she asked me about condoms um

Aaliyah goes on birth control

„I’m going to clean up the mess that is the kitchen and leave for the studio after that, okay?“ Shawn said, standing up, taking the plates with him into the kitchen.

“Yeah,” Jo said, smiling at Aaliyah who looked adorable, sitting in front of her. They had finished dinner and Aaliyah was eating Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, smiling blissfully.

Shawn grabbed his jacket, kissing Jo and Aaliyah’s forehead before leaving. “Gotta run, see you!”

And with that he was out of the door and Jo and Aaliyah sat down on the couch, snuggling up to each other, watching “Keeping up with the Kardashians”

“Jo?” Aaliyah asked tentatively.


“Can I ask you something?”

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Stars-tattooartist!calum smut

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request? no

word count: 1,900 

synopsis: Y/N gets her first tat.

A/N PART 1: this was supposed to be clean and cute and make the feels explode but then my brain was like “lets make a super hot kinda kinky smut instead”

A/N PART 2: ive never gotten a tattoo so if it doesnt work like this, oopsies

A/N PART 3: i imagine Y/N as a “coffee-like” skin tone. you’ll see why later, plus i liked the fact that it was an interracial relationship where there wasn’t a white person in the relationship

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snowpocalipse  asked:

You said something out of context in a grocery store so I tried to squint but I fucking winked???? I don’t have control of my body??? Sorry I-HOLY SHIT, did you just wink back????

Beca wasn’t following her, necessarily. 

She just…happened to need something in every aisle that the other woman went down. These kinds of coincidences happened in grocery stores all the time. 

Besides, given the fact that this woman was speaking very loudly into her phone during the entire shopping trip, Beca wouldn’t call what she was doing “eavesdropping” so much as she would call it “keeping her ears open in order to remain alert and, therefore, hearing occasional tidbits of conversation between this beautiful redhead and her iPhone”. 

Totally and completely innocent. 

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Your Teenage Daughter Is Pregnant/ Son Got A Girl Pregnant


“Kaylee! Come help carry the groceries!” You yell to your 16 year old daughter. She doesn’t reply, so you figured she probably had her headphones in. You run up the stairs to tell her, but before you made it the whole way, you heard sobbing coming from her room. Confused, you slowly open her door and peek in. She is face down in her pillow, weeping. “Kaylee? Honey, what’s wrong?” She doesn’t reply but sits up and faces you. You give her a concerned look and wipe one of her tears away. She simply shakes her head and gets up, walking to the bathroom that’s connected to her room. You decide to follow her to see what’s up. Once you get in there, you gape at the sight; your daughter holding up a positive pregnancy test. “Mom, what am I gonna do?” she sobs out as she throws herself into your arms. You’re still in shock, but wrap your arms around her and stroke her hair reassuringly. “We’ll figure this out… don’t worry.” “Please don’t tell dad,” she asks desperately. You were just about to say something when all of a sudden you hear Ashton’s voice behind you, “Don’t tell dad what?” You quickly turn around and cover your daughter with your body. “N-nothing,” your daughter stutters out behind you. Ashton rolls his eyes, “Just tell me, it can’t be that bad.” Kaylee exhales deeply before holding out the pregnancy test. Ashton’s jaw clenches up immediately and his hands ball up into fists. “Did that kid Jake do this to you? I swear to fucking hell I’ll kill him!” Ashton yells as anger engulfs his eyes. “Ashton,” you warn. “No, I wanna what monster did this to my little girl!” “He’s my boyfriend and he’s not a monster!” Kaylee retorts, “And it was a mutual decision so stop being so hard on him.” “How are you so brainwashed by him? What are you gonna do when he leaves you all alone to raise this child?!” “ASHTON, STOP!” You yell before Kaylee could reply. The room falls silent and you point at Ashton, “You go downstairs or shut up. Yelling isn’t going to get us anywhere.” Ashton grits his teeth, and doesn’t obey. “I’m sorry that I’m getting worked up but you can’t just expect me to be fine with this,” he says more calmly. “Well you’re gonna have to learn to,” you reply. Ashton groans, but opens his arms to give Kaylee a hug. “I’m sorry,” she sobs into his chest. “It’s okay sweetie. I’m sorry too.”


