she also has great taste in music

Musicals Everyone Should See

A.K.A. Musicals I just really really like personally and want to see more content for

These are all pretty mainstream and popular, however the amount of musicals getting attention and content lately has been restricted to a very small group of new shows and while they’re great, I’d love to see these shows get some attention and content again. 

Also the large majority of the fandoms I’m in right now are pretty young so there’s a chance a lot of you haven’t heard of these shows, which is a shame cause they’re great!!

Doctor Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog -  This is a miniseries starring Neil Patrick Harris, Felicia Day, and Nathan Fillion about an aspiring supervillian called Doctor Horrible. It’s filmed in the style of Video Blogs and has 3 short acts, it’s short but super good! Very funny, really great actors, and a sad ending. You can find the full thing on youtube.

Little Shop of Horrors - This musical is a classic, but I barely hear about it at all lately!! It’s a horror-comedy about a flower shop on Skid Row where a strange and unusual plant is found by one of the employees, who discovers two things:  The plant does wonders for business, and it has a taste for blood. The stage version is really good, but there’s also a great movie of it starring Rick Moranis and Ellen Greene (and Steve Martin has a great supporting role).

Carrie The Musical - A musical adaption of Stephen King’s novel by the same name, this musical follows the events surrounding a young girl tormented by bullies at school, as well as by an abusive mother, who discovers she has supernatural powers. This musical is amazing and has really great songs, however it does contain bullying, abuse, and what can be interpreted as anti-religious content. Be sure to keep that in mind if you’re made uncomfortable by that sort of thing! A full recording of the 2012 revival is currently on youtube.

Hairspray - Set in the 1960s, this musical follows Tracy Turnblad, an overweight dancer struggling to break out into show business and her efforts to end racial segregation on television. The 2007 film is my personal favorite to watch, it stars Nikki Blonsky, Zach Efron, Queen Latifa, Christopher Walken, John Travolta, and Amanda Bynes. There was also recently a “Hairspray Live” on television but it wasn’t all that great…

Into The Woods - A musical by the amazing Stephen Sondheim, the plot revolves around fairy tale characters from different stories, namely Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, Jack (and the beanstalk), Rapunzel, a Witch, Baker, and his wife, and a lot more as they all attempt to achieve their various wishes. The show is a funny and dark take on classic tales, and has really great music. You can find a professionally recorded video of a live performance on youtube, and Disney also made a movie of it a few years back. The movie does take out some stuff for time + to make it more kid friendly though.

I’ll probably add onto this list as time goes on, these are just the shows I’ve been wishing had more content lately. They’re all super great and I think the younger fans currently discovering Broadway should check them out!! Feel free to message me if you’d like to watch any of these and are having trouble finding them!

My friend recently shared a screenshot of her playlist on Spotify. I know that she has a great taste in music as I have been with her on some gigs that I have attended and also during Malasimbo. She made 11 playlist and the “don’t get stoned” playlist is my favorite by far. So I’m gonna share here the top 10 songs that I’m currently into. I’ll prolly be listening to this playlist the whole week. <3

  1. Be With You – Giraffage
  2. Goodbye - Mark Redito (Moon Bounce Remix)
  3. Can’t Get Enough – Basenji
  4. Beautiful Escape – Tom Misch
  5. On Hold – The xx
  6. Once Again – Petit Biscuit
  7. Caramel Popcorn – Tomggg feat. Phoenix Troy
  8. Every Day – Bo En
  9. Getting to Know You – Spazzkid
  10. Anxo – Giraffage (Maxo Firemix)

I really love it when I get to discover new music. I’m very open to any types of music. There’s always a perfect set of playlist for every mood. And this week, this is mine. :-)

Forever Hold Your Peace Pt.1 // Ethan Dolan Imagine




Everyone rose up from their seats as the wedding march began. You watched as Ethan stood at the front of the alter with his hands crossed over one another. You watched as he smiled the moment the doors behind the church opened. 

You watched as his beautiful bride walked down the isle with the same loved up look on her face. Everyone around you were teary eyed and emotional as they saw the two of them standing up in front of the church. 

“You may be seated,” the priest spoke out in a loud voice. Sitting down with everyone else you kept your eyes on Ethan who was sitting down next to her while holding her hand. “We are gathered here today to watch Ethan Grant Dolan and Katie Lia Johnson in the sacred sacrament that is matrimony. A day two hearts will bind into one and two families with come together as one,” the priest began to speak and the more he talked the easier it got to tune him out. Why did you even come to the wedding? 

Why are you torturing yourself by watching your ex-boyfriend marry the new love of his life? Oh right because Ethan has been your best friend since first grade. He wanted you to go to the wedding because apparently you have been their since the beginning of their relationship. He wanted you to watch him marry the girl of his dreams. The girl who stole his heart six months after the two of you broke up. The girl who let you know that he was going to be hers forever and to back off. The girl who took your best friend from you forever.
Everyone thought that the two of you would end up together. 

They all thought the two standing at the alter would have been Ethan and you.
The shock that came with you two breaking up was major. Everyone asked questions and wondered why you two didn’t work out. Sometimes you caught yourself wondering why the two of you didn’t work out. The two of you dated for a solid four years. It all ended on that one fateful night in November when the two of you were arguing about some stupid thing.

 You two let the things spiral out of control and somewhere in the middle of the fight broke it off. Gosh did you regret that day so much. Feeling a tap on your shoulder from your friend, you looked to your right and realized that everyone was standing up. Quickly standing up you felt your face heat up as the people surrounding you stared at you in judgment. The priest kept on rambling on about love and how marriage was a serious thing. Everything felt dragged on and like it would never end. You counted the total of times you were asked to stand up and counted a total of four times. Currently all of you were sitting down waiting for the priest to just get to the I do’s of the couple. “If any of you has reasons why these two should not be married, speak now or forever hold your peace,” you heard the priest speak out. 

You felt all eyes on you probably waiting for you to do something. Your friend grabbed your shaking hand and gave it a reassuring squeeze as he too felt awkward under the gaze of the 300 plus people invited. You wanted to stand up and tell them that they couldn’t get married. That they weren’t a perfect match. Yet you knew it would ruin a day that was supposed to be perfect for Ethan. The day he would dream about since the two of you were kids. You couldn’t do that to him. The tension in the air grew thick as you looked up and saw Grayson giving you a soft reassuring smile. Smiling back at him you turned your attention back to Ethan and Katie who had their eyes on one another.

 Finally the priest began to speak again and you let out a breath you didn’t even know you were holding. You again tuned out the rest of the wedding. Ignoring the vows and them saying I do’s to one another. You kept your eyes on the glass windows behind them as they kissed for the first time as husband and wife. You stood up to clap as they both ran out behind their wedding court. “I’m proud of you.” James, your friend, praised as he guided you out the church with his hand on the small of your back. 

“Thanks. I really want to go home right now and get out of this stupid dress.” You sighed as you ran a hand down the beautiful lace bodycon dress you found on sale the week before the wedding. 

 “Come on lets go to the party for a little. We will only stay for an hour or two at the most.” He pleaded while grabbing your hand making you shake your head. 

“No, I just really want to go home,” You sighed. Neither of the two noticed that most of the guest were watching the two of you interact wondering if you had finally had a new boyfriend. That’s when the gossip began saying you finally got a boyfriend after two years of breaking it off with Ethan. 

 “Come on there is going to be free food. I’ll also take you out for some ice cream and pizza tomorrow,” he pouted making you look at him with a smile. 

“Fine, I’ll go but only because you promised to buy me food.”
The drive to the reception was a short one. Katie picked the building a few blocks away from the church so people wouldn’t be late to the cocktail hour. Everything went fast paced for the first fifty minutes of the reception as everyone was buzzing with excitement to the newly weds and finding their seats. Soon the two were introduced as Mr. and Mrs. Ethan Grant Dolan creating a louder roar from the guest.

 I on the other hand, just quietly clapped along before sipping some of the disgusting wine Katie chose for the guest. 

“Oh my gosh Y/N! I haven’t seen you in ages. How are you?” One of Ethan’s aunt’s asked you as she passed by to her table. 

“I’m good. How are you?” You asked her while setting down your wine glass. 

“Oh you know same old same old. The kids really miss having you around. You should come around the house sometime. Oh also I’m going to give you a quick heads up. Everyone thinks that James and you are dating so you might get asked some questions or get curious looks. Unless you two are actually an item now?” She asked and that’s when you realized she didn’t care about how you were doing. She only wanted to know if James and you were actually dating. 

Before you could answer her question James wrapped his arms around your shoulders and said, “Yes we are dating. Now if you will excuse us I’d like to dance with my beautiful girlfriend.” Confused you got up from your seat and follow him out to the dance floor where a lot of people were slow dancing. 

“Why did you say that?” You asked him as you wrapped your arm around his neck and followed his slow pace.

 “I said that so that they would just shut up about it. I was literally asked five times if we were a thing when I walked over to the bathroom.” He sighed in annoyance making you laugh. 

 “Yup sounds about right,” you laughed while resting your head on his chest.

 “Well at least now my mom will get off my back for a while about me getting a boyfriend until I tell her we aren’t really a thing.” You joked making him laugh. 

“Little does everyone know that I like someone else.” 

 “How are things going with Safia? Last time I talked to her she looked really happy about going on that first date with you.” You asked while picking up your head to look at him. 

