she amused me lol


“Carrie, I hear you down there telling good old Harrison Ford stories. Give me a better one.”


I love their historical background! I’m not saying US history is boring (because it’s definitely not!!!) but we’re still pretty young compared to GB, so they have centuries of culture and history to explore everywhere. I live in London right now and there’s always so much to see and do. And if I do want to travel, I’m never too far from anywhere else – Scotland, Wales, mainland Europe…

Also, it’s the little differences and similarities between us and them, like the way we say different things, debunking some stereotypes – or witnessing them, which amuses me to no end. I gotta admit, I’m one of those who can’t resist British accents (shhh!!) and the different colors each one adds to every sentence… I’ve been here for a few months but it still gets me. And it took me a while to learn the converse works too?? I think.

Uni-wise, I like how we instantly get to specialize in our field of choice (a geology field trip in fresher’s fortnight and talking about research in your first year? Hell yeah) though this does make it more intense!


I noticed you can see Cressida (or, I assume it’s Cressida…it’s definitely somebody) standing in the background…

You what that means? You know who gets to stand there and watch Katniss not only kiss Peeta of her own free will (not for the cameras), but also hear her ask Peeta to stay with her, and him tell her always…