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We Are Young: Chapter 7

Throne of Glass High School AU

Summary: Senior Rowan Whitethorn is new to town. It doesn’t take him long to get use to a new school, make new friends, even join the local hockey team. But it also doesn’t take him long to meet sophomore and figure skater Aelin Galathynius. And it doesn’t take him long to realize one thing; he can’t stand her.

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“You sure you’re okay?” 

“Fuck off asking me that. Or I’ll slam your face into the lockers.”

Dorian held his hands up, weaving in and out of the students crowding the hallway. He wanted to push the subject more, to find out how he could help her even in the slightest way. But he knew Manon. She would actually throw him against the lockers if he asked her that question one more time.

Class has just ended, so the hallways were packed with students as they caught up with friends or made their way to their lockers. Manon and Dorian had just got out of French class themselves when he offered to walk her to her locker.

Truthfully, he was worried about her. He didn’t know what it was, but that was just something about Manon that seemed off. There was an underlying emotion that clouded her eyes, sometime Dorian couldn’t place. Plus, she was being… harsher than normal.

He had a feeling that something happened at the party, because something always happened at parties. But he knew Manon wasn’t going to let up anytime soon. The only way he was going to know what had happened was if she told him. And by the looks of it, that wasn’t going to happen any time soon.

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Royai Tidbits from FMA: To the Promised Day (PSP Game)

There’s this FMA game for PSP that was never released outside Japan (and thus, untranslated). It’s called Fullmetal Alchemist: To the Promised Day. What’s interesting about this game is that it shows what the characters were up to before and during the preparation period for Promised Day. There are a lot of side stories which were not included in the manga and/or anime and most of the stuff are related to character development and/or backstory.

Since I’m Royai trash, I painstakingly watched the entire playthrough of one user (カジ) on Nico Nico Douga to glean as much information about Riza and Roy as I could. I’m not sure if the game is canon, though. I used the image translation function of Google Translate + my meagre knowledge of the Japanese language for the dialogues so I probably missed some of the details, but hey, something is better than nothing, right? Here’s my first official contribution to the Royai community. Cheers!

Please credit/mention my blog when you use the summary/translation for your works. Thanks <3


EDIT (31.05.2017): I already posted the full translation of Riza and Ed’s conversation here.

#1. Ed and Riza discuss their daddy issues

One of the scenarios that you can unlock in the game involves Riza and Ed talking about their dads. Riza reveals to Ed that her father is also an alchemist, which is why she could empathize with him. She also admits eventually that Roy was her father’s apprentice (and she calls him Mustang-san instead of Colonel as she narrates her story to Ed).

Riza tries to convince Ed to talk to his dad at the very least, while he still has the chance. Then she proceeds to tell him about her relationship with her late father – how she was afraid of him because he was so obsessed with his alchemy, and how Roy (after Berthold’s death) convinced her that her father loved her in his own way (the proof of which was the moment he asked practically begged Roy to apologize to Riza on his behalf and to take care of her). At first Riza doesn’t say who the apprentice was, but in the end, Ed pieces together the clues and figures it out. Ed is left shocked, but thanks Riza for her advice and for revealing a part of her past to him.

#2. Al, Roy and Havoc share their hospital fantasies/preferences

Al visits Roy and Havoc in the hospital after the encounter with Lust. While Riza is away, Havoc begins a conversation about his hospital fantasies. Al (bless his innocent soul) comments that he wouldn’t mind it if Lieutenant Hawkeye took care of him while he’s sick/injured because she seems capable and caring. Havoc then gets this brilliant idea of imagining Riza as a nurse, and then as a doctor. [screenshots from kaji’s playthrough on Nico Nico Douga]

He voices out his opinions on each of the scenarios. He says the nurse uniform would enhance Riza’s feminine hips, while the doctor outfit would emphasize her beautiful legs. Roy just hums/nods in agreement at each of the mental images. This is where the screenshots of Riza as a nurse and doctor come from!! An unamused Riza eventually returns to the room and tells them that she heard everything since she was just outside talking to some other patient. The guys are terrified, and Al quickly excuses himself and rushes out of the room.

#3. Riza goes on a picnic with Ed and Al and reveals more about young!Royai

Riza meets up with the Elric brothers for a picnic. Ed consumes everything in sight and comments that the food she had prepared were really good. Al then points out that Riza is the perfect/best woman because she is beautiful, cooks really well, and is really competent at what she does (or she’s good at work, I was lost in translation!). Riza says that it wasn’t always the case.

She tells them that she had to learn how to cook at a young age since her mother passed away early. At first, she had no idea how to cook, but she had to do so anyway since nobody else would do it for her. Then her father’s apprentice Roy arrived. Riza once tried to prepare a feast for him on his birthday. He gladly ate everything she cooked and enthusiastically praised her for her cooking, even if he ended up running to the toilet afterwards. She was so touched by his kindness that she took up cooking lessons so she can prepare better meals for him. [At this point, I’m not sure if the brothers figured out she was referring to Roy every time she mentioned the apprentice.] Al then says it’s great that she cooks really well now, and asks if there’s someone she’s cooking for. She says there used to be someone, but right now that person can’t eat the food that she prepared. [WE ALL KNOW IT’S ROY!!] The boys thank Riza for the wonderful lunch, and assure her that someday she can cook for and eat with that person again. Awwwww.

Right now I can’t remember if there are other important Royai scenes. Maybe I’ll re-watch (and translate, then summarize) the other scenes if I have time ^__^

Moon of Fire Part i (Sastiel Sequel)

Sastiel is a fic inspired from Rowaelin’s child and Feysand’s child being mates. Thank you to @dorianthekinkymf for reading this first part early, and giving me her amazing support, and for @dr-woodsprite for the title inspiration! And also to the girls who have done beautiful, gorgeous, wonderful Sastiel edits, @cassianandfenrysaremyboyos @readinglikewildfire @thebookdiviner @poseiodn @dorianthekinkymf I love you guys so much a thousand thank yous!

