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Best Served Cold II Sneak Peek

Gold was at her door promptly at 7:57, a bouquet of red roses in his hand. It was customary to bring something to a first date, and it was easy enough to get Dove to precure Belle’s favorite flowers so he didn’t have to go into Game of Thorns at all. Seeing Moe French would simply ruin his mood. And he couldn’t have that. He had to stay focused. This night was all about Belle.

“Oh! Are those for me?”

Lord but she looked beautiful. Not that she didn’t always, but there was some possessive part of him that thought her lovely in his color. Her dress had a modest cut, but still showed her legs and cleavage. Perfect first date attire. His tie even matched.

“Are you spying on me, Miss French?” He asked, his tone light as he gestured to his tie. “Trying to see what color is wear and dressing to match?”

Belle blinked at him from over the roses, and was suddenly giggling. “I’m not sure I could spy on you, Mr. Gold. But I assure you, this is all a coincidence. Come in, I’ll put these in a vase and we can be off.”

He nodded, stepping into the foyer. Or, he supposed it was a foyer. The flat above the library was among the larger he rented out, though it still paled in comparison to what he was used to. Empty boxes still scattered the place, and there seemed to be a bookshelf along every wall.

“I seem to have underestimated your love of books.”

Belle’s giggle rang from the kitchen, and he heard a cabinet door close. “Yes.” She said, turning on the water and talking over it. “I doubt there’s anything I love more than a good story.”

Well, maybe not yet…


Holliday Grainger as Lucrezia Borgia in “the Borgias” (3x3)

Hair 1/?

I once did co-op at a flower shop, called Apropos. Now, I hated making up hours on the weekends. I live in a small town and on saturdays, people from the city would stop by. 

They weren’t like the weekday costumers. I had trouble socializing. But part of my learning experience was to greet customers, make conversation, be nice. Of course not every customer from the city was cold, it was just something that was regularly present on the weekends. 

I was almost done work, like twenty minutes before I had to close the shop and i could spend the rest of the evening doing whatever i want. I was wrapping up a couple of roses to have freddie (our trusty delivery guy) deliver early in the morning. And the fucking bell rings, signaling that a customer has walked in.

Now i’m alone. My Boss, also my aunt has gone out to the bank and won’t be back for like another ten minutes. I now have to socialize and do my best not be awkward, i don’t even know how to use the cash register. 

And i look up and holy fucking shit.

My gay ass manages to make eye contact with this really pretty lady. She’s like drop dead gorgeous. Dark skin and freckles, and her hair was thrown up, and she had this nice fall coat on. 

She was so obviously from the city, i mean in my small town, someone who probably walked straight out of a magazine doesn’t just walk into apropos everyday. Plus our town had only a handful of teenagers and young adults considering it was strongly a retirement town. Anyways- 

of course someone like myself kept their absolute composure and managed to choke out a “hello” and she smiled and was like “hello!” and just oh my god she was so pretty. 

Told her if she needed anything i was around. And by told i mean stuttered like a fucking idiot, sputtering and having to re-start the wrap up i was doing of that rose. I was so nervous like she was just so beautiful and so nice. omg. 

She only stayed for a couple of minutes, just looking around as the window display my aunt and i had done caught her eye. But it totally made my day. I hated working weekends and she made small talk and told me all about her dog, man. A cute little terrier named tonka. 

Of course i never saw her again but it was really nice to meet her. Plus it was a great experience of trying to not make a total fool of myself. I think i done and did good. 

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Ok so the reader loving the color blue that Hank turns and always begs him to model for her so she can paint him and he gets all shy and flustered the first few times but she always tells him how beautiful he looks and her room is just full of these paintings of him and she's constantly having to buy blue paint because she never gets tired of painting him and she just loves looking at him and making him feel confident about his mutation and i just have a lot of feelings about art and yeah

yall i cri,,,… hank is too beautiful

f2f + marshieve

Dates were something that Marshall hasn’t actually gone on in quite some time. Not since Gabrielle was alive. Sure him and Tristan did things here and there but they weren’t really… dates. So this was kind of a big deal to him and he spent all day cooking his best meals to bring. Pasta, chicken, vegetables. it was a three course meal without actually going to the restaurant and that was pretty awesome to him.

