she asks him at the end of vol. 4 if he likes her

Batfam Masterlist!


Bruce wayne/ Batman:

    Damian wayne/ Robin:

    • That Todd
      Damian’s beloved gets hurt in battle
    • Hardened exterior 
      Damian comforts you after a particularly rough day. 
    • Big day
      It’s soon to be your and Damians wedding anniversary, and you have a couple of surprises up your sleeve. 
    • I’ll surely have to repay you (Smut)
      Damian and you have fun with a particular lasso. 
    • I know
      Jealous Damian to the rescue. 
    • I mean more then a friend
      you tell damian you love him more then a friend. 
    • Back early
      Damian comes home earlier then expected. 
    • Warehouse (Smut)
      When You almost get injured during a mission, Damian just can’t hold back at home. 
    • Condition
      Damian finds out you’re ticklish. 
    • have you ever…you know…had sex with anyone?
      Damians cocky attitude has gotten him in a sticky situation, Dick to the rescue.
    • I might have come off as offencive
      A bad pairing for a project ends with feelings being confessed.
    • Trying
      After a long time of trying to get pregnant, you break from the thought of being unable to provide Damian a long desired family.
    • Kiss the girl
      Damian and you have an awkward date, but Jason and Dick to the rescue.
    • Wake up
      Damian comforts you after a nightmare.
    • Disgrace
      After a criminal flirts with you, Damian is forced to confess his feelings.
    • If What
      Damian is flabbergasted when you can understand what he said in Arabic. 
    • I hope you enjoyed yourself, beloved (Smut)
      Damian repays for his pleasure.
    • In all seriousness (Smut)
      Jealous Dami shows you who you belong to.
    • Foil Packet
      Bruce walks in on you and Damian in a heated moment, when he only presumed you to be friends.
    • Get it yourself (smut) [Part 2] [Part 3] [Final]
      Damian shows you who’s boss after you’re rude to him, but things take a different turn when your moodiness becomes much more.
    • Wherever he goes (smut)
      Damian makes love to you at the hotel on your honeymoon.
    • You look amazing (smut)
      After spending the day with you in a sexy robin costume, Damian needs to show you how he feels about it. 
    • Killing a fly
      Stepping out in Damian’s defence in front of mother Talia, things get heated between the women. 
    • Second least favorite 
      You and Jason are both fond of the same type of music, which means frequent jam sessions together. Making boyfriend Damian jealous. 
    • The weak get thrown to the dogs
      After killing his pregnant wife while brainwashed, Damian turns his sword on himself. 
    • Asked for
      After a while of begging, you finally meet his family.
    • Languages
      Dami and s/o speak to each other in the others mother tongue.
    • Money man
      The beginning of a beautiful friendship.
    • Reunited in death
      Damian is driven over the edge after the death of his beloved.
    • Distraction (Smut)
      Damian gets turned on by you chewing on your pencil, causing a small distraction from homework.
    • Little Dancer
      years after leaving the life of being Jokers dancer behind, it comes back to haunt you.
      Damian’s s/o catches him masturbating by accident.
    • French girls
      Asking Damian to draw you like one of his french girls, causing a fit of laughter.
    • Time
      You and Damian travel to the future to meet an older version of you
    • Visiting Grandpa 
      Visiting grandpa Damian after not being able to visit for a while.
    • I’ll protect you
      After your dad gets put in jail, you feel as if you’re in danger.
    • That’s what fathers do
      Dad Damian gets out done in a pillow fight by the women in his life.
    • Ain’t no other man (Smut)
      Damian comes home early from a mission because you’re hanging out with Jon.
    • Never told us
      The family finds out that Damian has been dating someone for a while and hasn’t told them.
    • I can help
      Boss Damian has fallen for an employee but find out they’re being abused.
    • You live on
      Damian can’t cope with losing you in childbirth.
    • Pet Shop
      You have caught Damians interest, working at a pet shop, but it requires collaborative effort to get him to ask you out.
    • I’m not crying
      Damian mistakes your teary eyes for crying.
    • Is she going to make it
      A proposal turns into a fight for your life.
    • Fun with paint
      After getting paint on Damians face, the war is on.
    • It’s really you
      Searching for your best friend, a few years after he left the league.
    • Shadow people
      After a nearly lethal fight, you end up dating and getting engaged to the target.
    • Useful
      Your body image issues are getting to you, and Damian is there to make it all better.
    • If I knew (Smut)
      After a difficult patrol, Damian finally makes a move.
    • The battle
      Damian got annoyed with you, putting a stop on your sex life, but you’re not too fond of it.
    • Bring your child to work
      You meet the super sons for the first time, but the young Wayne boy doesn’t seem to impressed.
    • Why wasn’t I aware
      Damian finding out you have adamantium claws.
    • Lose my mind
      Exam season is taking a toll on you.
    • Same to you
      You and Damian realize that you’re both vigilantes.
    • Masks
      Trying something different to cheer up Damian.
    • Amnesia
      Damian doesn’t understand why he’s hurting but you seem to be fine.
    • Sorry doesn’t mean squat  
      Damian wants you to forgive him after he raises his voice at you. 
    • Let her go
      Damian breaks up with you because he fears putting you in danger.

    Jason Todd/ Red Hood:

    Dick Grayson/ Nightwing:

    • Energetic (Smut)
      Dick needs to rid himself of excess energy.
    • Coat
      Dick comforting you after a breakup.
    • What if I fuck up?
      Telling your brother Damian that you like Dick a bit more then you should.
    • Work sucks (Smut)
      After a rough day at work, Dick needs to blow off some steam
    • Treating you right (Feat. Jason)
      The boys are catching feelings, and you need to talk to them about it.
    • Screams
      As your baby gets hurt, Dick to the rescue. 

    Timothy Drake/ Red robin:

    General batfam:

    Yuri on Ice BD choreography commentary translation - Volume 2

    Awfully behind schedule due to my throat dying because of all the air conditioning at work and other stuff stealing my time, but here it is finally, the last part of the BD/DVD vol.2. Once again it’s a translation of the complete script. The commentary is by Kenji Miyamoto & Mitsurou Kubo. This time it’s Yuri’s SP and Yuuri’s FS.

    -It’s two people talking, not a written interview, so expect them to hop from one subject to another within the same sentence… Even if it sounds a bit unconnected at times, that’s how they said it.
    -I still arranged it a little to make it easier to understand as written material, by removing lots of “ehm” “uuhm” “you know” “yes” (I especially removed all instances where someone says “yes” in the middle of the other speaking) and fumbled words.
    -Amusingly enough both their initials are KM/MK, but I used the surname initials so M is Miyamoto and K is Kubo.
    -I put (LOL) when they’re laughing because otherwise some lines might sound serious while they’re actually joking.

    Do NOT use this translation for subtitles, in ANY way.

    I don’t support the upload of bonuses contained in BDs/DVDs, as they are meant to be (as the word says) bonuses for the people who spent money to purchase them. If you like a series so much that you absolutely need to watch the bonus contents, please buy the BDs/DVDs.

    Kubo: Hello, I’m the original planner Mitsurou Kubo.
    Miyamoto: Hello, I’m the choreographer Kenji Miyamoto.
    K: Ah, Kenji-sensei. It’s been a while.
    M: It’s been a while.
    K: Ok, today we are going to look back on the choreography of Yuri Plisetsky’s short program, “Ai ni Tsuite ~Agape~”. This time, for the first time, Kenji-sensei is not the one performing the choreography. But you created it, didn’t you?
    M: Yes, I did.
    K: This time, Yuri Plisetsky still has the body of a 15 years old boy, so you know, we thought that if possible we would like to ask someone else to perform it. The reason is that this footage is an important reference when translating the choreographies into animation, and changing Kenji-sensei’s body into that of a young boy would have required quite a lot of work.
    M: Ah, so it was for that reason.
    K: Yeah.
    M: I see.
    K: So basically we said that a girl, a girl of small build, would be nice, and we asked Kenji-sensei to look for a person like that.
    M: Yes. Honoka Kawanishi-chan.
    K: Yes. She’s a 20 years old university student, and she even participated in the university’s Miss Campus contest…
    M: Really?
    K: Well, isn’t she really pretty?
    M: Yeah, she’s a beautiful girl.
    K: I was like, nice job Kenji-sensei for bringing such a girl!
    M: When she was still a competitive figure skater she impressed me because she could dance really well.
    K: You didn’t do choreographies for her at that time?
    M: No, I didn’t. This was the first time, but really, she learned the choreography very quickly.
    K: That’s right.
    M: Yeah.
    K: He was creating the choreographies at night, we had very little time, and I guess, there are skaters who learn faster and skaters who are slower, right?
    M: Yes, and also, I think she was moving very close to the way I was imagining the choreography, so we could go on very smoothly.
    K: We also had that impression watching, like, she was absorbing everything so quickly and she danced very boldly, she was really amazing.
    M: And this hairstyle, too.
    K: Yes, we wanted to draw Yuri with flowing bobbed hair, so we asked her not to tie her hair, to let it loose when she was skating, and you know, skating with loose hair is something that you don’t see in tournaments, so it was really nice to watch~.
    M: It’s nice, it looks very dynamic.
    K: Thank you. Hah~. So this was Yuri Plisetsky’s short program, “Ai ni Tsuite ~Agape~”.

