she asked us. not vice versa

Nonbinary people are absolutely allowed to use different pronouns in different situations.

You might be uncomfortable with your family using they/them pronouns, but be fine with she/her, or vice versa!

You might be fine with some people using gendered pronouns for you, but not others!

You might want people who are strangers or acquaintances to use gendered pronouns, but not close friends or family.

You might want to use neopronouns only when with people you don’t know very well, and switch back to they/them or gendered pronouns when with close friends.

Sometimes your preferences might change! 

And that is okay!

This is your life, and you are never putting a burden on someone by asking them to use a specific pronoun with you. You deserve to live the way you want to.

listen i wanna see hunk and shay in a long distance relationship pls im beggin

  • What if hunk makes a communicator for her so she can talk to him whenever she wants and vice versa?
    • Shay sends mostly texts because he knows Hunk can be in a battle somewhere or on a mission so she knows that Hunk won’t respond right away and he can read those texts when he’s out of danger
      • Her texts are all lowercase with several exclamation points because she’s incredibly happy and bright! She also tries to use emojis but when she DOES look through them most of them are earth stuff and she asks about them
      • Shay: hunk, do you know what this is ???
      • Shay:  🥞
      • Hunk: Those are pancakes, a delicacy on Earth!
      • Shay: oh !!! pancakes !!! they sound delicious !!!
      • Hunk: They absolutely are!
      • Shay: you can cook, right ??? do you wanna make me some pancakes next time you are visiting ???
      • Hunk: You can’t see these tears but I am crying and I love you
    • Hunk prefers video calling! Shay prefers that too but she knows that she doesn’t know exactly when to call him because of obvious reasons
      • They talk about stuff that’s happened in their lives! Fighting, ceremonies, etc.
        • Hunk loves talking about maths and engineering and earth and food, and Shay loves learning about new things! Since her people have been freed from the Galra, she’s been learning about the Balmeran culture and history, and she LOVES to talk about her going on adventures and exploring the surface of the Balmera
        • She high-key loves it when Hunk rambles on and on about maths because she loves learning and she loves Hunk and Hunk explains things so simply and passionately and she thinks it’s so CUTE
      • They can talk for literally hours on end
      • Shiro: *knocking on the door politely* Hunk, you’ve been talking to Shay for like 3 quintants. Please go to sleep.
      • Hunk: Sorry! Shay was just telling me about the Balmeran history and-
      • Shiro, who LOVES history: Wait what? why didn’t you tell me I love history!
      • *insert montage of Shiro learning about the Balmera, to the tune of the Mii Channel music*
  • When they DO meet up, they’re just together all the time like omg they missed each other so much
    • They take like, 3209489024 pictures, mostly selfies and stuff of their lil adventures on the Balmera, or just chillin in the Castle of Lions
    • Shay loves snapchat filters
    • In fact, they both love trying to get filters on the other’s face without them realising it
      • Their stories essentially become competitions for how many candids they can take of the other with filters on their faces
      • Shay is incredibly good at sneaking up and taking those photos tbh. She usually wins

No offence, Kara, but there was literally no need to mention Kara Danvers in any of these situations lmao

In the first gif, Lena says, “Supergirl! I can’t believe you’re here!”, and Supergirl’s response is not “I believe in you”, which would have worked just fine; no, it’s Kara Danvers who has faith in Lena, and she wants Lena to know that.

In the second gif, Lena asks her how she knew that she was in danger. Instead of just saying “I have superhearing and heard that you were in danger”, she uses the “Kara Danvers sent me to save you” excuse again.

In the third gif, there is an alien invasion going on, so of course Supergirl would be there to save as many people as possible; especially Lena, who considers not only Kara but also Supergirl her friend, and vice versa. Obviously Supergirl would try to save her friend. But again, it’s Kara Danvers who sent Supergirl, as if Supergirl would have no reason to do so on her own.
She’s definitely not saying that because of Mon-El. He knows Kara is Supergirl, so it was obviously Lena who she wants to believe that Kara wants her safe.
And she’s even putting her secret identity at risk here, because Lena knows Kara is dating Mike, but Mon-El is there as himself without glasses, and why would Kara Danvers want to save Mon-El?

So why would she willingly make a connection between Supergirl and Kara over and over again?

Honestly, the only logical  explanation why she always tells Lena that Kara Danvers wants to save her is that Kara wants to deepen her relationship with Lena, to impress her and to show her affection and how much she cares about her. And they already are best friends, and Kara is Lena’s only friend, so technically there is no need for Kara to keep doing this… unless she wants something more.

soulmate au | shawn mendes

pairing: shawn mendes x reader

requested: no 

request: N/A

requested by: N/A

summary: soulmate au in which whatever your significant other draws on their skin, the same markings appear on you

author’s note: I have always loved soulmate au’s and thought, hey, why not write a shawn mendes one because he’s my lil muffin. anywho, enjoy

warning(s): none

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anonymous asked:

When do you think Harry and Ginny got together again after the war? Was it just after the end like "I can't wait to be with you again" or do you think they both needed some time apart? Love your work as always!!

their first time happened 4 months after the battle, so I would say they needed some time apart. Harry had a lot to deal in his mind - and Ginny as well. But even after that night, they didn’t stablished a relationship.

Ginny went to Hogwarts and then they saw each other again in Christmas. The first thing she did was to kiss him, missing him so fucking much. And then they finally had a date in Hogsmeade. A proper date, drinking tea and kissing like those lame couples they used to make fun of when they were dating in Harry’s 6th year.

Harry never asked Ginny “wanna be my girlfriend?” or vice-versa. It was not necessary. They just kept being themselves and suddenly it became impossible the thought of one leaving the other.

