she ain't playing

Two choices tied on my twitter poll - first up, kanamari Xmas pic~

(≖ ͜ʖ≖) expected outcome for these two fufu

This may be me but I feel after Nat got a taste of reality tv, how producers can edit you anyway they want, and how fans take to you as a personality by either adoring you or ripping you apart from the edits, I 100% feel that Natalie isn’t going to be in any sort of drama whether fights or romance and has a “in it to win it” mindset. ESPECIALLY AFTER JAMES, I know she’s not going to be seriously entertaining guys like Bananas. I just feel like she’s ready to take this show on and it’s already showing in the first episode, I’m so proud

My little sister must have lost EVERY LAST BIT of her mind posting some mess like this on instagram. My baby girl JUST turned 16. WHAT IN THE WORLD. Calm ALL the way down before I have to take you down to the river and drown your sins away. I rebuke this in the NAME of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.