If you haven’t read A Court of Fire and Dreams:
Check out Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV and Part V.

Moon of Fire:
Part i, Part ii, Part iii, Part iv, Part v


Darkness covered Seraphine.
She was delirious, sprawled on a wooden floor, a wild raging pain deep in her head. Though her hands—bloody, shackled.
Despite this, a bigger problem was at hand.
Below her, a circle similar to the one drawn by Amren and Feyre at the House of Wind was slightly visible in the dark.
I came alive when I met you she had said to him, before she was to go back home to her family. To Terrasen.
Now, bars surrounded her from all sides. Wooden walls caved her in. She was trapped, her powers, her fire non-existent.
Not again, not again, not again. Seraphine forced her mind to calm, but she didn’t feel in control of herself anymore.
A corner of the cloth covering the wagon was pulled back. She stared at a wild eyed man, his eyes the colour of blood, wearing strange clothing she had never seen before.
“Got somewhere else to be, princess?”
He laughed as she said nothing.
“Didn’t think so.”
The man tried to grab her through the bars, laughing maniacally, and she felt now, that the tunic once owned by Kastiel was too short to be worn here.
“Don’t try anything funny,” he spat at her.
Seraphine had been so sure that her family needed her here, that they were in danger. Now she didn’t know what to think.
She swallowed her fear, listening intently at the sounds outside. The rustling of never ending trees. The breeze of fresh grass. Horses, being tended to. Though her powers were gone, her fae hearing weren’t. They must have been at an outpost, her capturers taking a break and resting the horses.
Near silent footsteps approached the horses at the front of the carriage, murmuring gentle words to the animals.
Seraphine was drawn to their tender voice. She crawled towards the edge of the wagon, tearing out a small piece of cloth from the bottom of her dress.
She takes a deep breath and pushes her hands through the bars and the cloth, towards the horse tender.
“For anyone in Terassen,” she whispers to him, dropping the piece. Seraphine didn’t know if he caught it, or if it simply landed on the ground.
The horse tender was about to make a sound, about to speak to her, before he was yanked heavily back. He yells in fright, a commotion breaking off as Seraphine hears the sound of skin pounding on skin.
The doors to her wagon opened, blinding her with bright daylight.
“What did you give him,” the red eyed guard yells.
Seraphine crawled to the back of the wagon, making herself into a ball. She was weak, she had no powers, she was not strong enough to escape into the heart of what could only be Oakwald Forest.
“I said,” the man yells, grabbing Seraphine by the shoulders and shaking her. “What did you give him?”
Seraphine said nothing.
Red eyes were the last thing she saw before the pummel of a sword knocked her out.


The journey through Oakwald forest left Seraphine’s mind in tatters. Her cheek lay on the cool wood, trying to clear her mind. She couldn’t tell how many days had passed, how many hours she had spent in the darkness of her wagon. The men forced her a drink, which suppressed her strength and powers. If they were travelling to Oakwald Forest, then there was a high chance that they were headed to Terrasen—her home. She snickered at the thought of these men bargaining her for whatever it is they desired from her court. Did they think they would make it out alive? The thought made Seraphine warm with joy. Going home didn’t seem so bad now.
Her heavy lids threatened to close again, just before she sees in the corner of her wagon, a flower, the moon illuminating it through the covers. She crawled towards it, her sodden tunic dragging through the markings on the wooden planks. She picks up the delicate blue, almost silver thing, pressing it to her face, inhaling the familiar scent—moonflower.
She swore she could hear giggling in the far distance.

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anonymous asked:

What kind of pregnant lady would Meg be hypothetically? For example, when my sister was prego she cried at and ate everything, but my other prego sister was always angry and complaining that everything smelled.

Hypothetically? Uncomfortably cheerful and friendly, especially with people she’s normally not very fond of. At one point Karen Schenzy would get a gift basket from her. That would be the first and last time that ever happened. (She’s got nothing personal against Randy but she doesn’t like ghouls too much.)

Twin trouble

Levy eased herself gingerly down onto the bed and sighed in relief. It felt wonderful to be off of her swollen feet at the end of the day. Gajeel let go of her hand and walked around to the other side of their bed, lowering his bulk carefully onto the mattress so as not to upset his petite wife. He’d been yelled at by her enough in the last seven months to learn that any inadvertent bouncing on the bed could easily set off yet another wave of nausea. In the first few months of her pregnancy, Gajeel had been worried that she was throwing up everything she ate, and he just couldn’t see how she could be taking in enough nutrients to feed herself and the baby. Later, when they had learned she was carrying twins, his worry had increased. How could such a small body nourish three people at the same time?

His wife had proved to be surprisingly hearty, however. Despite her constant nausea, aches, swelling, and general discomfort, she had managed to stay remarkably active, and even cheerful, for the most part. Now that she had entered her third trimester, however, she had started getting acid reflux pretty badly, making her nauseous all over again, once again concerning Gajeel about how she was going to eat enough for the three of them when what little she managed to eat usually came back up. He was very grateful for Wendy during this time, as she had replenished Levy’s depleted nutrient store many times.

Finally sinking into the bed, Gajeel sighed. He would be relieved when this whole thing was over. These twins were already bringing him nothing but trouble. He didn’t want Levy to be one of the women who died in childbirth, and the possibility seemed more and more real to him the more her tiny body swelled with child.