You Haven’t Even Seen It

Baron Corbin/OC: You always call Baron ‘Wolf Daddy’ as a joke, but you don’t know he really likes it. You’re alone after a show and call him wolf daddy and he snaps. Smutttttt (and daddy kink). Requested by @screamersdontdance


Tagging all you lovely lil nuggets (let me know if you don’t wanna be tagged anymore and I’ll take you off the list but alsoooo if you’re not tagged and wanna be, let me know): @lavitabella87 @omgmissmillie @everybodyfinnfreeze @shadow-of-wonder @laochbaineann @justtookawaii @sarrahcha @attilasgurl @twiistedbliiss @hotspurmadridista @alexispoo @niazha16 @happelu970 @officialbroski10-blog @artemisapalla316 @crowleysqueenofhell @lilmisscrisis @antigonemaia @imnoaingeal @littledeadrottinghood @imagineall-the-fandoms @fuckyeahbulletclub @hiitsmecharlie @macfizzle @bizclizbaybay

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Shy is as Shy Does

A/N: An anon request where the reader is an intern with the BAU and is significantly younger than Spencer. (I’m going to put her in her early 20s, and Reid at 30.) Spencer is seriously attracted to her, but he is worried about his lack of experience to say anything to her. Eventually, she lets it be know that she’s interested in him. @coveofmemories


After taking an interest in psychology in high school, you’d applied to the Bureau for an internship in college. Nearly a month into your third year, you got a call from Chief Strauss awarding you an intern-in-training for the position of communications liaison. You were working with the current holder of that position, Jennifer Jareau. Maybe one day, after you graduated college, you’d be able to earn a spot on the team. 

The moment you started, you knew this was where you wanted to be. All of the members of the team had been exceptionally gracious and inviting. You’d always assumed that the new person in any situation was bound to get a little bit of cold shoulder, but they’d all been amazing. The youngest member of the team, other than yourself, was Dr. Spencer Reid. Unsure of his exact age, you assumed he was about ten years your senior; the crush you had was enormous.

Apparently, you weren’t all that great at hiding how you felt. JJ noticed. “You know he’s single, right?” she asked, laughing under her breath as you stared out the window of her officer to where Spencer was sitting at his desk. “If you’re into him, I would ask him out. He’s very shy when it comes to those things, so he may not think to ask you out.”

“I might just have to do that,” you replied, turning your attention back toward JJ where you were actually supposed to be looking. “Has he had any girlfriends?” You cut yourself off. You shouldn’t have been getting so personal, maybe she didn’t even know, but you couldn’t help yourself.

“Not as far as I know,” she replied, a smile forming at the corners of her lips. “He took me on a date once, but that’s all I know of.” 

Oh crap, you had no idea that they’d dated. “If that’s weird for you, I won’t ask him,” you replied quickly. 

“What? Me and Spencer going out once?” she laughed. “We didn’t date. We just went on one date. Go for it if you’re interested.”

You turned your attention back outside, giving Spencer a small wave as he passed JJ’s office. One of these days you’d build up the courage to ask him. He was so intimidating. Kind, exceptionally intelligent, ridiculously good-looking, funny, interesting…plus he was ten years older. He’d probably never go out with you, but you had to ask.


There is no way she would ever go out with you, Spencer thought to himself as he passed JJ’s office. Y/N had just waved in his direction; he didn’t want to admit the butterflies he got whenever he saw her. She was on the quiet side, like him, and she was also very smart and funny, but she was nearly a decade younger than he was. Why would she go out with him - shy, nerdy, and much older - when she could have someone cooler and closer to her age? Or even someone who wasn’t a 30-year-old virgin. He wanted to ask her out, but he wasn’t sure he’d ever have the courage to do it. As he walked into Hotch’s office, he wished he wasn’t such a coward. Maybe he’d do it one day…but he’d probably need some alcohol. 


“Just go for it, Y/N,” Garcia said as she came up to your desk with a coffee in hand. “You’re staring at him. I know you want him. And you couldn’t do better than Boy Wonder over there.” 

Since JJ had mentioned their date earlier, you’d been wondering why that hadn’t gone anywhere. “What happened with his and JJ’s date? Why didn’t they go out again?”

It had been quite a few years since their date. “I think they just decided they’d be better off as friends.” She shrugged. “What’s keeping you from asking him out?”

“I don’t know,” you said honestly. “I’m not used to being the one to ask people out. He’s also older than me, so there’s that. Plus, he’s this big, famous profiler with the BAU and I’m an intern. Why would he want me?”

Garcia slapped you on the back of the head. Since you’d started, you’d gotten closest with her. “You are amazing and deserving of all the love in the world. Boy Wonder would be lucky to have you and vice versa. Just go for it.”

“Right now?” 

Garcia shook her head - her eyes intent on yours. “Right now. Do it.” Whenever you needed it, Garcia was there speaking words of wisdom. You trusted her. Just do it.

“Okay,” you said, standing up from your desk. “I’m gonna do it.” As you walked over toward Spencer’s desk, you could feel the bile rising in your throat. This was so not you. You weren’t the asker, you got asked, and infrequently at that. But Garcia and JJ had said that you needed to be the one to do it because Spencer was super shy. “H-hi, Spencer,” you stammered, feeling every inch the fool. “I was wondering i-if I could ask you s-something.” God, you sounded like a fucking moron. But given that Spencer was also shy - shyer than you - maybe he’d find it endearing. 

“What is it, Y/N?” he asked, the smile on his face making the feeling in your stomach turn to something else. Instead of wanting to throw up, you felt like you had butterflies in your chest. “Something wrong?”

