she aint you

  • simon: [drinks from a rat]
  • elaine: what the- [calls doctor]
  • also elaine: raphael sweet boy i need you to come here asap and check on your bf, my beautiful angel son, i know you love him and he'll listen to you pls
  • raphael: [drops everything and arrives in 2min flat]
  • elaine: let me just [closes the door]
  • also raphael: i ain't no delivery man amigo

Everytime someone talks shit about my beautiful chubby jewish baby being a “bad protagonist” or an “annoying character” or EVEN a fucking “Nazi Hugger” all I can think about is poor Rebecca being like… 


♛ things i loved in 2016
✘ 2/10 characters
➮ moana

30 Day Writing Challenge Day 5: Rain

The first thing Yuuri registered when he woke up was the soft pitter-patter of rain outside.

He smiled. Rain meant he could stay in bed just a little longer, since Victor liked to drag him out for a morning run. He liked running, but he also liked the feeling of just waking up, when your bed’s still warm and it’s the most comfortable place on Earth.

Yuuri pulled the sheets up to his neck and burrowed into his bed. He felt so nice, so warm and boneless. He could almost fall asleep again…

An ice cold hand traced over his side.

Yuuri shrieked and tried to wiggle away from the intrusion. An arm wrapped around his middle and pulled him back against a hard chest.

Yuuri turned over and saw a slightly blurred Victor. He smiled down at Yuuri and bent forward to kiss his forehead. Yuuri smiled and pushed his face into Victor’s neck. The hickey he left there last night stood out on his pale skin.

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disney modern AU

Snow White, better known online as @poison_apple7, is a fashion blogger with a love for nature, vintage fashion and old movies. She is never seen without her iPhone, talking selfies with her roommates or posting her #ootd. Snow quickly gained a large following because of her humble nature, how she would promote self-love and that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. 

Though she tends to get into a lot of online drama with makeup guru, @therealevilqueen, Snow White is still the fairest of them all (at least according to their follower counts!).

I hope you don’t mind, I drew your original character keiko.

Love your art, please keep up the great artwork!

“First Times” Castiel x Reader

Word Count: 2,261

Castiel x Reader, Dean x Reader (platonic)

Request: I was wondering if you could write a Castiel x reader smut where y/n and Dean smoke weed together and are having a great time and Castiel, y/n’s boyfriend, comes in and asks why she’s acting so strange and tells him she smoked weed and explains his father grew it. Castiel gets curious and asks to try some, and after a little while, it begins to make him horny, and smut ensues from there.

Warnings: Language, marijuana use, bad attempts at mild humor (lol), smut, unprotected sex

a/n: laughing because I’m writing this and I’ve literally never smoked weed once in my life

“Oh, it is good to be home.” You groan out, putting your purse by the front door as you enter the bunker.

“Talk about it.” Dean agreed. “We haven’t had a hunt run that long in years.”

You, Sam, Dean, and Castiel were all hunting a werewolf in New York. Cas was new to being a hunter, so you guys decided to let him get the werewolf.

“It’ll do him good.” Dean had said in New York. He was wrong, since Cas was knocked out cold and the werewolf got free. You love Cas, he’s your boyfriend and he’s amazing and you were worried about him, but that really just annoyed you. Not because he messed up. But because that meant you had to stay even longer, trying to track the werewolf down again, before Sam finally killed it. You hadn’t been at the bunker in almost a month, and you’re ready to sleep in your own bed again.

“I’m going to sleep, I’m exhausted.” Sam yawned, and retreated to him room.

“Hey, Y/N, you wanna-“ Dean started, but the look you gave him made him not finish his sentence. Cas was still in the room with you guys, and he didn’t know about your little “secret”.

Ever since you and Dean had found that bag of weed last year on a hunt, you two had been smoking together. At first, it was merely just a one-time thing. You two had found the bag, and figured “why not?” Neither of you had smoked it since you were teenagers. But once you two realized that, hey, it’s actually pretty great, you’d been smoking it more often together. It was yours and Dean’s secret. No one knew about it, not even Sam, because of course Sam would disapprove. But it was the only thing that actually made you and Dean relax, which god knows you need relaxation in your life. Being a hunter is the most stressful job in the world.