“Things are going great. We’ve been on one other dates and I’m planning on asking her to be my girlfriend on the third one. I’m taking her to the roof of my apartment with a picnic set out with her favorite foods,” He began to explain making you smile at how happy he looked to have finally found someone. The song was soon over and you went off to the side to get a drink. 

As you were at the bar you spotted Ethan outside on the large balcony near the bar that was hidden by a large white sheet.

 “Two beers please.” You told the bartender trying your best to ignore Ethan who was standing outside on the balcony. You could tell from the small gap in the sheets that he looked deep in thought. He kept running his hands through his hair and tapping his foot on the floor telling you that he was anxious. Grabbing both the beers you decided to be a good best friend and go ask him what was wrong. 

“Hey,” you smiled while setting the beers on the ledge of the balcony. 

“I see you still have the habit of drinking,” he teased making you turn around and face him. 

 “I’m going to need it to get through the night. Plus one isn’t mine.” You stated while grabbing your drink and taking a small sip. 

 “Is your boyfriend not interesting enough to keep you entertained?” He asked while taking a drink out of the cup sitting in front of him.

 “My boyfriend is perfect entertainment. The music is what bores me. Let me guess, Katie also picked it out?” You sarcastically asked him feeling annoyed that he would say James was a boring person. Yeah he wasn’t your boyfriend but he was your friend and you weren’t going to let anyone insult him. 

 “I happen to think she has a great taste in music.” He lied. You could tell because he looked away from you and looked down to his feet. An old habit he picked up when you two were eleven that made it easier to tell when he was lying to you. 

 “Oh shut up. I can read you like the back of my hand Ethan. That’s the biggest load of bullshit I’ve ever heard.” You laughed while taking a huge chug out of your beer. 

 “I seem to always forget that. I tried to like her music but it’s just too dull for my liking. I like music with a beat you know.” He shrugged making you nod. 

 “I know.” 

 “How are you? I haven’t really gotten around to talk to you with all this wedding stuff going on,” he asked while turning his body to face you giving you his full attention. 

 “I’m good, great actually. I finally got the job promotion that I’ve been wanting for months now. All my college loans are fully paid off and I finally finished all twelve seasons of Criminal Minds on Netflix.” You explained with a smile. 

 “I remember when we were little and you would always talk about how you couldn’t wait to have the career you have now. We would sit by the lake near my house and talk for hours. We were so happy then weren’t we,” he spoke as if going off into a daydream.

 “Oh how can I forget our days by the lake. That was the place that held so many of our special memories. I remember the day you pushed me into the lake and made me fall on a rock. I still have the scar on my arm to remind me of that fateful day in June. I can say that the famous Ethan Dolan gave me a scar. Wow imagine the fame I would get from it!” You joked making him laugh.

 “I still feel bad for doing that, but hey that’s when I realized I had a little crush on you. We were what eleven?” 

 “Twelve. Wait so you are telling me you had a crush on me for years until you finally grew the balls to ask me out?” You asked in shock. This was all new to you. 

 “Yes in a way. Don’t you remember Grayson ratting me out? He literally told you that I had a crush on you and I ran out the house,” he chuckled.

 “How could I forget. That was the day you tried to hide out by the lake but I found you. I remember sitting their for almost an hour until you finally spoke and asked me out.” I responded, smiling at the memory that flooded my thoughts. 

“That was the night I asked you out and we shared our first kiss as a couple,” he said. This made your heart skip a beat. Oh that day was one of the memories you would never forget. Ethan was your first kiss. You remember still to this day how his lips felt against yours. How perfectly you felt they fit together. How you felt, and still do to this day that the two of you were meant to be. Yet today you watched him get married to someone he believed was his soulmate.

“Umm hey I gotta go but I’ll see you around? Congrats on your wedding I wish you two the best of luck,” You quickly said hoping he didn’t catch that you didn’t really mean what you said. 

 “Don’t give me bullshit either Y/N. I’ll see you around,” he laughed before walking off. You looked down at your feet with a small smile on your face. The fact that he knew you so well made you happy. It told you he still cared enough to notice things about you. Deciding to stay outside you stared out into the busy city streets. 

The cars zoomed by the busy streets. People walked down the sidewalk chit chatting to one another. Multiple thoughts ran through your head. They were beginning to overwhelm you and before you realized it you began to cry. You began to cry for many reasons. One being that you were finally realizing that your job would require you to move out of Jersey. The second being that the love of your life was going to be out of your life forever. The third reason was that you were happy that Ethan finally found the happiness he deserved. 

 “Hey Y/N,” a voice behind you spoke. 

You didn’t even have to turn around to know who was behind you. The voice belonged to someone you’ve know almost your entire life. 

 “Hey Gray, what brings you out here to this lovely balcony?” You asked him as you quickly wiped away the tears running down your face. 

 “It was beginning to be to much inside so I decided to get out for a while,” he said. 

 “It is a bit loud in their isn’t it,” you spoke with a strained voice. Feeling his arms around you, you began to sob. Turning around you buried your face in his chest while tightly clutching his suit. Grayson gently rubbed your back while softly telling you that it was going to be okay. Yet you knew it wasn’t. Finally after a few moments you pulled away from him and wiped away your tear stained face. 

 “I’m leaving Grayson,” you finally admitted. 

 “Leaving the party?” He asked completely clueless to the whole situation. 

Shaking your head you said, “No Grayson. I’m leaving Jersey and moving to London. My job transferred me their. I’m leaving tomorrow night. I was planning on telling Ethan but I just couldn’t do it. He looks so happy and I couldn’t ruin it by telling him I’m leaving.” 

 “How long are you leaving for?” He asked. 

 “I’m not sure. I could be living their permanently for all I know. I’m kind of glad I am moving. I get to start a new life. New relationships. I get to work on myself better and figure out who I am.” You admitted while running your hands through your hair. 

 “I’m happy for you. I’m sure Ethan is too. Yeah we are going to miss you but hey I can always visit.” Smiling you nodded your head and pulled him into another hug. 

 “Gosh am I going to miss your awkward self,” you laughed sadly. 

 “You are going to hate me for telling you this but Ethan almost didn’t go through the wedding,” Grayson said. Shocked you pulled away from him searching for any signs of lying. 

 “What why?” You asked him. “He said that he had this dream the night before and that something just didn’t feel right. He didn’t tell me what the dream was but he looked pretty spooked by it. Later on before he was set to go to the wedding I overheard him talking to our mom.” He paused watching your face to see if he should go on or stop their. 

 Once he realized you looked interested and curious to the whole situation e continued, “Ethan was saying how he might still have feelings for you. He said that he dreamt the wedding but it wasn’t Katie who was walking down the isle. It was you. He felt confused and I heard my ma tell him that he should do what was right. I was a bit shocked to see him go through the wedding but I realized he probably married her because he felt it was the right thing to do. The reason being was that they spent a year planning the wedding and that she deserved her big day.” 

 The revelation made you speechless. You looked down to the ground trying to process what was just told to you. 

 “So he chose her. He had the choice to choose me but instead he chose her,” you whispered mostly to yourself but Grayson still heard.

 “Don’t take it the wrong way. I’m sure if he could he would have chosen you.” 

“No, he did have the choice but he didn’t. Thank you for telling me this because now,” you paused and smiled,“ I can finally move on.” 

 “Ummm you are welcome?” He said confused to the whole thing.

 Hugging him goodbye you walked off the balcony and outside the venue. You shot James a quick text telling him you called an Uber to take you home.

 Grayson revealing that to you made this huge weight be lifted off your shoulders. You felt free and happy. You finally got the confirmation. You finally got the sign you have been waiting for. You, Y/N, could finally move on from Ethan Dolan.

princessofpennsylvania  asked:

Hi there! I was wondering if you had any interaction prompts/ideas for two sisters who share an apartment or dorm room? They are half-sisters if that makes any difference. Thank you so much!! :)

*laughs painfully for eternity as thunder crashes* 

Let me just, go get my sister, from her room, next to mine. Wish me luck.


Her advice after telling me to “get out” was “Sisters stay up late watching Daredevil and one of them is inappropriately invested in the show.” She then swung her earbuds in the air like nunchucks, and I took the hint and left quickly while trying not to trip over the minefield that is her dirty room.


