she also looks terrified

@glenjamin1616  said… I saw this terrible horrible sticker for sale at a dollar store and wanted to hear your professional opinions on it! It’s just so bad

HUSH UP YOU, that poor… checkered garter snake (Thamnophis marcianus) (I think) is trying her best! Look how terrifying she is!

Also, time for a trip down memory lane. That’s not a sticker! That’s- my dad got these for when I was a little kid, he’d go on golf trips to Arizona and one time he brought me these and I was so excited because at first I thought that they meant my parents were going to let me have a snake- and then when it turned out to be a little prank that just had a rubber band and a washer all twisted up inside so that when you opened it the washer unwound and made a rattling sound against the paper… well, suffice it to say, I was pretty disappointed.

But! These in general are doubly funny because rattlesnakes don’t lay eggs. They’re ovoviviparous- the females give live birth! One subspecies in particular, the Arizona black rattlesnake (Crotalus oreganus cerberus), actually exhibits a level of maternal care in which mom will stay with the babies for a little bit. This is super unusual in snakes!

i asked for this, didn’t i? | the baby’s not robert’s and he doesn’t know how he’s supposed to feel

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He’s not yours.

It’s echoing on repeat around his head, words losing all meaning.

He’s not yours.

Months. Months of hurting and fighting pain, to get here. Dragging Aaron through hell, Liv pushed to breaking point and for what. Nothing.

He’s not yours.

Vic’s mouth had been trembling as she’d said it. Like, she couldn’t believe it either, like she was the one having something taken away.

He should be pleased, probably. This was what he wanted. He doesn’t get to feel sad about it.

Aaron finds him first, of course he does.

“We’ve been looking all over for you,” he says, eyes flickering across the graveyard. Robert watches him clock Jackson, the way he always does when they come here.

Aaron knows grief. This is nothing.

Robert doesn’t say anything. Going running to his mum doesn’t make a lot of sense when she’s just stone in the ground but he hadn’t had anywhere else to go.

Aaron fists his hands in the pockets of his coat, stands with him.

“I’m sorry,” Aaron offers, always so generous.

Robert shakes his head. “Don’t.”

“I am. I was in this too you know.”

Robert does know. That’s his fault too. Something else to add to the list of fuck ups.

“I wanted this,” he tells Aaron. “I’d lie awake at night, wishing this would happen. That I’d wake up and I wouldn’t have done this to us. That it’d all go away.”

Aaron nods. “Me too.”

Robert looks over at him, at where Aaron’s eyes are glassy, where he’s blinking too fast. “But we pulled it together didn’t we? We could have done this.”

Aaron wipes his nose on his sleeve, nods again. “Course.”

“And now we don’t have to.”

He looks down at his mum’s grave, wonders if she was ever glad he wasn’t really hers. Feels awful, just for thinking it. She was better than that.

“Come here,” Aaron reaches out, pulls Robert into a hug, arms locked tight around him.

Robert hides his face in Aaron’s neck, takes comfort he hasn’t earned.

“It’ll be alright,” Aaron’s saying.

Robert keeps his eyes closed.

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Heartache on the big screen - Cody Christian Imagine

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Warnings: AU,time skips,fluff,death threats

Ship: Cody x reader

“and we’re back with the lovely and talented Y/N Y/L/N” Lana the interview at ET smiled as the camera panned at us both “thanks” I beamed “So give us some insight on being signed to your first upcoming movie” she looked at me expectantly. 

“well I’m definitely excited but also terrified” I gave her a nervous smile “terrified? why?” she frowned “we have everyone on board for the movie except we don’t have a guy for my character. I guess everyone we offered a part was busy or something” I answered timidly “oh what a shame” she replied.

“How will you balance both your show and the movie?” she asked “I spoke to the directors and sorted something out with them so everything is taken care of” I smiled.

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ifyoucantfindafriendmakeone  asked:

Can I get some words about Malec & Madzie grocery shopping at Walmart and everybody wanting different things and cute banter. Please and thank you

ahh okay this is too cute!!!!!!!

