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you were your crush's first kiss ohmygodfjgkhgkdhfx that's adorable what the heck that's so goals i need a storytime

yeeeee yes i was ok so basically i have this best friend and she’s vERY into getting me out of my comfort zone because i’m the quiet one and she’s the loud one. so one of her best guys friends is my crush’s best friend, and we were at the park and she turns to me and goes “hey E is coming here with sean” and i was like “oh who’s that” and i had previously met him like a few months before at a dance and she was like “you know from that dance we went to” and i was like ooooHHHHH SHIT because he was such a cutie and so awkward and hyper that night :’) anyways we’re on the swings and she turns to me and says “sean thinks you’re really pretty you should be his first kiss lol” so we were joking about that for like an hour waiting for them to show up and by this point we’re hanging out with these seventh grade girls that we used to go to school with because we have nothing better to do and we’re friendly (this was in april btw) so they get to the park and my friend is like “……..bitch you should actually kiss him” and i was like “hjsjsksklsldkkdk wHAT i don’t wanna disappoint him it’s his first kiss” she goes “juST DO IT I DARE YOU LIVE ON THE EDGE” so we go to meet them and all the lil seventh graders follow us and are giggling and it’s so weird and i’m talking to sean and my friend comes up to and whispers “kiss him kiss him now kiss kiss” like she’s fucking sebastian from the little mermaid anyways we just kind of laughed shyly and stared at each other and i had to stare UP at him because he’s a tree i swear so he has to like lean down a little and i have to stand on my tippy toes nd we kissed really quickly but he was blushing so hard and so was i and then we held hands a lot and i kissed him twice more after that and then we hung out a week or so later and we kissed another three times but he’s too nervous to ask me to be his girlfriend even though he wants to which is fine :) just talking and getting to know each other more is nice and i like him a lot it’s ss djdkdkdllxlxlxjjd rip !

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Great to hear you're enjoying Inquisition! :D You said we could ask questions about your character, sooo... what's her name? What race and class is she? Who's she getting along with best out of the party?

Her name is Alda Trevelyan, she’s human and a mage (i’m a sucker for magic). I’d say she gets along best with Cassandra or Dorian out of the companions that can tag along, since i always take those two when adventuring. The third spot varies between Varric and Vivienne who’re also amazing. Sera… i don’t know what it is about her, but she rubs me the wrong way. Same with Solas. Dude looks like his head is an egg. I just collected Ironbull and I don’t have the other dude (blackwall?) yet.

However by far she gets along best with Cullen, but he’s not a companion you can take on adventures :(

Currently i’m working on some art of her so that’ll be up eventually

Thank you for asking!

Galra Pidge to help cheer up @leafbo-i, who sent me the nicest, purest ask a few weeks back.

this dream is short but this dream is happy
—  Kiss of the Spider Woman by Manuel Puig

You know, reading @whitefire321′s post gave me another opportunity to draw background Camilla and here she is



Feel free to use, just credit me :D

Likes/Reblogs appreciated


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Naruto gets taken in and raised by Koharu. He learns everything a traditional kunoichi does, as well as those combat skills that were what made kunoichi like Koharu, Touka, and Mito so absolutely fucking terrifying. But he always maintains the elegance and poise Koharu-obaasama taught him, even when handing Sasuke his broken teeth on a platter. Sakura and Ino are SO JEALOUS™ but also SO PROUD because ladylike but still male Naruto is awesome.

“I’m not going to approve this,” Hiruzen tells his former teammate, utterly bewildered.

“Of course you are,” Koharu tells him briskly, and the look on her face is one she most often used to turn on him and Danzō when they were being particularly obtuse. “Lady Mito’s spirit came to me in a dream to point out the in injustice being done to her descendant. I’m fixing it, and you had best not get in my way, Saru.”

Perched on her lap, four-year-old Naruto turns wide-starry eyes on her. “You talk to the Hokage like that?” he asks excitedly.