“Not at all,” you replied, pulling up a chair in front of his desk and taking a seat. “I was just wondering, you know, if you wanted to, maybe you and I could go out for dinner or drinks sometime…like a date,” you trailed off. “I know that there’s a bit of an age difference between us, and you’re a profiler and I’m just an intern, but I really like you. I think you’re really sweet, and if you feel similarly, I’d like to go out with you sometime.” As you finished, you felt like you’d made the biggest ass out of yourself and almost got up to just walk away, but he answered. 

“Don’t sell yourself short. You’re not just an intern…and I’d like that,” he said, his chest heaving with a weight that was suddenly lifted. “Maybe tonight?”

Careful to temper your reaction, you shook your head and gave Spencer your number so that he could call you later. Once you walked back to your desk, you had a difficult time not doing a happy dance, but you contained yourself - instead, texting Garcia to tell her you’d gone through with it.


After work, Spencer picked you up and you went out to dinner. The conversation had gone much like earlier, some stammering, a lot of blushing and genuine interest in each other. “Would you like to come inside for a drink?” you asked as he walked you up to your apartment. You weren’t the kind to have sex on the first date - you just weren’t comfortable with it, but you had been dying to kiss him since you first started, so you desperately needed to make that happen.

He followed you inside, sitting on the couch while you walked into the kitchen to grab him a beer. You opened the top, the sound of the bottle cap hitting the counter the only noise resounding throughout the apartment, and sat down next to him. 

For a few minutes, both of you sat in silence, taking a couple sips of your beer. But before you knew it, you set the bottle down and turned your head toward his, grabbing the side of his face in one hand and pulling him to you. At first, your lips barely grazed his, but once you could see that he was okay with letting this happen, you pressed them firmly against him, taking in the sweetness of his skin before allowing your tongue to delve inside.

When you deepened the kiss, you heard Spencer moan. You swallowed the sound as you moved your legs over his lap, straddling his thighs. “I’m not sure if you want to be doing this with me,” he said, pulling away slightly.

“Why wouldn’t I?” you asked. 

“I-I…” he hesitated, looking down, ashamed of what he was about to say. “I’ve never had sex before.”

You smiled, bringing your fingers up to his lips before kissing him again. “I haven’t either. We’ll take it one step at a time…okay?”

Without another word, he relaxed, leaning back into the couch as he tangled his hands in your hair. Neither of you were very experienced in this area, but you couldn’t deny what you felt right now.

Prom Queens | Cheryl Blossom

Originally posted by prettypecple

Request: Could you do an imagine where Cheryl asks her girlfriend to prom and goes all out and then they are both crowned queen at the dance?

Pairing: Cheryl x Reader
Description: When Cheryl asks you to prom, you suddenly become really nervous about the whole thing but it ends up being one of your favourite nights ever.
Warnings: …not rly.
Word Count: 1354
A/N: okay, this is a lil different from the actual request but it still kinda sticks to it.

“How about this one?” You stepped out of the changing room dressed in a beautiful black prom dress, twirling around as you eagerly awaited the opinion of your best friend Reggie Mantle. As you finished twirling, you noticed he was sat there watching some stupid video on his phone. You coughed to get his attention, shocking him and almost causing him to drop his beloved phone.

“Huh?” He asked, confused.

“The dress, Reg. What’d you think?” You glared at him, hands on your hips.

With a sigh, he looked over you and shrugged his shoulders. The same reaction he’d been giving you since you got to the dress shop over an hour ago. Reggie had been your best friend since you could remember. He’d been the only one in kindergarten who hadn’t picked on you. In fact, he was the one that had stood up for you and told everyone else to leave you alone. Back then you were a quiet, shy kid and the others used to make fun of you for it but Reggie took you under his wing. He brought you out of your shell and you’d never been more thankful to have someone like him in your life. Whenever you needed that little push to do something, he’d be the one to encourage you. But, when it came to things like this, he was no help at all. The only other person you could’ve taken with you was your girlfriend Cheryl Blossom.

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i find it hillarious like how some quirks are so usefull, like we already know kaminari charges peoples phones but think like when someone is out of tape there like “SERO!!!! we need u!!” and hes like “really guys? i feel used!” or Uraraka, if someone has a really heavy book bag they probulby go up to her and be like, “You know what would be really great…” and shes a sweet heart so shed be like “of course!!!” 

lests seeeee, whenever its really hot out peopel try to stand on todorokis right side and vice versa when its cold, people keep asking momo to make them new pencils and then get lectured about the economy. when its really sunny out every one trys to huddle under shoji’s arm web things like giant umbreallas.

you get the idea 

How hypocritical The Clexa Fandom is.

I know I will probably get hate for this, but I’m saying it.

The Clexa fandom uses anything negative about Bellarke to discredit them. Vice Versa, but they ignore the motives.

For an example, I’ve already seen hate on Bellamy for leaving Clarke behind in 4x13, but that was what Clarke wanted. She wouldn’t have wanted Bellamy to stay behind and die, along with her friends. She even said to not wait for her, but when Lexa left her behind in 2x15 she asked her not to. So if you are going to use this against Bellamy, you have to use it against Lexa to. Or not, and admit to being bias.

Secondly. The gun scene in 4x11. Clarke pulled the gun on Bellamy because she THOUGHT it was going to save the human race. She had a valid motive, and she couldn’t shoot. Just like she couldn’t kill Lexa in 3x03. And her motive for holding the knife to her throat was out of anger and revenge. She still didn’t do it. She cared for Lexa, she did love her. I’m not denying that, but you can’t use these things against Bellarke when similar things happened with Lexa, for (hate me all you want) worst motives.

