she also has to be holding one of their babies

Jack and Bitty’s daughter isn’t into hockey. She doesn’t like baking too much, and isn’t really fond of many sports. She doesn’t take to art like Auntie Lardo and though shes never forgotten a word Uncle Crappy’s told her she can’t really say she wants to be an activist. Not a poet like Uncle Nursey or a computer engineer like Uncle Dex

No, their daughter fell in love with history. Jack completely let it slide that his child was not a fan of hockey (not that she can’t spout immediate hockey stats and size people up on the spot, that’s just not happening in her house hold) because one, that’s his kid and he would never put his legacy on her shoulders because he knows what that feels like, but also two, he fucking loved History and the fact that his baby hit the ground running with it possibly has him in tears when she says she wants to know more

Bitty is constantly touched by the fact that two of his favourite people in the entire world will sit together for hours, enraptured by a documentary on World War II or the Indus Valley Civilization (their daughter is fascinated by ancient history while young and modern history as she gets older), curled up together and then be able to discuss it afterwards. He makes them pie for the after documentary discussion because it always ends up being a long one, and he kneads dough with his baby girl sitting on the counter telling him about ancient writings as Jack corrects and quizzes her

pls don’t make me write this I need the fic

signs as the black girls you’re bound to meet in your life

aries: she can probably beat you in arm wrestling, and while she won’t brag about it without prompting, if you decide you wanna act like you’re the HNIC, she’ll be quick to take you down a peg. your absolute best friend or the worst nightmare of an enemy, like she won’t go all out of her way to fuck with you, but you’ll be fucked with. remembers everything. not exacty the “mom” of the friend group, but lowkey responsible… unless she’s bored. 
taurus: the friend who makes sure you ate and pulls snacks out her bag if you didn’t. always down for a laugh. falls asleep when y’all hang out at the house. not about short-term friendships or relationships, so if you end up in one with her, remember that she can and will cut you off at anytime bc this means like… nothing to her lol like yall are friends but it’s not that srs. loyal until you hurt her then just fades back out your life without a word unless you decide to fix your mouth to ask why, then get ready for an earful. 
gemini: takes screenshots and has all the receipts, so don’t think about lying on her unless you wanna be all the way exposed. her room either looks like a five-star suite or like all the drawers barfed on the bed and chairs (and maybe floor), just depends on what day of the week it is and if anyone’s coming over. dressed to kill. nice until you do something wrong, then don’t know you. has EVERYTHING in her bag. knows all the sales. most likely to slash your tires.
cancer: carl thomas - emotional.mp3. just so many feelings. super nice until she’s SUPER NOT. the actual mom friend if your mom had you at 14 and was growing up with you. like, she’ll hold you when you’re sad, but she’s also down to go hit the club afterward. always watching, like in the beyonce-peeking-through-the-blinds kinda way, she knows everything, she’s just not saying anything. super loyal as long as you return the favor. geniunely surprises you when you find out her kinks. 
leo: highest expectations in the crew besides virgo because… well, have you seen her? have you seen the effort she puts into herself, her career, her life? seriously, like keep up. big softie deep down inside who just wants to be loved and treated like a princess but also worshiped like a queen like, why is this so hard? turns to mush inside if someone she likes is around, but trying to act like they’re no big deal and annoying bc she’s not gonna admit someone has that much hold on her. like things just so, so stop FUCKING with her stuff.
virgo: going to the top and not gonna let anything stop her… but if anything does they’re breathing fire and huffing smoke and being pissy about everything. always has advice and if you don’t take it, it serves you right when shit goes wrong. petty and stands by it. bougie but usually cute about it. probably has an impressive, color-coded day planner or everything scheduled into her phone. biggest betrayal is purposefully getting in her way. 
libra: super cutie who wants everyone to get together and bake a cake full of rainbows (but also somehow an evil genius if need be?). never ask her to pick where y’all are going to eat, because she’ll end up trying to take a vote or something instead of outright picking. always has a crush on/kinda sorta thing with somebody (changes/rotates constantly depending on who’s paying her attention), or the one in a relationship that she’s 149% all about. loud. kinda goofy. same room dichotomy as gemini, ‘cept hers is pillow paradise.  
scorpio: nicest person with the shortest temper, and the worst part is that it SMOLDERS. the living embodiment of “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”. the friend you go to when you have a bad breakup bc she’ll put you in tight-ass dress, do your makeup, post you on ig to make sure your ex sees, and then take you out on the town to forget everything except how bad-ass you are. gotta check on her periodically cuz she’s not about to let anyone know when she’s suffering (she’s the one who Gets Shit Done, what does she look like asking for help?)
sagittarius: sweetheart with her own agenda. private and you don’t even know it. better justifying/deflecting genius than libra, which is kinda scary, tbh. coordinator extraordinaire, which turns into manipulator extraordinaire unless she’s done some emotional work on herself. lashes out when she’s hurt on some FUCK IT ERRYBODY CAN GET IT type shit but will maintain that she’s unbothered. nice as long as you remain on her good side forever and always. social climber and unashamed about it. 
capricorn: the only one more ambitious than virgo, but not wasting her breath giving out advice lol if you wanna know her secrets to success, you can buy her book when it comes out. doubt her and you’re dead to her. the actual evil fucking genius, like between the fact that her talk game and diplomacy skills are on point and the fact that she refuses to let anyone make a fool of her, just don’t try her. like if you fuck her over and she just stares at you and then smiles and goes “have a nice day” or something, you’re just dead, you’re gonna die. 
aquarius: not about to waste her breath warning you about anything  more than once. good intuition, but doesn’t usually trust it. a little out there, but it makes you smile cuz she’s just a cute-ass weirdo. good luck tryna pin her down buddy lol she knows the biggest resource she has at her fingertips is her life itself and she’s dedicating it to fun, freedom, and the existential greater good. bounces back from everything but doesn’t forget who didn’t help. 
pisces: flower child whose hand you might need to hold sometimes (both to guide and to console). the one who’s not about to jump into the roast session cuz last time y’all hurt her feelings (but she also got in like a REALLY good one that one time, y’all still talk about it). always wants the aux cord cuz she has a song she REALLY wants you to hear. very dreamy about her music. everyone’s favorite baby besides libra. sometimes naive, but in the cutest way bc they truly want to believe that the world is a good place, so she’s really personally hurt over injustices. 