Hiruzen, who is still trying to sort out the Lady Mito’s spirit part of that, catches sight of that expression out of the corner of his eye and freezes as trepidation bolts down his spine.

“I’m being perfectly polite,” Koharu tells Naruto, and it’s true. Mostly. Except she wields manners the same way she wields an explosive tag, which is to say devastatingly. “People can never say no to good manners, if you use them correctly.”

Oh no. That expression on Naruto’s face is the same one he was wearing when he saw Hiruzen use a jutsu for the first time, and it doesn’t bode well for any part of Hiruzen’s remaining sanity. “Utatane—” he starts warningly.

“Hokage-sama.” He hasn’t heard her sound that icy since he suggested it was too dangerous to go out looking for Tobirama’s body, and years of experience has him snapping his mouth shut automatically. Koharu regards him narrowly for another moment, then nods in satisfaction and sets a neat stack of papers on the desk. “Naruto is coming home with me,” she says. “I will teach him sealing and how to comport himself—no more of this wreaking havoc in the village nonsense. And you will approve it.”

This situation is slipping from Hiruzen’s grasp so quickly it’s giving him a rash. “Only if you agree to cut ties with Danzō,” he says desperately.

Koharu gives him her patented I’m disappointed you’re not more intelligent but also remain unsurprised by this fact look and taps an imperious finger on the papers. “Section three,” she says primly, because of course Utatane Koharu would never hand in paperwork that wasn’t in sections. There was a reason Tobirama liked her best, and it wasn’t her penchant for explosions. Well, not entirely. “Proof of Danzō’s continuing activities, several methods to stop him, a cost-benefit analysis of doing so immediately as compared to phasing Root out slowly, and Mitokado’s agreement not to participate in any more of Danzō’s activities.”

Hiruzen wonders what she did to poor Homura to get his compliance, but very carefully doesn’t ask. Instead, he looks at the boy who may as well be his grandson, who he’s managed to keep at arm’s length, practically neglected, for the past four years, and sighs a little.

“Naruto?” he asks quietly. “Are you all right with this?”

Koharu’s expression shades towards affront, but before she can say anything—or stuff a mild exploding tag down his robes, because that was always one of her favorite ugh you’re such a boy reactions—Naruto turns to look up at her, and…

Well. Hiruzen realizes with a start that while he’s seen Naruto happy, he’s never seen him glad before.

“Oba-sama bought me a kimono,” he says, as though this is bewildering. “Because I thought it was pretty. An’ she said I can learn to fight like a hero of Konoha.” He pronounces the words carefully, clearly aware of the reverence with which Koharu treats her heroes.

Hiruzen just wishes that her heroes weren’t Uzumaki Mito and Senju Tōka, because he knows Koharu. She doesn’t give a damn about gender—Naruto will learn kunoichi skills because she knows how to make them devastating, and because all the shinobi she looks up to used them. And that, coupled with her love of exploding tags and her fuinjutsu knowledge, and Naruto’s bloodline of genius and his chakra reserves—

It takes effort not to wince.

“Utatane—” he starts, even though he doesn’t have a solid protest formed.

A mistake, clearly, because Koharu’s dark eyes go flinty, and she rises to her feet in a swirl of perfectly arranged robes. “Saru,” she says coolly. “Your desk, top drawer on the left, under a false bottom. Second bookshelf from the right of the door, third shelf, behind the treatise on politics during the First World War. Tenth floorboard from the window, in a black box sealed with—”

Hiruzen flings himself forward right over his desk, clapping a hand across her mouth. All the blood has drained from his face, and he gives her a wild-eyed look.

“You witch,” he accuses. “Leave my literature alone.”

Koharu rolls her eyes, grips his wrist between two delicate fingers, and pulls it away from her mouth. She pauses just long enough to make sure Hiruzen knows she’s thinking about breaking it for the offense, then lets go. “Hide it better,” she retorts. “Or for heaven’s sake don’t read porn on the job.”

