she actually has emotions

Fanart of Pidge from Voltron!!

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I didn't get a wink of sleep last night

A slightly concerned look passed over Domino’s face (a look that few people had really seen). “That is a bit unhealthy, you know. Why did you not get any sleep?” She stepped forward, examining them up and down quickly. “Is that your normal sleeping pattern? Or is it abnormal for you to sleep that little?”

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What's up? :)

Oh hi nonnie, thank you for asking !!! ; o ;

I’m really tired right now actually, I stayed up the whole night and was going to just hang out alone the whole day at home but mom decided to come over and clean up my place and go through my clothes to throw away what I don’t wear anymore, plus bringing up super awkward and heavy topics constantly and then be completely non-receptive to my answers….

So it’s been a rough day, but I just took a lil nap and ate so I feel a bit better now ;v; I think I’m gonna draw lil something and then pass out in bed for the night !!

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What did you think of the 4th sneak peak for Sharknerdo? Do you think Paige finally realizes distancing herself from Walter has really hurt him? More so than letting him work things out himself? Its like she thinks he actually has no emotions so her actions wont affect him whatsoever... From the sneak peek, it looked like a switch inside her head has been flicked and she can finally see how she has been hurting him. Now all I can I wonder is how they are going to repair their relationship...

That sneak peek was something that definitely needed to happen, and hopefully they can both move forward off of that.

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my baby hashirama meeting a foreign princess and just becoming engulfed with her. imagine them having long walks in the garden and the young hokage spotting just how beautifully the light plays with her hair or how tempting is the scent of her skin when he gets just a little closer. imagine him noticing how small her hand looks in his or how paralysing her glance is.

I love this~ (honestly. I totally pictured Mito in this, because for the longest time I thought she actually was a princess) 

  • Hashirama has no problem with displaying his emotions clearly on his face. When he meets this foreign princess and their grace and beauty totally fazes him, you can see the blush creep up onto his cheeks 
  • Immediately he would engage in conversation with them eagerly, wanting to get to know them and talk to them as much as he can. The nature walks would be fantastic, filled with his charismatic demeanor and light air to himself. 
  • Let’s say the nature walk was in Konoha, so filled with beautiful trees and foliage. The sun falling through the tree canopy and onto the foreign princess’s face would distract him from the conversation, and if he’s really not paying attention to anything besides her I can totally see him accidentally tripping over a tree root (which is so funny to me the trees betrayed the tree man lol) and he would be so charmingly adorable about it. Try to cover his embarrassment but he just ends up being cute
  • If the foreign princess was into his charm and charisma (and honestly who wouldn’t be), and they let out a tiny laugh after he trips, he would be so happy about it. He would think, “At least I got her to laugh! Even at my own expense, it is worth it!”, or something along those lines
  • Hashirama couldn’t help it, if he was super struck by her and if they ended up having a lovely time on their nature walk he would jump straight into it and ask them on a date. He would seem really cool and elegant as he asked her on a date, but if she said yes Hashi would grin like a fool, smile all the way back to his home  

some doodles of my OC Midnight, who’s the fankid of Vortex and Nocturne in my DPAU. Her skin is literal stars, and it changes based on her emotions, her hair is also clouds. She actually has no nose or mouth, but she can still talk. Her voice is a bit echo-y, and she can also talk to people through their minds.

You know something that makes me happy?

Like, REALLY happy?

The fact that during the HTTYD series, Hiccup cries like at least five or six times. And it’s portrayed as perfectly okay.

And it’s not romantic silent perfectly-dripping-down-the-nose crying. It’s ugly, messy, face-in-the-mud crying. And it’s one of the most important things ever.

Because, unlike SO MANY book series where children or teens have a totally unrealistic lack of tears, Cressida Cowell is showing her child-readers that even the best heroes have emotions, even the best heroes crack, and cry, and sob, and scream, and that just shows they are BETTER heroes, because they CARE.

It’s not even just Hiccup. Camicazi cries more than once. CAMICAZI. The super-strong heroine that is not just a stereotypical hot-badass-warrior-woman, but who is ACTUALLY HUMAN, who is imperfect, and who HAS EMOTIONS. She is not a weaker character because she cries when she thinks she’s lost one of her best ever friends. Hell, VALHALLARAMA cries in Book Eleven. VALHALLARAMA BREAKS DOWN IN TEARS.

And this is SO IMPORTANT, it is absurd. Crying does not mean weakness. In fact, I would say it means the opposite - crying shows that a character has feelings, feels the world crashing down around them, AND KEEPS GOING ANYWAY. If that is not strength, I don’t know what is. And for once, an author has decided not to shy away from teaching kids AND adults this vital lesson. And this is one of my favourite things ever.