“Yeah.” You say quickly, glancing over to Cas, who seemingly wasn’t even paying attention. He was looking at his phone oddly, probably trying to figure out how to use it. He’s very new to all these human things, and if you’re truthful, it’s pretty adorable.

“Hey, Cas, we’re going to bed. We… have things to take care of. You good to stay out here? Or just go ahead and go to Y/N’s room if you’re tired.” Dean asked Cas, raising his eyebrows.

“You two are going to bed together?” Cas asked, hurt seeping in his facial expressions.

“Not like that, God no.” You rushed out. “You know I love you. Only you. Not Dean.” You walked over to Cas, pressing your lips up against his. He immediately relaxes, his body no longer tense. You pull away after a moment, hoping that settles his worries.

“Damn, Y/N, I’m not that repulsive.” Dean dramatically puts his hand over his heart. “What I meant to say is that we have some stuff to take care of. Nothing serious. Don’t worry, Cas, she loves you and I can promise she aint cheating on you.”

“Well, okay. I trust you two.” Cas says, and then walks down the hallway, disappearing into your room.

“Really, Dean? ‘We’re going to bed?’” You give Dean a glare once you see Cas shut the door, unamused. “You couldn’t have worded that any better?”

“If you just told him, we wouldn’t have to be so secretive about this whole thing, it’s not my fault!” Dean whisper-yelled. “Okay, okay, you’re right.”

“Yeah, I know.” You rolled your eyes. You follow Dean to his room, shutting the door behind you. Dean pulls out the bag from underneath his bed. Joints were already rolled up, thankfully, because you aren’t that great at rolling it yourself. Dean, though, had skills like none other.

“You got a lighter?” You ask.

“Do I have a lighter,” Dean scoffed sarcastically, pulling a lighter out of his top dresser drawer. He hands it to you, and you light the joint up in your mouth, inhaling.

“Fuuuuck, I needed this.” You exhale, the smoke exiting your mouth. You instantly feel better, your insides lighter and you just feel happy.

You and Dean just sit there in his room for a while, laughing at the dumbest of things, just in general having fun. You’d try and tell him a story, losing your train of thought about half way through, making both of you crack up.

“We need some food.” Dean says after a while.

“Yes, oh god, do you have any cookies?” Your eyes widen, the thought of cookies making your mouth water.

“Oreos, baby.” Dean smiles. You grab on to his arm, walking out of the room. It’s been a few hours since you gone to his room in the first place, and you two figured that everyone would be asleep by now. It was clear to leave the room.

You’re standing in the middle of the kitchen while Dean was in the pantry getting the Oreos. You were starting to feel your high slightly wearing off (although still prominent) when you saw a familiar man in a trench coat walk down the hallway.

“Hey, baby!” You yell out, holding your arms open for him to hug you. “Come here!”

“Y/N?” Cas cocked his head to the side, an odd expression on his face. “Why are you acting like that?”

“I just want to love on my boyfriend, is that too much to ask?” You frown. He walks up to you, holding your face with his hand.

“Why are your eyes red? Why do you smell like that?” Cas was becoming worried, you could tell.

“Oh, relax old man. I was just having some fun, smoking some weed.” You didn’t even care that he knew. If you’re honest, he probably didn’t even know what weed was.

“What is weed?” Cas asked. “Is that what is making you act so, what’s the word you humans use… Giddy?”

“Weed is… Well it’s a plant you smoke.” You frown, unable to think of a better way to explain it. “Umm… I guess your dad made it? It makes you happy, and relaxed. And hungry.”

“I think I might like this ‘weed’ you are talking about.” Cas says. “Is that what you and Dean were doing?”

“Yeah. ‘M sorry I kept it from you. Didn’t know how you’d react.”

“You do not need to keep anything from me. I don’t care what plants you smoke.” Cas kissed your forehead.

“Do you want to try it?” You raise your eyebrows. “Smoking weed? We still have some.”

