she acted like a mother even before she became one

Ladies appreciation

Can we talk about how extremely well-written are ladies of yoi?

First of all, we have Minako-sensei and she is just such a badass character she was once one of the best dancers on Earth but she never acts like some diva she’s super supportive and easily excited and although she’s shown as a bit lonely there’s no “regretting putting career before family” trope. She also has a drinking problem but no one is judging her because of that (and it is shown as a problem rather than a joke).

Then there is Yuko who became a mother at a very young age (of triplets how insane is that) and she’s raising them while still working at Ice Castle. Despite being main character’s ex-crush she’s never sexualized or objectified (not even by her husband). She is also crucial to the story by being so kind and supportive that she is the one person for which Yuuri wants to learn and perform Stay Close to Me

Also, Mari who is such a badass character she stayed at home to help their parents when Yuuri was away working on his skating career but she never complains or makes him feel guilty. Although being very practical she has that fangirling side of her and she gets so happy while being in Barcelona, bless her. And I’m kind of in love with her look and she’s smoking and it’s so realistic?

Then we have Mila and I just love Mila so much because it is shown that she is so strong she just casually lifts someone above her head but at the same time she is super cute and soft and funny and cheery I want to see her performance SO badly she’s like the definition of “strong woman character” quite literally.

And let’s not forget about Sara who is basically strong enough to tell her own twin brother that she’s not having any of his abusive behaviour even when he calls it love but at the same time she cares for him and supports him. She’s also so confident in herself she knows that she doesn’t need anyone’s support to qualify to GPF.

And last but not least Isabella and at first she’s shown like that mean, arrogant bitch but then turns out to be the sweetest and most supportive fiancee in the world and her relationship with JJ is just so heartbreaking because she’s so proud of him and so happy or sad for him and if there’s someone who loves this boy for just being himself it’s definitely her.

And as a kind of bonus Katsuki mum is obviously just the best and she’s so cute and proud of her son, a real queen (and probably Kubo-sensei herself).

Edit: Sorry I forgot about Lila, there were so many people reminding me of her, please forgive me! Of course Lila is important, I mean she acts like that stereotypical prima ballerina at first but then you can see how hard she actually worked to be where she is and how tough you need to be to achieve the things she did achieve, also she helps when her ex-husband asks although she doesn’t need to at all and she really makes Yurio better but also cares about him in some weird but honest way? Yeah, Lila is great! 

Ok, so I wrote this inspired by a #yoiweek2017 prompt:

January 08 || Day 2: Still Alive

  • Option A: Ladies appreciation.

And I hope I didn’t forget anyone important but you know it still amazes me how in this anime, not a single girl is shown in stereotypical or sexualised way like it’s so rare in any kind of pop cultural industry that I’m still in awe.