    K: “Really nice to watch~”, I made a face like an old man (LOL). Ok, next up is Yuuri Katsuki’s free skating. The song is “Yuri on ICE”. Uh.. (LOL)
    M: Everyone’s laughing at me (LOL).
    K: This part, of course the ones who watched the anime know it already, but we asked Kenji-sensei to start from the point where Victor hugs Yuuri from behind..
    M: Yes (LOL).
    K: Sorry, it’s just somehow amusing (LOL).
    M: When I turned around everyone was laughing.
    K: (LOL). But actually, it became a really nice scene. Ok. Regarding this “Yuri on ICE”, when we were creating the story later on I decided the title and made it “Yuri on ICE”, but in fact, when we filmed this footage the title hadn’t been decided yet, we just had the song ready, and the story wasn’t finished either, so we just asked Kenji-sensei to do the choreography in the meantime. This time I couldn’t physically be there, but what instructions did the director give you?
    M: I’d say, “director, what do you think about this?”, and she’d be like “yeah, that’s good”.
    K: (LOL)
    M: I said “And this, what about this?”, and she was like “yes, I think that’s nice”. No matter what I said she always replied “yes”.
    K: In other words, you were also kind of anxious too.
    M: Yes, I didn’t really understand the story completely, so..
    K: Yeah.
    M: But I was asked to create a program that could win in a tournament, a well done program, and when I listened to this song, this delicate music, I wanted to create a choreography that would look like an ink painting, like thin streaks that vanish as they stream.
    K: Hearing this, you know, I’m not sure whether it’s actually connected, but the opening is really that way, like an ink painting, with colors that spread out as the song plays, and I thought that it looks like it’s connected.
    M: I was very surprised when I watched it.
    K: Ah!
    M: I was like, “ah, so they made it like this”…
    K: But seriously, this choreography is really… In the beginning, Yuuri Katsuki has just started figure skating and has many worries, then in the scene where he meets Victor the sounds become richer, and we asked to make the choreography so that it would leave a stronger impression too, but the way you glide in that smo~oth line is really nice. Even in the animation version it’s breathtakingly beautiful. And…
    M: Today’s socks are lime green (LOL).
    K: (LOL). Yeah, we have explained this in vol.1 too, but basically it’s not like Kenji-sensei fancies this kind of fashion, he wore different gloves and socks to make the left and right legs different. Normally he’s a fashionable person.
    M: You don’t have to say that (LOL). But this, you know, I really used up a lot of stamina to skate it.
    K: Ooh.
    M: That axel after a forward counter is quite difficult.
    K: (LOL). Indeed, we asked to create a FS that could win the Grand Prix Final, so the movements leading to jumps, and all the other elements, are all made so that you can get a high level. Kenji-sensei did a lot of things (LOL).
    M: Yeah (LOL).
    K: Sorry for saying it a bit vaguely.
    M: That’s ok. This part too, it has an outside rocker cluster with combined movements of the upper body, though my foot touched the ground a little (LOL). It’s made to get level 4, I mean, I’m not sure one could get it, but it’s made so that it’s possible to get it.
    K: I heard that some real figure skaters said they wanted to skate this.
    M: Yes, that’s true. I was asked to make a choreography for this song, but I replied that it would be better to wait some more time. It’s quite popular actually.
    K: I really want someone to skate it! Seriously, the song is a bit too short for a competitive program, but someone could like, make it a bit longer, edit it, and skate it.
    M: (LOL).
    K: Ah, yes, in the end, he looks in Victor’s direction, points his fingers at him, and the song is complete.
    M: My hair is so flat (LOL).
    K: Yeah, kind of…
    M: It was night in the end.
    K: Yeah, it was night. All the clocks visible in the footage are showing past 12:00, but that’s not 1:00 or 2:00 in the afternoon, you know.
    M: It was pitch black (LOL).
    K: Yeah, it was. But really, now that I hear from Kenji-sensei that there are real skaters who are watching “Yuri on Ice” and want to skate this song… So is it popular?
    M: Yeah, this song is popular, and, it’s a different story, but at the rink I went to the other day there was a boy who started skating after watching “Yuri on Ice”.
    K: Great!!!!
    M: When I told him that I was the one who made the choreographies, he was like “uwaaah”.
    K: I’m so happy.
    M: It’s nice to see things like this happen.
    K: Yeah, I mean, of course grown-up women like this anime too, but I hope that young male skaters who are thinking of starting now or who are already skating, people from all over the world, can feel figure skating as something closer to themselves and continue it.
    M: Yes.
    K: You also said that you’d like people to feel figure skating as something closer, right?
    M: Yeah, I think so.
    K: You know, I’m really happy to hear that in some way, even just a little, this is becoming true.
    M: I agree.
    K: Ah, sorry, I’m wrapping it up a bit in a hurry. So, we have watched the choreographies of vol.2. Let’s meet again in vol.3! Please say something too (LOL).
    M: (LOL).

    Diabolik lovers Chaos Lineage: [CD drama - Violet Family -Vol.2] ~translation|traducción~

    [Scarlet Family] [Violet Family] [Orange Family][Next]

    Hermanos del mayor al menor: 1.Carla - 2.Azusa - 2.Kou - 4.Laito - 5. Subaru.

    Please let me know if there are any mistakes.
    Muchas gracias a @dialoversthai por haber hecho esta traducción posible!! y a @diabolik-secret​ y @infernal-iris​​ por ayudarme con la traducción~!

    *The church bells are ringing*

    Kou: Ah! You woke up!
    Raito: Good morning~  I’m glad. You didn’t wake up so I was starting to worry, you know~?
    Azusa: How you… feel? Does something hurt you?

    *She asks them where she is*

    Carla: This place is the mansion where we live.
    Subaru: And we… we are vampires.
    Kou: Ahh, wait! Listen to us
    Raito: Geez Subaru-kun~ Obviously if you say it that way this girl will going to get scare. After all the Scarlet brothers did very cruel things to her
    Subaru: Ch! Shut up, I just told the truth.
    Azusa: Poor Eve. But don’t worry, we are different from the vampires of that family…
    Carla: We have no intention of hurting you.After all the reason that we kidnap you from the Scarlet Family and we took the trouble to bring you here was to protect you.
    Kou: So, so! It’s just as Carla-kun says! Do you know, we want to get along with you!
    Azusa: Sorry for to have kidnapped you so suddenly. But… I was in a hurry to save you, Eve.

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    Todomomo Fairy AU Part 3 ~



    just to clarify, in this AU, people know that fairies exist and so do witches, warlocks and what have you. It’s just extremely rare to meet a fairy and their realms don’t intertwine in any way (or more like the fairies and the humans don’t want trouble so they try to stay away from each other as much as possible; however, there are curious ones who want to know more about each other’s lives). I also mentioned fuyumi and tensei which is from blamedorange, and thanks to gingersducksandbubbles for the horse names HAHA

    warning: its another longgggg one! Again, this is somewhat between a fanfic and a hc. This one is more lighthearted…..I think? 