YA Was Better In The Old Days

There are times when I really feel that modern girls are being ripped off in their YA. I grew up reading old WWII era Stories for Girls inherited from my grandmother and mother and let me tell you, restrictive gender roles and all, they let girls do more stuff than most of the current crop. And a lot of them were written around Girls Finding Their Calling rather than Girls Finding Their True Love.

For example:

In ‘A Friend for Frances’, Frances has to deal with the realities of being from a poor farming family and convince her parents to spend extra money on letting her go to a good school. She succeeds! She finds a best friend, learns about working hard to achieve your dreams, and ends the book a) all set to pursue her dream of gardening as a career and b) going to Holland to see the tulips because flowers are kind of her life. The only dudes involved in the story are her father, her brother, her best friend’s semi-present father and the Curmudgeon With A Heart Of Gold who gives her an after-school job.

In ‘Nancy Calls The Tune’, Nancy is a gifted musician and trained organist who takes a job in a church to free up the male organist to enlist and Do His Duty. Nancy and her housemate get jobs, work hard, Nancy helps maintain morale for the whole village and meets a nice man who respects her work-ethic and the housemate coerces a pilot into taking her over the channel to rescue her sister who is trapped Behind Enemy Lines. Some of the Patriotic Yay War Boo Cowardice stuff is pretty on the nose, but it still had a lot of Girls Doing Things.

In the entirety of the Swallows and Amazons series the girls were absolutely as competent as the boys when it came to sailing, exploring, and Making Up Cool Shit, and significantly more competent in the areas of cooking, supervising younger siblings, and making fires that wouldn’t go right out. It’s stated repeatedly in text that Susan, the ‘domestic one’, is the only reason they’re allowed to do most of it because she’s the one the parents can count on to make sure that Meals, Bedtime And Basic First Aid are applied at appropriate times. The assorted parents make it very clear to all the kids that John and Nancy may be the ships’ captains but SUSAN IS IN CHARGE IF YOU DISOBEY HER YOU WILL NEVER CAMP AGAIN.

‘The Daring Of Daryl’ features Daryl who is just SO EXCITED TO GO TO BOARDING SCHOOL THAT SHE RIDES A TRAINED BULL TO THE STATION RATHER THAN MISS THE TRAIN. An actual bull. Usual school story hijinks ensue, but I remember the book fondly to this day for Daryl’s almost Australian eagerness to embrace personal danger and sports. Again, very few dudes. 

It’s a bit older, but ‘Rilla of Ingleside’ is to this day one of the only WWI novels not only centered around almost exclusively female characters, but about girls who were at home, trying to cope with rationing and fundraising and answering the phone when any call might be to inform them of a death in the family. Rilla, a slightly spoiled teenager when the story opens, pulls her socks up and grimly soldiers on throughout. She raises money, knits socks, tries to keep her parents spirits up as their sons enlist one after another, somehow holds the family together when one of her brothers dies, and - with nobody blinking an eye - at fifteen adopts a war baby whose mother has died and whose father is overseas and takes care of it until the father comes back. There is a romance, but given that he’s also at war most of the time you don’t see much of him.

‘Dragon Island’ featured three girls who were shipwrecked (if I remember right) on an island with a significant komodo dragon population. They survived and didn’t get eaten and were generally plucky and good at problem-solving. They fished, scavenged, built shelters, all the good stuff. No romance unless you shipped the girls and let me tell you I did.