  • One sister is cleanlier than the other. She gets called “OCD” and the other gets called a “slob.” The clean sister photographs each mess to use as leverage later.
  • One sister is girlier than the other, as evidenced by her attraction to pastels, candy-themed makeup, and babies. The other thinks makeup is a waste of time and only wears it if her sister holds her down and forces it on her.
  • One sister is brutally honest with others, but overly sensitive to criticism and the occasional misunderstood compliment (I read this to my sister and she began slapping my face and told me to shut my mouth). 
  • One sister is vegetarian, the other loves hamburgers and a side of ribs. They can’t eat the same meal, but the vegetarian sees no problem with removing the parts she doesn’t want to eat from food the other one made. Sometimes this is convenient, sometimes it’s annoying.
  • One is active and outgoing, always wanting to go somewhere and see somebody. The other is a homebody who finds leaving the house tedious and exhausting.
  • One sister is allergic to the other sister’s pet. The pet doesn’t want to be there anyway and gets let outside often.
  • One sister enjoys watching the same three episodes of a TV show ad nauseum. The other finds this in many ways to be hellish torture.
  • Neither sister is very good at forgiving, but one is more forgetful of things done to or by her. The other holds onto grudges, real or made up, forever. Her sister accidentally embarassed her when she was five? Remind her of it every year until it becomes a family joke.
  • Both sisters love each other and get along great when it’s a full moon and there’s plenty of junk food. Also, certain shows about hot vigilantes count as a bonding activity even if both sisters have different reasons for enjoying the show.
  • Each sister has her own “type” she is attracted to, but every now and then one sister nudges the other and together they oggle a particularly pleasant bit of eye candy with great hair. The rest of the time they make fun of each other’s choices in men.
  • They also disagree on books, art, music, and clothing. However, you can still ask your sister if your top matches your skirt. She’ll be honest with you, but you don’t have to listen to her if you don’t want to. She also might borrow or just take an article of clothing from you. If you both bought the same shirt, you are not allowed to wear it at the same time because it’s “embarrassing” and anyway she “saw it first.” Hand-me-downs are great unless your sister has bad taste and until your bodies change and you realize you’re the short chubby one. She can’t fill out your tops though, so plus side found.
  • They both annoy each other for different reasons, but one of them is definitely the Annoying One. The other thinks she’s the Funny One, but she’s actually just rude and sarcastic which is not the same thing even though it makes people laugh.
  • There is a certain time of the month where revenge, pyromania, and murder are nigh. The house should be put under immediate quarantine and everyone should stay away. 
  • Both sisters know exactly how to hurt the other and will, at various emotional moments, whip it out just to win an argument or be cruel. It might be a secret one of them told the other a long time ago, or an insecurity they didn’t know their sister was aware of. Sisters know almost as much as moms and make the worst enemies. They’ll still slip you a tampon in public if you ask though. They’re not monsters.

This list could literally go on for years. And it has. The phrase “What, have you been making a list?” will suddenly be justified in an upcoming argument, so I should stop now.

I wish you the best, and if you have any specific questions we will gladly answer! At least I will. She’ll probably be watching TV and painting her nails.

anonymous asked:

Do you know any good day6 blogs to follow? I recently made a day6 blog and I don't know much about the fandom here

oh yaaaaayyyyy for more day6 blogs on tumblr!!!! 

since there have been quite a few new day6 blogs and some people’s urls have changed since the last time i had one of these asks, i’m going to answer this properly lol

so uhm idk if you’re looking for purely day6 blogs but tbh most day6 fans have quite multifandom blogs. Here are some you should check out (i’m going to exclude fyeah blogs bc i’m guessing you’ve already come across those): 

  • @jaechicken - nicole makes day6 gifs and tries to keep her blog purely day6 so makes thousands of sideblogs but occasionally fails lol and she likes making nicknames so don’t get confused when you read her tags hahah she has a really nice voice as well so go check out her day6 covers on her blog!!! 
  • @everyday6 - cree makes fanarts when uni isn’t being a btch. her blog’s probably 50% day6 and 50% bts so her blog’s heaven if you’re a bts fan as well. one of the nicest people in the fandom tbh
  • @theday6 - text posts master tbh!!! I love reading her thoughts about everything day6. she also makes gifs and edits. she has a great taste in music so you should check out any of the music she recommends!! 
  • @youngk - aka lifesaver liz lol translates and subs day6 content and also makes gifs
  • @its-youngk - is liz’s husband mae also makes gifs and her tags are gold and always make my day. she also posts a lot of got7 so you’ll love her blog if you’re a gotday fan
  • @dowoonerie and @professional-kangaroo - gifmakers and two of the sweetest people in the fandom
  • @bryankang - og senpai and always makes quality gifs
  • @w-onpil - pretty much has every important day6 post on tumblr. very nicely curated blog
  • @day6sbum - posts anything and everything she likes but when she’s in the mood for day6 (which is quite often lol), you can count on her to spam your blog with day6 content. also knows all the tea in every fandom
  • @kimwonappeal - makes veeerrryyy nice edits!! 
  • @so-na-gi - go check out krisztina’s fanarts!!!!
  • @sungchims and @kwonshinji - just started making gifs. yaaaayyy for more day6 content on tumblr
  • @daysixdreams - has been slightly mia BUT she’s writes day6 fanfics/scenarios/etc. and they are so good please go check them out!! 
  • @saracho and @notbrian - gifmakers
  • other day6 fans: @won6pil, @kangswang, @seoulhite, @ftday6, @wonismypil, @wonfeels, @got67day, @dowoonscookies, @deisikseu, @thejaedream

I’m sorry if i forgot someone TT

the gangsey dance party

ok listen we’ve already established how it starts out in this post but let me just refresh your memory:

(gay trans boy!ronan, bisexual bigender!adam, pansexual trans boy!gansey, demisexual genderfluid!henry, pansexual transfeminine!noah, demisexual genderfluid!blue)

henry is Bored and starts snooping through everybodys ipod in order to organize a dance party (and theyve also got ahold of some weed; courtesy of cheng two)(everyone has a playlist of latin music as well in their library) and here is what henry finds in everyones music library 

more under the cut :))

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A Different Kind Of Party-- Harry Styles


“We’re almost done setting everything up. Me, Harry, and Niall are sorting out what music we’re gonna play. The food is already out on the buffet tables and you’re bringing the drinks, right? I texted you a list. Did you see it?” Ed’s voice rings through the speaker of my phone as it lays on the dashboard, his voice bouncing off of the walls of the car, drowning out the music I’m playing in the background.

His tone sounds authoritative and steady, which is why I presume Anne put him in charge of half of the planning for Gemma’s twenty-third surprise birthday party at Harry’s flat. Ed is usually laid-back, but when given a task, he takes it to heart to complete it to the best of his abilities, making him the perfect co-worker.

“Yeah. Two boxes of Diet Coke, one box of regular Coke and one box of Fanta.” I answer, throwing an instinctive glance to the back seat where all of the boxes are pressed against the car seats, the silver letters of the brand names reflecting the lights from the passing lampposts outside.

“What type of Fanta?” He asks, and I can practically see him raising a single eyebrow in question.

Grape Fanta. Just as you requested, sir.” I poke sarcastically, smirking as I take on a military attitude. “The cans of soda are locked, loaded, and ready for go. We shall rid the thirst for sugary liquids forever! For the nation, for the world, and for all of man-kind!”

Ed’s laughter crackles through the speakers, causing me to laugh as well.

“Alright, well, are you almost…?” He murmurs, but I can tell that he must be getting distracted by something else because of the way his sentence trails off at the end.

My suspicions are confirmed when I hear him give a yelp, followed by some shuffling. “Wait! Liam, no, the cake goes outside in the patio! It’ll be nicer if we sing her happy birthday under the stars.”

I snatch my phone from the dashboard, turning off the speaker and pressing the device to my ear to see if I can hear the other person better. I press the phone between my ear and shoulder, trying to keep both hands on the wheel to avoid any potential death.

There’s more shuffling and another voice can be heard in the background– my best bet is that it’s Liam– and then a rushed sigh from Ed. “They are? Okay. Thanks, mate.”

Ed directs his voice back to me. “Y/N, Liam just told me that Lottie texted him saying that her and Gemma are just about to leave the mall. She’s stalling as much as she can but you better hurry.”

“Sir, yes, sir.” I huff, and eventhough he can’t see me, I salute just for the fun of it. “Permission to hang-up before I accidentally steer my car off the road and crash into a house?”

“Permission granted, cadet.” He chuckles.

“Thank you. I’ll see you later.”


I remove my phone from my ear, tossing it onto the passenger seat next to the present I got Gemma– a shopping bag I’d seen her eyeing a few days ago when we’d visited Kenneth Cole. I lean further back into the back cushion as I come to a gradual halt at a stop-light, letting out a content sigh. I glance around at all of the houses with their Christmas decorations glowing cheerily through the darkness of the night, letting the world know that Christmas is near.

Multi-colored lights are strewn all over the houses, hanging off of patios and roofs, lighting up entire neighborhoods. Glowing reindeer, Santa Clauses, and Candy Canes are placed all over yards and I can see beautifully adorned Christmas Trees through large windows in living rooms. All of these ornaments give me a comforting feeling, the warm air spilling into my car and the music playing softly in the background causing a melting, pleasant feeling that makes my heart grow heavy in the best possible way.

I look back at the stop-light, tapping on the steering wheel with my fingers as I wait for it to change to my designated color. When it flashes green, I continue my trip to Harry’s apartment, keeping in mind the bit of a time crunch we’re in.


I arrive at Harry’s neighborhood, taking the empty parking spot closest to his complex. Flipping off the ignition and unbuckling my seatbelt, I reach over and grab my phone, shoving it in my back pocket. I crawl into the backseat, stacking up the boxes of soda, grabbing Gemma’s gift bag, and opening the door. I carefully pick the stack up, bumping the door closed with my hip.

Getting up the stairs is like walking through hell, but when I do reach Harry’s door, I struggle around my load, finally managing to jam my finger against the doorbell. I lean the boxes against the nearest wall, waiting.

I hear the lock click and the door flies open, revealing a very anxious looking Anne.

“Oh, Y/N! Thank God! I thought it was Gemma! I was about to start panicking.” She lets out a breathy laugh, putting a hand over her heart in a sign of relief.

“Nope, it’s just me.” I smile. “Hi, Anne.”

“Well, come on in. Here, let me help you with that, sweety! That should’ve been first thing I should’ve done.” Anne lurches forward, giving me a side-hug and then taking two of the boxes from my hold. She turns, walking back towards the dining room, calling after Louis and Liam.

Both walk out of the arched doorway that leads dining room, listening as Anne tells them what to do.