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    Bellarke fanfiction rec. list: Vol. 1

    1. After the beep (I’ll tell you i love you) by Emullz The au where Bellamy prefers calls to texts and Clarke prefers to make fun of him over outgoing message. Also, they fall in love. (aka bellarke told through voicemail because bellamy is an old man) *LOOVE! ONE OF MY FAVORITES*

    2. if you can erase it then i can atone by katebishoop Bellamy has been distant since reuniting after Clarke chose to go to Polis to spy on Lexa. Clarke can’t take it anymore. And apparently he can’t either because he’s standing in her tent.

    3. And show me where you run to (When no one’s left to take your side) by katebishoop Bellamy finds Clarke with an arrow in her gut. They heal, together.

    4. Just like a shelter (in a time of storm) by AGallifreyanTrickster Bellamy Blake has lived all his life in Mount Weather, a God-forsaken town with less than a thousand inhabitants. Everyday is the same -not that he’s complaining- until one night he stumbles upon a woman, a woman that will turn this strong, shy and not very talkative man into a big protective teddy bear.

    5. Checkmate by Talokina They were running through the forest like they had always done. Somehow they always ended up running away from a threat. They had a head start but Bellamy knew that it was melting, so he turned around to see who was slowing them down. It was Clarke. Clarke who had stopped running and who seemed to tremble. It was Clarke’s shirt that slowly turned crimson. It was Clarke who had been wounded.

    6. Two Weeks Before Thanksgiving by SimplySle Christmas AU: “I live below you and I was minding my own business watching the snowfall out the window WHEN I SAW A BODY FALL ARE YOU REALLY PUTTING UP CHRISTMAS LIGHTS NOW”

    7. The Familiar GraveYard Between the Sternum and the Spine by Volaeade so after the events of 2x12 (SPOILER), what if Octavia thought Clarke had died in the explosion, even though she didn’t? and what if she told Bellamy?

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    That’s Tony Stark addressing Maya right before he undergoes the Extremis procedure that she developed.

    Let’s talk about Maya Hansen. No, not the MCU version. The original character from the Iron Man Vol. 4 comics, which was subsequently butchered by the screenwriters because Hollywood hates anyone who’s not a straight white male. Maya’s a brilliant bioengineer and geneticist who developed Extremis, a sort of bio-electronics neural injection that’s meant to be a super-soldier solution similar to Erskine’s serum. While she receives her funding from the military, her motivations for this research are medical - she hopes to cure cancer, save car accident victims, and eventually advance humanity’s evolution. She is in many ways a futurist like Tony, and just as smart. But we hear none of that in Iron Man 3, so I’m here to educate you.

    • Maya is smartShe’s a leading researcher in her field and the key developer of Extremis. How many villains have attempted to recreate the super-soldier serum and failed? Well, Maya succeeded beyond her wildest dreams. Tony tells her flat out in the above panel that she’s smarter than him. Sal Kennedy, a tenured professor at Berkeley and personal friend, says Maya could attain Tony’s level of power and intellect in 5-10 years. In a universe where most of the famous geniuses (Tony, Reed, T'challa) are men, Maya stands out as a brilliant woman scientist who is at the top of her field.

    • Maya is driven: Sal says that Maya’s problem is that “she’s a woman. There’s a glass ceiling.” Yet Maya persevered through discrimination, through having her funding cut, without wavering from her target. When Sal asks her what she’d do when she got to Tony’s position, she answers without hesitation, “Four years of engineering and I could cure cancer.” Now, that’s confidence.

    • Maya is a futurist: The first time she and Tony meet, it’s at the TechWest conference on emergent technology, and already, Tony recognizes her as the medical designer working on the brain. She’s realized that bioengineering is the next frontier, and the results of her Extremis dose far exceed the capabilities of the purely mechanical Iron Man suit. In fact, Tony’s initial battle with the Extremis enhancile leaves him nearly dead, and this is in Tony’s latest, state-of-the-art Iron Man armor, which he spent months improving in his garage.

    • Maya is a complex character with noble goals, but morally grey means, much like Tony Stark: At the end of the story arc, Tony discovers Maya was the one who released Extremis to the terrorist group she called him in to help defeat. Turns out, the army pulled her funding, so she took matters into her own hands. “An Extremis enhancile tested against a man wearing the most advanced personal combat system on Earth.” And it worked, perhaps better than Maya could have imagined - except then she found out Tony was the pilot of the Iron Man suit, so she saved his life by injecting him with Extremis, despite knowing that he’d figure out the truth. Like Tony, she wanted out of the arms race. She wanted to focus on medical applications. This was her ticket out. 

    I wish we’d seen this Maya in the movies, rather than replacing her with Aldrich Killian, who by the way was an old dude that had exactly TWO PAGES in the entire comic dedicated to him, during which he did nothing but send an e-mail and shoot himself in the head. I mean, he was literally a throwaway plot device. And the screenwriters looked at this and thought, gee, he’s white and he’s male, let’s make him the main villain! That genius female bioengineer with the complex motives who developed Extremis? Pffft, obviously just another of Tony Stark’s random hook-ups. Give her a few lines and kill her off.

    And this is why the mainstream movie industry deserves to go to hell.

    [FANCCOUNT] 171014 Daesung - Dna Show Vol.1 in Maihama

    - To the Q what sort of drama he’d prefer to act in, action or romance, Daesung said he’d combine both - like saving his gf from kidnappers. He acted out the showdown of his imaginary movie, fighting his enemies (the audience) to save his gf. He ended up being stabbed by her.

    - Q: What would you do if you were the CEO at YG for a day?
    Daesung said that he is not the leader type but the follower type. He prefers to walk behind the other members, he feels calm looking at their backs, plus that way his own back is safe too (from backstabbers?). So he wouldn’t want to be the CEO, but if it were just for 1 day he’d go to the CEO’s house, drink the most expensive bottle of wine he  finds there and send the other bottles to his own address (to make a wine party with VIPs, he said).

    - Q: What would you like your girlfriend to call you?
    A fan suggested “Daesung-chan?”
    First Daesung replied that Daesung-chan is too simple.

    - Daesung was really shy to answer this question and kept giggling while thinking, so cute. “Since my name is Daesung then… ‘Sung-chan’?”

    - Then he explained that whatever way his gf wants to call him it’ll be ok w/ him. “Even if she just claps, I’ll go! (mimics) 'Here I am!’”. Right after many fans in the audience clapped just like he had and Daesung rolled his eyes first but then he went towards them w/ a jump.

    - A fan asked Daesung what is sth she should definitely do in Hawaii (since she’s going next month). Daesung asked her if she had ever tried  skydiving and she said she hadn’t but if he said she should then she’d definitely try it. Daesung: “Please, definitely try skydiving!”

    - Daesung said that for (tandem) skydiving you don’t have to find the courage to jump since the instructor guides you and does it all for you. He could never do bungee jump though cuz he’s not brave enough to take the jump. 

    - Daesung said that he has gone skydiving twice and talked a bit abt the time he went w/ GD.He said that GD jumped first and the instructor told Daesung that after moving to the end of the bench he’d count to 3 then Daesung just had to bend back his legs. Daesung reenacted all this sitting on the red sofa in the middle of the stage, then bending his legs back and falling to the floor screaming in panic as if he had just jumped from the plane. It was so funny.

    -  He said we probably knew that looking from above, rainbows form a circle. When he went sky diving in Hawaii there was a rainbow and the staff who jumped with him asked him if he’d like to jump through it so he agreed. But they ended up spinning around in circles and he started feeling sick & tried hard to hold it in “because I’d feel bad for the people on the ground” /poor Daesung

    - o the Q what his worst fight with his older sister was, Daesung explained that they fought a lot when they were kids. His sister is 4 years older than him. He said that at a certain age, his physical strength got bigger than that of his sister.

    - He explained that he remembers very clearly a big fight they had with his sister when he was in the 5th year of elementary school.  He was fist fighting his sister with closed eyes and head turned to the side (he said as a kid that was how the two of them used to fight) But suddenly his sister stopped fighting back and must have stepped away because he was only fighting air, so he opened his eyes do look And his sister was hunching down with a painful expression on her face, her arms crossed in an X in front of her chest. Daesung explained “she was at the age where girls’…'there’ is very sensitive. Well since I have a sister I have no illusions about girls.”

    - “I have seen it all through my sister.” He said that he stopped fighting with his siter like that from that day on, that her painful face and the way she hunched down and crossed her arms in front of her chest left a strong impression on him & he clearly remembers even today. And since he was getting physically stronger than his sister he shouldn’t fight her anymore.

