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omg you have a sister?? how cute!

YEE we’re 11 years apart but get along…..a little too well.. probably bc of our gigantic interest in cartoons lmfaoo (she binge watched bnha in 2 days can u look at my lil prodigy weeb)

Ok but Matt’s mom gave Stephanie a necklace that says ‘family’ on it and I’m lowkey emotional.

Random Headcanons of the Week #3

Hello, everyone!
This time we decided to think about the reactions of some of our favorite characters to a prompt that we found a while ago and really enjoyed:

Reader: “May I ask you politely to slam me into the wall and make out with me?” 


Actually, watch out how you phrase this question. Don’t say pin instead of slam because he will probably just charge at you and kill you instantly, not even realizing what he’s doing.

Reinhardt would be very sweet about it. He asks if you’re okay with it since you’re not exactly alone at the moment and people might be watching, he doesn’t want you to feel uncomfortable.
“Anything I can do to make meinen Schatz happy!” he laughs as he carefully slams you against the wall. Well, you won’t have to worry about any spectators anyways; it’s probably way too hard to see what’s going on behind this lovely giant.


“Woah, there!” would probably be the first thing he says but, of course, he won’t leave it at that. He leans in a bit closer and asks you to repeat your question.
“I ain’t sure if I understood ya correctly, darlin’. Could you say that again?”
As you quietly repeat your question with a giant blush on your face, the smirk on his lips just grows bigger and bigger. He’ll definitely fulfill your desire.
“Well, guess I can’t say no to that.”

Jack Morrison

He just stares at you for several seconds, slowly processing your words before he becomes extremely flustered. His face turns bright red and he has absolutely no idea what to say as you just keep staring at him unfazed. At some point, he would gather his courage and take a look around to make sure no one is watching the two of you.
“I mean since you asked politely…why not?”

Gabriel Reyes

Your question is originally meant as a joke. You are sure that Gabriel must have noticed the tone in your voice but he just doesn’t care. At all.
“Whatever you want,” he mutters with a smirk.
He doesn’t even hesitate for one single second. There is absolutely no time for you to regret anything or retract your words. Contrary to Jack, Gabriel doesn’t care about being seen at all, he’ll make sure everyone knows you belong to him. 


He’s convinced that you reached a completely new level of telling jokes. He laughs it off but on the inside, he would love to grant your wish. However, he soon notices your determined expression and realizes that you’re far from joking.
“Wait, for real?”
“Yes, for real!”
His face is adorned by the largest grin as he leaves you no room to breathe for the next few minutes.


This poor man is just so confused when you ask him. Why would you want that, especially in public? Where you going crazy? You two barely show any affection outside one of your rooms so this is a completely new topic for him. Hanzo just stares at you for a while, it feels wrong but he still kind of wants to comply with your request. However, he takes his time so you have to take matters into your own hands. In the end, Hanzo is the one getting slammed into the wall and receiving kisses all over his face. It takes him a while but he will be glad to return those. 


You will definitely need to reassure him that it’s okay. Because of his past as a notorious playboy, he doesn’t want you to feel like you’re just one of many others; he wants you to know that you’re special and the most precious thing in his life.
“I know, love. Don’t worry about it! Now come on, I asked you politely, didn’t I?” you tell him. He lets out a small giggle and starts kissing you intimately, still wanting this to be a cherished moment.


Since both of you are usually pretty shy, this question absolutely catches her off guard. With flushed cheeks, she asks if you are really sure about this. As you answer in the affirmative, Mei quickly builds an ice wall to shield the two of you from any unwanted spectators. However, you still are the one who has to take the initiative. 


She decides to use her abilities to make sure no one would interrupt you. Automatic doors? Hacked and closed. Lights? Hacked and off for the next fifteen minutes. Surveillance cameras? What surveillance cameras? But of course, before things start getting heated, there’s an important question.
“Are we talking about making out or making out?” she questions cheekily.
“If we’re gonna do it, we better do it right, don’t you think?”


Hana simply grins at you, offering a deal: “Sure thing, yeobo! But only if you beat me at Street Fighter!” You stare at her confusedly. It is impossible to beat her at any video game; she could just say no if she isn’t feeling like it. But things turn out quite differently: you win. Or rather, someone lets you win.
“You know, you could have just said yes without this whole ordeal, Hana!”
“Yeah, but where’s the fun in that?” she responds as she puts away the controller and starts making her way over to you.


She sends you an emotionless gaze for a few seconds before frantically looking around and making sure no one is watching. She wouldn’t admit it but she had a really bad day at work and is more than glad that you asked. From time to time, Pharah really needs a small make-out session to relieve the stress. Who doesn’t? 


Angela seems barely fazed by your question even though her cheeks are taking on a slightly rosy tint. She smiles warmly at you and would agree but she notices a lot of Overwatch suddenly running around.
“Why don’t we take this somewhere private later? Seems like a team just got back from a mission so I’ll have to take a look at them, okay?” You nod and she gives you a quick peck on the lips before walking away to the infirmary. The busy doctor will definitely fulfill your wish later in the evening.