And, lastly. I see Clexa shippers (not all, this doesn’t apply to all clexa shippers) use Bellarke’s argument in 3x05 against them. Saying he “emotionally abused her.” But how is Clarke calling Lexa a “B*tch”, spitting on her and threatening to kill her not emotional abuse? Also saying “Bellamy locked her up” in 3x05 makes them ‘toxic’, when he was trying to keep her safe. Keeping Clarke safe was the same reason why Lexa had Clarke kidnapped.

I am tired of how hypocritical the Clexa fandom is, especially when Bellarke has different motives than Clexa.

No ship is perfect, so just don’t use things against a ship when it could easily be used against yours as well.

And no, at first I didn’t hate Clexa. I thought they were fine, until I met the fandom.

And I’m not saying the Bellarke fandom is perfect either, but don’t act like you’re better than others. It annoying when I see people use these against Bellarke when it could be used against Clexa as well.

Good Day.

Hole in the Sky What If Chapter 2: This is Weird… Right?

Dang guys as I’m typing this the first chapter got 80 Notes. EIGHTY! Geez, you guys really like this so I’m continuing.

Chapter 1:

Chapter 3:

Chapter 3.5:


The Original Paladins still remain shocked, more so Lance and Keith, at the prominent display of affection shown by Altean Lance and Galra Keith as Human Allura asks, “What? Don’t tell me your reality hasn’t accepted being gay is okay?”

Lance and Keith still speechless as Pidge snickers as she answers, “No. No. No um… Allura… in our reality Keith and Lance aren’t together in fact they argue constantly and as Lance says it “rivals”, so excuse our reaction.“

Altean Shiro snorts as he says, "Sounds about right. They used to be like that thousands of years ago, minus the rivalry. But didn’t last too long they been together for a couple deca-phoebs now.”

“Not counting the ten thousand years of being frozen, ” teases Matt as he’s enjoying the alternate reality versions even more knowing this.

“Has it really been that long?” asks Keith as his voice cracks.

“Yeah, but when I look at those eyes it feels like we’ve been together forever,” compliments Altean Lance with a charming smile causing Galra Keith to blush as his ears flatten against his head in embarrassment.

Both Alluras, Shay, and even Hunk ‘awww’ at the compliment as Lance says, “Nonononono! Allura! Mission gotta go! Now!”

Allura then realizes as she says, “Right um do you know what’s causing this wormhole?”

“We’re not sure at the moment. We think it might be on the ship but it would be dangerous if we look at the potential of jumping between realities too much we need to get this ship out of the wormhole then start,” answers Matt as he looks at the position of the ship.

“Then let’s just take this ship outta here,” says Lance as he foot begins to tap impatiently as he refuses to look at Keith, and the other versions of them.

“Wait! Hate to be the voice of reason, as always, but if we do we have to go in one reality or the other so one reality versions is going to get stuck here or there,” points out Hunk.

“I’m sure Katie or I can find out way out of a another reality,” says Matt as Pidge smiles at being praised by her brother.

“Alright, let’s move this ship,” says Allura as her, Altean Shiro and Lance walk to the platform realizing an Altean needs to drive. “Right um would either of you two like to go.”

Altean Lance is about to say something before Altean Shiro cuts him off and says, “No, a lady especially a Princess deserves to do the honor.”

Allura blushes at his chivalry as she proceeds to move the ship forward. The platform glows blue as they move and the wormhole closes. When finished Keith and Human Allura say at the same, “Alright Team. Let’s search the area!”

They look at each other at the unison before Keith turns to Pidge and Matt and says, “Pidge, Matt you take the East part of the ship.”

They nod as they walk towards it as he can hear Matt ask, “Pidge? Why’d he nickname you that?”

Human Allura turns to Hunk and Shay as she says, “Shay, Hunk look at the lower levels of the Ship maybe there’s some clues.”

Hunk nods not seeing Allura wink at Shay who blushes before following Hunk.

“Allura…s. Stay with me one this observation deck maybe there’s some logs on it,” suggests Shiro as he starts typing away.

The Alluras nods before Altean Lance asks, “Wait what about us?”

Keith cringes as he forgot to assign areas for him, Lance, and their Alternate Reality selves. He looks at them he definitely doesn’t want to go with Lance after that. He also doesn’t want to be a version of him or Lance that love each other.

Human Allura looks as she sighs and says, “My Lance go with their Keith to check the upper levels and vice versa but with West part of the ship.”

They look at each other weirdly as Human Allura them adds, “So I know a certain two that don’t just stare at each other or that supposedly argue with each other the entire time. Should be fun for the both of you.”

Altean Lance smiles as he gives his Keith a peck on the cheek as its not just Galra Keith blushing as well Keith and Lance. Altean Lance goes to Keith with a charming smile that makes Keith blush deeply.

Human Allura sees this as she warns, “And no flirting with alternate reality versions.”

Lance,” warns Altean Shiro and both Alluras.

While walking out Altean Lance yells back, “No promises!”

As they join their partner Keith and Lance finally look at each other after the whole thing as Lance asks, “This is weird…. right?”

Keith looks at Altean Lance and Galra Keith who are whispering to each other before giving a quick kiss on the lips as he answers, “Definitely weird.”

A Quick Peck On The Lips

-credits to the rightful owner/creator of the gif  ヽ(*⌒∇⌒*)ノ

Can you do a Stuart x reader where Stuart and reader are best friends and go to high school together and she gets cat called all the time and Stuart gets mad and tries to fight everyone who does it to her. One day he gets so sick of it and when someone cat calls reader he punches the guy in the face. Readers breaks up the fight and Stuart accidentally says ‘stay away from my girl’

Character: Stuart Twombly from the move “The Internship”

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PJO/HOO!Supercorp Headcanons?

