she also asked for louis so

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What happened at Sirius hits? I was asleep xxx

basically the interviewers were rude and invasive as fuck.. they literally didn’t talk about music… they forced him to talk about jay in which he replied that he was uncomfortable with that topic then the interviewers replied with “oh but your fans love you” like it’s supposed to make him feel better????? his mum literally passed away like how insensitive are you. then the other interviewer had the audacitiy to ask louis to promote her song on a show where she was supposed to talk about HIS FUCKING SINGLE. they also basically ignored steve aoki and barely asked him any questions. what made it 500% worse was that people started going on insta to tell michael yo he was so rude and gross but then he deleted said comments and still has not apologized for his disgusting behavior

also louis took a pic with a middle finger up to the sirius logo which SAME.

can you believe in the middle of all of this louis had the wherewithal to ask steve to record a song with him and he managed to write something uplifting and heartwarming in dedication of his mother? that he was able to pour his love into a song that he gets to sing, and that steve is right there for him even though as far as we know they only met this year. that they managed to keep this private and process in peace. that this is how he chose to honor her and that he’s allowing us to be part of it; that he’s gotten to choose what he’s sharing, and that this is what he’s sharing with us. 

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What do you mean by moving out?

Not sure which moving out you’re asking about but, there was a video posted that shows Danielle and a friend (Lane) where the friend refers to Danielle as her “future roomie”. So people are speculating that the new narrative is that D is no longer meant to look like she’s living at Louis’.

Also, there was some Snapchat (that I didn’t see, so I have no link) of Briana and Ashley supposedly in a UHaul parking lot I think? And the house that B has been living in with “Freddie” is up for sale. Whether that is a coincidence or not, and whether the owner of that house is selling it because the contract for the stunt is over, remains to be seen.


All Bets Off  // Coming Soon 

If you were to look up a synonym for ambitious, Ava Riley’s name would come up. Her name would also come up under the following words: “unfiltered,” and “competitive.”

So it’s no surprise Ava finds herself agreeing when her cheeky roommate Liam Payne wants to place a bet that she won’t be able to bag the new foreign exchange student living two floors below them.

It’s also no surprise when Ava meets him and he’s seemingly interested in her company.

In which Liam likes to meddle, Louis is the personification of glue, Niall spills secrets, and Harry’s simply just Harry.

Coming soon to 1DFF

How babygate should end:

Louis and Danielle will take baby Freddie to Starbucks. They come out holding fro-yo and Danielle has a ski with her. No one asks questions. Louis is at first confused why the paps are there, but remembers he called them on the way to make sure they were there to document his A+ baby skills and capture the moment for Briana. Because she hates Danielle being with Freddie, but Louis thinks the outing may make her feel better about everything.

Harry is also out and about in the same public Starbucks with Kendall, the love of his life. Kendall brought copies of her 52 page Vogue spread along with all the Yacht photos, just in case anyone had missed them. Harry sees Louis, and due to the fact they are mortal enemies, he punches Louis in the face and they get into a fist fight. They realize part way though that this could be gay somehow, and because gay is the absolute most offensive thing they could possibly be, they decide to break it up simply for the no-homo.

Harry turns around to return to the love of his life Kendall, only to find that Sophia and Eleanor are now there and Kendall is oddly fascinated with both of them. Kris Jenner shows up to make it clear that Kendall is not a lesbian and brings extra copies of the Yacht photos for Eleanor and Sophia in case they got the wrong idea. Harry decides this is a prime time for an instagram photo in black and white. 

Louis has gone back to Freddie and Danielle, realizing he forgot the diaper bag yet again. He is also slightly confused why Freddie looks slightly different than yesterday, maybe babies grow really fast? Briana then shows up with her entire family, the mailman, her dentist, and the guy that took her order at Taco Bell the other day. They are all there to live tweet the event to their friends back home, but privately… because they’re all so private. Briana confronts Louis on why Danielle is there and why her son is there. 

Meanwhile Liam and Cheryl show up, as they also wanted to get Starbucks. They are on their way to getting another matching couples tattoo, because there relationship is 100% real. Zayn has been following Liam for hours now, and professes his love by playing him Pillowtalk and reminds everyone to buy his album. Cherly is confused, Zayn and Liam makeout. 