“Take the sodas and put them in the big red cooler out in the patio. The red one, not the blue– the blue one is for the beers and we don’t want the kids confusing the drinks.” She says, setting her boxes onto Liam’s awaiting arms. “Tell Ben and Matt to bring the cake back inside– I don’t want any bugs in the frosting. We’ll bring it out when it’s time to cut it. Oh, and when you’re done, could you please put up some more pink stringers around the edges of the buffet table. I asked Harry to but he wandered off to who-knows where– probably with Ed and Niall. We don’t have much time so please hurry.”

“Will do, Anne.” Louis quips as he takes my own boxes, tucking them under one of his arms and reaching over my shoulders, pulling me in for a quick hug. “Hey, love. Here, I’ll set this on the gift table.

“Thanks.” I return the hug, giving him a small smile and handing him the Gemma’s gift.

“Alright, Payno. Let’s go get ‘er done, as they say in the southern colonies.” Louis belts out a laugh, snapping his head towards the open doorway to the patio in reference, taking off at a fast-paced walk.

“Hi, Y/N.” Liam murmurs, briskly setting a brotherly kiss on my forehead as he rushes past me and after Louis to get his work done. “Bye, Y/N.”

“Hi and bye!” I call after Liam, waving as I roll my eyes jokingly.

I turn to Anne, who has already busied herself by starting to open up the pizza boxes and set them in order by amount of toppings. “Is there anything you’d like me to do?”

“Uh…yes! Would you go check on Ed and Niall with the music? I don’t want Harry to mess anything up.” She breathes, giving me a pleading smile.

“Sure thing! Where did you say they were?” I ask, looking around to see if I could spot a curly mop of brown hair, a pale red-head, or a tuff of blonde locks anywhere near, but fail to see any of the three.

“They’re in the dining room.” Anne recalls, looking up only to cast a glance in the direction of the room. If I’m not mistaken, she seems to be worried. Well, with the Terrible Three, she has a right to be. Who knows what could be happening in that room right now.

“Okay. Thanks.” I smile.

“No problem.” She hums, switching the Pepperoni Paluza with the Veggie Delight.

I make my way through all of the people, giving hugs and kisses to all of those I know and waving and smiling to those I will probably be introduced to later. As I head closer to the archway that connects to the dining room, I can hear voices coming from the other side of the wall.

“For the last fucking time, we are not going to play any songs by Secondhand Serenade, yeh dickhead!” A heavy Irish accent quips, followed by an irritated sigh at the end of the sentence. “This is a birthday party, not a funeral. No one is gonna want any boring sappy, sulky love songs to dance to because no one can really dance or have any fun to that type of music. Yeh can listen to a guy moaning about love later, but right now, we’re crankin’ up some Nicki Minaj.”

The vulgar language and accent clearly give away Niall, who appears to be in an argument with someone. I peak over the frame of the archway, seeing the three boys standing alone in the dining room along with all of the dining tables set up in rows and two giant speakers on either corner of the square room.

I’m impressed by how incredible the tables look, pink stringers hanging delicately off of the edges of the lilac plastic tablecloths, rose-colored paper plates stacked next to eachother, everything being wrapped up by the fuchsia-tinted silverware and napkins set neatly at the edges of each table for easy access.

Niall is leaning against a wall as he scrolls through the music on his phone, not looking up at the person he was arguing with. His opponent stands directly across from him, his arms crossed across his chest and his chin tilted up slightly in a defensive stance, ready to defend his music taste.

“Secondhand Serenade is a great artist and musician. His music has actually inspired many lives, including mine, so you can’t say his songs are ‘boring, sappy, and/or sulky’ just because you’re not into passionate songs about troubled love, alright? His songs are meaningful and touch many peoples’ hearts and that’s important for good music.” Dickhead– who also goes by his birthname, “Ed”– counteracts, staring at Niall and waiting for a response.

“Yeah? Well, you know what? Nicki Minaj has also touched the hearts of many people with her music! She inspires people to go out, have fun and move on with their lives rather than telling them to stay locked up and cry about their failed relationships. She’s a true inspiration. Her big arse is just a bonus.” Niall grins, waving his phone infront of Ed’s face, and from what I can see, it’s the cover photo for the song Anaconda.

Ed pushes Niall’s arm away, rolling his eyes. “Yeah, because singing about not wanting none unless the bitch has buns is definitely the way to pluck at an audience’s heart-strings.”

“Hey, the song’s gotten her millions, hasn’t it? She must be doing something right.”

The two “adults” continue their bickering, Niall explaining that a good love song–and thus a good love life– contains tons of sex and kinky toy references while Ed debates that love goes way deeper than just physical pleasure, but instead it “digs down far into the soul to pull out feelings that actually matter.” I snicker to myself as I watch them argue, my eyes wandering over to the tall lanky figure that has surprisingly not engaged in any of the action.

Harry stands off to the side, next to the closest seating table, thumbing over his is own playlists. He doesn’t seem to be interested in taking any sides, simply trying to find something that he would like to listen to himself.
I can hear him sampling songs, his brows furrowed in concentration at finding the perfect fitting tune for his sister’s celebration. He suddenly yelps, making me jump.

“I found it! I found the perfect song! This song is my shit!” He squeals– squeals for fuck’s sake–, immediately scrambling over to the Bluetooth speakers. After connecting his device to to the music players, he cranks up the volume. I nearly facepalm when I recognize the song. Of course he would pick this song.

As the first few chords of Grind On Me flows from the speakers, Harry clampers up onto the nearest table, spreading his arms out to steady himself, a mischievous grin spreading across his face.

I stay perched at the doorway, keeping my presence unknown, wanting to see where this bold move will lead. If I know Harry well, this will most likely end up being something I’ll never forget.

Harry begins to sway his hips, running his hands up and down his body as he does so. “How about a strip show, boys?”

His sexual dancing gains the designated attention as Niall and Ed’s voices falter, their conversation from before dissipating into the air. Harry raises his eyebrows, biting down on his lip in an attempt to make himself look seductive.

“Would you two big boys like a little strip tease?” Harry purrs again, batting his eyelashes flirtatiously at both of his suddenly very interested friends.

“I’ll give it go.” Niall pipes up, giving Harry a challenging grin. “Maybe it’ll be good enough that I’ll have to give myself a good wanking later.”

“Oh, Niall.” Harry says in a low voice, letting his head tilt forward in an acceptance to the dare, setting his lips into a very tempting smirk. “You’re going to need so much more than just a proper wank when I’m done with you.”

I can see Ed already biting down on his lip to keep from laughing, being aware that if he lets himself make any spontaneous noise, someone will come the room see what the cause is.

I watch curiously as Niall pulls out a chair from a table, setting it infront of of the table Harry has claimed as his stage. He sits down, grinning as he watches his amateur stripper ungracefully climb down from the tabletop and onto the floor. Harry advances towards Niall, licking his lips in fake anticipation.

An idea suddenly flashes across my mind. I whip out my phone, pulling up the camera and setting it on video. I click play. This video will gain me some leverage for that video that Harry has of me a few weeks back when I got black-out drunk and he convinced me to streak around a park near my apartment. What goes around, comes around, Styles.

Returning my attention back to the boys, I watch as Harry reaches Niall, pushing the palms of his hands against the older boy’s chest, shoving him roughly against the back-rest of his seat.

“I’m gonna make you feel so good, Ni.” Harry moans in Niall’s ear as he begins to unbutton his striped dress-shirt, making Niall gag as he tries not to break his cool composure.

Niall is the type of person who will laugh at just about anything, so this is probably killing him right now. I can see that I’m right as I see his cheeks start to tinge pink, a sure sign of him trying to withhold his laughter. I myself am having trouble on keeping a cap on it, receding to biting down on my tongue to keep my mouth shut.

“I know you wanna see…” Harry trails off as he finishes undoing the last few buttons of his shirt, revealing his tanned torso. He grabs either side of his shirt in his hands, pulling them away from his body in an attempt to look extravagant and dramatic. “My titties!”

I choke as I watch Harry press his chest into Niall’s face, rubbing his “titties” against the Irish lad’s flushed cheeks.

“Oh my fucking–” Niall gets cut off as Harry turns abruptly, plopping down onto his lap, rubbing his ass directly against Niall’s crotch. He reaches back, wrapping his arms around Niall’s neck as he continues to hump him, throwing his head back and letting Niall’s name slip from his lips in a long wispy moan.

Harry has complete control of himself while, on the other hand, Niall is about to bust a nut from laughing so hard. Harry pushes himself off of him and watches in satisfaction as Niall falls from the chair onto the floor, his entire face growing red as he continues to choke on air. As I watch him lose his shit, a small part of me worries that his lungs might actually collapse.

Ed isn’t doing any better, any barrier he had put up against his laughter crumbling like sand. The color of his cheeks is almost the exact same shade as his hair and tears are streaming down his cheeks as he bends forward, clutching his stomach in surrender.

I feel myself give a sharp intake of breathe but I quickly snap my mouth shut before anyone can hear me, trying to calm down as I work hard to keep a lid on the hysteria bubbling up from the pit of my stomach. I seem to have won the secret battle that had been going on, being the only one to has survived Harry’s little show this far without making an audible sound.

Harry turns back towards his make-shift stage, jerking his hips spastically from side-to-side as he tries to sashay down an imaginary runway.