“Mom? Dad? I need to talk to you guys…” your son, Evan, says as he walks up to the dinner table. You and Calum were enjoying a lovely meal before he came. “What’s up?” You ask casually. “Okay… well, first promise not to get mad,” he says uneasily. “Nope, now spit it out,” your husband, Calum, says. “Okay… well…. I uh, sorta, um… Well you know me and Ashley have been together for awhile… and I love her and…” “Just say it honey,” you interrupt, impatient. “Sh-she’s pregnant.” Calum slightly chokes on his food and your eyes widen so wide they could fall out of your head. “Pregnant??” You ask. “I thought we prepared you better! We taught you about contraception! Didn’t you use a condom?” Calum exclaims, slamming his silverware down and standing up. “How far along is she? Do her parents know?” You ask. “I don’t know and no,” Evan answers. You sigh and rub the sides of your head, trying to calm down. “Evan! This isn’t okay! Do you realize what you’ve done to your future?? You can kiss your soccer scholarships goodbye! And how are you going to finish school when you have a child to raise?! You’re only 17 for God’s sake,” Calum yells, not holding anything back. “I’m sorry dad, but we can’t change it now. And I can finish school and still play soccer! Not everything is going to change!” “Oh, but it will! You are not leaving Ashley alone to raise that child all the time! It’s yours too, so you’re going to help out,” you add. “She’ll understand! I’m going to go to college on scholarship so I can get a job and support them!” He retorts. “And what if she wanted to pursue a career? Or finish school online? How is she supposed to do that when you’re out all the time? Have you even thought about what she wants or how she’s feeling??” you exclaim, now angrier than Calum. “Your mother’s right,” he adds. Evan rolls his eyes, “I shouldn’t have even told you guys.” “As if we would never find out,” you scoff, “I think you need to go to room and call Ashley. Talk things out with her while your mother and I do as well,” Calum says. Your son sighs and walks off to his room, leaving you two to try to solve Evan’s problem.


Leanne / Austin

“Mom..?” Your daughter, Leanne, sobs as she walks into your bedroom. You were confused as to why she was crying so hard. “Honey, what’s wrong?” You ask quickly as you sit on your bed and motion for her to sit down next to you. She takes a seat and avoids eye contact with you. You rest your hand on her shoulder, trying to let her know that it’s okay to tell you. “Mom… I’m pregnant,” she sobs out as she turns and looks at you, searching for a reaction. You stare blankly at her for a moment, trying to process what she had just said to you. “A-are you sure?” You stutter out. She nods slowly and throws herself into your arms, bawling. “Is everything alright in here…” Luke asks curiously as he peeks into the room. His face drops when he sees his little girl crying into her mother’s arms. “What’s wrong sweetie?” Luke asks as he walks over to you guys, kneeling in front of you. Luke was always very close with Leanne, and he’s there for her no matter what stupid decisions she makes. “You can tell me, I won’t judge,” Luke chuckles as he places a hand on her knee. “Dad… you’re going to hate me,” Leanne sobs out. “I highly doubt that, Lea. You know that I’ll never hate you, just say it,” he replies. “I-I’m sort of… pregnant…” Leanne mumbles out, almost so quiet that you couldn’t hear her. “W-what do you mean? Do you know for sure?” Luke asks, remaining calm, but stuttering. “Positive.” Luke sighs and runs his fingers through his hair, looking at you with slightly glossy eyes. “So I’m guessing that it’s Austin’s? Please tell me it’s Austin’s,” Luke says with a slight giggle. “Yes, it’s his,” Leanne answers. “Well I suppose we’ll have to get you to a doctor and figure out how we’re going to handle this,” you say. “I’m going to keep him, mom,” you daughter says quickly. “Him?” You ask with a laugh. “Well yeah, I feel like it’s going to be a boy,” she chuckles. Luke laughs, “I guess we will see eventually.” Lea smiles and leans down to give Luke a hug. “Thanks for not being mad,” she says. “Well, I am disappointed, but there’s no use in punishing you. There’s nothing that’s going to change the situation, so we might as well make it good.” You smile at your husband before joining the hug, knowing in that moment that everything was going to be okay.