“I would like to try it, yes.” Cas responds. You walk over to the pantry, and see Dean peacefully asleep on the floor, a package of Oreos in his hand. You giggle, and walk back over to Cas.

“Come on.” You grab his hand, leading him to Dean’s room. You grab the bag and take out a joint, handing it to him. “We can do this in our room.”

You take him to your shared room, and sit down on the bed with him. You instruct him to put it in his mouth, you light it up for him.

“All you gotta do is inhale. Just don’t try and keep it in there for too long, you’re new to this so you’ll probably cough a lot.” You tell him.

“Do I smoke the whole thing?”

“No, we’ll share.” You smile, and he takes his first hit. As expected, he starts coughing, but he goes in for another one almost immediately.

“Slow down there, tiger.” You laugh.

“I don’t feel any different.” Cas frowns. “That was underwhelming.”

“Give it time.” You laugh, patting him on the back. After a few minutes, you can tell its hit him.

“This is fun. I like this.” Cas says after a while. “My father knew what he was doing when he created this. I am starting to enjoy the human life.”

“Be sure to thank him for me if you guys ever actually meet.” You take the joint from his fingers, taking your own hit now.

“Y/N?” Cas says with a questioning tone.

“Yes, Castiel?”

“I seem to have an erection.”

You almost choke on the air you’re breathing when you hear that. You love Cas to death, but goddamn is he so blunt about everything. You glance over to his lap, and sure enough, he has a hard on.

“Well, I mean, that can happen. Some people get horny when they smoke. It’s no big deal.” You shrug your shoulders.

“Should I watch porn?”

“Oh my god, Cas.” You laugh. While you and Cas have been dating for quite some time, you’ve never actually done it. You’ve had some make out sessions, sure. But every time you would go to have sex, someone would either walk in, or Cas would start being all nervous (he knew absolutely nothing about sex) and nothing ever came out of it.

For example, the first time you tried to initiate more than kissing, you had crawled onto his lap and started to grind onto him. Cas was extremely confused and was asking why you were “rubbing your clitoris onto his jeans.” …Dean and him had a long talk after that.

“Dean said that if I get an erection I should watch porn.” Cas frowned.

“You could. Or, you know, you have a very sexy girlfriend right next to you that can help you out.” You whispered into his ear. You could see him gulp, and the tent in his pants get bigger.

“I- I want to, but I just don’t… I only know what I’ve seen from porn.” Castiel admits. “There is many kinds of sex.”

“Yes, there is. You’re right. What do you want?” You position yourself so you’re sitting on his lap, his hardness pressing into your pants.

“I want you to ride me.”

You were slightly shocked by how he just openly stated what he wanted. He’s always been so shy about the topic of sex, always nervous if we even just get to second base.

Cas grabs your cheeks, pressing his lips into yours. He kisses you hungrily, all tongue and teeth, as you begin to unzip his pants. He lifts up his hips and you break the kiss so you can pull his jeans down, leaving him only in his boxers. You take off your own clothes, leaving you completely exposed.

“Fuck,” Cas hisses, and puts his hands on your waist to pull you closer to him. You grind your bare clit over his hard cock in his boxers, the mixture of your wetness and his pre cum surely ruining his boxers.

You reach your hand into his underwear, pulling out his length. You start to pump slowly, earning a low moan from Cas.

“This feels better than I ever imagined.” Cas moans, his head thrown back in pleasure. You giggle quietly, and bring your head down to him, swirling your tongue around the tip. You play with the tip for a few seconds before taking him all the way into your mouth.

“Fuck fuck fuck,” Cas grabs your hair as you work on him. You’ve never heard him cuss like this before, only works like “ass” or “damn”, so you know you’re doing a good job.

He pulls your mouth off of him suddenly, and lust is filled in his eyes.

“I don’t want to cum in your mouth.” Cas explains, and he brings you on top of him.

“Are you ready?” You ask him before lining up your entrance with his cock. He nods, and you lower yourself down slowly.

“OH,” you moan out as he fills you up, hitting you deeper than you ever thought imaginable. You place your hands on the bed beside you and move your body up and down on Cas, the sounds of skin slapping against skin filling the room.

