she also likes iron maiden and shit

get to know me tag

o shit i was tagged by @temporarilyreality like a few days ago & just now remembered whoops 

Relationship Status: single

Favorite Colors: blue, teal, orange

Pets: a hyperactive kitty named Smudge! she’s practically a monkey

Last Song You Listened To: Iron Maiden by…… Iron Maiden

Favorite TV Shows: oh boy. steven universe, bob’s burgers, atla/korra, g1 transformers, brooklyn 99, and i guess parks and rec? oh also adventure time and regular show but i havent seen them in a while. stranger things was rly good too. OH also faves for anime rn are psycho-pass, fma brotherhood, barakamon, and one punch man…. yeah

First Fandom: SPYRO holy jesus… and i guess pokemon? like i didnt have a gameboy but i was super into collecting the cards and i liked the tv show so

Hobbies: drawing, video games…… more drawing..?

Favorite Books: i havent had the attention span to actually finish a book in years, so im gonna go with comics: i like Saga and Scott Pilgrim, and the idw transformers comics are pretty dang awesome (especially mtmte), i also read Lumberjanes recently and it was rad 👌👌👌 

i’m also probably forever in love with fullmetal alchemist and blue exorcist too

soo i guess? i should tag some peeps now:

@angelicneonanime, @shrublett, @thehunterpersian, @axelxsaix, @dronesandsweekers, @thenecromancress, @avengersemhwasp1, @galacticcannabilism, @transforming-deadman, @breakdown450,  and anybody else who wants to do it! 

also obv u don’t have to do it, but if u guys feel like it ✌️