she arrived at the same time as richard


Richard Castaldo has a bullet permanently lodged in his spine, one of the 8 bullets that hit him, fired by two fellow classmates at Columbine High. 

“That day, on April 20th, I was with my friend, Rachel Scott. We were sitting there and they shot us both, pretty much at the same time, it was all kind of one big spray” he says. 

Richard remembers bleeding for over half an hour. Before help could arrive, Klebold and Harris returned. 

“During that time I heard Rachel crying and stuff, and they came back and shot her in the head. I knew she was dead after that." 

Cinderella AU (Part 7)

Summary: Cinderella AU

Characters: Dean x reader

A/N: Sorry it took me so long! Let me know what you think!

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Dean followed closely behind Sam, silently urging him to walk faster. Though he knew you wouldn’t be at work now, after all it was roughly 3 in the morning, he couldn’t help but feel he had to be there now.

Sam walked briskly, still a little upset that Dean had woken him up so early. Though he walked with a small smile on his face, not that he would ever admit it to his brother, he was happy Dean had found someone.

They finally rounded the corner on which the tailor’s shop was located. Dean’s head was in clouds as he replayed the night in his head. Overanalyzing every one of his actions as he tried to figure out what he had done wrong, why you had ran.

Meanwhile, Sam had stopped in front of the tailor’s, watching as his brother walked right past him without noticing he had stopped, an amused smile on Sam’s face.

Dean had managed to get all the way down the street before noticing that Sam was gone. He spun around with furrowed brows “She works…here?”

“Just give it a second” Sam mumbled under his breath, waiting for him to make the connection.

“She wasn’t…was she?” Dean said mostly to himself as Sam watched him, the amused smile still on his face.

“She was the tailor girl wasn’t she?” Dean asked, a soft smile on his face.

“Yes she is” Sam said, unable to keep a small smile from his face. “Now can we go home she won’t be here for hours”

Dean’s jaw clenched as he thought “You go ahead” He grunted, planting himself down so that he leaned against the door.

“What are you doing?” Sam groaned rubbing a hand over his face.

Dean shrugged and crossed his arms “It’s not like I’m going to get much sleep anyway”

“So what are you going to do? Sit out here and wait?”


Sam rolled his eyes, but nevertheless sat down next to his brother, waiting for morning to come.


Sam woke for the second time that day to the sound of jingling keys. He opened his eyes but quickly shut them as sunlight hit his dilated pupils. He raised his hand to block the sunlight to see Richard, the tailor, standing in front of him, a shocked expression on Richard’s face.

“Uh hi” Sam chuckled, hitting his brother in the chest to wake him up.

“Hello” Richard said with furrowed eyebrows.

“We were-uh-“ Dean began to stutter, rubbing the sleep from his eyes.

“we were looking for your assistant” Sam cut in.

“She’s-she’s not in yet” Richard sputtered out, still in shock over the fact that he had found the two royal princes on his doorstep. “But you’re more than welcome to come inside and wait until she gets here”

The brothers shared a look before turning back to Richard speaking at the same time “Yes please”


Richard had been quick to offer the brothers tea, assuring them that you were due to arrive at any moment, before excusing himself to his workshop.

Sam and Dean thanked Richard for his generosity and patiently waited for your arrival, though one’s person could only stay patient for so long.

Sam had lost his patience, and hope, hours ago. Dean, on the other hand, refused to accept it. Every time the bell above the door had rang he was on his feet, and this time was no excuse.

A middle aged woman stumbled into the shop. She looked scared though she hid it well. Her posture was upright and her speech was controlled and calm though Dean could see right through it.

“Have you seen Richard” She asked, her voice almost mechanical as she struggled to control her emotions.

“He’s in the back.” Sam said pointing behind him “We can get him if you’d-“ Though he didn’t finish as the woman cut him off by walking back towards the workshop, ignoring the two. Leaving a small trail of cinnamon scent behind her.

The brothers shared a confused look as they heard the door slam shut behind her, not used to being ignored. With a shared look they were on their feet, walking towards the workshop door and pressing their ears to it.

A simple “I think she’s in trouble” was all they heard just in time for Richard to open the door, his eyes widening slightly as he saw them.

“I’m sorry I have some business to attend to” He spoke quickly and with urgency, slipping around them.

“Is this about her?” Sam’s words stopped Richard in his tracks “Is she the one in trouble?

Richard clenched his jaws, debating what to say.

“The woman she spoke about a few days ago” Sam continued. “She did something to her didn’t she?”