Suddenly, Levy’s face went wide, and Gajeel panicked instantly. “What is it, Levy? Are you ok? Are you feeling contractions?” They had been warned by the doctor several times that women carrying twins often delivered prematurely, and Levy could hardly sigh without worrying her husband. She wordlessly shook her head, and grabbed both of his hands, placing them on her belly. At first Gajeel was confused. He had felt the babies kicking plenty of times before, why was she acting like this was so weird? His question was soon answered as his wife placed one hand up near her stomach, and the other down close to her pelvis. After a second, he felt it. Two matching kicks, one at the top of Levy’s womb, the other at the bottom. As if they were both straining to get into the world and fight against it as soon as possible, and they were determined to work together to accomplish their goal.

After a minute or so, the kicks subsided, and Gajeel saw the ripple of flesh that indicated the babies changing positions. He looked up and met his wife’s damp gaze, and grinned back at her. He had felt their courage, their determination, their willingness to shoulder hard work together. He suddenly understood exactly what it was that was making this whole mess worth it to his beautiful wife. He had felt bits of both of them in their twins, kicking out at his hands.

He felt his own eyes mist up a bit. He had been right. These twins were going to bring him nothing but trouble.

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Can I be a horrible person and ask about Wanda Maximoff? (Feel free to ignore me, by the way.) >_<

Dude why would that be horrible?!

Things I try to keep in mind when writing Wanda:
1. Her heritage, because if the MCU doesn’t do it then I guess we gotta step up, folks. I ain’t good at this, but I’ll try
2. Her grief– multi-layered and generational, the way her grandfather sat quiet on warm nights, the hole that opened in her childhood home and ate everything she loved but her brother, and then the long fall that buried him in the rubble of their hometown a few decades later
3. Her guilt, both deserved and not
4. Her age, and the way almost every sympathetic soul in the Avengers is gonna look at her and see some bit of themselves
5. Her measured eyes-open obsession with fear

Start (Draco Malfoy x reader)

Ravenclaw: intelligent, studious, graceful. I indeed have these qualities, and I do have my faults and flaws, but my twin brother, Harry, seems to have hardly any flaws and dealt with less than me. Sure, Harry was put in a little cupboard under the stairs with only enough room to lie down, but he had a blanket and privacy. And I’d like to make the record straight that I’m not envious or jealous of my brother. I’d give my life for him. I know that people recognize him more than me. People have referred to me as “The Chosen One’s Sister.” I have a name… And I have every right to be upset about being ignored or brushed off. The only difference is that I’m not radical or acting in an immature manner like Loki from the Marvel comics. (Luna bought me some of the comics which I deeply appreciated.)

Sometimes I do enjoy the solitude. I can sneak in the hallways and go to secret little places and spaces that no one thinks to look or go. I can do what I want and feel perfectly at home.

I was walking in the hallways holding my books and was greeted by Rob and Hermione. They told me that Harry wanted to talk later, but couldn’t now. I simply said “Okay,” and kept walking. Neville, Dean, Seamus, and I were going to meet up for a fun study session. I feel most comfortable when I’m with the right group of people, but it’s better being alone. It’s hard to tell if people like you for you or if they’re pretending. It’s difficult for me to tell the difference. As I kept walking, I heard someone or several certain unsophisticated individuals start to tease me.

“Well, if it isn’t the Chosen One’s sister,” of course it was him again. Draco Malfoy.

I kept walking, not in the mood to deal with him or his pettiness.

“Oi! I’m talking to you! It’s impolite to ignore someone when they are ta-” I didn’t let him finish and nonchalantly cast a spell on him while I walked. It made his mouth unable to open for four hours. I had a crush on Draco, but I don’t like the way he treats people. Especially Harry.

After the study session, I decided to make my hammock and lay in it.

“What the bloody hell, (y/n)?!” Yelled Draco. “How dare you?! This is exactly why-”

“’ (Y/n), you uncultured mudblood. No wonder why no one pays attention to you or takes you seriously. Nobody likes you. They tolerate you. Etcetera etcetera etcetera.’ Anything else, Draco? You’re not very good at coming up with new material and you can’t use what I’ve already accepted against me. So you might as well leave while you can. Quit wasting my time, you spoiled brat.”

Draco became even angrier, but stomped off. See, Harry knows how to defend himself, but he doesn’t really take much action or say the right words or arrange them in the necessary order for the situation.
I stayed in my hammock until it was time to eat supper. I sat with enough space for myself to read while I ate. (I read anything I found interesting which happened to be many things.)
Our owls began to deliver packages and letters. Unexpectedly, I received one. The envelope was written by… Draco? What could he want now?

I opened the letter to read:

Dear (Y/n),

I don’t know how to say this, but I must speak to you. It’s an emergency. I understand if you don’t want to, but if so meet me in the halls at 10 PM. Please.

-Draco Malfoy

I blushed. He’s never written something like this to me. He’s never written anything to me period. I looked over at Harry and he caught me eye and smiled and waved. I returned the gesture. I can’t tell Harry. I couldn’t. I hid the note in my robe. I finished eating and walked to the halls. Could it be possible he would actually apologize and be a genuine person? Could I be the first person to see that?

I slowed when I saw to large shadows from the corner. My eyes widened when I noticed it was Crab and Goyle. I came to a stop until Pansy showed up behind them. I turned to run, but I felt myself being slammed against a pillar. Pansy stood in front of me.

“You’re disgusting. Did you really think that your feelings towards him was a secret? And on top of that you constantly make him look like a fool and humiliate him! I’m going to make your life miserable. Your perfect brother will be next.”

I couldn’t move and started panicking. Pansy ordered for Goyle to place the tip of his wand on the inside of my arm where doctors draw blood through needles. Then came the electrifying pain. I tried to scream, but nothing would come out. It hurt. It burned. It was as if I was being struck over and over again by a small lightning bolt.