Suddenly, TMZ shows up ready to film. They have a lawyer and Jerry Springer (Louis’ grandfather), its time to reveal the results of the paternity test. It is revealed Louis is not the father, who is very confused because he truly believed this was his child and never thought to question it even when encouraged by his lawyer, team, and friends. Harry is excited because this might be the opportune time to steal a baby, something he’s been trying to do for years.

Niall drives up, he just got back from Antarctica. He sees everyone and hears a lot of yelling, he is confused because this is a vacation and nobody else seems to be on vacation. Niall quickly takes a selfie to document the mess, and drives back to the airport to head to Bangladesh. 

I for one am shocked, as is the rest of the world. Never could we have seen this one coming. 

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Hi, sunshine! I want to ask you for your head canon of the suitors' reaction to the princess which was so clumsy that cut her finger making them obento to confess. There was a lot of blood, but she doesn't crying or scared, although embarrassed.

Hello! Sorry this took so long Narsi :):):) I went….  kinda funny…….. I’m sorry OTL…..

Albert  *in a very stoic and honorable nature*  “I have a first aid kit in my bag Princess! Have no fear! I also know how to suture and bandage, it won’t even scar- I will take care of you love!” 

Giles *pulls her in his arms* “Come here love, I’ll call a nurse for you. You are such a brave Princess.”

Louis “Is that blood?!” *faints and has to be rescued by the Princess*

Leo *looks curiously* “You don’t want to get blood on that dress, better take it off.”

Sid *takes her hand an looks at it* “You’re a tough cookie- I’ll give ya that. Let’s get something to fix ya up. It probably needs sterilized.” *pours vodka over it*

Robert *crying* “This was all my fault! You’re probably going to get tetanus now!” 

Alyn “Suck it up buttercup.” *punches her in the shoulder causing the bleeding to worsen* “OH crap- I was jus’ kidding!”

Nico *bursts into the kitchen* sniff sniff* “I SMELL BLOOD. CAN I LICK IT?!”  (there was that part in his route he licked his wound, lolol… I did that once, but I was like 7) 

Byron *narrows his eye* “What is this bleeding thing that humans do?”

-but no seriously, they would all think the Princess is very brave, they’d hold her, press a bandage over the wound, give her a kiss, and call for a nurse (except, I really do think Al would know how to suture).

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That last El and Louis post you re-blogged hit it me in my feels please can you write something for them like a small prompt. Please!


eleanor’s sitting on his skateboard when he gets to his locker, pushing herself back and forth with a foot. she’s also got his jacket on. it’s too big for her, but she makes it look good. better than him, he’d reckon.

“how’d you get that, then?” he asks in lieu of a greeting and she smiles up at him. the front of the board bumps gently into his legs and he nudges it back.

“nicked it from your locker, didn’t i?”

“and how’d you do that?”

her smile gets bigger. “i know your combination.”

louis holds out his hand and she takes it, letting him tug her up so she’s standing. she’s still smiling, looking very satisfied with herself, and he resists the urge to kiss it off her face.

“did harry tell you?”

she shakes her head and laughs.

“zayn, actually. i was cold after ballet.”

louis pauses, cocking his head. “zayn was at ballet?”

“no, but he was smoking outside the door when i walked in.” 

“that does sound more like him.” he zips his rucksack and slings it over his back, slamming the locker door behind him. he doesn’t bother to lock it; there’s nothing important inside now, anyway. “i like your outfit.”

eleanor rolls her eyes and pulls the jacket a little tighter.

“i did just say i came from ballet.”

“mm, the legwarmers are cute.”

“dick,” she says affectionately and kicks him in the leg. it doesn’t hurt, not much, and he laughs as she tangles their fingers together. “i don’t know why i even date you.” 

“to steal my jackets after practice, i bet.” 

“ooh, you’re right. that’s the only reason.”

“c’mon, love. i’ll buy you a cuppa to warm you up, if you want.”

“there are better ways of warming me up,” she says, leaning in to nose at his cheek. he gets the hint and tilts his head to slot their mouths together, hands still linked together and his jacket slipping off her shoulders. he runs his other hand through her hair and she smiles into the kiss.

someone wolf-whistles and she flips them off before he can get to it.

“i love you,” he breathes around a laugh when they break apart, and she presses a tiny kiss to the corner of his mouth. 

“i guess i love you too.”

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What signs? Her not being active on insta? Which is full of hate 3 weeks running so I don't blame her. Them spending time with their friends instead of up each other's asses? Pretty lousy signs if you ask me, especially since they still follow each other and so do their friends and family.