And there were innumerable Girl’s Own Stories and Girl’s Annuals and Girls Own Adventures in which girls scaled cliffs, captured spies, raised money for charities, thwarted evil capitalists trying to take the family farm, rode horses, saved injured animals, learned instruments, bested bullies, befriended strangers, went to sea, hiked up mountains, found treasure, put on shows, won scholarships, helped old people, won academic prizes, put out fires, and generally MADE FRIENDS WITH GIRLS AND DID ALL THE THINGS.

And every time I pick up a modern YA there’s at least one boy mentioned on the cover and Is It True Love and I just really miss the days when plucky, independent girls named Kate or Debbie or Susan or Abigail or Samantha were allowed to wear sensible shoes and pursue wildly varying hobbies and careers and solve their own problems that did not center around boys. Boys frequently did not even intrude on the narrative except as Annoying Brothers or Helpful Stable Hands.

I grew up reading stories in which heroines were expected to be plucky, tough, resourceful, independent, good at problem solving, unafraid of hard work and good human beings. My daughter is growing up reading stories about girls who fall in love and maybe, like, do some other stuff. I do not like this trend.

TLDR: I am old people and stories for girls were better in my day because there weren’t so many dang boys in them and also girls were allowed to do more things.

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what would the paladins' s/o's favourite part of them be? how would the paladins' react when they compliment it?

It’s Mod Enki again! :0 This was such a hoot to write thanks for sending it in!


Shiro: His voice

  • Honestly he has a really soothing voice?? Good shit my guy. His s/o could listen to him talk about literally anything for hours and fall asleep to it. He could be reciting a recipe and it would probably be soothing as fuck. His s/o would probably like putting their head on his chest when he’s talking about some nonsense while cuddling because wow that b a s s. Very soothing vibrations I would super recommend 100/10
  • When his s/o first compliments him on it he’s like. What… What does this mean. He’s a very confused man pls explain to him in an at least 500 word paper, double space, Times New Roman 12 pt font by tomorrow. He doesn’t get it. It’s just his voice he doesn’t think it’s anything special it’s not like he has a special accent or anything. Extremely curious about what his s/o means. 
  • Develops a habit of humming a dumb tune when his s/o is around just for them. He never really understands it but he’s happy his s/o likes it so much. At least they’re never going to get sick of him rambling on from time to time? Or when they get into really weird discussions in the middle of the night when neither of them can sleep. It’s certainly something but more than anything it’s so something he would expect from his s/o. 

Lance: His smile

  • Lance has that trademark little shit smile that’s like really genuine but at the same time you h a t e it because he’s such a turd. Mostly his dumb grins/smirks/smiles are really amusing like have you ever paused lance at any time ever? Never has a bad angle or anything. Sure he looks like a walking shitpost but it’s endearing. You can’t deny smiling when this turd smiles it’s so magical. Or curse? Only you can decide.
  • When his s/o first compliments him on his smile guess what the first thing he does is?? S M I L E Like he can’t believe his s/o he’s so happy. But this means that he can shoot his s/o dumb smirks and shit and not get eyes rolled at him. Well, not from his s/o. Maybe the other team mates. Makes sure to always greet his s/o with a smile no matter what. It could be the worst day in the history of days and he’d still smile for his s/o. 
  • He’d be a little curious as to what his s/o means as well. He wants to know what exactly his s/o means so he can replicate it all the time for him. Give him those details my guy because call he wants to do is make his s/o happy. Honestly he’d try to tell his s/o that their smile was much better than his. Would tell them to smile more both ironically and unironically.

Keith: His eyes

  • Have you ever seen how pretty Keith’s eyes are. I’m dead serious look at him he looks like a puppy. He just has really soulful eyes when you look at him they’re just so piercing. Good shit. Not only because he constantly looks confused and concerned for what’s going on but also because he has a lot of emotion and you can definitely see it in those eyes of his. Gaze into the abyss my guy. Drink in that gaze of his.
  • He has no idea what his s/o means when they compliment his eyes. He thinks they’re messing with them for a while until they can really get the point across. Never really thought they were anything special because they’re not an exciting color or anything?? They’re not blue or green or hazel or any other weird color. Just calls his s/o silly or something of that caliber.
  • He doesn’t really understand what his s/o means until they’re both just looking at each other in some sort of small moment of peace and he can see so much adoration in his s/o’s eyes for him and he just kind of?? Explodes?? He GETS it now. Realizes how much can be said with just their eyes and develops certain looks just for his s/o to understand.

Hunk: His laugh

  • Hunk being super happy and laughing is just so pure it could probably cure illnesses. And also to a degree his sense of humor?? He’s a good noodle pls let him be happy and laugh from time to time it’s good for everyone’s health. Why would you ever want to deny anyone this joy like you can’t get this anywhere else. It’s just so special being able to make him laugh it’s almost like being chosen as king.
  • Hunk is such a nerd when his s/o compliments his laugh he probably overthinks it. He probably takes it as his laugh is funny or something and tries to reinvent how he laughs for a bit until his s/o notices. He’s so relieved when they elaborate and tell him that his laugh isn’t weird or anything it just makes his s/o so joyful. 
  • HE ALMOST CRIES like he’s SO happy and feels super honored?? He doesn’t know how exactly to take it but it’s usually a really good sign when someone says your laugh is their favorite thing about you. Makes it a point to joke around and get some giggles and laughs flowing with his s/o more when they have spare time. He also insists that his s/o’s laugh is better than his so they challenge each other to prove the other wrong. 