Cas grabs your hips and helps you bounce up and down on him, only making the pleasure higher.

“Cas, oh my god, yes,” You basically yell, not even caring that you two weren’t the only ones in the bunker. They’re probably asleep anyways.

“Y/N,” He moans, bucking his hips upwards onto you. He flips you over to where he is on top now, and pounds into you at a fast pace. The both of you are close, you can feel it.

“Oh I’m going to cum.” You breathe out, your nails digging into Cas’ back. Just as you finish saying that, the familiar feeling of your orgasm hits, and you scream out in pleasure, yelling Castiel’s name. This brings Cas to his own orgasm, and you can feel the warm spurts of cum filling you up inside.

“Oh my god, that was.. That was indescribable.” You breathe out, Cas rolling off of you and lying to your side. He wraps his arms around you, bringing you into a sweet kiss.

“That was much better than porn.”

Request: a one-shot based on the song by New Hollow, 'She Ain't You' where the reader breaks up with one of the brothers, and after that time that has passed, (maybe a few months?) Sam/Dean comes back to her saying that he has been dating someone else, but had broken up with her because he realized he loved y/n more than the other woman. Sorry if it's too long!

Sam Imagine

*Third Person POV*

Sam’s arm dangled lazy on Leah’s shoulder. She was talking about a movie she wanted to see, or maybe about a book; Sam wasn’t really listening. His mind kept wandering back to Y/N, the one that got away- or the one he pushed away. It had been three months since their breakup, three months since the last time Sam was really happy.

Sure, he found a new girlfriend almost right away, but she was no comparison to Y/N. Or maybe it was that Leah reminded him too much of Y/N. They had the same dazzling Y/E/C/ eyes, but Sam couldn’t get lost in Leah’s eyes like he could Y/N’s. They had the same music taste, but Sam always found himself enjoying singing with Y/N more than with Leah. 

“Are you listening?” Leah asked, bringing Sam back to reality.

“Huh? Yeah.” Sam answered absentmindedly. 

“Then what did I just say?”

“You said we should go see a movie.” Sam guessed.

“No! I was talking about a concert!” Leah exclaimed. “Why do you never listen?”

Sam stared at Leah for a moment, silently deciding what to do. He decided to be honest. “I’m sorry, but, I don’t think this relationship is working.” Sam said, and even in his own ears it sounded lame.

“What?” Leah asked in disbelief. 

“I’m really, really, sorry. You’re really nice, but I’m still in love with-”

“With Y/N.” Leah finished, anger lacing her words. “That’s fine. Whatever. Good luck getting her back.” She spat, then pushed away from Sam. 

Sam sat there for a few moments, guilt sitting in his stomach. But along with the guilt was another feeling, one of excitement and hope. He could get Y/N back.

*Normal POV*

God, you loved libraries. You were in Ohio, on another hunt. You had no idea what you were hunting. Which led to the wonderful trip to the book cave. 

You walked in, the scent of old books hitting you. People rushed around carrying novels for enjoyment, some held encyclopedias, others carried almanacs. The loudest sound throughout the area were the pages being turned. It was peaceful.

You walked into the ‘supernatural’ section and grabbed an average book on lore. You also grabbed one on local lore, hoping it would help. Then, you found a nice, solitary table, and sat down. 

You’d been reading for about an hour, and hadn’t found anything. You learned a lot about monsters in general, but there wasn’t anything matching the case. Sighing, you closed the book and grabbed the other one. 

“Are you done with that?” A familiar voice asked.

You looked up and saw Sam Winchester. You stared at him for a few moments, unsure of how to react, just processing him being near you. The last time you’d seen him he broke your heart. He had claimed that you couldn’t date, saying that the hunter life style wouldn’t permit it. You ran away from him after punching him in the jaw. 

“Take it and go.” You said, your voice cold, then you turned back to your book.

Instead of leaving you, he sat down. “Can we talk?”

“Sorry, my hunter lifestyle doesn’t permit me time to 'talk.’” You spat.

That visibly effected Sam. His eyes widened, and his shoulders slumped slightly. He ran a hand through his hair, and it made a painful memory of you running your hands through his hair as you kissed flash before your eyes. 