  • so alec and magnus are babysitting for the weekend
  • (only because i’m making this vaguely canon compliant rather than going full out adoption, i have too many words for that scenario)
  • and they need to get all this stuff in which… magnus is really fond of just getting take out… he has a standing deal with this nice asian place come on alec pls
  • but alec is the Responsible Dad and insists on cooking because madzie absolutely cannot live off of chinese takeout and fast food for the weekend
  • for one, catarina would have them both murdered in their sleep
  • (magnus agrees, seeing the error of his ways)
  • so to the grocery store it is!!!!!!! and madzie has to come too because somehow they didn’t talk about this beforehand
  • anyway madzie’s never really been shopping that much before??? iris always had someone else at the house to look after her, and she was also always terrified of someone seeing madzie’s gills
  • hence all the scarves
  • magnus and alec are totally fine with looking after her though, and it’s only when they get to the store that alec realises he’s never really been shopping that much before
  • someone else always did it for the institute and because there’s so many people they buy everything in bulk
  • but he totally can cook so he kind of just… focuses on what he needs and makes this plan in his head and he’s really good at picking all the stuff they need
  • it’s magnus who spices it up, grabbing seemingly random things which drives alec crazy until he finally asks what it’s all for and magnus just names this traditional asian dish alec’s never heard of and it’s like “oh. okay cool.”
  • only whilst the two of them are busy flirting and debating amongst themselves madzie is silently grabbing everything shiny from the lower shelves and sneaking it in the cart
  • so they get to the end of the aisle and look at the cart and it’s all “did we really need all of this”
  • madzie just smiles, and they’re both too soft hearted to really stop her
  • (also warlocks are immortal and have enormous wealth and magnus basically goes ‘hey, fuck it, not like it matters that much’ )
  • so they get home with this assortment of like… raw ingredients for their cool dishes, and then random boxes of cookies and jelly and for some reason a lot of yogurt????
  • and then when they’re in the kitchen, magnus just pulls something out of the bottom of one of the bags and presents it to alec like a trophy
  • and it’s one of those cute little teddy bears you always find at the end of the store, holding a massive love heart
  • and alec just laughs and reaches into another bag and pulls out this slightly tacky scrapbook photo album that he got for magnus
  • surprise presents for everyone because madzie totally gets the most presents from them over the weekend tbh
  • anyway they kiss, making this amazing stack of food and are the best babysitters ever
  • catarina’s even a little bit proud at the end of it all
su promo spoiler theory thing

In the new promo for SU,Steven says something that really catches me off guard and I’m not sure about anyone else but

He says, “she wouldn’t have wanted this, but I do.”

We don’t know who he’s talking about but my assumption is Rose. There’s something about Steven saying this that just throws me off. His character development in this one part of the promo. His confrontation with his mother back in “Storm in the Room” where he opens up to his mom and shows his discretion and how he believed he had to live up to her. This one part of the promo shows that he’s moving forward and that he’s thinking about what HE needs to do, not what Rose would do. He’s looking out for himself and others. It makes me so happy to see him move forward and be more confident in what he wants and believes he needs to do.

There’s also Connie.

In the trailer Connie looks terrified. She looks absolutely scared, there’s speculation that she was stolen too bc she doesn’t show up afterwards, Steven tries to call her but he’s so panicked. But Connie looks horrified. She’s fighting her first real enemy by herself. She’s not fused with Steven this time, she’s fighting for him, defending him.


family hobby: lookin’ hella pissed

Rowaelin Snippet #8 - Christmas Morning

On Christmas morning, Rowan gives Aelin a present. It’s small and seemingly insignificant, with a small bow wrapped around the top. Aelin is late to wake up, and she immediately scolds Rowan for letting her sleep in.

“What is it?” She asks him hesitantly after he drops it into her lap. 

He shakes his head and rolls over, embarrassed to watch her unwrap it. He would have given her the world if he could, but he knew that was unrealistic.

With his fae hearing, he’s able to detect the smallest noises, like the sound of Aelin untying the ribbon and opening the box. He’s nervous, itching to watch her reaction but also terrified of the look of disappoint if she dislikes it.

When he doesn’t hear a response from her, he rolls over, afraid she hates it. Instead, he finds her staring at the bracelet and charm in disbelief, silent tears rolling down her cheeks.

“Rowan…” She starts, but is immediately overcome with emotion. 

“Here,” he said, reaching for the bracelet with one hand, and gently grabbing her wrist with the other. “Let me.” He struggles with the clasp for a brief moment, before releasing her hand and watching the bracelet slide down her wrist.

“It’s beautiful,” she murmurs, lifting her eyes to meet his. “Truly. Thank you.”

She looked down at the bracelet again to view the beautiful inscription that said only one word: Sam.


Oh my goodness. Is the goal each week to cause me extreme pain and anxiety? Because that’s what happens. They have me fucked up with all these cliffhangers this season. I loved this episode so much though! We’re getting so close to the resolution! I’m probably going to need rehab when this season is over. It was acknowledged that the pack is pack together, which helped Scott finally heal! Coach is back! He makes me so happy. Kira was amazing, but also terrifying and problematic; she looks gorgeous when she fights and her fox takes over. Stiles was finally getting to be funny again! Liam was so cute and brave! Hayden wants to be with the pack and Liam, thankfully! Brett was amazing and sassy, like usual. Mason and Corey were adorable and worked so well together. Parrish and his whole story during this episode was brilliant! Malia admitting that she was going to kill her mother brought me so much joy. And Lydia! Oh my God. Lydia Martin is back! She looked so healthy and normal and beautiful.


buckynating  asked:

My internet got angry so sorry if this was already sent: how do da:i characters react to finding out that they/their significant other is pregnant or wants to adopt?

This was going to be another headcanon post, but my fingers slipped and they came out drabbles. As such, I’ve limited it to my OTPs, but if anyone wants to send me another character, I’m certainly open to that! gaurdian9sunshine This sort of answers your prompt as well, as the Cullen one is basically a retelling of his and Elodie’s story.