Pidge: Her hands

  • She probably has really tiny baby hands they’re probably really cute and soft and just overall a hoot. Just holding them is probably magical and it’s the most relaxing and chill gesture ever. Despite Pidge probably neglecting to bathe and what not because she’s such a night owl I 100% believe she cannot stand it when her hands are gross. If anything that’s the one thing she is the most adamant about is nice hands. Probably secretly has a lot of scented hand lotions.
  • When her s/o compliments her hands she’s honestly taken aback. Calls her s/o weird lmao like not even joking. Like Keith she thinks that her s/o is messing with her until she notices how much her s/o makes it a point to hold hands a lot. She doesn’t know what to do with this information and if she could she’d like to just shut down and analyze what her s/o means. 
  • If her s/o does stuff like kissing the back of her hands or kneading them she kinda stops working. There’s just something about it that’s both intimate and chill at the same time. It’s such a simple thing, too, so just lets her s/o do what they will. At some point she’ll ask exactly what they mean by their compliment because she’s honestly just so curious. 
Ninjago Movie Headcanons: Weaponry

Lloyd: Insane with two dual swords/ katanas. He mastered one sword easily so he challenges himself with two. His favorite move is to slice flip slice-as we saw in the trailer. Other weapons of choice: one sword, two knives, or a staff.

Kai: One sword. He knows more single sword tricks and moves than even Lloyd. The sword is like an extension of his hand, it is completely balanced. He loves to fight two enemies with one sword because it makes him feel powerful. Other weapons of choice: none (he spent so much time on single sword he can’t expertly use any others).

Nya: Master with a javelin because it is the most difficult ninja weapon, according to Wu. It’s the second heaviest weapon on the team because I the incredibly heavy metal spear at the top, and she holds and twirls it like it’s a baton. She can take down half a dozen enemies in 2.56 seconds with one twirl. Other weapons of choice: sword, double katana, or a blow dart.

Jay: Numchucks, baby. He has insanely quick reflexes (the fastest on the team) so his mind is wired for the quick and delicate movements with the numchuck. He was covered in bruises when he first started training with them, but refused to choose another weapon to become an expert with because “numchucks were fun!” He also has great ears and can attack an enemy when they are sneaking behind him. Other weapons of choice: sword, blow dart, and a shuriken.

Zane: He is very good at all ninja weaponry but the team elected him to be their archer. As a robot, he is the most accurate archer in their city, and probably their universe. He never misses a shot and is incredibly agile on the rooftops. His robotic tech created different types of arrows for different enemies. He can also do hand to hand combat with his bow as a weapon. Other weapons: blow dart, sword, and two shurikens.

Cole: He uses the war hammer. It’s by far the heaviest weapon on the team (Jay can barely swing it above his head). He uses his strength and the strength of the hammer to crush enemies. On stealth missions he resorts to his nifty scythe, but he’s more comfortable with the bad boy- the hammer. Also, it goes really well with his outfit. Other weapons: scythe, sword, and his fists.

Two days ago .... I became a MOM ❤️

I’m overwhelmed, in love, happy and                                                                 our baby girl is beautiful and healthy ❤️

…and she has already enjoyed her first Raw and loves to hold on to her dad’s long hair…I think she’s gonna be one fine wrestling fan while she is also the most amazing lil human we have ever met ❤️

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You are really good putting each one of them with the sentences that could be said by them, lol. How would define their personalities??

Hmm. That’s a tough one, honestly.

I would say Dinah and Camila are the goofy ones, obviously. If something were to go wrong, the finger would be pointed at them.

But also Camila is a tiny dramatic and extra lil pup that Dinah is like, violently protective over, despite the fact she leads her into a lot of questionable situations. Dinah just loves goofing around and having fun and not caring about other people’s opinions much.

Lauren, in my opinion, definitely has no filter and sometimes speaks without thinking. i.e; “girls who do themselves”.

Normani is the self proclaimed ‘leader’ of the group, who is always tired of everyone’s shit and always lets it be known. She’s not one to hold her tongue.

And Ally, sweet, baby Ally, is the mother hen. always trying to look after her four girls and trying to protect them from anything remotely evil. Although she has times where she gets annoyed with her girls’ shit as well.

I hope you liked this answer lmao.

Take My Hand

A/N: This was supposed to be a couple of paragraphs. Whoops. Either way, enjoy!

Jyn has never felt pain like this in her entire life. She does not think this lightly – her life has been filled with sorrows and heartbreaks that have weighed her down and broken her into pieces. She understands pain. The kind that lives in the soul and the kind that sits on the skin. But this is a new level, even for her. 

