she arrived at the same time as richard

Okay so I’m full of thoughts this evening. Please bare in mind I’m yet to see the newest episode so forgive me if things like this have already been clarified.

So I’m under the impression that Daryl doesn’t actually get to Carol until nightfall in next weeks episode. It’s said they have a dinner date making me think he arrives at around that sort of time.  

Also from what I’ve seen from the gifs, Morgan doesn’t give away her location saying she left but not to where.

Plus, I’m pretty sure Daryl’s still wearing the same blue shirt in that clip of him punching Richard, not surprising but still…

What if when talking to Richard about going to war with Negan he releases a plan he has about a woman named Carol and how he plans to get her killed by the saviours to get Ezekiel to fight, he’s still unaware that Daryl knows her right? 

Daryl then loses his shit, beats the shit out of him and demands to know where she is.

That’s when he goes to her house for cuddles and dinner.

Man…I don’t know I’m just clutching at straws here. Be a nice idea though right?