I remember I used to hate krista but when I started reading the manga I’m like YOU GO GIRL. I usually tend to hate female characters as they’re so feminine or too emo but Krista is like just relatable and like actually NORMAL. Like no she’s not all nice she actually has human emotions and she’s not a fake person. She is pretty and tough. Unlike most female characters she also is not fan service. I watch a lot of shonen so I’m usually like could you tone down on the boobs please and thanks. Krista has to be one of my favorite female characters out of all the shows I watched. I’ve grown to really like her. Tough but still stays cute. And i love her and Ymirs relationship, it’s not fan service or anything. They’re not lesbian to entertain the male audience. They deeply care for each other and just want to protect each other. I hope they see each other again, they deserve it. I just felt like sharing that.

okay but i just keep thinking about how natasha’s arc in AoU could have been SO MUCH BETTER! like even the sterilization thing could have been less gross under the right circumstances. because i’m sure it DOES affect natasha. and i’m not opposed to a nat who wants children and is deeply affected by how the ability to have them was forcefully stripped from her. but that conversation needed to happen with someone she actually has been shown to have enough of an emotional connection with to talk about something so deeply personal. nat doesn’t share even the most superficial parts of her history easily, let alone something like this.

in my head how this conversation could have/should have gone down:

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I desperately need Lapidot in a fucking cliched human high school AU where Peridot is the freaking nerd president/only member of the science club who is desperately crushing on Lapis, the emo scene kid who is too “cool” to express her emotions (but she actually has several journals of angsty song lyrics/poetry), and since Peridot knows nothing about love she has to rely on her friend, naive freshman Steven who loves romance books and shoujo manga, for advice.

Featuring/guest starring Pearl as the valedictorian/class president, Garnet as the star quarterback who’s super popular and super nice to everyone, and Amethyst as that one kid who drinks Red Bull mixed with coffee everyday.

Just as Much

Request: HEYY! Could you do a Dean x reader oneshot where the reader has really long hair but she’s badass, aorta the only thing girly about her. She has to cut it for some reason(she actually gets emotional about it) and she makes Dean help and he makes her feel better?

Warning(s): None

Author’s Note: This was so fun to write, I hope you like it, Anon!

You made the decision when a vamp you were hunting got the jump on you and decided it would be fun to pull you by your hair. Your hair was long, down to your waist, and it was the only girlish thing about you. Your hair was your pride and joy and to cut it was an unthinkable idea; cutting your hair was like Sam cutting his, but that hunt had been the last straw.

You ran your hands through your newly cut hair, letting out a sob. Tears were running down your face at a rapid pace. ‘This is silly,’ you think to yourself as you watch your reflection, ‘it’s just hair. Plus, this is more sensible for a hunter.’ You had your hair cut in a pixie cut, and it looked good on you, it did, but it wasn’t the same.

You hear a knock on the bathroom door and you turn and stare at it.

“Y/N, Sweetheart, are you in there? What’s wrong?” You hear Dean’s voice, laced with worry, drift through the wood of the door.

You open the door and fall into his quick embrace. You bury your face in his chest, tightly gripping his shirt in your fists.

“Hey, what’s wrong?” He asks, moving his hand to rub your head comfortingly.

“My hair,” you sob.

Dean seems to have just noticed the change in your hair’s length, but he seems unfazed, just a small pause before asking you what’s wrong with it.

“It’s so… so short!” You exclaim as another sob escapes your lips. You feel Dean kiss the top of your head.

“Well, Sweetheart, I think it looks amazing and before you know it, you’ll love your short hair just as much as you did your long hair. It’s going to be alright, okay?”

You look up at Dean, seeing the sincerity in his eyes, “Okay,” you whisper.

He smiles, “There’s my girl. Now, what do you say we go to that diner down the street? I’m starving.”

Iris 100,000% deserves to be in charge of her own future and insist on that and want to prove it.

But you know a way that Iris could be in charge of her own future and prove it? By being given the fucking space and maybe, you know, a damned sounding board so she could face up to and figure out her own emotions and make a choice. Future newspaper doesn’t matter. What Iris wants and feels matters and whether they line up is irrelevant as long as she has actually been allowed to follow her own genuine emotions and desires.

But instead the show has artificially forced her into a position wherein the only way to “prove” that she controls her own destiny is to cling to a lie and deliberately NOT actually examine or consider her own honest emotions or desires.

Owari no Seraph fandom no

Please no

The anime is out for like a week and the shipwars already started. Please no, don’t be so childish and don’t let this fandom become toxic too. Yes I know Mika and Yuu are really close to each other and they are trying to save each other. But please don’t shit on other people. Felid jokes on their relationship really reflects the behavior of the fandom. He’s making fun of their relationship and to be honest he’s damn right because look how people reacting to it. I knew this would happen just ugh. Please don’t do this people. Don’t shit on people who don’t ship Mika and Yuu. And don’t shit on Shinoa for having an actual crush on Yuu. She has emotions too you know.

Also, we’re in the middle of an apocalypse.

Ship what you want but don’t make rude comments or say that Yuu and Mika are canon because they are not. Don’t become toxic like the other fandoms I’ve been to.