Then it stopped.

I slumped to the floor with my ears ringing, my eyes blinding me with neon colors, and my body aching in the worst way.

I heard the mumble of what could’ve been yelling and fighting and could barely make out what I was seeing. I felt myself being picked up and taken somewhere. I felt soft and warm, but my head kept spinning and my skin kept sweating. I could barely hear. I felt my head propped up and the presence of multiple people around me. I felt drops hitting my eyes and a clothe covering them. With that I fell into a deep sleep.

I woke up feeling groggy and less sore. I moved the cloth away from my eyes and could see clearly.

“(Y/n)! Oh thank Merlin!” Harry cried. He gently hugged me. “I’m sorry. I’m so so sorry. I’ve been a neglectful brother to you and I should’ve done more.”

I carefully hugged him back. “What happened?” He pulled away and I noticed Ron and Hermione and more of our friends with me.

“You’re not going to believe this,” Ron started, “Draco saved you.”

“…” I blinked in disbelief, “What?”

“Well, Pansy, Crab, and Goyle attacked you and he stepped in and punched Goyle. He put a spell on Pansy and Crab ran off. He told Professor McGonogall everything and she told Snape and Dumbledore.”

“And how, pray tell, do you know this?”

“Dean and Seamus almost got caught ease dropping,” said Blaise.

“Blaise?” I tilted my head.

“Don’t tell anybody I’m here.”


“You’ll be okay. In the meantime, get some rest,” Harry said.

Everyone eventually left.

The next time I woke up, I found chocolate frogs, bottles of butterbeer, and any other kind of treat given by many people with little cards that told me in detail to get well soon on the night stands next to me. I smiled at that. It was still nighttime.

I sat up when a nurse came to me and handed me my dinner. I thanked her before she left. I ate everything on my big plate since I had been sleeping for so long. My belly was full and my body was almost done recuperating. Out of the corner of my eye I saw none other than Draco walk in and I subconsciously scooted away from him. Well, as far as my bed would allow.

“(Y/n)” he froze when he saw how I reacted. He analyzed the scars on my body from the electrical shock. He noticed how the corners where my eyes were had many tiny and dark freckles almost like ashes. I looked away from him in disbelief.

“Thank you for saving me. It is much appreciated and I’m grateful you did. Now you don’t have to make me. You should leave before you get in trouble. You can’t be out of bed at this hour.” I didn’t hear Draco approach me and sit in the chair next to me. When I swiveled my head to look him in the eyes with the courage I could muster, he embraced me. Draco rested his forehead on my shoulder.

“I wanted to apologize for my behavior. I was being incompetent. And you’re right. I am a spoiled brat. I’m insecure and I put you through awful things. After what I saw with you and Pansy, I was livid. I thought I almost killed someone. I care about you with every fiber of my being.”

I couldn’t believe what I heard. This had to have been a lie.

“I told Blaise that I didn’t want to like you and Pansy heard me and went after you.”

“Draco, it’s okay.”

“No it’s not. You could’ve died. If I hadn’t stepped in right away you would’ve never woken up. I couldn’t lose you,” he had been shaking lightly and tears leaked from his eye ducts.

“I forgive you. It’s okay. I care about you, too.”

“Give me a chance to right my wrongs and fix my mistakes and to learn from them. To be honest with you. I can’t hold things in anymore. And I can’t hide my feelings for you.”

“You don’t have to anymore, but you have to stop acting like a jerk. Stop hating the world,” I rubbed his back with my bandaged hand. “Start forgiving.”

He pulled away and kissed me slowly. We both knew that meant “Yes, I will start to.”


“I can honestly say I’ve been more happy in the past year and a half than I’ve been in all of my years before that put together” — Camila

Word Count: 750

Triggers: None

Requested by Anonymous

“Ugh this is awful why can’t I just join you guys on this next mission!” Parker huffed, crossing her arms and pouting.

“Parker, you tore your Achilles tendon that’s not just something you can fix in a day, you’re gonna have to rest for a while,” Hardison said for the one thousandth time that day.

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browntiger15  asked:

How about some Kallura on earth?

Done!! Thank you:) they the best<3

Allura sat down on the blanket that Keith had stretched out - the edges frayed with certain patches completely faded - and was surprised at the softness she felt. The grass under the blanket was a rich, spring green, and it felt like a layer of pillow stuffing.

Or maybe clouds.

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waj13  asked:

Ok. So this has been bugging me for a while now, or after gravity falls finale. How Dehydration and hungry was Mabel after getting out of her bubble prison? While i can’t remember how long the whole weirdmageddon was before dipper when to safe her or how many days Mabel was in there, so i cant help but believe that bill was making her believe her wont hunger or thirsty or when she drink or ate anything, she was just eating or drinking air.

If I recall correctly, Mabel was rescued shortly before the dawn of Day 4 of Weirdmageddon. My own theory, however, is that time ceases to operate within the parameters of the prison bubble. Bill, like any good djinn, keeps the promises he makes when he deals with people—he just doesn’t necessarily keep them in the way his victims wanted (he helped Ford to build the portal, he gave Dipper a hint when he smashed the laptop).

This explains why Mabel wasn’t significantly weakened by her time in the bubble, even if everything she ate and drank was an illusion (or a pile of cockroaches, take your pick). When she emerged, it was, for her, as if nothing had occurred between that moment and the moment of her imprisonment; if anything she had digested Friday’s lunch and was just starting to be hungry for dinner. She was probably in better shape than her rescuers, who had spent the interim foraging in a wasteland—Soos, by his own admission, hadn’t eaten anything over the past three days except part of his hat.

(This also means that Dipper is technically the older twin now, by three whole days. But don’t tell him that.)