Naruto, always the first to latch on to something he shouldn’t—case in point, the way he’s happily perched on Koharu’s hip right this moment, and Hiruzen has the uncharitable thought that he’s surprised she hasn’t broken her hip yet, with all her marching around giving orders—perks up at that. “What’s porn?” he asks excitedly.

“A way to lead foolish men around by the nose,” Koharu says precisely. “Saru, I expect those forms to be filed with the appropriate departments by the end of the day tomorrow. Naruto, let’s go home.”

“Yes, Oba-sama!” Naruto cheers, and he waves cheerfully over her shoulder as she sweeps out of the Hokage’s office.

Hiruzen slumps back in his chair and drags his hands over his face, then leans over and fishes out a bottle of sake. For a moment he debates the cup, but then he pictures Naruto with elegance and poise and the ability to break anyone’s teeth without losing composure, and just pops the cork.

At the very least, it will be an interesting few years.

(Hiruzen really, really hopes he can retire before Naruto reaches Academy age, because that will make ‘interesting’ look like a morning stroll in comparison.)

“Terrifying old bat,” he mutters, waving the sake in vague salute, and then drinks straight from the bottle.

dissonance [4]

summary: James apologizes. || hades!bucky x persephone!reader

warnings: none? 

note: Feedback is always appreciated! I hope you guys like this!

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Karen notices Peter's been searching for things related to binders/packers & obviously just asks 'Would you like me to readjust your suit to your liking?' basically i just want Karen to be Peter's robotic mentor about gender & sexuality

karen’s an AI and is totally unbiased, so he finds himself sometimes laying in bed at night with his mask on just asking her questions. it isn’t that he feels like he can’t ask may about these things, it’s just awkward sometimes. she’s basically his mom, sometimes he doesn’t wanna ask her about all these things about his body.

“hey, karen, can i ask you one more question about how the testosterone is effecting my junk?” peter whispers into the darkness of his bedroom.

“you have asked me 27 questions in the past two hours about your ‘junk’ and otherwise, peter, you are welcome to ask me as many more as you would like.”

“cool it with the sarcasm, karen.

“i am incapable of being sarcastic, peter.

“she said, sarcastically.”

I would wait for her every school morning. Her mom drove her every day, so she was consistently on time.

Her mom would pull up, I would quickly walk out the door, then offer to carry bags as we walked in. I avoided her mom. She gave me bad vibes.

I would wait for her after tests, usually. I would either know the work, or not at all. The end result was usually the same. I finished first, then waited for her. I drew her on my work sometimes. She didn’t know.

I waited for her calls. We would talk while doing homework we could complete by ourselves. Sometimes she would panic. I was there to comfort her.

I would wait for her to get to my house, whenever she could come. We would go on walks, smash old beer bottles, and toss rocks. Sometimes we chose to stay on my bed and talk.

I would wait on her when she asked me to stay up. I was never one to stay awake late, especially on school nights, but for her I would. She was worth it.

I waited on her as she was in another relationship. It wouldn’t work, I was straight damnit, she had a boyfriend.

I waited on her when she broke up with him, made sure she was ok. He hated me.

And then one day, I decided not to wait.

Sarge - Names (Drabble Series)

Bucky | Barnes | Buck | Sarge | Jamie | Soldat | Love | James | Epilogue

Character Pairing: Bucky x Female Reader

Summary: She calls Bucky by many different names. Each one portraying a different emotion, motive behind her words changing and telling with every utterance off her lips.

WC: 1341

A/N: Tags are now closed! This gets a little suggestive, but not smutty.

Originally posted by mylastlove-mylastsong

He knew he was in for it whenever she called him Sarge. It slipped out her lips when she was feeling flirty and coy, yet she hardly ever used it subtly.  He loved every second of it. There was no way he could ever escape her charm, especially not when that nickname was whispered in his ear.

They weren’t even a couple the first time she used it. After months of flirty banter, deep conversations, and lingering glances; it was clear there was something between the two of them. Not that either of them was doing anything about it.