    - He then told us that his sister is in the military and took several exams and is in a very high position now. "Her position is so high that I would never ever meet her when I enlist.“

    - Daesung answered to a question that if he was reborn (as anything other than a human, but a living being) he’d want to be a deep-sea fish. He said if it could be sth else but a living being he wants to be reborn as water, like the water in the ovean, but he didn’t explain more.  He said if it had to be an animal, the life of typical animals like tigers or eagles is too cruel. "It’s eating or being eaten,” not for him.  “I want everyone to be on good terms. But if I was a tiger trying to be on good terms with everyone I’d just end up being beaten up”

    - He explained that he’s very curious about the univers but he’s even more interested in the deep sea because there are so many unknown things.  He mentioned an exhibition in an aquarium in Tokyo that he visited related to the deep sea. He said he was surprised how popular it was.  “I lined up for half an hour only to get in and then when I got in, it was so full of people that I could see everything only from behind rows of other visitors” he acted out how he looked at the tanks and took pictures with his phone at every small opening between people.

    - He was really excited when he talked about the deep sea. He said he’d become a blue whale and find out if all the theories were true.  And then after he found out about the deep sea he’d come up to the surface of the ocean to tell us about it “I’d speak fish language though”.  So he acted out how whale Daesung would report to us excitedly in whale language about the secrets of the deep sea

    Credit: susifg : mshinju


    Message me the number and which character you want it for. Marvel or TVD/The Originals characters allowed.

    1. How did THIS end up happening??!!
    2. I can’t believe you’d do this to me.
    3. What about me?! You ever think about that?!
    4. What the fuck am I even looking at?
    5. Did you think I wouldn’t find out?
    6. “I’m going to skip the “how?” and the “why?” and go straight to “you’re cleaning this up”.“
    7. “You look…wow, I can’t even describe it. Wait. Did I just say that out loud?”
    8. “why did you lie?”
    9. “I don’t know man, all I know is that Tony’s gonna be pissed”
    10. “how do you want your death, easy or painful?”
    11. “Oh doll, now you’ve done it.”
    12. “Evil is everywhere and his female familiars are too beautiful to refuse”
    13. “It’s 11:00 pm…why are you making cupcakes?”
    14. “Aphrodite aint got nothing on your beauty, trust me.”
    15. “I loved him with a love that tore the world apart.”
    16. “Sorry, I’m rambling.” “S'okay, I like hearing you talk.”
    17. “You were supposed to be my forever.”
    18. “He had the kind of smile that promised mischief and mayhem were in the near future.”
    19. “Have you been reading my diary?”
    20. “I wasn’t expecting to see you again.”
    21. “I only came in here because I forgot my jacket”
    22. “You know, until recently, I thought spiders were insects sent from Hell that must be murdered on sight. Now that I’m dating one though, I think that spiders are actually really, really cute.”
    23. “Pffft. The stars have nothing on your eyes, doll.”
    24. “My date canceled on me … Would you like to go to the movies with me? If it’s not too much to ask.”
    25. “What the hell is that doing here? I told you not to bring it!”
    26. “Seriously? You had to go and bleed on my favourite shirt?”
    27. “If you could just stop being a giant turd, that’d be great thanks.”
    28. “You know, I can actually tolerate you. That’s a big accomplishment. Be proud.”
    29. “Trust me babydoll, this is only the beginning”
    30. “But how could you?! He’s my best friend.”
    31. “STOP DOING CUTE THINGS, WE’RE ARGUING!!” “I thought we were talking about it …. aND DON’T YELL AT ME”
    32. “No, put it back- I don’t care if it’s on sale or not we don’t need it.”
    33. “Where’d you learn to do that?”
    34. “I’m a big fan of ice cream cones”
    35. “Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same”
    36. “It wasn’t me, I swear. It was (Insert Certain Person’s name).”
    37. “If you wanted me to rip my clothes off, you should’ve just asked.”
    38. “I hate the way you make me feel. I hate the way I can’t hate you.” “Why?” “Because…. Well, I’m in love with you.”
    39. “I’m mad at you because I love you.”
    40. “I know I’m your therapist but right now I’m gonna finger gun away from all my problems like an adult.”
    41. I came to this city to mend my broken heart. Never imagined I would find you to help me piece it back together.“
    42. I baked at cake but I sat on it so I just picked you a flower instead.
    43. “You’ve been staring at me for a while now. You oka-” “I love you.” “…Really?”
    44. “And then he straddled me like he did that motorcycle.”
    45. Person A: “Do you know any kind and cute person who might be interested in me?” Person B: *point to self* “question is, do you want gimme a chance?”
    46. “Doll , I’m sorry I- I -I” , “Shhh,you gave me all the love I could ever ask” “ I-I-I love you ” “I know, It’s ok, everything is gonna be okay.”
    47. “Stop making that creepy face and make a move.”
    48. “You and I see him/her very differently. She/He clearly looked ready to kill someone to me.
    49. "You have to stop me sarge/doll, I can’t get enough kissing you.”
    50. “Can I lick it? Please…I’ll be good I won’t let any spill… I’ll be satisfied with only the top.” “Doll, doctors orders, no ice cream.”
    51. “huh, Didn’t know you love me that much.”
    52. set in the very far away future. “I vaguely remember a time when I was a weapon.” “What happened then grandpa?” “Steve saved me” bucky to his grandchildren.
    53. “You’re creative, you’ll figure it out.”
    54. “Is that a turtle?”
    55. “I’m sorry.. I just didn’t want you to find out-” “Doll, stop apologizing.”
    56. “I want you to have my babies because there’s no one else I would want to make them with ..”
    57. “How about we make our own cake?” “You cook? Since when?” …. “How do I know you’re not going to kill me?”
    58. “Well how do you expect me to react when you’re dressed like that?”
    59. “I thought I told you, you didn’t have to worry about this.” “…Did you really think I would listen?” “…Fair point.”
    60. “Just let me explain!” “And what? Listen to you lie?!”

    DC First: Batgirl/Joker Vol 1 1: Clowntime

    We take a short break from the Batgirl run to have a look at DC First: Batgirl/Joker: Clowntime. No, this is not one of the DC writers producing a comic about their favorite crack ship. It is, however, double the standard length, rather messily drawn, and full of flashbacks, so I’ll keep the page scans to a minimum.

    We start with Batgirl mopping up a group of Russian mercenaries who have attacked a live rock concert. She takes out most of them, but lets two of them go after they take a hostage. At the end of the night, three people have died, and Cass blames herself, so Barbara sits her down for a serious conversation.
    Little Lady Of War: 16
    Ghost Of Failures Past: 4
    Plight Of Permanent Perfectionism: 6
    Batmom: 12

    Barbara starts recounting to Cass how she used to start out as Batgirl, feeling all but invincible until she met Joker. One time, after Joker had kidnapped her, Batman came to save her and got shot in the head. It was the first time Barbara saw Joker dead serious and worried and it made her realize that nothing in the world is real to him, except Batman. Everything else is entertainment, and the only way to stop him would be with a joke he wouldn’t get.

    Later that night, Cass breaks into Arkham Asylum and breaks Joker out. Barbara, upon hearing of the Joker just having disappeared without a trace, realizes that Cass must have taken her story of how Joker is the pinnacle of crazy crime in Gotham as a challenge to prove herself and sends Black Canary to get her, so that they won’t have to involve Batman.

    Meanwhile, Batgirl asks Joker to fight her, but he merely laughs it off. He jumps off the roof they are on, forcing her to save his life, then kicks her in the face and watches her fall.

    Cass wakes up shortly after her fall with a smile drawn onto her cowl, tears off the lower part of her cowl and follows him. As it turns out, Bruce has gotten wind of what happened and wants Black Canary to let Cass follow Joker, so that Cass can ‘prove herself’, as she thinks she has to.