Gripping the edge of the table, he clumsily manages to balance himself back on top. He rolls his hips forward, grinding up against his imaginary partner. Harry focuses on Ed, trailing one finger up his chest and neck and inserting two into his mouth, letting his eyes droop closed as he sucks on his two middle fingers, throwing his head back and moaning around his digits.

He locks eyes with Ed, his voice coming out as a deep hum. “Come get it, Daddy.”

Niall is finally managing to take in deep breathes, letting them out in stutters. He watches as Ed wipes at his face, unstoppable chuckling taking over him no matter how hard he tries to get it under control. I see him snatch a stack of the rosy napkins and he makes his way towards Harry, who stares at him expectantly. Ed begins to slide the napkins off of one of his hands, the motion being “making it rain.”

Pink tissues surround Harry and he adapts to his new prop fairly quickly, bunching handfuls of the paper in his hands and shoving them in any nook and cranny he can find. After filling up the entire rim of his jeans and all of his pockets, he takes a large wad and shoves it down the very front of his pants, right over his crotc, giving it a satisfied pat. He continues his spastic dancing, losing himself in the song.

At this point I could very well be suffocating, the skin of my lower lip stinging in protest as I grind my teeth down harder, willing myself not to make a sound. I glance at my phone, the red button on the screen confirming that it is still recording.

“Harry Edward Styles! What in the world do you think you’re doing?!” Anne’s voice pierces through the music, catching all four of us utterly off guard. But, unfortunately, Harry is the one who suffers the most.

The sudden voice startles Harry, causing him to flinch, taking a step back and turning too abruptly to look at the owner of the voice. I glance up just in time to see Harry take the wrong step, the sole of his shoe landing squarely ontop of a napkin and before he can react, his feet have slipped from under him and he drops onto the clothed wooden table, his shoulder taking the entire impact of the fall.

“For fuck’s sake–bloody hell!” Harry howls in pain, his other arm reaching up to cradle his wounded shoulder.

What finally sends me over the edge is that as Harry tries to flip onto his undamaged shoulder, he miscalculates just how far he really is from the edge of the table and as he twists around, he falls right off, landing heavily on his good shoulder.

Ow!” The high-pitched, feminine screech he releases is what pushes me into over-drive, everything I’ve been holding in rushing out all at once.

I find it hard to keep myself standing up right as I let my sanity slip away from me, my body throwing itself forward onto my knees as I hug my stomach, my phone being gripped tightly in my hand as I feel tears start to cloud my vision and streak my cheeks. I manage to press save just before I completely lose it.

Harry rocks back and forth as he cradles himself, rubbing his hands over his shoulders in hopes that he’ll be able to shed away the pain.

In all honestly, Niall, Ed, and I try to regain ur composers, but everytime we as much as glance to a whimpering Harry or to a mortified-looking Anne, we let our cool slip out all over again. Just the thought that we will never be able to get this memory out of our heads is enough to stir up more laughter, the picture of Harry strutting his stuff for paper napkins permanently seared into our brains forever, but it’s worse for Anne because she has to live with that image of her son for the rest of her life, making it all the more priceless.

After a few minutes of hilariously painful exertion, we finally manage to anchor ourselves back into reality, small snickers and giggles still escaping our lips.

“Ouchy.” Harry mumbles, pushing himself up off the ground, rolling his shoulders in circles to comfort the muscle and bones.

“Are you done?” Anne directs her question to all of us, her tone immediately giving away that she isn’t in a very light mood at the moment and is not to be messed with anymore.

We all nod, glancing around at eachother, not being able to rid the grins from our faces.

“Alright, well, Lottie just called and they’re almost here– a few blocks from the neighborhood entrance– so you all better hurry up and help pick up all of this mess.”

We all murmur our agreement, throwing in a few apologies to Anne for ruining one of her sets ups.

“It’s fine. Can you just please reorganize it?”

“Of course.” Ed speaks up, giving Anne an apologetic smile.

“Okay, well, Harry and Y/N, I’ll put you in charge of picking up all of the napkins that are lying around. Niall, please go change the tablecloth and grab the extra plates and silverwear in the kitchen pantry. And Ed, could you be so kinda as to bundle everything up in the dirty tablecloth and toss it in the bin? Thank you.” Anne heaves a deep sigh, telling us to get moving since Gemma could be here any minute.

“Oh, and Niall, also grab some extra napkins since we so conveniently ran out on this table.” Anne throws Ed a pointed look as she walks out of the room, murmuring about how we all look like adults so we should start acting like one.

Harry and I quickly begin picking up all of the strewn tissues, Harry buttoning his shirt back up as we go.

“So did you like my little performance?” He asks, casting me a cheeky smile as he shoves a couple more napkins into a trashbag.

“You were absolutely amazing. You have a ton of potential. I know of a place that’s looking for male strippers and I think you’d be great for the position, if you’re interested.” I comment, throwing him my own playful grin.

“Oh, I would love that. We all know how good I am at positions.” He wiggles his eyebrows, pinching me on the side, making me shy away from him.

“Well, I wouldn’t know.” I admit, slapping his hands away as he continues to try and tickle me.

“But wouldn’t you just love to find out?” He murmurs.

Out of nowhere, Harry slams me into the nearest wall, biting his lip as he looks down at me, setting his hands on either sides of my head as he waits for my answer. Instead of giving him what he wants, I let him know what I have.

“I got your beautiful dancing on video.” I admit, a smile growing on my face as I see his eyes widen in horror.

“You…You did?”

“Oh, yeah. It was great.” I hum, taking this moment of distraction to slip out from under his arms and make my way towards the exit to the living room.

He jogs after me, catching up and trying to get my attention.

“Well, you’re not gonna put it up anywhere, are you?” I can hear the anxiousness dripping from his voice, the way he’s twirling his rings giving away how scared he is.

“That depends. Are you gonna delete that video you took when I was drunk a few weeks ago?” I ask, raising an eyebrow. I won’t put it up because he’ll get in trouble with Modest!, but playing around never hurt anybody. “I’m always willing to strike a deal.”

“What? No! That video’s priceless! No way!”

“Okay, well, you can expect it to go viral by tomorrow morning.” I sing-song, walking out of the dining room and into the living room where everyone is rushing inside and packing in, getting ready for when Gemma walks in.

“Y/N, wait! Come on, please? You know management would kill me if that video got out! Plus, I’m not going to post your video because it’s just a best friend milestone I have and I don’t want anyone else to have it. It’s something I’d like to keep as a memory.” He gives me one of his sweet, innocent smiles, purposefully making his his eyes look dowy for the full-fledged Harry Styles effect.

“Well, this is something that I’d like to keep as a memory.” I throw his expression right back at him, batting my eyes like he had earlier.

“Oh, come onnn! Please, Y/N! Just delete it!”

“Not for a million dollars.” I purr, giving him a pat on the back and turning around to face the door Gemma will be entering through any second now.

I hear him give an exasperated sigh and then he goes silent, striking me weird considering Harry is stubborn and never gives up easily. Just as I’m about to turn around to see if he had left, I feel a hand grab the back of my shirt, pulling the collar back and dropping something inside.

I squeal as the freezing ice cubes make contact with the flesh on my back, stinging the skin in their wake. I began to shake around, trying to get the pesky intruders away from me as soon as possible. In my quick flare of distraction I feel someone snatch my phone from my hand and I let run away, my instincts focusing on getting rid of the immediate problem.

I twist and turn, shaking out a few of the ice cubes, but there are still more to take their place. I can see many people staring at me with annoyed and odd looks but I try my best to ignore them. I must look like I’m being possessed by the way I’m jerking around and spasming, but when I finally get the last ice cube off of me, I whiz around, my eyes raking through everyone until I find a curly brown head weaving though the people, making his way towards his bedroom.

I begin to push past people, mumbling “excuse me” every few seconds to get by faster. I fly past the living room and follow him down the corridor to his bedroom, turning a sharp left and reaching him just as he sets his hand on the doorknob.

“Harry, give me my phone.” I growl, my levels of anger reaching dangerously high.

I’d just made a complete fool of myself infront of all of his family and friends and only because Harry wouldn’t let me having any dirt on him no matter how much he had on me. He never likes to play a fair fight.

“Alright, love. Here you go.” Harry hands me my phone, giving me a wide grin.

I click on my gallery, flicking through my videos but finding no traces of the one I’d taken of him.

“You deleted it, you dick!” I growl, glaring at him as he chuckles.

“Sorry, poppet, but my career was on the line. Not gonna risk it.”

“I wasn’t going to really post it, you dimwit! I just wanted to finally have some leverage over you considering you always have something to embarrass me with! But you never play fair.” I grumble, locking my phone. “It was just for fun.”

His victorious smirk slowly melts off his face, the truth about what I’d told him dawning on him. “Oh…”

“Yeah, ‘oh.’ It was just a game, Harry. You know I would never put your career in jeopardy.” I whisper, sighing. “Clearly you didn’t trust me enough. How can you not trust me? I trust you with that video of me running around naked and you can’t trust me with this? What a best friend you are.”

“She’s coming up the stairs!” Liam’s voice is heard over all of the chattering and the room begins to grow quiet as Anne begins to flick all of the lights off, the apartment starting to grow dark.

“Listen, I’ll make you a deal.” Harry whispers, looking up and around at all of the people around us as if what he is about to tell me cannot be overheard.

“No, I’m done. The deal will be to your benefit and not equal. Why is it that everytime I get so much as an embarrassing picture of you, you always have to go rampage and ruin it. What? The world can’t be exposed to the non-photogenic side of Harry Styles?” I laugh humorlessly, pushing him away. “And then you say you don’t want to be fake.”

