she always knows everything first

headcanon; scott still visits allison’s grave. when things get to be too much for him he’ll grab a blanket and bring his homework with him and sit by her grave. he fills her in on everything that’s going on in beacon hills, he’ll place his hand on her tombstone and when he looks down at his enormous amount of homework he’ll sometimes laugh and shake his said saying that he wished she were here to help him study, or just to laugh with him, because it’s been so long and he misses her laugh, and her dimples. and he’s not afraid to talk about kira either, because he knows that she knows that despite everything – allison would always be his first love and it was okay that he had found love again because she would have wanted that. scott still visits because its the only way that he can feel a little bit more human because its peaceful and its like she’s still there with him. like she never really left in the first place. 


“Etta would want us to be together, you know? She would want us to survive this. I just… I love you.”

twenty-five days of peter and olivia
↳ day twenty-one - most emotional moment


What if in season 4 of Orphan Black Cosima gets this package and it’s a flash drive and when she plugs it in it’s a video of Delphine saying “my love, I’m sorry, but if you are watching this it means I am dead…”