You wish, my command. (I’m mostly focusing on the PJO aspects since I know a little bit more about it than the Roman counterpart. If you want me to do a separate post on that, let me know!)

Godly Parents

Lena: Daughter of Nemesis. It’s a little hard (in my opinion) to place Lena. I think she could also easily fit into Athena (Artemis too if she wasn’t a virgin goddess, but alas!) But I kind of enjoy the idea that she is the daughter of a minor goddess. I also see Lena as someone who would, not necessarily want to tear someone down if they got too high up, but someone who takes their debts very seriously, has a strong sense of justice, would never forget an insult, and canon Nemisis in PJO reminds me a little bit of the Luthors. In a way. Cold and cruel, even to her own children. 

Kara: Daughter of Apollo. Hands down. Daughter of the Sun God is too perfect. Though I suppose she could also fit in with Hermes too, since he’s the god of Wanderers and Travelers. But Apollo’s children often excel in the arts which fits Kara really nicely. Also I think Kara with Sun God powers would be the best thing ever. 


Winn - Hephaestus
James - Zeus
Alex - Athena
Maggie - Nike
Mon-El - Ares

Combat Style

Lena: She prefers to use stealth, trickery and maybe a little luck manipulation to get things to go her way. Kara is the more physical of the two when it comes to fighting. She probably wields a dagger or a small sword to defend herself but isn’t fully kitted out. But that doesn’t make her any less, and in some circumstances, she’s more dangerous than Kara. People can’t see her coming and underestimate her power until it’s too late. 

Kara: As said, Kara is the more physical of the pair. As a daughter of Apollo she’s good with both a bow and a sword. I’d imagine Kara preferring a sword though because she likes to get up close and personal. I also don’t really imagine her using a shield because she tends to go charging in without thinking (a little bit of Ares in her too I suppose). Lena and Alex often have to get her to slow down and think. 


Lena: As stated above, Lena possesses luck manipulation. She can cause bad luck for someone who is having too much good luck, and vice versa. She also has limited prophetic powers, though often cryptic and requires a sacrifice of the person asking. 

Kara: Although rare, Kara possesses a form of photokinesis, the ability to control light itself. It’s not as powerful as Apollo, Hyperion or Helios of course, but she has some limited powers with it. Like creating light shields & force fields, healing energies, and creating light beams, similar to her heat vision in canon. She’s also naturally talented in the arts like painting, has a limited form of precognition, though she can’t control it and an expert archer, though she doesn’t actively practice. 

Social Circles

Lena: Mostly keeps to herself. A lot of the kids at Camp Half-Blood don’t want to hang around a child of Nemesis because of the bad luck that surrounds them. And the stigma. That Nemsis sided with the Titans during the war and one of her siblings helped Kronos rise to power. But Kara, who believes that Lena isn’t and shouldn’t be bound by who she’s related to, befriends her and brings her into her own social circle. 

Kara: A real ray of sunshine, Kara befriends everyone she can. Starting with Alex, Winn and James. They become an infamous group at the camp, eventually bringing in Lena, Mon-El, and Maggie as well. She even tries to be friends with people who don’t really like her like Maxwell Lord and Leslie Willis. Though to no avail. 


Lena: Lena actually really likes riding the Pegasus when she has the time. It’s very freeing to her. Lena also enjoys studying Ancient Greek, unlike most of the other campers. She enjoys learning a new language and since her brain is hardwired for it and she likes it, it comes easily to her. 

Kara: Kara is a little more physically focused, enjoying sword fighting and sparring with fellow campers. She also enjoys swimming in her free time (always trying to convince Lena to join her. Sometimes Lena caves). Though she really relishes in campfire sing-a-long every night. 

I wanted to do magical artifacts, but those are so personal and unique, that it’s really hard so I didn’t. Overally, Kara probably has a special sword and Lena probably has a special dagger or something. Anyways, just my headcanons. I’m sure there’s probably a lot of people who disagree with me, but hey. That’s why they’re headcanons. :) 

Keeping it a Secret (Lestrade X Reader)

Summary: Requested by Anonymous; the reader is a Holmes and is in a secret relationship with Lestrade.
A/N: I hope that this is what you wanted! And I am so sorry that it’s so long. I love, love, love Lestrade, but I’ve never really written anything for him just yet. This is such an awesome request, though, I love it. Sorry it’s late, I’ve been on vacation and when we got back, I began moving into my apartment.