“It’ll be fair, I swear.” He reaches forward, gripping my hand, the dimming lamps causing a soft light to dance across his pleading eyes.

“Harry, just let me go. If you don’t trust me than I won’t trust you.” I try to twist my arm out of his hold, but he pushes me up against the bedroom door.

A collective gasp of excitement rolls through all of the people in the flat as we hear footsteps coming up the stairs near the front door.

The last light goes out just as I look up at him, opening my mouth to vocalize my disapproval, but when the darkness takes over I feel a pair of warm lips press against mine. I let out a soft gasp but he shushes me, deepening the kiss.

“We have to be quiet. There are kids.” He mumbles against my lips, the words only audible to me.

“Wha–?” As I try to ask him what he’s talking about but then he turns the knob to the door behind me and I stumbled back through the doorframe. He finishes pushing me through the doorway, shutting it behind him and I can hear the lock clicking into place.

“Harry, this is your sister’s birthday party–” I begin to protest, but he silences me again with his lips.

I feel him taking out his phone, the small screen lighting up between us. He opens up a new text, directing it to his mother:
“Ran out of paper cups. Be back in 20.”

Harry lowers the volume of his ringer, pulling up a timer on his phone and setting it to twenty. He continues pushing me further back until the back of my knees hit the edge of his bed and I fall back onto his pillows, trying to prop myself up on my elbows. He crawls up ontop of my hips and straddles me, reaching down, his finger working fast and nimbly as he unbuttons his shirt.

“We’ve got twenty minutes. No screaming, moaning, groaning…” He trails off, reaching over and setting his phone ontop of his nightstand, reaching down into a drawer in his and pulling out a velvet tie. “Quickie sex is the best type of sex, in my opinion. It’s fast-paced, rough, hot and heavy. Trust me right now and I promise you this: In the next twenty minutes, if I make you come at least three times, you’ll let me keep the video of you streaking.”

“And if you don’t?” My mind is hazy with how fast he’s going– changing from an angry best friend fight to a quick fuck in less than two minutes is a whole lot to process, especially with everything that’s happening right outside the door. Harry had never really shown any sexual interest in me, but here he was, using his tie to gag me as he presses heavy open-mouthed kisses onto my neck.

“Then I’ll let you take a video of me jumping in naked into the lake at the park near your house later tonight.” Harry answers, his words not hesitating once.

I think about it momentarily and then glance up at him, the pure hunger that’s starting to cloud his gaze eating away at my defenses.

“You’ve got twenty minutes, Styles. Go.”


A/N: Thanks for reading, guys! Tell me what you thought and I hope you enjoyed it! :) sorry for any pesky typoes, it’s unedited! And as always, all the love! xxx

By: Andrea

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@universalhouseplant ☁️ She’s lovely. Her blog is cute, she posts about les mis, and reminds me of sunset. Soph’s a nice person who posts about pride and les mis. I’d love to talk to her more. Basically she’s fab. Your life would benefit from following Soph.

@vintage-jehan ☁️ is delightful. Browsing her blog is like walking through a beautiful gallery/library. It’s peaceful and features lots of les mis which I’m always a fan of. A wonderful person with a wonderful blog.

@vivalagrantaire ☁️ Firstly more Trinity which is never a bad thing. Secondly-quality les mis content with plenty of Grantaire. If you like les mis/quality les mis headcannons, then it’s imperative that you follow this blog.

@wanttodrawmothsfrommemory ☁️ Cas manages to be gentle and badass at the same time. She’s cheerful, gay, and adorable and must be protected at all costs. She also posts really cute selfies and says nice things. She even writes good poetry. Her kindness and use of “:D” means that her blog is a very good blog to follow. I feel very pleased to be her mutual.

You should follow these people to make your dashboard scrolling experience/life better. Thank you for reading, and thanks to the people I mentioned for existing.

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Can I have some pronoun validation? I go by Alexandra or Alexa and my pronouns are she/her and I love music and anime

Alexa!!! She’s lovely. Like,,, it’s amazing how lovely she is. She likes music and i wonder what her favorite kind of music is?? i like all music mostly but she probably has a really nice taste in music, i can tell because she’s so great. She also likes anime! i don’t know much about anime but i’m glad it makes her happy because she’s lovely and deserves to feel happy all the time!! i hope this helped her out! i also hope her day is fantastic and her week is wonderful

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okay how do i answer this without sounding like a crazy fangirl lmao

kat has one of THE best blogs on this website, like i can’t tell you just HOW GREAT her blog is?? so much amazing dan content that makes me want to cry bc i get overwhelmed with my love for dan on a daily basis thanks to her; she’s fucking hilarious and i don’t think i will EVER get spongebob licking dan out of my head anymore so thanks kat scdjsvsjsb
also great taste in music, great taste in fave f1 drivers, just a wonderful person in general??
(also fellow sebastidan trash which is always a great thing bc i need more people to feel the same pain i do)

idk man if you’re not following kat you’re seriously missing out, like…… what are u even doing

// send me a URL and I’ll tell you what I think of their blog //

denizkenarindahayaller  asked:

I have been taking Spanish courses in school since last year but i cant seem to work it all out in my head. Do you have any tips for studying languages?

Because I study Spanish by myself, I mostly rely on informal sources rather than textbooks. Here’s what works for me (besides using textbooks): 

1. Duolingo. I started learning Spanish last year with this app. It may not be that great in terms of learning grammar but it’s definitely very helpful when it comes to memorizing useful words and phrases.

2. YouTube - Lessons. I would definitely recommend Butterfly Spanish. I like the teacher and she does a pretty good job explaining complicated grammar concepts. SpanishSessions is also a great channel, especially if you’re studying Castilian Spanish like I do. 

3. Music. This is something that helpes me a lot, no matter which language I study. Listening to musiс is a great motivator to me because I naturally want to understand the lyrics (I use websites like this one for English translations). Even though I struggle to find music in Spanish that suits my taste, I would recommend to try listening to artists like BelindaAlvaro Soler, David Bisbal, Jesse & Joy or Kevin Karla & La Banda (the latter do Spanish covers of popular songs). 

4. YouTube - Vloggers. I use this to improve comprehension and also because (let’s be honest here) I like watching videos on YouTube. Some great vloggers I found: Lanita (she also has a channel in English), Rebeca TeránEynin24 and Coolbrush

5. Infographics. You can find a lot on Pinterest. I’m a visual learner so this makes learning new words and concepts a lot easier for me. 

As I said, this is just what helps me learn Spanish and stay motivated. Hope it works for you too. 

Anyway, ¡mucha suerte! 

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The sea and her shining sun!

  • Who’s the messiest one:
    Definitely Honoka! Umi constantly reprimands her about leaving her belongings so scattered, and she’s especially unhappy when she finds crumbs in the bed.
  • Who feels the most uncomfortable about PDA:
    Umi! She doesn’t like to be so intimate in public… it’s shameless!
  • Who’s the funniest drunk:
    Honoka is extremely giddy, giggly, and full of love! She just wants to sing and hug and make friends~!
  • Who texts the most:
    Honoka loves to remind Umi of how amazing she is and how much she adores her. She also tends to text Umi when she needs help with homework…
  • Who has the most embarrassing taste in music:
    Umi once tried to write lyrics for a new song by using enka music that inspired her. Honoka wasn’t a big fan.
  • Who reads the most:
    Umi! She loves to curl up with a good book and some tea, particularly on rainy days
  • Who’s better with kids:
    Honoka is great with kids. She can match their enthusiasm and energy, but she also knows how to take responsibility and keep a close eye on them. She also knows how to coax even the shyest kids out of hiding so they can join a game and have fun with others.
  • Who’s the one that fixes things around the house:
    Umi! She’s really physically fit, after all
  • Who’s got the weirdest hobby:
    Umi canonically practices idol poses when nobody is watching
  • Who cooks and who cleans up:
    They tend to take turns! Umi actually drafted a schedule for them to follow so each girl knows when to prepare for what task.

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Meet the celebrity makeup artist for Lancôme Ambassadress Lupita Nyong’o.

Behind every winning beauty look donned by Lupita Nyong’o, you’ll find the talented Nick Barose. And yes, that includes the now-iconic makeup she wore when she won the most prestigious golden statuette of all. He continues to dress the actress up in all her Lancôme glory, which includes using the new MIRACLE CUSHION—an innovative liquid compact that’s unique on the foundation scene. The Sephora Glossy recently chatted with Barose to talk celebrity makeup requests, discovering beauty in his native Thailand, and what he finds special about the new MIRACLE CUSHION. JESSICA VELEZ

How did you come to be a makeup artist?

During my teenage years, I got into fashion because my mom had a lot of magazines lying around. Later I moved to New York City to study environmental design. I loved it, but I knew it wasn’t for me, so during my last year I started pursuing makeup and doing test shoots with models from different agencies. My best friend told me that if I really wanted to take it to the next level that I would have to assist the big guys. He helped me write a letter to the great Kevyn Aucoin. Kevin called and booked me for NYFW and I got to work for him on many great magazine editorials and advertisements, as well as music video shoots.

What was it like growing up and discovering the world of beauty in Thailand?

