she actually hates him

A difference with Lillie and Gladion

One thing I think about with these two are how Lusamine potentially raised the two of them.

It is sad to say that I think everyone can relate to feelings of your parents manipulating your own choices in life to match their own will…

One thing that gets to me is how Lusamine herself treated UB01 and Type:Null. It is possible she could have easily projected this on her children, prompting Gladion running away years earlier.

To summarize:
UB01 - Powerful by sheer existence. The ultimate beauty. It has no will of its own, so its own will is reflected from its host.

Type:Null - An experiment created to fight the ultra beast. Keeps its helmet on until it fully trust someone.

So my idea would be along the lines of Lillie facing worse emotional trauma because Lusamine would be trying to zap her of her own will. Gladion left the foundation woth torn clothes from Null, so it might be safe to say he had more physical neglect tossed at him, even if he wasn’t meant to fight the ultra beast.

If this is the case, it is easy to understand why Gladion left so early.

Agatha was so self aware and it was kinda scary?? Like she knew her place in the story. She knew that she had to play the girlfriend and stand stoically by Simon’s side, whether she actually loved him or not. She actually really hated the magickal world but felt like she didn’t have a choice at where she stood. And then she found solace in Lucy and Ebb, and took her way out–to California. Because she was smart and actually had some sense of self preservation. Idk, I just have so many feelings about Agatha.


CS little moments appreciation [4/?]

Requested by @quirkykayleetam

It’s amazing how much is behind three little sentences. That entire scene was very strong, but I think my heart really broke at that moment (even more than on the I loved you) because at that point Hook felt that by using “tough love” approach, he made the DO angry. He spent decades evoking the darkest side of the DO, and there he was feeling that he was doing it again, in that case by rejecting the woman that he loves. He was so used to being the person the DO hated the most, that he actually thought she would punish him for his words like Rumple did for so long.

You also see him totally accepting it, accepting the sacrifice and price for trying to show her that she can’t have both. She can be the DO, or be with him. But not both. In a way, he was willing to make the same sacrifice he did in the past, and give up the Jolly once more in order to get her back, in order to save the woman he loves that he believed was so deep within her at this moment.

And as much as Hook’s face is breaking my heart, so does Emma’s. Because she knows what the Jolly means to him, and you can see how hurt she is by the fact that he actually thinks she would ever take it away from him. And from the wisdom of knowing the real story now, we also know that everything she did was in order to save him, and there he was, looking at her in the complete opposite way, thinking that she would want to avenge him for his rejection.

These last words “the ship’s yours”, coming to say how she respects his wishes, his individual life and possession, but as a CS shipper I couldn’t help but take these words in the fandom sense of the words. At that moment I felt like dark Emma was leaving Hook also to lead the CS ship, kind of like taking care of “the kids” while she’s away. Because she knew that as much as it was painful to hear, he was right, she was deceiving him there, even if for a good cause, she was more of the DO there than Emma, that is until she said these last words, that was the real her talking.   

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The  CS little moments appreciation project

Brother spending too much time at the lab? Do you miss him dearly but you can’t bring yourself to say it? Cling to his leg and prevent him from moving out of the house for the day. That’ll solve the problem, because he certainly can’t drive his moped with you latched onto him like a koala. 

Mini-Baymax also likes to help, for the ‘please stay home today’ double-whammy

Please imagine Blake just constantly roasting Sun around people and no one can tell if she actually hates him or is just that comfortable around him. Sun knows it’s her way of acknowledging him.


Sun: Ha! I don’t cry.

Blake: You cried the other day when you saw a snake



Sun: I heard Sun Wukong had an 8-pack that he was shredded

Blake: Well I heard he just painted the last two abs on.

Sun: Slander!


Blake peels bananas wrong around Sun just to get him mad. Sun retaliates by catching fish and just leaving a trail of them in places he knows she’ll find them. Many poor bananas and fish have been lost to this food fight.

Just give me more Sun and Blake interactions where they aren’t carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders.

I want an unusual celeb plot where he’s famous and she’s not even a fan of him. They meet one night at a club and she flat out tells him she’s not interested. He doesn’t take no for an answer though and spends the rest of the night trying to get her attention. Reluctantly, she gives him her number so he leaves her alone. Little does she know that he’s on a mission to get the one girl that doesn’t want him. So he sends her flirty texts, cute little gifts, and even sends her plane tickets to come out to see him. She decides she has nothing to lose and just enjoys the ride while she’s on it. BUT NOPE SHE’S TOTALLY NOT HAVING ACTUAL FEELINGS. SHE HATES HIM.