FROM: Greg
You free tonight?
You glanced to your brother, Sherlock, who didn’t seem to be interested in the reason why you and Greg both had your phones out.
You quickly typed in a response.
TO: Greg
I might be
You glanced at Sherlock again. He was kneeling down next to the body, eyes scanning and looking for clues. You hadn’t originally wanted to come along with him, but you knew Greg would be there and that made it all a little better.
You looked over at Greg just as he hit ‘Send’ and put his phone down. He grinned at you.
FROM: Greg
Do you think Sherlock would notice if you went out?
You shook your head.
TO: Greg
If he did it really wouldn’t be any of his business. Why are you texting on the job, young man. Get to work!
You put your phone in your back pocket and heard a laugh coming from the other side of the crime scene where Greg had put himself.
You walked over to Sherlock, kneeling down beside him.
“Anything?” You wondered.
“A few ideas.” He mumbled, turning the corpse’s hand over a few times, looking for something.
Your phone dinged again and Sherlock’s eyes drifted towards you.
“Who are you texting?” He wondered.
“Why?” You asked. “Is there something wrong with texting?”
“No, I text all the time.” His attention went back to the hand, his eyes scanning over the wrist. “You just don’t usually text this much.” He said simply. As if on cue, your phone dinged again. “So, whoever you’re texting must be someone special, then. You’ve been going out more, making more of an effort in your appearance, you’ve been happier, I’ve been reliably informed that being happier is almost inevitable in the earlier stages of a romantic relationship. You have a boyfriend.” He dropped the hand in the middle of his deductions, resting his arms on his knees and looking at you.
“What does it matter to you?” You asked trying to keep your face neutral. You didn’t want to give anything away, not yet, at least.
“You’re my little sister. It matters a great deal to me.”
You grinned and stood to your full height, looking down at him.
“There’s nothing to worry about.”
You pulled your phone out of your back pocket, checking both texts from Greg.
FROM: Greg
How about dinner, then? At my place?
And your brother seems to be doing all of the work for me. The other guys just think I’m taking notes.
You smiled and shook your head once again.
TO: Greg
What time?
Sherlock stood up, finished with his part. “Lestrade?” He called. Greg quickly put his phone in his pocket and rushed to Sherlock’s side, ready to hear what happened. You joined the trio, ready to listen.
Sherlock explained what happened step by step, turned and gesturing around the crime scene dramatically, as usual. He was always the dramatic one. You tried to get him to do school plays, thinking that, since he was such a drama queen, he wouldn’t be too bad. Mycroft was a star, you were certain Sherlock would be too, but alas, he never wanted to. He participated in Hamlet, only because you begged him every hour of every day, but that was it.
Greg looked over, saw another officer taking notes of everything Sherlock was saying, and leaned to you.
“Would seven o’clock be alright?” He whispered. You were worried that Sherlock would catch it, but he was still turned around, pointing to the roof of the house.
“Sounds perfect.” You grinned looking up at him. He smiled back at you, both of you in your own little world when Sherlock spun back around.
“Are you two listening?” He asked. You broke eye contact with each other, turning your attention to Sherlock. His eyebrows were furrowed, eyes glancing back and forth between you two.
“Of course we are.” Greg defended.
“What was the last thing I said?”
You looked at each other. Neither of you had heard it. You shrugged, taking a shot in the dark.
“She was pushed from the roof.”
He said nothing. Just stared at you were a long second. “Not even close.”
“In their defense,” John butted in. “you don’t listen to them half of the time.”
“Yes, but this is interesting.” Sherlock argued.
John only sighed.
Greg followed you back to the flat, going over the last details of the case before going back to work.
You planted yourself on the couch, hoping Greg would sit beside you. Instead, he went to John’s chair as John typed the case up on his laptop and Sherlock made himself a cup of tea.
Your phone dinged with a message again.
FROM: Greg
Should we tell them now? Or later?
TO: Greg
I think Sherlock’s ego is still a little shattered from us not listening to him today, lol. Let’s give it a little while then tell him.
You continued texting back and forth until Sherlock, who had finished his tea and was now sitting in his chair, got tired of hearing the constant dinging coming from your phones and made his deduction.
“Are you two texting each other?” He asked, annoyed.
“What makes you think that?” Greg asked, locking his phone and putting it on the table beside him.
“Because every time (Y/N) hits ‘send’ she glances at you and your phone rings. And vice versa.”
Greg shrugged. “Must just be a coincidence.” He stood, having all of the information he needed to make the arrest and bring the case to a close. “Alright, I’ll see you tomorrow, then.”
As he was walking out he looked towards you, grinning. Being brave, he winked and walked out. Luckily, Sherlock didn’t catch it.
“Is he your boyfriend?”
You pretended not to hear him.
“How do I look?” You asked John. Sherlock was back in his room and you took the opportunity to sneak out. He wouldn’t have stopped you but he would have asked questions; questions you didn’t want to answer just yet.
John hadn’t gone home just yet and, being one of the few who know about your relationship with Greg (you had asked for advice several times), you decided to ask him if you looked okay, not wanting to miss an imperfection.
“You look great.” He smiled. “Date tonight?” He asked quietly. You only nodded. “Good luck, then.”
You grabbed your purse and coat, ready to walk out when footsteps entered the living room and stopped.
“Where are you going?” Sherlock wondered. “I thought you didn’t have plans tonight.”
“I made some with Molly. Last minute.”
You planned to text her and have her save your life in the cab, if he were to ask her about it.
He looked at you up and down. “Molly’s working late tonight. You’re going on a date.”
You sighed. You couldn’t keep using Molly as an excuse.
“Yes, I am.” You said. You guessed the truth would out itself eventually.
“Well, where is he. I might like to meet him.” Sherlock said, trying to be friendly.
“I’m meeting him.”
“His place.”
He stayed silent as a smirk crawled onto his face. He looked at you as if he had caught you in a lie; as if he had discovered our darkest secret and was planning to use it against you.
“Have fun.” He sat down, pulling out his phone. You made it halfway down the stairs before he called after you.
“And be sure to tell Lestrade that I said ‘hello’.” You stopped in your tracks, wide eyed.
You turned around, marching back up stairs.
“What?” You asked, entering the living room.
“Tell Lestrade I said ‘hello’.”
“What makes you think I’m going to see Lestrade before you do?” It was weird calling him Lestrade, but you had to keep up an act.
“I know you’re going to see him tonight. He mentioned he had plans tonight-a date at his place. He was going to be cooking, of course. Then you two were texting back and forth at the crime scene and here-I just assumed that you two were involved in a romantic relationship.” You stayed silent, not knowing how to respond. You didn’t want to admit that he was right, but you also really didn’t want to lie to your brother’s face. Not just because he could tell if you were lying or not, but because you would feel horrible if you did. You had never lied to Sherlock. Not knowingly, anyway.
He took a deep breath. “You could do worse. George is a good man.”
“Greg.” You corrected.
He stared at you. “So it’s not Lestrade?”
You heard John chuckle quietly. You two found it hilarious that he still wasn’t able to remember Greg’s first name.
“No, Sherl, Lestrade’s name is Greg. Not George.”
“Oh.” He nodded. “Who is George, then?”
“No idea.” You spun around, finished with the conversation. “Don’t wait up!”
You knocked on the door as the cab drove off. You heard the clattering of dishes and maybe a swear word or two from behind the door before it opened, revealing Greg, oven mitts covering his hands.
“Come on in.” He moved out of the way with a smile as you walked in, taking off your coat. He quickly pulled off the mitts, helping you remove your coat and putting it on the coat rack by the door. You hung your purse there as well, not wanting to forget it. Again.
“Sorry I’m little late.” You said, turning to face Greg. You wrapped your arms around his torso and his went around your shoulders as he pressed a quick kiss to your cheek. “It smells wonderful, though.” You complimented.
“I hope you’ll like it. I haven’t cooked anything like it in years, so I don’t know if it’ll taste as wonderful as it smells.” He responded. You only hugged his torso a little tighter.
“I’m sure it will be fantastic. Is it ready?”
“Just pulled it out of the oven.”
You grinned, excited, and let go of him, walking to the dining room where plates were already set out.
He pulled out a chair for you, pushing you in as well before disappearing into the kitchen, finishing dinner.
Greg was no chef, you both could agree on this (though you never said it out loud-he did), but dinner wasn’t so bad. A little burnt, but you really weren’t expecting perfection. You were both just happy to spend the evening together without having to worry if Sherlock saw you or suspected anything.
He did come up in conversation, however.
“He will start to get suspicious eventually. I told him I had a date tonight and I shouldn’t have.” Greg shook his head. Dinner was finished and you both sat on the couch. You were leaning against Greg while his arm rested on the back on the couch, both of you ignoring the pile of dishes in the sink
“He was already suspicious, and Sherlock Holmes doesn’t like to stay in the dark for long.” You added.
“What do you mean?”
“He knows.” You sat up and turned around, facing Greg. “I tried to leave while he wasn’t in there. He caught me last second and asked where I was going. I tried make Molly my excuse again, but she’s working late and I didn’t know…you see where this is going.”
Greg only nodded.
“But, at least we don’t have to worry about telling him. He knows. He told me I could do worse.”
Greg chuckled as you laid against him again.
“I’m glad we don’t have to worry about that anymore.”
“Me too.” You agreed. “Now we just have to tell Mycroft.”
Greg swallowed. “Do we?”
“At some point.” You sighed.
“Oy vey.”
Sorry if this wasn’t exactly what you wanted.
I might do a part two for this one, if anyone is interested.
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Shipping Meme