    Cass tracks Joker first to a laser tagging arcade, then to a bar, where her usual combat skills fail miserably against Joker, since his body language makes no sense and is essentially the equivalent of pseudo Chinese characters you can get tattooed on in really cheap tattoo shops. Cass eventually realizes that Barbara was right and the only way to stop Joker is with a joke he could not get. So just like Barbara started laughing at him, Cass tells him he’s boring and walks away. Joker, of course, finds that decidedly not funny and walks straight into her knock-out punch. Batman arrives, chides her, and tells her she has ten minutes to get the Joker back into his cell.
    Batdad: 13

    Batman eventually returns Cassandra to Oracle, who quickly goes from “thank goodness you’re alright” mom mode to “hold on, honey, we need to talk” mom mode. She calls her out on freeing Joker, risking her life and that of others, showing no regard for her own health and safety, and tells her that making her Batgirl was Batman’s idea, not hers. She also tells her that Cass has already proven that she can do the job and that she doesn’t need to be the best, since it’s not a competition. She should merely strive to be the best Batgirl possible. Cass’ response? “Can’t. You were.”
    Batmom: 13
    Better Off Dead: 8
    Plight Of Permanent Perfectionism: 7

    Nobody’s Fine Theory (Part 3): Tai-ing It All Together

    This is the final part of my analysis of RWBY’s central family. You can find Part 1 here and Part 2 here, if you are unfamiliar. Under the cut, I’ll wrap up my analysis of Qrow’s relationship with Ruby and conclude the entire piece by returning to our first subject: Taiyang Xiao Long. This includes spoilers up to and including Vol 4!

    Qrow has given Ruby more than just an education in fighting. He has raised her as a person, helping her to refine and cultivate her individuality in a way that Tai never did. Critically, she’s cognizant of Tai’s complete failure to actually be a father to her. In fact, she’s gone a step further than just recognition- she’s actively rejected her relationship to him in a significant way.

    Didn’t you ever wonder why she chose the name “Ruby Rose,” not “Ruby Xiao Long?”

    Ruby has chosen of her own accord to reject her biological father’s name, choosing to identify herself with the mother who briefly raised her. In her fighting and fashion style, she takes after Qrow, the man who seems to have unofficially adopted Ruby when Tai neglected her. Their relationship is more than just of student-and-teacher-

    Ruby absolutely, unquestionably adores her Uncle Qrow. While this could potentially be attributed to his being close to his extended family in general, that does not seem to be the case. Look at Qrow’s first depicted interaction with Yang- and don’t forget that Yang is Qrow’s biological niece, whereas Ruby has no blood relation to Qrow (as far as we know).

    Ruby hangs on Qrow’s every word, and unlike Yang, who cries, “What happened,” Ruby is not surprised by the comedic twist at the end of story. She expects this from Qrow, she’s used to his jokes because she’s spent so much time with him, and Yang is not, because she has not. Moreover, the tone and attitude Ruby takes with Qrow is that of a sort of mischievous accomplice. Look at how she laughs at Yang’s outrage, making direct eye contact with Qrow, who is smiling at her and only her. Listen to how Ruby intones, “Sooooo, Uncle Qrow, did you get in trouble with Ozpin?” The tone of question is completely tongue-in-cheek and conspiratorial. After all, Ruby’s had her fair share of “being in trouble with Ozpin” already.

    In addition to all of this, pay attention to Qrow’s demeanor in this scene and the Episode 3 scene. When he’s with Ruby, all of his bitter irony, his drunkenness, and his frustrations with the world slip away. He smiles, tells silly jokes and stories, and even shows off for Ruby. Look at his bearing in the Episode 3 scene, when he winks at her, saying sarcastically, “I think I’m in trouble.” And look at how he fist-bumps her, smiling as he says, “Catch ya later, kid.” Compare this to any of his other scenes when he’s interacting with Ozpin, Ironwood, or even Raven, when he’s making snide comments about them and constantly suck at his flask in frustration. He’s a totally changed man when he’s with Ruby.

    Compare Qrow’s interactions with Ruby to Qrow’s interactions with Yang. While this is a dark point in time for both of them, notice that Yang doesn’t even call Qrow “uncle” when he addresses her. Their relationship feels as if it is much less developed than Qrow’s relationship with Ruby.


    So, where does all of this leave us, what does all of this analysis of the Xiao Long-Rose-Branwen family really do for us?

    Remember how I started this entire process by trying to understand how Tai really feels at the end of Vol 3? Now that we understand so much more about the past of all of these characters, let’s go back to that.

    How does Tai feel?

    While he was devoting all of his time sculpting Yang into daddy’s perfect little girl, he was neglecting Ruby. He never taught Ruby a thing, but Qrow took Ruby in, and look at what happened: Ruby got into Beacon a year early. Qrow got Ruby into Beacon a year early, and Yang got into Beacon when expected.

    And imagine how he feels as he’s looking at his daughters at the end of Vol 3.

    The daughter that he put so much effort into, that he gave so much of himself to- she gets her arm lopped off by a radical terrorist. How could he feel like anything other than an abysmal failure of a father? He gave Yang literally everything he could, and she wasn’t strong enough, she couldn’t defend herself, he could not give her what she ultimately needed.

    And now he’s begging his other daughter to just please stay home, because know he realizes that he might be about to fail her, too, but not because she’s weak, but because he was never there for her, he never devoted time to raising her.

    Despite that, Ruby’s the one that survives an attack by a hardened gangster-turned-terrorist, the one who assaults the falling tower with only a single ally, the one who throws herself at the leader-of-the-terrorists-turned-maiden-goddess and her nightmarish Dragon, and what happens? Ruby cripples the former and freezes the latter. The daughter that he neglected, that was raised by Qrow- she’s the one that succeeds against every imaginable odd.

    Tai must think that Qrow gave more to Ruby than Tai could ever give.

    And Tai realizes this, and he wants to have his daughters home, he just wants to try to keep them safe and close in a collapsing world, he doesn’t want any more of his loved ones to run away and die and never come back to him, and then Qrow asks for a minute alone with Ruby, and then, some time later, she’s just gone.

    Just another letter on a bed and another empty room, just another person that he dearly loves drifting out of his life, leaving him with the constant reminder that he is a failure.

    Thanks for sticking around to the end. I sincerely hope that you enjoyed the read, and I hope that it helps you to parse these characters and this series a little bit more. For what it is worth, remember that this is ultimately my interpretation of a lot of unsaid backstory. I based it in as much textual evidence as I could, but, hey, you never know with these things, right? That’s half the excitement of watching something like RWBY.

    I plan on doing more of these long-form analyses of RWBY, and I’ll probably analyze other works down the line. I’ll mostly stick to posting stuff like this and some of my own writing projects. Anyway, thanks again, and I hope that you keep watching and enjoying the show! And if you enjoyed this piece and want to see more of this type of analysis, I encourage you to reblog this and/or give me a follow.

    Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

    [171003] Fan Accounts of DなSHOW Vol. 1 in Kobe

    Daesung’s “Diraito 2” to be released digitally on October 12th. 3 cover songs and 1 original song composed w/ Mizuno-san (composer of VENUS). I forgot to add “album” 😅. He gave us a snippet of the original song but singing in a funny and brief way 😂 He said it’s an upbeat fun song! Apparently there’s some other piece of news but Daesung asked the staff & then he said he can’t tell us yet cuz the company will scold him 😅

    Daesung said that he sleeps w/o a pillow under his head but he hugs one between his arms & legs. He’s always searching for a good hug pillow

    To the question ‘what is the most important thing for you after family’ Daesung said the members, but they’re not number 2 but number 1.5 😭💕 Then Daesung said that we (the fans) would be number 1.7 😩❤️

    Another question was “When did you feel lucky recently?” and Daesung replied that he considers himself a lucky person in general. Daesung then added: “I was lucky to become a member of BIGBANG, also lucky to be able to have a solo career too… I was lucky to be born!”

    Daesung said that he’s expecting a car as 3rd gift for winning 15 times at DiraDiraD 😂 He said he has a driver’s license but no car or bike.  The 1st gift after 5 wins was a gourmet tour in Hokkaido, the 2nd after 10 wins a lifelong supply of his fave edamame, so next is a car? 🙄🤣💦

    © susifg ( 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 )

    At the end of the event Daesung sang his dramatic variation of “koi koi koi kokoro” (Gwisun) while doing the Micheal Jackson hip thrust 🤣

    There was a little boy (maybe 6?) at send off today, he started crying quietly after saying something to Daesung so Daesung hugged his head to his chest to comfort him. He stayed in front lf the boy quite long, talking to him. So sweet!

