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hey no offense but if you draw alex fierro with a soft, round face and boobs then we cant be friends

alex fierro is very, very heavily implied to be xy, amab, dmab, whatever you wanna call it. and she openly says that she doesnt change her body when her gender changes (and magnus says that when alex is a boy, his hair is a bit longer, but that’s it)

alex fierro is!!! transfeminine!!! and everyone misgendered her, calling her “he” upon her arrival. meaning…. she doesnt pass as a cis woman!!!!!!! and she doesnt seem to want to!!!!!

let my girl be angular and flat and lean and dangerous like a sharp, venemous snake!!!! because thats who she is!!!!!!!! please,,,, unless you yourself are genderfluid, please be mindful of this.

Today I was at some malls lounging around for 7 hours because I couldn’t get home, and during that time I decided to visit our local gamestores and ask them questions, mostly pertaining to the 3rd of March, when I came across this


So in other words, Danganronpa is a disease and it will it slowly but surely eat out the rest of my life

at least whoever sees me playing consoles somewhere would immediately know I’m a huge trash for danganronpa

here’s to hoping V3 will tremendously exceed my expectations so I have enough resolve to remove the silicon vita case and just use the case with the V3 cast

okay, you know what, i’m not done with this

@wandamaxiwow you say America Chavez isn’t latina bc, even tho her creators have said so, that’s not enough for you? you want proof from the comics? characters are only a certain ethnicity if it’s said so in the comics?

alright, show me where in the comics, for example, it’s said that Bucky Barnes is white? Like full, 100% European? Pure 2% milk? Show me where in the comics it’s explicitly said that he’s Caucasian.

He speaks English? Well that doesn’t matter because, according to you, speaking a specific language doesn’t say someone’s a specific ethnicity.

His name, James Buchanan Barnes? Well that doesn’t matter! America’s surname has Spanish and Latin origin, but that doesn’t make her Latina. So Barnes’ Olde White English Origin doesn’t mean jack shit in this argument. 

His actor? Sure, Seb’s white, but both Wanda and Pietro Maximoff are of Romani decent and are played by 100% white actors. But that doesn’t change their ethnicity in the comics, so it doesn’t change Bucky’s either.

But, using your logic, come on then. Show me Bucky Barnes’ ethnicity panels.

America Chavez, a character who has been described over and over as being Latina BY HER CREATORS, isn’t Latina to you? Alright, well Bucky isn’t white to me, regardless of any proof that isn’t comic panels. 

Bucky Barnes isn’t white 2k17, yall. 

Guess who just finished playing Night in the Woods. Bea is so great and I’m really glad I spent most of the game with her. This is sorty sketchy, but I’ll be sure to clean it up and fix the issues with it.

aka TAVI MADE IT TO 100!!

i’ll be perfectly honest, i did NOT think i would get this far. i got inspiration for bianca from…way too many places. i feel like i’m at the oscars. anyway, bianca sort of took on her own life. she became unrepentant and badass and snarky and just amazing on her own. i met so many amazing writers and people and got to love so many other characters along the way of too many reboots and this is the best day of my life. here are some people who made all of this way more fun. if i forgot anyone, it’s because im running one expresso and my hype for the actual oscars ya girl needs sleep

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