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I started drawing this before it got upgraded from an AU TO A HEADCANON ORIGIN STORY HEYYO

How To Make Horns Out Of Fabric

Hello everybody! Today I will be showing you how to make horns with fabric! If you, like me, are not good at making them with sculpey or model magic, then this is a good alternative.

(This is my first tutorial, also english is not my first language. Please bear with me.)

I’m gonna make Nepeta’s horns, since they have a simple shape and you’ll be able to understand the process better.

To make your own horns, you’ll need:

- Scissors (I use these ones because they are pretty sharp, but feel free to use bigger ones)

- White fabric

- White thread

- A piece of paper

- Stuffing

- Yellow, Red, and Orange paint

- Hair clips or a hairband

 1. First,  draw the shape of the horns you want to make on the paper. It’s better to draw them slightly larger than the original ones, since once they’re stuffed they’ll become thinner.

I also suggest to mark which parts will be painted with which colours. It’ll make the work easier later.

2. Once you’ve done that, cut the shape and pin it to the fabric. Be sure to fold the fabric in half, “right” sides together.

  3.  Repeat it until you have four pieces of fabric.

4. Now, sew the pairs together. Remember to leave the bottom open, or you won’t be able to stuff them!

5. Now, start stuffing the two horns. After they are the shape you want, take another piece of fabric and draw a circle the same size as the bottom of an horn.

 6. Repeat it and cut the two circles. These are the base of our horns.

 7. Start sewing the circle under your horn. When you’re halfway, add some more stuffing, then finish sewing.

8.   Repeat for the other horn. After you’re finished, your horn should look more or less like this:

 9.  And now, let’s start painting our horns! I suggest not to use the paint straight out of the jar or the tube, but to mix it with other colours. 

We are going to start with the base. Mix your red with a tiny bit of black, and paint the horn alternating between brushing and tapping gently with your paint brush. Use a lot of colour, because the fabric tends to absorb the paint!

10.  Repeat the same process with the orange and the yellow paint. Try to blend the edges as you keep going! And don’t worry if the horns seems a bit too soft, they will harden after the paint dries.

11.  After you finished painting both the horns, leave them to dry during the night. If, the day after, you notice that you’ve missed a spot, don’t worry! You can always add more paint.

12. Now, the final touch! Choose how to pin your horns to your wig. You can either sew a hair clip under each horn, or sew them on a hairband. My horns have two little hair clips sewed under them, but for bigger ones, like Tavros’ or The Condesce’s, I suggest the latter.

Here we go! Now you have your own horns made out of fabric! They are incredibly light and won’t break when they fall!

Now, some of you are probably wondering: okay, but does this works with more complicated horns?

The answer is yes, it does! I made my Aradia’s horns using this method and they came out pretty well. (And I used hair clips for these, too)

And that concludes this! I hope this works for all of you out there, and good luck with your cosplay!  

Florida Supercon 2017 Barbara & Lindsay Q&A summary

I watched the Q&A here. I’ll just write down RWBY related stuff that I consider somehow interesting for this blog. They talked about voice acting a lot, a bit about working at RT, and I didn’t write down all of that. 