She doesn’t care about any possible bystanders at all. You want a make-out session, you’ll get a make-out session. However, she’s not really sure if she’s doing it right. Amélie needs a surprising amount of reassurance on that topic, she never really knows how to interpret all these feelings inside her or read her partner’s emotions. She has trouble actually telling if you’re enjoying this or not so make sure to tell her.

Bonus: Bastion

The three glasses of red wine affect you in a weird way: the fact that you ask Bastion to make out with you speaks volumes. Bastion lets out a puzzled beep, awkwardly patting your back with one of his arms. Of course, you realize your mistake after a few minutes.
“Right, sorry. You’re…you don’t even have a mouth, sorry. Shit, I apologize, Bastion.”
The robot reassures you with an understanding dweet.

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"Why would you ever think that I would hate you?" Marinette asked the boy sitting on her balcony, with a hurt expression.

“Why would you ever think that I would hate you?” Marinette asked the boy sitting on her balcony, with a hurt expression.
“Because I figured out who you are,” Chat Noir answered softly, “I didn’t mean to, but-”
“What do you mean?”
“I know you’re Ladybug, and…” He took a deep breath and released his transformation. “I turned you down, because I was in love with…well, you.”
Marinette’s breath caught in her throat, and she stared at him for a long moment before she managed to speak. “A-Adrien?”
“And, I don’t just love you because you’re Ladybug. You’re one of my best friends, and you’re amazing, but I already promised to love Ladybug, so the fact that you’re Ladybug just makes me so, so lucky, because I don’t have to choose. I get my partner and my best friend and my crush all in one.” He smiled, a tentative hope in his eyes. “So…do you still want to get dinner sometime?”

yall better be BUYING and STREAMING this song. her voice is magical and these are the most profound and meaningful lyrics she has delivered in ages and she actually delivered them with genuine EMOTION and HEART and cashmere cat deserves the sales and streams for never failing to bring out this side of ariana and she needs to know that this is the kind of beautiful music we support and need from her

Aesthetic & Headcanons: Uma/Harry Romantic Relationship (for @queendohertyplayfair)

  1. It takes them a long time to admit, even to themselves in Uma’s case, that there’s more to their relationship than chemistry.
  2. They’re some of the later kids to come over to Auradon, and by then, the AKs feel pity for VKs rather than fear. Naturally, Uma hates that. Long story short, she and Harry end up running away to Neverland for a few weeks.
  3. It’s in Neverland that Uma realizes she actually has an emotional attraction to Harry; they visit Skull Rock, and Harry just comes alive in a whole new way.
  4. Their relationship is 50% flirting, 50% banter.
  5. Uma winds up giving Harry some much-needed help with algebra classes at Auradon Prep.
  6. Harry steals - or sometimes even buys - almost everything nautical-themed he sees in Auradon, especially for Uma.
  7. Gil jokingly calls them his second mom and dad sometimes, which they pretend to hate but actually think is kind of fun in a goofy way.
  8. Even in Auradon, they are still pirates through and through, and love to set sail whenever they can.
  9. They have this weird inside joke where they cook for one another, but it’s always something the other hates to eat.
  10. Harry is the first to say “I love you”, whereas Uma takes almost a year to say it back.
You know something that makes me happy?

Like, REALLY happy?

The fact that during the HTTYD series, Hiccup cries like at least five or six times. And it’s portrayed as perfectly okay.

And it’s not romantic silent perfectly-dripping-down-the-nose crying. It’s ugly, messy, face-in-the-mud crying. And it’s one of the most important things ever.

Because, unlike SO MANY book series where children or teens have a totally unrealistic lack of tears, Cressida Cowell is showing her child-readers that even the best heroes have emotions, even the best heroes crack, and cry, and sob, and scream, and that just shows they are BETTER heroes, because they CARE.

It’s not even just Hiccup. Camicazi cries more than once. CAMICAZI. The super-strong heroine that is not just a stereotypical hot-badass-warrior-woman, but who is ACTUALLY HUMAN, who is imperfect, and who HAS EMOTIONS. She is not a weaker character because she cries when she thinks she’s lost one of her best ever friends. Hell, VALHALLARAMA cries in Book Eleven. VALHALLARAMA BREAKS DOWN IN TEARS.

And this is SO IMPORTANT, it is absurd. Crying does not mean weakness. In fact, I would say it means the opposite - crying shows that a character has feelings, feels the world crashing down around them, AND KEEPS GOING ANYWAY. If that is not strength, I don’t know what is. And for once, an author has decided not to shy away from teaching kids AND adults this vital lesson. And this is one of my favourite things ever.

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Could you analyze se 2x06 "breakup scene " if you haven't already lol

Well I have a few analyses in like disparate posts but two things about the break-up really stick out to me.

The first gif because I have said repeatedly that whenever Stefan is in pain, it’s like Elena physically suffers at seeing him suffer. There’s this intense need and want for her to do everything she can to rid him of any kind of pain whether it’s physical or emotional.