Dear the writers of teen wolf:
GIVE ME A REASON WHY DEREK DISAPPEARED OF THE VOID OF THE EARTH THANKS. I get Tyler left the show willingly I’m not pissed about that and I wish him well in all his future roles and projects and just life in general. What I am pissed about is that Derek as a character being so under appreciated from day one like 90% OF HIS FAMILY IS DEAD AND NO ONE REALLY CARED OR TOOK PITY ON HIM FOR THAT. Plus he went through so much with almost dying 100 times and loosing his powers which again no one really cared expect Braedon. Like he is such a good character and had such good development and Tyler was such a good actor at playing him that he deserved a better farewell then a head nod and getting into the car and leavening. ​

Dark Princess. //Draco Malfoy x Reader

 ➣Title: Dark Princess

 ➣Prompt: Being Voldemorts daughter

 ➣Paring:  Draco Malfoy x Reader

 ➣Warning(s): Being Voldemorts daughter is bad, so wArNiNg.

“Draco Malfoy is coming,” Pansy squealed, “Act cool.” She whispered as he came closer. I rolled my eyes, as she giggled loudly, Draco looked at us. I kept my eyes on his grey ones; he smirked slightly as I looked away. “Did you see him staring at me?” she squealed again. “Yes,” I muttered. She went on and on about Draco and how he’s “in love with her” which is rubbish. He doesn’t love her, he actually hates her, but as she talked about him I just nodded and hummed.

We walked to the Great Hall, getting ready to eat dinner. I had been starred at when I walked down the halls of Hogwarts, but today was different, more people were starring, whispering, moving away from me. I saw Draco standing at the door with Crabbe, and Goyle. I walked past them nodding, “Boys,” I simply said as I looked at Draco’s eyes. I walked past them, as I was I was tripped. I fell down on my knees, before looking back. I watched as the two bigger boys laughed, and Draco walk towards me. He put out his hand, helping me up. I smiled at him; he gave me a faint smile. I started walking towards Pansy and sat down beside her.

I sat in the common room, it was pretty late and I was sitting in a chair by a window. I had been twirling my wand in-between my fingers when I heard footsteps. “Who’s there?” I asked, looking towards the staircase, “Malfoy,” a faint voice said I looked at him, I could see his dark mark, making me look at it. “Why are you up?” he asked, I looked at the window again, “Couldn’t sleep,” I muttered, he nodded before agreeing. He came and sat down in front of me, putting his head on my knee. “Why do you have the dark mark?” I asked, looking down at him again, he had put his attention on the moon, “I was chosen.” He said, I felt some tears in my eyes. ‘Chosen.’ Played over and over again. “Me too.” I whispered. “I just thought you chose to be in it.” He said sarcastically, “Haha, very funny.” I muttered rolling my eyes, “Want to hear a secret?” I asked, looking at him, he seemed interested, so I went on. “I was born to be Voldemorts daughter, he got my mum pregnant in their seventh year, and she put me up for adoption. Bloody idiots,” I muttered the last part. Draco had looked up at me, making me look away feeling tears in my eyes. “I shouldn’t really be at this school, but both my mum and dad are Slytherin and so are my adoptive parents. They’re both Death Eaters too.” I muttered.

I had fallen asleep in the chair, and Draco had fallen asleep on the floor, he had his head on my lap. I woke up to someone stomping away from us. I opened my eyes and looked at everyone. “Go,” I muttered, closing my eyes again. I started messing with Draco’s hair, trying to wake him up. I heard him mutter something under his breath, “Draco wake up.” I mumbled, “No,” he muttered, I groaned and threw my head back. “You git,” I muttered before moving his head. “I want to go to Potions and go eat,” I said throwing the blanket I had, on top of Draco. “I don’t want to get up,” I groaned, “Too bad, you can come and sleep later. I’ll be skipping some of my classes anyways.” I shrugged and he lifted his head, opening his eyes, “Fiiiine.” He whined getting up.

We finished potions and everything and went back to the common room. I had claimed to be sick, and needed help getting back to the room, surprisingly they bought.

Draco had forced me up to his room, so he could sleep. I sat on his bed as he cuddled into my side. I ended up falling asleep soon after. We woke up to the pain of the dark mark. “He needs us,” I muttered into his chest, he nodded. “We have to go,” I whined sitting up, he nodded again. I apparated us to the destination which my father was. I was standing in the door way with Draco, tons of people already there. Eyes had turned to me, making my eyes flick to the ground. I walked to my seat, which was beside Voldemorts, Draco sitting beside his parents. “Now on with the meeting.”



natalie came into the house and immediately got the ditzy girl edit. watching the feeds, she proved everyone wrong as someone who could stay under the radar, while observing what was happening in the house and being a key part in destroying paulie’s game. she was also one of the first people to notice he controlled the house. her partner for weeks brushed off her warnings because, just like mostly everyone else in the house, he thought she didn’t understand the game and wasn’t worth listening to about game. only once nat, bridgette and michelle blew up paulie’s game did he realize he needed to go.

natalie is one of my favorite players to come out of bb18 and the edit she got on a weekly basis was ridiculous as she was given 0 credit. natalie was the brains behind her and james alliance, not the other way around.

i’m extremely proud of natalie and she was the highlight of the season for me.


I want your  c o n f e s s i o n.