  • There will be new characters in volume 5
  • Lindsay uses Red like Roses pt. II to get into character, so that song is one of her favourite songs from the soundtrack. She also said the lyrics of the song are very powerful because of the meaning behind it, the interaction between Ruby and Summer we didn’t get to see yet on the show. 
  • Lindsay said that many of the songs have a deeper meaning behind them and tell us a bit more about the characters than the show does. She said that she can’t spoil anything but we might want to have a closer look at the lyrics of Bad Luck Charm because it might become important later on. (You don’t want the burden of my name? The Daddy Qrow fraction of the FNDM is going to freak out. If anyone is interested, that part was at 1:05:00.)
  • Armed and Ready was probably intentionally a pun, probably because Barbara likes puns, but she didn’t come up with the idea. Jeff Williams works with the producers and writers, not with Lindsay and Barbara, so they can’t really collaborate much. 
  • Someone explained their thoughts on Ruby’s semblance being speed and how it reflects her character. Ruby’s semblance is speed because she wants to be there for those who need her and is scared of being too late to save them, a reflection on Ruby’s desire to be the hero. Lindsay said they had nailed it, she thinks that Ruby is all action before thought, passionate, pure and honest. She has no “filter” and that’s why she clashes so much with Weiss, because Weiss thinks Ruby should control herself more. Ruby runs in whenever she feels like she should, sometimes without thinking. 
  • Barbara said about Yang’s semblance that Yang is strong for her friends and loved ones, the rock of whichever group she’s in. Becoming stronger when she takes damage is kinda how she sees herself. Lindsay added that her semblance being a temper tantrum is also because she’s very protective of Ruby, being an older sister. 
  • If Lindsay could give Ruby advice she’d tell her to allow herself to open up and stop containing all of her emotions. Ruby is very straight forward and believes she’ll achieve all her goals if she just keeps pressing on and Lindsay would tell her to take a second to absorb what has happened, be sad for a moment and go into self discovery. Ruby is so busy taking care of everyone around her she doesn’t look into herself and think about what she wants and what her mission is. 
  • Barbara would tell Yang “Your mum left you, she’s not worth your time, move on”. (She also said this doesn’t have anything to do with what happens on the show, I’m hyped anyway.)
  • Lindsay ships Nuts and Dolts
  • Lindsay described volume 1 and 2 as Ruby getting friends and volume 3 her friends getting screwed. 
  • Lindsay’s favourite RWBY fanart is a Rick and Morty interpretation of Qrow and Ruby. 
Fucking Idiot

Series: Dog Mom Life

Relationship: Tom Holland x Reader

Warnings: Cute Fluffness & Swearing

(you should know by now that I swear all the time in my imagines lol)

Word Count: 1,000

A/N: Sorry I posted this late but I love you all!! I really wanted to type something about his nose getting broken for a second time.

me working on future posts like v

Originally posted by amethystslinky

[Reader’s POV]

  Today you were walking Tessa out in town for a little while. You needed to be out and about since it was healthy for the baby. Of course people snapped pictures which made you uneasy without Tom. One man came close and Tessa barked at him to make him go away. She was protecting you and the baby.

   You had an hour before Tom’s flight would land so you thought this opportunity would be great. Harrison wasn’t responding to your messages since he told you to stay off of social media. His warning was it could harm the baby if I got stressed. Of course you wanted to look but you took Harrison’s word for it.

“Hey your Tom Holland’s wife right?” a teenager asks coming up to you and Tessa. Giving her a smile you nod.

“Can I please take a picture with you?I-I mean if you don’t mind, My friends will never believe me” She gushes pushing up her glasses. Freckles adorned her cheeks, your heart wanting your daughter to be sweet as this.

“Of course love get your phone out” She pulls her phone out of her bag while you tell Tessa to sit. She angles the camera so all of you are in the frame. Tessa’s tag was wagging and hitting your ankle.

“Thank you so much! You’re going to be a great mum, Tom is lucky to have you! Bye Tessa, tell Tom Roxy says Hi!” she waves before walking down the street. Her backpack bouncing as she ran towards the bus that pulled up to the curb.

“Alright Tess let’s go stop at the store real quick and pick something up yeah?” Tugging her leash a bit we head towards a grocery store. Thinking you wouldn’t get too much because you had to carry it all back.


[Tom’s POV]

“Mate how bad is it? Do you think she’s going to freak out?” I ask Harrison opening up the camera on my phone. Looking at my reflection I cringe at the sight. My gaze moving to Harrison with fear in my eyes.

“Dude it’s so bad, she’s going to flip her shit… you know it’s going to be worse since she has all those extra hormones thanks to the baby…” Harrison laugh before looking back at his phone. Rolling my eyes I feel a pain of guilt from lying to her.

