she began to relax

Cullen jumped from his chair the moment he heard the scream that resonated from the backyard. A second later, his youngest daughter came scampering through the back door, nearly tripping over her own feet in her haste. Before she could tear past him, Cullen reached down and caught her around the waist, halting in her tracks. He could feel her small frame trembling making his heart ache and filling him with concern.

“Little love, what’s wrong? What happened?”

She tried to squirm from his grasp but Cullen wouldn’t relent. Lowering himself to a knee, he pulled his youngest daughter into a tight embrace. She resisted for a moment before finally throwing two small arms around his neck and sobbing into his shoulder. He held her close, rubbing her back and smoothing her hair while quietly shushing her frightened sobs.

It seemed like an eternity before she began to relax. It felt even longer before she lifted her head of golden curls to gaze at him in wide-eyed terror. “Daddy, I– I made snow with–with my hands…” She hiccuped, pulling her arms from around his neck to gape at her dainty hands. “I'm–I’m a mage!”

Smiling warmly, Cullen pulled his scared little girl into another hug and pressed a tender kiss to her temple.

“Hi, mage. I’m dad.”


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trigger warnings: past rape

rating: teen

pairings in this chapter: nalu, gruvia

characters in this chapter: natsu, lucy, gray, and mentions of juvia

summary: retail–the bane of the guild’s existence

Lucy rolled her eyes and pulled out her novel as she turned another guy away yet again. It wasn’t her fault that she worked at a place that had everything under the sun–including xxx novels and magazines to buy.  She was so fed up. With a sigh, she grabbed her pencil behind her ear and continued writing her story. The alternate universe provided relief like a balm on her frazzled nerves, and she began to relax once more.

It wasn’t just that she worked long hours or stayed later than she was supposed to because someone didn’t come in for their shift. It wasn’t that she was annoyed at her managers for constantly changing her schedule despite her pleas that she needed time for homework and a small social life. Lucy was tired of being taken advantage of, and it was getting on her nerves more than she liked to admit.

She was beautiful. There was no denying that. But when mostly older men decided it was okay to come up to her and press the magazines and novels into her hands that were covered in plastic, Lucy felt utterly disgusted. Her sight aversion to anything sexual was amplified, and her senses were overloaded as the men whistled at her and wiggled their eyebrows as she rung them up. Lucy was tempted to push some tissues into the plastic bag along with the novel, but she decided against it. She didn’t want to get fired, and her repulsion would just have to wait.

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Llewellyn considered her first day a rather successful one at that. She’d organised and cleaned her office and nurses station, read up on patients and unpacked her room. The brunette loved to keep herself busy but now she was exhausted and sweaty. The woman wanted to get clean, so after selecting a towel she walked her way down to the bathrooms and hopped into a shower cubicle, letting the warm water slowly run over her body. It was helping her feel rinsed of the day, as she relaxed she began to sing softly, paying little to no attention to her surroundings. Dangerous, considering she was in a shared bathroom.

Looking out for love
In the night so still
Oh I’ll build you a kingdom
In that house on the hill
Looking out for love
Big, big love

showing up late, as per usual, kalia made her way inside of the venue dodging past a few people that she hadn’t been able to place a name with in order to avoid awkward small talk. the leggy brunette made an a line dash straight for the bar because alcohol is afterall the best relaxant. crossing one leg over the other she began to watch the people around her, delicately running her fingers over the laces of her thigh high heels, that was until she noticed a familiar face nearing. quickly, the girl adverted her eyes and stared at nothing besides the martini in hand. hearing a voice, she let out an inaudible sigh before lifting her head once again. “oh my god, hi! when did you get here? i didn’t even see you.”, she addressed with a smile plastered on her face.


I’m an insecure hypocrite and that is something I cannot deny. I preach black pride, black beauty, and self love yet I can’t even emulate those things for myself. I often find myself uncomfortable with my blackness; I cannot see the beauty in my own wide nose and type 4 hair. Growing up I always begged my mom for a nose job and when she stopped relaxing my hair I began wearing wigs, weaves, and braids religiously; basically anything that would hide my natural hair from the world. Today all these things still continue and as much as I just want to love myself and be content with my blackness, something holds me back. I’m so fucking sick of wearing fake hair everyday, but I honestly feel hideous with my natural hair. I feel masculine, plain, and ugly; today was wash day for me and I looked in the mirror while picking the knots out of my hair and I honestly just wanted to cry. I felt like I didn’t look like myself even though I was looking at myself in my true natural state. My sister has been urging me to wear my natural hair for a few days, but I just can’t. I don’t even know how to do my hair and it’s at an awkward length. I’m an overly self conscious person and it terrifies me to think of all the stares and judgements I’d get from people. I’ve just found comfort in wearing weaves/wigs all these years and basically conforming to so called beauty standards. It takes a certain amount of confidence to wear natural hair, but I don’t have that. It doesn’t help when you constantly hear black men and even your own mother knock down women with natural hair and call it ugly. Black girls hair isn’t really praised unless they have 22 inch virgin Brazilian weave or natural type 3 loose springy curls. I’m just tired of not being able to truly be myself because I feel like I need to make other people feel comfortable with my appearance. 😞

Getting away from the city for a time seemed to be only way Líadan found real peace these days. When she didn’t constantly feel as if someone was watching her, ready pounce. Finding a place to rest for a while she settled herself beneath a tree and tried to put thoughts of her troubles - of the men hunting her, of her deal with the sorceress, of the blood she still needed to steal - from her mind. But just as she began to relax she felt a shadow fall across her and immediately tensed, ready to spring up and run, as she opened her eyes to see who was stood over her.