*Michael’s POV*

I walked into my son Chase’s room to grab his dirty laundry basket for y/n. “What’s up,” I ask as I walk in, noticing that he’s sitting on his bed. When he doesn’t answer, I turn to look at him confused, “What’s wrong? You look like you’ve just seem a ghost,” I chuckle. He starts shaking his head as he sits up from his slightly laying-down position. “Andrea… is pr-pregnant,” he spits out, with wide eyes. He turns to look at his father, whose mouth is gaped open. “Oh Chase, you’ve done it this time!” “What has he done?” Y/n asks as she walks in. “I was just coming to see what was taking so long when I heard your fatherly instincts coming out,” y/n chuckles. “He knocked up his girlfriend,” I say, not thinking. “DAD!” “CHASE! What were you thinking?!” You ask before he could continue. “I… I don’t know..” He stutters out. “Okay, listen… we’ll get through this. Everything will be okay, I promise,” y/n says, sitting down and wrapping her arms around Chase. “Your mom’s right. I mean, we are extremely disappointed in you at the moment, but hey, there’s nothing that can change this now,” I add as I sit down next to them. “You guys are taking this surprisingly well… thanks. I thought you guys were gonna flip shit on me,” Chase says with the slightest chuckle. “Hey, watch your language around me young man,” y/n says, somewhat smacking his arm. “Sorry mom,” he says apologetically. I laugh as I stand up, resting my hand on his shoulder, “You’ll get through this, kid. But you should probably talk to Andrea right now instead of us.” Y/n nods in agreement along with Chase. “Alright… Thanks so much, for everything, I love you guys,” Chase says with a small smile. “Awwww,” y/n coos as we walk out of the room. 

A/N: Hey i know it’s been awhile but thanks for sticking around! Hope you enjoyed it :) This was requested multiple times btw.

fitzsimmonsy  asked:

28 + Fitzsimmons (get the reference? heeee)

Skye and Bobbi realize that Fitzsimmons have some trouble communicating. They decide to step in….
Part 1

“Carpe diem. Seize the day. Make your lives extraordinary!” Skye yelled from the other side of the door. 

“We’re locked in, aren’t we?” Fitz asked, turning to face Simmons. Which was when they heard the unmistakable click! of the lock. 

Simmons pursed her lips. “How are we supposed to seize the day from the supply closet, Skye?!”


“Just do it, already,” Bobbi chimed in. 

“Dear lord, this was a trap,” Jemma sighed. 

“Um. Yeah. It… uh… seems that way,” Fitz said. 

“We’ll let you out in fifteen minutes. I know the standard is seven, but we want to give you two some more time in heaven… Have fun!”

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The Morning After - A Short


Things are good.

I mean, I’m unemployed and all that, but things are good.

Well, not just good, though. Great. Amazing.

“This is good, baby,” Andrea complemented softly. I’d made omelettes, which is hard as fuck to do when you can’t cook.

I was sitting across from her at her dining table, nodding as I chewed up the eggs. “Thanks.”

“You learning to cook for me, now?” she asked, taking a sip of her orange juice.

Her face looked a little paler than usual, but I just took it as her being tired. Which would be reasonable after last night.

“I mean, I’m just tryna impress my girl and shit like that,” I replied jokingly, even though I was serious.

She’d been quiet for most of the time we’d been up. Which wasn’t unusual for Sunday mornings, but there was something about her eyes that was bothering me.

“Why you look so conflicted?” I asked with a chuckle.

She fidgeted with her hands some before looking up at me. “Did you use a condom last night?”

My heart dropped into my stomach as I tried to make myself remember putting on latex before we did anything.

“I…” I stammered, my stomach tightening. Don’t fuck up the relationship this early, Chris. “I, um, I’m pretty sure I forgot.”

She blushed bright red, looking away from me. “I need to go to a pharmacy.”

Andrea’s palm was sweating in my hand as she waited nervously for the pharmacist to come back with the over-the-counter morning after pill.

I’d apologized the entire way here while driving, only to be met with ‘it’s okay,’ or ‘it’s fine.’ I usually wasn’t so irresponsible, because I knew that how I felt about kids might not have been how she felt about them.

Andrea let go of my hand to go into her wallet for cash.

“I got it,” I said, handing the woman behind the counter my card.

I didn’t know if my eyes were deceiving me, but I felt like I saw Andrea wiping at her eyes as she stood waiting.

“Maybe she should consider birth control,” the old woman remarked in a harsh tone. “Or maybe you should go to aisle three where the condoms are, so you don’t have to make a trip back.”

I felt my nose turn upwards as Andrea stepped back. My ears grew hot at the judgmental tone in the woman’s voice, and I had to remind myself of where I was at and who I was with. “Is it in your job description to tell either one of us what we need to do when neither one of us asked?” The woman gasped, and when she opened her mouth to speak, I spoke over her. “Fuck no. So do your job and mind your business.”