   Recently she texted me asking if everything was okay because of what Harrison said to her. Yet in reality everything is not okay. My face is swollen, it’s bruised and sensitive to the touch. I couldn’t even cover it with makeup. I miserably failed at trying to cover it up and just gave up in general.

   I FaceTimed her before I broke my nose on set that day. We were wrapping up week two of Chaos Walking and I fucked up again. My fans gave me so much shit for it. Literally a walking meme,I saw so many memes about me. I still get teased about not saying croissant right. Quackson will forever be the meme of my existence.

“I told her not to check social media so she wouldn’t stress out because I’m not losing my goddaughter to you being careless on set Tom” Harrison remarks sending a quick glare to me. Harrison hasn’t looked at me like that before.

“You’re exaggerating, I couldn’t possibly cause that” I deny looking at Harrison as if he was insane. Me be the cause of my daughter’s death?

“It’s possible Tom, women who are pregnant and go through high amounts of stress can lead to a miscarriage.. I swear I’ve done more research than you mate” his tone laced with seriousness but teasing me. I couldn’t tell if he was more serious than teasing me.

“Shut it Harrison, I’m the father of this baby.. I’m supposed to know more here” I say pulling my phone out of my jacket pocket. Opening up my instagram and taking a scroll through. Another text message pops up on my notification bar.

Love of my LIFE:

Tom are you sure everything’s okay?


Yeah everything’s fine love, see you in a few hours.. Give Tess a kiss for me and I’ll see you tonight for dinner with the family since I’ll only be home for two days..

Love of my LIFE:

Met one of your fans today, Her name is Roxy and she says hi! I’ll make sure dinner is ready for everyone tonight. Love you xx


[Reader’s POV]

“C’mon love let’s head inside so we can get ready for everyone coming over..” Ushering Tessa to walk into the house. Carrying the bags inside the house and setting them down real quick. Standing back up straight you lock the door behind you.

   Leaning down to reach for the bags and groaning because you can’t reach them. Squatting down and grabbing the bags. Swearing underneath your breath because now you can’t stand back up.  Placing your hand on the door handle you manage to pull yourself up somehow.

   Tessa walks by tilting her head looking at you struggling. A laugh escapes your lips cause she looks so damn cute. Tom was normally the one to help you up but now that he’s been gone filming it’s been harder. You’ve had to adapt to doing things without him around.

“I wish you could be human sometimes” you sigh once you’re fully situated and not feeling off balance. You were currently three and a half months pregnant and luckily your bump wasn’t huge. Your mother had a huge bump but luckily so far you haven’t exploded.

    Time went by quicker than you thought as you made dinner in the kitchen. In between everything you set up the table with the essentials. Setting wine glasses out for Tom, Nikki, and Dom. You couldn’t wait to have alcohol again but that wouldn’t be for a while.

   Stirring the sauce in the pan and a separate sauce in case anyone had an allergy to mushrooms. You couldn’t remember which of the twins couldn’t have it so you just made two sauces. Paddy preferred marinara sauce but he called it “Red Sauce.” You never made Quinoa because Tom was sick of it ever since he could only eat that on a diet he had for a film.

    You were turning into a mom and were remembering what people liked and didn’t liked. Only reason is because you’ll have to do that when your daughter is born and as she grows up.  Your phone starts ringing making you come back to reality. Taking it off the charger you answer it bringing it up to your ear.

“Ello love, we just picked up Tom so we’ll be there in an hour okay? Traffic got crazy because of the fans knowing Tom was coming home”she explains through the the conversations going on in the background. You could hear Sam and Harry insulting each other and Paddy’s laughter.

“You two knock it off! Your mum is on the phone” Dom’s voice stern making the car go silent. Nikki thanks him for getting them to be quiet.

“That’s fine Nikki, I just have to finish the pasta and another dish so everything should be ready by then” your hands busy as the vegetables are being cut.

“I love you Darling! Ow Paddy stop!” you hear Tom’s voice in the background making you smile. Paddy is probably doing something and probably pinched Tom. Not thinking much of it you say I love you too before hanging up.