Her IG has been “full” of hate since she started dating Louis, all she had to do was disable comments. End of it. Look back before Christmas and compare her sm activity, she used to like every single pic of anyone related to Louis. Every single one. She hasn’t liked one. Not one. Not even his pic. And she’s been back for awhile now. Also I wouldn’t be here saying is not important since you guys praise social media so much. When she was liking his family and his pics it was everything, but now she’s not it doesn’t matter? Ok
Also she’s moving from his house which?? Since she has been “living” with him for months and months (even when she had that YouTube movie - so unless her next job is in another state that’s not the reason - and she’s moving with her friend to LA - so why movie from a 7M mansion anyway?) But yeah, there’s no signs for sure. Whatever helps you sleep at night, buddy

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Top 5 blogs on Tumblr

Omg ok I follow so many lovely people but I’m not gonna be a coward 😆 I will however give you a top five that’s a good range. Not in order:

@slytherinbisexual and you’re gonna think I’m biased but she’s 1D and Larry af and also posts good fashion and beauty stuff. I followed her in the first place cos her blog was great and honestly and I had a blog crush.

@thatspartofyou a good mixture of harry/Larry/ and larrie discourse without veering into obnoxious and just a general great blog! I tend to agree with most opinions 😆

@ifheartscouldfly just the sweetest person on tumblr. Like I’m pretty sure if there was an award for the nicest and most liked actual person G would win because she’s lovely. Spreads positivity wherever she goes ❤

@appreciatetommo my favourite Louie blog who actually likes louis for who he is. I appreciate that they’re here for louis no matter what because not enough people are. Plus just great all round louis content.

@adultfansofonedirection just a very positive place within this fandom. Make some very funny posts and they just seem lovely!!

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omg, steven was asked about the clown thing in an interview w/ ew: "does mycroft have a clown phobia we don't know about? my wife does, she's terrified of them." you, cruel cruel man, steven. then again the crack in the wall was something that scared louis so like the man has form. he also has a lovely rant about donald trump, which is interesting since he's usually far less vocally political than mark.

Hey Anon just read that here. Liked the clown context and the no comment on Smallcroft! The author did spell Mark’s name wrong and claim wee!Sherlock wanted to be a pilot though, which would be Cabin Pressure…

WELCOME BACK TO BETHANY BEACH !! is that ( ANDREW ATKINS ) ? i heard he is ( 22 ) years old now and everyone always talked about how they resemble ( LOUIS TOMLINSON ) . he wasn’t sure he was going to come back to bethany, but being the ( TICKING TIME BOMB ) of the group, he felt he had to ; they had all made a promise after all. despite sticking to his word, people know just how ( IRASCIBLE ) and ( HARRIED ) he can be. however, he is also ( TENACIOUS ) and ( VALIANT ) which makes up for it. i heard they spent their years away from here ( BARTENDING ) but you’d have to ask them. ( nemo, she/her, 23, gmt+1 ) .

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"Louis blacklisted Freddie so obviously that's not his child." I'm wondering if he blacklisted "larry" also because when was the last time anyone asked about that? If he blacklisted that, it should mean that larry isn't real either, right?

“Louis hasn’t said anything to defend Freddie so he doesn’t love him/Freddie isn’t his son”

Louis: [doesn’t say anything about the fact that people were tweeting stills of pornography to Fizzy]

Louis: [doesn’t say anything about the fact that people told Jay to delete and sent her hate when she posted pics of or talked about her grandson]

Louis: [literally blocks “larry” from his instagram comments]

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Put a snuggie on backwards and flip the cape over the monitor. It's the only solution! XD (Or turn the brightness and contrast down on the monitor... Makes it much harder to see.)

ahhhh hhahahhaha. No i actually whipped out some cross stitch (a surprise for @misshoneywheeler ) and worked on that for a bit while I watched Versailled.


This show is so pretty. I am on episode 9. I ship Louis x Good hair and Doctor Lady x Fabien Marchal. I also ship Henriette x “I would ask that you refer to me as ‘Your Highness.’” (esp. since i know what is coming for her #soon.)

Also Sophie x Happiness. She is 2 pure 4 this world

Daddy Adrien

So we all saw in the first episode that Marinette wants three kids with Adrien, but what I don’t think she expected was that he also wanted a big family.