“Y/N, I’m sorry. I’m sorry I broke up with you, it was the biggest mistake of my life.” You scoffed slightly, but he continued. “I’ve tried moving on, I really have. I dated another girl, but I was thinking about you the whole time. Y/N, I love you. Please take me back?" 

You stared into Sam’s eyes for a moment. He had tears gleaming in his eyes. Guilt was evident on his face, and he seemed so helpless. But the most important thing was how he made you feel. Since you’d seen him all you wanted to do was wrap him in a hug and kiss him like all those times before. You still loved him.

"If you ever break up with me again, I will kill you.” You muttered softly, then hugged him. Sam let out a breath that he was holding, and hugged you back tightly. 

“I won’t. I promise.” He said, kissing the top of your head. You moved your face up, so your lips were only inches apart. Sam got the message, and kissed you. It felt like you never left.

(I hope you like it!)



You promise? I promise. part two

Note: I hope you guys like this!! Enjoyyyyyy!

Warning: angst, swearing, smut

part one

You sat next to Daryl as he lit up a cigarette on the front of Hershel’s porch. You both sat in silence and you leaned your head on his shoulder, feeling his muscles work as he brought the smoke up to his lips.

“I saw Merle today” he said bluntly.

You lifted your head up and looked at him in shock. “What-”

“He wasn’t real, it was just an illusion cause of the blood loss an’ everything”

Daryl had gone out looking for Sofia again today and he came back in bad shape, but Hershel was able to fix him up.

“What did he say?” you asked, thinking back to a time when you used to watch Merle taunt Daryl, and you’d get angry whenever he went back to him like a loyal dog.

“He helped me. I had to climb up the side of some cliff and he was motivating me to get up”

“Motivating you how?”

“Telling me to stop being such a pussy, to toughen up and remember who I am” he offered you a smoke but you declined. “He practically saved me, that asshole” he let out a small laugh.

“He didn’t save you Daryl” you said, making him look at you in confusion. “He wasn’t there, that was all you. Don’t think that your brother is saving you all the time just cause he’s there. I mean, like you said, it was an illusion, you got yourself up there, you don’t owe him anything.” You finished, looking out at the fields.

“You’re right” he nodded his head and wrapped an arm around you, bringing you closer to him.

You leaned your back against the car as you mindlessly kicked dust around on the floor. You were waiting for Rick to get back with Daryl from Woodbury, Glenn and Michonne kept you company. You were starting to drift into a daydream when you heard shouting from the forest.

“Rick!” you heard someone shout. You and Glenn exchanged glances before you ran to the sound, Michonne trailing behind you. You came to a clearing when you saw Rick and Daryl arguing, little did you know who else they were with. You stopped in your tracks to catch your breath back, but then Michonne came from behind you with her sword raised.

“Hey!” you shouted, aiming your gun at her as she ran past you.

Then everything happened at once. Rick stepped away from Daryl and pointed his gun at her and that’s when you saw who was standing behind him, Merle. Your heart skipped a beat and you were shocked when you saw Glenn lunge for Merle, Daryl holding him back. You looked at Merle, confusion written all over your face. You remembered back in Atlanta when you went to find him, but all you found was his amputated hand.

“What the hell is he doing here?” Michonne and Glenn shouted in sync as they were struggling to push past Daryl and Rick. Daryl had enough and pushed Glenn back, telling him to back off.

Your eyes flicked over to him and he held the contact. He knew you weren’t happy to see Merle. You were never a huge fan of him and Daryl saw the hatred glowing in your eyes.

“Put the sword down!” Rick said, pushing the gun against Michonne’s forehead. She hesitated before lowering it and everyone took a breath.

“Well I guess everyone’s missed me!” Merle said, laughing at everyone but he stopped when his eyes landed on you. You shifted in place, feeling a little uncomfortable. “And I see you still have (y/n) following you ‘round. She aint get you killed yet?” he turned to Daryl.

“Say that one more fucking time!” you shouted, raising your gun and strutting towards him. You blocked everything out and you only focused on him, not realising that you were now holding the gun up to his temple.