[Tom’s POV]

“Your face is fucked” Sam snickers pulling out his phone from his pocket. He takes a quick picture making me upset.

“Fuck you Sam, I’m already scared as it is..”

“Yeah scared of your pregnant wife” Harry’s laughter is joined by Sams. Rolling my eyes from their annoying comments.

“Tom did you not tell her about your nose?” Paddy asks re zipping his jacket up. Nodding my head Paddy’s eyes widen.

“But.. Tom lying isn’t nice” I was getting chastened by my youngest brother, great.

“If she swears at you I won’t be surprised” my mum turns in her seat to look back at me. Guilt growing in my chest, thanks everyone.

“Mum.. I was just trying not to freak her out” I defend myself huffing a breath out looking away from her gaze.

[Reader’s POV]

   Sighing in content when everything was done. Tessa was roaming around the kitchen looking for food that may have fallen. Heading up the stairs carefully towards our bedroom. I go to the closet to change my outfit since it had flour on it.

     You spilt flour on yourself when trying to make cookies for the boys but mainly Paddy. He loved the cookies you made and would come over sometimes to make them with you. The boys would come over to check on you and the baby when they could. His brothers have such a sweet side to them when they aren’t messing with Tom.

   Pulling another pair of maternity leggings on and grabbing a tank top out of the dresser after. Going to the closet you pick out a gray cardigan and slip it onto your arms. The fabric warming you up, the draft in the house made you chilled. Another reason why you missed Tom being home because he is so warm at night.

   Looking at yourself in the mirror and turning to the side. A smile on your face as you see your bump, it’s so damn cute. Heading out of the room you head back downstairs. Tessa following you everywhere you went. She was like your own personal guard dog when you were home alone.

   Tom’s voice comes from the foyer of the house. Reaching the last step with Tessa she jumps over to Tom. Nikki walking in with some flowers, a smile on her sweet face. Dom walks in waving at you before taking his jacket off. Looking back at Tom’s face you see his skin around his nose is bruised and swollen.

“Thomas what happened to your face?” You ask placing your hands on your hips. He slowly looks up from Tessa giving you a small smile. Sam and Harry coming in , their conversation ending.

“I uh.. Fuck. I broke my nose on set darling” Tom explains making panic flood through your system.

“You fucking idiot, that’s the second time you’ve done that.. You lied to me what the hell” annoyance in your tone but who are you kidding? You weren’t that surprised he broke it again.

“Fucking idiot” Sam and Harry say simultaneously making Tom groan. The boys laugh high fiving each other. Paddy stumbles in looking at everyone laughing at Tom. 

“Hey, what did I miss?” he asks, eyebrows furrowing together in confusion. Nikki ruffles his hair trying to stifle her laughter.

“Let’s just say Tom learned his lesson for lying” she explains leaning down and kissing Paddy’s head.

“Alright everyone go serve yourselves, food is in the kitchen.. Also Paddy I made some cookies for you” you smile over at him. He takes off towards the kitchen followed by Sam and Harry.

“Tom why did you lie to me?” you ask stepping down from the stairs. He stands up walking over to you once everyone is in the kitchen.

“I was embarrassed okay? I’m really sorry love.. Can you forgive me?” Tom’s eyes looked pained and you felt bad. Ugh these hormones flip on and off like a switch.

“I can forgive you, but you have to put an ice pack on that right now.. Don’t be stubborn or else” You point your finger at him sternly. Pecking him on the lips you then take him to the kitchen.

   Going into the kitchen you walk over to the fridge. Opening the freezer you grab a bag of peas out. Handing them to him he puts the bag on his nose wincing. Laughing at how silly he looked with the bag on his face. It was good to see him home even if it was just for a little while.

“I love you” a smile on your face as you looked at Tom. He takes his free hand grabbing one of yours.

“More than yesterday?” He asks with a cheeky grin. Rolling your eyes you nod.

“Yes Tom, more than yesterday” His smile always making your heart flutter. Your love for him grows more and more each day.