You Mean It? (Dok2 x Reader)

P.S This was requested by an anon. Girl I went so overboard with that, since there are a lot of scandals like that, g dragon with Nana, Zico with Seolhyun, Zico breaking up with Seolhyun because of the public. Making them look like criminals because they are being normal. Anyways, Enjoy!


JoonKyung was different than any man you’ve dated. First off, his lifestyle was like on the other side of the field, you honestly don’t understand how did you catch his eye. You were an english teacher in a private primary school, you were just a normal person. You still did not understand why he chose you? You were a nobody, while he was surrounded by models and idols, I mean he personally knows CL, what more could you say?

Joonkyung fell in love with how simple you were. You appreciated an expensive candle lit dinner, just as much as a drive thru at mcdonalds, you could dress up and go to the club with him, also you could sit at home and cook for him, you could rock a very dark make up, and you could also sit on the couch bare face, with a bun on your head and sweatpants. He liked that you were just a teacher, you liked kids and worked hard for the simple things.

Things were normal. You were carefull with sneaking around and meeting him, you knew that if people learned about you, they would freak out, you didn’t want any part of it, the spotlight scared you. So when you saw your name and face on the article, pictures of you on Joonkyung’s car, or walking out of mcdonalds holding hands you were mortified

“Dok2 dating a foreigner?

The famous rapper has been spotted with this lady a lot of times. They seem to hold hands and her riding passenger at his car.

Even thought we are not sure how long they’ve been dating, people guess is a year, give or take. If you look closely to his instagram, she is in plenty of group pictures, also she is on the quiett’s instagram page.

The couple seems very happy, sources say that the lady is a primary school english teacher. Which makes people wonder how did they meet and her motives for this relationship.

You can clearly see that she is not Korean or Asian in general. Sources say she is from America, but her parents immigrated there, although we don’t know the country.

What do you think of the knew couple?”

Your instagram started to blow out. People started following you and commenting on your pictures, you didn’t know if you should look, eventually curiosity took over you and you started to scroll through

‘She is so weird looking’

‘I think dok2 needs to learn the difference between curvy and fat’

‘Korean women are too hard to get, that’s why he chose her’

’ Look at her make-up, she needs to take it off and put on some clothes’

'I bet he bought her this outfit’


You threw your phone on the bed. Why were they so mad at you? You didn’t do anything but love someone.Was that a crime? You sat on your couch and turned on the tv, maybe that would distract you

'Now what do you guys think about this?’

'Dok2 is just messing around. I mean, look at this they are walking out of mcdonalds, I’m sure she ate everything there is in that bag. She clearly cannot cook since they are getting junk food, he will come to his senses’

You turned it off and threw away the remote, the sound of it crushing to the floor was heard all over the house. Your eyes started to water, making your vision blurry.

Why did they hate you? Why would they judge you like that? You never did anything to them, you never hurted anyone

Your phone distracted you. You walked back to your room to get it, Joonkyung was calling you


“Open the door”

He said and the line went dead. You took a deep breath and looked at yourself in the mirror, you rubbed your eyes so they want look watery. You slowly walked to the door opening it, Joonkyung immidiately wrapped his arms around you

“Are you ok?”

You didn’t answer. He let you go and took your face in his hands, examinating you

“Have you been crying?”


You almost did, but he came by. He closed the door of your apartment and dragged you to your couch

“I’m so sorry about this. I didn’t know about it, I’ll make sure they will take the articles down”

“It won’t make a difference. They will post others, they will still leave comments on my instagram, they will still think like that, nothing can be changed”

He didn’t like the way you talked. It was so cold and sad, you looked depressed, he took your hands in his, attempting to calm you down

“Baby I-”

“They were right though. I am not what you deserve, I’m just a stupid chubby teacher,I even let you pay my phone bill. How stupid and pathetic can that be?”

By the time you were done, your tears escaped your eyes and runned down your face. You bit your lower lip as sobs took over your body, closing your eyes tightly and hair falling to your face. He wrapped his arms around you, letting you cry it out

“Don’t talk like that. You didn’t let me pay for your phone bill, I did it behind your back, cause you spended all of your money to my birthday present, and after you learned about it you didn’t talk to me for a week. You are not chubby, you’ve been working out every day, you look better than ever, even if you were chubby I would still think you were perfect. Baby you are teaching at primary school, I barely got throught it and then dropped out. You came to this different country and managed to survive and leave a nice life, how is that stupid? and we all know you can cook, I mean dong-gab and zino cannot stop talking about your cooking. I love you for every little thing they are mad about”

He kissed your hair, rubbing your back which made you relax in his arms. By the time he was finished, you had stopped crying and just listened to what he had to say. You raised your head and wiped away the tears, smudging your mascara

“You mean it?”

“Of course I mean it. Give me a kiss”

You pecked his lips. He wrapped his arms around you, placing you on his lap, you wrapped your legs around his waist and your arms around his neck

“I love you. Don’t worry about these stupid jealous people, we got way bigger fish to fry”

You nodded and gave him another kiss on the lips. He smiled at you, feeling a bit better since he got you to stop crying


He decided to spend the whole day with you. As you layed next to him, you checked your instagram, you got a notification that he had tagged you in a picture. It was a picture of you with your head on his lap, watching tv

“All we did was love eachother, that is definetely not a crime. So stop talking about us like we are criminals and get a life”

You smiled and put your phone away. You hugged him tightly, as you heard the beating of his heart

“Thank you”

“You’re welcome”

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Just a little pearlmethyst fic :> idk how many people in the sickfic community are into SU but anyways enjoy

It hurt Amethyst to see her like this. Her spine and ribs were visible through her thin tank top. The way her shoulders tensed, the way her body shuddered, it was enough to make her cry. “Easy, easy,” she whispered as Pearl heaved violently. She put a hand on her shoulder, recoiling slightly at her fever-hot skin. Pearl’s shoulders shook as she began to cry, Amethyst put her arms around her, holding tightly as Pearl wept.