You saw him smiling and you came back to reality, Daryl was trying to pull you away and after a while you finally let him. He slowly took the gun out of your hand but you kept your eyes on Merle.

“I missed you too” he said, pouting his lips at you.

“Shut up Merle!” Daryl said, still watching you to make sure you don’t try anything. You took a step back and Glenn started talking.

“He is not coming back with us! Do you know what he did to me? To Maggie!”

“And he was hunting me down” Michonne added, keeping her voice low.

Rick placed his finger and thumb on the bridge of his nose before turning to Daryl and Merle. “He can’t come back with us”

Daryl looked around at all of you but you didn’t look at him. “So, you just gonna make me choose? He’s my brother Rick”

“I understand that but-”

“You can’t ask me to leave him.”

Merle stood silent up against the tree as he was watching everything unfold.

“If he goes, I go” Daryl said, making you look up at him. He held eye contact with you but quickly looked away.

“You don’t have to do that” Glenn said, his voice soft. “You don’t owe him anything!”

Daryl looked over to you and you spoke up. “We’re your family now Daryl, sometimes water is thicker than blood” you said, making Merle scoff.

“I aint leaving him”

Anger started to bubble inside of you at this point. How could Daryl be doing this once again. You had seen this happen repeatedly in the past, he would always go back to Merle no matter what. You remembered all the times when Merle would make Daryl take the blame for some shady shit he would do, and it was always you who had to find the money to bail him out. Or times when their father would beat Daryl, and Merle would say nothing as he watched it happen.

“What the hell is wrong with you?” you asked, your voice surprisingly calm.

“(Y/n)-” Daryl started but you cut him off.

“No! Don’t say anything. You can go off with your brother and hope that he’s changed, that maybe hell actually look out for you for once!” you raised your voice, taking everyone by surprise. “He’ll get you killed Daryl, he only cares about himself but you still run back to him! You always give him a second chance!”

“Like you always gave me one?” Daryl shot back, making adrenaline pump through your body. You felt a familiar fight coming on. “You’re out here judging me for giving my brother all the chances in the world when you do the same shit with me! I mean how many times have I promised to change? Huh? It aint happening, he’s my brother and he always will be, so get used to it!” he finished, his chest heaving from how angry he was.

Tears threatened to spill from your eyes as you felt like an idiot for actually giving him all those chances. He was right, he wasn’t going to change. You walked up to him, ready to slap him but you stopped yourself. Instead, you kept your voice calm as you spoke.

“Well you’re shit out of luck Dixon, all your chances have run out” you spat, turning on your heel and walking back to the car.

“What’s this?”

You stood in front of the counter at the police station, $1000 sitting in front of the man.

“Bail for Daryl Dixon” you said, tired of going through the same procedure nearly every week.

He hesitantly took the money and started counting it. Once he was done he showed you to Daryl’s cell and you looked at him disapprovingly. He avoided eye contact when the cell door slid open and he walked out. Once you were outside you trailed behind Daryl, he was heading in the direction of your car until Merle pulled up beside him in his truck, music blaring.

“C’mon brother, there’s a party down at Andrews!” Merle shouted out the window over the music, completely ignoring the fact that he had gotten his brother into this mess.

“I’m heading back with (y/n)” he shouted back, continuing to your car. Merle eyed you up and down before laughing. “Shit! She bail you out again? How much do I owe ya?” he smiled, looking at you.

“About $8000” you said, rolling your eyes as he scrunched up his face.

“You’re ripping me off”

“Whatever Merle” you said as you and Daryl got in the car and drove off.

“Thanks for bailing me out again” Daryl mumbled as you got closer to your apartment.

“It’s nothing” you said, knowing that you got paid enough to bail him out every day.

You parked up and walked to your door, walking in and kicking your shoes off. You stretched out your arms and fell back on the sofa, letting your body relax after a long day.

“You alright?” he asked, sitting next to you.

“Long day” you smiled at him.