    When Daesung announced the release of his new album he started with “I have one more announcement. I will… retire from the industry..!” 🙄🤣 The sentence structure in Japanese is different so he continued smoothly “…I don’t want to retire which is why I work even harder!” So that was Dae’s introduction to announcing his new mini album. He said he worked on it during his tour, despite the packed schedule 😮👏👏🙏

    Daesung said today he’s allergic to cats and dogs but I’m not so sure if it wasn’t just an excuse for why he’s scared of animals 🤔🤣 It was his reply to a fan’s question whether he likes cats better or dogs better (he made her ask a question bc she arrived late)

    © mshinju ( 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 )

    To the question what kind of different life he’d wanna live if he was reborn, Daesung replied he doesn’t wanna be reborn bc he’s so happy now.  Then he said in case he was born again and the whole world was different from now, he’d want tobe the one to invent the iPhone.  He’d call it Peach (because he likes peaches) instead of apple 🤣 then he started calling it momo (peach) phone instead of iPhone.  Also he’d write BIGBANG’s hit songs. A fan made the money gesture with a questioning face so Daesung said “no, I don’t care much for money!” “I just want to bring you all the good things faster!” (© mshinju) Then he added that he’d distribute BIGBANG’s songs created by him FOR FREE! and would start charging only after the first month (© susifg)

    character profile

    Charater Profiles

    Here’s the promised compilation of all character profile card translations! Enjoy.

    Ryuugamine Mikado (DVD Vol.1)

    Height: 165cm
    Weight: 50kg
    Birthday: March 21st
    Blood Type: O
    Hobby: Internet surfing
    Favorite subject: Information technology
    Least favorite subject: Physical education
    Foods he likes: Skewer-grilled chicken in miso sauce
    Foods he dislikes: Anything that’s too hard.
    Favorite saying: “Supreme rule of life is to adapt without compromising.” - Georg Simmel (German philosopher)

    Kida Masaomi (DVD Vol.2)

    Height: 170cm
    Weight: 60kg
    Birthday: June 19th (“the Day of Romance” in Japan)
    Blood Type: A
    Hobby: Picking up girls
    Favorite subject: English
    Least favorite subject: History
    Foods he likes: Anything as long as it’s a meal with girls
    Foods he dislikes: Everything if it’s a meal with just guys
    Favorite saying: “Love is a leveller.”

    Sonohara Anri (DVD Vol.3)

    Height: 152cm
    Weight: ……。
    Birthday: Oct. 31st
    Blood Type: O
    Hobby: Looking at paintings
    Favorite subject: Physical education
    Least favorite subject: Music (but she’s not bad at it)
    Foods she likes: Crabs
    Foods she dislikes: Raw meat
    Favorite saying: “A friend is a second self.” - Aristotle

    Orihara Izaya (DVD Vol.4)

    Height: 175cm
    Weight: 58kg
    Birthday: May 4th (which means he was stabbed on his birthday in Vol.6.)
    Blood Type: O
    Hobby: Human observation
    Things he likes: Humans, humans, humans
    Things he dislikes: Heiwajima Shizuo, eyes of dead fish
    Foods he likes: Any food that tells him something about the personality of the one who prepared it.
    Foods he dislikes: Canned food, compressed food, junk food, etc.
    Favorite saying: “It is absurd to divide people into good and bad. People are either charming or tedious.” - Oscar Wilde, Lady Windermere’s Fan

    Heiwajima Shizuo (DVD Vol.5)

    Height: 185cm
    Weight: 70kg
    Blood Type: O
    Birthday: Jan. 28th
    Hobby: Basking in the sun
    Things he likes: Running brooks, watching martial artists fight
    Things he dislikes: Orihara Izaya, violence, gambling
    Foods he likes: Milk, all dairy products, desserts/sweet things in general
    Foods he dislikes: Anything that’s bitter, beer (his preferences are like a kid’s as far as taste’s concerned)
    Favorite saying: “Peace”

    Kishitani Shinra (DVD Vol.6)

    Height: 178cm
    Weight: 60kg
    Blood Type: AB
    Birthday: April 2nd
    Hobbies: Dissecting, games, Celty
    Things he likes: Everything about Celty, proverbs/idioms
    Things he dislikes: Abstinence
    Foods he likes: Three-five-eight marinaded sandfish, Celty’s cooking
    Foods he dislikes: Fat in meat
    Favorite saying: “Neither doctors nor the Kusatsu Hot Springs* can cure the illness called love.” and every positive proverb about love.

    * Kusatsu Hot Springs (草津温泉) is a hot spring resort located in Gunma Prefecture, Japan, northwest of Tokyo. The springs became one of the best known of such locations after the water there was recommended for its health benefits by Erwin von Baelz, a German doctor.

    Celty Sturluson (DVD Vol.7)

    Height: 174cm (with helmet)
    Weight: ???
    Birthday: ? (Shinra: “Let’s just celebrate it every day, then!”)
    Blood Type: Unknown (but her temperament is close to that of an O-type human)
    Hobbies: All games, watching television, Internet surfing
    Things she likes: Shinra, her horse (Shooter)
    Things she dislikes: Supernatural phenomena that have to do with aliens
    Foods she likes: [Are you making fun of me?]
    Foods she dislikes: [You are, right?]
    Favorite saying: “[That person] loves me…and how precious I have become to myself.” - Goethe, Sorrows of Young Werther

    Kadota Kyohei (DVD Vol.8)

    Height: 183cm
    Weight: 74kg
    Birthday: Sept. 15th
    Blood Type: B
    Hobbies: Reading, ink and wash paintings
    Things he likes: Company, hot springs, watching baseball games
    Things he dislikes: Fiendish deeds
    Foods he likes: Sushi, soba with tempura, green tea
    Foods he dislikes: Nothing in particular, but he’s not very skilled with forks and knives.
    Favorite saying: “When you are standing at the batter’s box of life, don’t get struck out!” - Kobayashi Shigeru (professional baseball player) 

    Yumasaki Walker (DVD Vol.9)

    Height: 174cm
    Weight: 55kg
    Birthday: Jan. 23rd
    Blood Type: A
    Hobbies: Everything fictional (including games, movies, etc.), anime songs, ice carving
    Things he likes: Make-believe, vision, fantasizing, wishful thinking, daydreaming
    Things he dislikes: Censorship of expression
    Foods he likes: Manga meat*
    Foods he dislikes: “I can’t afford to be picky about food if I’m going to end up in the 2D world one day! So I’ll eat anything, even insects!”
    Favorite saying: “I’m glad you asked! I’ll start from the titles beginning with an ‘A'…(and he went on to cite over 100 sayings from anime and manga as well as those by mangaka and anime producers, which we will omit here.)”

    * Manga meat: a meat primarily seen in comedic manga and anime, typically depicted as a big piece of meat covering a thick bone.

    Karisawa Erika (DVD Vol.10)

    Height: 160cm
    Weight: Equal to 19 Super Deluxe Illustration Books (Limited Edition!)
    Birthday: Nov. 3rd
    Blood Type: B
    Hobbies: Everything fictional (including games, movies, etc.), anime songs, cosplaying, crafting things with silver
    Things she likes: Being other people’s “cosplay producer”
    Things she dislikes: People who jump to the conclusion that bad things happen because of manga or anime without actually giving it a thought
    Foods she likes: Honey toast served at a certain karaoke place
    Foods she dislikes: Alcohol
    Favorite saying: “You’re never really done for, as long as you’ve got a good story and someone to tell it to.” - “The Legend of 1900”

    Togusa Saburo (DVD Vol.11)

    Height: 166cm
    Weight: 57kg
    Birthday: July 30th
    Blood Type: A
    Hobbies: Cheering for idols (Hijiribe Ruri), driving
    Things he likes: Hijiribe Ruri, his own van
    Things he dislikes: People who scratch his van, the anti-Hijiribe Ruri lot
    Foods he likes: Ramen
    Foods he dislikes: Anything that’s likely to get spilled inside his van.
    Favorite saying: “Idol-chasing? No. There’s no need for us to chase Ruri-chan because to us, Ruri-chan is the world itself. We do what we do to thank the world.” - President of the Official Fan Club of Hijiribe Ruri (by the way, Togusa is one of the three Vice Presidents.)