“How are you feeling?” she whispered, running a hand through Pearl’s hair.

Pearl sniffled, “I think we should go to the hospital,” she admitted. She had been sick for days. She had been bound to the bathroom by this virus and everything she ate or drank made a disgustingly quick reappearance.


Pearl lay down in the backseat of Amethyst’s car. Every turn and bump in the road felt like the pitching of a ship at sea. She breathed deeply, just trying to remain aware.

She didn’t remember what happened in between, but now she was vomiting again, just water. A sympathetic doctor handed her a new paper shirt and Amethyst helped her take off the old one.

“She’s been really sick to her stomach since Thursday. She’s got IBS though and at first she thought she had eaten something wrong, but she hasn’t been able to keep down water or anything,” Amethyst explained. Pearl was too tired to feel embarrassed. The doctor’s unfamiliar voice was hard to focus on in her feverish state, but Amethyst was her rock, and she pieced together bits of their conversation.

“Ms. Magno, we’re going to give you an intravenous drip to try and restore your fluids and give you some antibiotics, alright?” the doctor spoke directly to her.

“Hear that P? We’re gonna get you some medicine.” Amethyst took her hand, “I’ll be here with you.”

It hurt when they put the needle in, and throbbed as it pumped fluid into her drying veins. She slept for a long time, and stirred slightly as Amethyst said something about, “be back in a while.”

Amethyst returned with Garnet and Rose, who had brought gifts.

“P, you look literally so much better,” Amethyst exclaimed. The IV had been taken out, and she had been sucking on ice chips for a while.

“I feel a lot better,” Pearl smiled weakly. The rolling nausea she had been plagued with seemed to have lessened, although her muscles still ached from the bouts of vomiting.

“Oh Pearl, we were so worried when Amethyst told us you were in the hospital!” Rose smiled, “But Garnet and I brought you presents.”

Garnet sat down beside Pearl, “We have some teas for you, and a heating pad, and a hot water bottle.” she said, passing the cloth shopping bag to her ill friend. “Will you be out of the hospital soon?”

Pearl looked to Amethyst, who had been handling most of the logistics since she had been in no shape to.

Letters to You [9] (shigezane x mc x ???)

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 8.5 | 9 : truth and lies

Genre: Fluff, Angst, Romance, Comedy
Pairing: Shigezane x MC
A bit of Masamune x MC
Inuchiyo x MC

Nine: Truth and Lies

Kojuro and Masamune saw the two off to the castle gates.

Masamune still holds Aki’s cat close to him, which seemed to take a liking to him. His lips pursed and his jaws tensed he stared at the two as they got farther away from Yonezawa.

They looked good together. With Aki in Shigezane’s arms she looked fairly happy, though it is hidden by her embarrasment. Masamune can see it, and how he can’t do anything but try and be happy for her.

“Lord Masamune?” Kojuro called to him, his eyes also set on his sister and Shigezane. “Pardon this question but, we got the information we needed, why did you sent them out together on a mission?”


“Kojuro, I think you know me well to know the answer to that.” He answered him, turnijg his back to return to his office and continue his work for the day.

Because he loves her.

Kojuro took a deep breath, following Masamune he had thought on why the three kids he used to take care of had to be caught up in this mess. He knew who his sister wants to be with. He stared at the back of Masamune, who was walking in a fast pace

He wishes he could do something.

The sun had already set when Aki and Shigezane arrived at the onsen where they are going to stay. The wind on that day was rather cold, as summer will end soon and the autumn draws near.

The owner welcomed them warmly as they prepared quite a lot of food for the two of them. After dinner and resting, the two went to their chambers to change.

The night air was cold and they are in their night robes. Staying in the same room was no joke, one set of bedding, too small to put some distance between them. Sleeping on the floor would also do them no good.
As much as Shigezane wanted to sleep on the floor, Aki won’t let him.

So they came to the conclusion that they are going to sleep in the same bedding, but sleep in a position where they are not facing each other.

They tried to sleep, but both of them could not sleep a wink. Shigezane was uncomfortable with the position they are in while Aki, can’t sleep without seeing any lights on.

A few minutes on trying to sleep, they just gave up. By calling each other’s names and getting up on the same time. To drink.

Shigezane sat on the porch while waiting for her. His breath coming out like a fog due to the coldness of the night. The half moon already low and ready to set, and indicator that the hour was late and so is she. Shigezane stared at the moon and the twinkling stars up above. Somehow, this night reminded him of the day Okage chose Kojuro and not him, the night later Aki was there to stay with him and to comfort him, like she always does.

Come to think of it, she’s always there. No matter how busy she is, or how annoyed of his stories about his women. How unfortunate he is on those supposed to be serious relationships, she always makes him feel better at the end of the day. It made him smile, mockingly to himself. Why was he confused on what he feels for her? Earlier when Masamune looked at her with that fondness he felt a pang of jealousy and started to think that he may love her. But does he really love her? He does not know.

He rubbed his hands together for warmth. He thought it was stupid of him to go out into the porch wearing nothing but his sleeping robes. But he kind of enjoyed this, the moon, coldness of the night, and the thought that he is going to spend it with her.

“You don’t look like you’re enthusiastic to get hitched, Shigezane.” Aki’s voiced cut through his thoughts. He glanced at the woman beside him, Aki setting the tray down in between them, filled with sake and oh, their usual favorite foods. He gave her a smile, which she returned with her own as she sat down beside him.

“You’re late.” He said, pouring Aki’s cup with sake.

