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Do you think Samus had a hard time adjusting to life back in human society when she became a bounty hunter?

I think she’d have some trouble adjusting to human-exclusive societies again. She might have less trouble in mixed species spaces, like the Galactic Capital shown in the manga (if you take that as canon) where there’s so much cultural mixing anyway that she doesn’t stand out as much- so maybe she prefers being in those sorts of places. With that said, she can’t get away from her human ancestry, so I imagine it would be natural for her to gravitate towards human societies like Earth.

The Chozo probably knew she’d be drawn to her own kind, and I imagine they taught her about human society, social behaviours, language etc. (I mean, she must’ve picked up English/whatever Earth language she uses naturally during her first three years, even if she didn’t continue to use it while among the Chozo.) The Chozo seem to have some involvement in the Federation, if so minimal that they’re a big mystery to it; it’s fair to assume that they know a fair bit about other major Federation species and have achieved diplomacy and peace via deep understanding. So they can teach Samus a fair bit.

She knows a lot of the theory- in practice, it’s hard adjusting from the Chozo ways of living and communicating to the human ones. And I doubt the Chozo were able to teach her some of the more subtle nuances of various human cultures and behaviours. She might come across as somewhat stiff or weirdly formal, at least in the early days. While non-humans might not notice the difference, humans would probably be able to pick out the fact that she was raised by a nonhuman species.

This would become especially noticeable as of her moving into apparently human-dominated environments like the Federation army, since the military forces shown in the likes of Prime 2/3 and Other M seem largely made up of humans (though in the ZM manga, when Samus was in the Federation Police her colleagues were mainly non-human). This would probably be where poor Samus struggled the most- being quite young, inexperienced, and less world-wise at the time. It’s also probably when she DID learn a lot about being human, picking stuff up from her colleagues and friends, and with people like Adam to nudge her in the right direction. Nonetheless, that probably lead to a lot of awkwardness and confusion.

Though it’s likely her Chozo instincts will tend to override, by this point in the timeline she may be pretty well-adjusted to life on Earth/human colonies. Still, she probably has some birdy behaviours she’s not willing to drop.


Fatigued by the arrival of warm weather, shortly after the previous birth, Maria Carolina became pregnant again. She was plagued by persistent headaches that made her become aggressive towards those who contradicted her. Suffering from the pregnancy, she accused her husband of continuously getting her pregnant, and she became hostile towards their intimate martial relationship. On 24 November, 1775, Princess Maria Anna was born…..

The Diary of Queen Maria Carolina of Naples, 1781-1785: New Evidence of Queenship at Court - Cinzia Recca

Fic: Her One True Love’s a Sailing Ship Ch 1

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Summary: When Regina’s curse failed, she became a pirate dedicated to harassing Snow’s ships. After a stint stuck in Neverland, she’s back in the business, but ransoming this runaway noblewoman turns out to be more complex than expected. 

“Damn it,” Regina hissed under her breath. Firing a warning shot across the bow worked a lot better when you were remotely close to the bow. Then she raised her voice to carry to the crew. “Hard about! We’ll take another pass!”

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I hope that uso ask doesn't start drama it's just so annoying that when these yt ppl come on the scene everyone wants to throw these talented ass poc under the bus & act like they're the only important ones. I'm not saying you have to be a fan of the Usos bc I don't care for the bucks honestly, but you're not gonna talk shit about the Usos & put them down to uplift some yt boys. Those fans are so unnecessary & that's exactly why ppl don't like them. They do the most, you can be a fan but chill.

“…you can be a fan but chill.”

Anon, I completely agree both The Usos and The Bucks are talented and bring their own skills to the table. Remember when people threw Naomi under the bus when she became champion? Or even when Jinder won a championship? (There’s others that I’m sure of but those are the first two that come to mind from recent memory). 

None of them have to be your fave but none of them should be disrespected because you feel as though a white athlete is better. 

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Headcanons for Sinbad finding out his darling daughter is a mermaid. Thanks!