There are nurses surrounding her, trying to calm her. She cannot hear them. Her body is screaming too loud. 

Harsh lights shine in her eyes. Her back is aching, like she has twisted every single one of her muscles into knots. Her stomach clenches and releases of its volition. She hates this most of all, not being able to control her own movements. She feels helpless. 

“Where is he?” she cries, sweat running down her forehead. She frantically searches the room another time. Cassian is nowhere to be seen. This only heightens the pain.

A nurse swipes her hairline with a cool, damp cloth. “He’s on his way. Don’t worry, Jyn. He wouldn’t miss the birth of his own child.”

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what i want to see in the fall season four
  • stella gibson goes to a pilates class, but after a man says to her, “i love your sports bra. is it lululemon?” she leaves the room immediately.
  • stella gibson goes out to dinner with a man. she orders a porterhouse; he orders a salad. she orders the meat rare; he asks for dressing on the side, no croutons. she orders dessert; he forgoes. he gets the check; when he tries to kiss her outside of the restaurant afterward, she politely smiles and says, “i’d rather not.”
  • stella gibson offers to cook dinner for a woman as their first date. she makes osso buco with saffron risotto. the viewers can practically hear this woman’s panties drop while stella sucks the marrow out of the bone at the end of the meal. they have multiple more dates.
  • stella gibson receives an amazon prime package she can’t remember ordering. she opens it. inside is a high-end vibrator that she doesn’t already own. suddenly, she remembers having a few too many glasses of wine and making the poor decision to open her laptop last weekend. “again?” she says and only scolds herself for as long as it takes to get the thing out of its box.
  • who is allan cubitt? the world may never know.
  • stella gibson’s friend has a new baby. stella goes to visit and offers to do any household chores that the family may be neglecting. after throwing the laundry in and doing all the dishes, stella holds the baby while the rest of the family takes a much-needed nap. stella loves holding babies.
  • stella gibson blocks detective big ears’ number. apparently, he does not understand the concept of friendship. she wonders if any men do. she thinks they must not. what a miserable existence. 
  • stella gibson looks into that “lululemon” thing. it is ridiculously overpriced. it is also very pretty. she buys one of the energy bras and a pair of align pants, taking advantage of the complementary hemming. she spends one weekend never taking the leggings off.
  • stella gibson decides to make use of the free trial netflix keeps offering her. she’s heard good things about black mirror. she finds the first episode very, very humorous. she finds the rest of it too disturbing and terrifying, so she shuts those episodes off midway through and has to calm herself down. however, she likes “nosedive” and loves “san junipero” enough to watch it again. she does not continue a subscription beyond the free trial.
  • a friend of stella gibson’s tries to convince her that avocados are delicious. stella is unconvinced. on a whim, she tries avocado toast and hates it. however, when a beautiful woman hand-grinds homemade guacamole for her, she suddenly sees the appeal. 
  • stella gibson goes to the library. she picks up that new donna tartt novel, the goldfinch. stella wonders if donna tartt understands how plotting works or has ever read a novel other than her own.
  • jim burns was just a figment of everyone’s imagination 
  • stella gibson spends an evening dyeing her roots and watching football on tv. apparently, people find these men attractive. stella does not understand why. one of them removes his sweaty shirt. stella still does not understand why. she sees an advertisement for the united states’ national women’s team. suddenly, she understands. 
  • a man whom stella gibson saw many years ago, a man who owns a californian vineyard, sends her a package in the mail. inside is a vintage red wine named after her. she calls him to offer thanks, and he thanks her for the inspiration. she still has the bottle long after the wine is gone.
  • stella gibson is asked to be a bridesmaid. she says no. she attends the wedding in an immodest suit. later, she feels guilty for having taken so much attention away from the bride and wonders if that pale pink taffeta dress would’ve been a better idea. 
  • stella gibson briefly volunteers for a crisis hotline. after each shift, she ends up shaking with sobs. again, she only briefly volunteers.
  • reed is there and that is a good thing #fuckcroydon
  • a young niece of stella gibson’s offers her a friendship necklace, one with two halves of a heart. the cheap metal turns her skin green. she wears it underneath her dress shirts for months. 
  • stella gibson acquires a high quality vinyl record player from a colleague who was moving and needed to give away a few things. that day, she goes to a record store and purchases etta james’ tell mama. the sound is so impeccable that, upon listening to “i’d rather go blind,” stella sheds a few tears.
  • a friend convinces stella gibson to try self-serve frozen yogurt. stella gets the original tart flavor and tops it with all of the available fruit toppings, plus a few dark chocolate chips. stella absolutely loves it.
  • stella gibson leads another task force, this one at the met. a man quietly shames her with a joke and laughs about it with his colleagues. stella imagines herself as robin wright in the movie wonder woman and thinks of leaping off of a shield and using three arrows to kill all of them simultaneously. in actuality, she simply brings about all three of their wives’ lesbian awakenings. she did not do this on purpose.
  • stella gibson takes a vacation to the bahamas, not nassau but one of the quieter islands. she hikes a long distance through dense forest in order to find a silent, untouched beach. she floats on her back in the pristine water. she hasn’t seen a man in days. she feels free.
Crush - Chapter 4. The Break

Pairing: Eric/OC *Abbey*
Fandom: Divergent
Rating: M

A memory from Eric’s past plays tricks on him. And it’s all about the girl, Abbey Ainsworth.

