she asked i draw a gangster


Ever since I listened to Mustang’s rap, I’ve had the song, and the mental image of him dressing up in the most standard rapper outfit just to record this, permanently stuck in my head, and I just had to draw it! :D
He’d ask Riza to help him out, and she’d act cool to try to hide the fact that she’s actually very amused at his silly attempt to look “gangster”.

* Chara pouts a little but sighs and tries to “make friends” with the other Charas.
* …
* Chara smiles faintly.
* She seems… glad.

((So I really liked @sayhellochara ‘s Chara Haven idea so I drew my Chara going to Chara Haven XD She was a bit reluctant but secretly she’s happy to go. She gets lonely sometimes so being with other Charas will cheer her up a little. Now here are all the Charas from left to right:
@sayhellochara / @askthefallenhuman

It was so fun to draw all the Charas! These were all the Charas featured in Chara Haven so far I think ^^; I hope i didn’t miss any!
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