    Simon Brezhnev (DVD Vol.12)

    Height: 220cm
    Weight: 129kg
    Birthday: May 5th
    Blood Type: O
    Hobby: River fishing
    Things he likes: Japanese culture, “Messrs. Managers"* who are generous with money
    Things he dislikes: Fights, customers who run away without paying their bills
    Foods he likes: Wasabi
    Foods he dislikes: “Oh - it’s no good to dislike food. You dislike something, you put it on rice, it transform into sushi. Good for eat.”
    Favorite saying: “Любишь кататься, люби и саночки возить. (If you like to sled, you have to enjoy pulling the sleigh.)” - Russian proverb

    * “Mr. Manager”: “Shachou-san”, in the series Simon calls many male adult customers this (probably because he thinks it’s a universally flattering way of referring to them), to which Kadota replied: “I’m not a manager!”

    Heiwajima Kasuka (Hanejima Yuuhei) (DVD Vol.13)

    Height: 177cm
    Weight: 62kg
    Blood Type: O
    Birthday: Feb. 22nd (Cat’s Day in Japan)
    Hobbies: All sports, fishing, billiard, darts, horse riding, investments, collecting automobiles, going to the theater, going to the movies, painting, calligraphy, home carpentry, table magic, aikido, flying small planes, flower arrangement, et cetera.
    Things he likes: Cats (e.g. the cat he keeps, Yuigadokusonmaru)
    Things he dislikes: Judging a person based on rumors alone
    Foods he likes: Homemade curry rice, pudding, dairy products
    Foods he dislikes: Chewing gum (He doesn’t know how long he should chew it before he can throw it away)
    Favorite saying: “With me poetry has not been a purpose, but a passion.” - Edgar Allan Poe

    Hijiribe Ruri (DVD Vol.13)

    Height: 162cm
    Weight: 42kg
    Blood Type: Unknown
    Birthday: Sept. 27th (Though on the faux wiki in Vol.4 it says she was born on Aug. 8th.)
    Hobbies: Collecting figurines of monsters, beasts and curious human beings
    Things she likes: Cats, family, singing, movies with monsters in them, special makeup
    Things she dislikes: Her own weaknesses, direct summer sunlight
    Foods she likes: Liver sashimi, foods rich in iron content
    Foods she dislikes: Foods that have garlic in them
    Favorite saying: “Solitude is a good place to visit, but a poor place to stay.” - Henry Wheeler Shaw

    Kasuka’s & Ruri’s profiles

    Heiwajima Kasuka (Hanejima Yuuhei)

    Height: 177cm
    Weight: 62kg
    Blood Type: O
    Birthday: Feb. 22nd (Today!)
    Hobbies: All sports, fishing, billiard, darts, horse riding, investments, collecting automobiles, going to the theater, going to the movies, painting, calligraphy, home carpentry, table magic, aikido, flying small planes, flower arrangement, et cetera.
    Things he likes: Cats (e.g. the cat he keeps, Yuigadokusonmaru)
    Things he dislikes: Judging a person based on rumors alone
    Foods he likes: Homemade curry rice, pudding, dairy products
    Foods he dislikes: Chewing gum (He doesn’t know how long he should chew it before he can throw it away)
    Favorite saying: “With me poetry has not been a purpose, but a passion.” - Edgar Allan Poe

    Hijiribe Ruri

    Height: 162cm
    Weight: 42kg
    Blood Type: Unknown
    Birthday: Sept. 27th (Though on the faux wiki in Vol.4 it says she was born on Aug. 8th.)
    Hobbies: Collecting figurines of monsters, beasts and curious human beings
    Things she likes: Cats, family, singing, movies with monsters in them, special makeup
    Things she dislikes: Her own weaknesses, direct summer sunlight
    Foods she likes: Liver sashimi, foods rich in iron content
    Foods she dislikes: Foods that have garlic in them
    Favorite saying: “Solitude is a good place to visit, but a poor place to stay.” - Henry Wheeler Shaw

    anonymous asked:

    Sorta new to scarlet witch and the vision. You seem to know a lot about their relationship especially, Wanda. Did Vision have any other romantic interest or has it always been just Wanda.

    He’s had children with three different women, not to mention several minor, short-lived romantic subplots. This is gonna be a long post.

    All ten (technically nine because one is repeated) of them in, more or less, chronological order:


    Previous post on Mantis pretty much sums it up.

    Mantis was supposed to be Vision’s love interest back in the 70′s because, at first, Steve Englehart did not like Wanda and Vision together. Englehart eventually changed his mind, but not before writing a love triangle with the three of them.

    Laura Lipton

    Twenty years and many strange plot twists later, we got Laura Lipton.

    Long story short: Vision was dismantled and his brain was erased. The template for his new brain was a guy named Alex Lipton. Alex was dead, and Laura was his widow. She didn’t have any kind of romantic interest in Vision, but in Avengers Vol. 1 #348, Vision used a computer program to bring out Alex’s personality so that he could talk to his dying father. He then had a heart to heart with Laura, kissed her, and faded away, replaced by Vision.

    Except that another character, Crystal, believed the program didn’t work and it was Vision pretending to be Alex all along. Whether or not that was the case was ambiguous, but it does lead us to…


    Pietro’s ex-wife.

    Yes, that Pietro.

    Yes, really.

    There was some subtext there. They were close. Other characters commented on it. Black Knight was jealous. I don’t think it was ever meant to go anywhere, but there was definitely something being implied, however minor.

    Don’t worry. Things only get weirder from there.

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    haelth01  asked:

    I'm not sure if someone ask you this, but want do want to happen in RWBY volume 5?

    A lost of things, honestly, and I’m sure they overlap with pretty much everyone else’s (Team RWBY meeting each other again, Neo returns, etc). But there are a couple of things I want not so much out of excitement of seeing them happen, but frustration.

    So, yeah, incoming rwde.

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    She's the one Bro ~ Vol.4

    Sitting next to the toilet early hours of Thursday morning, was not what you expected. Tears rolling down your face as you sat up against the wall, waiting for the little timer to go off and Jack to come home from going clubbing, was really not what you wanted at three in the morning.

    The timer went off and you quickly stopped it before picking up the three tests. Taking deep breaths to calm you nerves that have been creeping up on your since you brought tests you took one last breath before flipping them all over.

    Positive. All three of them were positive.

    Tears rolled down your face in pure happiness as you finally seen the little cross, you and jack had both been wanting to see for two months now.

    Although that moment was shorted lived when you when felt it coming back up, you pushed you self up and lent over the toilet as fast as you can. Too busy throwing up you didn’t hear the the front door slam open and the sound of running feet towards the bathroom, until Jacks hands were holding your hair.

    “It’s okay baby, I’m here now.” Jack whispered before standing up slightly and shouting, “Conor! Get me some water!”

    By the time you finished, Conor had rushed into the bathroom with water and tablets. Jack pulled you up and placed you on the counter surface before grabbing the water and tablets.

    However, before he could pass them to you, you jumped off the counter and turned your back to them.

    “Woah, Y/N, are you okay?” Jack asked in panic thinking the worst. He was constantly worrying about you 24/7 since the start of the week when you started throwing up without a reason.

    Sighing you bent down and picked up the tests before turning around and hiding the test behind your back, “Jack, baby. I’m fine” You grinned.

    Jack scoffed and Conor looked at you like you were crazy, “Y/N you are defiantly not fine. You have been throwing up for four days now, as your best friend I’m fucking worr-”

    “Don’t.” You cut him off still smiling before bring out the tests and handing them to Jack.

    Jack looked down at them for a couple of minutes, not saying anything while Conor looked like he seen a ghost when he saw the tests. Jack looked up at you, tears rolling down his face seeing tears of your own falling down before speaking up.

    “I’m a dad?”

    “Baby your a dad.” You cried at the pure look of happiness in his eyes.

    Jack threw his arms around you crying into your neck, all while thinking. I’m a dad. You both rocked each other back and forth crying in pure happiness when a loud voice ruined the moment.

    “I’m going to a fucking uncle?!” Conor shouted, causing the both of you to pull away and stare at the older Maynard jumping up and down on the spot with his own tears rolling down his face.

    You and Jack both chuckled at the sight, watching as Conor rambled on about being the best uncle in the world.

    Jack turned his head slightly, his breath tickling your ear. “I love you so much.”

    “I love you too.” You replied leaning up and catching him in a kiss filled with passion and love.