A/N: I’m SO enjoying editing this, it’s fantastic. It feels like a relationship backwards and something completely different. Love it. Thanks for reading and reblogging and wanting to be tagged!

Tags:  @iammarylastar @badassbaker @pathybo @mimigemrose@frecklefaceb @beltz2016 @ariwolff14 @lauraaan182 @kenzieam @tigpooh67

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While I’m sure once Quill has had little Quilliam she wouldn’t let the bunghole defence squad anywhere near him/her let alone actually alone with the child but for my own entertainment I just love to picture what it would be like if they babysat the poor baby

So this is how I picture it going down:

- Charlie and Matteusz are left alone with Quilliam and Charlie is just absolutely hopeless, he just has no idea what to do with it he picks the newborn up like it’s a fucking bomb

- Matteusz leaves him alone for like 5 minutes and he tries to feed it a sandwich to get it to stop crying

- Matteusz does just fine (I like to imagine that he has siblings, read bazwillendinflames fic where he has a sister, it’s adorable) but having to watch a child while also having Charlie around trying to give it dog toys is a tad stressful so he calls April for backup

- Now he assumes that caring, kind-hearted April will be some sort of baby wizard but she is an only child and has virtually no experience so she takes one look at it and is just like “I have no idea what I’m supposed to do with this fleshy sack of fluids”

- The next obvious choice is Tanya, she’s a genius, she’s bound be able help out little right?

- Wrong. She takes one look at Matteusz opening the door holding Quilliam with baby food in his hair and Charlie asking April if baby powder is made out of real babies in the background and only ends up staying to watch the disaster unfold

- As a last resort he calls Ram, expecting the same reaction as Tanya (you little shits know where this is going) but no, our secret cinnamon roll Ram surprises us again, he loves kids. His extended family is full of babies so he is a certified expert on the things

- Ram is the only one able to get the baby to stop crying and even manages to get April to hold the baby without looking like she’s going to burst into tears

-Eventually they put the baby to bed and attempt to clean up the huge mess that they had made despite the fact that they were only watching one baby

- When Quill eventually returns from wherever the fuck she went for the convenience of this post the gang are all passed out in the living room with Ram still clutching the baby monitor

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I had just thought of this tbh. What if Mic/Hizashi and his s/o had a child who inherited Mic's quirk?

I know I probably should have thrown this, since it was after the ask box closed, but this idea was so cute and I really wanted to write it. [Admin Denki]

When you first found out you were pregnant, the thought that the child might inherit Mic’s quirk totally went over your head. It wasn’t until later in the pregnancy that he had brought up the idea of your child having the same quirk as him. The idea of a baby crying at that level made you almost faint. No way were you going to deal with that. You crossed your fingers and hoped that the child would inherit your quirk or a random one. Anything but a voice quirk. Your prayers were sent into the “read, but not answered” box on the day the baby was born. Your daughter was the most beautiful child you had ever seen, having your hair and Mic’s eyes.

“Hizashi.  .  . she has your eyes. She’s so beautiful.” You teared up, holding the baby. Mic sat on the edge of the bed, taking his glasses off to get a better look at his daughter.

“I love her.” Mic murmured, running his fingers over her smooth, puffy face.

You decided that day that whatever quirk your daughter had, if she had one at all, you’d appreciate it as much as you could. You also begged that she wouldn’t get it until she was four or five. That would help. A baby screaming at Mic’s level would make you cry.

“Mom, dad!” A child yelled as she ran inside the house. You were cooking dinner as Mic was trying to choose music.

“Hey, there, my little love. How was school today?” You asked, a smile on your face. She grinned widely.

“LOOK WHAT I CAN DO!” A shockwave went through the room, breaking the table in half. You had to put your hands over your ears at the realization that she got her father’s quirk.

“Is that what I think it was?!” Mic ran into the kitchen excitedly. “Baby! Your quirk is awesome!!” He picked his daughter up and threw her in the air.

“Watch the ceiling!” You exclaimed, covering your eyes in fear she’d hit it like she did as a newborn.

“Moma, moma, what do you think?” Your daughter exclaimed, a broad grin on her face. How could you say no to that?

“I’m so happy for you, baby.” You smiled, giving her cheeks a kiss. “You got your quirk today! And it’s the same as your fathers!” You told her.

“I know! Daddy’s going to teach me how to use it! I’m gonna be just like him.” Your daughter laughed, crawling onto Mic’s back and hugged his head.

“I’ll help you build something to help you with your quirk. We’re going to have so much fun!” Mic was ecstatic, throwing his daughter in the air.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah!” Your daughter screamed happily. You smiled, watching the two talk loudly back and forth. You guessed your daughter inheriting Mic’s quirk wasn’t such a bad thing at all.