“I-uh-I” Richard stuttered, grasping at straws as to what to say.

“The  bruises” This time Dean spoke up “there were bruises on her neck. Is this like that?”

Richard sighed “I don’t know”


An older woman answered the door when Richard knocked, a light pink dress adorned her figure. It was ripping in places and dirty. Her hair stuck up in places and her make was dark and smudged. She winced at the sun and wrapped her arms tighter around herself.

“Can I help you?” Her voice came out horse and broken, no doubt suffering from a serious hangover,  this confirmed by the stench of alcohol still on her breath.

“Is she here” Richard demanded, skipping all pleasantries.

“I don’t know who you’re talking about” She responded, her posture immediately straightening and her voice becoming slightly higher as she tried to hide the cracks in it.

“Where is your daughter?” He said, his much voice deeper in a more threatening manner.

“I don’t know” She insisted “I came home and she wasn’t here”

“That’s a lie and you know it”

She simply shrugged “I assumed she was with you.”

At this point Dean had decided to make his presence known, knowing Richard wasn’t getting anywhere with her. He stepped around the corner and into the doorway, the woman’s eyes immediately widening “You wouldn’t mind if we just checked your house right?”

She reached up for her hair, trying to make it lay flat. A big smile appearing on her face “Of course not your majesty please come in”

Dean offered a tightlipped smile as he stepped into the house, Richard and Sam right behind him. Immediately Dean began to search the house, looking for any place you may be hiding. Sam, meanwhile, was left to deal with your mother.

Dean had found what he assumed to be your room on his search though quickly stepped out, not wanting to overstep his boundaries. Walking back towards the main room in order to tell Sam and Richard that he had found nothing only to see Sam backed into a wall, your mother hovering over him with a sick grin on her face.

He couldn’t help but chuckle as he watched Sam’s eyes get wide in fear as the old woman stalked towards him, making sure to pop out her chest to make her cleavage appear bigger.

“What’s down here” Richards voice broke Dean from his thoughts as he turned to face Richard who was standing in front of a door he had missed before.

“Oh that” Your mother backed away from Sam, much to his relief “It’s nothing, just storage.”

“So you wouldn’t mind if we checked it?” Dean asked, inching his way towards the door.

“There’s broken glass on the floor, it’s dangerous. Best if you didn’t” She responded immediately, her voice almost mechanical.

“I’m wearing shoes I think I can handle it” Dean said, reaching for the nob.

She made a run for the door but Sam stopped her just in time, wrapping his hands around her middle in order to prevent her from moving. Dean threw open the door, both him and Richard gasping at the sight.


You willed yourself to stay awake, listening intently to the footsteps above you. You had been able to isolate four separate pairs, one of them being your mother’s though at this point you no longer cared who was upstairs. You were in desperate need for help, help you were sure your mother wasn’t going to supply.

You tried to drag yourself towards the stairs though only got as far as the middle of the floor. You tried to call out for help but couldn’t get your voice above a whisper.

As you tried to focus you realized that the footsteps had stopped. You panicked, thinking whoever it was had left, and in those few adrenalin filled moments you had managed to drag yourself to the base of the stairs just in time for the door at the top to open.

You faintly heard gasps but didn’t pay too much attention as you allowed your body to slump down on the steps, if they weren’t friendly there wasn’t much you could do about it now.

You heard footsteps charge down the stairs, taking a small leap over your body though you never moved, having neither the energy nor motivation to do so.

You felt a large soft hand reach under your chin, carefully moving it to the side to inspect the damage before it brought your gaze to meet his. Brilliant green eyes bore into yours and that was all you needed to know you were safe. You allowed your eyes to droop closed though he wasn’t allowing that.

“No no I need you to stay awake” He all but yelled, shaking you slightly causing your eyes to snap open temporarily.

“I’m-I’m tired” You choked out, your voice sounding crack and weak.

“I know sweetheart but I need you to stay awake” He whispered this time, carefully picking you up bridal style and carrying you up the stairs.

“I just need-I need-rest” You said between heavy breaths, burring your face deeper into his chest.

“No no no” Dean muttered, shaking you again picking up his pace “Come on wake up”

However, your eyes stayed closed as he carried you, practically running through the square, ignoring the stares from passerby, and up the palace steps.


It was soft. That was the only thing you were sure of for the moment, that it was soft. Now what “it” was and where “it” was located, well those were different, those were unknowns. Right now you wanted to focus on the known: it was soft, it was warm, it was safe.

