs before turning her head. “Yes? Who is it? I’m kind of in the bath right now, but I suppose you can come in if you really want to, I have a lot of bubbles to cover me up so you’re not going to see any indecency.”

Before starting Naruto looked over what oils he had and smiled, glad that Sakura let him do this for her. She was so stressed from working at the hospital and needed to relax. He poured a bit of the oil near her shoulders and started working it in. “Of course I’m not Sakura-chan, but thanks for letting me do this.” Naruto said admiring her bare back as he continued to work the oil into her shoulders.

It took the pinkette a moment but she slowly began to relax at the touch of his hands, the heavy tension in her muscles easing. It had been a long day for her but then again every day at the hospital was a long one. Even so it was very rewarding and it was something she enjoyed doing. Sakura loved to help all the people of the village and maker her mentor proud. After all, she did learn from Tsunade-sama herself.

“Nn..I should probably be the one thanking you..Until you started rubbing my shoulders I didn’t realize I was so tense.” She murmured, eyes closed and shrouded beneath long lashes. Her lips were slightly parted, a soft sigh of relief leaving her.

RobStar Week, Day 1 - Circus

(I have a not-so-secret low-level headcanon that Robin has mild to moderate undiagnosed PTSD from the death of his parents among other things and dammit the image of Starfire cuddling with an elephant would not leave my head.  So enjoy my dear fellow RobStar shippers.)

A pale gray trunk stretched out, curiously probing.  Starfire shied a little, retreating back into the nook of Robin’s arm.

He chuckled.  "It’s all right, Starfire.  He won’t hurt you,“ he assured her.  He urged her forward again, gently, taking hold of her wrist to guide her hand towards the elephant’s wrinkled head.

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rawkin-forgeheart  asked:

Music note prompt~

Originally posted by indie-in-nature-and-vintage

Nuellea was in her new home, relaxing in her chair that had been moved and readjusted perhaps far too many times to count, until it felt it was in just the right place. She sank into the cushion and draped one of her legs over an arm, while the other rested barefoot on the rug below. On her lap and chest, she pulled her guitar and began to pluck the strings, retuning the instrument as she let herself relax. She didn’t know how long it had been since she had played any amount of music, but knowing it gave her some amount of therapy, she was due for a session. Sometimes she had let close friends and loved ones listen to her music, but nobody was around on this day. Perhaps soon, she thought as she plucked and strummed the notes, fast paced and light.

“Say it once,” She started her words, singing with deliberation, “Tell me twice, Are you certain I’m alright?”

“Just a sign, To remind me, Tomorrow’s worth the fight. Ever changing – The story line that keeps me alive.” She held the note a moment before smiling to herself. She could continue this song a little further.

“So make a wish and say…” She did her best not to pause, coming up with wishes of her own, “Give me life, Give me love, Star lit angel from above… Not so low, Not so high, Keep it perfectly disguised. Ever changing, The storyline that keeps me alive.”

She didn’t wish for much, just something to keep her going.


Song: Miracle - Shinedown

missfesterworth  asked:

'Mind if I join you?' She dropped her robe and stepped into the tub, settling with her back to his stomach, leaning against him. She closed her eyes as she began to relax from the warm water and his comforting solidness.

“The Prefect bathroom is an absolute dream.” He sighed.