Okay so I know that there have been many posts about what a nerdbomber James Potter was but I still haven’t seen many fics that portray things that way

Forget this whole manwhore James and inexperienced Lily - give me Jily who are both virgins

Take away the cruel James looking for a fight and give me the Weasley Twins - esque boy who just pranks the Slytherins when he gets bored

Get rid of this notion that Lily hated James (remember that we only see one fight in Snape’s memory - we see the Golden Trio fight a lot more than that) and start showing them as housemates/friends - not necessarily best friends but still not enemies

Don’t get me wrong the whole “bad boy James has actually been in love with lily forever but she hates him so he sleeps around” story is intriguing and entertaining. But it just doesn’t fit as well.

genji feeling that he owes mercy in some way, that he was wrong to hate what happened to him and she actually did him a Big Favour, is at best an unhealthy attitude he would need to move past. if what she did to him plunged him into a horrible spiral of depression and self-hatred for years and years, he has so, so little reason to feel positively towards her actions at all. 

‘she saved him’ as it looks so far, overwatch turned him into a cyborg weapon completely against his will. in my mind its likely they gave him a choice between death or becoming their new asset- so, no choice at all.

it is laughably bad writing to portray mercy as genji’s saviour when she is the cause of his chaotic self hating phase that he needed years of guidance to get over. it is borderline repulsive to think a romantic relationship would be possible there with that history.

genji doesn’t owe mercy shit, she medically experimented on his body and dehumanized him by carrying out overwatch’s plan to turn him into a weapon, and it sure doesn’t seem like she’ll apologise because none of the OW team thinks she needs to. 

tldr; Bad Ship. genji has other people in his life (zenyatta) who should mean far more to him and have done so much more for him than mercy ever will. mercy should be a person he leaves back in a difficult past.

ilikeyoshi  asked:

i'm so late to this but if you're still doing them!!!!: 14 & 15 for rajni, 6 & 22 for anjali?? :3c

14: Pet peeves. Tell us what would really tick them off. Do they have a Berserk Button?

Nope. Nothing makes Rajni angry anymore. The only time I can think of is aaaaaaaaages ago when she walked out on Yaereen, but now she’s just. Rajni’s unemotional. Aesthetically it would be fucking cool if she got pissed at people, because she does creepy and dangerous really super well, but she’s seen too much and knows too much to get outraged at anything at this point.

She can get vengeful but most of it stems from her sense of How Things Should Be - see her opinions on Garrosh “I Killed Thousands Of People Which Means Rajni Goldsinger Has To Spend A Lot Of Spirit Time Cleaning Up After Me” - rather than actual anger? She hates him, because if you had to usher the souls of that many people to Wherever so would you, but she’s not angry. Just tired. 

15: Does your OC have any awful fears? Do they get paralyzed with fear or can they work through their fears?

She’s lowkey afraid of the future, but only in the sense that she knows she’s going to be hanging around for a very, very long time, and not necessarily happily. In the last few years or so though, she’s grown out of a lot of her fears and she’s steadily approaching nirvana, so At This Point I would say that she isn’t deathly terrified of anything and her task now is to turn that into wisdom. 

These are actually very frustrating questions for Rajni specifically and thank you for asking them because she’s so detached a lot of the time that intense emotions are just. nah. She doesn’t have time for that she’s a busy lady.

6: What is your OC’s family situation? Do they get along? Do they fight? Or are they alone?

Anjali’s family’s all dead. Their mom died from illness when they were about seventy or so and their dad died in the Troll Wars. Their grandparents died in the Scourge invasion, along with their aunt and cousin, and their husband and a lot of extended family. The remaining members are two second cousins, who are undead, and some of their husband’s family who are off being magisters in Silvermoon.

Amusingly, the closest thing they have to family at this point is Pip, because his (elven) dad was their mom’s best friend. Yup. Let that sink in.

22: If given a million dollars, what would your OC do?

They’re actually really poor, so just the thought of having that much money is ???? what do. They’d stew on it for about a week before going to the closest church and asking them. 

Which, in the end, would probably lead them to: buy a flat, open a bank account, put money in bank account, sort out basic needs etc, go to an actual doctor for once, then donate the rest to the church. They’ll know how to spend it in ways it should be spent. I don’t think Anjali themself is philanthropic enough to give it away to like. charities or people who need it or whatever, but they wouldn’t mind if that’s what the church did. 

They’d also definitely use a chunk to pay off their debts to Pip and Orasi; not that those two have been counting, but Anjali definitely has and while their math is, objectively, shit, they know how to add.

Starter for @youhavethatspark

Fear. She was afraid. Usually when you get to meet someone who has been your hero for a long time, you’re excited or nervous, but Amelie was genuinely afraid.

What if he didn’t like her? Didn’t think she was cool? What if he actually hated her? The thoughts were unbearable and she barely noticed him walking up to her.

Next thing she knew, she was face to face with a chest. She looked up and there he was. Spark, leader of instinct. He was so much taller in person.

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Champion of the Inquisition AU

I dunno if any of this is a good idea, or even interesting. Maybe it’s all tropes and dumb, but I wrote the idea out anyway. Please call me on my bullshit.

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