she began to relax

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Can you make an alternative twist to the kbtbb cheating headcanon where the mc gets into an accident after she runs away from seeing the bidder cheat. She loses her memories and wakes up scared because she can't recognize the bidder.

A/N- I hope you like it ^_^  There are still more KBTBB and BMP cheating request left O.O


Baba-  Baba stared sadly at the unconscious MC as his regrets grew. Why did he have to do that to her?  Why did he allow her to run away?  Why didn’t he stop her from running across the street? Why?  Why?  Why?

His heart pounded painfully in his chest as he thought of the ways he could get her to forgive him for his stupid mistake.  Fancy dinner?  Jewelry?  Trip?  Propose?  Baba closed his eyes as he began to relax into the chair.  When will she wake up?

As if she heard his thoughts, Baba heard coughing.  His eyes shot open as he saw her eyelids begin to flicker.  Small coughs slipped through her lips as she finally began to regain consciousness after all this time.  Baba’s expression lit up.  She is okay!  She turned toward him with a confused look as he moved closer to her.

Baba took her hand and said, “don’t get angry.  I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it.  Plea–”

“What did you do!” MC exclaimed as she snatched her hand away from him. She looked around the room with terrified eyes, “who are you?  Where the hell am I?”

“MC?” Baba mumbled.

“How do you know my name?” she yelled as she tried to get off the bed but was stopped by the wires attached to her.  The sight of her teary eyes broke Baba’s heart.  Baba looked at MC sadly as she pressed a button to get the nurse’s attention.

Baba muttered, “you don’t remember me?”

Eisuke-  “I heard you finally woke up,” Eisuke stated as he walked into the room.  Even though he did not show it outwardly, the hotel owner was excited around the improvement of her health.  MC, being the clutz she is, managed to hit her head hard enough to get a concussion while running away from him.  Eisuke was haunted by the image of holding her in his arms as her head began to bleed heavily.

MC sat up hearing his voice and she gave him a confused look, “do you have the wrong room sir?”

“MC, I know you ar–” Eisuke began with an annoyed tone.

MC cut him off asking, “are you a doctor?”

“MC, stop with th–” Eisuke began but stopped when he noticed her growing paler.  She looked like she was staring at a ghost.  “Are you okay?” he asked as he took a few steps closer to her.

MC shook her head, “if you aren’t the doctor, then who are you?  How do you know my name?”

“You’re serious,” Eisuke muttered as he began to realized the gravity of the situation, “it’s me.  Eisuke Ichinomiya.  The owner of Tres Spades Hotel.  Your boss.  Your–”

“I don’t know who you are,” MC stated as she tried to calm herself down, “please leave.”

Ota-  Ota could not forget the image.  It did not matter how much he tried to distract himself, drink, or wish it away; the image was glued to his mind.  MC’s bleeding body lying in the street after she got hit by the car she did not see.  She did not see it because she was too busy yelling at him, calling him a pig and every swear she could think of.

Ota sat at her bedside since; Baba has visited a few times bringing food for him and balloons with stuffed animals attached to them for her.

Ota knew that she would be furious at him when she woke up, but he still refused to leave her side.  Maybe it will get him extra points?

“Where–,” Ota heard a voice muttered as he was staring at his phone.  He looked up to see MC’s eyes opening.  Their gazes clashed and she looked scared for a second.  Why would she be scared, he thought, angry I understood but not scared.

“MC, don’t ye–” Ota began as she looked around with a scared expression.

“Where am I?” she exclaimed, “who are you?”

Ota froze at the words, “you don’t know who I am?”  MC’s terrified expression gave him the answer.  Ota felt conflicted about the news, maybe this could be a good thing.  Maybe her losing her memory of what he did could actually help heal their relationship.  Ota’s phone went off in his hand and he saw another text from the model.

Mamoru-  Mamoru was relaxed in the hospital chair with his eyes closed.  All the stuff that has happened lately with MC catching him cheating and the accident that emanated from it had taken a toll on his sleep– after everything is done he will probably be able to sleep like the dead.  MC has to wake up first.  A pillow was thrown at Mamoru’s head and his eyes shot open to meet with MC’s.  She gave him a fierce look as if waiting for him to do something.  Mamoru smiled, the kid was okay.

“Don’t throw things kid,” Mamoru muttered running his fingers through his hair.

“One, I ain’t a kid,” MC spat, “two, who the hell are you?”

“Not time for joking kid,” Mamoru stated as he yawned, “how ya feeling?  Too soon to talk about–”

“WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?” MC yelled, “I’m not joking grandpa.”

Mamoru groaned, “I know you’re mad at me MC, but isn’t this immature?  You really are a kid.”

“How do you know my name?” she asked as her expression paled, “how do you know me?”  He stared at her like she was crazy before realizing that she was being honest.  Mamoru hesitated before responding.  What should he say?

“Don’t fall asleep on me again grandpa,” MC muttered.

Soryu-  MC’s eyes began to flutter as Soryu sat beside her bed.  He had been waiting for this day to happen since she went into a coma from the car crash a week ago.  Soryu did not care that they are no longer dating each other, he still loved that woman and nothing will ever change that.  MC is going to be pissed seeing him.  MC turned towards him with a confused look as Soryu watched her curiously waiting for everything to blow up.

It was his fault that she was in this predicament.  Some people seeking revenge against the Ice Dragons, mostly against himself, and decided not to go directly after us.  They knew of MC somehow and decided to go through her.  It worked.  Soryu already got his revenge on the men that thought they could get away with this– they were now six feet under.  They were idiots for considering they could get away with that, it does not matter that we are not together anymore.  Soryu ran his fingers through his hair as MC looked around the room.  Why is she not saying anything?

MC turned toward Soryu nervously before muttering, “who are you?”

“It’s me Soryu,” he stated as he slowly thought about a detective novel he once read that including something similar to this.

“Soryu… that does not seem familiar,” she mumbled as her nervous feelings began to show on her face, “where are that doctors?  Why am I here?”

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❂ -GunsGoldnGlory

  ❂ = wiping blood off their face 

// @gunsgoldnglory //

Another contract completed, but at a price. Though most of the blood that splattered against her face and body was from the victim, some were her own. After all, she did have an oozing cut on her upper arm from where the other sliced at her. 

Walking into the cottage-like house, she tugged her olive green shemagh down to reveal her face. Kaidan had managed to keep her face from getting hurt this time. When she saw Erron sitting in the nearby living room, she immediately went over to him. 

When he stood up at seeing her bloodied appearance and cupped her face in his hands, she began to relax. Kaidan sighed quietly at the feeling of his thumb rubbing against her cheek, smearing off some of the blood that was there. It was moments like this where she was thankful to have him by her side. Though she was quick to sense him about to say something of her injury.

“I’m fine. I promise it’s just minor.” Her tired voice whined, her head leaning to the side to press more into one of his hands.