she always looks beautiful


A/N: I decided to make this all fluff just cause I really suck at smut so yeah! Also send me random questions in my ask box you want to know about me!

If any of you are dealing with low self-esteem, please remember that you are beautiful, and that I’m here if you need to talk😊

Dan’s POV

I kept staring into the mirror, unable to tear my eyes away. Why do I have so much fat on my stomach? Why can’t I be actually attractive? Why can’t I be good enough for Y/N?

I sigh, shake my head, and pad out to the kitchen where Y/N is, making tea. She turns around and smiles at me, looking beautiful as always. Even with my insecure thoughts plaguing my mind, I force a smile onto my face and say, “morning, love.”

“Morning!” She chirps in return. She hands me a cup of tea, and I kiss her on the cheek as a thanks, making her cheeks tint red. Adorable.

The rest of our day goes on as normal; it’s rainy and cold outside, a perfect excuse to stay inside all day. These days always consist of us watching a movie together, scrolling through our respective tumblr dashboards together, and little kissing sessions everywhere around the flat. However, about 16:30, one of our kissing sessions got slightly more heated.

It was simple. We were lying on the couch, Y/N on top of me, tracing patterns on my chest with her delicate fingers. She slowly inched her way up to my mouth, and we began to kiss. My tongue slipped into her mouth almost instantly, and the kisses became more passionate. A few minutes in, she snuck her hands under my jumper. I instinctively flinched, sitting up, taking her with me.

She frowned, and said, “Dan, are you okay?” I shook my head, “I’m fine. I’ll just… Be back.” I quickly got up and went into our bedroom, closing the door behind me. God I felt so bad about that. But I just couldn’t bring myself to be okay with my body, so how could Y/N? I take a shuddering breath as a tear trickles down my cheek. I slightly jump when I hear Y/N open the door cautiously.

She peeks her head in, but rushes in when she sees me sat on the bed with tears. “Babe, what’s wrong?” She takes a seat beside me, clutching onto my arm.

“S-sorry I did that,” I mutter. “I don’t care, Dan, just tell me what’s wrong,” she replies. How was I going to say this?

“Look Y/N, I don’t expect you to understand or anything…”

“Try me,” she says softly.

“I just… My body. It’s not great, or even good. I hate looking at myself in the mirror, it just aggravates me. I hate it all.”

She goes quiet for a moment before asking, “why would you think I wouldn’t understand?”

“Easy,” I say. “You’re beautiful, stunning. Perfect.”

“Well, Dan,” she begins, “I don’t see that in myself, but that’s what you think of me. I think you are incredible, handsome, and adorable, but you don’t see it in yourself. It’s human nature to think like that, but trust me in saying that I love you and your body so very very much.”

I look at Y/N adoringly, and say, “thank you, love. That means the world.” We both just smile at each other and cuddle in comfortable silence, at peace with the world and ourselves.

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Nyo!Baltics + Nyo!Poland headcanons?


  • She’s an actual multitasking God. She can literally hover the house while making dinner for a family of 5 while updating social media.
  • Her hair always looks so beautiful, yet so simple? How does she do it?
  • She has a truly amazing singing voice, but she’s very shy about it.


  • She’s such a sweet, and shy person, but also a little whiny at times.
  • She loves to dress up in cutesy clothes, and she looks adorable in them. Little old fashioned dresses and pretty bows are her thing.
  • She loves a good love story, whether it be a book, a movie, or just a tale from two real people about how they came to be together.


  • She can’t do style for the life of her, but she pulls of her own little style just fine, however odd it may be.
  • She’s pretty shy, but she tries.
  • Even though she’s shy, we doesn’t put up with people’s shit. She will not hesitate to sass a bitch.


  • She loves flower crowns, and she looks like a literal flower princess in them. Like God, who knew such a small accessory could make someone look so cute?
  • She’s a bit less shy than her male counterpart, but still pretty shy. She’s a bit more willing to be more open.
  • She’s such a funny and playful person, that it surprises people to find out that she can take a bitch down.

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What'd you think of Gillian's Q&A? I thought it was adorable and funny. It also made my day cause she answered my question.

Well hello new fandom celebrity! Which question was that?! I thought she was adorable. She looked rested and happy and beautiful as always.

And now I want to make an appt with my optometrist for glasses because I need those glasses.

But I could live in her laugh lines. They do things to me. Seriously considering changing my handle to Gillianslaughlines


This morning I lay on the couch and watched all these donna summer performances and.. the presence, the effortless glamorous grace, like a soft glow..she looks like a beautiful sigh.. I’ve always found her voice to b remarkable in its clarity but in these live performances there’s a more human quality.. a little touch

Move on, leave, run away, escape this place… but don’t forget about me, about us, about this town. Always remember where you come from so you can appreciate how far you’ve come.
—  c.j.n.
You claim to love her, inside and out, but the only time you call her beautiful is when it’s 3 in the morning and I’ve already turned you down.
—  girls tell each other everything, c.j.n.