He had grown up feeling so neglected and alone, that he wanted to make sure their kids never felt like that.

So after they have Louis and Emma (who were unexpectedly twins), and then Hugo, and finally little baby Claire, Adrien become Super Dad.

He’s so scared of being anything like his father that he sometimes annoys the kids with too much attention. He tries too hard to spoil them and bend over backwards, sometimes overworking himself to make sure he can do everything any of them ask him to.

Just once, Emma wants him to say no when she asks to play dress up when she knows he’s working. Just once Hugo wants Adrien to let his friend’s parents pick him up instead of driving himself.

Marinette understands why he does this, but she knows that the kids need to be independent too, so she keeps him balanced. She threads her fingers through his hair and reminds him that he is not his father, and he never will be. She places kisses on his temples as Louis catches the bus to school with his friends for the first time.

She reminds him that they have wings too, and sometimes they need to be spread. She’ll hold his hand as he watches the kids leave. She’ll kiss his nose as the kids call to say goodnight at a sleepover. Because she knows it’s hard for her to let them go, she knows that it tears him apart. But she knows that there is no better partner for her than her husband, and there is no greater bond than the one they share, and there is no better father for their children, even if he holds on too tight.

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Weird but plausible theory, i've only brought up a couple of times but what if Louis needed a baby for the stunt and Briana wanted a baby so she agreed, and so it is his kid technically but the agreement was that she just raises as her own and she gets publicity she wants and also a child. That would make sense since he does look like Louis. Any opinions? I've shared this before on my blog and some people like it but only a few people responded.

well for that i’d have to believe that briana was ever pregnant which…… uh

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They've bullied Danielle into silence too. She used to be so active on insta and she’s not anymore. And then she had to turn off her comments. It hurts my heart because she shouldn't have to deal with any of that just because her and Louis are together.

Same. And although it hurts to think about how hard it must be for people who come into Louis’ life and face that level of vitriol, it also really amazes me because what does it say about Louis’ character, and how he treats people in his life, that they stick by him even through all of this?

Danielle said repeatedly about Louis when asked, that he treats her so well. How much worth her while, worth Eleanor’s while, worth his friends’ while, must Louis make being associated with him, being loved by him, that even though they have to deal with threats and animosity and coordinated efforts to smear them (we mustn’t forget what has been said about Oli and Calvin in order to discredit their friendship with Louis, either!), they still stand by Louis when it matters. That they give up parts of their lives to be there for him, wherever and whenever he needs it.

What an incredible person Louis must be, this person that Larries consistently try to portray as being delighted that these same individuals are trashed and vilified in the media, that they are people he and his family hates and wants to exclude.

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Also didn't Danielle take Clifford with her to Chicago last year? When she was visiting her family? And Louis wasn't there so I bet it's either her dog or they got it together.

Oh yes you are right. I forgot about it. But even if the dog belongs to him, Danielle takes care of Clifford too. So anyway lets just appreciate how cute that picture is 🐶


Emma- dark hair and green eyes,
a giant weeb who will fight for her siblings

Louis- blond with green eyes
(Nino tried really hard to get them to name him Adrien junior until Mari threw a pillow at him so hard she broke his glasses all without waking up the newborn she was holding)

Hugo- spitting image of his mom but tall like his dad,
quiet, but smarter than anyone he knows

Felix- blond hair blue eyes,
the youngest and will be salty about it forever, may or may have been an accident

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The thing is Olivia potentially being brought back in is whats bugging me. If Brett&Tammi didnt use a surrogate Brett has to have another kid we dont know about but have enough info (address and shit these dumbass ppl freely gave to us)to find out about. It would also explain why the baby was in the fathers day pic and also the 2 invisable ppl that stayed with B&A in England. Curious what did Olivia do around the time of the December UK geotag stunt? Theres a reason im asking I promise!

Anonymous said:Olivia doesn’t follow louis. Probably means nothing but honestly I think she doesn’t care about this stupid stunt after she found out the truth

Anonymous said:Also, just so I’m clear, L never followed O when B first introduced O as Freddie’s nanny last spring.

- I really don’t know, anon. As soon as she was off the pic I stopped following her on social medias. Maybe someone has an idea?

- But if it was just Louis following her it’d be like??? The shady thing is that B,T and A all followed her few days ago and now they’re playing friends again and O mom’s posting pics of the baby. If she didn’t care anymore, why would she be in the middle of this again?