    “-I’ll buy him or her anyth- wait?! Jack didn’t you say the last time you had sex was last month?” Conor answered, excitement slowly turning to disgust.

    “Yeh, bro. Why?” Jack asked confusion laced in his voice.

    “I walked in the last time you had sex…OH MY GOD! I WATCH YOUR BABY BE MADE.” Conor shouted pain written all over his face, remember the time he walked in on Jack and you both hitting your highs.

    Which ended up on both of you telling him your plans and making sure he didn’t tell anyone because you weren’t getting any positive results yet.

    “Oh Con.” You laughed slightly as he cursed you both.

    “Shut it, leave us alone dude.” Jack sighed, hugging you from behind.

    Conor said goodnight and said he was too lazy to drive home so he was going to use your guest bedroom before leaving you.

    “Let’s get you to bed baby momma, you look tired.” Jack gave a small smile picking you up bridal style, causing you to giggle.

    He placed you bed, taking his clothes off before joining you lying down. Once he was comfortable, you put your head on his chest drawing little patterns.

    Laying in silence for a while, you both couldn’t get the picture of a little baby in your arms.

    “You know,” Jack started, while you looked up at him. “I’ll be more excited in the morning, I’m just scared this is one big dream.”

    “Not a dream this time baby, I promise you.” You kissed his chest, eyes falling shut to the feeling of Jack playing with your hair.

    Jack looked down at you, seeing your breathing get slower and heavier. “Get some rest gorgeous, I love you.”

    “I love you too.” You mumbled falling asleep but was still awake slightly to hear Jacks last words making you fall asleep with a smile on your face.

    “You too, little one. I love you too”

    Author Spotlight: neverhaveieverbooks day 4

    Time to rec other people’s fics and this has some delicious favourites.

    Day 4: Recs!

    1.    The OSU!Verse by Judearaya.

    Favorite Quote: “Blaine is damn sure he isn’t going to figure this out in a dirty bathroom stall in a terrible club; He’s positive he wants more than a few minutes with Kurt, more than just a quick spark.  The way he’s feeling, Blaine wants a whole fucking bonfire, and whether or not he gets that with Kurt is not really in his hands right now. Blaine knows if he goes with Kurt now, it’s all this will ever be, just snapping light in the darkness, extinguished before he ever really felt the warmth.”

    This fic is angst-y, dark, romantic and delicious.  An AU which starts with Blaine in an abusive relationship with another man, the plot follows the two through meeting in a college gay bar, becoming friends, and eventually becoming a couple.  Even when you think you’ve gotten past all the sad stuff because they get together, Jude pulls them both back through old nightmares and destructive habits until the very end. Tear-jerking but so satisfying.

    2.     Postcards by GSJWrites

    Favorite Quote: “Blaine logged off Skype and smirked with self-congratulatory pride. Kurt Hummel may often zig when Blaine expected him to zag, but on some matters, Kurt was utterly predictable. And one of those included soft, well-worn blue jeans and a lack of underwear. He elicited exactly the response he was looking for. Not just the fact that they had just had one of their most intense Skype sessions ever—and they had a few to choose from—but because he thought he saw Kurt’s walls begin to chip, just a little. Soon he would engage in a full-on romantic assault in order to get those barriers to buckle and cave. Because Blaine Anderson was indeed a man with a plan, a plan that he knew had been brilliantly executed this evening. He dipped into the jar for a last fingerful of peanut butter and headed to the shower.”

    GSJWrites is best known for her epic wine country story, Sotto Voce, but even though this fic is less well known, we love it. Postcards was written mid –series but a lot of it feels awfully true to canon even now. We love how GSJ shifts the couple’s focus from New York to Los Angeles in a way that is realistic and then how she describes both Blaine’s desire to have more than he thinks he can and Kurt’s fear that he is losing everything he always wanted. Long distance creates miscommunication and yearning. A great story.

    3.    Being Kurt Hummel by flaming_muse.

    Favorite Quote: “Over the summer Blaine learns that Kurt likes it when Blaine picks him up for a special night out with no explanation of what they’re going to do besides how to dress, dances with him under the stars, and presses hundreds of soft kisses along his fingers and the palm of his hand. Kurt learns that Blaine likes it when Kurt picks out duets for them to sing together, wears anything with short sleeves, and ends up on top when they’re making out.”

    This author has written 166 Glee fanfics, and it’s almost impossible to pick a favorite, but this one-shot sketch is honest and raw and so cleverly gets into Kurt’s head that you can’t put it down. Less of a story than a history of how Kurt feels growing up, being bullied when he’s younger, figuring out that he’s gay, what that means to him and to the world around him, and how he ultimately accepts his sexuality, told in a unflinching yet sympathetic way. Even falling in love is not enough to drive out all of Kurt’s fear and self-doubt. He has to come to terms with how he wants to approach sex slowly and carefully, in a way that most young people don’t have to struggle with. Luckily Blaine is there to help.

    And for those days you don’t have time to read anything long:

    4.    Ornithology by flickerthenflare

    Favorite Quote: “’You look at me like you want me. I like that. I’ve missed that.’ “I want more than a moment.’ Blaine looks at him quizzically. ‘After the cat gets the canary, then what?’ Kurt asks. Kurt has not worked to win Blaine back for just a moment.”

    We always look for flicker’s work and this little piece about birds and how Kurt thinks Blaine has been different birds throughout their relationship (a warbler, a canary, a blackbird a phoenix) is sweet and sensitive.

    5.    Show and Tell and Drunk History, Vol. 206 by skivvysupreme.

    Favorite Quote: “’I can’t tell you suff-suffis—suf-fi-ciently. I can’t. ‘Cause it’s too much. And I know you love me like that too but you can ackshully—act-u-ally say it right. So the only way I can tell you is if I show you, but I can’t show you ‘cause I can’t fuck you’ cause I’m too drunk and I’m just…’ At a loss for anything else to say, Kurt sighs. ‘You can do that, too. That thing with your eyes. The hearts. I can’t. I can’t do any of that and you need to know.’”

    Two short one shots featuring Drunk!Kurt which are so funny and spot-on we can’t decide which to pick. Skivvy’s Kurt gets maudlin, emotional and all kinds of hysterical when he drinks and you don’t want to miss it, trust us.

    Senyuu Character Speech Patterns/Tics

    Well, well, there were some people actually pretty interested in this. I was kind of happy about that, to be honest, haha.

    For those who don’t know Japanese, let me run through a very quick crash course. Japanese is a language that emphasizes politeness and respect to people depending on your rank to them/how you perceive yourself to others. One example is a teacher and student; obviously, the teacher is in a position of higher authority, and students are expected to treat the teacher accordingly. Part of this treatment is expressed through Japanese honorifics (-san, -kun, -sama, etc), and part of this is expressed through a person’s personal pronouns and how they refer to others (as well as how they speak in general).

    I dislike using TVTropes of all places as a reference, but in the context of anime specifically, a quick glance at this page, Japanese Pronouns, is pretty helpful. On a similar note, here is the page for Japanese honorifics. They’re short and to the point, but please use more reliable sources if you intend on seriously studying Japanese though. Like I said, anime/manga characters have exaggerated ways of speaking that you definitely wouldn’t hear in real life, and the TVTropes page mostly discusses usages in context of anime.

    For those who tl;dr that link, a few of the mostly commonly used personal pronouns (I) in Senyuu in general order of “most” to “least” politeness (it’s actually more complicated than that, but for a general sense this will do) are: “watashi”, “boku”, and “ore”. For second-person pronouns (you), also in “most” to “least” politeness: “anata”, “kimi”, “anta”, “omae”, “teme”.

    Well, that’s basically a very, very inadequate and also way too brief summary of Japanese pronouns, but it should make the specific sections for each character vaguely more understandable.

    Now onto the actual characters. Be warned, this is very, very long. I practically wrote essays for some of them…

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    OMAKE QUARTERS Vol 4. ORB at Night Side F Excerpt.

    So before we actually go through this OMAKE, I just want to make some things clear: this is only an excerpt from the whole OMAKE and this excerpt, for me is one of the most important point in the whole script.

    Whatever you guys will read here will possibly or hopefully give some or a little bit of assurance to what and where Athrun and Cagalli’s relationship is now. :3

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