> This discovery is quite a shocking turn of event for Sinbad. Not that he’d despise his little mermaid, it’s more for the question of how she became one in the first place. He’ll definitely want some answers to his question, not being able to avoid them, even if he tried too, but he’ll also make sure to let his child know, that he still supports and loves her dearly

> After the first few shocks have settled inside of him, he’ll be even more interested in her being, wanting to know practical things as well as her experiences as a mermaid. Sinbad will try to go out for a swim or a boat-tour ever so often to spend the special time with her and the sea, needing it to completely realize that this is real

I feel that I didn’t appreciate Lyanna Stark enough before the Rhaegar week. Before it, I didn’t really feel the character, but while I was making edits and thinking about her, she became more fleshed out in my mind. I feel close to her now. She is a girl who dislikes womanizers and arranged marriages, a girl who doesn’t have a positive bond with her father. A girl who is brave and adventurous and mature for her age, a girl who defies the society. A girl who stands up to bullies, and who is similar to Arya in personality. And Lyanna fell in love with Rhaegar … And she cries over sad music too. She is very relatable to me.

Lyanna became one of my favorite minor characters.


Okay here it goes. Those are Alexa’s mewnian friends. .
First there is Evelyn:
Since she was a born she lived with her mother Kelly in the the castle of star and Marco. Her daughter is half mewnian and since star became queen she finally was able to bring monsters and mewnians together. That’s why more and more halfbloods populate mewni. Kelly became in the years the had of the royal guard and reached her daughter how to fight. Evelyn is very confused and is the best fighter in whole mewni. She’s protecting Alexa in every situation and is fighting against dab persons too. Both became good friends. .
Cedric is the assistant of Evelyn. His responsible is to make The royal family feel well. Sure he’s not tho o my one but he’s the i my friend of Alexa. His parents are normal mewnians and very proud, that they son is working for the rays family. He’s a nice person and Evelyn and him are friends too. But both always want to protect mostly Alexa and hers why they fighting more often. .
And then there is astaios:
HES based on my favourite book Charakter #leovaldez in the book #heroesoftheolympus
Hes the roya Ingenieur and is working always in the worship on new inventions. For his age he’s very talented and that’s why he deserves this place. Sadly he don’t have parent but that changes nothing on his funny and positive personality. Always he got jokes and makes everyone laugh. .
Those where all her MEWNIAN friends. There are still 2 others but I’m gonna show them later.


Spencer was both excited and nervous to start his lectures. He decided to talk about the psychology of lying, stealing, and, of course, murder. Although he already knew everything and anything about these topics, Spencer decided to make notes to use during his presentation.

Spencer sat in his apartment writing whatever came to his mind. Y/N stayed quiet so her boyfriend could focus; however, she quickly became bored. Very bored. She blew air out of her mouth as she scrolled through Instagram for the one thousandth time today.

“Spencer?” She asked him.


“Are you almost done?”

Spencer laughed. “Princess, I just started,” he paused and looked at his watch, “15 minutes and 23 seconds ago.”

“Oh my gosh.” Y/N rolled her eyes. This was going to be a long day. She tried to keep her boredom at bay, but she just couldn’t help herself any longer.

Y/N put her phone away and rose from her cushioned seat and walked over behind her lover. She wrapped her arms around him, and she began showering him with kisses. She pressed her lips against his neck, jaw, check, forehead, and finally his lips.

“Stop, Y/N,” Spencer said with blushing cheeks. “I’ve got to finish my notes.” And he went back to working.

Y/N huffed, but that didn’t mean she wasn’t going to stop. “Fine,” She said, a smirk present on her face. “I see how it is.”

Slowly she began kissing his jaw and made her way down his neck, making sure to leave marks. Spencer shuddered and tried to keep doing his notes.

“I hate you,” He admitted.

“Why? I’m lovely,” Y/N said.

Spencer pulled her into his lap. “That’s why I love you so much.” He gently places a kiss on her lips. “I love you, Princess,” He whispered before he deepened their kiss.


This was my first attempt at a Spencer Reid fanfic! I hope it wasn’t too terrible. Requests are open!!

like it’s valid to discuss “fake bi girls” basically only in the context of media. as a bi girl, i am Sick And Tired of the “quirky bi girl” who has an ex-girlfriend for the sake of the male gaze and who never mentions her sexuality other than as an oddly fetishized off-color comment. these girls almost always have dyed hair and an Attitude and usually fall for the main boy. and i get being pissed off that so much of our representation is basically “bi is a quirky trait not a matter of personal identity,” i get complaining that so many of us in media end up with boys, that it does seem through media’s lens that we’re sort of… not queer. we’re usually playful, sexually devious but willing to Settle For the Right Man, usually … fake bi. because 9 out of 10 times, they’re not written by bi girls, and as a result they’re… really dishonest to our actual experience.

all of this still does not mean that you can get mad at a real life bi girl for choosing a man as a partner. sorry bud.


Luffy & Labrador

Robin & Whippet

(From @blenheims ’s lovely dog headcanons)