she also just found out that they're siblings

YJ/PJO Crossover- Wally & Annabeth's Sibling Relationship

Something I’ve wanted to add onto that Young Justice/Percy Jackson Crossover for a while but never actually got around to doing it was the sibling relationship between Wally and Annabeth. In my AU they’re really close and I just I wanted to talk about that so since I’m in the mood to do that now, and I feel like posting it, here’s some headcanons for you guys.


- She tells him the stories of all the quests she went on with Percy and Grover, only leaving out a few details (like what happened at the bottom of siren bay, the talk with Percy in the zoo trunk they took to Las Vegas, and other very very personal details like that)

- She doesn’t tell him much about Tartarus because it’s hard for her to talk about it in detail, but she does tell him about how Percy had scared her when they saw Akhlys and he controlled the poison and all that

- He’s literally the only person at camp and in the Athena cabin who knows she still has a teddy bear hidden in her trunk under her bed (this is actually a canon thing Annabeth has!!)

- When they were little at camp, they’d always play together because they were pretty much the only kids around? They’ve explored almost every inch of the woods and know every inch of the actual camp and it’s really cool

- Also, since they’ve seen their fair share of demigods going away to go to college, as kids they’d go to arts and crafts and make those demigods special beads for their camp necklaces, which were basically just a symbol that they’d survived to adulthood but they haven’t done that since they were ten

- (When the two of them leave camp for college, they’re going to make eachother those beads)

- Wally isn’t exactly protective of Annabeth since he knows better than anyone she can handle herself, but he did tell Percy after he and Annabeth started dating that if Percy hurt her, he’d be sorry, but it was pretty much a joke since he knows that would never happen

- While their whole cabin knows Wally’s Kid Flash, only Annabeth hears stories of his fights as a hero, and she’s the only one who knows about the team because he tells her stories about their missions

- (When he went home after Failsafe, he actually went straight to camp to talk to her. She knew how he actually felt about Artemis before anyone.)

- When Percy went missing, three days before Lost Hero started, Annabeth called Wally first. He’d been in the middle of a mission briefing when he got the phone call, and let’s just say Batman was not happy when he literally ran out on them

- He helped her look everywhere, and I mean everywhere. He literally searched the entire country for Percy in those first three days, and would’ve kept searching if Annabeth hadn’t gone and found Jason, Piper, and Leo.

- When asked where he had gone after he returned the the team, his excuse was “I needed to help my sister.” and then ignored all other questions thrown at him by his friends and various Justice League members

- He sort of forgot that no one knew he had a half-sister, but he really didn’t care even when everyone started asking him about that as well

- When he found out at dinner at camp the night Connor Stoll found the Tartarus napkin in the fire that Annabeth was in Tartarus he almost ran straight to Rome and probably would’ve too if one of his brothers hadn’t pulled him back down into his seat before he could give away his identity as KF

- He also wasn’t very happy when he found out she was following the Mark of Athena considering they’d both heard the stories of many of their siblings dying on that quest but he does support her choice to go

- Sometimes Wally calls her “Beth” as a nickname and she doesn’t care at all but like if anyone else tried to call her that? rip that person

- Both he and Annabeth really care about each other and they’re really close and I JUST LOVE THEM BEING SIBLINGS OKAY