Like in 1x17 when he’s been tortured and stabbed and she feeds him her blood, she smiles briefly when she sees that she’s helping him feel better:

In 2x05, when he’s been shot, she strokes his hair to comfort him

In 2x12, when the vervain burns him she touches him in a need to soothe him

In 3x07, her reaction to Stefan being stabbed is almost like she’s being stabbed too

In 1x18 when Stefan says he’s on edge, she immediately starts rubbing his shoulders

And in 2x06, she has just caused him pain by saying that they have to break up and he‘s about to choke up and Elena can’t handle seeing him in pain so she rushes forward to touch his face and comfort him even when she’s saying they can’t be together:

The second gif I noticed because Elena holds onto her stomach to keep herself from falling apart, like she is that emotional, that heartbroken that she actually has to hold herself together and she does it in 1x06 when they break up:

and it’s quick but she does it in 5x22 when Stefan is dead

when she’s freaking out because she killed Connor

and she’s done it twice when she breaks up with Stefan? That’s how emotional she was.

This is an Andreil Twilight AU for @alecolightwood (I went a bit overboard with it and the whole thing is over 6k words long so I put most of it under the cut)

  • Andrew has been a Vampire for a very long time
  • He was turned in 1918 at the age of 20 by his foster brother Drake
  • Drake tried forcing Andrew to stay with him afterwards
  • He kept Andrew locked away in a the basement for almost a decade and when Andrew finally escaped ( thanks to his ability to read other people’s  minds) he was just feeling empty
  • He tries everything to make himself feel something (even if it´s pain it´s better than not feeling anything at all)
  • He gets into fights with other vampires
  • A lot of  fights
  • He kills vampires, humans and animals
  • But he still feels nothing
  • So eventually he tries to kill himself because everything is better than this
  • Andrew is furious when he discovers that it doesn´t work
  • And for the next years Andrew just exists
  • He´s  not quite dead but not really living either
  • One day when he´s hunting he meets a group of vampires
  • He would´ve just ignored them or maybe picked a fight with the tall one (
  • He´s the only one who seems to be a worthy opponent)
  • But then someone catches his attention
  • Walking behind the tall one is someone who looks just like himself
  • This is why, when the girl holding hands with the tall one starts talking to him, he doesn´t immediately tries to kill them
  • Instead he stays and listens
  • Surprisingly she doesn´t send him away and just asks him to not kill any humans in this area because they don´t want to draw attention to themselves
  • Andrew is like “You live here????” ( because vampires normally  don´t stay in a certain area longer than a few months) and the girl introduces herself as Dan and asks if he wants to come with them and have a look at their home
  • Andrew is about to say no when he catches the eye of his Doppelganger and realizes that he wants an explanation for this and so he follows the group of vampires who call themselves “Foxes” home

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some morning doodles


Helle Thorning-Schmidt
First female Prime Minister of Denmark (3 October 2011 – 28 June 2015)
First female Leader of the Social Democrats (12 April 2005 – 28 June 2015)

It’s not over until the blonde has kicked off her stilettos.

Aside from it being the gimmick of the episode why did Garnet go on the roadtrip with Greg? She clearly doesn’t want to be there. She could have gotten away by warping to the other side of the planet or to another planet entirely. She could vent without hurting anyone and it would have been a much better solution instead of causing property damage to the motel. It seems like an extremely dumb decision from someone who’s supposed to be thousands of years old.

Also I have to call out how inconsistent the portrayal of fusion is. Sometimes it’s portrayed as the fusee’s becoming a different entity. Garnet, Stevonnie, and Sardonyx are like this. But sometimes Garnet starts acting like Ruby and Sapphire individually when she’s still fused. So what’s up with that aside from lazy writing?

And again scenes like when Garnet is supposed to be voicing both Ruby and Sapphire just highlight how awful of a voice actor Estelle is. She was horribly miscast for Garnet. Any time she has to put any emotion into her voice or actually act she falls flat on her face and makes the character just sound painfully bad.

A question about Uraraka’s feelings

A bit curious and wanted to get a few opinions in regards to Uraraka’s budding affections toward Deku.

From back at the beginning, Uraraka describes him as ‘plain-looking’(to his face no less) but what I’m wondering is if she has actually developed a physical attraction on top of her more emotional confusing one.

No ship wars please; I just want to gauge this one way or the other question:

Do you think Ochako is physically attracted to Deku or are her feelings primarily an emotional attraction?

Silly doodles as usual.

Personal rivamika headcanons:

1. As they spend more time together, they tend to pick up each other’s habits (as in this picture, where they’ve started to use the same body language.

2. Levi expects Mikasa to eventually go away (die) just like everyone else eventually does. She surprises him by always coming back (and I mean always, no surprise heartbreaking ending where she doesn’t. (But maybe a scare where he thinks she won’t come back, and starts berating himself for becoming accustomed to her return.  Of course, he nearly has an emotional breakdown when she actually does come back, and she is surprised, confused, and warmed by his sudden hugs/other displays of affection at her return)).

(Maybe it’d be easier if I just drew it? Haha.)


Where the lamp post division represents the current Emma’s walls. [x]
Look at Killian’s position. This is how u otp.