“How about I help you relax a little more?” his voice was low, and you giggled as he kissed your neck, his hands roaming under your top and over your waist. You let your hands drift over his body and you took his leather jacket and shirt off all while he was kissing and sucking your neck. He used one hand to take your top off and then expertly he unhooked your bra and immediately took your boob in his mouth, his tongue swirling around your nipple. You moaned as his hands explored your body, warming you up. He moved down to your jeans and undid the button, you lifted your lower half up to make it easier for them to slide down. He growled as his fingers dug into your thighs and you eagerly reached for his belt, undoing it and helping him take it off. Once you two were completely naked you laid on your back, Daryl climbing on top of you and holding himself up on his hands. He kissed your lips, forcing your mouth open with his as he bit your bottom lip. He kissed down your jawline and then to your neck, making you moan at his touch. He grabbed his cock in one hand and pumped it a few times before pressing his tip against your entrance, slowly rubbing himself up and down before slowly pushing in, making both of you sigh from pleasure. He held still for a moment, enjoying the feel of you around him. He dropped his head to the crook of your neck and began to move. It started off slow but he quickened his pace as your moans got louder. He breathed against your neck and started to suck at your it, making sure to leave a dark bruise afterwards.

You could feel your high coming on quickly, between Daryl’s grunts and thrusts, your body was experience an immense amount of pleasure.

“Fuck” Daryl said, his voice strained as his release was coming soon. You grabbed into his shoulders and dug your nails into his skin as he fucked you harder, making you squeeze your eyes shut. You could feel him begin to throb in you and he moaned your name, sending you over the edge. You curled your toes and grabbed onto the side of the sofa, gripping the material in your hand. You arched your back into him as you saw stars flash right in front of you.

Daryl thrusted in you a few more times before he finally pushed in hard one last time, holding himself deep in you as he spilled his seed out. He gripped onto your neck and squeezed as your tight walls helped him through his high. He pulled out of you and you bent your legs so he had space to sit down. He pulled his boxers on as his chest rose and fell. You placed your legs back on him and you pulled the small blanket onto you from the floor. Daryl rested his hand on your calf and kissed your thigh.

“I love you” he said, his breath back and his eyes on you.

You raised your head and smiled at him. “I love you too Daryl”

It had been a couple of hours since you got back to the prison. You were feeling angry and heartbroken, two emotions that should never be mixed. You stalked to your cell and shoved everything you owned into a bag. It wasn’t a lot, a few clothes, your gun and a hunting knife. You zipped up the bag and slung it around your shoulder.

Walking through the courtyard, the whole group was staring at you with questioning glances.


You continued to walk and ignore Ricks calls. He soon caught up with you and was walking by your side.

“Hey” Rick touched your shoulder but you angrily shrugged it off. “Where are you going?”

“I’m leaving”


“I need to be on my own. Feelings get people hurt and the longer I stay here the harder it’ll be to watch people go”

“No one’s going-”

“Look around Rick!” you snapped, stopping to face him. “T-Dog died, the farm is gone, Lori is dead and now Daryl is gone!” You saw the hurt in his eyes but you started walking again, leaving Rick standing on his own as you opened up the gates and left for good.

“Where is she?”

Daryl paced around in your cell, Rick standing just outside, watching him as if he were a caged animal.

“Where is she!” he shouted louder.

“She left” Rick replied.

Merle laughed from outside. “She was right, you’re shit out of luck!”

Daryl lunged forward but Rick held him back. “Shut your mouth jackass!” Daryl said.

He pulled away from Rick and ran a hand through his hair. “How long ago did she leave?

“A couple hours ago, maybe”

Daryl said nothing as he grabbed his crossbow from the floor and staked out of the cell.

“Where are you going?” Rick asked, walking with Daryl to the main door. He said nothing but Rick knew what he was thinking. “Daryl it’s too dark, go in the morning-”

“Na, the tracks won’t be fresh” he grumbled.

“Let her go little brother” Merle said, his voice echoing against the walls.

“This is your fault!” Daryl suddenly turned and punched Merle in the face, making him drop to the ground. “She was right about you man, go to hell!”

He turned and walked off, leaving Rick to help Merle as he left the prison in search of you.