You could feel something heavy on your hand, but you elected to ignore it, choosing instead to focus on the first peace and quiet you had gotten since your dad died. That was until you heard a voice…his voice.

“Please wake up”

It was a soft voice, no louder than a whisper. It was a sad voice, cracking slightly with the emotion. It was a familiar voice. And yet you weren’t sure whether you wanted to listen to it.

Happy With You

Hey, guys! So, I decided to write this fic about the omelia dinner party we’re having on 13x02. Basically, it’s what I wanted it to be haha

I based off a little from these anon prompts that were sent here:

“Can someone write about omelia’s dinner party in 1302? :)“

“Imagine if the Omelia dinner party results in Owen burning the cooking because he’s too distracted by Amelia so they order pizza for everyone instead 😍” 

“A fic about a dinner party with people from the LA practice. Charlotte warning Owen he must behave and Sheldon telling Amelia the same” (I changed this one a little bit).

Also, thanks to @jia911 for proofreading it and as always, to @jordan202 for being an amazing friend and for her huge help.

Owen woke up to the sound of his alarm going off. Startled by it, he quickly got his cellphone from the bedside table and turned it off.

“God, why did you set up that stupid thing? It’s freaking Saturday!” Amelia groaned, hiding her face in the crook of Owen’s neck.

“Because it’s already 9 am and we have a bunch of stuff to do. You know that if I didn’t setup the alarm, we would probably wake up at noon.”

“Don’t be dramatic.” She finally lifted up her head to look at her husband, smiling at him. “Hi.”

“Hi.” Owen smiled back and admired her for a few seconds. They had been married for a month and Owen still couldn’t believe how lucky he was to have such a beautiful and amazing wife, who he knew loved him as much as he loved her. It all still felt like a dream, where they could wake up from their happy bubble at any moment. And the best thing of it all was that Amelia wasn’t freaking out. She didn’t seem to be regretting her decision or anything, like Owen had thought she would. That first month of marriage was all he had hoped for. They had lots of sex in every room of the house, watched a bunch of mundane real estate and reality shows, cooked together - well, Owen cooked, Amelia tried to help - and went to sleep late talking about everything. Owen knew that their whole life wasn’t going to be like that, of course they would argue sometimes, but he was even excited to see what silly little arguments they would get into. “How did you sleep?”

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anonymous asked:

Why did Henry VII and Elizabeth of York have a long engagement after Henry conquered England? He could marry her very quickly but he didn't.

If my memory serves me well, there was the five month gap between Henry VII’s victory at Bosworth Field and his wedding to Elizabeth of York. 

On 15th September 1485, writs were issued for Henry VII’s first parliament to be held on 7th November; at the same time, Elizabeth was living with Lady Margaret Beaufort, Henry’s mother. Henry’s coronation followed shortly after the battle of Bosworth and his triumphal arrival in London – on 30th October 1485, a week before the assembly of his first parliament.

Henry couldn’t marry Elizabeth when she was still considered illegitimate. So the first thing he had to deal with was the legitimization of Edward IV and Elizabeth Woodville’s children and the cancellation of Titulus Regius, the pivotal act passed by Richard III that declared Edward IV’s marriage to Elizabeth Woodville null and void on the grounds of his secret pre-contract to Lady Eleanor Butler (I don’t believe that this pre-contract existed). Henry’s first parliament repealed Titulus Regius. At the same time, Henry and Elizabeth were already communicating, trying to get to know each other better.

There was another important thing – they needed to procure a papal dispensation to go ahead with the marriage. Elizabeth and Henry were related by blood: they were distant cousins as they both descended from John of Gaunt. So they needed a dispensation, and it took some time to get it. Once they received it, they were officially married on 18th January 1486, in Westminster Abbey. If they consummated their relationship before the exchange of marriage vows, Elizabeth could have already been pregnant at that time of their public marriage.

Actually, Henry VII didn’t have much time to revel in the laurels of his victory. He had much work to do in England after Richard III’s defeat: peace had to be established, he wanted to be crowned before marrying Elizabeth, and he had to eliminate the obstacles to his marriage, making sure that his union Edward IV’s eldest daughter would be indisputable. He couldn’t marry her immediately after his victory, and so Elizabeth had to wait for several months; I think she enjoyed the moment of quietude after the two uncertain and unhappy years of her life during the reign of her uncle Richard.  

There is one interesting post explaining why Elizabeth of York, who had a stronger blood claim to the throne of England, would have never been accepted as a queen regnant. If you wish, you may check it. The link is here.