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What do you think yata was like as a baby? Or as a toddler?

I imagine baby!Yata as just being the cutest happiest sunshine child, like he was probably so chubby and smiling all the time (except that when he gets upset and cries he really cries, like his mom is already dreading the two year old tantrums this kid is going to have once he’s a little older). He was probably a really active baby too, like I could see Yata as one of those babies that as soon as he can crawl he’s scooting his little butt everywhere and checking out everything. His mom had to super babyproof the house because little Misaki was so curious and always trying to touch things or put things in his mouth or pull things out of the wall. Also I kinda imagine Yata’s mom had trouble getting him to fall asleep a lot, like it’s ten at night and baby Yata still wants to play, she has to sit in a rocking chair with him and hold him until he finally tires out and sleeps.

Toddler Yata was probably similar, like I’m sure he was always running around and climbing on things and just a big fan of exploring everything. That little bit we see of tiny Yata in his all characters story makes me think too that he probably had all these favorite toys that he loved to chat about to everyone he met, like look these are all my cars I have a red one and a blue one and this one with the flames is the best one. He would still have had his short temper though, I can see toddler Yata getting frustrated easily when things don’t go his way or when he feels he’s being ignored and he probably gets all red in the face. At first he maybe tends to break things too, like he gets angry at something and breaks one of his toys and then that makes him even more upset, which is when his mom takes him aside and teaches him that he shouldn’t break things or hit people because he’s mad. She can’t quite get his temper entirely under control though so there’s still a lot of crying and stomping of feet when Yata gets upset, but his mom also knows how to cheer him back up and then he’s all smiling and giggling and probably lots of hugs are involved.

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The highspecs love on here tonight is absolutely giving me life!!!!! But there's been a lot so if ur sick of it ignore this ask. If not then: Highspecs pregnant headcanons? How do they find out? How do they react? Is Aranea a fierce mama bear?

:D Sorry I didn’t get to this with the others last night, but I am so glad this ship is picking up cause it’s a lot of fun~! :D :D :D Not sick of it at all, I just got very distracted last night and didn’t finish ^^;;

-Assuming the 10 years of darkness, it’s most likely an accident, a total surprise they don’t find out for awhile… Losing track of days without the sun, even if they try really hard to keep the time and calendars and everything, it cannot be easy to feel it… So it’s the symptoms that alert her. Tender breasts that make her question wtf her body is doing. Nausea that she might equate to something else. A constant feel of being bloated. Suddenly realizing that her period hasn’t come for a long ass time… Buys a test and oops, there it is

-It’s tough cause of the world being what it is, but humankind needs to go on and they aren’t going to stop this. They’re happy for themselves but they worry so much for the child. They settle pretty early on though, that they’ll do everything to make sure the kid grows up able to survive in a dangerous world but with the knowledge and hope of a safer world and how to behave and care for others through all the hard times (while still looking out for yourself)

-Aranea is absolutely a mama bear! She makes sure the kiddo can fight early and tell people off and has total confidence in themself, but also she can often be found hovering and watching and anyone that says anything even remotely unkind about her kid, they will be staring at a knife and a murderous smile

-Ignis finds himself as the more nervous between the two, which he mostly chalks up to his blindness and not being able to SEE to reassure himself on a lot of things. He’s always checking on the kid and likes to be the one to hold the baby most of the time. He’s the parent who wakes up 100 times and puts his hand on the baby’s chest to be sure they’re really still breathing

Hanamaru ED 8

How come this ED is so good. 

Nikkari Aoe got his name from a story where he supposedly slashed the ghosts of a women and her child. Here’s the ghost of the women. 

Two things here. First, you can see Willow branches and a bridge. Willows have long been related to ghosts. A popular superstition was that ghosts would appear under Willow trees. Long ago Willows would be planted alongside rivers to help maintain the banks. But due to the poor safety precautions and lack of illumination, a lot of people would fall into the river and drown. Again due to the lack of light at the time, people who walked near rivers at night would confuse the swinging Willow branches with ghosts. Overall it was a pretty eerie place to be at night, easily associated with ghosts. 

Second, in Nikkari’s ghost story they went to check back on the bodies in the morning. But instead hey found two broken stone lanterns. Here you see the two lanterns

And then here you see them broken, right after being slashed by Nikkari. 

Now these lanterns are a reference to the Marugame castle. It’s the place where Nikkari is being kept at today. 

This part is also a room from the Marugame castle. The Marugame had a reputation of being cursed. Strange things would happen in the castle and its lords were haunted with bad luck. One of Nikkari’s owners, the Kyougoku clan, had moved into Marugame castle and brought Nikkari with them. Once they did, it’s said that all the strange events suddenly stopped. In this scene you can see Nikkari slashing all the ghosts in Marugame. 

