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i’m mad that i had to make tara’s hair blonde because she isn’t blonde but they didn’t have a proper in-between blonde and brown to choose from so we’re stuck with her looking like it’s season four forever i guess 

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💢 - What frustrates your character more than anything? - minerva

Minerva: “well, as a Dratini I would’ve said it was whenever people wouldn’t take me seriously… and thought just because I wasn’t small didn’t mean I couldn’t deal some big damage.

But now…

If anyone messes with, hurts, or does anything to my girlfriend. I. WILL. END YOU.” *various upset hissing noises*

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get down on your knees and give Legall a blowjob in the middle of Snowdin

“w-what?! no! absolutely not!”


“fuck you! I will absolutely–”


not do that! I’ll come ba–”


“aaack you sadist!”

Fists clench against the shocks. Nope. She ain’t doin’ it.

HP 4/8!

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Hayley Williams of Paramore in Ain’t it Fun

made for my (tumblrless) sister, Grace. Happy birthday!

My little sister must have lost EVERY LAST BIT of her mind posting some mess like this on instagram. My baby girl JUST turned 16. WHAT IN THE WORLD. Calm ALL the way down before I have to take you down to the river and drown your sins away. I rebuke this in the NAME of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.