she asked to upload it

bunny-friend  asked:

I just realised I've never seen a photo of you until now! You're such a sweetheart and your smile is so radiant. Keep being gorgeous 😚

Thank-you so much for your kind words! Although the smile credit goes to my mom for making me giggle while taking too many photos. I told her I was going to upload one of them online, so she kept asking me to try different poses. It was fun! :)


“ Maybe you’re right Tikki… I fell in love with Chat Noir. “

So I was talking to the lovely @minccinocappuccino and she asked me if I make edits and since I never upload them anymore because I think they’re kinda awful, I decided to make one so you can see my horrible skills Mari <^<

But seriously girl, YOU are amazing and a big inspiration for me <3 I love your edits and you’re so sweet! I owe you a lot!! You’re the best <33

I also got inspired by @derierisu and @cocouri !! You girls are awesome too!! >^<

So yeep! Also I did Marichat because someone requested a manip of them, but I got kinda lazy oops, sorry! Hope you like it anyway anon!



I took a photo I thought is really adorable today

During rehearsal today
Mayu kept hooking pinky finger with Yukirin
She feels really like a child doing that and is really cute (。-艸-。)



On 755, Takamina said she took a really cute photo of Mayu and asked if she should upload on 755 or Twitter. A fan said to upload on both sides and she did. ^-^

mr-mercutio  asked:

Hello, I was wondering if there's still a way to get that file of goddamnhella's fic? I only just found out now that they're gone from AO3, and the link in the post on your blog here doesn't work anymore. :(

Unfortunately, goddamnhella took down the link or didn’t update it. She’s requested no one upload or share the fics, so I don’t have any way of sharing it with you. However, if you go into the otr tag you can find her twitter and maybe contact her there and ask if she’ll re-upload it for you. :)




Hey lil’ anon thank you for ask! however i didn’t know if you wanted to know how minx looked like in my art style or how do i draw her. So i figured out i was not drawing her that much. So at least you’ve got a drawing of minx !and a chibi. because why not. 

Plus she’s in S&P. So don’t worry, you will see more art of her later!

so my sister drew this pic of Kellin for me! It’s like her third attempt at a digital drawing and she nailed it! (she says she doesn’t “like it” that much, but I really love it - kinda jealous of her skills lol)

she asked me to upload it on my redbubble - now you can get some prints & stickers of her art too ;) click here!

we hope you like it as much as I do :)