she also looks terrified


family hobby: lookin’ hella pissed

Rowaelin Snippet #8 - Christmas Morning

On Christmas morning, Rowan gives Aelin a present. It’s small and seemingly insignificant, with a small bow wrapped around the top. Aelin is late to wake up, and she immediately scolds Rowan for letting her sleep in.

“What is it?” She asks him hesitantly after he drops it into her lap. 

He shakes his head and rolls over, embarrassed to watch her unwrap it. He would have given her the world if he could, but he knew that was unrealistic.

With his fae hearing, he’s able to detect the smallest noises, like the sound of Aelin untying the ribbon and opening the box. He’s nervous, itching to watch her reaction but also terrified of the look of disappoint if she dislikes it.

When he doesn’t hear a response from her, he rolls over, afraid she hates it. Instead, he finds her staring at the bracelet and charm in disbelief, silent tears rolling down her cheeks.

“Rowan…” She starts, but is immediately overcome with emotion. 

“Here,” he said, reaching for the bracelet with one hand, and gently grabbing her wrist with the other. “Let me.” He struggles with the clasp for a brief moment, before releasing her hand and watching the bracelet slide down her wrist.

“It’s beautiful,” she murmurs, lifting her eyes to meet his. “Truly. Thank you.”

She looked down at the bracelet again to view the beautiful inscription that said only one word: Sam.

since arc v didn’t give us too much of a personality for Ruri, I have the freedom to do whatever i want with her

basically i have and always will headcanon her as something of an “ojou-san” (wealthy lady) type of character

she seems sweet, bright, innocent, and a little naive, always with her hands clasped looking graceful and sweet 

but then you get her mad and suddenly everyone is like holy fuck what is this pressure in the air all of a sudden

she’s also the master of the terrifying smile where she looks sweet but there’s a devil behind it


Oh my goodness. Is the goal each week to cause me extreme pain and anxiety? Because that’s what happens. They have me fucked up with all these cliffhangers this season. I loved this episode so much though! We’re getting so close to the resolution! I’m probably going to need rehab when this season is over. It was acknowledged that the pack is pack together, which helped Scott finally heal! Coach is back! He makes me so happy. Kira was amazing, but also terrifying and problematic; she looks gorgeous when she fights and her fox takes over. Stiles was finally getting to be funny again! Liam was so cute and brave! Hayden wants to be with the pack and Liam, thankfully! Brett was amazing and sassy, like usual. Mason and Corey were adorable and worked so well together. Parrish and his whole story during this episode was brilliant! Malia admitting that she was going to kill her mother brought me so much joy. And Lydia! Oh my God. Lydia Martin is back! She looked so healthy and normal and beautiful.


2012 olympics qualifications - highlights team usa

Storm || azenyanistan


On a cool and cloudy day a figure could be seen flying through the clouds as they tried to get away from what looked like a flying ship,,soon just dropping to the ground. A grey haired female looked around with wide eyes as she folded her wings to her back while looking at a hole group of police cars with me pointing their guns at her like she was a threat to them. She held up her arms and shook her head but didn’t speak. Thinking he was going to be attacked one man tackled her and hand cuffed her and dragged her to a large truck while she struggled and made small peeps and whines. Now she had nowhere to go, not up in the skies and she couldn’t exactly run. They threw her into the back of the truck while tears stung at her eyes. She looked terrified and frustrated at the same time. But also so helpless even if she had superhuman abilities.

While Nikki might not be the technically most gifted diva on the roster (considering she comes from an era where the WWE didn’t give a shit about properly training the women, it’s amazing how much she’s managed to improve and credit goes to her perseverance there, and she can hold her own with the NXT girls any day) but I will always stand by her being the best in ring storyteller on the roster. The way she wears down an opponent gradually while also “getting into their head” is masterful. 

She’s also charismatic and has a way of making herself look terrifying and imposing in a way rivaled maybe only by Tamina, I’m sorry if you can’t see that but Nikki is a beast. 

She’s also a great seller and genuinely puts over other talent. So all this talk about her being self centered or ruining the division is fucking nonsense. The wrestling world would be a better place if every wrestler (males included) sold as well as Nikki does.

And while she might slip up sometimes (like any human could) she overall strives to be feminist and empowering for other women, and I see many women around the fandom inspired by her, and that’s fucking beautiful.