I grabbed the bag and spun on my heels, my ears ringing as Andrea tugged on her hoodie—my hoodie—before putting her hands in the pockets of her sweatpants and followed behind me.

“Do you want kids someday?”

There was silence in the living room of my house, and I almost thought that Andrea wasn’t gonna answer me as she lay with her head on a pillow in my lap.

We’d ended back up here because I felt like maybe she needed to be somewhere with different decorations to unwind for a few hours.

She was quiet for a long moment while I lightly stroked her hair. “I found out I was pregnant right after my 18th birthday,” she noted quietly, catching me off-guard.


I looked at her, seeing a small smile form on her lips as tears welled in her eyes.

“I wasn’t excited or happy or looking forward to anything,” she said. “I was miserable. I just wanted it out of me. I couldn’t have the kid of someone who hated me, so I had to get rid of it. That’s when I hit rock bottom in that relationship. I couldn’t speak up for myself to say ‘this is what it is’ or ‘this is what’s going on,’ and there was so much fear in me that I panicked and did it without telling anyone. I still haven’t told anyone. Jason went to his grave without knowing I had been pregnant with his kid.”

“So no one knows about this?” I asked.

Andrea sat up, groaning once before going into the kitchen to get a glass of water. “You and the people at the place where I got it done.”

I couldn’t bring myself to blame her, though. I was around the same age when Melanie got pregnant, and I was a lot less smart about what I was doing. So, if Andrea knew her circumstances and knew that she wasn’t able to take care of a child, more power to her.

“That being said, though,” Andrea continued, sitting next to me with her glass. “I do want kids. Someday. Just one, though.”

“You look like you want a girl,” I noted, looking over at her.

She smiled. “Of course. Girls are so much easier to deal with than boys.”

I kissed my teeth, feigning offense. “Y’all stay wanting to get y’all hair and nails and shit done, buy new clothes, and take money out of our pockets.”

Andrea chuckled. “Okay, and? Niggas stay talking about ‘I gotta get my hair cut.’ ‘I need to go get them new J’s. But not them ‘cause another nigga already got them.’ And besides, if y’all are handing cash out, who can you really be mad at?”

I barked out a laugh. “You’re right. We’re having a boy, though.”

She kissed her teeth. “We?”

I scoffed, feigning offense. “We. You and me. We’re having a boy, baby. Christopher Junior.”

“And if he’s anything like you, I pray for my sanity.”

“Oh, so you are considering having my kids,” I noted jokingly… halfway serious.

Andrea rolled her eyes. “There’s not gonna be ‘kids’ with an ‘s,’ no matter if it’s you or anyone else.”

“Nah, you said, ‘if he’s anything like you,’” I repeated, shaking my head. “So that means you been thinking about it.”

Andrea blushed, chuckling and shaking her head. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

I smiled, wrapping an arm around her. “I’m excited about you being my baby mama, ‘Dre.”

“Nuh uh,” Andrea scoffed, hitting me in the chest. “I’m supposed to be your better half, and I will be addressed as such. Child or no child.”

“What about marriage?” I asked bravely, watching Andrea as she struggled to stay awake. We were in my car, at a red light as we drove to my mother’s place to get Colin. “You wanna get married?”

She turned her nose up, opening her eyes as she looked over in my direction. “No. Nothing personal against you, but no.”

“How come?”

Andrea shrugged. “I don’t… everyone I’ve know to be married isn’t still married. And the marriage my mom’s in doesn’t even sound remotely like something I’d want.” 

I wanted to get married someday. Like the shit on I Love Lucy where I came into the house yelling ‘Honey, I’m home!’ and my wife and kids ran to the door to greet me. 

“So if I asked you to marry me, you’d tell me ‘no?’”

Andrea was quiet for a moment. “You just told me you loved me yesterday, and now you’re asking about proposals?”

I shrugged. “I just need to know what I’m working towards. I’m not tryna get married next month or nothing like that.”

“If I felt like a marriage would be worth all the hassle, then I’d consider it, yes.”

Nodding, I turned onto my mother’s street. “So I could get a couple babies out of you, but a ring is questionable.”

“Shut up, Chris,” Andrea laughed. “I’m not having any babies or getting married anytime soon, so.”

“I don’t know,” I countered, playfully. “I think I could convince you otherwise if I tried hard enough.”

She didn’t object, so I took this conversation as my win.