My love for color came from the rich palettes in the art, theatre, and nature of Thailand. I grew up with many exotic and colorful birds like peacocks, pheasants, and parrots that my dad had roaming around our backyard. I often find myself using these types of colors for my makeup work. My grandma also had a Thai silk business where they used to dye the fabric at home and those colors were so unique. The way she’d pair the shades together really was Color Theory 101 for me.

Tell us about your first beauty memory.

I grew up with two sisters and many girl cousins my age, and I played with their dolls by dressing them up. I’d also have pretend fashion shows and photo shoots where I dressed up my sisters, cousins, and even our housekeepers. I’d style their makeup using my mom’s YSL and Lancôme products from her vanity. She’d always get mad when she found out I used her new lipsticks. My mom is a very stylish woman—she’s into fashion and beauty. Every morning she laid out her wardrobe with her purse, shoes, and accessories—then she’d select a lipstick to go with it. Now I find myself picking the lipstick to match my celebrity clients’ wardrobes.

What do you love about the new Lancôme MIRACLE CUSHION Liquid Cushion Compact Foundation?

I love the formula: It blends like second skin and it is so easy to apply with the sponge that comes with it. It’s also really easy to apply with your fingers, too. It has the consistency of liquid foundation and blends seamlessly for a silky finish that isn’t greasy. The easy-to-travel compact is perfect for on-the-go women today—or makeup artists like me that fly all the time and have many bottles that leak or break on the plane!

What’s your advice on using the cushion to deliver its best results?

Always apply and blend from the center of the face to the outside because it creates the most natural look. I also found that folding the sponge in half makes it easier to apply to harder-to-reach areas such as around the nose and right under the eye. The formula is really easy to blend, so it’s really about knowing the amount of coverage you want. For medium to fuller coverage that still looks natural, I apply it with the sponge that comes with it and gently pad it on. But for lighter coverage, you can use the “spot coverage” application technique by using fingers to blend it in on spots that need more concealment. This way, you don’t have to wear foundation on your whole face and it still looks bare and fresh.

You’ve worked with some of the most famous women in the fashion and entertainment worlds. What are their top beauty requests?

Luckily, I never get asked to do ridiculous things with makeup such as complicated looks that act like a mask. But, if there’s one thing they all ask for, it’s to make them look well rested. I learned to be quick (because nobody wants you to take an hour, especially at 6 a.m.) so the most important things are: skin, base, undereye concealer, and the right blush, so they get a fresh-faced look even though they are completely jet-lagged.

You’re the celebrity makeup artist for Lancôme Ambassadress Lupita Nyong’o, and you created the look on the night of her big win. What was that experience like?

It was unreal. We had a really hard schedule with a lot of traveling and crazy hours for the awards campaign, but Lupita is the sweetest, most down-to-earth and considerate actress you’ll ever meet. She likes to experiment with colors and makeup so that kept it exciting for me to never have to use the same lipstick or eyeshadow over and over again. She also has great taste in music so it’s always fun. Sometimes we start the day with a dance-off.


Shop the Lancôme MIRACLE CUSHION >


the cutest, don’t even try to discuss that w\ me. is a sagittarius and that basically means she’s the best person not only on the whole internet but also in the galaxy. thank god  sent that message, i’m loving the conversation and how natural everything is!1!!1! what else? have i said she’s the cutest person ever? loves xu minghao, another reason to think she is indeed the best person in the galaxy. probably leaves sparkle wherever she goes. is friendly, cute, nice, cool, easygoing, fun and has a great taste in music, shouldn’t i just say she’s the full package? the type of (internet) friend everyone wants to have and i just met her minutes ago. best blog ever, pls follow and send lots of love to her! 


Hello all of you beautiful people, I am so happy to announce that I have officially reached 500 followers!! When I first started this account I was still an exo girl and never thought I’d get more than a couple of dozen followers and now I have 500 of you amazing people following me. Thank you SO much for believing my blog is worth following; you all are absolutely wonderful in every way. Also, special thanks to warofhornymoans for the transparent Namjoon! Here’s a follow forever dedicated to my favorite mutuals! It is quite possible I forgot a few of my favs while going through my followers list and if that is so, I really do apologize. Please know I appreciate you all so much regardless! 

!bolded URLs are my absolute favs!

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I've recently started a book blog and I was wondering if you could recommend some blogs to follow? And why I should follow them? Thank you!!

Sure! I would be happy too recommend some lovely blogs for you!

rainydayscoffeeandbooks - Her blog is awesome, she post great book pictures, and she is so lovely! One of the best people on tumblr! A must follow.

gh-morgan - His blog is so calming and he post his awesome writing up there. A great person with a cool blog! Check out his blog and follow him!

nl93 - Her blog is so beautiful! She is sweet and the pictures that she post are always perfect! You have to check out her blog!!

bookmad - The queen on booklr! So sassy and nice. She knows a lot of about books and she is a wonderful blogger. Follow her!

missbookblogger - She is so nice and her blog is great! One of the most underrated booklr blogs. Check her blog out!

charlie-and-books - He is so nice and he is also one of the most underrated booklr blogs.

antstepsbooks - The cutest person alive! Her blog is amazing and she post awesome pictures.

theboywhoreadsbooks - He is so funny!! An awesome person with a cool book blog. 

hannahthebooklover - She is so sweet and her blog is awesome.

mychemicalbooks - She is the coolest person on booklr and her music taste is perfect!

tokillabookworm - He is funny, nice and has a great book blog!

dukeofbookingham - The Duke! One of the best blogs on tumblr!

duckduckbooks - Sassy and awesome! Need I say more? Follow her!

bookishmadness - So sweet with great taste in books.

buttermybooks - The art she makes is to DIE for! One day I hope to buy something from her! A really great blog! A must follow!

pollyandbooks - The sweetest person alive! Her blog is great! A must follow!

aperfectbookshelf - Her blog is so perfect and she is just cutie pie! Follow!!

paellego - Her art is life! Her blog is perfect! Follow now!!

paigeinbooks - Great blog and super lovely! Check out her blog!

I know I am missing some people but I have so much to do today that I can’t think of everyone right now! Sorry! But this is a good list. Follow everyone up here! Sorry if my reasons for following them is not great but I follow them because they are sooooooooo awesome! <3

Since somehow 1,000+ of you decided to follow a weird egg like me, I decided to show you guys some of my favorite blogs on here. I always get messages asking me what blogs to follow, so I started keeping a list a few weeks ago and here we are! So here are some of, in my opinion, the best blogs in this fandom (and my opinion is always right soooo yeah)! This is in no particular order :)