I’ve never actually written in this voice before and I have no idea what possessed me to do it now (a pride demon, probably) but here it is. Hopefully it works?



“But that’s…” his voice trails off. It shouldn’t be possible. There are other Grey Wardens with children, of course, but none that were born after a parent had taken the Joining. None that he knows of anyway. But he doesn’t say this. He keeps it to himself, because she is standing before him now, and she looks terrified, but also maybe a little hopeful.

“You’re sure?”

“I am,” she says, and he doesn’t need the evidence, whatever it is, because he knows that certainty in her voice. She is sure, and so is he.

The flash of a smile brightens her eyes, but she catches it, fights it, waits for him to react. She’s given herself away, though. And even though it feels wrong, impossible, even though he knows that their lives are not their own, that one day they will hear the Calling and it will crush them, he laughs.

Wrapping his arms around her waist, he lifts her, spins her, and she releases the grin she has been hiding. She shares his fears, and then some probably, but for now they will enjoy this moment that shouldn’t be, this strange gift. This new life he gets to build with the best woman in Thedas.

And anyway, maybe it’s time someone sought a solution to the Calling.

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havenothingtodowithme  asked:

Ok but, imagine Alex and Frank meeting each other. Frank was impressed by the way she/he changes her/his form so quickly, but also confused about the gender thing and terrified cuz she/he looks deathly badass. Alex thinks he is adorable and loved to knew a shapeshifter that is not a Loki's child, she/he also like to scarry him, so everytime they meet each other, she/he randomly "Hey big boy, platypus!" and he turns into all the silly animals she/he says cuz is better not desobey her/him ~

OMG THIS IS TOTALLY INCREDIBLE. *hug* I LOVE THIS SO MUCH. Thank you for sharing this with me!!!!!!


2012 olympics qualifications - highlights team usa

Christmas Countdown (8/16)

“You’re in the hospital for the holidays so I came in while you were sleeping to decorate your room I love you Merry Christmas”

Yesterday’s fic here. From the beginning here.

AN- This went angsty because how could it not after that finale which I am still not over.

If dread had a sound, it would be the high, shrill noise of a phone ringing in the middle of the night. No one calls unexpectedly at three in the morning. Not for anything good.

“Is this Emma Swan?”

Terror. It wasn’t a wrong number; not a mistake. “Yes.”

“You’re listed as Killian Jones’s emergency contact. There’s been an accident. You should get down here quickly.”

“I’m Ruby, I’m a biology major, and my greatest fear is vampires.”

Laughter erupted from the circle. It was Welcome Weekend and most of the freshman class had gathered on the soccer field for ridiculous ice breaker games. Emma was sitting in a circle with seven other people, thinking that it wasn’t as bad as she had expected.

“Vampires aren’t real,” a boy named Robin said.

“Actually, vampirism does exist. There was a woman named Elizabeth Bathory who bathed in human blood because she believed it kept her young, and Dracula was based on a real man named Vlad Tepes,” the girl next to Ruby said. She received stunned silence from the circle. “Oh, sorry. Belle, English literature, and spiders,” she said, looking to the boy on her right.

Emma had noticed him the moment he had joined their circle and sat straight across from her. Dark brown hair that was almost black and piercing blue eyes framed by long, dark lashes and an accent to die for made him easily one of the most attractive guys she’d ever met.

“Killian Jones, marine biology, and my greatest fear is dying alone,” he said, punctuating the sentence with a smile to lighten the heavy subject. When no one quite knew what to say, he smirked. “Should have said the dark, right?”

His joke lightened the mood and the circle continued.

Mary Margaret, elementary education, horses. David, criminology, drowning. Regina, political science, obscurity, until finally-

“My name is Emma, and I’m a sociology major,” she started before Ruby piped up.

“What do you do with a sociology degree?” she asked. Everyone had asked her the same question with varying levels of condescension, but Ruby looked genuinely curious.

She cleared her throat. “I grew up in foster care and I want to help kids like me,” she said recognizing she did the same thing with her voice Killian had done.

Mary Margaret jumped to her rescue to avoid a heavy silence. “You didn’t say your greatest fear, Emma.”

“Oh. Heights,” she said simply.

When everyone else’s minds shifted to the next topic, Killian’s eyes lingered on her, and she felt as if he was seeing her down to her bones. They were alike and they both knew it.

Darkness. Heights.

Dying alone.

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Storm || azenyanistan


On a cool and cloudy day a figure could be seen flying through the clouds as they tried to get away from what looked like a flying ship,,soon just dropping to the ground. A grey haired female looked around with wide eyes as she folded her wings to her back while looking at a hole group of police cars with me pointing their guns at her like she was a threat to them. She held up her arms and shook her head but didn’t speak. Thinking he was going to be attacked one man tackled her and hand cuffed her and dragged her to a large truck while she struggled and made small peeps and whines. Now she had nowhere to go, not up in the skies and she couldn’t exactly run. They threw her into the back of the truck while tears stung at her eyes. She looked terrified and frustrated at the same time. But also so helpless even if she had superhuman abilities.