“I am not. It’s just that making taiyaki is not as easy as you thought it would be at this hour. I had to plead on the owner to let me use the kitchen, you know.” She chuckled, getting a dango on the plate. “So, you look like you’re pondering on something, is it Lady Ayame?”

He reached for the taiyaki in the plate absentmindedly, munching on one before answering her question.


“You did not tell me anything about this. That you’re getting married.” He heard her chuckle, drinking the sake as if it was nothing. He did not want her to know yet, however he guessed that she will eventually find out.

“Sorry about that. But you did not tell me that you have a candidate for marriage too! Maeda Toshiie, isn’t he your childhood friend?”

Her eyebrows furrowed and her lips drew to a thin line with what he said. He figured it would be the best to stop talking about it.

“Like hell I knew about it.” She answered, taking a deep breath. Shigezane looked to the skies again,

“Shigezane, I’m going to ask you one thing.”

“Mm?” She had an earnest look in her eyes,

“Are you happy with her?”
He was taken aback by her question, is he happy with the fixed marriage?
He chose to keep quiet.

“Ahaha, I see. Shige, do be honest with yourself especially with how you feel.” She munched on another dango, looking at the stars. He smiled at her honesty. She really do know him.

“Aki, can you come closer?” He said out of the blue, without knowing the reason why.

“What, are you going to use my lap as your pillow again?” She said flatly. He shook his head, knowing she’s going to sit closer to him even if she acts that way. So she did, he felt the urge to untie her hair from the ribbon. He let her hair let loose,

“Shigezane…?” She spoke, worry in her voice.

“Any man would be lucky to have you Aki.” His hand reached for her hair, stroking it as you would do to a child. “You’re a hardworking woman, great cook, kind, dignified, sweet and…” he cupped her cheek, his thumb running through her cheekbone. He found himself drawn to her, as if she was a goddess of the night. Her features illuminated by the moon up above, had his mouth agape.

She’s beautiful.

He felt the rapid beating of his heart. She’s red for so many reasons, and he can’t stop himself from smiling.

“Hey hey, what’s with ya? It’s not likely of you to compliment me like that” she laughed awkardly,

“Come on, I compliment you most of the time.” He chuckled, “look at how beautiful your hair frames your face.” He brushed her bangs playfully and tucking the long strands to her ear. “The problem with you is you don’t fix yourself well enough. Always dressing up as a boy.”

“Shut up. You sound like Kojuro.” She said,

“Ahaha, my bad.” He laughed, he stopped stroking her hair to cup her flushed cheeks once more.

“Idiot Shigezane.” She teased, “what half-assed man you are. This should be the part where you get carried away and kiss me.” She teased him, playfully rubbing his chin with her fingers.

“BakaAki,” he whispered, leaning close to her. His hand slid on her waist while the other cupped her cheeks, drawing her closer to him. He can feel her breath, mixed with sake. He looked down on her lips, before claiming it for a kiss.

He felt her stiffen in his arms, so he gently rubbed the small of her back trying to make her relax and pulling her close to him. Her hand finally found its way to his chest. Shigezane took it as an invitation to deepen the kiss. He felt dizzy, and intoxicated by her lips, the dango she ate, the sake. Everything about her. She grasped a fistful of his sleeping robes as the light kiss turned a bit forceful. It felt right. Everything felt right for him. Him kissing Aki, and the happiness bubbling in his chest.

He was the first one who broke the kiss, letting their foreheads touch as they catch their breath. Shigezane looked to her eyes. It had always been there, the look of fondness that are meant for him and him alone. He cupped her cheeks, gently kissing her on the tip of her nose and then to her forehead. He kept his lips there, and Aki held his hands in return.

“Shigezane…?” She called his name quietly, in which he responded by looking at her again.

“Aki,” he spoke “You always had that look in your eyes when you’re with me, that fond look, and I can’t help but look at you the same way.” This time, he held her hand close to his chest, to where his heart is. She pursed her lips, unsure of what to do.

“You talk about honesty with how I feel. But why won’t you be honest with yourself?” He whispered. Suddenly, the hands that held her face close to him felt warm tears cascading down her cheeks

“Stop making things harder for me, Shigezane.” She sobbed, her hand that rest on his chest now falls limpy to his thighs. This is the first time he saw her cry. “I can’t…” he can barely hear the words she was saying. “Please stop this, Shigezane.”

“Stop? Aki, why?”

“Let’s stop this, let’s go back to how we were.” She begged him. “Let’s pretend nothing happened–that this night didn’t happen

“Give me a reason why should we stop this, Aki.” He demanded.

He saw her pursed her lips,
He was just as confused as she is. He had no idea what to do anymore. She is a Katakura, yes. She is a potential candidate for his bride. But he can’t bring himself to ask her that.

What am I supposed to do, Aki?

She gathered all the courage to fight the urge to tell him she loves him for the longest time.

She can’t tell him.

“Because its not meant. I’m a page, you’re a lord of a castle. You are getting married. Shigezane my feelings for you was not what you think it is.” She smiled weakly, she’s sobbing so hard she even had no idea why. Shigezane’s hold on her tightened.

“Does it matter if you’re a page?” He asked, she bit her lip. Trying to control the tears and her words. “The marriage with Ayame is not yet official I can–”

“You can’t.” She answered shortly.

“Who are you to tell me that I can’t?” Shigezane said, looking at her face, searching for answers.

“Why are you doing this anyway? If you think I like you then you got it wrong.” She said, her words filled with venom.

Then tell me what is that you whispered to me that night when Okage chose Kojuro instead of me, Aki!”

She took a deep breath, she gave him a cold stare. Her lips quivering, she answered.