swifternet - Stephie is one of my favorite people on here. She’s sweet, hilarious, and honestly would cut off her own arm to get Taylor to notice you.
whit-tay13 - Whitney was the first person that I got to really know in this fandom. She was so sweet and funny, and reminded me of myself, and I think the world of her!
heypay - Paige is so hilarious and awesome and sweet. Also her tumblr parodies of Taylor songs will make your life complete.
swiftbat17 - Selene is a sweetheart, and funny af, so the perfect combo!
too-busy-dancing13 - Joanna is a perfect cinnamonbun that should be protected at all costs. She’s also wise beyond her years & sweet as can be!
imtheblankspace - Igor is bae and my favorite and I will hurt anyone who tries to go near him because he is everything this fandom needs! 
jtmaster13 - Jess is amazing! She is literally a friend to anyone and she eats anon hate for breakfast!
xylophone-in-clean - Lauren is such a sweet and compassionate person, and I’m highly looking forward to having a wine night sleepover with her!
letters-mingle-souls - Hanne is too sweet and one of the greatest people in the fandom. Hanne is everything, everything is Hanne.
redlippedswift13 - Paige is my little sister. She is hilarious and great and Taylor would probably die laughing if she ever saw one of her music videos.
itfeelslikeapurrfectnight - Courtney is a precious cinnamon bun and I love her so much
newlyromantickatie - Katie is one of my favorite people. She said she’d pee on herself to meet taylor, so needless to say she’s pretty awesome
idkmybfftaylor - Has some of the best edits I’ve seen!
welvindaagreat - Teresa is one of the best blogs on here, and her taste in shoes is superior to most people.
badbloodmadmadlove - Kels’ watercolor skills are everything! She’s also one of the sweetest people on here and I am obsessed with her blog!
iyam-amy: one of my favorite people! So sweet!
jacindyyy - Jacinda is amazing and brings fangirling to a completely different level
joetsantos: He is one of my favorites. Joe is perfect and would probably be amazing to drink with. But I probably couldn’t hang because I’m elderly.
wildest-swift - Beck is awesome and has an amazing blog!
swiftdec13 - Brittany is so sweet and pretty, makes wonderful posts, and is essential to the fandom!
its-a-swiftie-metafour - Caitlin and her mom are mother/daughter goals. 
tswizzleshusband - Matt is one of the sweetest guys ever, and despite his name supports tayvin :)
strangelookonhisface - We lurk each other often. Jen is hilarious, and she partially created the site to connect you to taylor,  so she’s highly essential and worth getting to know!
bakersgonna-bake-bake-bake - Mads is one of my favorite people. She’s insanely sweet, and she made Taylor the cutest sweater which I kinda want to steal.
clearblue–water - Ashley is AWESOME! I adore her and her blog!
crystalskiees - Ruby is such a sweetheart and she has one of the best blogs in the fandom! I love her!
tennisballer09 - Alyssa is so genuine and sweet, and I’m guessing that she gives the biggest hugs ever!
herhopeistreacherous - Lily is one of my favorite people ever, even though we were introduced not too long ago. I love her every single day except November 1, 2015 at 3:25 PM.
thisloveispizza Katie is too damn funny. I can’t even with her.
starletthing I absolutely adore Piper. She’s so funny, and so worth getting to know!
loveloveloveamy - Amy and I are very fond of lurking each other, and I would never change that. 
lastsummerwasmagical13 - Heini is beautiful, inside and out!
lovesagame-wanna-play - I love Ashli! She’s so pretty and sweet, and the definition of a cupcake!
stephanie-olson - Stephanie reminds me so much of myself. But in a good way. You’ll love her!
sarahwearsamask I love Sarah. And her blog. And she seems like she has the best cookies.
adriimejia - such a sweet and funny girl!
fireflyluz - One of my favorite people, and I absolutely can’t wait to meet her on September 9th!
savvyswiftie1989 - Love love love Savanna! Absolutely can’t wait to meet her soon!
swiftfan1994 - Joann is such a nice person, and she honestly one of the kindest people in the fandom. She’s always willing to help :)
republicofswift - Kelvin has some of the BEST posts! I absolutely love his blog!
swiftlytay1989 - Manika is so inclusive and incredibly nice!
cherrylips-crystalskie-s - We lurk each other pretty often. Her blog is so legit!
speakwow - Has some of the best original content!
boobeckaboo - Becka is so sweet, and her daughter Shelby is a precious angel!
swiftiekayla - Kayla is so so so sweet, and she has some great original stuff!
whenwesaidforeverandalways - Nicole is sooooo freaking funny. And her blog is bae.
a-swift-catastrophe - Diamond’s parents hit the nail on the head with her name, because she truly is a rare, shiny diamond. Love this girl!
drowningicanfinallybreathe - Guys I love Charlotte. I can’t tell you how many times she’s made me screech in laughter!
sunnyw0nderland - Kelly is very much bae. I love lurking her blog. She’s also very kind and thoughtful :)
winestained-dresss - Erinn is one of the people who I sincerely think could make you spit out your drink from laughter. Don’t follow her if you don’t like joy and hilarity.
confessionsofanawkwardswiftie - So nice and friendly!
actsofswiftness - I don’t know her well but I still love her and you will too!
alittletoomuchheart - Steph has made me cry tears from laughter. Her American accent is so on point. I adore her!
slayswiftly - I love Alyssa. And her blog. And her posts. And everything.
swiftiesparkleshine - Melissa is such a special person, and so deserving of friends on here! She really is a friend to all!
19eightyfine - She is in one of my squads, and her blog is a wonderful mix of happy!
seattleswiftie - I love Crystal, and I’m sad that I don’t talk to her as much as I used to, because we have so much in common. Hopefully that will change soon :)
wecantgetback - Literally introduced to her yesterday, but I can tell that she’s going to be a long time friend! Love this girl :)
wehadourownsecretclub - Cherish and I like to lurk each other. A lot. She’s a great person to follow!
haleyloveshugs - Haley is one of the blogs in the fandom that a lot of yall are sleeping on. FOLLOW HER NOW.
rockworm - Nathan is very kind and nice, helps out Swifties pretty often, and has a great blog. You literally can’t go wrong with him.
partayswiftie - Ash is hilarious and has hilarious and wonderful content!
jacqueline-wheeler - Jacqueline is literal sunshine. Her blog is everything and more!
originalswifty89 - I love Caitlin and her blog! She is a really nice and wonderful person!
thismadlove -  I think we might be each other’s number one stalkers. I’m absolutely OBSESSED with Victoria! 
i-i-i-shakeitoff - Heather is great and so is her blog! I love to creep on her! (But not in a creepy way, I promise!)
guiltypleasures-butnotreally - I love Sarah’s blog. And Sarah. End of story. 
cottoncandytayx - I loooooooove Katrina’s blog!
nicholelovesswift - We lurk on each other, but it’s pretty casual. Nichole is fantastic! 
thisnightwillsparks - Isabella has such an amazing blog! She’s also so kind and sweet!

5SOS Preference - He Talks About You In An Interview

(photo not mine)

Category - Preference

Smut or Fluff? - Fluff

Requested? - Nah

Pairing(s) - Ashton Irwin/Reader, Luke Hemmings/Reader, Michael Clifford/Reader, Calum Hood/Reader….you’re with everyone

Word Count - 863

Summary - Take a guess :P

Author’s Additional Comments - I never knew how hard preferences were until I actually wrote one. I was expecting them to be easier but, shit. I couldn’t even come up with a topic for like half an hour >.< I hope you guys enjoy it anyway!♥


“Yeah, Calum’s usually the one you see casually walking into the kitchen, full-on naked, as you come out of the kitchen eating like a bowl of ice cream or something.” Michael joked.

“What? No!” The interviewer laughed, not believing her ears. “Is that true?”

Calum just sat there smiling widely at the ground, trying not to bust into laughter, whereas the other boys were cracking up. “It might be a little true.” He admitted.

“Oh, god no.” She giggled, then her laughter died down. “But on a more serious note, Ashton.” She spoke, getting his attention. “There’s been some rumors going around about you seeing this Y/N girl. I’ll admit, she’s a sight for sore eyes, but are they true?”

Her question had Ashton blushing very deeply. His cheeks were a healthy red and he looked down, hiding his smile while scratching the back of his neck. “Well…its nothing serious. We like, met over twitter about 8 months ago and have been talking since then. We’ve only officially met each other just last week. Nothing serious going on.”

“Bullshit.” Michael spoke up, chuckling. “I caught you guys making out like three times.”

Ah, Michael. Never one to keep his mouth shut. Ashton’s face flushed brighter and he hid his face in his hands.

“Keep talking, Michael, and 5 Seconds of Summer will be down to three members.” Ashton jokingly threatened. “But seriously, she’s wonderful. I couldn’t have asked for a better girlfriend.”

“Girlfriend?” The interviewer said in shock, raising both her eyebrows.

“Dammit.” Ashton giggled and face-palmed.


“So, Luke, about your girlfriend Y/N.” The interview spoke to him, making his cheeks flush a bright shade of pink. “How is your relationship going so far?”

“Its great.” He grinned. “Amazing, even. Y/N’s like a rare breed.” He said, making Calum laugh quietly, but Michael laughed louder. Ashton was just trying not to laugh, but letting a few giggles slip out. Luke just rolled his eyes and chuckled also, before continuing. “No one I know has as big a heart as she does. She’s got a great music taste, too.”

The interviewer sat there smiling as Luke went on about you. “So she’s basically perfect for you, then?”

“Yeah.” He grinned and looked down, blushing slightly again. “She is.”

“A rare breed.” Michael muttered, still chuckling. “It sounded like you just called her a dog.”

“Well, she’d be a cute dog!” Luke poorly defended, laughing afterwards and making everyone else laugh.


“So, Michael, about your girlfriend Y/N.” The interviewer mentioned, and Michael playfully groaned. “How is she?” She giggled.

“She’s such a loser. She ran into my guitar this morning!” He laughed, making everyone else laugh as well. “She wouldn’t even get pizza last night! We played rock-paper-scissors on Mexican food and pizza and she won.” He jokingly complained. “Fuck, she’s annoying.”

“Sounds like your relationship’s going well.” She laughed and Michael lightly chuckled.

“No, we hate each other. We’re sick of one another. We slept in separate beds last night.” He joked, making the boys laugh harder.

“By separate beds, he means he slept on the couch.” Luke added along.

“Shut up, no one needs to know that.” Michael playfully scolded him. “No, but in all seriousness, she’s amazing.” He said to the interviewer, his laughter dying down. “I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect girlfriend. She puts up with me so much. I honestly don’t deserve her and I feel so lucky to be hers.” He grinned.

“I feel so lucky to be hers.” Calum mocked in a high-pitched voice, bobbing his head side-to-side to add effect. “Shut up.” He jokingly rolled his eyes.

“Calum’s mad because he doesn’t have a girlfriend who’ll play video games with him and I do.” Michael retorted.


“So, Calum, I’m sure you’ve heard of the rumors surfacing about you and this Y/N girl. Anything to say about that?” The interviewer asked Calum.

“Who’s Y/N?” He chuckled, obviously kidding.

The interview raised an eyebrow and showed a selfie on the screen that you and Calum took the day before. You were taking it and he was kissing your cheek.

“Are you saying this isn’t your girlfriend? You guys look pretty cozy to me.” She said in a joking manner.

“I’ve only met her once.” He said, trying not to laugh, whereas the other boys were full of chuckles and giggles.

“But this isn’t the only selfie you two have taken like this.” She retorted.

“Are you trying to tell me that Y/N isn’t a fan? That she’s my girlfriend? When did this happen?” Calum spoke, making Ashton laugh harder.

“If you don’t know her, how do you know her name?” Luke chuckled.

“Shit.” Calum laughed and looked down, defeated, making everyone laugh even more. “Fine, you caught me. She’s my girlfriend.” He admitted, as if no one already knew.

“Shocker.” The interviewer said sarcastically, making Calum chuckle slightly.

“No, but all jokes aside, Y/N is so perfect. She’s beautiful, sweet, musically talented, and the fans love her so that’s a bonus.” He said.

“Most of the fans.” Michael pointed out.

“Well, yeah, most of the fans. She gets hate here and there, but she doesn’t pay any attention to it. For the most part, they really love her. They ask for her every time the boys and I do a twitcam.” He said. “She’s just so lovable. I’m lucky to have her.”