From right to left, the ghost/youkai here are:

  • Ubume, the ghost of a pregnant women or one who died in childbirth.
  • An Oni, maybe Shuten-dōji who had its head cut off?
  • Kawaakago, a youkai found in rivers, ponds, and swamps, who mimics the sound of a crying baby to attract passersby.
  • Gashadokuro, born from the hatred and bones of people who died in war or by the roadside, essentially those who didn’t receive a proper burial. This one has a large cut in his skull, it’s most likely a sword cut from someone who died in battle.
  • Ushi-oni. There’s different types of this youkai, and one of them is said to use another youkai related to children called Nure-onna. She would trick passersby into holding her baby, which would then get stuck onto the victim’s hands and grow heavier, making it harder for them to escape from the Ushi-oni.

Both Nikkari and Juzumaru are from the Aoe school, here you can see Juuzumaru’s crest on one of the lanterns. Also on a lot of the lanterns, particularly the ones with Willows, you can see tiny baby hands all over them, from the baby Nikkari killed.

Also if you look the windows you can see little pinwheels, something children would usually play with and also something offered to stillborns and young kids who died. 

In here, once Nikkari slashes all the ghosts not only do they disappear, but the pinwheels on the windows also vanish. Then in the middle of the room you can see a broken pinwheel.

Then the flowers here are Tuberoses. Not sure if it’s related to a date this time. These flowers’ fragrance becomes much stronger at night, and they were once really popular as funeral flowers. In flower language they can mean dangerous pleasure.

Now the flowers behind the Tuberoses painted in a goldish color might be Chinese peonies, which would match the day of Shibata Katsuie’s death, one of his previous owners.

Then the Chrysanthemums in the back might be referencing Toyotomi Hideyoshi, another of his previous owners who served as the Imperial Regent of japan. The Imperial Standard (flag) of the Regent has a Chrysanthemum.

Sunday Symbolism: Turnadette and Hands, Part 2

I’ve decided to make this post into three parts instead of two, because there is just a lot to talk about. I’ll be speaking about season 3 and 4 in this post, and then about seasons 5 and 6 in the third and final part.

Season 3 and 4 are a bit different when we compare it to the second season with regard to hands. This is to be expected: after all, Shelagh and Patrick are married now, and no longer a nun and a doctor feeling things they should not be feeling. I’ve noted every instance in which there’s hand-holding or another important thing regarding hands. We’re going to see that it is often Patrick who reaches out for Shelagh to comfort her (showing us Patrick is usually the one to instigate physical contact), even though there are exceptions. Let’s go!

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also last week i met the possum and i don’t care what people say they are adorable animals she’s old and had a tick on her so she was out in one of the staff’s laps being de-ticked and she was good so i got to feed her some cat treats

she still has the instinct from when she was little to cling to things/cuddle in a pouch so she has a baby blanket that she gets carried around in sometimes (when being transported) and will crawl up and hold onto you and tug her head under your neck

she was also SUPER interested in me bc i had peanut butter crackers in my pocket

possums are good animals i will hear nothing bad about them!! they have a cute lil’ wiggly nose!!! and floppy ears!!!! and little hand-paws!!! and cute eyes that are slightly crossed!!! they’re adorable creatures!!!!

and also FUN FACT bc their internal temp is slightly different (bc of being a marsupial) rabies can’t incubate properly in their bodies so they have one of the lowest chances of carrying rabies!!! 


they also eat ticks

possums are good creatures that i love

spn fic: lapse

lapse; 1k, dean and his 12x11 amnesia, inspired by the new promo. deancas if you squint very, very hard.

His name. He has to remember his name.


Dean paces the length of the motel room. It’s small and dirty; the air is heavy with old cigarette smoke and the carpet feels gritty and stiff under his boots. The vacancy sign is buzzing through the gap in the curtains, cutting a dull, red stripe across the beds. Dean would rather be outside, but Sam ─ his brother, Sam is his brother ─ said he shouldn’t leave until they get this figured out. He isn’t sure what needs figuring out, or why Sam needed two knives and a gun.

They have a lot of weapons ─ shotguns, pistols, stakes, daggers, knives. Dean walks over to the kitchen counter and pokes around inside the bag Sam left behind. There’s an old, rusty crowbar, and an nearly-empty bottle of butane, and an industrial-sized canister of salt. Dean runs his fingers over one of the guns ─ a Colt forty-five with a nickel-plated barrel. He picks it up and tucks it into the back of his jeans. It feels like it belongs there, but he ─ he doesn’t know why. After a moment, he shakes his head and puts it back.

He glances at the door. A note is taped below the check-out times, reminding him to stay inside. It’s signed “Sam.” Sam ─ Sam is his brother. Dean tries to remember it, but it comes to him in a jumble. He’s wrapping a bandage around Sam’s hand. He’s grabbing at Sam’s arm, trying to pull him out of a room with blood on the floor. He’s setting off fireworks in an empty field. He’s kissing a woman with dark hair and red eyes. She’s beautiful, but her tongue tastes like a burnt match.

“Winchester,” he says carefully. “My name is Dean Winchester.”

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