The hard part was honestly finding a spot on the beach when they arrived after he picked her up and she looked beautiful as ever. Then again Genevieve always looked beautiful to him, but even more so now that they were outside and under stars and all that cheesy romantic shit. Luckily before tonight he spent hours with Jimi learning thing and all in all he was pretty damn pleased with his improvement.

‹‹ Is this spot okay? ›› he asked with a grin, getting ready to unfold the blanket for them to sit on.

You have always thought that burning things were beautiful; she has always chased smoke trails looking for the boys whose hands set houses on fire.

She thinks maybe she can change you. She wants to show you that there are other ways to feel warm; you teach her that she is more beautiful burning than she is breathing.

—  Asphora
CHAPTER 85 - Preview

I was almost dozing off when the door was opened; my new protection officer, Maisie – whom I guess had night duty that day – let Beezus in.

“Yes, she’s here.” She was whispering on the phone. “She’s fine. A little drunk. Still looking beautiful as always, which is a mystery to me… Hey, Jen?” she called, sitting in my bed, and I raised my head to look at her. “Here she is.” She handed me the phone, which I took, seeing the caller ID said Kit.

“Hello?”, I said, confused.

“Hey, babe.” Harry’s sweet accent, soft as velvet, ringed in my ears calming the striking headache I was starting to be pained by.

“Haaaaaaarryyyy.” I heard my own voice, drunkenly. “You’re here!”

“Well, not really. I’m in Madagascar, remember?”

“Oh. Right.” I saw Beezus giggle. “I miss you.”

“I miss you too. Are you having fun?” He sounded amused. I was happy he was amused.

“I am…” I smiled, closing my eyes. “Hey, why are you calling from Kit’s phone?”

“Will took mine away when we got on the plane.”

“Ugh. What’s up with that?! The tyrants!” I groaned, hearing him laugh. “I like the way you laugh.”

“Thank you. I like the way you laugh.”

“You don’t sound drunk.”

“Thank you? You sound really drunk. Are you being careful?”

“Yeah, I’m not even drinking too much.” I told him. “Except for the shots, but that’s not my fault. It’s very hard not to say your name all the time.”

“I… what?”

I smiled; he sounded confused, and in my head I could see exactly how his brows were probably furrowing in his forehead.

“I wish you were here.” I said, hearing him sigh. “Prague is so pretty.”

“We’ll have to go after we’re married. There, and here to Madagascar.”

“Deal.” I smiled.

We let some silence pass; I didn’t know what he was doing, but I was smiling as I remembered the smell of his pillow next to mine. “I love you.” I heard.

“I love you too, Mr. Prince.”

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Thinking of Dad Harold coming home late, maybe Bug hasn't been feeling well so he's in bed with his Mumma, all cuddled up and Harry can see the tiny swell of baby #2. He gets into bed and his girl gives him a sleepy smile and he whispers "Daddy's home" and throws an arm around all three of them before drifting off to sleep.

I don’t even know if I can add anything to this, cause it’s like… perfect? And that’s how he feels. This is perfect – yeah, his kid is sick, but he’s come home to his girl and his kid in bed, right where they belong, and she’s pregnant with the next one? He always had thought she looked beautiful pregnant, and he’d all but given up on having another kid, least of all with her, and here it is happening all over again. It’s magic for him, in the truest sense of the word. And he always jumps at his chance to hold his little family close and to be covered in them. And he can’t wait until the new baby is there to cuddle with him, too, but he’ll be content to just let his hand splay over her stomach and rub it softly where her belly burns when the baby kicks. 

so so so very proud of my darling @xeny-art​ part of @hotshahrukh​ team for this amazing experience Shahrukh shared himself on twitter and facebook. i was online when he posted and nearly fell of my chair (my mom who happened to sit across the table from me thought i was having a stroke or smth lmfao)


Met the very talented @XenyArt . She always makes me look beautiful. Thank u. Ur art is marvellous & so r u