“That? I said that out of pity, Shigezane.” She said coldly, standing up to leave him. “I’m going to go get some fresh air.”


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The Morning After

“Let’s go home,” she whispered softly as they walked out of the archives. She was lightly rubbing his back with her right hand and holding his left hand in hers, helping him remain stable as he walked.

“Thank you for your assistance, lieutenant. Although, I feel it is you who should be leaning on me for strength after your ordeal.”

“Oh, I will, Crane. You can count on it. But for right now, you need to get your bearings. My adrenaline will keep me going until we get to the house.”

“At least allow me to drive,” he said as he took the keys from his coat pocket.

She swiped them playfully from his hand. “Not a chance.“


They didn’t say much along the way, both satisfied with softly touching each other’s hands on the center console between turns. This is real. We are here. By the time they arrived at the house, her body was beginning to feel the need for the things it had been lacking for the past ten months. Food. Drink. Sleep. A shower. She was beginning to feel weak and achy. This time, Ichabod assisted her in the walk up the front steps and opened the door for her. He guided her to the sofa and sat next to her. She immediately rested her head on his shoulder and he put his arm around her. Silence. Sweet, comfortable, reassuring silence. This was truly home. Here. Together.

“Abbie,“ he whispered after a while. “What do you need? Shall I get you some water?”

“Yes, thank you. And maybe something to eat? Just something small.”

He rose and began to look around the kitchen.

“Apple slices…,” he announced as he took a ripe red fruit from the bowl on the counter, “and…" He searched in the kitchen cabinets. “Crackers.“ 

“Perfect.” She smiled. “Know what though, Crane? I really think I need a hot shower first.”

“Of course. Your sustenance shall be ready for you when you return.”


Abbie closed the bathroom door. She turned on the water. She felt the steam dampen her skin. She breathed it in. She took off her clothes and stepped in. Ten months. Ten months of isolation, fear, desperation all washing away. She cried. She cried out of sadness, anger, relief. And she cried because of Ichabod Crane. That strange man who showed up as a suspect at the precinct so long ago was now the most important person in the entire world to her. And the fact that she was here with him now was all she needed to feel whole.


He arranged the apple slices on a plate with some crackers, and a few pieces of sharp cheddar cheese. She needs protein. He brought the plate and a glass of water into the living room and set them on the coffee table. He sat. He looked at the food, the water, her shoes where she had kicked them off near the door. He heard the water turn on. She was truly here. She was home. With him. And he never wanted her to be anywhere else again.


She came out of the bathroom in a gray T-shirt, black yoga pants, and a thin, dark green zip-up hoodie, and fuzzy socks. His eyes widened as he smiled sweetly.

“You look rejuvenated, Lieutenant.”

“I am feeling a bit more like myself,” she smiled.

She sat next to him and curled her legs under her as he handed her the plate. They sat in silence as she ate a bit of everything he had prepared for her. After her third piece of apple, she set the plate down.

“Guess I have to start slowly with that. Stomach’s waving the white flag already. I have a feeling sleep will be much easier to readjust to.”

Ichabod immediately stood and helped her rise from the couch. He kept her hand in his as he began to walk her to her room.

“I could use more water, though.”

“Of course. You go ahead and I shall-”

“I’ll wait here for you.”

She squeezed his hand.

He smiled and nodded before quickly filling her glass. She put her arm in his as he walked her to her bed. He set the water on her nightstand and stood behind her, helping to remove her hoodie. She sat on the bed and tried to take off her socks, but her muscles were getting sore and she was having some trouble bending.

“Allow me. Please.”

Crane crouched down in front of her and took one petite foot in his hands. One hand slid gently up her calf and slipped the sock off. He softly caressed her foot for just a moment, then did the same with the other.

She slid back, slipped her legs under the covers and rested her head on the pillow. Crane covered her with the sheet.

“Blanket?” he offered.

“Nah, not right now. This is good. Thanks.”

“Good night, Lieutenant.”

As he turned toward the door, she stopped him.

“Stay with me, Crane.”

He turned to her, not saying a word, walked to the bed and sat beside her.

”I just, I’ve been alone-“

“Say no more.”

He took his boots off and she pulled the sheet back for him. He lay beside her and enveloped her in his long, sturdy arms. She rested her head on his chest and they both drifted off to peaceful sleep.


Abbie awoke to the sun streaking into her bedroom. She slowly opened her eyes and began to get her bearings. Where am I? She looked around. She was home. In her bed. Safe. And…not alone. She was lying on her side and felt a rustle in the sheets behind her. As she tried to turn, she realized Crane’s arms were still wrapped tightly around her. She wriggled around to face him, and just looked at his peaceful face for what was probably minutes, but it felt like hours. Eventually he began to stir and his eyes flitted open.

“Good morning,” he whispered.

She said nothing, but tears began to form in the corners of her eyes.

“Are you all right?”

“You…you stayed here all night.”

“Of course.” He smiled slightly. “Had you awoken in the night and I was not here, I thought perhaps you would have become frightened or disoriented. And..”

“And what?”

“Had I awoken in the night in my bed, I surely would have found myself returning to your side.” He touched her cheek lightly with his fingertips. "To make sure you were indeed here.“

The tears that had started to well began to streak down the side of her face as she looked into his eyes. Their faces moved closer and she touched her lips to his soft beard. Their mouths met. They kissed tentatively at first, with a hint of apprehension at taking this step. Quickly, though, their lips and tongues fell into an exquisite rhythm and they were completely consumed by the release of feelings too long held inside.



He pulled back slightly.

“Ichabod? Well, that’s new.”

Abbie bit her lower lip for a moment and whispered, “Yeah, well, it feels a little strange calling the man I love by his last name.”

He smiled and brought his lips to hers again.

“I love you, Abbie.”