I’m really sorry but haven’t read EOS yet so these are all just my assumptions on the couple from what I’ve read on Tumblr. (I’m literally the most saltiest person right now because this is my second time writing all of this up and now I’m salty as hell.)

  • Falls asleep on the couch

Elide takes naps on the couch all the time. Whenever Lorcan sees Elide, he just gently picks Elide up and joins her on the couch but places her on top of him so that she can use him as a bed. Elide sometimes wakes up and Lorcan grumbles that the couch is bad for her back anyway. She just smiles sleepily and says that bed is right there while pointing lazily towards their bedroom. Lorcan would just mutter nonsense under his breath and wrap the blanket around them and tell her to go to sleep. It’s worth it all in the end to watch Elide fall asleep in his arms with a smile on her face.

  • Makes friends with the neighbors

Elide would. It would just happen. The neighbours would ask Elide for help and vice versa and bam, friendship. Lorcan would just hover near Elide and glare at the neighbours whenever they’re around. When they point it out, Elide laughs and dismisses it while saying that it’s just his way of being friendly.

  • Is the adventurous eater

Elide??? Maybe? I think that she would want to try new dishes when they go out and would stare longingly at what she wanted until Lorcan notices. He would order the dish she wanted and when Elide looks at him curiously, he would claim that he ‘felt like it’. Elide would grin gratefully and pull in him for a kiss and then steal half of his dish. 

  • Hogs the covers at night

Elide would definitely steal the covers and the first night it happens, Lorcan would tease her about it in the morning. Elide apologizes so many times that Lorcan has to reassure her many times that it’s okay. The next time it happens, he just brings Elide to him and rests her against his chest. He smiles down at her because not only does he get the blankets, but he also gets to sleep with Elide in his arms. 

  • Forgets to do the dishes

Neither. They just can’t be bothered to do them at all. They just pile dishes into the sink until one of them does them. It turns into a game of who can last the longest without dishes. Elide almost always wins and Lorcan ends up grumbling while getting up to do the dishes. Elide eventually joins him in the kitchen and wraps her arms around him and rests her face on his back, occasionally swaying to follow Lorcan;s movements. Lorcan smiles down at her but then would say that she might as well help him. She only grins and kisses his cheek before grabbing the cloth to help dry the dishes. 

  • Tries to surprise their partner more often

Elide. Lorcan always manages to surprise her with little things and Elide tries to surprise him too. More often than not, she fails and Lorcan figures out what she’s trying to to do but to humor her, he acts like he knows nothing. Elide always knows when Lorcan is acting off so then realises that he had known all along. She grumbles and frowns but Lorcan quickly changes that with his kisses and touch.

  • Leaves dirty laundry on the floor

Lorcan. he’s so used to living alone and looking after himself that he has a routine established. Part of that routine includes leaving clothes on the floor and picking them up later. When Lorcan is out one day, Elide notices the mess on the floor and huffs while picking up all the clothes and does the laundry. When Lorcan comes back home and Elide proudly announces that she cleaned up for him, Lorcan first thinks that she did it because she felt like she had to. Lorcan then approaches her and tries to explain to her about how she didn’t have to do it and at first Elide is confused as to what Lorcan is tryin to say but when she finally understands, she pulls him close by the collar and tells him that she did it because wanted to and didn’t want to go through his mess on the floor everyday.