Pairing: Izaya/Namie
Theme: kisses

Kissing Izaya was like licking a knife.

As long as she was careful, it was fine. It was exhilarating, felt wrong, but set her nerves on fire.

She kissed him in a calculated manner. Her lips didn’t part too much, her tongue didn’t move too much; it was a textbook perfect kiss, just two pairs of lips brushing against each other. There would sometimes be a bit of tongue but it was brief, certainly not a disgusting slobbery kiss. Namie hadn’t kissed many people and only two men, including Izaya, but she could still recognize Izaya to be rather talented.

He’d walk over and kiss her without warning. One hand would press to the wall and he’d bend down; Namie’s eyes would remain open, glaring at him until after their lips met. She’d then close them and kiss him back slowly, almost reluctantly.

When she began relaxing, Izaya would slowly guide her body to the same wall his palm was against, her back meeting the surface. His own frame would then be used to press her firmly to it, his knee between hers, the free hand cupping her face.

The kiss still carefully calculated.

At some point, Izaya would pull back. Namie didn’t know whether his eyes opened or not because hers remained closed. Their foreheads would press together and there would be a few very fragile, very tense seconds of silence that Namie could easily ruin by saying something.

But she never did because before she could think of something, Izaya would be kissing her again.

Kissing Izaya was like licking a knife.

If she wasn’t careful, there’d be blood and it would hurt.

His mouth crashed down on hers and she almost gasped. Teeth clicked and tugged at lips; Namie could feel her mouth bruising, taste metal. But she didn’t just take it; she returned the kiss, pulled at his shorter locks the way he did hers, almost intent on pulling strands out. She wanted to make it so he wasn’t able to smirk, she wanted to make it so Izaya’s perfect appearance was tarnished.

The kiss was savage. She’d be lifted, her slight frame kept where it was because of his hips pressing to hers. His hands would slip under her skirt and cup her ass as her own would reach under his shirt, scratch her perfectly manicured nails against his body as she kissed him, bit at his lip, wondered if the blood was his or hers–or maybe both?

Kissing Izaya was like licking a knife and Namie didn’t mind the taste of blood.

RobStar Week, Day 1 - Circus

(I have a not-so-secret low-level headcanon that Robin has mild to moderate undiagnosed PTSD from the death of his parents among other things and dammit the image of Starfire cuddling with an elephant would not leave my head.  So enjoy my dear fellow RobStar shippers.)

A pale gray trunk stretched out, curiously probing.  Starfire shied a little, retreating back into the nook of Robin’s arm.

He chuckled.  "It’s all right, Starfire.  He won’t hurt you,“ he assured her.  He urged her forward again, gently, taking hold of her wrist to guide her hand towards the elephant’s wrinkled head.

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High school AU(closed)


Yukami glanced around, thinking she was alone in the theater. She sat down at the piano quietly and thought about what she could play. Since moving here, she hadn’t been able to play her piano keyboard at home because of her parents and they stopped her piano class, thinking it would help her concentrate on school more.

A sigh escaped her lips as she relaxed and began to play a simple melody. Her eyes closed and her fingers danced across the keys.

Rin was thrashing and crying then she looked at him, her eyes wild. She began to relax. “Okita-san?”

Soji held the other close. “It’s okay.” He said softly as he stroked her hair. “We’re you having a nightmare?”

Closed RP// Ophelia and Dean

Plumes of smoke wrapped around the room as the young girl exhaled her hit of what she called her poison. She watched her best friend raise yet another bottle of beer to his lips and couldn’t help but fantasize replacing the rim with her own lips. Blinking herself back to reality, the woman set down her pipe and lighter, her head buzzing.

“Would you like to play strip poker?” The words poured out of her before she could stop them, though she was too relaxed to even blush. Her hands began to fumble through the sketches and ballet magazines on her glass table, trying to find a deck of cards.

She looked at her best friend. “Or we could do something else if you have any ideas?”


Sheathing her beloved sword, Lydia stood at the edge of camp, glancing around at the familiar scene while she tried to regain her breath. As she began to walk closer, excitement filled her as she began to relax. It had been five months since she’d been back to camp, having gone home to spend time with family. Now, it was time she returned, permanently this time. Having had a rough trip back from West Virginia, Lydia looked worse for wear with blood and mud splattered over her, but she did not mind one bit. In that moment, Lydia Grayson did not have a care in the world as she navigated her way back towards her cabin. “It’s good to be home,” she said to herself quietly, unaware that she was being watched.

Before starting Naruto looked over what oils he had and smiled, glad that Sakura let him do this for her. She was so stressed from working at the hospital and needed to relax. He poured a bit of the oil near her shoulders and started working it in. “Of course I’m not Sakura-chan, but thanks for letting me do this.” Naruto said admiring her bare back as he continued to work the oil into her shoulders.

It took the pinkette a moment but she slowly began to relax at the touch of his hands, the heavy tension in her muscles easing. It had been a long day for her but then again every day at the hospital was a long one. Even so it was very rewarding and it was something she enjoyed doing. Sakura loved to help all the people of the village and maker her mentor proud. After all, she did learn from Tsunade-sama herself.

“Nn..I should probably be the one thanking you..Until you started rubbing my shoulders I didn’t realize I was so tense.” She murmured, eyes closed and shrouded beneath long lashes. Her lips were slightly parted, a soft sigh of relief leaving her.