  • Stays up til 2 AM reading

Lorcan definitely does. He normally reads in bed and when Elide comes to bed to sleep, she curls around Lorcan’s side and falls asleep. Lorcan normally spends his lazy nights with Elide practically on his lap and a book in one hand with the other running through Elide’s hair. Sometimes Elide joins him to read but she always ends up falling asleep first.

  • Sings in the shower

Lorcan more like hums in the shower. Just a small melody of a familiar song that the couple knows. Whenever Elide hears him, she ends up joining him in the shower and they do duets (among other things). Lorcan only sings in the shower when Elide is with him. 

  • Takes the selfies

Elide loves to because their friends are continuously surprised that they go out on dates. Regularly. So Elide always ends up taking a selfie (well Lorcan does) of their date with Lorcan glaring into the screen and Elide smiling brightly as if to say, ‘Look at this gorgeous hunk of a man willing to take a selfie with me because he loves me.’ 

  • Plans date night

Both do but in different ways. Lorcan spends hours brooding over the perfect date and tries to come up with something Elide would like without actually bothering her. Elide is much more vocal when it comes to planning and puts all her ideas on the table, expecting Lorcan to pick one. Elide secretly likes that he spends so much time on thinking up a date because she loves that he cares so much but she also wishes that he would just voice his opinions more.

This may or may not have ended up a little long but I hope you like it! 

Ask me more ships!

How did Slash and Duff meet?

“So you’re Slash,” Duff said as he squeezed himself in beside me in our booth at Canter’s. “You’re not what I expected at all.”

“Oh yeah?” I said. “Well, What were you expecting?”

“Wtih a name like Slash, I thought you’d be much scarier, man,” he said. Steven and the girls all laughed. “I’m not even kidding, I expected you to be some kind of punk-rock psychopath with a name like that.”

“Oh yeah?” I said smirking. We shared a laugh.

If that hadn’t broken the ice, my girlfriend Yvonne made sure to smash it a few minutes later. We’d sort of settled into small talk: Duff was getting to know us and vice versa, when, apropos of nothing, Yvonne leaned accross me and put her hand on Duff’s shoulder.

“Can I ask you a personal question?” she said, louder than necessary.

“Yeah,” he said. “Sure.”

“Are you gay?” I’m just curious”

For the first time in hours our table was silent. What can I say, I’ve always been attracted to outspoken women.

“No,” Duff said. “I’m definitely not gay.”

-from Slash’s memoir

Yvonne must have felt threatened by Duff :D

Can you really blame her?

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Cresswell for the ship ask please 😍

Of course! I hope I’ll do it justice.

Who accidentally pushes a door instead of pulling/vice versa?
Cress because she isn’t yet used to doors that actually open. >_< Also, the thing happens where she walks to the sliding doors and they don’t open, so she steps back and and forth again (happens to me all the time). She learns fast though. ^.^

Who doodles little hearts all over the desk with their initials inside them?
Cress all the way.

Who starts the tickle fights?
Thorne. Cress never had someone tickle her affectionately. And her bare feet are always a perfect target.

Who starts the pillow fights?
It started as a thing for the whole Rampion group. Cress loved it and afterwards, Thorne started ones just to make her laugh.

Who falls asleep last, watching the other with a small affectionate smile?
Thorne because he can’t (for once) believe his luck.

Who mistakes salt for sugar?
I’ll go with Cress. I like to think that she wants to try cooking and it looks so easy on TV but then it’s anything but. The timer goes off, then the pan smokes and then she grabs the salt instead for sugar. Cress’s first cooking adventures are hilarous (and leave a big mess).

Who lets the microwave play the loud beeping sound at 1am in the morning?
Thorne. Cooking mess aside, if it’s only one thing kitchenware she has to focus on, she’s fine.

Who comes up with cheesy pick up lines?
Thorne. Cress loves them though even if she sometimes rolls her eyes. :P

Who rearranges the bookshelf in alphabetical order?
Doesn’t seem like there any books in TLC but I feel Cress is used to being organised. It has been a routine in her satellite, too. So Cress.

Who licks the spoon when they’re baking brownies?
Both, no question. Thorne lets her have more though.

Who buys candles for dinners even though there’s no special occasion?
Cress. She feels it makes every dinner special.

Who draws little tattoos on the other with a pen?
I think Thorne starts it but Cress then reciprocates.

Who comes home with a new souvenir magnet every time they go on vacation?
Both. Cress loves travelling but it always has been a big part of Thorne’s life too. They add them to the map in the captain’s quarters.

Who convinces the other to fill out those couple surveys in the back of magazines?
Cress. But Thorne enjoys it too and becomes quite competitive. (They usually get high marks though).

You Will Come Back To Us (Finale)

Summary: Just like Grace said, sometimes, Jefferson needs that reminder that his family loves him

Pairing: Jefferson x OC

Word Count: 1305

Warnings: bits of angst, but fluff all round

A/N: Ah! It’s over! Well, I hope y’all enjoyed this story as much as I loved writing it! Until next time, :)

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Originally posted by divergente-en-llamas

The living room of Jefferson’s manor was filled with laughter and the smell of takeout. Sitting inside a pillow fort was our happy family of three. We all tried catching up for the various things that happened over the years.

Grace talked about her riding lessons and how her favourite horse was called Patches, and she’d describe, in detail, what she looked like. Then she’d talk about school, and that she was in the school play. Jefferson laughed when it was ‘Alice and Wonderland’.

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